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it,CTnV W17 Ai IftWi. 1
at tha Court How onrndnbjhU
, punbe.edtheHard.il Coonty 0erf.
. iPuaiuH a hilars
National Hall on Mondijr Ev.ning' last- ,
n I na iuiii"i--
Every thing paid off pleaatilly.
yft learn that Theatre Troup
will pay ' ,9uur citT i"nelim" li,,r
Ing the aummer.
AV.lrla U a Uf T, til
v . . r1 1
first one fur a loi'B " 1Ber" w"
aomcfroet yeaterday morning, but we
think not enough to damage the fruit.
OCT On hat Saturday the County Com
misaioner appointed Oca. E.T. Stic-,,,
itt, of Republic, County Trurer,jtht.i(
vie Shaw, deceaaed.
. lfcr We aotice that II. C. Kibh,
. obliging Deputy Poatmaater, ha auffi
eieutly recovered Trom hi wound re.
ceived at the late fire to be again at hi
. post of duty.
CT A man, reeling drunk, inquired the
other evening where bo could find a
"Coooerhsad hola" to alay all nlulit.
IU waaaliown to th Court House "n" ,
found relief.
04''Equecurrlculum', l "big
thing" all around-big korsca, big perform
er, big clown, big hearted Agent, and
big.biggor, biggeei kind of a abow. It
will be bere next Tueaday.
Te be Mustered Chit.
The 133rd O. V. I. is toon to be mns
tcred out of service. What glorious
'time there will b when the oldicr
'come mnrchiiig home.
(ST Thero are various kinds of stocks,
ut none ire equal to the new and su
perior stocks of Paints, Oils, Albums,
'Yc.,at the corner Drug Store of DvBois
Si Co., Shawhan's Block
' advcrtiiument.
On Tueaday noon,, lomewhcro
Perry Sireet, belween the
Main Street, Fur Collar.
R.ver and
Anv um
" '
finding the same will bo suitably reward
ed by leuving it at M a. VlLson's on
Perry Street.
Oy The qu ation has been asked
How much did it con to drnpo the
Cou'l House in mourning for the ussa-sin-atlon
of LircolrI" We answer, not
near as mucli as it would if our City
ll irket Muster or Deputy Marshall had
been mobbed by Abolitionists. In the
latter Cnso the shrieks of horror uud des
pair In the Democratic ranks would huvc
been awful.
OThn copperish lines of "what
hall we do when tho war break the
country up, and acattera tlio darkie all
around!" aliould be changed into "what
hall we do when the country briuk the
war up and acattera the copporheatla
around" Tho lament would, doubtless,
suit the condition of mind of small force
of Democratic office-holder in our niiJat.
Seo ti,ujriP"ry
Removed to Toledo.
E. B. Searles, 1-itily Ass't Cashier of
the National Ex. Bulk of this city, and
for many year a resident here, ha re
moved to Toledo, where ho aaauava the
'dulie of Teller of the First National
Bank. Hi many warm friond here re
jtoI bis departure from snionj them,
bul commend him to thoc lizens cf Tel -do
as a gentleman of integrity and good bus
iness qualifications. Success tobim.
Where You Can Strike Pete.
It i somewhat mooted question as
to where you can strike pete lt oleum.but
"if you want lo atrike Pets Ilex, call on
him at hi Wholesale Iquor establish
anetit opposite the Dati House. Well
informed partita tell ui that they have
' found the richest kind of oil with the
mallest kind of a pump or by tho least
trctch of tho neck of a bottlo. "Who
silruck Pete!" can be answered with
ntire satisfaction at Mr. Ileh's estab
llshment. See hi advertisement.
Death of Silas W. Shaw.
Tho above, Treasurer of Soneca
County, Hied at his residence in Republic
on last Friday. Hi funeral took pluce
Jaat Sabbath and wa attended by a lurge
concourse of people, and mourning Iriends
and relative. lie wa near fitly year
of sge. Under the Administration of
Piexci, he held the position of Vioe
Consol it some port in Spain. In IStii
be wa elected Treasurer of this county
and're-elccted lad full. Socially he waa
an agreeable companion, bat politically
an intense partisan.
The "Arions."
This popular truupe of Artiste will
. give a Concert In this place, al National
( Hall, an Saturday Evening next. No
(roup now in tbe fild combines o much
latunt. Mr. Beardslec, the first tenor, is
the author of "Spirit Voice ol Belle Bra p.
aon, -aiy native inns," and various
'other (org and quartette popular with
linger of taste. Messrs. Manning and
Grebe are the author of niucb of the best
riano music ot me day, and mere i no
Standard book of muic that ha not Mr.
gk'Wrt initial attached to a number
sf tha' BOst piece. We issuro our read
er that ts entartainmenl given by them
will prove 111 worthy of patronage.
(VrDr .11. K. .UxasttiSBB, formerly of
Colmnbui, sad iMtei'ly Surgeon in the
army, has resigned bi ' ,"ioit;on and ta
' ken tip bi residence In this city fpr the
purpose of practicing medicine. He can
ba found in tr. Gimor'i old uffice,- In
llouct'l block. H was Medical Inspec
tor, of all lb caaap od HospiuU at Ch'u.
"cago, and a aucb received the highest
- commendation from all tha officer and
men for lb faithful and efficient manner
' la which be dwefcarged bit dutie.
G3r Tbe people of Concord, N. H.,
' 'Mad Mr. Ex Praldnt Pierce "ooine
"ndowQ" on thf rr?idcof assasalnttlon.
IrTtba Bute of
An "hwhorcJ cltlaerr
towa ! to oterj ,yd over the new of
Lee'a urf.eder, that h. took to biasing
lothiwmnWtrionthidealk. Sach
1 thing fc o rUtl. undor ordi-
nary circumstance!, but w thiuk tint lit
wot rlcuoli! in this in;tinc. Ita pro
bably mi io overjoyed ha did'nl know
whit he wss ibout I
In Just turn fix !
We heard ofolher:t,'cm,ch"
The Cleveland Plaindealer.
piper In eighteen counties we ro alto
of (he opinion that h a labor a political
missiouarr will be of liulo avail In
,h enliRllt(,nP(! ,,, ,pl,iy,n, tommn
Politically, that region U fir
of Sl,n(c. e imiy tni m!y bf
that the M. J r will become progressive,
Hon. V. W. Armstioso, of this city,
has purchasod s:id will hereafter appear
tha 'd tor an-J proprietor ofth
U nil Daily Plaiiukaltr. TlioMir ii
clever f.'llow, a gwi business man,
and ibl writer, and will bs an acquin
tionto th business circle of Cleveland.
While w think that thia enterprise will
prore a uccct In a pecuniary wov tlic
.t'lainataier being tiie only Democratic
calch the spirit ulliis neighbor lip there.
bid farewell to the ainking ship of De
mocracy, and " Ipe hi weeping eye
Who knows!
Union County Convention.
Tho Union nou of S.m-ca County art
requested to aaiemble at the Court House
In Tiffin, on Saturday, Ike 17M day
JMB, 1865, for the purpose of nominating
candidates Tor County officrrt, to be elec
ted at the ensuing fall election; and also
to select five delegates to represent the
tho County in tho Union Stato Coi voli
tion to bo held nCuliunbu?, on Widnea
diy, the Slat of Jon?.
By orJir of C. n. Com.
C. K. WATSON, Chairman.
J. K. HORD, Secretary.
M M A more extend d cull will b
given next week. Ed. Thibi'xc
Senator Wilson vu warned by letter
weeks ugo ot a plot to assassinate him-!
self, with the I'resid -til and prominent
member ol tne tJovernnient. Yester-i
day he received a letter from the stine
remi,'"J,,',n u ll,e former let
O-E.lwiii B loth has applied for hii
bri.tnor a rema iiKj it is liowcv t, quit,
hkely that his r. q..et will tie ilenii d.
The body uficr b.-ino; indeiuifi d . nd
photo-irnphi'd, was sewn up m an urmv
.i.i... I..., vi. .. ai, i..:. ...... i .
ui.ii i. . iii'juwiii'ii .! uihuv u
it Is not, ami a ut present at loust not
likelv to be known.
J. K. HORD, Secretary. Booth's Capture--Incidents and
WsilIXGT., April 27. Yesterdav 1
morni'ija atuadron of the Kith New
York cavalry tracid B iotli and Hirrold
to a ba n between B nvlin.; Green and
Port R .y.il. near Kredoricksbur, Va. I
Tho burn was surrounded, and a il' in unl .
mndu for their aiinoiider, which 11 irroai
was in luvor of djiriir, but uiion Booth I
cullinif him a coward, he relumed to d i
so. 1 he barn waa then aet n!i fire, ami
upon its getting too hot, Harrold ugaiii
presented himself, and put his hands
through tho dour to be handcuffed.
While this waa goinz on Booth fired
upon the loldirrs; upon whiih a sergeunt
fired ut liiin. The ball of the 0r.to.mt
took iff 'Ct in tho head ol Booth, k;liiug
ruin. Iliroldwas taken ulive, and he
und H mill's body were brought to the
Washington Navy Yard la-t night.
Wl'un Booth was discovered in the
burn by tlio cavalry, ho declared his in
tention nev r lo surrender; and ssid he
wou'd fi 'lit tho wholo sq'i id, cinsitt ng
of 3d mon, if they would permit him to
place himseil2' yards disiaut.
Tho so mtlng party wa under com
mand of Lieut. Edward Dougherty.
Booth was on a crucch, and was lame.
Ho lived two hours after ho wus shot,
whispering biusuhemies against tho Guy
eminent, and sending a farewell message
to hia mother. A' the time ho was shot.
it is said ho was lour.ing on hi crutch
preparing lo fire again upon his captors.
Tho Slur has the following nait'culnrs
of lh capture of Booth: To Lieut. Col.
L. C. Baker, epeciul dct.-ctivo of (ho War
Department, and his admirable trained
detective force, and to tho lb'ih New ;
cavalry, active participator in the!
seixure of tbe criminals, thn country;
owe a debt of gratitude for this timely
service. It seemu that a detachment of
mo mui new j era cavalry, numbering
35 men, wa disputohed from this
citv on Monday, under ho direction of
Col. Buk.T, in cummund ol Lieut. Dough-.the
eriy. accompanied by some of Colonel I
B tk'T's .fficurs, who cupiured and killed,
and captured H trrjld, oni of his'
accomplices, alivr. Thu cavalry, alt T
leaving here, lunded al Bollo Plain in1
the night and at once start d out in pur- (
suit of Booth anil H irrold, having prevl-'
ma Ttaincd from a colored man ,
Il.ttu h.il .....j..a O... . ...... ir. 1
ginla, nt Swan Point, in a amall cunoe,!
hired by Booth Irom a man for 9300. ;
Pro.-eeding on towards Bowling Green,
si iino three miles from Port RjvuI, Lieut. .
Dougbertv, who was in cmnm ind of the I
cavalry, discovered thai Booth and II ir-1
rold were aecreted iu a large barn,
owned by a man named G arret I j and
were well armed. Tho cavalry thou ,
the barn and summoned Booth
and Harrold t surrsuder.
Harrold wa inclined at fjr.,1 to accede
to the request, but Booth accused him of
cowardice. I lieu Uouth peremptorily re
fused to surrender, and th -y m nle prepa
ration to dcteud themselves. In order
lo lake the conspirators alive the barn
was fired, and the fl imes getting too hot
lor Harrold, he approached '.he door ol
lie burn and signified his willinfiness to
be taken priioiier, , Tbe door w u then
opened sufficiently to allow Harrold to
put in arm through that he might be
handcuffed. A an officer wa about!
plscing the iron upon Hu cold's wrists,
Booth fired upon the party from the barn,
was relumed by the Sergeant
the ltjlh New York cuvalrv. the bull
striking Booth in the neck, from the ef -
feet of which be died in about four
Before breuthing hi last he was asked
if be had anything to say, when he ro
plied, "Tell my mother that I died for my
Country." Harrold and th body of
Booth tere brought into Belle PUiue at
8 o'clock la.'t night, end reached the Navy
Yard here at 1 o'clock tbi morning,
at jiitJaiE rn. me fall or his
Th statement heretofore published
ihsl Booth bad injured one of bi leg by
the falling of hia horse, has pruved to b
correct. After b wwahot, it ws dil
covered tbsl on of bi leg - u badly
ii jurad, and that be wa compelled to
wear an old alios, and use crutches, which
be bid with bin in tb bua. Booth wa
hot about 4 o'clock in lie morning,
dird about T o'rtoek. II had opoit
Person "me bill of eichange, but only
' ,n r"'u7 note.
and '
It appear that Booth ad Itanold left
Washington together on the night of the
murder of Preaident Lincoln, and paasrd
through Lso nerd' own, MJ, canratlinri
in lh(s !jcil,i, "'"'I " "ppw
tunny waa nn 'raro mem lo cross me
river at Swan Point, whiih t'iry did a
ab.' sta'ed. The man who hired Booth
and his acc iinphce the boat, in hcl
he crosacd tho river, w capture.!, w
understand, but afterwards madj hia es
cape. Hat mid has been lodged In a ao
cure place,
Djwlinfr Orcen, near which p'a'-e
Dootli wa k lli'd. Is a p.st Villjgo ul the
capital if Caroline county. Va., on the
road from Richmond to Fre.ler.ckshnrg.
63 mil- north of the former nine l'ori
R yal i a post village in Caroline c nuay ,
V a., on '.lie rigni banK ot t lie It ipp than
nock rivor. Si mile below Predericks-bur'.
II' huir i disarranged and dirty, aud'ap
York purrontly had not beju combed since he
iiiciuuiiig ine liandi and reel, being cov
aboul end with a tarpaulin. The shot which
torininut, d hi uccuraed Ills enlcrol on
luft side, at llio buck of the neck; a
point, curiously enough, not lar distant
from that in which his victim, uur lumen
Booth, ted President was ahot. No nrd'.'rs h ive
yel been given a to what disposition will
b madu ol the body,
L trgu numbers of persons hnvn been
aeekmg udmixaion to llio N ivv Yard.to
ously dy, to get a sight -jf tho body, and to
'nose holding orders Irom thi departmeiit
aro ulloivtd to enter. A Snuncrr c r
bine, which B loth had with him.' in tbe
oaru ut the time he was shot by Sergeant
Corbett, and a lurgu knife, wiih B th mil
"i supposed lo be ie one with which
Boom cot 51 ij r K nhburn In tho theatre
box, on the night of tho murJer ol Presi
surrounded dent Lincoln, and which waa found on
Nev Yoita, April 87. The Poat ay
a private diplcli from inofficial aourc.
rec-ived yeaU'rduy afternoon at 4 o'clock.
reported that Hooih bad broken hi I s.
ud '.hut the aurgton wh.i atetnded him
wa Dr. Mudd, of Charles county, Sid.,
nu had been arreatud. Thus a clue to
Booth's whereabouts was obtained,
. Harrold i supposed to have been the
accomplice of the man who attacked
Secretary Soward. He was formerly a
nierk in a drug store in Wasnington.
Hi is unmarried, an J about 22 ycurs of
Lalor information statea that Booth h id
hla leg et by Dr. Mu Id at 3 o'clock
bundiiy mortiino, the 10th. The Doctor
InrnialieU Hooih a pair of crutchc
When the Poctor was arreeted he hml
one of Booth' boots in his potticaaion.
Wasiiisgtoii, April 87 The -imr, In
a Inter edition, It;. a tho following of
Booth and Harrold reached Garrett's
some diy ago, Booth walking on crutch
es. A party of lour or livo accompanied
lliem, 1io spoke ul'B oth sa a w. iiml.il
.il.iryiaml. r, on Ins way hotn
ni that
l"l'y wi,luu ti leavo him there a short
Wl'ud tuko hi in iwoy by the
20'h y''lertl 'y-
Uo'! 1,1 "'"P1 d somewhat and wnlke.l on
fruu" ,." 0 ,,le I""0 ' compiainiog of
mi. iioii-. iiu a:iu ii.irrom regulurly
look ih tr meuls ut th j house, and bmli
K.-pi up upprarunce wen. (J ne day ut
thu dinner tah!e t!io convermitioti turned
on the uKstiaainaiioii of
tlio . resiu,nl,l
iivn u oui oriio inc'U lint n-s ism Jlion
in the verest leruis, sayinjf Ih it til Te
was no puiiislim nil sv.-re enough for tin-pe-petnior.
At another iim ., ,,ne our
aiil, in B mill's nros nc , thm rtwanT
.mi unli.. tg RJOO.OJO hai been ir..-..,l
lor Baith, and i li.it no would like t , calch
W 'R'" Booth rt p.ioil: U
would be n i;ood huul, bui tho uni. U'lt
would di.ublless auon Iim i, .,1 ,
Tho iwo Garrett's, who livo r,n the
place, nllejjo that they hud no idea that
these parti, s (U ,oih and II ,rr.ih!) uvie
any other titan wnat their Iriends reiiro-
ented tliein paroled conffder ilo aol liers
on their Way homo. I'huy a bo any, thai
when Hie cuvalry appeared in th it nuioli-
borliood and tlioy hoard that they were
loor.m,' lor mo asaoina, that they sent
word to them that tin two m mi werj
on ill" pl..C". In other words, Ihey as
sert thai they uro entirely innocent of
giving the ana.nim aid and comfort
knowing to lli'm be them nu ll.
1 ho Ida, tu,' houl, reached here ahmit
about 3 o'clock last ni.'lit, withllirrold
""d the two men ubovc reierred to, as
and the two men above reierred
tho body of B iotli.
11 irn.lil was immediately put In a safe
pi ace. U thus fir, it is staled, has
miinifested n dinposition to apeak of the
affair; but as ho waa known us very talk
stive young man liu may oon resume tho
u.ic ni ma tongii'.
B ioih and Hirrold wcra dressed in
in L'oiifei'ato grav, new uniforms. Hir.
roid w is olh tvio not disguised much.
Booth' moustache had been cut nff. ap
parently with scinsors, and his b ard al
lowed logrow, chanrfiiirr his nmi 'aranre
consid Tably. Ilia ha r hud been cut
shorter than he usually wore it.
Booth's body, which wo have above de
scribed, was at once laid out on a bench
and a gu:ird placed over it. Tlio lips of
mo corp.-to urd inrntly compressed, and
the blood hits settled in the lower part of
tho fuce and neck. Otherwise the face
is pul ', and wears, a wild, hag-jard look,
UiillC itnig t'XD su'e to thu e omenta and
r uh experience in hia skulkinn fl uht.
look hi flight.
Ttie head and breast ore atono ex nose J
to v ow. Tho lownr portion of the body,
h.ii,r I ... n.i.i .-..I.. I.... ........ . .........
ttio orkuien, theoffi lem of the yard, and
B oili'a body, huvj been brought to the
c.ty. Tne en binn ami knife are now in
Ih possession of Colonel B iker at his
office. The bills of exchange which
were, for a cuiioi I Table am mm, lound
on B lotli's person, were drawn on banks
it Canada, in October las.
Johnston's Army Surrendered !
Sherman All Right!
Lincoln were suddenly changed lo rej jic
which ofjingat tho appearance of Gen. Gram,
The terms granted Johnston embrace in
New Yobk, April 30, Tho Herald'
N-wb'rn corrt'spond-uce of tho 27ih
'ays: The lamentation of Shermni's
army over the asstsaiiiation of Preid'iit
j the surrender four armies of the military
div'minn df the Wesi but excluding th
filth, that of Dick Taylor, lying wtt uf
the Chattahoorhie river. Among the
General surrendered is ueaur gird.
The prmotpnl among the LI' Ui. Gone.
rals is Hardee. Brugg, lately relieved
of his command waa nut surrendered.
Wudo Hampton refund to bu surrender
ed, and i reported lo have been (hot by
Johnston In in altercation, but a mors
trustworthy report is that he fled in com-
paiiy wuh Davu. The uumher actually
surrendered are 87,400, althnugb more
name are 7iven. Al! the militia from
South Carolina, N'orth Carolina, Georgia
and the Gulf States are included. Ueu.
Grant returned to Washington oo Batur
Th Kcrsll'l Waihington 8ia) itf
our Consul-Qeneral In Cannda ha given
to tho ant horn le that alt eriaai-
nala connected with the anamination ol
Preaident Linciln nul b turreadered
to the United Slat's authorities.
Nw Yen, April 30. Tu Herald!
Vewbern aorrespoRjent ayi It I not
generally believed that Johnston or ny
of the leading rebelt ex co.ted that
tho Oovernmeut would accede to their
prop aiiioiie unless ero.it ly modified.
Oue ividence it, that the prominent
iil'ilii.j klin .A.inn.tii.l .1... m. Af
werj in its immediate vicinity at
first conlcreace, tuJdenly disippearadl
4oii alter. Another l, tti.it o;. l-arninff '
inat our U 'Vfrrmptil had refused to
entertain such overtures, J illusion need
ed no further tune for r fl-ction or con
t'erenO) with tbe military authorities.
At a x o'clock on the morning of the
iltli.Cencral Sherman uoluied Jobuxton
that hia terms were out accepVd,and that
tho truce would eml; in the day he sent
notlier demanding the surrender of his
army on the same terms accord d to 1,-0.
J Ininton repliid en the 3jih, askin in
interview iur inod funf tho pnviou
nunetuent and sitrenderinj his army.
Siii rniaii di c inej to d'Stfuss the subject
on tlu bams ol the old agreeini'iil, but
iian.f.l the 1 1 tin' and pl.ic.t win re he
Wo M meet a m. Johnston areepted.
Iliey accordingly met near Durham
Slntion, about twenty sev.-ii miles from
Rjieyli, on thj 2'itli. K'u-rman arrived
on time, but owinir to an Occident to the
train liy which Johnrtoti was coning
from Greensboro', hia arrival waa nVluyed
several hours. II finally made) his in
pearance, looking much :ie wore f ir the
paattw.) wks' utixl 'ty and It utile, but
was outspoken and frank in arranging
til i agreement for his capitulation A
few minute.' Conversation settled tbe
preliminaries and the terms. Tlr.)
were soon reduced to writing and signed,
ana arc tne tamo is iii jsj rxtouib d to
L ', although probably not cx.inned in
pncMuiy ma sumo language. The ne
gotiations were conducted in (ieneral
Stierumti's name, and Joliuatoi had no
intimation ol Ih li eutenant Uener.ti's
presence at Raleigh until the fi ial terms
of eapitnlntioii w.to s'gned. When
Grant quietly put his aj;ir.vul on l ie
ba k of them. Daring tho interview
b.-iween G-'iieral S.ieriiun and Johns-
ton, the latter uniformly declared tint the
wnr wits over, anil that to
com line it a
monictit loio, r wou'd not only be wronir, '
but cr.ttniial; and when the Southern
pe..)l.' d arned that his army and L'v's
hlil siirretiih'rei, there would ho nono
counsel a longer coniinuanco of the
contest, lie slated openly that his tro .ps '
should fihi no longi-r. If ho could not
obtain reaaonuble and iiisfaetory termi I
'"' would disoniid and aend them home,
no "runes were nearly til) miles nmirt
' he Hmo the eanituluiioiis wcr.) aiuneil. !
m iiouti 111.14 iii'vo p.irt ol his
uriny I r U yonu It il. iyli beloro the truce 1
wus agro d Uio.i.
Alter tli j iti''nini; of t!i ? fain iui m 'in
randa, this wa drawn stuck to tin; latter
ci y i xci'jit Kilp itrick's cavalry, which
pick 'tl a lute oi e.'U iiry uh .ut iw.'iny five
nub' bi'vonil Raleiuh. J.ilnittou' troop
were w ill back towurd Groen-buro. The
railroad between tint twj urinii s was in
rutiiiiii'j order nil tho time, uud the i.nn.n.
in u. ik t.i l.t proceeded by rail to a point
nearly equally dialum, where the inter
view were held. Th'J telegraph wus
aio in working urdi rthrou.'li Johnston's
army lo Selma, 91 icon, .u nitouiery and
oiin r oont n rn cm '. n.i rmiua ur.Hi t
nous, ut Wilaon a succ, aaoa al ibuae
pi ices was recviv.'d oyer the wine run
uing through I'm In art of the rebel army.
Juliiision I'vt ii went so far a lo fuciii -
la: e tin; transmission of news to ni.d
f .... Ii.... lril..n .,,.1 K.. ...... I I....
.", ;t":..".
-l-" - '""'"
tuitiit I urtioti fciun in mu OUUllltrn
C 'un'ry. I Iu ur ns of Sherman' ordinal
memorandum, are reported lo have had
the approval of Ins army Commanders
and in my ;blo and influential officers.
G ns. I) i ir and Logan were among Hie
iiuuibur who disaeuted, and aro reported
1 1 have done all in their power to pr y.-ni
the consideration of these propoaa!. At
time lio armisneo n agreed lo !
aherinan nail )ul received inlorin ition
of tuo general
terms of Leu's
sulie'actitui which
urreuder afforded
North, and believed thai a greater spirit
of mngiianiiuity prevailed than ut unyjilry
other periot!. II j h id a cony of the '
Uiehinoud Whig in wiiicli was tho proc-1
luin.iliun of G en- W :iiz;ll couvoiiiug tha
Legislature ol Virginia. Everything con-;
spired la uiuke It mi extremely lenient
The ame correspunile-it say from
crtain indications it n probable that J ft'
Davis will bontinue hi flight southward
a. id endeavor to reach tuba in some
small vessel or nnhnig bout from a point
on tlio Florida coast. Rumor places
heavy sums to his bank account In
Havana. I lie atory that he has a large
amount of trouetry with him, is cosiderod
General Grant is reported to have
. . . . . I ...
taid that when he informed Gon-
or.il Sherman of tlio diapjroval of
tin terms ho had forwarded to
Washington, thu latter fraukly ad
mitted that he had made a miutuke
at not having put in writing that
slavery wusdeiiil: but that was the
understaiidiiir between thetn. As
to permittinn; the rebel lexis'atures
to assemble, lio had agreed to that,
beeuuse ho had iiint learned that
i0 Virginia lololattiro WUS per
mitted to asst'inblo by authority
of tha President, and in th ab
sence of uflieial inHtructiona he
interpreted tho President's desire
to be tliatrubel civil Kuveriimente
should bo retained for tho pre
servation ot order, and to avoid
maintaining a military force in
these States, as well as to do
awuv with tlio irritation likely to
grow out of military government.
A to tiie am ne-ty, it was only
t eover officers and soldier'.
When his ait cut ion was called to
tbe word in'', he replied with much
spirit: "That does not express
the understanding between us."
Tho Herald's Washington spec
ial says General Grunt has relum
ed iu most excellent spirits, lie
expresses much gratification at the
prompt execution of the orders of
the Government in reference to the
agreement between General bher
man and foe Johnston General
bheriuan met the Lieutenant Gen
eral twenty miles from tho trout.
He received the order of disappro
val with tho most commendable
good graeo. There was oo hosita
turn, no murmuring, nor any ex
pression ot dissatislaction at the
disapproval of the terms entered
into betweeu him and the rebel
General, but without any delfly or
argument in defence ol tho Course
pursued, General bdiertnan and
his Generals with true soldierly
spirit, set to work with alacrity to
carry out tne views ot tuo uovurn
tnent- communicated by General
Grant. Within five minute a dts
patch was sent to Johnston tormin-
. a .- - 1 1 . . .
' . 4 ja
ft'ino; the nnitico. Uvm recoipt
of tiie notification by th rebl
picket, iTilcr veer gireu for onr
trocpi in tho rear t mora np to
ttio front. In ft few hours Geueral
Frank LUair, with hit cor, wa
iu motion.
Gen. Sherman hail Infcmod
Tolimton that tho Govcmtnont
wotiM n.t t!ction the tenr.s uro-
posed, anj that ho aliould iinnn-.li-
res unit) liofttilitics. Upon
r...,:,,, ..r, .-,.,,,;,. r..l,..tnn .....
' a i .
" - ' ifi i v. va rarniiix eat t iij
terview with bhentnti), to arranpt-
"tlier tortus of eurreiKler, which
tva promptly mndo upin the basis
'f tho term given to Gcnira!
Tho World' pocia! says Jlm
on hai iiledgod hinisell to exir
cist) hi authority and viy ilnnco to;
pruvent (ftiorrilU, lunli whacking,
or auy kind of illegal warlare
Shocking Steamboat
Explosion of the Steamer Sultana.
Over a Thousand Lives
Special Dispatch to the Cincinnati Gazette.
CAIRO, April 28.
was burned lo the water, Mid now lies on
to'as.nd bar near Folemen's I.indinrr,
notliint; visible hut her charred remains
and j ickJliifTstuitditirr erect,
The sceno following tho explosion vsi
terrible and heart-re titling in ihe exireino.
up, and in a short tuna were at the burn
thu ing steamer, where humlreds of peopl-
dulling from the Quartermaster'
Departmen and from vurieua lore. w
At thia tiine it is iinpossiblu to g've a
correct riiitement of the cuuso of the c-
The following is the Memphis Bulle
tin's account ol the d s men
The steamer Sultana, Captain .Mison,
arr v d from New Orleniis, I'ist nloht.
the a ith, with about 2 00 J people on!
board, l.UJl of whom were rxeiinj;ed
Federal prinoncr tr.m Vickbury, the
balance bnm j rcluces and r.'gular pits
sengera from var.ous points alonjr the
river, proceeding towards Ht. L mis., H'te
left tlio Coal pild about 1 o'clock this
rooming, and baj m ido sohio eioht or tun
mil i, when an Xjtbsiiot of unu of her
boilers uceurnd. 1 oo bout, wuh Ha
mass of living Ireilit.io ik lirein the vicmi
ty if the enenu t, and i:i a short tun.' ahc
iluudred ol oeonlo w To ulowu into the
ur, and descendiotf Into the water, soind
de id. some with broken liuibn. some
s aiaod, were oarno unaer ny uie rcstsi-
less euiront ot tho groat river, nevi r to
rise aeain. 1 v survivor, repreaeut the
scr am as aonninv beyond ereci'deiit
S 'tne clung to Irail piec of the. wreck,
as drowninij nt mi cliny to straws, and
iistanied lb 'iiuelvc. lor lew moments,
but Ami I ty became exiiuuilcd and sunk.
Only the beat of swinimois, aiued by irajr
menu of tho wreck, wero enabled In
rt'uoli thn woods, and tliera take rol'tin..
until rescind by boitssentlroiii the land
dig ho.'o to their unsist ilice.
There wus atiout fiiteen women and
ciiildr, n aboard, und us near as can bo I
ascertal lien, iml muru Ulan two or tlireo 1
mu oojii inuiin at uiu nour wuun litis I
luccannl ww writtun. -
Bouio of the wretched people wero
borne by the current a Iur down u the
levco at llii cilv, u.id tin wus the first
iniiiuutioii the olHoers of the boats in
It, ..( .....1.,.. ..I ll... I... ril.l.. .Ii...ut... A
z r.rv:::" ..
1, A " --- ""
i' uij viij iiu in iu iw ui 1 4i u wm i''rj'
ral pi r-ons were picked out or llio Water
kiid brought ashore. Two wero ulterward
lound cliiignitr to the wheel, and they
were nls t uved. Upon being brought to1
a rnlixalioii of the calamitv, the Ulieers!
.,1'thM It, tat. In nrt i,d..r nl illel .,. f
Cap,. Senitir of the River Guard,
wi re picket' up and brought to thia lai.de
ingi arriving aooul d tylight.
I h y wore
and ladies ,
met by a number ofcitil -us
who Uiilud Infill with abundance of
ciilent, and number or nainca of liu lot
and laved
wus on tho watch, ami bUnu.iig In tho
pilot Iioujo with Captain George Cayton,
who was at thu wheel at the lime of tho
explosion. . Ho only remembers tho
ah.ick, thut he was blown into the air,
ana wus slierwurls taken Irom the water,
H'J saw thu lower deck in fl.tnea and
knows no more. H can givu no idea of
the cause ot tho accident and says tho
boat wa going it ordinury speed, a'ud all
soenied well up to the moment thn cs-
,lo,i"n """"i .'J'" a"n,i.
oeer. a aober. reliabio mull named Clem.
eus, wu at the engii.es, and that nothing
more than common wu in progros
Cupt. Cayton was slso hurled into the
wieok among ino broken boiler and
rubbish, sustained slight injuries. Ho
Immediately lamped overbourd with
dour, by which ho wu enabled to reach
the Arkansas shore three mile below, i
where, urikiug a aupling, hu seized uud I
c uiu lo ll until uved. Clemens, the I
engineer wa badly burned and sealdedl
und can hardly recover. Mr. J ihn Feglc-1
man, residing on tho Arkansas
side on
being arouajd by the noise and leeing
tho burning steamer, hastily constructed
n rude rufl and in this way, wu tho
mean uf aaviug about one hundred lives.
In tho wood, among the drill of the
wreck, the officer ol ihe IIojo Humble
ton found lumily llible, cout lining th
records of a I n mi v nunied pikes, ot As
sumption Parish, l.a. The name record
ed aro Samuel 1). 8,iku and Elethia
S.i ke, ro irried October 31st, 1837. The
rocurd allow there wero Uelve in Iho
lamiiy. ll was subsequently learned that
i lie lather, mother, llireo diu.'hiurs, two
urothers, and a niece wero lost.
a veral ut tbe Imdies were recovered.
This family bad 17,000 iu goid( all oi
wiih b wu loit.
Tne bulk of pus'ongers were returned
p.isuiiers from Anuorsonville, whieh
place ihey I -ft on the 17lh of lust Feb
rutry. ; Among tlum wire the rem nan I
al thut point of lhu"priaoiiers captured at
(Jliickumaug and Gettysburg. They
numbered alloguiher l,0u6 mou and 3ti
officers. A larjr number of horse were
on the boat, wuicb providentially became
unresisting viclims t'J tho flame. Had
they broken loose the fate of ihe swim
mors would have been determined with
in two hundred yard of the boat. A
near as can bo eatiiauted without other
data than uuservuliuii, between 800 snd
30J reached the bank, while about an
equal number fluted down the stream oa
dour aud I'urunure.
A dense mass, e.timated at about 600,
look refuge on the biw of the boatj
whilu Ihe flame were driven aft by th
wind. . A few . moments afterward tbe
whuel bouses loosened by th concussion,
and uaiae tell on outward, and tho boat
turned atern Up-Siream. reversing tbe
fl tBies. , The largest part of thi number
must iha have perishtd. s ihey bd no
material al bad to throw over to auitaio
themselva. except a few bals of bay,
which ware lmmdiut 'ly souiad on tbe
turning of the boat. Tbe gang plank
wsre lhrownovr boaid, but sank alonoe
under their living freight, and ros too
Uf sat o( reach for most. Th yawl best
'i i
wa launched, bottom up from the hurrl
can Vok,j;a lb bead of those below,
and afforded a aupport for a few inrthtt
condition. The whole lime before the
boat wa i entire ehoet of Bam, could
not lure rxceedv'd twenty minute. I
wa not more than one-third of the dis
tance to ihore when I observed the fact.
The prisoner rvprraontctf almost every
State in Union, tvon Trxis, and tht
cilsmity will bo a widely felt ai a battle
ol no Inconsiderable proportion.
lt, bv R. v. M. J KtrUvJ.a.'v. Wm. M.
Critry and M a Finma U. rjaymakr. No
of April, by the Rv. J. B"ver, Mr.
Benjamin M. Gibson and Martha A .Cor.
bet, all of Eden Township, 8 aeca Co. O.
day, May Sd.at tho nsidenaoof Mr. Ilv.
tta, by the Rev. M'. Yoia. Jout I..
O.i ao sac to Miaa t iaa Ucduei, all of
this city. Ho cards.
Thus another one of our young gen
tlrmrn has diplayeC tho friiltv of all
hn.nati "ganders." There seems to be a
panic among the "gatijers" and ippr.
hrnsionstn) felt that there will be
re-ul irststnpede to thest.it of connubial
bliss. W heard a lady say ''Let tliein
comet'' and our friend Johx went and
done hi Muy the happy couple huvo a
long liie ol prosperity and liappines, tnd
no clo'ids to dim the I'aslro of tlirir shin
ing career.
TIFFIN, May 3. 1865
FLocn-$s 00
VH i:T-Klrin at$l 19
CO id Firm at 6 io fur shelled from
t).T8 Finn al 4ic from tcsms.
WOOL Sl'in(5 at 50e.
SKK1 Ulvtrl9 OU. Timothy $3 JO.
r L.X 3tU $1 60 per bushel.
It Y K -- 1 'U..rbu-hl.
C.t.NUl.KS-ole.triin 30a, tallow 33ijr,33c
80.41' Urinu ,'t, U.ouinou He.
T.tLLOW lOoiLV. Ui.ta (jju0.
I'OrAI'OBH 4t)o?i0.
1'OIIK Perlbl,t' 00.
WHISKY Comuion per gallon $3 50
Rye II 00.
HAMS lSl?o.
HIDES Ureen 5e, dry 10.
CALF bKIN'8 10c, Kip akina 7o.
KI1EKI' VV. LT A - Freh 2ie 3 1 1 .0.
BKE4W AX-3H per pound.
BU I'TER-ISe loHepcr pound.
E0O3 t:i,- per iliiloa.
LARH-h'.gi. lit.
Seneca County Agricultural
NotOf is hwrehv given that the memhrr
ol Ihs Stnrcs County Airrlouhbral aneirty
anil nM at Ilia Courl llouao. In Hie 1'ily
ol TirHn, on 8sturlay, H ,y U'Jih. Itllia, at
Irn o'o'nek, a.m.
A lu I aiirmlsnee is required, as busi
ness of luiporlancs will lm irnnsaeird.
I . II. BAUUy, 1'rvaldeol.
April 27th, tHGj.3
Attention, Oo. D, 49th 0. N. a.
49th R set. '). N O., Apriltmh, I8C6
w siRKAS, Ciplain Jel'n A. Nrwman. lain
eomn.anu.iig c..u.psr,y o. 9.h Kegi.o. n
U..lail'l,.ii,l lhr la no coiumla-
Blillird UlflOttr Of ali J L'limilatntt . i in
this Oounly.lt is hereby ordt-rt-d that an
Heciun (or Oapttin of ra.d Onuipany I), b
' e'd on Saturday, lbs 8:ih day nf May, A
' lwo o'clnalr, H. .M in ihs luwn of
."'""'A11'' .?"" founiv, Ohio, at the
"moo. . I nas aialur Bullivsll aiu
By Cnuimtud of Uol, J. U. LtR,
A. I,. Ill n. A Ml Comuiaiiding.
April'Jbih, IHOft 9w.
taS 7-30 LOAN
By KUthority the Secreta-y ofth Trssiurj
til uiidrralenrd ,as arsumcd tha C.r.l
i,,ur, i, oiai, orarin; atvea and
Hire tombs per cent, iatersst, per saaum,
known aa tha ' i ' '
These Notes are iasuvd Under lbs date of
June 15th, 1814, and ar psyabl tbrc
jrsars from thai time, lu currency, or ar
cunverlib'sat the option of tho boldr into
Us S. 5-20 SIX PKR EXT.
These bonJs ar w.rth a premium ahich
liicrsssesths setusl profit on th 7 30 loan
sod lu sxsuiptioii from Suit sud Municipal
taxation tdd front on to tbrs per cant.
mora, aooording to Ih rat levied on otber
property. 7hi Interealls psyablelh curnney
Sfllii annually by suapt.ua stlaclird lo rssb
D( which may bo cut off and
sold to say
banker bankor.
The Interest amounts to
On csat pr day en a $50 at
Twocsnta fioo
Tsa i jjoO il
to " ' iiooo
91 $rdx
Noia of all thdenomlntloiisnmtd will
b promptly furnished upon r fori (it of sub
srlptioiis, sod ths notes forwarded al one
Ths iutsreai to ISlh Jun arxt will b paid
iu advauoa. This Is
The only Loan in Market
now offaredbyib Oovcniuirut, and it I
Confidently sspreted that its superior ai
vantitgr will niak it Ihs
Great Pooular Loan of tbe Peopie.
. Lest Uiau i'lUO.UUO.oOO til the Leau au
iborisd by lb last Congress are vow on
ths ntarkt-t. This smuunt, st th rat al
which il isbelDf absorbed, will l b sub
sribsd for witnln four monibs. when Ih
aulas doubledly commend a prsuluoa, ss ha
au'formly bean th ease oneluslog lb tub-
orijitioo to Olhsr Loan.
loordsr thataiiiieus ferry town snd
seeiioa of th eouufry (nay be afforded fatili
Utt for isklug lb loan, tba N.iitonst Banks,
dial Banks, aud Prinsts Bsaksis Ihrosbtul
lb country bsv geusraily sgfctd Urreooir
aitbscriptluui tt par. Subscribers will select
their owa agnate, 1 whom .tby bsv (en
filen, sud who only pr to b rtspoaslbl
(or Hi delivery of ths boles for wbtvt they
reauivs order- . , . ,
1 " JAY WOKE.-'
- Subsarlpttoa Agnt, PaiLspstraiA
SubsoipiUons will b reoeiveJby
Rational bottaag Eaak f TlflU. ';: '
rtratBaUoualSaalKITifllB. ' , ,
: .1 ,m'-
DM eooss.
IowlthoTlnrf1o Buy!
Strike While the Iron Is Holl
Ittty tttr Sprlnr tloodt
RTncmbpr One nf our Urm t In
Xew York nil the thm. nrf i u
bled t pick ntilmr'aiii A-ionevvr
opportuniij oni-ra.
Anrl Wo shall
Soil as Cheap
as tho Cheapest
Our Assortment ii large in all
DrcM G noil i.
Slittwl, (Mr
ctilnr', liliuk an 1
Wliifo Hulinoral,
I.Hilio (M.iths, Men
and lioy. wear of rll
Kitviti, MiirKds,
TicIi;nH, Stripei, Ac.
Also a fttll a9ortmetit or tlio cclc
bratutl Belle Monte
Tlio bivt in nne, Ritmrnbpr the
hello-Mont Sk irt, mu bo obtain
0 ol
A. Good AsBOitmcnt of Notions.
Wu aro almost daily receiving New
Goods, and think we can make it the In
terest ol all tn give u a call before pur
chasing elsewhere
O oil forget the place first door above
at. John Drug Mlir
Tiffin, March. J3J. 1803.
Dubois & uT,
Vo. I Shatthan't Mltock.
100 Kcg of Iui-e
. r
900 Cull
(jrent Reduction
You tvill nlwayw
In Ruylng your
Fro in lT
raid to the
imm ii m mm dil.
llrst quality
a (Gents
rhotoraph illjums,
: c - ' c ' . ...., ,.w
.- .r ti J .si;
- 1 1ST OHIO.
: May 4,J8, . ;.i' J; : iit.'l
HXTO'4 - -
iii;di;i:s block,
lla juit yoeiveJ a fresk lajipljr '
and Chemicals',
And it offering tlum at the lwwe
All tb poj'iilar
Cohitantly kept tn n& '
VTinifVitT finJi-g of cvrrjrtlubrip-'
ion. The lawst and besf iulect-
ed at,ck ever (''cried fn TiftiB
lor taic at aiartjuardt nt
If you irnfti ydto'r- '
Fatiiily Bitili B, ' '
lVkct Bililo,-'
Teota'mcfifit,' .
Uvinn lionka,
., Scliool Cpoki,
For Town nnd CiitntrvjSchoolv.
Pani'f, Envufoiica, Inkff; Pena aml
I'cncilB, go to Marftriaidt Drnc
JcBook Store.
gold iiUi mnu
From the West
tho fVitintfj:
mannfaetoirlee.- in1
Get your Coal Oil I. HarqnarJtV
vrutr oturu tor 91 ft galluu; ta
best in the mafket,
kjou uu i.auipa, ..
Lamp Cliimuuy, . .. . ,
Lamp Bbailw and Trirriingrf
always od hand -at Marqaardt'f
Uroif and Book btore. llwdgesf
Block. ' i
- -V
Hai Oil; ' ;
Lad ioa Tr vol log JSig!
tJoe Tolfot bo'a'pa, J
Xtinb add Kqttort
' ibi-Jledcsttuae;
1 IV
i f
: It
: it i
on sod .;.
YrttUlai &e. u - - -
......... ...... :
;z t.iAv' 1. . .i.'i.' 1
i i' :WaUtil .s: '3
Foil wbicblthil bifeti prisilv'r.
caah will bo pi. -, . 4 '

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