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Blisriff'i Sale Orrln Henry.
Alnaialetrator'a Sale. Daniel Klingler.
No change in the market rertorU for
Hi is week.
! 1 -frof. Tice lred!cU that Beptemlier
I to he a wet month. A good atart lint
been made,
, Mr. L. C. Wilsok will nccppt our
llmrtk (or lnle Knnaaa pnpera and pro
gramme of 8tnte and County fair.
On Monday taat Kddis O'Connor
waa rolcnwd on $200 bail, Me.r.. J. O.
Troup nd D. K. IIoi.l8nbeci, being
lii bondsmen. .
The Central Ohio Conference tf tlio
M. E. Church ia in ftemion tliU week at
Limit, liialkop Simpson presiding. The
Uialiop will prench in that city on Sabbath
Mr. CiUR.ua DiUYtON, three mile
en.t of town, laid on our table Monday an
car of corn that mcamlrcd 13 inches in
length, H rowa of very large grnina, and n
total of 850 grnina. Who can bunt this ?
An endlraa variety of Huiflery, Gloves,
. Handerkcrcheir and Coraeta at NeCHAU
sei, linos., 217 and 210 Summit Street,
Tuleilo. Their Largo atock of Tnble Liu
en, Towel!, Ac, are Bold nt bottom
Sleep ia alwolutcly necessary for
liealth, and nothing so effectually rbt
one of aleep aa doea a crying bnhy. Use
Dr. Hull's lliihy Syrup (o eane il pain
and lite baity will he quiet and allow all
to aleep well. Price only 25 cmta ft
There wn a fair attendance of the
surviving veterans of the 111th lteg't., at
the Town IImJI, Tuesday, to form n Society
and arrange for xto ('nut reunion of the
ISeg't. Their proceeding elsewhere show
the results of tho meeting.
Ocn. Voris published in the Blade, of
Monday a friendly open letter addressed to
Judge Dodge, inviting him to leitven pur.
ty that "exacts " so much of him, nnd ox
lends w very largo branch of the olive to
the Judge to induce him to come over to
the Republican party.
It was rumored that the "arrow
Gunge Koad waa to be abandoned, but the
rumor can be traced to no reliable source-
It is hoped that there is no foundation fur
the rumor, for to be deprived of the road
now would lie a serious inconvenience.
South Toledo Adccrtixer.
r FT fiR son's Magazine, fni October, in
promptly on hand and a auperb number.
As usual the steel plate represents the high
exl nt vie ol art. It is not only a magazine
of art and fashion, but li'.crature also
mid no Lilly's book approaches it in its
powerful stories and novelets.
Mr. M An LEY informs us that his sales
4 Clothing were immense during the week
4 the Tri-State Fair, iml that his buoiness
no far this Fall far exceeds in amount any
similar period miicc he has been in business.
He hiisnn immense Mock to select from and
no one can fail to be Miiled in s'yle or
The quantity of Pork a.id other im
proper food consumed is enormous and
produces its inevitable results in innuiu"
cr.iMe types of diMcase, especially those
of the blood, exhibited in l'imples, Clutch.
?s, Sores, etc., all of which, however,
yield rapidly and surely to Dr. lluU'n
Ulood Mixture.
Tlirrn has liwn considerable trouble
and diseusaiou of late about the manage
ment of the Toledo Police force, and at
meeting of the Police Commissioners on
Vedesn:iy evening Capt. I'chdy was lion-
is rably dismissed, and Major W.W. Scorr
w.n then selected as Captain of the police
force of that city.
It has been announced that the reun
iN nt the survivors of Southern prisons
sH fur the 1st and 2d of October next, at
Toledo, had been indeliuately postponed,
but we notice there is a call for a meeting
at the Court House to-night to reconsider
Ike postponement and arrange to raise the
accessary means to make the reunion
success on the above dates.
The publisher of the history of
(iRAxr's Tour Around the World inform
s that they are compelled to add 200
pages to the work which will necesailnte
the raising of the price from $2.50 to $3.25
and will delay the book until about the
last of this month. The closing chapter
will mention CI rant's arrival in San
Francisco, which is expected about the
2 Id iuxt.
From the Sonth Toledo Advertiser we
learn, that a 14 year old son of Hen'hy
ZiKttLER, of Switnton, met his death by an
accident, a week ago last Sunday. He was
out hunting, and stepping upon a stump
the gun dropped, striking the hammer in
such shspe as to discharge the gun, the
full charge of shot taking effect in the left
aide. He walked and crawled for about
a jii arler of a mile and called until help
rinse to his aid. Death relieved the little
after er at 8 r. M., the same day.
Mr. J. F. Fleming is taking in the
Chicago Exposition this week.
Mr. C. A. nAiirroN, of Xorth Ftain
tarp., hss accepted a position as clerk in
Messrs. KlNneui'RY & Wii.son'3 grocery
Mr. Chan A. Xohtom, who lins re
moved back to Fremont from Rochester,
Jt. Y., waa visiting friends hero on Sat
urday. Mr. Marcus Ci'ivns and daughters, 8a"
li ah, Evamnk and SAi.iNov.of Ypsilsntii
Mich., are visiting the families of MessrsJaiucs
and Sylvester Curtis.
Mr. Wm. Veuf.R and family moved to
Howling Green on Monday "of last week.
Mr. Vedkh ia a first-class mechanic and
we wish hi in success in hie new location.
Mr. A. Williams, who has been a se
vere sull'erer for a few weeks past from
rheumatism, started on Siturdsy for Mt.
Clemens, Mich., hoping to gain relief at
lh spring there.
Mrs. Dowi.ino, wife of the lite dipt.
Dowi.lNO, of Lima, Ohio, nnd her l eiie
Miss ANNA IIowekh, made a short visit
last week to her cousin, Mrs. K. M.
UKOunE, ol this place.
Miss Alice Crook, aecomiianied bv
her father, Mr. Wm. Crook, started for
Delaware, Olito, Monti.. v, where alio in
tends finishing liei musical education in
the Wcsleyan University.
v E. P. Bradstreet, Esq., a prominent
young attorney of Cincinnati, spent lust
Sabbulh with his cousin, Mr. Richard
Day. His father was the I'reobyteriuu
minuter in Perrysburg hi JsJh,
Mr. J. A. Smith, of New Baltimore,
Mich., accompanied by his sister, Miss
El J. A Smith, ami lady Inerul.Miaa Alvina
hcUNOOB, spent some three dsys in Per-
rysourg litis wees, returning iiuiuo yes
terday. Mr. Frank A. Baldwin, candidate for
re-election as Prosecutor, made us a brief
csll on Wednesday. If the Journal fails
to oome out and advocate his election,
will be understood that we have not been
tampered witli,
If there Is anything in the "survival
of the fittest " Dr. Bull's Baltimore Pills
must bo "couhtcd Iiij" they have livod
long and do better work than ever.
The Bowling contest at Phillip Artz
A CoV, was not completed on Tuesday, hut
will be on next Tuesday. Mr. Georoe
Whitman made his 30 point again on
Tuesday all there is 'in the pins and
while others yet to roll may tie they cannot
beat him,
Mr. F. W. Mii.leh presented us with
two specimens, one of while and one of
red wheat, which beats anything we have
yet seen in the wheal line. The grain was
raised by Mr. CoNRAH SntLtNO, about one
mile from town and will average 43 bush
els to the acre,
40 Cords. Wanted, 40 cords dry hard
llnrn nnd Contents Burned. On Sat
urday night, Sept. I3tli, Wtwecn 0 and 10
o'clock, the burn of Mrs. Elizabeth Morse,
6 miles east of P'jrysburg, on the Pike,
was discovered to be on fire. The family
were just retiring to rest when the flames
burst through the roof at the north east
corner, a part of the bam that had not been
visited by any of the family that evening.
The burn contained a large quantity of
hay, a new wagon, loaded with seed wheat
a nearly new reaper and a quantity of oth
er farm implements, which were all le"
stroyed. There was also ono horse In the
ham at the time but was got out with
great difficulty. A largo number of neigh,
bors were soon on the spot nnd rendered
all the assistance they could, removing
things from the out buildings, throning
water on Hie roofs, Ac. Fortunately the
wind was favorable, blowing the ti iiues
away from nil vihr buildings and directly
through the orchard, a large portion of
which is doubtless ruined. The origiu of
the fire is a mystery. The loss is very
heavy, there being but little insurance on
The annual session of the Wood County
Teachers' Institute, will bo held nt
Bowling (Jreen, beginning October
20, 1879, and will continue two
weeks. Pres. Schuyler, of Baldwin Uni
veisity,II.B. Brown, principal of Northern
Ind. Normal School and others have been
secured as instructors.
The work to be done embraces a review
of the branches and a thorough tli union
of methods of instruction, classification)
organization and management of ungraded
schools. Eluciitiuil, History, I'hvsiologv,
Ilvgiene are among the topics to be dis
Iet nil teachers and friends of education
who can be present. Ereninus will be de
voted to lectures on general subjects of int
erest to teachers. Exercises to begin at
1:30 r. m. promptly.
Organization of a Society—Hold their
Reunion at Perrysburg Oct. 23, '79.
Town Hall, Perkysiiuro, 1
September lti, 1S70.
A meeting of members of the llltli
r.eg't O. V. I. was held at the Town Hall
in Perrysburg foi the purpose of Organiz
ing a Society for said Kegimene.
On motion, Col. M. K. BraiJy was j-
pointed Chairman and Capt. Jno. Yeager
On motion, the mee ing then proceeded to
the election of olliccrs, which resulted as
follows :
President Col. M. It. Brailey.
Secretary Capt. Jno. Yoajjer.
Cor. Secretary Oen'l D. W. II. Day.
Historian ('apt. Wesley Thurston.
Chaplain Rev. Ambrose Hulngton.
Co. A, John V. Beery ; Co. B.Onier Xorris;
Co. C, Kufus Hales ; Co. I, Jno. McL-iin
Co. E, Adam I'liieh; Co. F, Jno. O. Foot
Co. tJ, Itob't T.ntimore; Cs. H, Michael
Knright ; Co. 1, Thomas Walter; Co. K,
Wm. Hill.
Messrs. Jacob Keller, Cicorge Lober and
Phillip Keithcr.
The following resolution was then unanimously
adopted ;
ItmoHcit That we hold a Reunion of Hie
1 1 llh Itcfc'imont O . V. I. st I'errrsburir, Oliin.
na Thursday, the 23 t ilsy of October, I87H. and
ll n t sll soldiers in Norlhu esleru Ohio be invi
ted to join us on that occasion.
tauif That a enpv of tho pmcecdincs of
this meeting be furuiilxd to tall the uewaps
per a in this district.
On motion the meeting adjourned.
Col. M. H. HI.AILEY, Cha'n.
Jxo. Yeaoer, Sec'y.
(Papers in District please copy.)
Council met in special session Monday
cvoniug, Sept. 15. Present, the Mayor and
Coiincilmou Buetsch, LaFurree, Lucas and
Vass. Absent, Mr. Williams.
The object of this meeting was relative
to continuing the drain ige of Cemetary.
Mr. J aims Curtis was present and pre
sented his notice of appointment' and took
the reitircd oath ns a Councilman, and
took his seat.
A statement wna (hen read from Mr.
Kirk, engeneer of Cemetery.
The following resolution was o.lered :
.'etoifrf Thst lbs Omelery Trustees be su
thnriied slid instructed to complete the drain
X6 of the Ceuiatery under the plans slid Sec
incalions furnished by the Knjriueer, proridud
the contractors will itn Hie work st I he same
rates pxid them onder ttieir former coiiliiioi
and upon the same conditions of payment.
On motion tho resolution was adopted.
K. N. Blue presented a bill for hay fur
use of pound which was referred to commit
tee on Jail.
On motion the council adjourned.
GEO. S. McKNIGHT, Clerk.
Tiie following reached us on Friday
morning last, too late for our last i-s ic.J
Kl). JouuNAl. : In Ihe last issue of the
Sentinel appeared an article maligning Ihe
character of " If. II. S.," your correspond,
nit from Troy Township. He is denoun
ced as a whiner, a grumbler, and slacking
in public apiril, &c. Now if " 11. II. S."
bus written nuylhing in the articles that
have been published in the Joi us'ai, (r un
time to time; that is not in direct "accord
siicj with the . opinions of tho people
whose hard earned money pays for the
wilful neglect and extravagance of our
County Commissioners in their pretended
efforts for public benefits, then men do not
utter their own thoughts. Perhaps Mr.
" J." is incensed at the acts of parties on
Two Knot Ditch, who justly resent the
intolerant familiarity of ditch contract
ors. Would Mr." J.," whiles he is writing
the Sentinel and Ihe Commissi., tiers, just
tell them Hint Ditch No. 30IJ is slill un
finished, although the lime for its comple
tion has long since passed, and jobs that
have been accented are fut tilling up with
the earth washed from the unfinished jobs.
Also, that one vesr a tsxes have lieen col
lected and still the duty the Commissioners
owe the tat pavers Is not performed.
I would suggest that Mr. "J.," who
is so profuse in epithets, lliat he with
hold them from one who honestly de
tails the grievances of Ihe wronged lax
S. S.
Stony Ridge, Sept. 9, 1879.
BY. WM. F. GRIERSON, CO. B. 33D. O. V. M.
Further disappointment—Transferred from
Andersonville to Florence—Escape and
Capture of Three Prisoners with Bloodhounds.
Vo were again hoaxed by the officers on
tho2ilh of September, 1864, with anuther
liuiidle of lies shout an immediate ex
change. Five or sis thousand men were
taken out of Audersonville, to return no
more, but not so buoyant with hope of go
ing to our own lines ns when we left Dan
ville, Va., in the Spring. We had become
accustomed to their lies, yet we were very
anxious to believe that may be it was true
this lime, for a drowning man will cling to
a straw. We were put into the cars on the
night of the 2")lh, and remained there un
til tho next morning, when we were taken
to Augusta. There we were taken from
tho cars and mulched into a graveyard to
spend the ni(iht. and let me tell you that it
was a lonely night among the dead, al
though there were six thousand of us there
I spent the night leaning against a tomb,
stone with my thoughts flying like electric
ity from that graveyard to my father's cot
tage in Southern Ohio, until 1 was worn
out nnd fell into a troubled sleep, from
which I Was awakened by the guards shout
ing " fall Into ranks and unroll to tho curs
sgaiu," We marched to the train' and
started, we knew not where, but landed in
the city of Charleston, South Carolina. 1
must say thai while in Charleston we met
with the best treatment llimi the citizens
that we had anywhere viae in the Confed
eracy. But the guards and officers were
verv mean and prevented nil communica
tion between the prisoners and citizens. At
lirsl we were inarched to the niivy-v.ird
and remained there three days,nlter which
we were marched out of town to the race
track, where we remained until the 7th day
of November; when we were again loaded
like swine on a train ol cars, and sent to a
place by the name of Flo-.ence, near the
line between the two Carolinas. Here we
were put into another stockade very like
Audersonville in appearance. Its form was
a long square, being longest from north to
south, a slough running across front west to
cast and very near the middle of the pris
on. As we wore the first prisoners that
hud occupied it, we had plenty of brush
and logs to make tents and also for fuel.
This we used tvilh nil economy possible.
In a lew days there was not n brush, or
slick left scattered on the ground, all was
gathered upeillier for fuel or lu make sheds
to protect us from the rain and cold wimh
of November. Here again the swamp fe
ver broke out. Wc were nearly sll without
I clothing, and the sick suffered dreadfully
Iroiii the chilly winds. t lulu lu rloience
we were under charge of Colonel Ivcrson,
who was in command of the Fifth (lcor,ia
regiment. He was a very different man
front Wirz or Moffit, but a lieutenant that
was ni) his start was ns cruel us he knew
how how tube. His name was Barrett.
Ho would inlliet the most barbarous pun
ishment for the slightest offence. While
here I was detailed to carry the medicine
from the dispensary, (which was outside
of the stockade) to the hospital, and give it
to the sick, hence I was paroled so as to be
allowed to pass out at the gate. This gave
me a fine opportunity to plan and try an
other escape for wc hud by this lime given
up all hope of ever being excliangcil. 1
soon became itciiiiainled with several of
the guards and found some of them to be
wholesouled fellows, while others were
haughty and overbearing.
Fj-cape seemed nlmo-t impossible, for
every man, woman nnd dog in l lie southern
states were on the lookout for us, and then
they kept a lot of well trainsd bloodhounds
at the gate. These animals went the ernnd
rounds eveiy morning on the outside of
ihe stockade, nnd if a man had passed out,
tho hounds would follow Ins track, ami
they were almost sore of their victim.
Thvrc were two boys from n New York reg
iment and one irum (lie SlSlh Illinois, who
got out by means of a tunnel that they ting
through the stockade. They were chased
by Ihe bloodhounds the uexl day, and over
taken in open field, and before the otlicers
came up to them the hounds had torn two
of the boys so badly that they died in a
few days. One of litem hud his cheek al
most torn off. The man that was least
hurt soon recovered, but s iid thul he had
no notion of trying to devise some plan 10
leave thcSoutheriiCunfederacy. Although
I never knew one to escape; yet, if an op
portunity presented itself, some were sine
to try.
From the Depths.
Frederick Douglass, in a letter to the
Rochester gentlemen who have placed his
bust in Sibley Hall, says toiichingly
euo'igli : " Incidents of this character in
my life'do much amaze me. It is not,
however, the height to which I have risen,
but the depth from which I have come
that most amazes me. It seems only it lit
tle while ago, when a child, I micht have
been seen lighting with idd 'Nop,' my
mother's ilog, for a small share of the few
crumbs that tell ii'om the kitchen table;
when I slept on the hearth, covering my
feet from the cold with the warm ashes and
my head with a corn bag; only a li t e
while ago dragged to prison to he sold to
the highest bidder, exposed fur sale like a
beast of burden; later on put to live with
Covey, the negro breaker; beaten and
almost broken in spirit, huving little hoi
either lor myrelf or my race; yet here 1
am alive and active, and with my race nn
joying citizenship in the treest and pro
sptciivtly the most powerful nation on ihe
globe. In addition to this, you nnd your
friends, while I am yet alive, have thought
it worth while to preserve my features in
marble and to place them in your most
honored institution f learning, to be
viewed by present and future generations
of men. 1 know not, my friend, how to
thank you and the gentlemen who have
acted with you, fur this distinguished
!ood Health. We lisvt just received, in
good season, the September number of Good
Health, now widely recognized as the bunt id
health journtls. It ceti ea at a season of the
ja ir when advice i.i hvgieiiic and sanitary mat
ters is much needed, and tho appropriate artl.
cles in its various departments are well calcu
lated In supply this want. Au instinctive ar
ticle on the physiology ol digcslieii from nd-
va.iCe shesla nf a new work on drspensin bv
Ihe editor, occupies the (list place iu Urn ten
eiul department, the remainder of ribicli ia
tilled with valuablo articles on neuim topics
The editorial is mnde tip, as usual, id apiev ar
lictea, n.iies, and comments on healtn, temper
ance, aauiution, and id nieatic hyiiiene. the
other depart itients are welt filled with tnti-ri-st
log and insti iirtira notes snd leciii.s on ci
f u-ie, newa and household nutters I lie J -in nal
is published IH..I ili I y hv the (jonli IIkith
I't ei ismsa Co., H.uile Creek, Mich., ai 1.UU
per jeei.
llritiunrd'a Musicnl Woi Id. The Se
leniber number of Uhhinasd's Mission. Wohi o
S nut, snd, as iiaiu.il. (tiled to nrei flowing wn b
(..holes new mii&io and interesting oinaicsl
reading mull-t, including sll the uiusicul uea
lit the day. Three beantpul piano li-rm, twu
new sonizs. nnd a " he n ai.ti " for violin and
ptsuil, ale jli'-ell ill ttiia Mtilrher.
1 bene aix
pieces srs alone w irllt f 1 UU lu usual siieet
firm, but esu all be had in this number of Ihe
oui 1 lor oniv 13 cents. ins auuaui tpnou
pries of tlis Wohi n is onlv $1 60 per t ear, and
the uublissere nflVr In send il I nun now unit
January, 1 8b I , ur sixieeu months, to all
aiibHcrttiera aim send in their nsinea Ibis
month Willi tl .50. This ia a verv liberal "B
snd nu unu iuterrsted in iiuisio should fail to
tike advantage ' it. -srnd 2) cents lor a nm
pie ropy l Ihe Woai n, and if jou are needing
sheet music or inu;o books, the initilisheis
sill mail Ton ihvir large Catalogue tire, im
application. Aildree, a. IIKSIMUI) 8 aoss
Cleveland, 0.
- The annual report of the Silk Asstsdatinn
of America, the principal seat of Ihe silk
manufacture being New Jersey, shows that
during the past year the trade in the I', n,
has been more than fanly prosteioua.
More raw straw was consumed in manu
factures by 'Jtt per cent, thuu during Ihe
pleviuue year
' It is said, we need political parties, so
that one may watch the other. It by this
it is meant that, since to err is human par
ties need the aid of criticism to Correct er
rors and lu see that the nation docs no
suffer from ill advised measures, we do
need political parties. The more the bet.
ter. But if political parlies arc composed
of demagogues who seek tho spoils of office
at the expense of the people it is high lime
to break them up. Ict the people who
pay the bills, supply Ihe powder and shot,
and the boys to be shot at, be a little cau
tious of being lassoed and entangled in the
coils of any parly organization. Beware
of party names. II you belong to a parly
to which your father and your ancestera as
fur back as Noah's ark belonged do not
lake it for granted that your parly is right
Look and see where you arc. If by a care"
fill look you see your party is wrong, do
not say, I'll stick to my party if it goes to
the devil. No doubt the devil will be glad to
get you and your party, hut tha'. Is a hard
road to travel, and when yoti get to the end
of it, you will find no special honor or
gratification even if yon should meet von r
ancestors and your party tbeie. So far us
we can get any testimony from ancient ami
modern history the devil never did treat
any of those who ever came to him very
Well. It never did pay to cut loose from
the standard of justice and meroy. Let us
strike for humanity and s iek to the parly
that is at least giving us something of an
honest record. Do we find I hat modern
democracy affords aid mid comfort to such
men as Boss Tweed, Jeff. Davis, and a host
of traitors who cheat and rob ami crush
men, women and children under foot by
the wholesale? Tlun us we value our own
od and the welfare of the la st naliuii.-il
government Ihe sun ever shown upon, let
us drive nt-alcm democracy to the wall
nitlt all of its imuiuuil ics and boaslir.s.
The people of these United St ttes have no
special interest lfi political parties us such.
Why should we destroy "purse! ves or our
country for the Sake of liny party ? If we
have fallen auujng thieves wc cannot get
out of the den loo soon. The people must
decide whether we shall he a nation with
invested power sufficient to be for the
praiso of those who do well and a
terror to evil doers or dismembered Slates,
fomenting strife by building up a privi
leged few whose superiority is based upon
the slavery and debasement of the many.
Iet the people make it known once and for
ever tii.it they will not tulerntc wrung in
Michigan is now at a premium in regard
to sensational matters. The latest has
been the Tliomps in-DcLnnd scandal, in
which the Uov. Joseph P. Tnompsoti, the
gifted American minister who resides st
IWlin and the prr.'Hcctivo successor to
Ilaysrd Taylor, figures rather conspicu
ously. The case is this: Mrs. DeLand goes to
I'eilin to take lessons in music. She is
armed with letters of lccconiincndatioii
from several clergymen directed to Mr.
Thompson, who takes her under his wing
and care. Three years aflei -ward she re
turns to her home in Grand Kapids, Mich.,
nnd ihcn her htisiitiod discovers that she
has not ah-ays walked in the paths of rec
titude. He smashes her tiunk and finds a
number of loiters from Thompson to his
wife, implicating her in several question
able transactions, among which their going
to Loudon ami registering as man and wife
and remaining thee or four weeks Mi-lain-
mg that relation ni their actions, is one of
the least damnable.
The I n i si m ii 1 1 wants Thompson to pay
him $3,0(10, that being'liis estimate of his
ufllic ion in it pecuniary point of view.
The n 11 si t r has create I it decided .sensation
in the highest circles in our Statu. De
Laud furnished the main points to the
Chicago 'i'imea which has scattered the
facts broadcast overihe Ian I.
Grand Travcr-e people sell reusing roots
to the Chinese.
The enterprising citizens of Rattle
Creek lmve already had a frost.
The Hillsdale Coiiulv Fair is billed far
Sept. 30, and Oct. 1, 2, and 3. L-t the
quill drivers of the JoL'R-lAL come out
snd make the aifj on intniice of " t " at that
lime; he "ill be glad lo see them.
The Saginaw Telephone Exchange docs
over 1,00U j ibs of talk and talk back per
A Lapeer man has become insane from
the use of loiiacco and has been sent to
tin Asylum an awful warning to Young
Thus lar in 1S7H, there have been 1,
347,01)1 barrels of salt made iu ihe Sag
inaw Valley.
Tho-post master of Fennvilie, Allegan
county, is under arrest for detaining reg
istered and business letters.
Hon. Z ich. ChnndL'r is in active train
ing for the Ohio campaign. He bought
a wind mill at Kilauuj-jo a few d.ivs
s'n -e.
The Ixma wee county peach crop is large
and luscious. Growers realize 2 o'J per
bushel for Karly Crawf.irds.
Senator lien Hill, -of Georgia, will talk
to the Grangers at the loiiu County
Fair .
Kv.nt parties ship bass wood to Massa
chusetts. They make Congressmen and
patent pails of it down there.
They used lo tell us lhal Sault Ste-Marie
was up iu the woods. Woods or no woods
there is an !f 11,000 school house there.
A new punishment has been inaugurated
at the SlutJ Prison. When a convict
dies the other convicts have lo sit and
listen to a luncrai sermon hv the t liaii-
la i ii.
Lamhil, Corbiti & Chittenden, of Adiiau,
arc in tho fruit canning business They
can corn, tomatoes, beans, e.is, imnvkina
and apples, and expect to put up iiOO.UOO
cans ol Irutt this season.
John Kelleher, a farmer living near
M ill-shall, had a iiii-iindeistaiiiliiig with
mule mi the oih, nnd came out with
three libs and bis collar bone broken.
Not a hair of the mule wis milled.
Five vears iie,o an unknown t'.inidiau
firm put o, 000,1100 feet of Iocs iu n lake
near West Krancli, Ogenian county, nnd
they arc llici'c yet, and uoone knows who
the li i in is or what ihev proiiosu lo
with the MlcII soaked lous.
Now f ir our snake kIiu v. A Rlissfn-ld
man last week killed a blue racer 1-leet
and six inches long. He ilinsed il
miles on hnrscb u'k, and would not have
caught it then h id the snake not made
a f-tial mistake. It was running nh.oe
iriih its mouth wide open and failed
notice that il had collided with a rake
handle until it had su allowed the liaudli-.
The cross head aiul leelh cauglit In I
reptile's j iws ami wiih the handle ill
made it si si ill' that ii couldn't
along we'd. 1'pon ilisaccl ing this reptile
llil'txi lost childreii mid a six months
calf were found (mi t be inside of course.)
Fortunately the hluu rue r is a slim
wai-lid snake or ibis one might have been
it real dangerous valiuiul ol Iaimwci
county tveiiliially.
Wo l ways It'll our annual snake sloij
after all the others have hid their
The man uln tells his early in the ma
son stands no show at all -it Jt the "foui
footri". snuko of Kansas.
in it ii
" I.
Sept 15, 1879.
lliillnu'a ,lln:zli I'.r Ortubrr
Tlioro is in. inKiiiiii ublilieil in tl.is cnuntrt
lliul can compaio n iili Ui.i.oi-'s foi uricinulit.t
fresh uiss uuj clirspurst. Tin) ciifrsnins
fro li auJ aiiproonale, li aii.rie of a
urJvr oT uicril, slid Ilia pixlry III, bust that
bo obuiuoJ. flit iimksiids li is l.iimlrtd
oajjfs cacli nionlli, anil all of this can bo
tallied fur nnlj (1 .50 j r suniiiu iie;-aii,
at club rale sren clieapfr. It I, a family
amie, aud bim.iiM be iq ov. rr bouaeln.1,1 jh
L uiou. Uuy a ct.pv ami b i coutiuct ol
u.ii-r luuiii-, I tic Oe obci- uuiubcr
tlat U3tlJ.
Cut this mil suit hand it to your neighbor I
llroivn's IMtthftle t'ntfi
Established eiihl jeers ago at Green Springs,
Sandusky cmintv, Ohio, continues lobe the wen
tier nf Ihe sir In its mitrtolous earn nt tU ibf
f, Vlwtt, (jinrtf and si! forms nt A'iciifjr sad
Blait't'T disrisi-a. To bs convinced come, i f
end for a circular and sworn lesilmnny.
J. I,. BROWN, M I).,
I'liysiciau In Chsrg.!.
0. J. Khctt, I r . "
Boggy for Sale A iuw open buggy
never used, for sale cheap fur rash, or
will exchange for bowl blocks delivered at
the howl factory. Ufo. Weidkll.
Fur Sale. 30 c.r -It acres of land $300
down, balance on 5 years' time. Will take
s good team, or good paper, on first pay
ment, aiilf W. J.Scm.lXT.
Cash fur Wheal. Wc will pay the
hilihest m irket price for wheat, cash on do
livery. 10l,0il(l bushels wanted. It will
pav to Conic and sec ns befoie selling.
A.O. Wii.i.tAMs A Hno.,
Perrysburg, Ohio,
Monry to Loan. Persons wishing to
borrow money, on two yea is lime. Hi a
fiir rale of of interest, in sums of three
hundred dollars or more, cm be accommo
dated bv calling upon the undersigned.
F. A. Hiugin-s.
Perrysburg, Sept. 5, 1870. 21 if
Pay Up or Settle.
Thedecease ol M r. 1. Cn aukkii now ren
ders i t tnsolulel v necessary that the settle
ment of all claims for and against the
above (inn should bo made, and we take
t h ft means of i uform i ng parties interest d,
that it is desi red that speedy, amicable set
tlement be made hy thriu, else a rcoonr c
to legal process of settlement will he ha
J; 1 Ejtec
Guvsooii XoritIf3t
(l'littaix Uloi-k,) Pcrryvbure, .
Too Citizens' Bank is prepared to buy
good commercial paper of loan money.
Wo a!.-o n. 11 drafts on all the principal
cities of Kurcpu. Foreign passage tickets
and letters of credit can ho obtained
through our N. Y. House on best possible
N. I. Hanson, Cashier.
I?usiucs.3 hours 0 A. M. to 4 1'. M
t nooi, i;x in n r.ws xotick.-
Tho in--eiiii;s of loo Itaatdof School l-.x-
arrdneia of Wood comity , O., will bs held
us folloit a :
I'erryshiiie. Sept. 20 137!.
Ib.fti-.iig lireen, W.-l. 1 1. 13.9.
ItowluiK (Jieen N .v. 1. IS.'.I
II twliujt lireen, N .v. li, ls9. '
Huwling Uieea, N iv. Li'J, iiW.
The f d huving rules i 1 1 In strict 1 j enforci d
All exiiniiuiilioiis will t'oiiiineiice promptly
at 9 o'clock A . M . a nd close iii .'I p. M .
V ich appliciuil will he rrqnired In deposit
five (5 cents Ail It the Clerk for poslnee.
Applicants must fin tush tlo-uiM-lvi a wilh'
pens and f enci la, pit per only being fur niahctl
by the Dnard.
Iiiiiiiciihs will mora than two six mouths
cen i lie a tee be (i tinted lo I he same s p. -dies lit.
Applicants will lie required to furnish cer
tificates nt cond moral character.
There will he nn exiuuiniiiiin of a pplicants
except at regular in- etiiies ol the i'oard.
Xo certificates will lu-reaftel he antednted to
cover time tnitht previous to examination .
Certificates n id no he issued lo applicants
w hose tirade is less than 70 per cent.
11 y order o,' tt,,;ird,
It. M . Il iiSFM.V.) Hoard
W. rf. ll.tSKKl.l..V Of
(. li. Spsnceii, ) Examiners.
W.S. If asxfi t , Clerk..
Aueiist 2:1. 1379.
f who
3 softer with
KM I rrl A TiSM, I' i;.V I.VtS. MI'.
HAI;iA. MlltVC.I S unit M XI AI.
I) I III 1.1 I V. Cenc.lll III II. llllll. Vaf
in Uecar. I'liii iiy I)isi''s, Soin.il
l iscnscs. It siic iislu . r'ti'..Kif.ilii wlioni
will lie asm n-v Hook mi Medical hk-clticitr
and Eleclio Galvanic Hi lis, world renowned for
their success in savine manv valtialile lives, nv
Cuiiiii; All CIlliOMC l)lsi:.SES.
Send Svliljiloiii sir! Slsiiip for lli'oiris lo
Dit.;. v. roitiii:s, nt . riirtii
St., Cliiciiiniiti, . 21zz
rja, sEi jrfiN p.sr
I Live IIS COo lltlell.
.i i.,, i'.o- U1. tool hliilionerr
i i.. or i'ni-.in.-o'..s iin.l .Moiilhir U.illctin of New
Hooks will he ioiuol verv convenient la selecting
usiks to p ir.hii'e. e -Tii-el.-iHy to persons living at s
Iiauucoiroai inrne i .,o..jioici.
valuable catai oauna.
Tin olhicina are acnl oa lie receipt ef three-eenl
ttamp eucj.
As-i-imilfiire. ITnr Icti'ture, Flot leuiturc, Sto k.
Arehi'tretiire. But'.dlnir, Carpcutry, Ventlta-
nliiVIC VY ll.,-itt-liM.V,'llh (-:asl(le't tihtftV,
fcdncaliou.-.e t ..t-u ol Viaeuti-K, l.li.dci ii.'tts
Knalnrrrlllir. Mlalaj, ilechaulea, Stanufac.
tines, tie. . ...
Flue Al t.-Drr.wSag, ra:.;tl:;, tcu.pturr, I. era.
Inles, Plo. ...
Tuvenlln. nooku for the Oi::is. Sett and tlligtt
Law. Short Title L'r-t, arransed ty Auihory
Law. Catalejne of t.Id, Tare, and atiiab e I.avi
Medical, Saort Title List, arranged hy Author
N nuies.
Phariiiacr, ct- Per li iteel-t.
PerlnilicMls. Viim rlea-i n;i. I'.rlll'll
PoMiiial -.emiomv.-t-'leieo-e. I.PL'l-latlnn, etc.
School. I i-xl llo.-i'.-i l-n-Srli.v.;s a-el l o:l ees,
UaUonarr. 1 m tnsnaci UsiiM-ls, llcrclisuts,
tlie'nloe-T. ''Issstfl'-I ''V f a' lesti.
A ."ioiulily liuiletill ofNtlv Looks.
T-'it f:llvinz cc sent o.;!y an rectipt of the price
AniH a. (ifnial and I-O'-ai IHioi y, TraveU
litukirai'lii . ft. I"-' I'l' f.!"i'Hiil .
Clntfial CatHUtu m 'nnhv hixk .r tlie A.
tirarv. t li-iil' .1. :nt imu'. li no. ' U. k.'iccnu
I.aw. Iitft oi i.Hw i'uiilU-itiiuits, 1; ijoii, tlo
in iiflc1. tiiir. I'rlrp. " tf l.
Mecllral. ia--ii1r in oyin- (.r AmHmn am
K, li-'l 'tctttral u : ft !;;iru I'-itl l!.')JiK riT'.udlrnU
Trriin'iion-. !.. iHint.-". li'mo. I'i It v. it vv nts
J.cttf of itrttirt f.'f r-i'i prr, pr pttrnlion.
t 1 M l N K-Vl I. 0
'.iitrycrs, Chryymrn, J'li'jhlrlaiif,
Xditora, Jiar.hora, Teachcn,
Merrliautt btwli'iit,
and all l:o ri'ttd boAils.
17 l(l8 more I ol:t I.i I ft -pit tb.-in r.'.v oMirr
li-vi'.e KulHti's lit ft l!ur-T s l m li- -.ii-li. . a4-
lltitul.ltf Ut llflKt.t4ii -Si .! - I.Ui-lltlnlr li lylm-IK'i
m nu-.', lioKiiii a ' I i.f A'.li-iu J t ici 'i-ii' ii t.
iI.iili.of injn, itcitiini.t ,ii-.ui- woai-i. .1, ti.-uuti
ullyoi-nainwiitil.iiiakii'K a tia:i'l:oiiio nnl imtfl
)iccu ft fiirintiit-ti. hi.-s for luKo li-i 'l I or H
lirtof boi.l(s;iiii-iaf(rllooil:ol I S. 3. 01 4 lleiadf
Hh.l., ad ttf slrtv.1. Semi fnrd'-.i-T iiii1-.' pii.-' Iit.
Ii-nil -m cetii n f or nur Nnw ii.i.t iiia rM.t'o'AL'oui .
Villi WW ) XIIUb'.l'utlU..! vt lUCUtluliul uui
tsvful m tlclca.
W.VIi.i:31, I'll ATT A O.,
Icaool t'urnivhers, and llmlrrs lu 1 rcr) iiilar i.i Ilia
Hock anil M.lifc.urj V.nt,
la's A 1 H t i uo' ' . Srw 1 mi.
Untilfiirllier notice I willbuy Whit
rr BurrOnk Pilos2"), !?0 and 35 feet long
Piles must not he less than 14 inches a
l i ) ill, 1 1 i Holies i n centre and 0 inch
attnpend. To ho delivered on the doc
at I'orryaburg, for which I will pny cash.
Otf UeohoB Boetsch.
Of Interest to liiincss Jln.--W
hive purchased the right for Wood County nt
I). R. ftevnoidi' Patent Met.tlic Stationery sad
flunk Hinder. Wo hars gmid variety of the
enrers en nsnd, snd at a few cents oxtis cost
orer the price of paper snd printing we csn
furnish nil kin Is of llhink Wurlt nd .Mtaium
eiv in nest sid snh-taiiloil b'.ndinir on Ihe
idmrtcst possible teiiire. We can hinds bti- V
in two nnnntcs with this invention. t'Hlliind
examine styles and ptiivs.
i V
6". .l".?'
I have just Qilcd up the Exchango llarn. on
Front street, I'cirysburft, snd am prepared to
furnish first cluss rigs st sll tunes, d.itr in
Horses Boarfled at ReasonalileBates
l'.fcrvlliing pertutulrp to t!ie btiKitUMi w ill r-
cuive my pergonal Hupi'mshm u cim-ft.! ai
ention. Hy fair nnl liounrrtMu tit-nliiij; wild
nil I sliiill hope lo merit a ttliare of public p..t
rnt jjp.
w.f n. v union:.
Threshing Machine !
Manufactured nt I'iqna , O. , b r John O'Fcr-
rall .V Co. This m ichine hat.heeii used a liillu
sufEeieiit to get it in ritnniiii.' condition, and
is in perfect order. There isnn bdicr tniicl. i r.c
niaaufsrtured. It n illhesohl tor n hnl il is
nssoiinhlv ivoiihnnd upon f-tirteims.
I.i. quire nt Nm.uasi Ckook
Perrvshuig, 0., June 13lh, 18; V. Ihf
i in:
$2C Euvs this Style.
New ngvnts " Antetl in everv ttuvn. Snmple
oiaclitntf fiirtiirflted on npplicHtinn. (2 to be
rnruiiidfd with nuler 8 a pi.Hrnntce of pcod
Uiili--tl e linlitnri', J18. t' be paid after five
(Ihvm' trial. Everv mucliini whi runted, mid a
written Kiinruiitei' eif n w ith mcU nmcliine tn
knfp in ntder f'-r two renrti. Two mnrliincf,
une ml-lreff. (8; throe machine. $54: fmir
ni icli jnep. $ 70 ; five ttiucliiiiL's, Special
prices ' 1 !i r ni fVrfl.
l-AKSOA'S, 1'05TJB & CO..
125&127Clark StChicago, 111.
WICIUC in ytmr town, nnd no
cnpiul rifckftl. Vmi run gire the
bn.ins n trial ivittiiitit expcnfc.
I in hoti importunity evor on'rcd
fur t hns! willing t" work . nu
slmuM try noiliing eUe until jnu
tec for on rucl f wliut you can do at the lni
nt-a aet-Uci-. .u i ioni to x plain licie. i u
can dcVnte nil Tour tune nr cnlv votir spnru
time tn ihe bu.iinoH, nnd make cteat pxv for
everv hour oiiwnik. Women rnuke mm tnncti
bb men. Send for fsptviul private t'e'mi and
particulars, which wu mail licti. $i Omfit
Irt'O. Don't complain ol hard timcK n hil vn
hare such a cLnnci. Address II, UM.I.E'iT
Sl CO., PorlUnd, Maine,
memzg&s 1 1 id
0 S3 EAT
Is nn Jaltrnal i:l r(oritnl
nmedy fur tliu pciniuiH-nt euro of the
(jUcnarK linimtl Ik-Iow. It hn bfon nwd
with itinfiiilar Mtfiym fur each of tlica
lis.-iiMS iiivl ihvit kno'.vn to fiiil wln-n
tise'l r.'.'corilln;; to liir.clio'is. No ill tf
f.'i ts or tlMt'ir (if ti-i.lldiiij; tuo di.u.-o
c;,:i arlac in.r.t usluj it live iy.
I'or IUionnt:iCls!ii.?i'iii'nil:
r.inl SfUllil'U, tho Curative cici-U ull
oilier loliii-dks.
Fur .tRSK 111 (111 r.ce, it rdic-ves
the 5uiit in it short time.
Fur I(.'i!jtli'; ia. NoroTlirout,
.ltllllCa Mini ( .li,!is, it i.i tliu inu.-t
t-iittin lenu-tly known.
For Aorvosti titi-1 Hlcli. Ili'iid
tlf!l', wl iTii oiii-e it litis bi-di uicd 110
otlvr iiii-ilioiuo will i vir bo lipid.
For latiriiit. Ki'alttn, t'haflTs:,
ISitt'M kiul stings, il iu l!it- gn-au-bt
Fur C'litR, IVotiih'k. l.rnNcvt anj
IIl't'!iiij; it will h-'l tliLin rupiilly.
For CmiMilpttlion. Ititioim
Itt iiS l).K'pJil iiml Sour StOlil
IM'Il, il exceU hII otiicr rt mttlikS.
I'or rtitniu'otm I)iwoiion,
ZliiOM. .-Ul- :ui.l i:r.tn,ii.
cl:s, no btlu r Jimiinn-.- in rr lirv-d.
For Cut art Is, try it if ull other med
icine hiive. failed to cure.
For TttotlmcliQ nml Inrnflio,
nothing wiil ho foiii.!etely kill the pain.
Forl.aiJU'IIilf'-tiT Sldt'i'inl
nal tMiiiaU'N never known t liiiJ.
For IJoMt'I C'iui!n tuts, Dlar
rhnvu lyi'ti'i'y anJ Cu!', lmvu
it on hand at nil liiiux.
For Mm'51Iiich itml Inf:i;n nin
(ions, intirn tl or external, it tviti t un;
For tho I'jtx, it will reduco i-.illam-uiatlou
and lu-iil torcn.
For lilcliioy 'll!5vlnl-ifx, tiaed
da directed, Hill rave taitoid m. Hi ring.
Fur Tli:iMH"i nnd Mt'Op
l('ttu(NS. in ol I ni.J younj, it ii ktur
than narctiiic.
As a Xcrvc Tonic, it can oot bo
For HvH Kit'UltCSMt a radical cure.
For I'fll , a sure cuie.
bold by Ml HiUKlnU. I'ivwreil l.jr
Law;oii Clicniicnl Co.,
t UA I'UMi, oil IO.
I.ui.c An Out Ki.-e, mill a'liil) I lit rc
tliut nt Ihijji, lot I .
ml Stable
ATu T.
L.i)ia'iains. .m,. I
'oledo Tri
Wlicn you iiro iu tho City Jo not fiil to go ami tee
MaMcy, tho Clothier's Now Pall Stock
I!o li.'ia jtisl returned from tlio Knstcru Markets and has opened
out.' a Trcmrmloiis fSlock of Men'.", Youth's, Coy'a and Children's
Clolhiii,',', Kuniisliiiig Goodd and Lloth', Cassimercs, Beayers. he,
lor Ctisiom Work.
Si ore crowded wiMi goods tip stn'rs and down, and vro bavo a larg'J
lino of liohhv SllilS. OVercontt. nnd nlslnra. fur Vf on Hnvo tin A
dicn, equal lo the l est custom
tiiim aim uio largest stocu oi Clothing you havo ever seen.
IVices arc ccni lcrablo less than last season on the same grades of
Wo carry all q-ialities of goods from the cheapest to the best
Do not invest a dollar in clothing until you have 6een my stock
and prices. It will savo you money. One Price Only.
MAnijKT', tl.o Olotliioi4,
Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps,
Thankful to the jn-o.lo of n cmiuty fur tlioir lllicral palronngo in the
pnst, I confijontly oxpoct tJ" in.'rit ;i shnro of tlicir (railc iu tho fnt'tue. My
Stock is tiD-.v Coiu)lutc in all li.'irltiictiU j a lirir.i slinro was ptirchitsed bo
furo the lute advance, wliioli will cnablo mu to sell tunny fzomU nt los than
pre:o.A,H;o. CEO- SCHEETS.
$k THE j
P. f -r n-'rt!,-! Cirv
riifll vo:l 1..1VJ hvi 1
Most Elegant, Si:n?!o nnJ
ii VI hW "f -.'VsiV"' 1 co:m.i.ir.u.iniil .t.;v..'..K'.qrnil.iuM. aiski.i...
U Jgrfit rV."- -.J A-',' i-..v."i.'l ' (In in a IwnuUrr.l r,v-r- t( WrtuituiM",
.- ;,ffi- !:'':-. -'Jv''-' '. tmA tal:c raitUwitli tl3 '.'.I .V-tftoliioTcmr-iiM
f'.y'iti,''.":. iv 'lyr- V'-: 4 ' 'of i-'T'i'.ivcf-:v.ii.i. Xoi. W'ati ' Jti'-t l..f 1
f.H,,;-.-;-:;Vt' ''5 -;''"',-'-; '' "ii-'ii'rr con-:i;!i r.K.htci. t'u-r -f-r. 1-tvo nool 1
NjeJft f'VA.-VHj ''!'-i'" csir.t t "juUU r.p a:.d rj-vuruisli for our
Market. I no Lvcr itoiiauia vioiu. .
t'cstcra l:.-annh 03ce, 233 State St., Ccicaoo, III. HIDDLET0VN, CONNa
- State Fair.
work ntfully one-third less price.
in mmm
Improvcmonta Cepiombcr, IG78.
rolwilhst.-xti.-.his Cm X1CT0Z l.ns lov.-r Vm !.
pocf 1 1' in y tJi.'wiii"; M.'.i-;.:iio i.i ti'O r.n-.::.t-a fi.i t
euiiportiJ'l-y olci.t of vi-lu:i.otr witnessuB wo rev
eouiuliutiy i:.na i"W ("iui-r iitiirj.tii.-ii. ,
a ViV.ut t'.ul xcl 2ii--n of l.-ictlca nu.. a r.-.i
Wa Soil K:v fxcKass Every Tim:.
I.iVr.l t.-ntw to liio ii-'-'e. Pout buy
Easy Running Mc!:ino ia t!io
A MON TH piiiirruntct'd. 1 12
a day at lionio nmilo by Ilia
Initiiati inua. dpital not re
quired ; we will atnrt ynn.
men, tvnnion, boys itml airlf
inulte m uicv fusti'r nt work
for 114 limn at iiuvlliinf! u'ne. Tliv work ia liiil.t
and pte.taaut, ami audi u niirniie can ripM
at. Tlin8e tvlin aro wiau win, ano tlii.t notice
will anil stli.'ir ail.1rcaN.ia nt nnce nnd acw fur
tlirniaclvta. Cohllyottifitanil lerma fieo. Now
ia 1 tie tim. Tlioro already ut work ar In vinfr
tip 1. 11 C" nu n 1 a of ninni-y. Address Tlit'C &
tU., MiBiiat.!, .Maine.
Union Square.New York
154 State Stmt,
Traio Mirk for Snoor., Torkn, &c.
1847. Rogers Bros. A. I.
'rii.e (i.otl tiiivr litU.'n II. r Crr.
liriciilPt of tvn rl tvlii-ri vrr xhlb
Unit both in tliln ita.l the old C'uuu
I. ic.
iindthell3rid:n Britannia Co
are the L AUG IS V end Best
Manufacturers in this
line in tho World.
ifuTAz'i Y:ar Jseler for tls:o Osci:.
pp.of. HAnms' hadical cur.z
rca LPinrrATcssccA.
I A v tltiii.li Jiiaccv.-y
TiJi.tl li.Mii'Hiors ft
)v J.t-llCj I. r .,.,
fa.'l-' t , i. . Mil fill'. 'I
1 . 1 ' A.'l.'Jrtt.On tO tl.r ;. II
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