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Perrysburg journal. (Perrysburg, Wood Co., O. [Ohio]) 186?-1965, July 17, 1868, Image 3

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TF.RM3. On onpy.one yesr, tBt (I months
I t 3 months, Olrc. Inrarisblr in advance.
TIME TABLEā€”D. & M. Railroad.
Hull Prairie...,
Cm tar
IV- suit P.PO r a
Itl' and
IX AT r n and W p
I. ix r and r
I.lil r m and In m
H'r and lo.lt r H
I m i n.l m 41) p
1 4 r and 10.45 r
Hull Pralrta...
I'erryilmrf ....
I H p m ami n 4D i m
ami 11 41) s m
1 r and 4 ii
t.Ni p M and 4 ti a
A on p and 4.4 a m
8 09 p m and 4 l a a
B.m r a and .nii a a
8 tit pa and mi m
Toledo Ami p a
M m
"4 a a
Tontogitny. .
Napkins ....
Hull rrnlris
IVrrjrshurir 8.A0 p a
nil Pralria. 4.2i p a
llasklns 4 M p a
Tontnuanjr 4.4i p a
Weston V in p a
...7. Ill a a
...T Ml a
...e.iw a a
a a
...P ii a a
Milton ti.ta r a
Caitar 6M r m
II '.A a
Pitch Notice. Xn. HJ-J. II. Newton.
Dissolution V. Johnson 4 Co.
Hitch Notice, K.i. 11-... 11. KctUi.
Sheriff's Sule-C. W. Kvi'tj.
Hitch Notion. No. 137 J. II. Nvtvlnn.
Attachment Notice Wm. C. Lathrnu.
I'uljlic Auction Ii. M. Hunt.
Sheriff's Jbile-C. W. Evers.
Itcurnrd -Chan. Wright.
Administrator's Sale Alex, Hroivn.
Legal Notice E. Tullor.
IjTew potatoes, pens and benns have made
il.cir appearance in our market.
Deaths. Afrit'sirs lliiAni-nnn nnd the
youngest child of A. I?Q )v", Ksq., were buried
on Sunday hist.
A Magnificent Display of the Aurora Tlnrc
nlis occurred on Friday I'Vrninp Inst. Wo re
member tu have teen but one, tlmt surpassed it
)u length of duration and brilliancy.
Tho Individual ihn openly nttemptato dimin
ish the circulation of bis own party papers tlil
riiiR a political canvass ghoul I at mice go lyhcrc
lie belongs namely, on the other bide.
Tho Haat has been so Intense, that 4 nnnibcr
pf nut-door laborers have been ci ipeled til dor
gist from work for several days. It is iii.leed a
Jiiatterofsurpri.se that tho health of our town
Continues so good during the " heated term."
Who Can B9at This t-Tho F..tnriu .V.w.
iiys that Mr. JtisiAll UlCMAUtisuN, of Perry
Township, Wood County, has n cow from vt hich
he milked, from May 10 to June 10, thiiteeu hun
dred and twenty-nine pounds uf milk. The
milk was weighed at every milking.
Hot is no name for the wca'her since tho be
ginning of July , A Georgia costume has been
preferable to nil withers. Hut while swelteiing
liumaiiity suffers, the icrcjutii ure putting in
their very prettiest promises for the harvest
that is coining.
Information Wanted. Says the Hancock
About the middle nf May hint, a liitle girl
pained Carorine lllnze, nged eight years, dark
unburn hair, blue rye, left Ouore Ilaglv's in
Wood county,and has not since been heard finm.
She had on w hen last seen, a dark calico dress
and pink sun-b-uiuet. It is feuied that she has
been abducted bv her drunken father, who is a
dangerous chained r. Any itifm inntion regard
, iug her whereabouts will lie thankfully received
Ly her sister. Susanna Klaze, Fiqdlay, Ohio.
The Weather. Hot, hotter, hottest, ((ottenr
ot I Uoil, boiler, bust!
The heat is simply terrible.
Oh! for a lodge iu some vast wilderness
Rome boundless cotitiguity of shade somen here
in Alaska, for instance.
A little darkey accidentajly fell in the river,
And, while standing jn (hu tun i dry himself
melted away and ran over thu ground. His re
mains were gathered ijji ill a dish-pan. It was
a melting spectacle.
The chief employment of our citizens just
now coiui.sts in vigorous el)'irts to keep cool.
'Oats are vojted a nuisance, sbjrt-collars arc
thrown aiitieji, a wilted cnnditinn, and fans and
liuibrellag are in demand. -
Instances of sun-stroke are reported in almost
every city and village, east and west.
Hotter in New York than it lias beeu during
jtho past fourteen years. .
The Toledo Commercial reports the mean tern,
peratnre, since the first of tho mouth, ten de
grees greater than during thu same period last
We are decidedly in lavor of undress parade,
and wish we were a fan tailed pigeon.
- - - - v
FnrrOR Journal : It is sail) (lint p)eu in their
flips have been known to bu truthful when m t
liMinguisbed for tint fiftue out ot their cups.
An instancn of this amiable, weakness occurred
recently in our village. Uji the night af pr in
forinitiou was received of t))u nomination of
SkvmiU'h, by the New Vork C'onventioii, one of
imr Democratic citizens was seen resting on tl e
ground in an alley. Another citiz-'ti of the same
persuasion was standing over him holding him
self up by the cout-tail of ll,e (cuuibenf, and
urging him the recuinbent to get up.
' I.o me 'lone, (hie)" says he of the ground.
I.ef me 'lone! I'd jus' s-soon lay here 's any
ye ! Th" Dein'cratic party's gone to hell any
v! Wha's ditrereuee ? Mi? I'en'lton's nu
h in ( hie) 't could win I (hi.-). Wha' can I
' (hie). I got t' take back all I said las' fall
An unhealthy gystcn; is gouerally produced
by an unhealthy stomach and the latter is a sure
'indication of poor digestion. When digestion is
1 bad every part of the entire system must ne
cessarily suiter, and the mind itself shows the
etljcts of it in the low spirits of the patient. 1 1
digestion is the parent of a thousand indescrib
able miseries all ayinptoins of worse disorders
yet to come, Tho premonitory in.lioa;ions of
that terror of our race liyspopsia every one
ft lows. Now, why sutNr the penalties of delay
' when bv the lire of Mishler's ilorb billets, uot
only immediate relief bill positive and irma
neiitcure can bo realized. This celebrated House
hold Uemedy is uo uilslliblu remedy for all dis
eases urisiug froop a disordered stomach nnd
will eradicate lliew. He reasonable with your-i-lf
consult your own interests hniw away
pharmacopieia prescriptions and take a coursenf
Milliter s Hero Hitters. Hold by all druggists
ami dealers. Dr. S. II. Hartinan Sl Co., 1'ropri
telors, Lancaster, la.
Real Estate Transfers in Wood County.
The following are the transfers of real estate
in Wood County, as shown by tba bonks in
Recorder Mkriiv's Ollico, for thu week ending
July 1 1, IB08:
II. Y onker to 0. HoUsard i pt ntf sw seo 28,
ft i, range II, 10 acrea-idl).
llailey & Wright to l 1). UoKWI.Kr . ni m
eor aw seo 13, tp 7. raw H-S7S
, U. 8. Ially to J. 8. la(eT , ,.v B0 sec i j ,
5, range 10, 113 acres 2 7la.
Ilenj. htreeler Ui ueo. Irler; w
In 5. ranire 10, sl acres-f.:i uno.
M. Huated to I. J. Husted pi aw w aee 112
tp S, rango 10, li acres-iU(l.
8. 1'allerson to C. L. Rood ) if.- no? eo 12, tp
i, range 10 T.
J. Uair to U. W. Adams tea W, tp 4,
ranire 12. 4 acres I leu.
J. Aines to Ueorge lioobierj lots 71 and 72,
Margaret Flvnn to J. H Fisher; t prt nw sec
t , tp i, range V, fV acres -$ J.400.
W. l. Uiwilt to A. A. Turuey j se nw sec U,
tp i, ranee R, 40. acrai-(l.nt0.
O.K. A W. HtiM-ker to J. Hmnkensj do aee
31. tn S. ranee 41. 10 acres- J :.
U. Laahley In 8. 8. Laskev : e i ne see
3, tp a, range 9, 4) acres-o2j.
E. Cniahaw to 8.8. I.askey, ae W soo 13,
fp S, range Q, 40 acre-l,igQ.
'o. uf trauafera 11 total value It 7,40 1.
Otrr Jrvrlrt EKTiarRtsRi hareioloug mo
pooliied the public mind, that It i nut at all
improbable some have overlooked the important
fact, that Ifr.J. W. "eioarf-, Haile (nj
poaaii la tUfciioly i,ioiuMrr failing Cough
llediciue iu ti QilJ. Where all others fail it
puds iU greatest euccesi, fcufd by ail drpggistj
Riooe uonar per vutue.
j the people Wiser. To learn how n prrily the
I blood ia the hr.t step bitf arda isdom. t'.e llr,
J. W. iVidaud'a lluioor lwtor for all disiAata
. ..r.i... 1.1.....1 w .i i i... . L T
tj 17 UlUUi UVIU UI 1. I1ASII.IU3
A Chap Ice Pitcher. The fullowipg is a
niple RiethoJ of keeping ice-water for a long
time in a commop pitcher t fine between two
sheets of paper (newpapers will answer, thick
brown it belter) a layer of cotton batting about
half an inch in Ibii kncss, fatten theendanf pa;er
and batting together, forming a circle, then sci
or piste a crown over one end, nnki .g a In x
the shape of a stove pipe hat, minus the rim.
1'lace this over an ordinary pitcher tilled with
ice-water, making It devp enough to rest on the
table, so as l eiclude the air, and the render
will be astonished at the length of time his ice
will keep and the water retrain cold after the
Ice Is melted..
Enlarged aad Improved. Mr. OtiUNnit
is putting the I'errysb'irg Joi.nx ti, in Oral-class
trim. It appears on i) enlarged sheet and in
new dress, presenting a highly attractive ap
pearance, l lid lloiler jig elieient (iiauag, nwnl
will maintain its g'Kid stamling as a (epuhlican
journal. Jttfftlu CVMvirrefo.
Teachers' Association.
The Annual meeting; of tho Wood Oonnlv
Teachers' Association will be convened at Howl
ing On-en, on Tuesday, August 4, at V o'clock
A. M. Pflircrs for the ensuing year to be elected,
and arrangements made for tho Fall Institute,
Iter. tj. A. Adams will address (he Associa-
Chairman Ex. Committee.
I'ksuvsi.i'KO, July 1(1, 18BS.
Fuuir-O 00(.ll2 (ID V barrel.
Grain Kar Corn Sl 01) V HWIhs.; Oals 5.1
(iTfljcs live 1 00 i Wheat 1 U0j2 i) buhel.
Shelled Corn, .Sil( 8jo.
Ul TTKa- 20,n!2..c V lb J Eggs, lS(a2t!c V dot.
I.ARn-22,i2e Vlh.
I'tjrATOKs -l:iti((M75c V bitsjicl.
Salt -2 75 lj barrel.
V'i)Oi.-vb,iJ10e V tb.
TOLEDO, July 19, 1868.
Ff.orB Pine, J7MOirt7S0: Snpeitine f 00
aS2.: Extra, 9 .io,,un uO; Double Extra and
K.inev, 10 0tii4l2 00. live I'lour, t.
UK.VIX Wheat 230h2jiei Corn 21'3e:
OntsTle: R.vo 175c ! llailey quiet.
I'KtJDl CE-I.ard, prime, in bills. 10c ; do.
keas, liW'c. Duller, fresh roll 30cj in keg S ic.
r.ggs, Z2c.
In liowlin- Gi-ooii, Ohio,
Keeps the Largest nml Uest Sekpteil
Which he is now selling at tho
No inferior (?')'' "ght orsrld. No."balts"
or iiifroper measures used to induce eustciliKl.
to buy.
Pail Dealing,
I loiiomhlo Competition,
laivo and laet Jaive,
Are mottoes under hich he Ims done business
for I'hirleeii Years in Howling (Ireen, nnd b
that same rule he will conduct nil future trans
actions with his numerous customers.
He invites all iu need of Merchandise to call
and examine the
Style, (utility and Price of His Cinod,
Willi this consideration In the matter,
Hut will offer
4'-2?Tli3 best plstcp in this county
Uny or b'ell ULMHKll.
Howling Green, February J, JSI58. 4I.7.
E. Q. BRA !b'LE Y,
Physician and Surgeon.
OFFICK over O Bwicirs Store. Iteshleniie
Mra. Houston's, Front street, Perry s'airii
Wood County, Ohio. 4lz
mm. sbutiiERsTi Tir r. r.
is SEmmi
4 4 N ami after Weilneilay. .lan.1, IsfiS. Paftsenff'-i
' Trains will l,KAVK TULBpO 11AILV (ijeauiv,
KXt:ari-Kii), as follows :
l?: 0 A, .11., Mail to Cliii-agp.
IWh V. .n , Night Kpreis to Chicago, with
titeeiiiiiir Car.
Altt 1-INB.
i:iO A 3ft (exceia Monday morning) Night Ex
prcn to Clncaii.
i:UU 1. M. Day Mall tn Chicago.
lKTItllT F
7:20 A. HI 31 K) IV fl. iJJ.-.OP.M.
11:10 a. n. 7:10 v.
All traiim are run ly Qilcao lim .0 lulnute
slower than Toledo time.
Main Mm. A. M. and 4:;iS f. It.
Air Line. 1 3H A M and P . SI.
Detroit 11-1 ..91.; 1:40 ami V811 V. M.
Jackson, f:4U 4. M. ami 4:4a P. M.
Cli VS. P. HATCH, General 8urt.
C. 1. I,st.D, Oen. Pass. Aeut.
13 00 K AG ENTS ; T wi)
To ioliajit prlem ftirDit. Wu ruM Fmihi'uDIC
TIONaUY OK TUB DlllI.K. Thk oi.t kpitios
nw.HiivND. In one Ibikb Octavo volume, tl lustra
ted with over r.OjsU-el Hp'l wuil f ltKnvini.
A)f n! unit milMvri'ihfr Le Ihut uu get the uit
L'Imk kdit.ow nv lit. Smith.
Tilt Sprinftelil Kcnuhlk-infk y Ih'se.lltt n,pul
lUla'd ty .Mem lijiir & Co., i (tie Kcnuine t Inn jr.
Th ( qiiRreSHtioimliPt mi yrUoever wislirs tf
get, in tho cHe ipest (urm, the btsl Utttiona y of the
iHilf tlioultl lmy Ti!i.
V alio want Aii k nt for ELl.TOl T' new rnr-V,
IlKiCiiKR.T. 1). Wmo..!ky. I. Is. It.. Vrolrt't of YmU
OolK'ne, .los:iH Ci mmino!, U, l. Lis. !., I'reH. o
WVnicvan I niv., Ut. ltkv. Ti oj, M. Clvkk, Uihoj'
or it. 1.. 4c
Th ty oro new und original works Ky tMese in
thur.timl Iheir su'J'-cts areavpioiel ly lerpy.
men of nil denomination!. Airentu nre m.-flui.
llh iinVnrullelel guccegra We cuiplv no tluneral
A cfcnt$ fir either hook, nnd offer extm induce;
ntenta to CmvasTi. Apenta will fct tit mlv ui
tHire orderlinK directly with the l'l'HLI-11 KK.
For rii'crittive clrculan with fll prtji ular und
ieriPsaddiegH the l'ulilirthtfr.4.
m! J U- B,;KH 4 Hertford. Cnnn
f Vr.Alf KXIM-iaiKSMlI-KAM
pjnsnlory. Kstublisheil 011 the Kuteipn IMiin.
In Myers' Block, Monroe-stti, Tulutlo, O.
Tho undersigned
calls tho ntteiitiou ol
those interested to the
fael that helms ostab
r lished a suite ot riamis
in Myers' Block, on
. Monroe-street ,u reeu-
lliir llisiniLHiitorr for
the treatment and per
manent cure uf all
' known
Trimfe Diseases
whether of recent nr-
Jjrin or nf lonjr standing In MAI.K or FEMALE.
Thesuccejis which hnsattended the practice
ol thj undersigned in tbetreatinent nf diseases
couiinjr under the abnre head, is sullicient
STUaratiUis tliai what he undertakes he pcifnruis
aijd Inovury case effects a radical euro.
1 (irate rooma are ptovided where consulta
tmna can be rncured ir the stri(Jlest confi-
ueoorai niiice orer Nos. St and 39 Monroe
street, first na.pi to the rhyhi at the ton ot the
ll.irnnv nvup fnn.... . . . "
.......j, ,.,v,iWi. ,mi ti-tiera cni-
tainin j ayeiulttauceor putate; ianip prompt y
J tf Ollioe hours from I A tn 4. and from T tn J
Call cd ur address 1. ii. Tk'UI'AKV, U.I).
Sis Toledo Ohio.
Da F. DAVJ5. M. D.,
Pliynieian nnd Surgeon,
tLqlo Assistant Hurgepnin the 3th Ohio Cavalry )
is rmmvKftr f-ociTKn u
Toplosauy, Mood (ouuly, O
COUSTKV J U0UIXE uf erery description
takca U C)(chaii;e for Uroceieg, at the
Blurs of t,lJ'KAl''- .
I OT ATHKs lit a super ior iiiality, aid at the
1 very loe.t mailil l'le, can be had sl
ttye litocity Jjjofe :l V' f-KAf .
Administrator's Sale of Ural Lstatc.
V rirtii ff an or.lrr rented bjr I1 frobal
I'otin nf Wood C.nnt. Ulna. 1 will otter tor
tale at 1 ui. lie nnelion. atihjrct lo Hi. wiMow ilewer,
(in .lll ltl)AV, ihe l.ah uy f Aujint, l-iw. on
Itie prrniiaes. ti f,.lowln 'lerril'..l real ntnte,
lituntaia ttte cou'tly ef Wmnl an. I htat. et Olo,
to n : I he north hU of the n.rthwi ,(ua-ter of
Ih. touth.a.t ,lrlrr uf .Qillii-a Nt '.'!'. t'n.htt e.
ranar east, lesa e acres:' a.prainl al -3n s
Terns or sjals lne tlir'l,eiili : nn. tliint in one
year, and out ttilfl if years fr-m His day of
sale, Willi Ipter.-l i n.ierre.i p.Mii.nix 10 ee se
eured by martsaffaan Ihe lreui)ses sold.
AI.KX. II II CI W N. A.lmini.lr.itor
Ftata of Isiuie Alaxandrr, dcerA.sd.
Jnty 1.1. I"js.. 1if.l.1
Illll.tli !OTH'l:. Noiics l h.rst.y alveii
i lhal Hi. foi;olin a.lmiiiiftralors luve filed III
the I'rnliat I'onrt of Hoo. l.ounty, Ohio, tlt.ir
Anal aieniils lor seitleni. lit ; A.lam llates. A hiiin
ltratnr of Hearts 1llrii)jr. .,'ee:eied ; Peter Frev
man. Ft.ciuof ol' tanun I tct.irei . dteert.eil ; f.
W. Olay, Administrator of II. II Foe. dcceas.it !
Alioo ll.ioi, Kxerotris ,f g. tlncon, dc-eased,
lintrdlan of Or m H ie. in Pai.l arrnanls will b
for .hearing on .'ATtKHAY. Aimii.t I. Isia.
Ktlrt l.N TPH.Kll. e,0uate Ja.lff.
Perryshnrg. July Hils.' o
W.lllsra C. laithrop.) Hf.ir P. C. Tnfl, Justlc of
TS. lh i'escs of Milton Town,
fleorpe Perils. I hii , M uod Cvuuly, Ohio.
On in. Will iiny of June. A. Ii l.-rx sanl Ju.t cs
fsKiietl an order of atlaehinent tn the aliova actiell
for the saui i-f tneiity-oiiii dollars.
Milton Center, July T, 101 . lac
IIIIDim F'N SAt.l.,
Charles I. rrentiss.l
vs. 1 1 Wood Common I'less.
Isaac K. Jones. )
ly virtue of an exeeiilioii Issued in the ahov
cause by the Clerk of the Court of Common
l'leasnf Wood County, Ohio, and to me direct
ed and delivered. I w ill offer for sale at public
vendue, on the r.'iniscs hpreine.l'Jer named, 0.1
'1'l.KSliA V, Jniy S-j', Im':S.
Iletfreen the hums of I and i o clock P.M., of said
day, the following describe I property, to-wit :
About two thousand feet of cotton-wood
boards, about three hundred 1i.ct of white-wood
boards, and about three hundred feet ash pi. ink;
also, one steam mill, engine, boijer und all the
tixltirca thereto belonine;, $iliiao on tho prem
ises of Orin and Cyreuus 1,'i.hlcll, in Troy
Township, in the conntv '' Wood.
CIIAUI.KS V. liV KltS, Sheriff.
V. & 1). K. lliii.i.KvnKt K. Attv's for I'lniutifT.
rcrryshurjr, July 1:1, S'iS. " IJh4'
IIIOIIIH 's SAl,-.;.
Thomas J. I'atn;i, i
rs. In Wood Common Tlcis.
0.n. W. Hill et nl.
Jty viuue of 1111 order of sale issued In the
above cause li.v the Clerk uf the Com t of Coin-iiii-ii
I'leas of NVoml Cpunty, Ohio, and to me ili
rcete 1 and delivered, will i (lei for sale at pubr
Ii:' vemiue, a lio deop of the Court-house, iu
Pern sbini:. of said conntv, on
Tt'ESDAV. Ani-ust IS. 1S.1S,
Itetween t!ie hours of id and II o'clock, A.M.,
of aaid d.iy. the followiiur deycrihed really, viz ;
That pin t of I. it N'o. HI, in section Xo. sixteen
(111, in towiihhip No. four (4 1, neitli of ratine
nine (') east, situate iu Wood County, Ohio, and
more pariieularly deseiihed as follows. ti-wiC:
Coiuuu ueine; si.xty-lwo rods north, j 3 east
of where the raihoad crosses the lleti.iuce Uoad,
and ei;hty three feet east. S'PjJ : soulh of said
railroad ; Ijien' e east 211 1 , south liiteen rods;
thence soutli , west twenty-one and one
third rods; thence west 2.i c , norlii liiteen
rods; thence ijorth tiventy-onJ and one-third
rods, to the place p," U.L'einnine;, contaiuiii two
aeies and the buildings lliereon hituate.
.1. W. Ct siJiiSiis, 1 ln in t i fl ' Attorney.
I'errysbur', .Inly Hi, lstiH. Ueii yt)
i?3iAS,,u to;,,-'I,ss,w-i,:K's a-11-
Koiton Ueeil, "1
vs. InM'ood Common I'lens
David I'lemon ct nl. J
liy virtue uf an order of sale issued in the
above cause by the Clerk of the Court of Com
mon Pleas, of Wood County, Ohio, and to mu di
rected and delivered, 1 will offer for sale jit pubr
lie vendue nt the door of the C011rt l1011.se, in the
town of Peri vsliuru. Wood Conntv. Ohio, mi
TCESDAV, August 11. ISliS,
ftetweeii thehomsof 2 nnd 11 o'clock P.M.. of
said day, the follow iuj; described realty, to-w it :
The si nth Jj of the southeast of liiu north
east y, of section No. tweuty-tive ( 2.'i). town sis
noitl) nf range ten (111) east, in Wood County,
Special Master Coininissioncr.
F. I). K. Illll.LCMIKl-K, Att'.vs for I'l'ff.
PerrysbuidC, July U, ISii.S. 1 leSii TJ
iiiitn I vs iSAl.r.
Silas U. Munsil, 1
vs. kWood Common Pless.
II. ram A. Donaldson. J
Ity virtue of 1111 order nf palo issued in the
above cause, by the Clerk of the Omit "f Com
mon I'leas, of Wood County, Ohio, an I to ;;ic
lirecte.l and delivered, I will offer for sale at
public vendue, at the door ol the Court-house,
in Perrysbnrjr, Wood Countv, Ohio, -in
Tl.KSDAV, Auans't II, lstlS,
lletween the hours of lit and 1 1 n'cloek A. M.,of
a.iil day, t!ie followinjr described realtv. lo-wil:
The north .J norlheast of aeelion I:',, town
, ranpe 111, and the south l northeast ol
section Hil, township II. rantre 111. contaiiiiu- tjl
acres of land, all in Wood Countv, Ohio.
CIIAUI.KS W. EVKltS, Shcrill".
PerrysburB. July 'J: ISliS. lle7
Esther Franklin anil Annsii Franklin (her hus-
b mil), plaintiffs, vs. 1. N. Wait, del'i ip ii)t.
Itel'ore A. Ivobertson, J. P. nf Middlulon Town
ship, Vnod (;ouiilv, Ohio.
On the Kill day of June, A.U. lSdS, said .lust
co issued an order of attachment in the nbore
action, for the sum of Nineteen Dollars and Niner
ty- bivB Cents. ESTIIKU rKANKI.lX.
Middleton, Juno 1.1, lSGd. llc
Ji:i a i7 not if 1: .
Kdward V, E.Koch, plainlifl, 1 WimmI County
vs. Common Pleas
lolnnnes Turk et al doen l's J t ourt.
Jolunn.'S Turk, Senior, one of t'10 defendants
in the above entitled cause, will take notice that
011 the seoond day of May, I8'i8, said Kdwaid
V. V.. K"Ch, plaintiff, tilpd ll;iiiMht h in and
othei), in the ollipu of the Clerk of tho Court of
Comiuon Pleas of Wood County, Ohio, hjs
oririnal petilioiij ;id on the 15th day of June,
ISiiN. said plaintiff havinfr first obtained leave
of said Coirt so to do, filed in the ollicu of said
Clerk his amendment tn his said petition stains.
Him an I others. And thu said Johannes Turk
is hereby uotiiied that tho object and prayer ol
sai l iuij:initl and amended petition is to procure
11 judinucnt ni;d order for the sale of the follow-
in"; real propertv, situate ill said countv of
Wood, and tfiale of Ohio, to-wit: The east
half of the southwest quarter of section number
twenty (21) ), in township niimV-r live ( 5 j, nottli
T taijce number ten (It)), cast, coiiiuinii,ir
eighty (HO) acres moroor less ; 'i'hut such sale
is sought for the purpose of obtaining from
tho proceeds of tlu same piiyuieiit of llu
followinjr sums due from said Johannes Turk,
Senior, and others to the plaintiff, for the pur
chase nioiiey of real estate abovu described, tcY
uit: tour bundle 1 an I eighteen and 76-1 Oil
dollars, willi interest from April I, lSiill, which
became ilue J.nri try I , IX'W.less the sum of
ono hundred ar, 1 tivj an I :1:)-1H0 dollars, pai
January I, lsii7; the further sum of lour hun
dred and eighteen and 7j-ihl dollars, w ith in
terest from April I.IS'M, which lecnme duo Jan
uary I, l.itiS. the further sum of four hundred
and eighteen and 75-1 1)0 doll.irs, with inter
est from April I. I.sltt, which will become
it ii J.iuniry 1, I S i".i - and also the luriher sum
of four hun Ire I an I eijrht en an I 7j-ou do';
lars, with interest from Aptil I, l.Sjj ; which
will become due January 1, 1870.
Said Johannes Turk, Senior, defendant, is re
quired to answer said original and amended pe
tition on or before the tilteeiith datr o( August,
IhtiS, or judgment w ill be taken against him.
1111. 1, A 1'ltATT, Plaintiff's Altmii-ys.
1'errysbiirjr, June '.j, I81IS. lU 2a
Avn:it t omn.sio. Dies sale.
llamilh n $ Standard, )
n. iWood Common
diiiiies risnuurn. J
lty vHtno of an order nf sale issued in the
above cause b.v tho Clerk of the Court of Com
mon Pleas, of Wood County, Ohio, and to me
direc cd und delivered, I will utter tor sale at
public reudiip. at the d'Mir of the Coiirt-luiuse,
111 the fou i) of Purrysbur, an I county aforesaid,
' SIOX D A V, "July 27, 1 SR3.
lletween l)ie hours of 1 1 and 12 o'clock A.M.
of said diy, (lie follow iug described property,
lo-w it 1
The south half nf the southeast quarter nf
section 21, to IV 11 4 uorth of rungs, U vast, cou
tainiui twtty cr. S of land.
Special Master C iinmissioner.
Stris li Moiib, Plaintifl" Atlornevs.
Perrysbu)(t, June 2i. l. Betrt it).
siil.iil -ft hilt:.
yoorgo fox, f
v Wood Common Pleas,
H. It. Jer.,H,fl et al,
Uf firtuaiaf an order of sale issued in the
bore cause b the Clerk of the Court of Cop,
moil Pleas of H'd County, Ohio, and tn me
directed ami delivered,! will offer for aale at
punne yeiiu,U(,, t the it.su of the Court lyi'sc
III PerrysbjHtr. Wood t'onnlr. Ohio, ou
MOaiUAV. July 27, IsrtH,
Del wee 1) the Iiol,S of III and II nVhick A. II.
uf raid tiay, thu lollow iii); deacriueej uij.peri ,
SiuiiiVr Fur( 4 l.iu tho vilj ije of Usloii,
Wood Count v, Ohio. Appraiuat ,1,11011.
CIAI.J:S W. EVKliS, Sheiiir.
V. A D. K. Ho) i.tisM , l;j 'j lor Plail ff.
I'enj'sbui, Jum. Jj, H'iS. tftjii 2
CII.VS). Wltl.iHT
I XfK largely lurKa,;.-.! nnr former
IT at.n-k, and now hsie the pleasure of
fiR a.-niuig to the public one of the ftoest assort
inents or Oooda, in our (jue, tver brought to
Our slock of
I. i Mrs I, i sm Tiii.imi..s
Is most roinplete. Aiso,
Motions, Fancy Arllrlos and Toys
We would call especial s,ttoiition to our well
selected line nf
(locks and Caskets of Every Style.
Paints, Oils, Varnishes &
ivi: STUFFS.
Patent Medicines, Hair Restorative, Fluid Ex
triiets, Machine Oils, Horse Powders, etc.;
in fact cvci.uliii.p that etui bu found iu a
Wci.iiss..rt. d lb njs Store, toiioi her
with a complete assortment of
Weentcnd a cordial invitation to all our pat
rons and the public Fenerally to call n 11 1 ex
amine our tioods, wl ich we will sell for cash
nt as low figures as can be had anywhere in
P-rrvslinre;, October I. 1MH7. Itlln
BE(1S leave to inform his old pnlrons. nnd
the public generally, that lie has just re
fitted his
Saloou and Icc-Cieani Rooms
lie keeps in tht (Irocery Department tho
Kinlirapinc Snjrnr:, Tens, ril'M, .pitvp. Flour.
Cured Mi' tits, Mini nil nther Hi tielt- poiu lo
make up n coiuplctL ns runctit in u
Family Uit'criy St re. In (lip
Saloon Dopai'lment.
Will be fmi ml !lu best of nil Isitor, Winoa.
C'i;iti"s, etc., with n pi'iit'omntily iittcinliint to
wnit Mpnii It is cu-ti'im'fs. IK nl tii Ims .ni
draft, in tho Urocoiy I'purtmi'iit, thu
Fiiirsl, fiiMfst, CIrarfsl Swla lVal.-r in Town.
No marble-dust water, but the pure Sodu Water
with tho
lie has nlsn fitted up a
Where Ladies and Gentlemen can refresh
themselves at all hours, tlurinjr the Seminer, ul
reasonable terms. He will keep on hand
Strawte.'rlos & Croara and Other Fruits.
Having received iu years past n liberal share
of your p itron iiro. he hopes to 111 irit a coiitin
punee of your favors, trusting that he can lull v
satisfy everybody w ho e. ills mi him.
' (ikoimik i:i:tz.
fi Kront-street, PerrVfhur):, Ohio.
Millinery anclFancy Goods.
.IISS A lllll K VOW 1,1 -It beirs leave to in
L form her old cm-h mers and the p.uldie
uenerallv, that she has n moved her Mi'liiierv
Store to llie corner of Second an. 1 Klm-.stieeis
one sipiatv below the A venue, where she will
keep constantly 1111 hand a fine assortment of
ITI illiiifi y itiul I'n nr. v (liioils,
which sl.o will tajc pleasuie in sellinfi nt low. 1
rites than nnv other lit m. The latest styles in
the 111 u ki t received weekly. Also, Siit'ehing.
Dress and ('loak-makinK done to order. La
dies, please favor inn with a call. I in
Grand Eapids Druj Store.
WE arc the Au-nts for Wood Countv, of the
Cleveland Wliite Load Works, and the
STItlCTI.Y PL'liKI.KAD wo sell is Karan
teed under an analvsis of Piofu&spr Cassells, n
('levulaiid Medical )ollee.
Our I.INSKICD OIL, is made at Dayton, mid
from Ftiix tiitl, and is also alriellv pure.
A full stock of DYK-STL't'rri, niidof the
best ipiiilily.
GLASS, nf all sizes, and PUTTY.
A full lino of I h ups, Chemicals, Flavorlnjr
Extracts, School-Hooks, Stalionery, Inks, Pens
Wall l'iiiers. Cwnibs, 1 rushes, Notions, and
nearly evervtliinR upp.'rtainins; tu the Druy
J.f Give us a call beforo froinp; to Toledo,
as we c ill sell as cheap, and save youy tipie and
Our Conl Oil Is wnrrniitcil lo slnncl
H losl of 1 10 ii'sriT, and as cheap as tho
Patent liillainmabh' Oils.
A .1. ;i!!xi:u & ro.
Grand Rapids, Hay 28, ISCS. 4zz
Stock of Superior Groceries.
TT AVIXG rccenily purchased tho Stock of
I 1 liroCelles lojlliclly kept liy tienljre
lloe'seh, will continue the business at the
s.nnu location, on Louisiana-avenue and would
invite the attention of the public generally to
his excellent stock of
Notions, ttc,
Unsurpassed by nnv nlber Groci ry Slock iu
Peirysbi r', (oinprisiii);, iu parl.:-
Teas. Siirvs, CoTeer, Sugars, Sirups, Canned
fruits. S taps, Caiidle-i, llreail, Cr.iekeis,
Candies, Tobacco, Cipars, Vqoden Ware
iu vaii. ity, the Produce of tho Harden,
the Farm, and tho Dairy in shoit,
almost every Article and Notion
that enters into the healthy Krin
cmy of the Household,
ISf A cordial invitatlpp is extended lo
Housekeepers am! n" others to call slid juilj:e
irthcmselvcs of this exeelh-ut stock.
PeiTyabiirir, April 3, Ihl.r, 4J
(War the Munince Dritlc)
jllaiiiiiec Cily, I,ucng Counl) , O.
TIIK MmiVrisi'infd resxctfnllv unnnnnoo tn
tlx i-itiz-'MH nf l.ui'iin mid the mljnini'-p
fntintii'H, that hu hnn rt'Cfntlr clothed hi cunU
ntMV, nnd thninnUlv rt'litU'J hu iiiachinerj in
the tnoHt jn-rtuci tii-Liiuvr, w thut he i.- imw
rejmrcd for tho miinuractiiiinii of WimiI in 'tn
varioiM branclifrt, in a Htrlu whirh, fur dnr.iti
v , will bo mirpusflcd by no oih.r 111 uiul jutni-y,
either Kt or Vit.
Are constantly kept on hand, amon which may
bu foiin U'assiui-ri', Kali Clotha. Satlinels,
Jeans, Tweed-,Pla;n an.t Twilled lllank
etii'ir, Plain and Plaid I'lumcls,
Sl.eetinjf an4 StiK'siiii VMr(1
I.inseyi, etc., sac, etc.,
All of which will, if desired, bo ejplmnircd
for Wool, 011 ihe most re,. -. liable I. rus. Wis. I
ill also be niaiiufaeUired by thu yarif pr ou
hsrea, as cuslnui irs ni ir i ro'i-r.
Card and S(du Wiv Ihr Cust. mers.
Wool Carding and (pth DrrsIr(
Warranted In tie well done apd to giicsatn
fact on, it the Wisd be free from gum aud Lurie.
t& Wisd will be cheap this season, there
fore it will be to our .ivni..po to pet ll
Wool mauiifaclured into l loth. that n ill do yoi
. 1 . . . I ' J I - I . L' . V
ooil sertice.
JAMKS b. I'r.AN.
tlauine City, Jipia
I, l.ioi. om
lAMll.Krt and Koapji of Uisn-rppt ipialiliea al
v . uia iiroccry rioru 01 . j.r.jir.
b:au Is t j b. had al the Sa og ol C. I.LAj:'
HAVK received their seend niaiMiiolh im
portation of plillK n) n, I Summer
;its, illrvel fioi)) the H,lern niiirkels, and
at snrli li!iitv a, will enable 'tlieui to sell
l.owrr I him I vor. We have a full line of
Press tioodN, Press TvimmjMjjH, nuj
There tp-yr was a fin. r ss .rtincnl of Udh s,
Misses sn.l Children!
Shoes, Slippers, Cuitri s. I(nitin Shoe.,
and other kinds, bnniljt (o ll iji.uket, or at
more reasonable prh-vs : also,
IIooIn & Mioon I it i' Kvri )1mxI).
Our stock is full and complete, eiiibrariii)' every
variety and stvlo that hnnianilv may desire.
In the liepaitpt(it of
.May bo found,
Oils, Paints, live SjnlV-, KmiHv Medicine., Pei
luiueiics, Fancy Ait'ieh s, Notions, Ac.
Our Stofk oropot'crics
Is s lare-e (mu. nn of the belt iinalily. Pers. ns
ile,iriie; Ctvi kei v. Illassn aie, 'lal.le Cut
h'lv. Teas, Siiitirs, Collees, Spiees,
At., e., ran not hiul a Ultei slock anywhere
tl select froli.
Fnrnituro of All Kinds,
nt Toledo pi iies.
Of the best quality, nt the lowest mill price.
luiss, v hit. mo ni') ro.
Have in tliii Department evcrylhiiijr that Can
b - tlmiiirht of, IVoin a l'iH- i,f Tai-is' to a
Thivshuie; Machine, and tli.j liII nss.'rtnient of
gi:m;kai, ii iitoir iiii:
Is 1 th're.l at Toledo prices to cash customers.
Our stock comprises, in part, Shelf Hardware,
Heavy Hardware, Saddlery Hardwire, linn,
Nails, Glass. Locks, Hutu, Screws, llincea, and
in fact everything that toes into Imildinir and
repnirinjr.iir is used about the Hotivi or Km in.
a g r i m,i i : iuT T n ?l : n 3: x rs.
These we have in almost endless varieiv,
and we are prepared to Inruisb the rainiers of
Wood County with none lint Standard luiph.
meats, and the best in the market. nelude. iu
these may be fi.ipid Plows, Cuhivaiors, llai-ve.-ters,
liakeis, Mwes, S,(a ciittei.s, Utalk
riiUers, 4c, 40.
Our First-class Saw-mill
Is now iu sncco-sslpl operation, and uo are
prepare I lo supply lulls ol
Willi promptiliide and nt the lowest rales. Call
on us Tor a pood article of
Doors, Susli, lllintl.
Moor nml Window I'uiinrs,
t'li-'iiK, .lloldinus,
licki'ti. Hi iicl.i'is.
l u lls mill .shiiiKlrs.
!?" In ono word, we can furnish the
Farmers nil I citizens of Ihis countv with almost
evciylhinjr they may r quire, and"
Wo Dcly ComjuMitioii!
lloth as regards tiuality nnd low ticea.
There is no limit to (lie quantity of Wool
we want. We don't care parti- ll al ly lib. ut
having it drawn over our eves, but nevertheless
we are prepared t.i purehaHO ALL TIIK WOOL
that every man iu the coiiuiy has to sell, nnd
will cive tho
Xvry IIiiflirKi n(:itUrt Prlns
lliinc nil the Wool you have, whether it bo a
p.'iind or 11 t tl.
S. W. WIHT.MOllK & CO.
Tont.ifrany, June 2j, ISilS. 42.
Tinitp-'iin, Ohio,
PR A I. Kit IM
(;iass & las ware,
Pure Wines ami Bmndics,
(For Medical purposes)
Very fine assortment of
As low as 01111 be purchased for cash.
Hooks nml Hlaliiiiiory,
Wall mi. I Window- Pitpp-. b,
1'ellH, I'l lllliU, Siin-i iiir IiiIch,
An 1 all other articles usually kept bv Dnifrists
Of tho newest styles nnd nt tho lowest pfle.es.
The above nrti'jes have ben hi iifrht li v
for Cash, aelccie I with trreit c. ire, and fill bu
w. rr.ute.l an reoreeiiited aid ijold at the very
lowest cash prii.
I' Ii ri'olii.' 1'rotrlplloiis rc.
lull)' 0111 uouin) d .
N. II. Likew ise Ap-ut for that slerliny Insur
ance Oimiiiiiity- tlio Il.irf nd r'ire. of Hart
ford. Toiilogany, February 1 (, 18aS. 42.1
.T. T. ItYMi:il,
Ton I n;!lil) i Uinil ouiilj , (tliln,
Manufacturer of all styles of
Ail work turned out by him is warranto I to
give satisfaction.
Jf. 11.- lie hns hnd coiisiderable experience nij
FA Kill Kit,
And warrants, cure in Horses, di ien jeil ivith
Lameness nrisinif from bad shocipe;, fir those..
haviiiv contracted feet.
Z4f K.iiiii-ra. eive him a call; ho will do
yoor hiisiueas well mil faoumtlv.
lontoKaiiy, J-L't)iu.iry . 1-iS. 4--t
TnnloKMnl'i thin,
MAM'FACTi.'lU ll of anil Dealer in Saddles
Harneiu, Collins. Tiiinks. .fl" W 2
llri-.llea. Whips, llallers, and inOr-t " t
fact slinost e.ery Ultielo pop- V-'7
netted with tho ..pdlery npd
ILirness dep.irlivi.,, ip the piauufaituro of
w hich is used the veij' b-t nf slock in Hie mar
ket. Nono but tb best of work in m are cniploved
nnd all orders fi'led hi lie time speeili-d.
1 lili h.-s l.im, mi. I a., Hoik mane ace. .ru
ins' to contract, and waria,,!t'l to (;ive satisfac
tion. Cnrringo Trimming ijnl IJon iiiiiig
llone to order au I promptly attiiidcd to.
A iHid absoriiuent of
On ban I. Call an! aee lor yoi(rivlves bet. -re
purcliit ainp cl.seu here.
i iT Hides, tiiain an.l aliii-o,J every article
of Varm iiiodifcu taken in exehan.:.
Xr- thasla . t lieu of chark Jo any point
on the It.iilina . 4Us
IiOH tip l-.p b-li-liua III lijoi i(ie, call at Ihe
1 hMio ol 'r C. I.LAF
w, taH, A.nrn rooK, n star n. mis
JiFFK'K t '
rornrr l.niiislniin Atcmip nml I'PlM
Sticit t'orryshurKs Ohio.
UTK hnve Ihe onlv act ,.f llMrnrt Hooka
' now in -,-r Co,,, tv c-ntainmVa c.
pIctiOxto.M Lot, a,,,( Lands t,,',,,0-'"
Uf" ( ertitlcate. of Title (Sivei, up.t, reasim.
For further piirtiryiWa. ip.iuire of
i;o.s a- noK.
llnsines. soliriled. 37
5,000 Cords cf Stave Bolts
W a. Tvr rr -m Tn
Rv l!.f Sinm (ihvs Mannrirlnrini: r.iNiy, J
ri:auviiiiit(s, oiiio,
41 lniiure of Cll V. STKVFNS.
lil' t I.VV, I'lopi Irlor,
nOWIslNO O Ul'. F.N, O.I
f I'llH. House h:;s I itclv been reliited and
1 reluniished. ' ninl Ihe Proprietor will spue
no pains to mike the st.V of his ;rnc,,4 o.miott-
"bV- '
.1. I'. & h. II. I'ltlt li,
At loi'tii'vs-M t -1 ,r w,
Oerr) stuiri;, Wooii -liit) , O,
TK h iv.i lirje on iiitnies of Heal listite
lv for sale; attend to Tax paiiiu.': also,
procure ilom lies sod Pensions lor .Soldiers.
All business j.roipt'tlj' alien. lud In. ;il
mrttr.uT ivruv, riuidiM,
llivliiijj lirrriit Wooii f'oi
2 f r lilVKUV nt all hours, nml ut mmlt'tato
J-!'f"IIis lim of lln.'k ennivM't w III tlio Ar
rrhiiiiniliitioii Tin n nl ll;ikin-, .ti if iH'ftli ninl
tmnili, mill nt Titnt'i uiy uitli l no 1 1 1 1 Train,
oiii) Kniilli tiiil ih'ith. 4.l
C1V11 i ION UN I'.! '.11
WKvrpv, il4.
t iT liefer to aiV Ccipity Olljcer. "!r
J. K.IKiun, Fiemoiit, J. ,l, ILikii, Perrvshur);.
,T. K. J. M. !IOI!D,
v i'omi:vs. . in i 1 1 si.ui .
Oiliee in Pho nix lib rk. :i'i S
"it i : i : i iv' iK )i i a i 1: iY7
ll.u noss & Satltllci y lai nf;i( luici,
I'l.tiic VMtt iti;, oiiio,.
'IAKK pl -asnre in iiiloi iiiintr the public that
1 tliev will promptly nticnil to nil orders en
t, listed in tin in in lln ir line. All their ..k
warranfed (o bo di ne with neatness and dis
patch, nt ft isoiiahlc rales. 1(1
j. t. swi'irr.
Will D'css nipl )paLe up loordi call kinds. of
1'tii's and Skins.
L.iilifi'l'iirs.l'.iiii's.OiiILu's Mulls, U. rllis. CuITs. Af.
(! n h' l-'urs, (JIiivou, ('-'liars, I! ti-k (ilo o
tunl Mils, from tin; lu'iivii'st wutkiit
lllnvi' t i tlio bl'sl taiioy.
2 -iT" Special alteution paid to Uepaitnig LA-
DlliS' Fl'!!S.
Corner of West llonndary nnd Flout street,
Perrvsbnrjr, Ohio. Address, .1. T. riy I'.KT,
llii.x l!a, 1 crri jibiir, O. sl:s
J. W. UliAl'I'U'l.. It. H. Al l.li
l ;i'ITI. A Al l.!),
I louso nnd Siirn PaintinfJ:,
Glazing & Paper Hanging.
ZfT SHOP-One door cast of Joi'ttNAi. Of
lice, Front-street, Pel r sbuii:, O. Jj
Idoincy iinti (li)iinsf llor-at-l.aw,
Ollico ia l'lioouix lilock, up .stairs,
I'd rysbnri;, Ohio.
JyAttention given to the collection of Sol
Ojiera' Claims. 4I.Z
liillli YSliuilG M K AT ST0UE
joiiv u, norrjiAiV
SS nt nil times tn he feuiidiit Mi hrinPiu flora nn
l.uiiisiaiin avenue. He lilwoivs keeps ii hana
an csei I ent itaalltv or .Munt.M nhicli tie llivltt-s
the iitteuiii.p pf all Igvrrs pt a juiey UuHsl, nr a
lender etcak. Qive hiiu a trial. !''
oi:ovini: strain,
Alt.irni'yiit.l.iiw, I't-rrysburt;. .,
lrll '- all'-ml tn all hiislnest conllilrd tn his
rare In the several Cnints of Ohio. Mili
tary Claims will rrrelve particular utter:tion.
I iisurai.ee, also, taken at rensonahle rules.
IHIiee Nkut llnrilwiire Hull. In. , up stairs, cor
ner of I, ouisialia avenue ami Frulit-st. lis
IIOIIACK s. niinivs. myi:in (I, rwowN
Proprietors ; also, Dealers in
Dry (a3ods,(.rotri'its, 1'ools &. fihors
Jy"Cash for n'.l kinds of (irniii.
;i'.i.j Hull Prniiio, Ohio.
nv- w. r-, i;i3i;n'.
(n?4'A SnivrooTi 1 )cn isl .
rlJ IVir.vsburK, Wood Co., O.
OpFirrK over O. ft. Krips' 8lre. on la ulshilia
iivciine. Pelitul s-ork fe-uti'.l In lin'it, Sil
ver anil Itnl.l or. Item ixiraeuil uitlioiit I'liin,
will:. nit the use uf c)it..ri'furm.
N. II - Kill I el of l'ei lli nn llul hrr fi r S :!.
IViirk all nairanteil. Kefi r lo Peek it tlnnill
toil, Pel r.vsllirjr, Wum) roiu.ty. Olito. tx
reck, Miner fc Co..
Tuiilovanv, Wtinil t'i'iiiity, ().,
STAPLE nnl Fanev Dry (loo Is, CI tl.iiif,
lliiols and Shoes. II its and Cans. tii-.eei-
iea llanlware, (J ieeinaare, (jlasiv.ire( Yan
kee S ili.uis, A -,
PRIKNDS AM) C'l 1ST f i M I . U S
Fanners of Vajilnjiliin Towiiohip mid viein
ity: we pay thu
Iliirhcst M.'irUct Price in CASH
fii.ili; Jilrii',
CORN IN T 11 H K A I! !
leinj; nt 11)1 iipes fejidy ip lake yoar surplus
(triju., ),c ;4Jf t'! oi,o und a'l -
Bit 1X0 IT A r.O AG.
T.iSCKI.vy, March IS, LSClj. J1
K. KpWAllDfci.
sJ ioiifHClurcr and Deuhr iu
Jluols m j il Shoos,
J sad i's" ( la it ops. &.
Tontot uny, Vuiid Count), (I.
J T Partiei,!.;;: i; tti'i,t inn paid to Custom Le-
par niei.tr Sales I.. iy tor lte.iily-puy.
Jl7i:astl Jiai.J lor Holes. Kit
If". '-. for MrcWhiB.p,! aellin,
Real Lstate, Kelimjl W la t ite,, 'syitK ,
An!!. !"- tl -I -i' i
I "A " ,,l,"r"1.'1" F"iv2?':j, l7l' "'r-'
Pi.ee ranjiip.t from $ I ?i 0 I,. $ 1 1 : for
Milehv l.osst A- 100K.
HAVE lately established themselves ii their
New Shop, and are now fully prepufed to
till all oldeis lor
waisOns,bjg:ies, sieichs.&c.
- A I -
Clarks'Hiiliinx of every iM'st iiiilioH
promptly alien. Ic. I t.i, and apeeial allentioi
pun to the Slliil.tftii -.1 'irotliu.
t aeii or uiiii,pi; ll-rsi.
Irei i,
j.-At '
liJ Sh"p ;, ii'-iih .els it See-aid i-lrc
helatcu Maliiui an I I. .uii lua aieuue
.,"'.,lr Vu A'5EXF. op..T1P
n .n iitiirii ctqn in . l'liipiiny
' " " i '
l U'Hii'iilsls nml (
UI Ulliiiilt-slrief , J oinlo,
v. ...J,, ,V M7", Z ,- ark ' ,'v he
alsive lirm. ,,re au.Hin.dullerated, as f,,,fe.. d
b' them Tli. v nr.. s.ld nt the :i,epii!V as
ll,,'ir W "vhouse in New York.and'.t a Iri
1 ,.,1)r ,.,, t ,f ;,,., , ,
I..i ,, .i .. ..,.1 ii ... i...,
1 ? ' H',",Vn' , AC",Y'"- '' "f
j, ) I VeaUlm-n J?. V. " "4't
T. V. Kellev Co-, v. ish ,t esivcallv under-
F l.'i:l: l if. - i .... . . r I
T. y. Kilhy A Cp
riucj: .ist.
Tl' VS
(bdniyt niacin,.. H no. in. .) per lb lv. ,
l,.,Lcre,..i and l.lnik) fln.Vl. 10. .'
ier. lb liest,
imperial t iirtvii nn, i, a,i j.-K
Loir. Hn-nk'.istvlll.ick)JiO,iia,0,tl,l III,
f I bit.
Jipin, !M' SI. tl JJ per ft..
Ouip..v.dcr, 1 SS, l ,S,I per 111.
Wl "I'll' a speciality of Oronnd CIV o. Our
variety iu price and yility. lint we c-mti lenlly
""'e om li vns tl,at any an I all mil give
l'''l' it siitid. action.
......a s.rs s. jn nv, n' v tl, 1 1BlllH I 11 nu t Alt'liyi r
' h.
infill .i.mi -in roiit.
Our Uovat Cltih (ollno
Ispr.in ol io I bv i , I.- M n a-i exa.'llent article
w .ii raiii. d pot, 2."i eeim per p.. und.
CH II OlllllillS lille.l at New Vrk p.ices.
and scut by l vress to nnv part of the country,
Chiracs e. II. N el ou delivery.
O.HitTeaand I'.al.'e nnv n.-w be tr..ciiivd
fteiii lt)l.t.l-i hit . W 1 1. HI' It, al lr.-ji .Ml
to ia per cent, bus 'than p.irp"s havw been iu the
halo, of pivinc.
i V" li iii 'iii'ier, Ihq pl ico In ti.ike this aar-
in: is ut
an tU M:iitimlt.f rri'l, I'nli'il i.
vm. ii. m:NNirivr,
Mill Ml I-:
" s ore a I. r
s' sore a I. rje and cuini.letu viuieti-if
SlpV i:s, r.riiM;
lilnhon, Pnrlo.', OlUce,
qnd in
iutdisTc ntJir,niNtis.
His laise lifch i.es In. in ihe best Kaslelli
M.ihi, iti-t,ri. ; enable him to turuish piireliaser.-
i notcr. si:i,i: i w,
He will idler F.speci.il llldlo enicnls to
n'l Dealers in Sioves, and also lo pmato
cos i is fi-.iin Wool County, who may
favor him with their pnltoiine.
Kli'V.itnl Ovimi Cmikiii! Sloven,
S'i'.i.iiii Tnji Ctmkino; Slovo.",
All liiiuls of (Viiikino; Soyi'.s tit
'cry Low B'rirrs.
STOyKS nud POl.l.OW WAllK to tic
Tpde ut t liue.nle.
ii iniiiiiiri . w.n. ii. itr.:irrr,
4'J Suniuiil-street, Toledo.
N. W. HDDY, "
II ill. Caps, I'uis,
Ituhi'M, i i!ilrrll:is, &c .
No ,53 Sinn nii-sii eu', 'toli.iln, (.
D UAH'S on Kilid, livjnid, (1
Ae., for sale in sums t-i suit, by
LiCilASui: ha.nk of 'ftii.i'im,
l'l So inni it street, 4'oledu.
PlUTUllK & F1NF. AllT.
ins. cTTicXjtinrsr,
.M.iuulneliirer ot and Dealer ill
Picture I rnmrs, ..lliuu, ItrniU
vis, Dee .s in j Hies a nit (.onl.
a as a m.inisi'i..
F'raltl 'S made to oi-.lcr in uiv Htvle of lliiish.
(leilnan and Ll,t;lisli Chlollios, Lnui.n iu,
raiiiiinns, ,e.
10:1 .llaiii ..trri'l, '1 olcill), Oli o.
Auction, ('unuiiisMlon and Storage,
i;y ii a 1. 1: ,v in m;i.i.v ,
ill Sllilllllll-Ntrocl, 'loli'do, Oliloj.
LL kinds of Sferhijudise. Live Pluck, Ap
V riciiltural linplejieps, Furniture, or Kcul
Kstatu sold nt niietion. Job Lots for .Mer
chants received daily, floods sold t private
H.ilu hut veen the hours nf auction. Sales n
iMIpled lo in evory part of the Sin to. Con.sien
IpcntH solieiied.
T. Qt irn.KV, Auctioneer. 4llx
AKIIKKIV 11111)11 N.
Exchange Bank of Toledo,
I'JI Stimitilt-tits-4'f t.
Q0VERKMENT 530 J)S pTnll kind ;
novfrin axd sofj).
7 SO'sj iJcrhniirdit r,r 5-'.(l ;, Uomh
Exclinpo nn $oy York.
Drill is on KNOIiAND, IRELAND,
(i lill.MAN Y, ku.
Dujmsit.i tuocivoil ninl Tntuiust nlluwcil.
AffottutH solioilul on I'lvnnililu Ivruif.
Colloi tion.i iipiilu cm all 'mints.
Hankers, Toledo, Ohio.
Nell- Vol k torrespooilents :
u!.i;ja, OIIO.
UK.il.Kiia II
Foreign & American Marble
mvriXS AM) tlt JTKS,
.llumiillf i;U, Olii'lla.liN!.ililel!i,
la'I'ilVV StlMII'N. Al'.,
Kxerut: d iu a fa stiefijl i-id -vol k manlike Uiuuner.
LL kin Is of ,:,ii.i;, Wi lli up on the
.-Jiol'csi notice ai,.l iii Ihe i;:..l inukuian
like i.iiiiiit.
Kel p ciilisl.inllv on h.ml kin,! (,' l'ap
so l SilU, Water Tabh-a and D.mr Sills,
17 fluid's from tho City and Cnuntrv re-
spei.ully solicited. t',..
W. A. KM ITI I".
Olli-ii) ol' Civil MiiiiiL'i'i'iii.
IJ) Niiiiiiull.slrci'l,
Coy's New Hid din;,' TOI.FDO, OIIIO.
IJOSSF.SSIXO superior fiu-iliiies, I am pre
pared to do all kinds of H'lejiiecrini! and
Siiivcyiiijr for liiiilroads, llihnays, Water
I'on era, etc., ut short notice' aud reasonable
tT Orders .-fj ,,i;h N. II. CAtkAUU ill
receive pri'iapt luiwi..n. ij
JAM liS Is ,MM A:t O.,
aUiniu1 I loiilors, and
Oomii'iMsion Mcrcliaitts,
Ml Hiilll;Mrt'Cl, Tuli'ii, J.
UKKF.UKJTCKS Ksehantre Hank. Cilv Hank.
Toledo; crioili-e A Co., Hankers,' Ner Voik.
t 0
I I.
1'. OOOK,
No. 17 1 Sinijii,it ilieel, Toh.l.., (li.ei.
i'lliicnsol I', i . ..-I.io L- au.l ot ti isi.ICi in.lv
Mho hsve W.ili bi s, ( I... ks.or.li n. liv b - re
p.nre-l, will ha'e (h, i ... ii Vvm.'. d pi a
HlUI'l 411 I 'iStu!si-',' MMUUVI.' ' " Su
Uxl.sl. iv. rUI.Afl' 9
4T) Pore Tkroat, Cold " C?
5"- Wpt.tl.rf2 '
5- BroicMlij, pplttin. Of
Blood, and rclmonarr
Affections flraHJ,. It
tsavisHsi i remarkabli) Rtb- hsst -f
-- i- .1. . :.!. m. -vlv-
ij .... ""yi
plalnu, Diabetes, Dlffl
cuUt of Toidinff Drins.
Bke.lmg firo t Ildnej, Bladdtr, ail Grata),
"'"'i'"'J,-,.'i1' yii HI f-""'""?
.""h "'V"""":" U-rtilW,f.rtl"rf"
ndisiiKeea''leriiuh. I had, fof((i,ljia HJSIIt!'!
pniitHiutjK-4 ij Is I1' v,o Tul m tlip rani ..fib,
(hroal and lipo.s. To It-1 tiu value of It in lliaj
fnealliiiled to. 'u.;ti;;'ainli;dnuiall quantity u,
medicine that l,pj phiniiini. and
in t'as..i..nfiil d..c. 'IU,) trial) vfi ?';(";,;
(pitiy aratiLMHit. V "hill (I'M )l'U !'H rUlH")
thj; thrpa m rvuii (..l.thp ec,i!h n'.i-led, mv
fpevly iilie was rirecteij. j.',lln nfte.f this I W.i
........ I.. .. 1...I.. 1.. I .....I.... i vi I....I
some t.i a lady in Londonderry, 5j. it., who, b,ai
cn sull'eiiini for some neck' Tinm a had eutiali.
:ii.Mied h n sudden c.dd. nii.l had raised miteiis
,.a,,,kedi.h,l I. PhosMiiA.,, 4'Vsli.VnRll
f.jf m-iie. She took about ten i)Ulieus o( l
not well. II. Clark, Km)., editor of )Me ij(n;
jhesler l'i''y .I'.Vi-r, nndo a trial ;( hjt smps)
lircparut jou In the ea.o .,f n s;vcin c.u,(, and was)
cured ip;ineliii',rlY. He, iras si hmhly plesicj
the icoilts, and eon ti. lent nl success attend;
its sales if placid hetn the public. Hint h
Diiiilly pei -oinded tue lo eive it a iiumu ami lynij
ithioad to bciielij the i-tl'erini;,"
Tivst IlllOlllllts).
A vi y fer.ii. inosl. r uf i.;r nt t,,Hmml.tl$ sstra
olrr.,,11, Um rw,v, I fvm ; ,, ,,. tr-vsis, Ap-l
Aisoii-s, -In,, iHilr.il. I'r'.m tl I (..ha-. 'ii vttefy, np al-.
in ('. kwt jtttfiiuif In mi n"rA Units Ana
S.isprrff. ... .IS
r. .Y(7ll..V,..V.r' T., .;
" It'l l ll irsil- ISi-r ihis-uMfA, h rrrtf rflrri.
mt fi o..,, ,, itkr )fln nil rnTrrl,.m',
r in ,ui, .li , ,, i,r i,,,i4,s, id(i7i of (U
4(.iiil. t.-li, .ui. ,4l,rp I in..v. ".;'7"i,V" ' '"
Krr. J. A'. ( .I:, Vl(iSf a, ,V. !(., MH.-ir f
..ii.t n ,p, iinMii iM. r'turtlti. I e.ni Ii hIu sua fA.il 1
it tt .iva ii.-ii- . -tr,...i ;.ii .,ii,f ts',.,,-1? fAitn rrsr.
tt-r in.t r-li (i1(',.ii..in.- u o4,l, ui-l ii ,wkl
Ckoniiiia'.T I
Tieiil Jiyis .1. eyT.
: IfU'ilKit. y Sp,mlr,
lh: IVH I ll (,, fun ,. !i, f , rf r(-,-t,t
fJ,l, irl,t, t.i-,s,,A i. r-i-v s-.srr p.ioiA, i.iim is
..i- on. lit.p. .in.i ,.,., U.w.J. I 'rrt,
i.; ,i tlh. r,,l ;i', 11, I ,,,,).,, A,.,o.. 1
u,i,:..l. I,P n,t ll.r.r y.,,,-, , ; frPj'fffl
i, tr.,'.l,tt it'ith wl f.'.t.if .ibif Ihihi. en.4--n- Npunfl
r,n.in;i -l'i oiiiii.csi- si.'.!, .-.Aj tl ).i,os.,A l1r'r r-'l'slfin
ltl.t. I'rll t-,,,1 uiv , l,r,r niHxt I sni-, rfHI-SS 1
,t.J r.-tt,-l T!,u 7'i ni. iisis itt,tcr,f t i-e y..wr
II'7mI.. I '..(. i inn.roii. tit.Mtjii, mv.oiiA , .7 wsjj ssoifr
f. " -yi-nsis. III. he n,.r I jj.isf ,rli (n UVj,
r-.w.i'i ((sis 111,;; J(J.,..V ,-.,W, ,(;,.,,,(,.. e.s(ftl
mill's nifV.e ,:'.H,i,, ,i r.o'iiw so' mfnA. "1
.iv (A'i'h imirfji there Uilllt,,unlum jreit,j likt nsfl
ni.ni. '
lent. . .. in v 1-IW'i.rMi'lii'iWiiitlh .
P'jMiHii(iu(, mi;J,i!l,,r, ,..lli ,-, nuj m.I.cs mi(ia
iviilj i. 1
Vie While Cine (lH.(l'M; '. nrfe. r.'tij at Irlw'A tV
ur in(oiiiis, is .J (.i ,7 ivr o.,7,iW( , j
''. 'Jii-'l(V.' Vi, ,. i,,r. V. J II". lJ.,.l Ik, i.l
ivnl..c, A.i IL. .,n-.fi,,v of Hie ni,
eoliltil, H'-e Ij'e'.-'i lirriljitf.il ii. ,
' "l- .viiu riLV of Hie mitnt vl s-ii-'iiA kirn '
ulnae a-an rwaa-ss,
e lit'Mtriiiit Hteltillu w.ia J
y.sir.j ii loi'-it iinii jVi-. ,' j r.r,,, riiY as a il
rrr ioin M w.d.: erm r iant' irho-k iiei.eit in ktl
meumii -(i-.ivri,i.- tiisiiiiu u,ilii).iuanu UVfarinr.
a y.urMtr.K .VKnrrixr -nr. inf, n-kiu
I'nie f lim;i-M(i(., n,f ertmr-l In '"r e.JUim, is if svi-aij!
iilrii,l l comliiHr dli.( i.;i (he m.tiifit rirluet at
Wtiile l'i,,, lK: If I, UtH Ih f WlM tflrd liy
t ,,Je in 'tis r ua4 r1il, aytftkr frujuietr
(..ipn-niiis l-i its nifiir f,t, n n-ivmi irell'kmno In
e limit. ,fr rn immtn l in Iri tl in nil th t nisrj
Vss.isr fi ii".'i ii is -irfnl. H it jar iuc et- ojl
tii "M'il. Seiy v, k lii.jie.ji'ii(. '
Tho White Pino Oorapoind
ItmnnH fin lnrr l ill Ike S'KW K'XMAXD UOTAXld
DKIHT, It! .mnivr .(W, sf.;.
GKOIIHK ir. SWITT. V. fl., lojinrtor.
t-STWeat Ai Trua und Duulny llros., Whole
QAlo Ajrenls, Toled.i.
At Ueliiil by it ,1 Drpeists. 20
Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
For r.ll tho purposes of a T.aTatiif
Modioiuo. . - . - .
rlnc i - uiiivrinnHy r
Utinv t lv vwrybHl'y mj
a t niU uiV', imr wii I'vug
uny ni'ltin? V iinivor.nar
ly 'ttitiifiU i ItiWlio, tii
ilvt'i'V tniitry niitluMlV1)!
nil f l if u.-, Ihii inila
ht fillrinit ikifralif-
1'ifi, Tln obviims rvv
. sW-s . 1 1-1 Tl ' ll sill I I'll' It 1.1 .'ft llllMsO-
not, know (hut il ruivi tiicir iii;ifl jiil- llivl i'li
nml nil know tlinf vh;it Ii iIihm oiicult 1ikvi u
lh:it it iit-vm- tUi Is llirmrh miy lault or uofflwtof
CfiiimoAitiou. W'v hiivt; fhouuiulit uuqi) tliouj.
mnifln iiriAH-itili-titct ol I in;ii n'nmrkaOloi'iirvsol ttiu
t'11ii hix complaint -i, hut mu-Ij furp arc known ill
l,Vfi: lit (hIiIxii Itoitll, iin 'I n m;i not pij,hll tlutin
Al;iif(M t't all itiriM ami i-nntllticih- la nil clliitatu?
ro;ir,uiiin nriiaor nii'tinci or nnv lU'icMniHW urujr,
X "t' l'- Uikvi) Willi fl.tfttty by naylHMly. Tlict
tXW cwntuijf irii viM Uumii over fitsh nutl ppko
tlifin phmrtiint to tako, w liiK qoiiz piRj'iy Vi0t;illu
harm can nrUo IVoin their n.-ttt In any intaiUhy.
Internal v hi era tu purity thu liUiod and stiiiiulato it
liilo healthy ivtioii--i-oupivo. Uie ulistruc.tsons of thii
Stom'a.-h, lioivels, lii-er, and other onrnna of UiJ
body, restoring their irrtivruhir aelin Ut hoslth, ami
i'oi't-ietini, wlierevnr they exist, such ilornjigoS
Hjenls ai nee; thj llrst ii-lirin of disease.
Minute liire.'tlotM nro Kiven in tho irmpper on
bo, lor tin lolloiviiia couiplalnts, which Iho.ii
i'i7.s ratiidly euro : ' '
For .rs,:'jsl ur Ini!!irPrlon, 1.L,(.Ihw
H.iiniinr mid li. f .ftiiift Ur, thuv
shoulil he taken mod T-itelv ti slniiuliiie'lliu stom
ach and re-tor.' it. healthy tone anil aelbpj. '
For Dvnr C'limplafiit inn ill variififs svr;n.
toius, llitinii llomlin lie. si'cli ftria 'la t ilts
.iiiiiillrn or Wr.''i MicLul'm., inilous
Colic and IJtllo.:. ievrr., lliey should Ik) Ju-di'-ioll-ly
taken To:-each e.ao, to eiiriv't Inn ilUeni-J
iiethin o'r remove tho oh tru:'tloi:i ivhieh cause it.
For llysentoTK or Diiirrhuu, but oui mil.l
j irener.illy re.piired.
For Il!i::i:i..it5si.. 4 out, O rnvrl, lilpl
illiin iif tlio I9e:irl, I'jin In Din Mill,.?
Har k and Lnl:i, they should 'bu 'i nntinuouslr
taken, us re.pine.i, to eh.ins'e t!ia diseased bi llon ot
system. Willi nii.lt change Uioay coii(p(jtiijj
For ISrisnsr .md IriiMlrul SmsIUmh iiu.
should he I ikeii i i lacj and l.v.iueiil ilosvs lis uni.
ce llie ell.. -t 01 a ilru.stiu pur.e. '
or .tiiiiri'anln a bnyo dose shnubl ho takca
il I'lod'i ei Ilia desire. I eiroet lie kvi tl...' '
As a liiliiii-i' fill, i.iku una or two I Mlti to pro
ote ii4,nli,i:i :(ii iclicy.. t!u; i,(Mc(i i'
. M iiiui Hci tnu nomni-n ana
iVels ii.M he.iirhy neli-ni, re-tores tho nc-tit-I
ll I'lVC,' irnles llui svslem. !leii -n it Is o'..n mAi
i.it...i,i-iiiis twiero no serious i;.-i,ll(einiMit ls;
nli.i l.i.s ..l,;ral.U ive'.l. olieii ,.,is llr.1 a-lo-0
Ikil-e fil ,,:ik..s(HOI l...s.. sy iH'ttor, rwiui
lieii'ele:iuinv! and renovating vKqi t UQ tlio Uii(i
o uppai aliis. '
J. V. A VEIi .t rq., VradltHt fc'aiiifa(
XOIFi'f L. Jf4S;i., V. S. 4, '
am n nr
IVck A H'oiilton. I'erryablirg (
L. Hlaek. Tpnlopsny :
A. J. Gardner V l o., Gilead j
lin-a' ii Aikiiis, l ,-stou ;
f. L. Iloutbt'in, llonliii" Green a)d bv a I
dealers tveri n hyie.. 2(1x4
KXAMUKliS1 OflCE. - Tia
Hoard ill hold th"ir next repulai aeskii n
Milliri jve, Tues.liiy, Heptembvr 1, IMS.
Hum line; llrn-n, Tuesduv. September li, 1S4".
l'errysl'iirir, 'Ineadsy, October II. 1H8. "
ll.iiisel.ol.lei'K. Tii,.,ly. Nuiri. b I ) 1H68.
Applicants need not ai.pl v for Si erialKxa
nation, bulan reipn sled to a tend (h
ineelln's "I the l.osl U.
Ci.rreHio- ilence w th the I liniini ri il l uM
bedirocld to the UiiU'rsirne.'. s'i Weston, tj.
' U, A. AyEKY, l'(y' j-
rjioromuru gai.i.kiiy,
Fifth-atruel. east nf the Cnion School-liootC
erryshurjr, qhjo. 11 Ft
rpIK iindefsiiri.ii-l r.o,ld o.ill th attention nf
thi ii.aiple of I'orrrsburir and vicinity, n
is'alill taking I'iciprea nf the Hest Qualitv,
all sues nipl V ,t Is, from the 4j 4 site, or laiy--est,dou
n to Ihe suialle.st Auibrnti pes and llelus;
copyii: I'riuii other picturea a,:d euli"jnj
iu ju c. pviiijr. " ' 1 r B' w
Sho wi I lliiiab up I'ielurea in lmin Ink, ne
in vt at-.r colors in ' .he most k)-piive.!
stvles; nil also fuiniah ri'snies aiiU lUsea of
kinds and si, -a ba liny bu rtiMHii'ttl.
She vvoi,! ! IS' i;e:iily ii,:ito hr Irienda In
and see h.i thejr o)yn art at ran do hi.
(rising elseihe,,'. ( i,ill post mil Hoibiuir
you euiii-'t U (i;M. All she sk.s i, ,
hour hi( sh,i ea do, iiid foela n 1 1,, ti
eivinc saii.-fueti .Mss. Ml iioi j I
N. H.-.ii pieiurea Ink n mi Hopd.iy.
J'eiiysbijijr, July A, jiifJ. 4
FlmtiMil' All .t ailt!K,
C the barrel i.l ii.uk, Tor ali st

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