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The Tiffin weekly tribune. (Tiffin, Ohio) 1859-1868, April 12, 1861, Image 2

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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VliCCtn Vcrhln Submit.
The TKIIlt'WK I iiblUhr4 every
fritter 1nli lliWM' emtmm
In nirimm. Oflioe, llrnn hnn's Htock,
irnrrir Stein nnrl Market streets.
VwiT7, A pi II 14, IMOI.
, y.tatiOf f mil L-,lt Mil llllll I I I H.l
Warlike Preparations!!
Something to be Done.
v ttsareulrl seem thutifti the Adminis'
trUtlnti hriij ftakrd i:p to a .tvr of j! dtf
TTa" "bonl to pursue vigorous
wvlx-y ,-with reganl lo . the traitor In
-e.be ieoeded Btatf. The pnllrjr of .-
.... .....t...l I l .L.t.
wriy inariiT.ij, lorr-nmn ru
ontrnipltilej 5urrnJ;r of Tort Binntt'r,
bvruMt'd I'jr Mio pnra,niu Boi caiiaij
Ike people of the North. They demand
ed Ikat an elTitt eh'-nld he innhi t li'nut
" to fheik the Hi jjira, l niftnin Mi j. An-
j'.-raon, aud not only to hold, hut t rn-in-;
ittceet every hatanl, our di'I'tnre at
; Ti neaeola and Key Wt'Kt. Thf rvaea
' rtioti of Vnmtr-r, limiliotinjf aa that
W lutd l", luilit bo mliircd ua a Hul.lury
jtoi)iity, . il tho proplo wi re only a-
enrml that thia W111I1I not pure the 'iy
fr t''I tfr,,,''r Furrrinli ra and pr. v.f an
iunV'.l to iHu f'Jlnrc polirj of the Adinin
. intration.
' Thp erentanf the pavt few dave po to
' ehow tht.t tin an apprtln iitiona of the
Uaiei'-l'ivi")? (iiplo ol lh North havi1
Mit been well founded. The iroplo pr
1 hnpii have heen too hntty in lln lr juilif-
11101)1. Thi y flu tild wuil lliv ikiuu of
, evouU Jiuw tint culininatini;, b lore ma
.. kinjf np thrlr verdict. They ahouhl imi!
' jilane t'Ki. mitrh rnnllili nio in vajjue
liett'Kjviper spiM'iilatioiia. Piunidi lil I.in
, col" kucps hie own eounnil". Uutnide ol
h9 Ckliinet. tiothiii r ia known ileftiulolv
of th particttlut policy th" Adnu'iilMra-i
tion Int 'iiita t ) purxue, and thla ri'tit'om e
on their part ie an cvidnnce of prudence
and w ledum.
The evaeiintlon of Port Sumter haa
heea rentier altogether of outaide epoc
, Illation, nor ia , it denjiitoly known that
each athiiijr w.n eorinualv eniiteniplnt"d.
i T event How tr inipirin ; lend 111 to
believe that u ci in of aotue Liml ia in)-
fen Hug. Tlii' inoKt achve ami warlike
prepiriitiona are poina on at our niivy
yarJ,,,,H aren.il. rtti'atiier are Inline;
' Vhatler.'d and hoivlly rtuintied with war
. ' cjHipm.'Ul.. ii'ouiu of tliLUi linvr aiiiled
vith ..'ill. id or. Inn for point unknown.
" Large ipiantitiea of utoree and other mu
' nitiotn. dealnnt'd holh fir liml and nrira-
time aerncc, have heeu ahipped. The
l'Uy note ol arlivo preparntinu ore heard
1 thni;)ioiit th" land.
; ' What meane thia "pomp nud rireuin-
etance of war 1" Ia it drained timatou
i ieh the Charlcttniiiana aomo bright ninr
. ulnff.hT attempt t relieve Mij. An
' rlereoti, (who according to ropurl.can nn
, ly hold out a few duya louder, hi aupplie
i keinf cut oil' I) la it intnndnd ia the if-
eret eeaneilaof Lincoln' Cabinet t rv
rnlorci Fort Piuketia, or to aid S ua.
Itouaton in niiclliiiir tliu rob ' a in Tixal
to colliKt the revenue, or blockade the
poaUl nr i it imply to cuard thn enni-t
and net upan tho dofenalvo In canoof a
collinion, which i hourly expected at
Suint -r or In krni. I no nnawer i in
. the d irk future, but a few dr.ya nmy d
tide It.
Ia the meantime, the traitor nrn not
idle. Jell'. Diivia i iiinrh:tliii hia lorcei
' and concentration them in turpi minihere
at Charleaton and Pemncrln. M.iJ. Au
deraon'a auppliea from the city h ive been
,cat rt'hy (ien. U"aure;Nrd, and the Car
elina troops aro jji.l 4 itj,' 1, llil,lt ,lir
- T. " I . .t . it .. a o. .i n ...
an attack upon th- Tort. Allairs at l'eti-
' , , ,
raeolaaro etiu iuy rriticai. a vessel n
Iicen scut thither wilh supplies lor Lieut.
Hlimaior, but whether nr not it reacbo i
It destination Is not certainly known.
' Here too all mmimiiiirntloii with the
Tort Jias b.-cu cut ofl, and a collision
sscnn inevitable.
it is UiU tmstlii Goseruniuut should
make an attempt at least to put dow n re
.fcellioa aud test the power of revolution
' ry resistance to law. K.iree on the part
of thrj Uailurs, should be met by force
.the sooner the butter. Il' this Union is
worth anything, it is worth everything.
A twenty years' war is better than abject
"tihnisiiiii to the. Cottonocracy ofthe
. : We aro ldt e thi evidence of
'pluek on the partef thn Adminiatrntion.
' It Wcts Impo slid linpires the patriot
, Vit with X lo wed coutidtturo, The
i-eople will euatain the Ailnunietratien,
- so lone i.s it .turn's lv the Cuion. Let
the watchword bit rueeitsstoa fo
' . . . .. i .... .r.... ..f I Oil llllll ttr n a man
ivrr, o,iiMiii.j.. ,w.
. ,, , t ji .
csa beraise.1 in sixty day, if need bc.tO'
' take the field In drlenee of the right.
Speech of Judge Lawrence.
' Ve prlut on out ftnt page, this vcoekt
lie able, eloquent and putiiotic speech
i i ....... .i i ...... i . ii .ti-.
vo.ge k,,Wi,,.,..mw
. fontaiav a fi w weiksaiiu e. Asur-
. ,i ; i, .f ......
p nirr.i nenni till I il' 11 i I pn r.- ii.n nnu
, to what Is the duty of ihe Go .'etnuienl
im tkoi.ieoutiiureticv. il is imtt i-rlul.
..nrfeoncln.ri.. A. an oratorieal i-llort.)
... ... : ... .....
,i cor., pre., m ..uoor.
roire.-iiuig to riiju ee' s.i.. m.
rrctcnt wisis of imi. cnnntiv.
' . a . .
" TV ncwe reevhrd hy telr-faph,
'W.-di.e.d,.v, is tl.ciuonrxcjtiu;
,.rter. 1. I. ataled 11,1 Kocr-tary He-
. w.rJ ha. notified Gov. Pick on. that,
"M.j. AnJirsen'. ruppi:.sre cut . If, tho
. ti ovenn eiit will iciuve urn at an rz
arils. A strong Government Beet k t"-
' . . . . n..... l. ...
-pilid to lav been aeen mutltle
harbor, which was signaled hy Anderson
'klurll'g the highl.' The Charlpsloniati
. svrre in tcVeof tsmM UepitUlio'n end
a battle w o ixpceud on Wi'iln.ly. ,
Kansas U. S. Senators.
": Guii.I.an) end Gen. Ponieroy kave
'li'-eu elected United r-tat. Kcpators
uhe Leeisjiiture of Kaunas, They
lnth Ui public.
"';.- CvV. ChnaO applir llii
,V lw.-i ly I ' Ihu duties of hi.. D
liiilist-Tf moro
it, hi ni.l ineinb'-r l.l the l-sbilu-t.
u."'t t ''.'Il oee kii f ihol' Mll'll Intdllle-tit
The Lincoln Administration in
Good Credit—The New Loan.
Washington correspondent o th-1
1....I1 i' ... ....I... . r a.-iI
1.1, three refer tv UtC result af the bide
fot the new lon:
Ttie hew eh-hl milllow Irian, the first
ndor the nfw Ar'ministrttlnh, ws open
ed ht the J reeeury lcprtmetit to-tlay, in
p-cat-nee of a laejre number of bankers,
brokers, politician, tint rrTircrs of the de
partment. It ha been quite apparent
for ervrrnl day that Wsll street hue en-deiiVrfr-d'
to dlscours) eompclitinn Jfor
(Mil lonn.hut very prest turci'M ha not
attended their i "urt. Thn chancre in
tjiat Mock lite been attentively Watch
ed, ud even lu within thren niinutcenl
tho liiho for eloeiujj tin" reception, of hide,
itic len or twelve were deposited on the
strenotli lit telegram from Well street
T Hoy at 1 J o'clock, Bcontnry
enfrrn tho trourury Uikh, and aomo onir
hunitrrlt mwl ai Vilit liiilw u'nm tiiiit K.r..rn
. "
luni, winch no iiutiieeialoly cornnioiicoe'
to open, d'tc ininj; to rceeivo any luorr af-
ler the brut teiil wne broken. 1 he
omouat bid for wna iilieut :iO,tlHO,IMIO, of
wliii h $l,U(K,OliO waa for New York,
tho j;iieriil avuriiii wa riinely-threc
though tiim ty-(ive waa the maximum, nud
eliihlv-tive the minimum. Tho avwrniro
iauttheaale of? percent, and rumen
wellupto the cenOTalaiiticipntloii, though,
niany w ire eunn'teni tliul It would lie
ninety or nlnety-tive or niiiuty-am.
The amount bid lor mut nntnnnt to
near f .1ii.UOO,uon. Tin lonii of ifct.Oll(l,.
(Mm, how , ver, ik mnplv nillii ii lit for the
rllK'iiitij ol the tiovertinioiil to the l. t ol
July the i nd nl the flu til year. Jly Hint
tinoi the operation" of the new tanlf hut ,
wlilnh went into ( fleet yraterdny, will be
fully teeted.
Plan for Redistricting the State.
1 he following plan tor reilivtrirtliii,'
the flatu lor iiieinbera ol Coiirjreaa, under
the Hew ixirlimniienl, ban been adopted
in raueua, by the Republicnna of the
flhto I j"piltore:
Duller and Hamilton, (two itutrlete.)
Ylrren, Clinton, Knvotte, Clerniont
and II ) 1 1 1 n ml .
IMontpomery, I)ar, Kfinmi ami rreHo.
Creene, Chirk, Slnilouin. Champaiin,
L-piti nml stheiny,
Piunkllii, Pirkaway, Fuirfield and Per
Una, 1'ike, rti'into, A'lnma ntul Ilrown.
Ilorkiiii', Vinton, Jaikaoti, Mcie, (Jnl-
lia and l.awrvnrp.
Athena, Wiiahinetun, Morean, Noble
and Miiakiueuin.
Monroe, Itelmont, Jcneraon, Iturriaon
nud ('iilnmtdinn.
iMnlionuie, Triiinbnll, Aalitaluln. Luke
and (ienii)!.!.
Citynhoea. Summit and Portage.
I. ' ruin, M.'dina, Aalilniid, Vn tie and
Krie, nirhlMinl, Huron, Crawford, Wy
on. lot ninl ami M.irion.
H:iiulukv, Heiiee.-i, Ottowa, Luraa,
W.....I l'.,li..., ...,i w .in.. ...
It. fiiinee. Ilenrv. I'liiiUlin. Piilnam.
llaiii oi k, Van Wirt, Allen, hnrdin, Au-'
el.i r.i anil Mercer.
Union, Delaware, Lickiiu', Morrow
mid Knov.
Ciclioiton, Tuncnrawna, Uuernaey,
rlturk anil I iirroll
Sentiment in the Garrison of
Fort Sumter.
publishea a private lettvr from a soldier
in Fort Htiinter, from which we extract
th r.iihiM
lain in rood leallh. and have been
ever aince I pot here; w o have i iionh to
al and drink, and si.lhnent to keep ui
four nuuitha, Our fuel is aiiiue, bill
that in nothlnp. The rebela think we
have In en ulle, but tin y imr any one else,
w ill ever know how iininy men we Lave
in this parrison. We hnve yot enoui;b
to hold the fort ii.iin.t the w hole South
in a boily.
Major A uderHon is a trim soldier, and
snare other officers, and the men would
die for him. t only w iah we had n chiinoe
t.iivetl.o r.iKcula h II, nml we can do
ton, lfwerver po uu t of t his fort, it
u-;H in . I hi. u ill, Mi. .t'i.li ,,r ,.tir iilVl.'i-rs.
As losi'iiilinp ua men ami supplies, it it.
all nonsciisu to talk tibotil it: It cannoi
be done, hut I'll nut key mure. W ure
all ri'hl il Old Liiiuoln will have the bin.).-,
hone In slnnd by us.
An Interesting Re-Union.
iH ntnti that -
lory" in CI, veland was due, III part, to
. , , . , ,.i . i i
I the e In lent and leu oui an of the I'lM'a-
,.,,.,, f ,at ,.ity. Wo are told thai
a hoyo portion ol those whom the lli ni
m rat.s have ilclij;hti d to call "nipner vo
teie" and souolit to dialVnncliise, winked
hard all diiy.sidii hy side with Inali liein-j
ocriits and Prn-Slavery leaders. Thisl
course on thoir purl was in runse.iietire
of the surrender of the slave yirl Lucy in
that city Inst w inter. It must have bet-ii
a sluht, to see theiu at work with the.
Irish Deputies which Mur.hsl Johnson
, , ,. , i . . i
employed !., guardi.,,. Lucy .hiring her
x.inination.-lhe ant-liarty opposing he
Uepuh ,. because lii-y . onse ,t lo lb.
exec, ion of the t tt.-llive Slave law and
the other because tin y don't love tu do
Query Are the mulatto wro vote the
lleniocrutie ticket the '-t qiinl. V of Deni-I
m-ruts vvilh,iit the "visible admixture!"!
On mere question: Is it a eondi lion uf
this new coalition, that the Ohio IK-moe-'
racy shall again declare Its purpose, to
oppjss Slavery until they "finally erndi-
The South and Mexico.
w ' 11 r'"''f'; M . . fl m,d.
The war op M -xii o waa chnllv "d
,.,.(,7 the South and waged bv tne ronit -
,;u iy ute men m jen. j.uki. i.w "w
chiT.J'"" b- Fl'l
if ,,,, ,k,.,. and sent vv ,,..u to '.e ar
j tuieo wh.ek drove Hum b. lor their ri
The itppoiiitnictit of Mr Corwln as
Minister to M.xicu has prudiii-.-d a panic
' MllOtl
the H iiithcrn traitors. I he ro-
, . ,
cession pruM M clamoring ler the selue-
,. itiA- ' o,,,..,.,,. .mhu.wn,lor t,. check-
'mate Mr. Corwin's iiiovenient. The fol.j
i low itiit extract limn an aiiii'lein t!i-.i Mo-l
tbiIi, Ader'1M,r nri-soc tho liveliest!
Welhink that our Government shouldl
Io-e lie time in endeavoring to Checkmate
thai of Lincoln in its t,persl,o..a l
'City of M. lie. Lincoln lias seiiltlulh-'
t J . ' ...
nr . .m.,1 i.tan hii.i n t.rni .11 r r.'i n.
, stuaces combine lo iimkein presence,
in..us,ieuu w our tun r. s..,o.m 10 ii.-
i.n.auu.. . .mitoi. "----
i . .
end thortiiuihly appreciate in pocial pre
jtidirc giusl the Smith. 1 he wetuids,
are naice yet healed which were indut-l
- 1 . -
!-. i
their cintr.il Owvcrumcul.
Death of Judge McLean.
Th- lion. J us M'I.kaii, Justice ol
V. S. Siinrroii) Court, died at hi resi
dence m ar Cincinnati, on Thursday last,
d 7rt. He t ulercd t'o:gri from t li
C.nciniisU District, Ohio, in I J, w
made VilmBbter-Gciieral hy PreaiiUnt
Monroe in )bS.t, was continued in
olViii; by J. Ii- Adams, but displaced
lt'Jl by Gen. Jack sou, who iiiadu
Jud -e of t'.ie Ki'l'rciiii) Ceart h.ch tilhc
Im has fi He J
-.i. k
iru c i'i 1 1 1 . e i ii. ii.. . iwt .i.w.
ro . than thirty years
lTu was olten f ii;'jea-
, . . ' ;,
lid for the PrcaiJiiicy, hiiln vcrforuiaUy
From Washington.
We Hip the following- fn i the spee
The il di,r,alelici of the World of Hatttrdav
Chaio'tinntlofi of tU fii!omnitul ninadron
they term Coercion, ure to be comnutt d
' toward t It r ,)oiiii, Til it tho preaont
I itatti of Toi t 11 1 kena ii to be muiiilain
ami i d th. ri) in Ho enrthlv doubt, nml it in
equally rertnin Hint it will ho n inforced
the moment the Kroner tuuu arrivra nro
Bpccnlatioa and rem or rontintx
rife a ever with ven-nrd l tlie reported
movement at tWe Poutb, writ aa the si
lent but rapid lOmv the Administration
ii pursuine;. ft i, hnwfrfr, a well known
and settled fart to-dnv that aH i crtion
of a determination te blockade the All in
lir porta end th month of thf, M aiatip
pi, for the purpose of llec ting tho mv-
nun, arn solely based on unlicensed cn
narJt, eot afloat by the moat imeapnnei.
bin parlies, the cud and aim boing to
rrffto a f r;n;itron.
Thottirh tho Adininiafrntion rnrofullv
rnlraina from iivlnir i,ul.lirii v i timid J
yet eannranrra hat e ra-cn jndirectlv L'ivrn
u ktilir llm I t, r,. s-'
,..l. ..... ,, III-
a inner, and iitliora who nru io thvir eon-
Intern o, tlnit no aria lookini towunl wlmt
viaioua h.ivilii; bei n pn viou.ly iamled.
The ''w "'""l amply prutecl Amer-
icon inlereaia n the dull Iroin L'ith
rr I
foreign or ilouieatic iliti rlon nce.
many iiiiinan aau I'l-iiiiavivamnita arc
,a , i
re r eiircii atinie on a chatiee n the
, . .. ..o.,f ol
Cabinet. I hey u to N"crc nrv Chai
. J . ,, . I
or the vacancy on ih Htitirome tench
.1 . .i. -I....I. ..r I...',... .' 1
'' ' ' ""' " " lean.
II... tvon-l'... ..f fin. tm .1... I
Treaaury Meprirtnient, and the appoint
ment of Hon. Robert ('. Hchenck o Ohm
to the War Department.
Tlio W.ir Jh pnrtini i.t have no infor
inution w li'itevi r Iwaili nr to the iiiiui lit-
inn Ihnl (it Iti.iirlii.r i.aM hi.l k
olutiuiniry movement in New Mexico
the puriu.ae of reixiiiir the Imta beloiip-Is"
iuS to the Unitfil Still. nil III n li.ntii ra,
aa hua linen no widely retairled.
Last Illness of Judge McLean.
The Cincinnati C'ummcrcial of the
5th, in iakin of the death of Jmlpo
McLean on Thuraduy tho 4lh, at hia res
idence at Clifton, thrio miles from Cin
cinnati, aaya ;
Hi lnat rummoniMV'aa i rudden cal!
'nice ho roihi into the i?lty the aecond day
b' fere (Tueadny) and had been duriiijj a
portion of tho winter, and when ho Ti ft
lor Wnehiiifton, in tuiiiauiil'y gnuA health.
About aix wveka aince, however, he took
11 T ll M II i ll'l", nilll 1 lllj;' III llll' I.lCI Ol ,
1.1. ..a i . . .1 f . -
11.- .ll.e.. i., ...a. J- ... ft'..., l.t. .. ..
'' '"r I'mun itl if llllll'UMl,
nml tlif r mnjinrittvp nlMcucr ,f iioinr
...:el. it... .1.1. I I . . . t . .
,. , a iiioii uemnnoa upon ;
hi tune, occnaioiieii .v ollice aei ker nml .
mo., i in.nnP hi iiiMiniii .n iieeiei ietl niH
.. . 1 I... .1.. ,.. i . it.
" " Cr"'. w"n. '""" "
Hi i
W"V ' v,'r' r.1,1'"" b? ,,",.,t"'ml'
with the exci t'on of n i w dny illneaa
Irtnrinptlie t ut ire Vi inter aeanioti of th
u.... f ......
nn in int. vuiin. i
1 .1 ..... I
iriiiiio ii . u on in. W
tilt .auflering fro,, a tVuro Cou.h. I.lit,
.1 . r!....!.. .1. .. .1. nn.l
went about actively, and seemed in uaual
apirita. On the inornlntf of Wed.ca.lay.
fl In. I . hi. Iilivuir an .. ..... f... .t ... :
early hour, aa tho Juilf waa sufTcrinp
much from pulmonary irritntion, and cvi
duntly failliif. Ho rallied and grew but
ter tlie rnine alter noon, mu nnk into a
,,Por . l l"ht, ami cin limed
ith grad
"Hy inc.reii,in d, hility until Thuraduy
I ....... ..I.... .i I.. i..u.
and panaod nway silintly mid without
pain, at th hour of nine.
Diplomacy at Ease.
. allnut, and the fact of such conlerence
, (,i there were one) linn up been kept too
' o.o lor our vi'iliiiil Wiixliinpton enrrrs
it ; noluleiita, we have applied to a claiivoy-
...I I., a it ite.-niiiit nf l.:il t ru iiuiiirn.l nl
Teler:ipliiu rumors of an actual or
prospective lout. reuce between the
Presiilelil vf the United Suite ami the
envoys ol Jed'. Davis hiivinp been set
tliit alhid interview , hi. h wu pivtj h;. - -
low. (it is but loir lu add HiSf Wo J ,,'noi
r.ink clsiivoysuco aie.'.f-.iiu i
Serretnry Nicolin Mr. President,
Messrs. Roiiiau, & Ci three untleineii
from the Smith, have called to see yuu
on httsineae.
President. Gentlemen lo seated.
I Whnt is it !
(ieullenii-n Wo linve called, Mr.
Pros dent, on lu-half tho Confederate
Stale, bv wbosu floverninei.t w e are no
credited, to tirrani tho terms of pence
and amity with thn Government of which
you are the head.
President. Well, Gentlemen, I am
very attxioua tn have peace. What aro
year terms I
Gentlemen. First, we demand the
iniineuiniir erai iiovioit m i "iik I'timiai,
Vifk ,, uy llhpr lro.,,?holdH or
j , mlr lu.rumt,'ul w(lill
bi)n,,Brit.', ? , t."....,..,,. States,
VrfMr,A mlli ,, ,
immediate evacuation of Fort Sumter,
Gentlemen. Next, we rei'iiiro yon to
evr.t uate New Mexico. Ariinna, snd the
Indian Territory, and quit-claim them tJ
the Coiif'tderncv.
Picsident. Ativthinjr atore !
t.entl men. We require you to stipu-
lato bv treaty to catch and return our
ruiiawav niL'Li-rs jiint as thouch we httd'nt
President. Is that all 1
Gentlemen. We want a distinct slip
ultimo that V. Hi w ill surrender and cvae -
aat Vaahiii.'tiiu so soon as we can eoux
Vir -iniii snd Maryland to loin us.
President. Couldn't you think of
soni'-thi-ig else I
Geutleinen. We believe that fcjll do
for the prest'ttt.
I'lisidunt. Very
then-' the door,
well, Gentlemen;
Exit Geuls.
—[N. Y. Tribune.
Rhode Island Election.
The I'roviileuoe Journal of Thursdtiy
. . .. I ...... I II'., I
if ives til eat in uio.s in mo tit tn iron-
(0liiMau formed against the rrf
, .. ,lnluRil.. i., h,.e.. T.um.
phanl. Gov. Hprogue I... been re - oleet
j i, 1.628 uisioriiv. and the real of the
.am'lulkUt u;)Pll . ,,ckct by atK.,,1 the
SBIIIO HlSlO.llT. Ill aiii'irn .Via lll'l.
Uaine maiurltv. Hie supBiirlere have
. .. . . . 1 . . ... 1.-..
i . f . . . ......... tll. i;.....
( H(fm,iy.
. . ., , r.i..e.e..Ki.nl lli.lriet
Wuv. I. KUHUoM haa a plurality oi 3I3
ovl.r ( hnMophir Kobiku-oe, and clear
. X Win! II. 7a"
l tl'tvmQi Ncw SUor.Uaul is yet
lo ,0 BKr lr,
Mr. Sh. ilield ha herelofore acted with
, ibr Hopiiblican pttly.aiid Mr. Urwnn
il... Jl. iiitier.in-. Tue io.ilil.oii can-
1 didsles, as wills luo Kepulilii an,
, i.i. 4u...l tj II.. I mnili.itt til tl.J Adu.lll
.. . .
April Fooling.
orneer w av ac
o.n.i i. the it.ialians at the Hnrina eloc.
tiuii, i on I Im e run u u ul in
which the liccliou occurred.
At u
evt ul il k a i. oil ol
Aiinl f.iol" aiTair
ill COlleilli
ruble n.miy places, t'ruiticalj
i-k' wire
Isr .vcarcei' tli.iil ci-.i.tnon
- - .
Hniiduak iluiine t:ie tUr. we s'.o.i.l..
led. e. lut tin y uU iuliiiitiatiil in In)
Like of llm ileinti.' when the trtuiiia
, were biuu;-ht in- -v"' Kcit.
Shipment of Army Stores
Maj. Anderson's Supplies Stopped
Maj. Anderson's Supplies Stopped Sumter to be Held.
NEW YORK, April 8.
The HtrriM f.ano aailed thia mnrninp,
having chan j.id the roveiiuu fur the Amer
iran flap. I.nrgi) qnantitiia of army
atorre are beiiif rhipped oti board Ihw
atfttrhcra Unltic and Illiholn.
hi.iwtoi April 7.
Gcti, Tlonureard thie moreinf leeedl(:
. . . : . . . .
nniifteatinil that all llitoreoiireo between
Kt. Kiiinter and the city would be prohib
ited from thai date. All tho peat hare
lieen itrerif thened and twu additional
regimulilaiirc ptft"d frun the Interior.
Nr.w Yon, April H.
The Illinoia hna taken on board 2O00
libla. nMorted torea, Mil) rn" aiuake'a,
and a lurw qiiiintity of ammiin'tloii, and
two pari a of nrfillery, wih a Inrpe nim
bor of run rarrin-r'a and ffTO nun in pp
ele. 8lic aiiila III the inorniiiir.
The I'lut'a Wiilntilon ilii putch btntea
thnt f!en. Heott contniu'ii active in the
perfonnl anperviioon oftlie militnry there,
no ii i". i "ii - I o u on. n. ii i i 1 I" n i l
III... -Il Thn r.l. , I Id., r-n...
...I.I..U .. M......i.i...n.i -..n ... .. ...... .
io nnu iiiinir imiiiou:; nn e leen emu.
, r ie. i i i ,
I public, bill llit:;' have been
led, inn iiimdl to the t 'i th. 1 ne 1'of.l'
. ,1,,
Q'totea a private letter from Ii nr!i'. t . n ,
i i & .i m At
"Inch at ite thrt At or Anih rnoti m-
1. ,..r..r, the r.,,,1..,. i.J
.... .. ... ........ .. ,
uliii.l.ill.t ll kllKIl!!. I, li l.l t. .r C.
ther inieicourie hy wnter with tho
that aiirroiind h in.
fort"".:" ,,lk' ll",t "H ,"ur ',,l,'".
'""t' l"-'alplu1, '"" V ""l 11,0 ,""ll,i"''
'"''''"""y tlm dwlurl.ed con-
iililioii ol the aurrouiidiMf Mill. ., liould
jbi'j.'in to prepinc Iho iiieiin ol nell-prua-
i'i v.itioii, nml tliul il ia the duty of tho
Gov. Ciutin will eeiid n turiniu to the
L'Mlatiiro to-niorrow, recoinineiiilin;!
in apyropnalion ol i UO.iHK) for the pur
ciia of luuiiil ioiia of war. Tliu luea-
Htate to li.ii.i-t ill the eiilorrnlin'lit of tli "
. iilmliul l.in.l. I ho Jtepulilicaiia will
hold u l.uiKua mi ilu turned t'l-inorrow.
Tim Sluln Treuaurer ifi clan h thai tho
appropriation inual he rnim il by lonii.
lulliv Lerjiwlature to-dny kli pa worn ta
ken for tho poalponi'ini'iit of tho time of.
adjournment for the coimidi r tion of thn
Tt' aurcpuird bus ordered out ,'iODO
tronpa. Comnaniim aro ronatnntly nrri-
viiiL'iind beinepul ill pnHition. New Imt-
. .Loin r ti I a t r i t ii it
' - 'W
lShii' Yoiik, April 8.
Liiree quiiiilltit' ol ordnance, amniii-
:....;,. . in, .,ri.n trau.norti.d
... . . ..,'.. J i ,i i ,,. ,i , ,
atennn hiii
i, ., i , I . . I ... I . , I
. : .. . . : . -."
riiii'ea lor lau'i! ( 'uliimhini'e. iniiikedFt
fcilio wxiud ut 7 o'clock thi-
'I'll Commercial'-. Vehin:iton d!it-
. i i . i ti. ii .
nnlch nava 1 .lent . I itl lot
left for Sumter
. .. -
,IW,, w.H, inatrucl,,,,,, t. Aiidorao,,, and
- ,.,, ,.nd,,ll,,.,v ,, readmitted to the
h' ,llol)t(". b . .,,.tini.
J'ort, hhMilitirt!iK'iit rv jnlnticnn have
1 '
NEW YORK, April 8.
The Ilurnld'a Wahini;t-i:i orresjioml
i nee state that the (iovernuirut ia de
ter mined to keep Anderson in Sumter
and supply him with provisions forthwith.
A portion of thn flout will reach Charles
ton to-dny, (Tuesday.), for that porpuso.
There is no desiru to put additional men
in the ho t.uulc.i ri'rlhtunco i. uti'rrcil to
tho alt lupt to ftiruialt mppliis. The
fleet ill not upprouch C'h.u h .ton w ilh
hnntili) intent, but supply vesnls u pre
pared to reply promptly to any resist. inco
ol sw iirhke churucter, olh reu to a peace
ful npprnach tothe fort. Capt. Tnlhot car
ried instructioiia to this ollVct to Mai.
Anderaon, w ith aiders to open his but
teries if vol 4f Is nro ru ed on.
A special iliaputch to t); s cT ."uiTost
nays, it is r.-;,il,', from Clinrl.-atuu t...
"'1. lhul Ii''iit. luinol Una not heen per-
milted lo to 1 1 1 r it to I'oit huiuptu-r.
Maj. Mi'Cullocli lell lo-day tor Texas.
HARRISBURGH, Pa., April 9,
(Jov. C'ntlin rltntea that he ban received
a letter f urn President Lincoln, statin.'
that he tho President has information of a
deal to attack tho City of Wsshiie'-
llnv. Cnrtin sent a snecial niesanirn to.
day calling attention to the military tn-
Ksniriilion ul the State, ntul recommend-
.....I I........ ....I...: I.....
'"P V".' '"; '""' "- , ,.
U" " ' '
Slow exiatiin.,', hy rstablishitis; a military
bureau nl tho i.aiusi, ny moiiiiyiug lite
malilia law and by ma kinp; a proper dis
tribution of arms, A c.
The niessHiie was referred to a joint select
cuiiimittiie, to report by bill.
Pespnlchea liavo been received here
this iiioniimj Iroin I hni li sloii, winch
state that 11. Chow, one of the clerks
t o Htate ni-parlnieiit, had arrived
there and had broiieht a ini ksapi from
Secretary Howard to Governor Pickens.
Mr. Hew ard III his messnj-o distinctly
iiil'orniod Gov. Pickens th.it Htimpter
I muvt be ati plied w ith provisions from
Chnrlt-stnii markets, and if Msj. Ander-
sun was tint furiii-h-d regularly, the
i (invcrnuu-iit w ould furnish him with
those tbitiffs which he most needed
We are in hourly expectation of hear
ing that hostilities have been commenced
; n Charleston harbor.
NEW YORK, April 9.
Several merchant to-day
' aj-ainet paying dutius, clniiniug they can-
inut be coiiipelled to pay, until the rcvo-
' nue low s aru eufurci d in tin- w hole couu-
The news of tin api'i-muiiee of w ar
vessels off Charleston llarbvr, has predu
Cvd unusual exeiti'iiieiit.
Gen. Bra 'g has teli r.-iehed her.- from
i Pensarolt fir lO-'O additional troops.
l,a . .
iivo mere roini'sjiieo ei suusite an-
about ) -avitig
DETROIT, April 8.
j About 300 fugitive .lave,, princip.llv
'from Chieneo, n assed into Canad at tlna
! point alnce Saturday, and largo tiu.nhera
til a . t-v. . VI. ..IV ..... ....... ....
..... ..,.... I .h S1....W .... .11-
'nr repotted on the way. munv
i tirelv destitute, and much sufferiue Is an
Iti.lpated, nutwithatanding Ihe cflsrts that
I are made for thtdr relief.
Later from California.
(By the Pony Express)
Itl regard lo the eles'.lon of U. H. Seti
w,,ik utor, i-ti, nion wu divided as to whcthoi'
worellm CUrks mistake can I o coir'i"cd
The Tony Express with California dutes
to the i!ilJ till., pa.t.-il hero stU;3J A. M.
- at 10 lllisru.no tue mill. nil. Il wua
gruora!ly luliiiitSed that had tliu mistake
been discovered before the contention
'adjourned, another bail .t would have
- elected il , Dotioul, I :o4 Jon ate hud Vi-,
ted to consider that h'
elcctu n had taken;
puce, una p .isi'.i ii-uraiinii tn ,m into
! ii new joint convt utien, which the As-
.eenibly rejected.
e In in Los Aneeit'S stito that
)l ir.-iui, with i!i:d men, bud laud
w cr Ca'ilorni.t and u,-ttli" Ap-iiriiwu-iil.
I'.wus leiiortc! tliat
in; 'Ii.i.m
.id Li 1
t t ..ok id ice, in whic i u :t men
a -a.
3,000 Mexicans Marching-on
The Texans Fortifying Old Fort
[From the Galveston News.]
, .
On Minday S'ith, Prrgranc flreer re
tnrncd from Ilrownnvilli". Co! Kord gntt
him ordi're to propare all the heavy guns
and ordnar.ee atoroe to bo ehipprd at
once to l!rcw navillc, on a atoambnat that
the foloncl would charter and fend down
for them.
f'ol. Ford etated that he had reliable
iiiforwattou from merchant and other
reponniblu cilizriie ill jVlutainnraa, that
on. Atripudiii, 'lit tho In rd of 3.00U
on Itrwit noville. A in iniil iu had unit out
expreat fur and will" with phn anU and
handbill announcing Hint TeJue tt ri jf ht
bel.n;;rd to .Mexico; tli.it alio had no long
er the eupporl of tliu 17. H. iioveriiuient
and army; that now wna tho timo to take
her hack, end he railed ou all iroud pa
triot! and aoldiera to come to hi stand
ard for tine purpme. He wne receiving
re-enforcement- In large number and
t'ul. Ford intended at enco 'o plaee hia
Ironpa, fomo '4011 in number, In old
Kurt llrown, which he would arm with the
lienviet artillery. Tho atviiinboat he
anid ho would clmrterfor llraroa, to brine;
eiina nnri iimtinilio:i there, had not ar-
nimioini n 'i. in nir mi
... , m i,,.. i. I...I
, n- i . r .u i i.
Hint ait olln'iii report of the w holo afluir
, ..... , . 1 , ,. . .. . i. j...r i
to den. iSicluuH, at (ol i oida neaire, tiv
. . ... . .. . . .
,hl' l't;l. thniiae achooni-r, whi,h also left
I. VV.Mn,liv. tin rmiiiteil
" J'
i en V ednenl.iy.
r ""' " ' " ' ....
Ifonco to lien. Nichola. The (ienwral ia
I '...I 11.. u .t . . ...nt , II. B lt.ti.ll,.
in A null
in, and the Cnptain hae handed
iiiirtermnater Ileynolil'a paper
(ien. ISIierinan, aiao oiviuj; him theubove
new. 4.
dipt. Power of ItcaomAiit with eixty
eix month'' Texaa troop, wna In com
mand lit ilinxoa lSuutiii;o, with ome fif
teen heavy L'lina nml inortiirn, mounted in
the entri iii lnneiiti the Kio Uriinde Keg
iuient had made.
Major Wniker waa at RitifpoM Dar
riielia, and had acnt word down to detaiii
hark to recrivo tho tit ore, ite., ho
had collected at Kurt Duncan aud at
Kiur'old. lor trnnHportntlon here.
('uptuine Donnelly and Kdwards were
on the mail to Hingold with their com
panic. Our own opinion If, that Ampttdia
would like to make a raid on Matatnorne
and perhaps llrownaville, aeie nnallths
valuable he could and then leave.
Ily tho arrivul of thoTexue from Iiidi
anola, wo leurn thee the U. H. war steam
er Mohawk arrived-off Paea Cavallo ye
tardny. Tho Coat.ncimleoe letl laattiijht
with bOO troop. The- Empire City and
the IStar of tliu Vet were Ivlnif at the
The Chicago Fugitives.
CHICAGO, April 5.
ly on Wednesdtiy mornlnjj, were exam
ined before Coniinisaioner Cornesu, at
Spritiofiuld yesterday. Th proor that
they were fugitives was clear and Indis
putable and they ;ero aeeordinply dellv
ered to their owners. They were taken
te St. Loui on tho evening train.
The Governor, the Whole State Ticket,
the Legislature, and Two Members
of Congress Republican.
[From the New Haven Palladian.]
o ,
We have pained anolhor plorioua vie
tnrv. We have clncted the entire Re
i puhlicnn Htute ticket, by a much larger
: ni.ijoriiy thiin that of laatycur. Our re
I turns, so fur aa received, indimite a ina
lioritvof nt least l,l0 for William A
I llii i k i rii liniii, a gain of over one thoiirani
since lust spriiip. We huvo also elected
I a majority nl the meiubt-rs of both bruiiclo-
cs ol the J.i.'piHlnturiv . "
"""' trF i inr" tti o tri-miituleiu efforts
rtTTaiTn to defeat us, and the unscrupulous
us.) miiilenf the prostration of business!
hy our oppouente to Iriehten tinpuiincuns
Iroin their faith, w regard this result u a
epleuilid t r in ii pis.
Hut our victory is not complete, for wo
have tailed to elect John Woodruff. The
seventeen hundred majority asaiust us in
this District Inst Sorine; is Inreely ru-
dueed, but not cnoiieh to elect him. Mr.
LneVish is elected hy about yuO majority.
In the Fourth Distiic.t O. 8. Forry kas
heen bi-nteu bv n small nuijorily, tlioiii'h
wo huvo nut full return. In the 1-irst
Dutiict tho Uepublicnne huvo achieved
. ..I.,ri..,,u tri, I. in .1... a tort i. ,n lf
- . . ..... . . .. .... . . . .. -
comee nubly up to the support of the Ad-
" - "' " "V . V:..,:: V V
ministration with uhout'J.OhO majority
for A. A. liiirnlium.
Officers Dismissed.
the object of the movement and w hcther
i jt ws intended to opera to ii((tiiiist tlie u
of j cediiiir Slates. With the utmost cool-
Yesterday two etticers, w ho had been
ordored to eiubitrk on the expedition at
New York, waited on Gen. Cameron,
mid requested to be informed what was
,1PaBl tho Secretary of War replied,
.-Give me your commissions; you are dis-
misred from this very hour." Rtiah will
also be the fate of every officer, in either
branch of tho sen ice, w ho, having put
hit hand to the plough, looks back in this
hour of our country's peril. Wanking
ion detjiakh lo the I'hilaiklphia Inquirtr.
The Secession Commissioners
not Recognized.
Seward, notllied the Coniinisaioner
the seceded Htatea to-day, that it would
not receive them officially, and would
give theiu an audience merely at N irate
trelitli'iuen. 1 his they regatd as a den
hive uttsw er and will return home in
Wash. Cor. Cin. Gaz. 8th.
A FmOriE. A New Yorker wbo
aigii himself A.J. Oe.cn, propoeoti
coutract w itli Mr. Lincoln or Gen. cicolt,
or any man w ho hit the pow er le coutract
to rt inlorce Furt ciuiuler, lake back
stolen Brunch Mutt, all our slops
steamer of w hatever kind belonging
the Genurul Government, and do
other w (irk neersvary to bo done to bring
the property and power that haa been
ken bv tho rebel and appropriated,
restore the same to the General Govern
ment for the sum of p7 Jjoi.000.
(ty- Kuode Isload has re-elected Gov,
Kptague, and a Legislature and Congress
men id the seme political stripe, w sup
pose. We believe the ticket waa a
of mongrel, no-party connern upon which
the "Deiu cracy" anilvd.
QtT There are alreudy quite a number
c.f persona named a probablesuccecsor
to JudL'e Idcl.euu. Ii si i ins to ua
though this Wan erowding matters
gcthcr too fust, Ten for these fust times.
ft.V"Tho unawtrded portion of
ht million leun ha been taken
Treasury note by the Bank of Coin-
uiereo, New oik, tt oue-eijjtilU ol
per eent- prein
f,r There ia -,'ood nutlterity fi r stntinj;
th.l lh. Uicluiiond Wit if will not
cute eeeess.ou, but w.U eMiid by the
of pr sent ir.jj au ultiiualum to
! i'iAif H
icy the
KtA'l l Itl.N. 1MII.
' Stoves for the Million I
I llo
tiirr.! an.1 an.l iitiaeni.at at eiiv. aait
n.,. Iiiraithoir an.ilt vv.r neril ! tli Pali.
lie In tills i-rltr, Kt.rt.l It Invilail In rail anil
atamiaa b.li.ra pan Im.nijr lthr. titr Uovtlt
ttai. atrrhate Ttry low, an will b tnht
For Cash and Ready Pay.
Poiw If Ilia lima Tor liargiia.
Ilaa't mitlal. tlit
a ko IN" o t i c o !
H it fcr lilllt a.taar.
Bail fat jfiot nlnalla.wnra chttp.
In ( T' ttt nirp tni ftift Orfet Tn(i, t'liarmi ffitl
I'.i.N, .Vomlon Huwli k
to ift jour hA f or tli, rlotlf'lnitt rpt tnd twfnt
in (rtt yinr nki TaMt Cnflrfjr. from 37,'icl. ! t
t ftt onr tri tnlilf tut) biitlrif epocti,
1 grt votif rlotlici, markvl hid arteo) itkf .
t fl rnnr rolTpf mil.i, hof 1 and to, porcvUin
krllrfr aiiitl pant.
fot tonr well ind rUirrn fnpi d p'p fore
lrrt nnri frrt1n tniintt.
I for yuiiritl and wal icv.
for rofir brmi and ropj-or fct?(ll.
I gtt th If. I and fhvaptit coal oil aai fluid lampi.
In flt ynmr fluiJ, vegatabta Kad coal oil, 0t bait
llitl . nm.l.
foi nur nic aiota fnrnitur tad plpt.
aaS e. f U as-b(tlait Itrial CWas Taak
fot yar itnna and ftf (wtiwura.
If yam will to lnj food In ail tiaa evap.
for yoor kaad and farm Mill.
if , want a Ctm and fob Mil.
(nt ar Com Hliallcrt.
for ror Rapr and Moan. m "
for fnarjreatu aad w willow tad wood a
ImiK, tilianp.
Yoa ran roly on itt(nx ' ' ktwait
r,j,.t , tM no, 0t,l t.tttiii.lirit kso.s,
Wliiali hatro 1nan tWoroaghlr Uted iho Im two Wl
Coiid.aaing C'vtVao and Ta rota
roa MILL,
rate nt Ventilator,
Smoke Jack,
Sugar Pnus,
oa tai.rovtlpUa. Allkind.
rans: i!i EEfiiiiie mie
os .liart sSTic.
Xlanurtctnitrorsll kia-1. of
Copper, Sheet Iron,
Brass, Zinc,
a n n
Tin "Wares.
Pan! mt.lakt laa plact, fti. seal will .s.emoa.yb
n-akiar vunr pur.-ha.a. at Y.rk'a titv snd IIpsm
l'iirulkiS ICaapariaiM. st
aad wait tlMita, aad booat al friea I nit
iiaaoa. Jlatoaab
ia o Tknlvial for ptti, favor, 1 will Im
a aokUnoaac ol' it Mint.
Writ.' Fire rre( BuileliBiB.
Hria, alaa your Old Fiava. taj et saw ss.i
11.11.4 ioui iilS ltcii tlsau, K.l, .Mua.i.i...
O. M. Ycrk.
I. n ii (I lor Snlr!
Tha .nl..rt'.rr tffVfi C.-r nl. oa r..aa! lanai..
t Im nr a. II i,K.l.rp.l l.nit, filtiti'it m ail tli.lf
mili N,.fil, l,.i f RiMen ta.lMlft aiil. Nirtlt at
lha Tiltia an.l tfl""' '- f'" I" laO Irm
wil I lit ti,l,i III lae-Uirr falai. tl I"fvl."ri.
Jl'.-Elll BKAKI).
tpilf 1
W. llTiltl.-nVfl TAMre M. r ATTf.RHOW
'.lon A: rnltrron,
A tlornrj'n at I.nw,
IV. tl.Gihtaa hat ra.aaiail ia nrarlia aClawla
a.ar tarf .lr,a.a, , .. attn imr. nh
llllll J. lf. 1'allr.nn. 'Ih.t.ill .mm.l tllaa.
Iiaaif all atftaaat tt.ra.tarf I. taalt vara. OAtc I
l.'naiiaan Itl How, Alaia tlratl, TilRa. Iltiio.
Fdrr ,lVnni. r' Ilnlr.
Nite t- hrh givrm tltal Ihf nr.lrtf ntA hnrr
fHtiflMf (ttn cpinic(l ntul unMiitil if Arlrnift.mti.
m r ir tK tiit lVi r V nj;arrt ilta,t, late. f
Cfnrtl lOiii'T, o.
joint ii wr.,Hi;R,
K. H. H KKK.
JOSHUA ALLEN, Proprietor. j
Tafca. llii. mallaSir latariTilaf Ilia Pnl.tlr dial lit j
a ratilt al all lima. In ail t ra.liBirr S (riaal tita,
a Itim li.ir. nl anil a fon.l liinWa.B tt raa.oiial.la
i.ia,. I'arllralaf tliaallaa wilt al.a l.a paMnt ri.l.
Oaf liula Mi...t h-.tr. Ki.. tlta il.M.r. atrt nll'ri.
a'.a'. a.nh Siraf, Sltrkat feAraa., 'I'lltla, lihia.
.ril J. IMil.
Khrtrifrantl iTIaalrr om
luittkiunrr'H Kale.
Mary Keller,
Levi W. Keller.
ttr firlna nf nn nr.lor nml. Iiv tin Pnnal rf
Coiiimoti l'less of Si tii ca coniit', Uhio, at t Let '
.Nov.-mlier term, A . il. troll, In the alaove en
lltlad canti', and to me directed, 1 will nflVr
fur sale st public vendue, ar rite door of the
Court Houae in the city of Tifl'in, in said coun
ty, on
Titr. IHtii Davos JUv, A. D, 1861,
bi'twrva the hoars of JOo'eleck A. M., and
4 o'clock 1. M. of raid day, the folios Inc
limlfl and Isni ment lo-wit:
In I .ul No. Iiii;hty-cif;ht fP) In the Sec
end Ward of the oiev of Tirlin, Beaccaeoua
ty Ohio.
KhsrilT a nd llutter Coiijiuitaionor,
AprilSilt, ina -n,15
J. S and F. M. Otit,
Oeo. TT. Huffman el al.
Tlv virtue of sn rdsr made by the court of
Common I'bus Crasftsr I n , Ohio, at the
Julv term therevf A. D. lefitl, in Ui bve
entitled ennae in. I to me directed, I sill offer i
for sale st Publis Vendue, st l he dour of the
Court Hosts, in the city ol TiMs, Seneca co.,
Ohle, on
Th 2!tTK PaV o Amu, A. D.. 1801,
between the hours of 10 o'clock A. M., snd i
The South wett mooter or section thlrtr-
live (.16), tnweship one ( I ), North of Range
fourteen (14; in Scnccs eo., Uhio.
March 39th, 1 PCI tH.SO
Shci iir Sale.
II. O. rennitigton,
E. II. Cook.
Tly virtue of tt execution to-wit: a writ
nf Vanditinni Kxponia duly itMied from the
Courlwf Common Plcss, of Crawford county
Ohie, nd to are ilimctcd, 1 shall offer fur
tale at Firhlie Vendue, at Ihe door of the
Court House, ia the city of Tillin, Seneca
unio, on
Tub SOti Dav or Aran., A. 1).. 1861.
between the hours of 10 o'clock A.M. and 4
o'clock P. M., of said day, the following
lsn.lt and tenements to wit.
The North pert of the Wctl half of Ihe
North West qusrtrr of section thirty-six (.'l(i),
in township one (I), North of rsnjie thirteen
(l.'l), in Seneca county, Ohio, coiit.sinin? six.
ty oee 61) seres of land, more or leas, levied
on ss the property of K. II. Conk, to sutiafr
ssitl writ In fsvoroflt. G. IVamiigtoii and
sjsimt K. 11. Cook. ,
Msreh Oalih.IPol il.On
' a.' .. .... i -r" K.l.
.-tut. i in .T-.ilt.
Moskinjlim Jlrsni It or HIS Blat US .li 01
t iaio.
Oabriel J. Keen A Wife.
Pv virtue of an order, made by the Couit
of Common Please of Seneca county, Ohio,
atthe October term, A. 1) , IHf.U.in the ahnv.
entitled enute and to me Uinctsd, I will of-
fi r at 1'llhlic Vi-lldlie, at Ihe dnor of tilt Court
Uottte, in Ihu city ol I ilhn, in taid Couniy
On tiis 22d Pat or Aran., A. D., Iftil.
between the hour of 10 o'clock A. M. and
4 o'clock I. M , nf said day, the following
landand tenements to wit;
1st. A lot of land siljnininp: the city of
Piflin, and boundud and di-icribcd at fo lows
to wit:
Tlie e.-t line of said lot of land, heme the
east line nf the alley running nn th earn tide
ol in lot No. nuy-nx on or and city or
Tillin, and the east line of said lot of land,
twine tbe Inn of tho West bank of link Creek,
the South liae of said lot of laud, I. tins a line
formed by runnine, enatwardly with the
Noeth Una of Market Street ol said city of
Tiffia, and in tbe same direction wilh said
North line rf said Market Street, and th
North liue of said let id land, hcinif a line
running even, and In the tame direction wilh
the trtotiih side of Virprin Alley, of said city
of Tittin, lieing th ssin parcel ol land, con
vevd lo Uabritl J. Keen, djr Jo. iah Hedge
snd wife, dy deed dsted ICtli Msv, A. t'.,
lb:ia, snd v-coidcd In Seneca eounly, vol. ad
page ..-..
Sd Alto the following, bef-inning at the
csst end of Mai kit tilrecl, el.d en Iho North
tide thereof of the id city of Tirlin, run
ning thence eettwardly fifty 50 feet, on
line eXteCUIIIg in sania uui t-iniu i a nit ttir
Noilli tide of Miirktt 9 rtet, thence North
wardlyighly-W)-feit, on line parallel wilh
east tid of the alley, lying on tho eaat tids
ef and adjoining in lot Needier fltty-six-oti-of
said city ef Tillin, tbnec aatwardly tea
-10-fset, oa a Hue parsl'i-l with the line
sbove mentioned; thciicn Nnrihwstdly on
line parallel with the said rat tide uf the al
ley ehove tiescruieu, a instance oi one nun.
dieU-liHi-tccl, Uicnce vtisruiy smy-tio-
feet, on a line extending in th tame direc
tion with the South tide nf Virgin alley
said any of 'I iflin, and until it i-.niis to said
Hot 1st! tnt-nlionrd. and thn KoutbwarJIy
on the eatt tie's of ssid al'ey, nrttabovel
mentioned, a dislauee ol one hundred and
eishtT-IKi-fcet, lo the nlacs of druienini;
doing the sains parcel of land conveyed
l.atsielj teen ley Jnuoti lieston sen wini,.
by deed dsleel 9ith Jsnasry. A. I., imi,
.ii.l recorded iu laid cuuut V. iu bock No.
Also part of the North west quarter
of soettoo No. twenly-ViMn 1.1 nahip No. two
-a-, Norlh 01 rang re. niicen-. -, iu rwu
oca oosnty, Ohio, t forest id, bouudid audde
eeribed as follow t, to-wit:
Cuinmt-ncing at a tD planted in th eatt
line of th alorosaid quartsf lor the boulh
weat corner of Satmial Rules four acre
snd at a poiat sixty-liO-rods Norlh of th
South essl corner of said qusrlcr section, snd
am. hmiilreil-llMI-riMla Anlllh nf lha Nru-th
ttst eis-ner of 1 be tame, sad running theaes
North Wl 10 minutea Wt, on and alona
the TV cv tine 01 s-thi timet tour aero lot, ler
lv niin4'.l-roJ. aud six liaksto a Hone 1 Inn
ltd at the North west enratrof the tame,
within 30 feet of tin Ot-uter of Ihe Portland
stale rosd, thence South 40s Wetlon and
slong the Boiithern boundsrv of said road,
tworodrand 13 links, ton Mono within
feet of ths centre of taidroad, liieiico i?ouik
wardly and tmitlkl with the K.itl line of said
ipiarttt teetioii, twcntv-'Jr.'-nsl( snd twenty.
two-tH-liiiks lu s stone nlanted. tlietieti Ksst-
wsrdlv and 'cr.ciiJiculsr lo said ssat line
the of the qusrtrr section, foilv-4U-rod
the pisi-o of eomnii-ni-iiiv.', containing three
and 6 Itrfl sens of land, lini? the same par
cel ul laud coin eyed by John liottik and
... i:.l,-:..l I U'...; l.u deed dated ltd October
1S-H and Kenrdtdin s5.d eounty in Hook
No. VO, pairs -J
5ih AUo one and seres of land now
v no-.scsion and siiioiiiinir that thirdly
alove ibtcribid and puri-hw. d by me of
Adndniatraturol Lil'or-S I'lllk, dtct'ilaid.
l.l-.Vl WlllKICK.
Mrc'.k"Jd,lrCl $U Sheriff.
iui 'YwilitUo ..IU l of Uss.ljla
f tho roiie(,wiikSwelli.lwa.e, eukio.wtii.t.a.
i Mir Co lu
lu iaioiior- Sale.
James Pillars
Joseph Kons and Wife
Hy virtue of an order made by the Court ef
C ommeii rieas ef Seneca county, Ohio, at
th Nov. aider term, A.I. nn,"is the above
faiitlcd cause, and to me directed, I trill of.
far for ssl st public vendue, st the deor ef
ihe Court House, in the city of TilTio.io said
county, on
Tea 13th Pav or Mav, A. I). IMI,
bctweca lb hours of 10 o'clock A. Ma, aad
to'eha k I'. M. of ssid day, the folltrsing
lands ad trnetorals to wii:
In Lot No. Forty livs (i.".) ia the town of
Adrisn, Seneca eounly 'liio.
i.f.vi wr.iniCK.
- Hherifr at Matter Cooirsltticser.
April aih, 1 1,14
XV. C. ITIjcri V llro.
WO V It t. n militia atttatla af ihti.t wtat trial
1 I'snuth tlttit llasra. trnh gtistl
In Iti Itrrre .lark cntr as atn4 ia their set VVtra
rlra.aa, tl lha alU tl.aS, wit Sm tt ,r tk. M. K.
I'liiirt-h, anil
Davis IToiisc.
Wo aro iMii-f vr low and warrant what wo roll.
To thoio Wlio trtraiio
Chcnp l'jhoIiN(crrc1 work
wt wntihl inv thnl a toon m aaTlgatlon oprm. wo
have niado rriiigMou to toll
tililtrl SB. Wt will Mill roallatt to
nf all the lala.t.ltle. tt tieretafnre. hleli a wtr.
raat w lit tupcrluv lu mny oilier saerail Is thl. sitr
We ar tl.s aa fa is the
r:i..a. Ul all kiniil.
nitssfactr.rt of Msl
"'Hptlos.sss IVtmit rat.t to orSer.
Aftrr lltf Hrtof Ma? wo will It prpni1 to fnrniib
fl-KHNHof til itfi r piiuoa of iMoat anU. att
IjU. Wt airtiavlitg a
rat.le f ll.e Itte.t .Irle, tail sill will with prompt.
sen opnn tnjr who any neeo uar tertn ai.
,..,..., .,. .
0ruiaH,..ni r,.i ii..i pn,..,, he, m .a. ie ihe
ialriui.yesl otr lo.aUi. Ila al I. r.'tllit old tjltnilol'
apr.S, '61
V. ITIVi:itM A. BltO.
Milliner and Dressmaker!
Ila rrnm- il ltr ihop front F. K . Hhn whaa't tlor
Ia Maikul tnifi,oriMsiia r. Kulto'a oll.c.
Wurk .iin priiiitiitU , anil nt lit 'owoal ri a AU
aW hinita of f rwtnf Mi Inn Murk. TUankliil foi mI
favom, all it II bwtoi to iliaro a nrt of lto iablic jial.
Afr. i 'Ol-if
innw proiiirel to haild ta ordor all aim, of
High Ptf9nr Hollrra, Saw jli11 Foil era,.
Cujh.Iu ltiiilirn, isOeomniiv MuiUi.
mitt all kiiula uf I'uitullo
llnae na tlmrt aatira tail a trranteil well ttose.
All laller. nf iaiftirjr til.liaa.eS to me or la Mr.trt
lAiiini. It Nymaa, w 111 raultvt praiiipl allealiat..
nar.t-ly II. II, I.AMI.IU1N.
ts'rrnt Through ICoute to
the i;at.
For passengers and froig.it.
Central Ohio Railroad
Ptlwaen TalasiSa. tn Wliaalla.
Traia. leave C'.ilamts. apos lha srrirtl af Traiat
frsa th We. I, ntakiaa cwaaavtioa. via. Whselias
sun un.ir. wua ist
Italtiiuorc JL Ohio It. It..
Pen n. C'riiti'iil IS. 11.,
Wasliirioton, r.tiltinioro, Philadcl-.
lii, New York, TitUburgh
tail til Ea.ltts Cities.
1 luia lii)tKk taSltra a low a. tir tar ollitr rosto
A.k I'tir tn kvl. tit Culaoitiiu tad What hag.
rreip;lit carra-a Last or Wear,
,u i,.v,nais Cttiisl K. B. wiik gwat in.
iucS.l.i u int..
u.e.tiKAV, jnii. li. amiwii.
Sit. t'ltiakl Ae't.. Utm. Ticks. Aft.
Iron Safe For Sale.
I Sara a lares llos Pafe I rih 1 n
oi.rrMf JOHN C
and Lager Beer 6iUoon.
nAVINOtlliposot of T HI-Hard ValAna, t I
Itarealiarbofoaari roidr to aorvo mjr frtrnrli aaJ
ciiir.mrt witb all aioJ ol UriKna, tie, oaa ewt J
t ot 1 lo
Uo4 Ala, Ror,aad all kinds of frohoitii.
DO You want a House?
I taiaaw olfciiart ala ll.res aa. .a I tasioi.
I well located, SB art oaiotviltlila tad oaartalc st 1
1 haj. .
Ihe ift. otil ,... i.,.,ji low, si-
ju,.r l.nca.horoa rrit.aa.lo.lla.s.

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