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Perrysburg journal. (Perrysburg, Wood Co., O. [Ohio]) 186?-1965, January 07, 1887, Image 2

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jr -ra"- 's-f- v-
.ZTtT t MT V
SupTiwuji jtiumuitl
Ii V. Chiircli, of New Vork. Ima
gobbled linn. V. V. Hill's iro'lllim tia
Rovcrnor ol Halmta. Olitii la not o dick
trt much a Iwv Ywlc nnv-nilnjp. Tlml'a
wlial'a tlic matter with Oliio lo day,
Tltrtt wnrni M;ry sensible oWrvntloii
liy Dr. Ullrabctli II. Ht.ullny, ot London,
a lender in llio social imitty moemcnl,
who lately mlurrvcil n CIiienRO nuillctiia
uniler llio nupicc4 of tlio V. C. T. V.
"Don't let join iliuifiblor nmry n in in
to tno lilm." It linpiienitoo often tlmt
in tlio eltort lo siivj the mini sho loses
liertelf. If loio rnn sine, n ninn, It
ought to do it before (ho woinnn 1ms
Mimndertd her purity to tlio touch of
. .i. ii-
Tncidny lust win n Irlhltiil dny nml
trio lo be reiiitmbired by aurvlUiiK Iilcmla
ol borrlble iillrnid necidents. Oil tbnt
iliy oiiroto Iiiindicd in'ifwin cre killed
in lite wivcrnl al-tlM mid n I.iiro imiiiiIivi
wniiiidul, TlicfriRliltiil nceldoiil on llie
). & O ne.ir Kctmbllc on Unit inninliig
rceniB to liiia bem llio ino-t leniblo uf
this I tnl dny to liiitnnii Hie. '1'wuilv
Mere killed mid bill mil lo do-illi nml n
huge iiiimbcr woundid. Tlio ncxiiluil
a- cuised by n ficlrflit triiin getting
B'liik In Ibe uiiow and n pwonger ti iln
l mining ii.lo it at a full rale of Muni, An
InuMigntion ol tlio ciliac of Ibis aid c.il
nmily U in progrcm. and it is hoped llie
guilt m ij lie fully locntul.
Tlio Now YoiU IlWiilclla a good story
about Hairy Hill, who, nacvery one Knowa,
keeps n pi ice uhcro pugilism, ilog-filils,
nnd otIierMiiiil.tr apoda nre popiihir, llie
other diy ltirry, who had ntinily fold a
D e iniboal, prcenled a check for S.'2,000 .U
the counlerof Dres:el A Morgnii'nb inking
house. Ho win told ill it Ins mint bo Idcn
t fl.-d. Turning low ird the itonil of bmk
cleikn nnd eniplojm present, '"Arij" tn
cliiiueil "In llicio any geiillcinnii 'trc who
knows mo?" A clioius responded, "Ye,
j mi me Harry Hill," Tho U'eiM inya:
"If i pioniiiient cleigyiiinnor lecluier bod
appealed lo llicin for licognilloii how
mi uy would hale been nb'o to respond?''
Thatneeiuslobe a aiguille ml (jiiiMluii.
A number or ivliolmale liquor iU"ilcrs of
Ciiicimiilt bne taken joint action mid
iiiipliijed cmins'l to bun,; an action in
llie Uutlid S ites Supieiue Couit lo lent
the conMlliilloniliiy ol tho Dow hv,
'J hey propose to iet up the tlilm tint the
htateof Ohio bus no ilht to tax doileis
on the piodiiLta of other St itcs. They nre
to be joined by luluon-kcepers who lni7C
I i.i ill their tnxea iniiKr piolcxt. As we
M ilel nl the Mint the pris.'nl Irgiilalliic
uime Intu ciistciiLo thrutigli the Lhie.inery
olliwieio, instead of llie constitution il
provisions m.ideaud piovided, ami their
cuictiueuls proiiiite-i lo fiiriiltili food lot
1 iwjrciB fur all lime to conic. How much
of the i.tlrti $100,000 buiiowu! una rc
qnirul lo piy attorney fees uf yeir ,igu?
Tho oldcGt city ill the M oi Id is Damas
cus, Sjria; it has a popul ition of iibout
C20,mj0. llio oldett city in the U. S. is
St.Aiiguoltiie, ri.i., which was fouuiltd
hy JIi lunles, Not . IS, 150 j. Tlio oldest
ut In KiiKpo is London, Hug., it Is
ul-o tho largest city in tho -woild; it has
n population of ncaily l.GOO.OOO; London
has S.0C0 miles of stictts and has on an
.ncrngo 10 milts ot utKels and 10,000
nv houses built uicry je.ir; it has 15,
000 police and 15.C00 i irsuist conncLttd
with the Postolllce, uu 1 lias 1,000 ships
and 10.0C0 hailois in tho poit ecry day.
It has as many hicr-shops and gin pala
ces as Mould if placid tide by side
ttrelch fiom dimming Cross to Ports
mouth, a distance of 7b mllis. The lar
gest cit.i of tho U.S. is New Yoikj it lias
u popuhilion of 1,200,900. The laigesl
a.ty in Canada is Moulical; its popiilnton
is 107,225. Tho latgcsttity ill South
A nitric. i is Itlo Jaueuo, ltspopiilul'on is
271,072. '1 lie laigist clt ill Asia is Can
ton; itBopuhi ion is 1,510,000. Uho I ir
gtbt ( it) in Afiita is Caiio; its population
is 327,102. 'Hie larger city iu Australia
is iUlbouriuj its population is 230.10.
A irillcr In an eastern ngrictiltural
journal givis the following : "A twin
relic of lurharUm is the notion that
tlio moon p.crciscs an Influence on the
iwalhei and on the U'fult of nrioiis
opjiatiiins, sucli as planting seeds,
b itcherlng hogs etc. Observations con
ihittid iMth great cue for long periods
of tinio Ingrthir liaio pboiin that the
moon lias not the slightest connection
ii itli the eatlu r nnd tli.it the tall: about
dry moons and wet moons is all moon
shine. In icguid to llio shrinkage of
poi 1: from sw ine Kills d hen tho moon
is tlniiiking, pci Imps I can better illus
trate the fallacy of this notion hy repeat
ins " little stoi lately imbllshid : Go
ing a fishing ono day, Sim bo caught a
line lingo catfish and put it into a p ol
foi cafe keeping, ivliile be wont up the
lake to Cuillirr try his luck. Not melt
ing v.ith surrvbs, howcier, ho ictrojcd
his !c h to the pool. In tlio meantime
nnotln r darkey, w ho had kept ids ej e
on Sambo's iiioi fluents, s'ipped Sam's
fl li out of tho pool and dropped in ono
half the si?o which 1 e had caught. On
Bamho's nnival at tl e pool ho took out
t lis iisli, held It up, and iiftir n critical
suriey rcmnikul ; "Goodncfs I how
him suunk"; dul's bekase I catch him
In do old ob du moon,"
Tho Kjw Yirk IIVW iiiiiiiiiri.es wlib
great Mtif.-illoii : Jichno is In blng
rilng. ili(iu,.de is on his road to the
iiniepli.ee. Rh.irp, Itliliinoud and Kirr,
depile tln-lr I ichc, .uu Ill diniiny nml dts
piir, Kteniin, .Malouiy, Deinp.ey, Sijlm,
U, lney jihI ItulbiiHii me fugltivis frum
JikIIgk, llib mi ihuiieinie lutwidi pei
ptlii ili.vlillo or ccniv Ici'rf tell. McCabe
only wises his hberly by luing Mure mini,
Lnohhg buck a Itw yum uu liml the in
struUho lis-ou ol the I'lvinl King, Twted,
(iniiiolly nnd Hiveeny nut tlje iiclu il lul
us of llio eily. .M)or like Oil.ey IIjII
woe dimply tlitlr aguiis. Cum in weie
ILeircimliirci, Tliey puitlmcd UUU
tuioiat their will, 'ilio wealth tho"ilng'
had inquired by robbing the cilj was coun
ted by imlliiiiK. Yet l'rtieddlel in pibon
nml Cum i'y in exile, Sirecuy, nilli uiuie
bruliia and cuiiiiIii' ihau die rct, seiiUd
with the city fur llninmciiiil l,is biolbei
bad stolen and u piuUiiwed bin own mlelj,
.'.., I... ...!.. (I !-.,I...l. , ,. .
, lis ui'np tue VIUIIIUIXVIl III) no iui g-
ir a liahleiico fur lilni.uud fieis his life
awny in nfoiolgn country, 'Ihe judgis who
did Ihetildilliigiif ihOre nun nciu diiien
III dlngrau) fiom the lJuu.li, mid me nun
al Hi liBlrgrnvm. Wot n bud ulniwliig,
(.trinuiiy, lor my inul litis the repiitullun
of Co iiiutcoiiiipt municipal guitriiiilll
In tliolnlicd Baiei,
Tlio Chicago A'cira hi cijjing nltcnlkn
to Canada holding llioir Tlianltrglilng
on tho Thursday prtlous lo that in tho
United Rlntcs, Bnid Canada had much lo
bo thankful lor as poveinl Now Yoik Al.
deinun had not crossed over Into her
territory. A wick later it snld IhoU .8.
had much to bo thankful fur as sovual
Now Yoik Aldti men hail ciossed oicr
into Canada.
We presenl our renters with (Inrcinnr
I'miilici'is Xle'sigo III full Ibis weik. As
tho.!nuuXArnl hint month cae ulinn.l
tlieinllie ineMigeof I'lesldeiit CliViliiiiilt
Il wtll bectin Ibst iliru Is but 'illth' dlf
feicuce in the longlh of the two doiuuiciiK
I hey flic boll dnciuuHils of Intel t nl lo
viery cliiiui of eieiy political pmiy who
like mi inlnrst in the wtllme of tl e u
publlc, 1 lie fiist giving In dtt ill n ulnle
mriit of Ibo eondilion of iflnhsol the
whole giiicriimcnl, with icuuiimendnthua
lo Congiifs for needed legislation lo mut
llio wiinlfl of the people, sb bccii from the
chhf i Riter ol the nation who is plnccd In
a pillion hy a recognized majority of the
wlio'o people. 'J lie other Is ftippoMcl lo
do the same lor the people of one (d the
stntts of llio iiiiton f Suites, There btlug
In !i fly the facte, ami living in n settlon ot
country nnd In a period of tliclOdi cen
tury when so ninny people hnvo nn oppor
tunity to see lor IheniselicB and hnin the
bids, It would seem nlmont incredible that
the editor otitic Sentinel would diro to
presume upon Ibo ignorance and duplicit)
of Ihtir render? to misrepresent no plain a
tact. Tb it piper givo in a supplement
tho l'lcideul's Message, nnd cdltoiinlly
conieyed tlio Idui Unit life was too short
to wido through so long a document, and
ioufcsu! that they hid not read tt. Ol
course wb itever eommciit they undo whb
without n Lnowlidgo ol its contents
whether good bid or iudlu"t'ienl. With
rcliiciieo lo Guv, Tonka's Mcsige the
Sintiiul of )clrrdiy said: '(lev. Tor i
k'n's Missigo to the General Assinibl) Is a
model fur brevity nnd business llko cuui
niDii ense. Want of spice prevents its
public itiou " Then It proceeds lo gho
about u third of a (oliimli nt toiiinu ill up
on tjiu Mi-isigc nnd Ibo reiominendilluns
of llie Governor, one uf which is-'Mlesldes,
llullirge ilrifl nuideli) the llunilly .iiliuln
istritlou ll pun the revenues of lb it minimi
Intinii amounting iu llie agiegite lo $050,
000, nude it ueci-ssiiy iu tiunow t7l)0,(00
t ) mei I cisnil iltililtnilcs. 'llie Goicuoi
therefore rctoinnitnds III it the II nv I in he
annulled so ai to giiu tho St ito 23 pti
cent oi the las,"
In order tu uu el 1 steil of $t!)0030 It
was nceeis.iry fur the Goveiiior ot s Metl
canized Stale lo In rrow, (llie rile of inttr
est not stilted) S7.J0.00O. Wlnt is the
otlr.l S100,000fur? Is it an eildcnce of
ceonomy in llie present ndminlslr iliun ?
Or nro llio Sitilivcl (ditors liiUHtics, or
do they take Ihtir reulers for dolts and
Iliulr? Wlut kind of nioiildeifl of public
opiiiiuu docs the Republic in parly uipiirc
ol Into lens? Il once dein iniltd and
prodiicid nrgiimeut and a Utile common
n .
A model SlntpDclllia llio sph It nf Ilbetly.
Kich ninn sliiies lo uicl, the gout, Theie
Is n clmriiihig fiirctnsllim in tho ntmos
plirro of n free stale. Men listen heart
felt longing fur libel ly. I'vtn dentil llstll
If It run foturo tint boon. Our hearts
glow with new horn life as no iimiiut llie
dcedji of pilrmts mid cover Ihcir ginves
nllli the liiimoilnl bloom ol tllsgrinl
llunei. 'llie nun "bodied lo fniiiid and
sicutc the fittdiim of llie Hate live hi llie
hinrls ot their eoiiiiirymeu, We do uol
iiuicly witto tlitir names u miuiutiirnls
ot hi is and stone. We lo)p lo lepeii)
lliein lo siieie-i-itu gtiiurnlious 1 1 11 tb()
tin (lino llnll-i loi'il muds iiiginvtd upon
Ibe tliillhtil table! ot the immoiy. Of
nil rouuiiicis, nloiles, sernums and pnemai
cur willlui no one sooner cnplliils die
heart I linn Ibo iiinniui-hcd itcllil ol a
pilrlnl's niililo deeds, 'llie spol wheie a
pitiiol (liia lansrieil and ghirluus. Tint
sseltd and ulurious spot liesomcs n slirlut
nrniiiul wlikli sll llio iifloiiillntis clustei
that can lie expeneneed Iu roinsnee scr
niunfl nnd poems combined seel The
pilrtol luily otTers Ids body a living sac
rifice on llio alter of llbeity. SuITiicd In
luvc he dies fur lii- country. No nclflsti
ncss theie. Ills emnneipslid spirit bo ird
awny In n cliailot of fire. Hut 1I19 altar
and spot rtiiinln. When the lite is kindled
by a coal from heivrii It bllina d iy and
night Pilgrims tome nnd go nnd carry
awiy the pirkfl In their bosoms. Ill these
fires that bliize and spniklc on every hill
top, the diossol stlli-linessisenllrtly con
sinned. Men fill free. In the eihubcr
ince nnd j y ot llie hour the nillllonslio
seniors Ids gold in llie liovila ot Ibo poor,
In tils wake w nit nnd soriO'V dlsnppeir
theschceniing politician biromes n Btiles
nim. In lhe-e specimens of good will
linn seea Ibe Divine in ids fellow ninn and
nuts tlio mime of God nbmo all other
names iu llif nun ds ot llie lepublic, bee ine
tin- intt.li nt hi etly was fust lit on the hill
lop whciesluud llic.cross ol lilsson.
xtJOrxseTXfSMrrzzX.'inw: -rsyssysu3rrajpjAroMgvwagrTnaBgiitiuui,Mijju;
IV IblllftGTON MiTTKlt.
A knowltdge of tho art of govering the
hi. He ought not to lie enlrii'led to one class
uf men. Iu n republic el cry mini who
lutes ought lo know what att linments and
ubnl chirnclcilstlcs btlcng lo a stntcs
iiiitu. A lut-tim ni club sboiibl be oigan
izul In eveiy si boot ili-luti iindtr the
fll'ervnlon ut the Slite, ill wlurli llio citi
zens lotiug and old nude and female b
Itclnus, oial dilutes, wrilttn eshnys and
i-clcct reading, should hicomo ntqiiaiultd
not only with iho c iisliliiliun and laws of
the lepublic, but also bo able lo give n
good reason why one code ot lawn or fllatts
me better than nuollxr. As a mutter of
right nml dull the people all the people
i-holllil illsiliM and kuowoi uudtrtaiid
tho doings ol Ihc goitiniiieul. Almost
mcry ilepirliii(.nt uf guiirumciit tobla a
laigo amuiinl ut money. '1 lie people pi
these largo costs. Kieiy tniii lias a light
to know wlnl lecomesof bis money. Do
the people p iy mule fur Ibe support ot tl e
government llinn is access uy. Or could
iiur guverniiient be miiiiged as well or
heller Willi Itss coi-t ? Or could wens it
nation do belter, In make liugtr plans nml
n uiuie lihirnl ont-l.iv ? Shall we build
forts nnd ships of wnr, lucre iso our iirmy
nml nail or lucieiiho the iiumber and tfli
ciuicy ot our Mate rthools? Theie is a
dtmnnd fur the incline of iinliouiil iTefeu
cts ot some kind. Our civil and soci il
Mrtiins are not Kl'ilie. l'orcigu and do
mtstic wiongs exist ami in some lustitncta
have become lieniy burdtus guiiouslu be
borne, rureigiurs come lo oiu shores
who lime hllle or no sense nt ibe rights
and piltiligts of Amertciii titizeiH. We
wuiihl bo aiiiuiig Iho last and least of intn,
who would burtliii fureigneis wilb biiidtu-
some instructions. We do not hold lo any
diss, oi Iribd, or caste or iinnpial leg-i-latiuii.
Il would uol hint a foniguer lo
put hi in in a stale kIiooI lung cuuiigh lo
get ns i!i,itii American ideas into bis head
as me iiict&sary lo mako a good Aintrioiui
citiztii. Jimoit,
fit) Poet ts Cltj Pallii'is.
T.u JouilNAL: 'Iho City Poet lias
Lo.m trjingliis poetical skill on tlio City
I'utlicis foi iibing tlio public money to
bcrciig.iB well. It is respectfully sug
gested that he again try his poetical skill
on the C'ttj 1'utlitrs foi using the public
money for tho lenioiing of snow fiom
tlio biduwulks.
A Citizen & Taxpayku.
lie Ki'liiintil Ills I'i'iisliiu.
Don. It. 1'i.iz.m, ot Mt. Ciriull, lib, who
-m id time veiis during the wai, and was
cnpturtil in Out. lttil, nnd rinmlnul n
piiKuiiu iiulli Ibe tli so of ibo war, sent
the following Utter to the Comuiisjiuiiti
ol Pulsions!
Mr. million., Ji,i, Sept 9, lb80.
Hi:n John 0 Hi.ack, nsldngioii, I). C.
I'i;.ui tut: lieu with I ulurn (m inn
lelliiliuu pin. Ion uillliuilo No. 102,501,
bsui'd July 0, 1SS1, fur $2 per mouth.
1'hu sum was ton paltry originally. 1
mule an i.pplicaliuti foi no inuene, mid
list July was befuie a Iluurd of L'l.lmiu
tr , A fiw (lss ngu I r tiiied nu ofiuisl
noilie fiom oiir Ihueiu Ihal Ihu clnlni
ivas "njtclid," 1 diuliiie to he a lurllnr
penslumr uu Ibe pllltiil bounty of a gov
ernment lhat allows Us so hi i its lu sutler
ihc loriueiils nl llio damned In Audersuu
pi il un, I diillne lo alliiw any gouiu
meiil lo luugrrsi) llml whit Iuidiireil loi
It In thai inking lull cm be ball. lined foi
HI a tear, 1 decline lu nlluiv u govi m-
oieiil to rile, my pie-nil hiallli ami my
mullUis ol siiiitiilluu nml exposure in
Ciiaiihu nml .Milieu, nt h.naninili. ill ick-
sIumii mid Aiidiuuiitillo nt the sum ot ?2
per mouth.
I lln'itfoie rtiurii my ceilificate and null
llml my mime he ell liken fiom llie punlon
loll of llie Uidlid h-lntiB (Joieniiiitiit,
Ycllis truly, Don H, I'ltA'.k-u,
LnleOSd III. M'lM Iu',
(from our lJegiihirCorrc'ronilcnt.)
Wasiiinoton, Jan. 3, 1887.
There was a strange commingling ot
dirgo and mlitli in lhc i Iln inl life of
Wiishingloii duiliig Ibe pn-t wctk. The
old icnr tilt tl nmid llie liugciiag stinlna ot
the ("lend niirili Unit ltd llie implying full
er il pioicsMtni of CIt li. Login to the cemc
lir.i, and Ibe New Yinr was ii'loud ill, as
usual, Willi the biillinnl ( iliclnl mid pri
vile ittiplldiB Hint iiiniigliialtd the giy
se ii-oii nt the Capital,
The fact thai bolli of llie stnlisnien wlio'
wire stleclcd lor llio Vice Prtsidency
by tho luo poliiital piutiia nt the 1 is.
1'iesldtiillil ihctioii, me nun gone, lecnlls
fie fact, lb il of all the nun who hive bein
preshltiitiiil candidates on tilhtr Bide, all
are dcid eic rrunonl, lln)ts, lJlutnc and
Clciiluid. Mr. Ilaies is the only sunn
ing ex-I'rtsiilint.
Gen. Lognn filled a double pi ice in his
tory. Ilcwnai leider a g statesmen,
and among soldieis, and like Grant and
Lincoln he was btloved, not only for greil
nml good dteils, but loi bis rucged honesty.
Hut his pulttk.it opponents never spoke
kindly of him until after his dtilii. A
Iricnd ot Ids rimaiked "if luilf Ihu kind
Ihings nnd of Htn, Login sinte his death
hid letn nltiiid uliile lie w is liiing, he
nuEbt have buna happier bill pcili.ipsuot
a inoie Ufetul mm"
When llie rt mains of Gen. Logan 1) in
stale iu llie ml inula of Ibe t'upitul, among
Ibe thousands who passed through lo look
at his fnce, ivss noticed llie frail form of '
gentleman ei.veloptd in an immense fill
coal. He stooped down and gazed tender
I) nt the fste ot the dtad, and then passed
on Willi tens slieiuuhig down his thetks.
lie had bom 1 surgeon on Gen. Login's
stall whin Ibe latter coniiiunded the Army
ol 'ltiineri.ee.
Gen Login's propel ly hero is cnciimbei-
id fm iiiiiili its lull value. The fund that
is nuw being maul for Ibe widow is for
llie purpose of clearing her home of the
debt Imaging oer II, and killing her suf
ficient to enable hei lo lite iu llie manner
lu which alio lias Icon nctiislouitd. Sub
scripliuna lo lids fund have (omo ill Yen
npldly, and about 510,000 hiito been
Among Ihc dlstiiigiiinlied pall beireiB at
Ibo L'gnn (jbM(juiis wascjc-Sinalur Conk
liui: wlio hud not hem in llie Senate
Ch inibtr since sis t tars ngu when lie left
it tiuiler tl.o meinuiablecirtiimsluncca lli.it
look b'euator Plnlt fiom public lift.
Dining the funeral ceiemonies Mr. Conk
ling sat buivciu Gin. Sherman nml Senator
.Stuitoidot Cillfornli. Allu the btnedlc
thin Ills old Iilciids prism! fuiwnid lo gictl
him at llie doorway and formed a j un
mound him with cxttndeiUimids.
The day of Gm. LigHii'a funeral una
one of the must Inclt meiit that ninltr 011
piodute. 'the slncts wtie toveitd wilb
ice, suun mid muddy slush, mid llie air
w.ib tidily inisl. The Piesidtul'a ph) sl
am nould mil allow him lo ride lo llie
Cipilul to attend Iho filiienil seiiltes.
Still hundreds of men, cuuinules uf tin
dent soldkr, whoso vitdily li id nlruiil)
been mapped liy wounds, hatdsbips and
tzpoailie,jiluid Iho protersion and wndid
llirout.li miltaoi told slusli. Looking nt
Ihtir piilld tacin, drann Icaliins, buwtd
shoulders mid uiiterliiin slips, one could
not but ftel that llio deputed hero iu llie
hearse would have bein grieved nt so
ninth s.icnfiiu of hiallli lo do him honor.
'llie stems at the While llou.uou New
Year's dny was like those ot funnel jenrs.
l'liiro wuc nbiindaiit ilutnl decora
tions, eleg mil) diciid ladita and crowds
ol people, 'lhcy sild the lollcts wtie mole
ihgniil than cwr bifme, mid that llie
minil was gieitu, but then they siy that
ncry tiar. Tor unco Iho I'rtshtenl nt
tintlcd moio ntleiillon than Mrs. C'eve
liml, Ict ilmily was anxious loaec how
ho tin ktd alltr bis wide ot confinement
from rbiiiniiitism. He wis n Utile pile
mid win n but iter) ono was surprised lo see
him Inul tug mi wtdl anil SureUry Mm.
iiing looking so bully, and to see lb it the
Mm' limp'-d pronouni ully whllo the
presldtiil Liiiihl walk slraliibt.
'the Porti-nimh Cungtess whkli meets
In-iiiuriiiw' has only fiiili-fieicn dn)a Itfl
fir li'gl'lilhm. And whal la worse, the
Deiuniiatlo lesdiiaof Ihu House lack Ibe
liuslmas sense and hatinniiy uCLiasary fur
pnullcd hglslitinu, CuiisKjuintly it is
mil (unliable ihey will ledute lltiatiun,
ninlie appropriiillnns lor (Oisl di fences, foi
Iho uaty or foi pensions sufficient to ex
peud llio surplus icwiiuo. Tlieaieiage
Demiirrnllo mi mini gives Utile thought to
Itglslsltoii, His lime i lirgclv occupied
lit looking alter Iho olllcts, Then whin
ho conies to wile on uppiuptinlions he fol
lows tlio lead of Mr, Kami ill, who d ies not
believe lu misting Iho Adnilnlntiatlon
with llbmil exptudlliiftsof puldlu uiuiiiy.
It would sicm that mi (.ilia staiiun of
CongiiH, with the House ol Heprisenln
llvis orgnnlzi'd In tfie Inttreslaot the pio
ple, pnsints the only hope of help to Ibo
A Tnlo r Iui o Miulurii .ilcicrncrr
CHAl'Tl.lt 1.
Il was evening lu tho liomo of KirncB
llne MiGiiizliim, and il wns nl-o evening
In the homes o( btr neighbors for scvornl
tulles nroui'd,
Diilie'tino wns walling lor llio arrival
ol Col IVAiibljiuic, who lu tlio vocabul
ary nl the race Irnck, tin lie one owned a
luirc, w is "ii(,fd," Hint la lo any, gcnlto
icadei, lie wis past 5 )ctua old. Indeed,
he was about 17 .tears old and Inrly-Bevcn
wttks pist it, but ol that luoic .moil.
Plmilly he ciuie.
When llie (ololul ciino In ho nt onco
pioceidtd lo business.
"Denial Kiiule," ho rnn illicit, with
pillullo swielncBs, "mil I lo hnvo my
nusner lo-uight 'llie niiswer tint will
in. kc me the happiest man In Pittsburg,
Allegheny county, Pa.?"
"You arc to hnvo your nasner, colonel,"
aho Bihl, ill-ciigiiglng her hind, "but I
ciii'la iy how happy il will mako you."
"Nnr cm my tongue cupieas it, bo slid
shipping Ids hand on bis beirt with the
tchemciit emphasis ol a trip hammer
diiiiudnc on a Wad of icddiot iron, "It'll
It me," ho continued, "tell it niel"
"You talk llko a three -dull ir-a-week
Romeo on tlio varlciy Bingo, but I'll let
)ou bate II," she said. It la this: "I
cannot marry jolt. You aro not weilthy.
Youi pciiBion is only $4 a month. I am
not wtnllliy, and I hate no pension. I
mil my mother's fnle support, nnd the $10,
000 she hns in real efltntegltea us a com
fortnblo living without work. I shall
ninrry a weulthy man, who is twenty )cirs
)oungcr Iban )on aie and leu )cars oldc
thin I am. He lina promised lo gllo my
innllier a beuitllul homo nnd a large in
come, and no shall bo very, very happy."
The colonel nut aa one tlnzod.
llitu be got up and groped around for
his Int.
"All revoir," he Biid ns be went out.
"Why did he not say ndiui," inquired
Hie girl ol lierselt, without eliciting a Bill
islactory answer.
ch vrtrit it.
He tiler, cm )ou giitss why the colonil
slid miiotoir?
Y'ou shall bo lid 1 In tho Inst chapter.
For two long nnd happy )cira Tairncs
tine did not see anything ot Col, D'Aubig
line. It was summer, and her niolher bad
gone lo Sewnkley heich foi the seisun.
One du) n lellti tame Itom lliriit-tlne's
moiliFi, It wns Ink! 'iiul to llie point. It
Haiti siiiiidv : "I was wis marikd lo-d iy,
-I and niisclt and hiisliinil will bo nt Inline
at onre. Have my liou e opened and
CHArrr:rt v.
nsrnostine was ruber denBed, liecmse
she had noticed llnl tier mother wis get
ling loiiisuine, and she lovtd tier niolher
su 111 it die could nut bear the thought of
her btlng unhappy.
She wailed for her mother at Ibe train.
She ciiiie and with her her husband.
Whin Kirnesline saw him she fainted.
It was Col. D'Aubignnc.
Asa niarrier lie had knocked Kirnes
line clc in out. II'. J L'tmpton in 2'id Mils
Itonctts Iter Vtiu lb,
Mrs. I'hasuo Rlmsby, l'olcrsnn, Clsy Co,
Iow.1, lulls Iho full inlng rcmatltahlo alnrr, tlio
tiupiofwliloh la tnuchoil fur by Iho residents
efllio tnnn t "1 ni 73 yoara old, liavo boon
Irmibleil ivhh klJnoy cninplalnl nml lameness
fiirinany joata) could nut dress myself with,
out help. Now I aro free from all pli and
arroness,nnil am able to do all my own linuso
work. Inno my tliinka lo Klectilo Hitlers Tor
hating renewed my jmith, and rcmovoJ ontn
pltlclv all illsoaso ami mln."
'Iryaboltlo.onlyJOc. at Taylor & Miller's
Drug .Sluro.
Ily onlllngou mo and osaming my goods boforo making your purohaso
h.lllack.asTroas., Ac.) In Wood County, 0.,
vs. 1 Court nr
Theresa P. Miller, el al. Common Plots.
II v virtue i,f (in nnler of baIo. Issntil In the
abnro enlillcit cause, br tho Clerk uf theCtimt
nf Ciinimon Plata tif Wnntl Cmlllty, Oldn, aid
lo mo dlroetctl and dellrcred, 1 will olfer for
sale nlntlbllo veritlle.atllio flunt tlnnrnf the
Court Home, of sail county, In the village of
Tursdny, Jnnnniy 18th, 1887,
Iletween 10 nml It o'clock A.M.nf said day
tlio follow Ingili'scrlbed Ileal nalnto, allaateln
tho County uf Wood and State nt Ohio, tn-wlt t
One aero nf land fnini nlT Out-tot No, lUO.In
the Village nf PerrrBbiirctlcacritietlaBrtillnwat
Ctiniinoiiclng nl tho southwest corner nfsald
lot, al thohiicraectimi nr Front and Locust
streets nfaald Vlllaco I llienco easterly alnnir
llio nnrthcrly line nfsald Front street, one -half
tho distance from said starting pnlat tn the
aniiineasi corner ni snin lot said wlnlli on
said Front street to bo continued hick siilTlclent
ly fat In Include and emlrace aaldtino acronl
land fromnirilio aouiherly ond or the westerly
hnlfor said lot being the land sold by
Hoxana A.Hallta IlieresaP. Miller.
Appraised al f5,000 00.
nnoimt: m. iirown, sheritr.
W.H.IIaskrii. Adin'rltoxana A. Ha I dee'd,
Decomber 10th, lSSO. 37e$10 30
Ono oT tlio best furms In Monroe Cminlv,
Midi,, being nbmtt 6 miles fiom Monroe anil 14
miles frcm Toledo, nml known n the
Miller Farm, iiiLasallo Township,
nn a short ilWnnco frtm a Btatlon. containing
1 05 ncrnts, 25 timber, bitUnce ImproveJ. llmiso
abmt H0x'(8,tn(i fltnrle, 15 riming, a first clnt
brick boiMi: whip lOilO, Fimno burn 40x08,
(h rst-b.irn21x50. urinary 18i36.com crlblBt
tli, hiij pen 10x24, brick ainnlce house nnd
chicken coop. 1 iile perfect. Inquire of
?i. it, imi;fiTi:;isAjii,
15 L tTityctto Are ,
Provtaioosatid Produco purchased diroot from first hnuds at DottomPricoB
nnd whloh I will soil nt
I am determined to cell only
I study to Jilonso nnd mnko my customers' intorosta my own,ntid
I gunrnutccovciy article I sol! to bo First-Class, and as Low as any
Ifirst-Olnss Goods oan bo bought. Respectfully,
JI, lliillmltiy.
i:. It. Ilallildny.
ocai.i:iis IN
A riltb Wind girl who fulled logo,
1 pie-cut last Siltuili) inoriiliig .ittiilnilta
it lo ,i detect in tlio bt.siery. Shu e.ija ahe
orgot to 'tliiru" tho linn.',
, .
Many cues of rlieiliinlisni, bicb bate
leaitcil llie alvill ol llie iiroieaaion, iinve
iiuniitly jiebliil lo Hint nomkrfiil rem
ttly, Salv-ilion Oil. 2o ccnl.
Take the newa boiuc to Mary, and tell
her Ibat my cuiigli baa gone, and Ibat n
23 rent botlte of Dr. Bull's Cough S; nii
did llie bleacd work.
Iliicblcii'i-Ariilcii Stilt r
TnETUsTSAU iiinllie world forCula.Brnl".
es.Sorea, Ulcers, Salt lilietim, Fercr Sorea,
Tetter Chopped Hands, Clillblnlna, Corns,
and all Rltlni:riiitloiis,and pnalliielj cures
l'lles, or nn pay required. It Is guaranteed
to giro perfect ssltsfnctlon ,or money refun
ded, l'rice 5 oonts per box. for sale by
Taylor ft Miller.
a ii i
MB 8 I
Wo call Uspoeial Attontion to our Now Line of
Including all tho New Stylos.
Wo invito nil to call and see our Stock and Get Trues beforo pur.
chasing elsewhere.
Roofing, Spouting and General Repairing.
Paints, Oils, and Brushes, nml a General Line of Buildin gMatcrinl,
Pumps of all kinds, Hope, &o , itc.
First-Class Mcchnntcs employed in tho Tin Shop.
I Eftl c n
Wlilob It Tilt: 11EST ItOOTE belwn
Trains of Ibis Company pass FEltnYfl
nUItC STATION, aafnllnirai
risslnnsol'Tll, (dally etzceplSnnday.)
Dayton & Cincinnati Eipress 8 58 l.M.
Detrnll.Tnleiln Cin. Mall (D) lltll.ll,
Toledo A Lima Accnnimt ilatlnn 6 DA r. v.
Detroit, Toledo ,V Cin, Epreaa,(D) 11 25r.k
risstso noktii, ((tally except Sunday.)
TntodnA Dctrnll Expresr (Dally 5 It i.u,
Lima & Toledo Accomodation 8.1& A.M.
Toledo, Detroit & Cleveland Eipreaa
(Sundarnnlr) 0 2tl.il
Toledo & Detroit Mall 2 81 r. V.
Toledo. Detroil A Chicago Expieaa 8 Si r.M
Fur Maps. Time Tables andolher Informa
tion call on Button Agent, or address O, T.
A,, Cincinnati, O.
Cen'l Ticket Agent.
FnD. DaORiKP, Agent, I'errysbnrg,.
School Stationery,
Wall Paper,
Window Shades,
All Kinds of Brushes,
Spectacles, Eye Glasses,
All kinds of Paints, Oils,
and Varnishes.
coat M0K--A oraoi
Fino Overcoats in. tlie NeT7st Fabrics.
Elisiins, I'ttr llcnci Oliinchill ti, ICj.-?3yj, Mjltoni, Oisiioures, otc.
made inrnultlcs lii.nnicr. linod with stiiiu, sorgss, nnd Italians Coats
cqti.tl iiiiuatcrials and finish to tho beat custom girmcut, at much lowor
pi ices.
Pino all wool AVor-tcd Ovorcoits, bhek, bronn and blue, sntiu sleeve
lining, with or without silk facing cost jou 3110 to order SIS.
Splendid Oliineliillt Overcoats, ten styles, v.het, piped or corded edges,
silk voh-ct collars, fine linings cost jou S2S or Sail to order S15.
At 512.00 o show you good, all wool Worsted, Fur, Bmvcr aud Cas
simero Overcoats an enormous Vaiiety nnd every Cmt a Ilargaiu.
pur "3Joxi. Dollar Ovorooats
Cannot be mitched in riuilily and unkc.
Tho Best 10.00 Ucavcr Overcoat you have ever scon.
Kattling good Ulsteis, warm, ell mido same Ulsters were sold last year
at S3, and you will ho asked S" and S3 to day at other couterns.
For First-Class Goods at Lowest Prices, Trade at
rOITTXi sows,
189 & 101 Summit St. cov. Adarap, Toledo, O.
Columhs, Ming Valley & Toledo Ey.
Tnkinp; Effect November 28, 1880.
VKN'l' A XIJllU.
LrTtiltdo. b 20 in 10 10 an 5 33pni
Fneltiria 6 37 11 33 .. 7 H2
Oarer 7 U - )2 05, ni 7 36..
.. Upper Kn.. 7 Stl .. 12 40 8 10
.. Marlon. R 30 I 18 8 47
.. rrnaiecl... 8 80 .. 1 40 8 07
.. Delaware ... 0 16 . 2 00.. t 34
Ar Uiilnmbiis. 10 10 .. 3 00 10 30
Lr Uiilnirl us 7 50 a n. 3 In (, n n tli) m
.. l.ancastcY... 9 15 4 27 7 18
Logan. 10 02 5 25.. 802..
Ar Atliers 11 05a n fiSOpn UlOpm
ArMcArllnrJc 11 17 an H 43 . n
.. (lallip. lis... 1 37 .n 8 10ini
.. rmiieri.y 2 32 9 CO
The Cosmopolitan
The hindiomcst, most entertaining, low price,
Illustrated family majjuinc in the worlJ.
(Aj.50 per jenr, with a 5-25 premium
Iree ) bixvy-four beautifully printed pages in
each number, ftlltdilh short stoi es, skctctes,
tracli, adventures, bright ard brief Bcictitific
anl literary articles, by distinishe 1 American
rnJ foreign writers, such as Julmi Hawthorn-,
1 1 j trie t 1'rescott Spofford, CtcrRC Parwns
Latbrop, I-ouUe Chandler Moultun, J Mic
tionaM Oxlry, Ella Wheeler WHcot, It. II
Itoyescn, Catherine O ven. Rev. K. I leber
Newton, Alphonse Daudct, Paul IIc.se, Count
Tolstoi, Tli, Uotoivsky, Willi .m Wcitnll and
miny others. Alsocntertainlnc.l UVUMilJ
Onsormore Illustrated artiLUs and several full
jmsc engravings in every number.
A Shannon Letter and
Dill File or n Shannon
Sheet-Music Binder
1'ree to ever
These prcn I urns rrll
everywhere for A2l
each The Til j U il e muM
perfect d! ice c cr im eni
cJforthei resTVii'unrnd
clrssiticatum (il,.Inbcti
a'ly nnd atcordui,' to date)
U a'l letter, bids. itc.
Any paper can be referred
tn. tal en out an1 r ut back
without disturbing the
others. With the Hinder
ore can Inserter file out
anypiecec f muncwithoui
H.Ir.iurhin'Tnnv o'her I licet.
end SO Tents to publishers.
AKST3 WA:;:S0. CI3 C3r-1ISS!C:T3 TAI3.
Schlicht & Field Co., Rochester, N.Y.
,i.is s??s
KCONO.111' IS "IVI.WTril.
All tlio I'ATTEItSS jou wlsli tuii'n ilinliiBllie
year for nothing (4 m tn nf f rum 8 J U) to 5 1 ()) hy
eubecrthlnt: for
The Perryslmrgli Journal
Qemorest's i'1"""1
With Twelve Orders for Cut P.p.r Pattern of
your own ietectlon and of any size.
Or nil llio IMujgnsKlxieB.
Containjmj STomt", porwi, Asu (JTiiEu LtTemnv
ATTiu(rriOM, (.(iNiiiNiha AitTiiir, bcicN-
1I1( AN II HotlABtlOLU llATTMta
3Uutrutrtl with Original Atttl l!ignv
lnu$, J'UatO'iititilir, OH J'lctum and
flttn WoodcutK, muUlny It the JH odd Maya,
ttite of America,
Each Mrtuazlno contotna n coupon oidf r cntitHnu
the holder to ihu tclutbm 1 1 ai pattern illuxratt-d
In tho fashion Kiurtiunt In thut tmmUr.Hinl in
any of tho tirm UJii.urncUiad. makhK rmitirn
durinir Iho V4nrof tlio Mil in i f ocr tl ur do far.
DKMOKIWl'M MONUJI.Y f- Jiully ciitliled Iho
World' Model Ma'aiijo Tho Jiritt in Vu m, the
Urxittln CirciiiAtloi), inn. ihu 1 t 'J WO Dollar
Km ml I) Mucnrluo lmil 817 will bo Ihu'l iWiitjr
'hlrd year nf it pub Uitlon, It U coi tlnnally im.
proul nn 1 fo vtnilL)y imto ploc Hut lliuhfaj
if rumlly INrlndlLiiltf It Lmniin 7 Iat In rye
liiaidJ.sVxiHii Inclits.cItjMiitly prlntdi and fully
lhHtritcd J'ubllthcd by J tuning Din.cri.tt,
Mow tirk,
Perrysburgli Journal at $3,00 Per Year.
B. 27-
If you want a useful (ns well
as interesting) Art Magazine, try
"The Art Atntteur." This standard
periodical, now in its eighth year, it
aeknjffloJRod, ahroad as well as hore.
tobj the rory "BEST PEACTI
If you need Color Studies for
Jloduls, ou will find those iu Tl.e
Art Aniitcur for '87 (lik.o those foi
'8G) not mere ehroinos, but niasteily
rei)roduttioti8 nf choice riuiulings bj
olevor artists, not v.ilualile alone nt
topies, but well worthy to be framed
and hung.
If you aro a Chiua Painter,
If you aro an Km jroiderer,
If you aro a Wood Cuncr, or a
Brass II unmercr,
If you aie learning to paint in
Water Colors or Oils, or enjiiged in
any sort ol JJiush or Pencil woik
The Ait Amtteur for '87 will be
found iuv.tlutblo for its pr.ictic.il sun
"cations and useful sutudici.
Tlio Art Amiteur's notes nn dec
oration and furnishing and house
be.iutifjingin gouci.il aro alono richh
worth its cost.
Send U0 cents for a specimen
copy with colored plate.
Hi nil Tina iinrajrra It ami one ilnllar
ami kii will receive li nr (UlTVruit 8 i-tl
men cn lea (it Tlie A rl Amatmir. c"iitalii
inje Fmir SiipeiUCiiliirtil I'lHlia .(2iata
if u (irking ilelniiH.undnlel 0 larce m
i;ea of iutureatlni. A lirnclical art readli ff.
.Send Till5, pn mt:rnpli hii1 rontnoi.
i,AitEi,iii'd vi ii w ill ricuirtt'l bit Art Ami
luur ft r 1S87 tind al,T (j;iatU) tlu-f jih-n-did
tiunibur for l)fc)mbtr,'8fl(c( nttiuiup
a iu tihcdlurtd plutu, Thu hltfj ug
We Can Show to the Citizens of Toledo and Vicinity
In this part of the State. Ispection Solicited at the
Old Reliable Carpet House of
9 iUM hl&&J!&i, vu
)0. O.
EiLJiW.' iU I fiH.'SL-'JL'.'iwWSJ ,-Ka Jtf-KtiS M'Jjj.'MgW.iWh't, XMMtM
for Infants and Children.
.'Olflil IIIIIIMI.
t.T l'nmernr V 00a ni 4 15(1
Oallipiilla.... V it .. 6 Oil
.. McAnlmrJc 1157.. (13
Lr Athena. filiam 7 18m 12 30p m
I,t l,nEn 7 :6 a in 8 30in 1 37 f in
.. I.ancaater... 8 13 .. (I IS 2 20 ..
ArCiilnnibiia... 9 30 .. 10 Si ? 40 ..
t.r Columbus.. 10 !lim 4 45an 4 Jim
.. Drlaware... II IS.. S 37 6 17.
I'r.npecl 1141.. It 02 " S 36 -
Marmn 1202 m (1 22 S 64 ..
.. Upper Han- 12 .15 .. 7 15.. 46 ..
.. Carer IIS.. 7 ?5 7 06.
.. Foalorli...- 1 4'. , S 06 7 3ft
Ar'liilnln- 3 OS .. I 0 25 . 0 CO ..
Nolo un It im in r ol Tintna.
Train leaving Cnlun kua al 4.1S r. M. (nnrlh
bounil) riina tlallr.anil rarilra llilinsh atceper
fiirClilcac", fla Framiia ami II & II It. Tt.
Train arrirlnc al Culumliiie l 10:10 a x rnna
ilallr. ind carrtea lliroiiuli alreper Iri m Clnea
gntu Ciilnmbiis. ttaal.inplon anil llaltinnre.
Direct cnnnertlooa niaile in Union Dept al
Cdliinibua.lnr.Nenarli. Zanrafillr, rillLnirn,
Wlieellnc, lialllmore , Wad.lncti n and Pblla.
dlphla i al fnr Dajlnn, Clncinratl, Ltliii
villa, and all pnlnta intuit and Si utliarat.
IfCliue oinncctiiiDa at ulrtln lor Detroit,
and allpolutaln Mkliipan ami Canada.
Oen'IPaBienger and Tltki I Ajent.
CoLltmua, O.
0 It. CAIIIl, Clen'l Supl.
(Head duwn.)
(Head up.)
"Caatorla la ao well adapted to children tiat
I recoramenil It as superior to any prescription
known to mo II. A. Ancncn, JI. D.,
Ill So. Oxford SU, Brooklyn, X. v.
Cutoria cures Colic Constipation,
Ramc Rlnm.h l)ltrrhfTrt. y.m, (.ltlnn.
Kllla Worms, eivca cictp. ami proniot&s di
ithout Injurious medication.
Ten CzxTicn CanrlM, 1S3 rulton Street, 1T.T.
rn tfiil Qatac Down lo th Oiu,
TiDglTloflThkl l(oThHa
Ooea A Kotllnj Blond Oalbeifl
ha Hon. Hlllw, Tit-til9W.
llturlor Bold Jllav AI.iU
Uounulai Billlofi r n h
Jack Unei Hmoi Afatn Anola
Laurl (ifnidmother iClilf. A
Mandcrlnf Uimlrel I. In lb
Gloanilaf T Back tha M'arl
Ttivu OavciU liood bj, itf Hoo
tj, 1 n Odd Jlt-can fci 1 1
llf-ldft. HUHaHwaethcart. Iltarl
KowailDown. UyUuvcD Wail
for iba Turn of tb lids hro
Jaotilt Ooufi Down the Lana
Ubeo Iba Hwallowa Northward
Fir. Old lllatra WaektiiiliD a
Phnp HimmbRr 1'aor Mothtr atUomo Twlokanham Feirr, KIUnir. IltDaatb tba Low Tbauitad lumt Attia,
ftel Urranluiaa, Laftioafi Wth lion t Take ! Uft Ha id Koad t ar Aay Won I Vn Ttll Ma V.bj,
U-iiilaT Kathl-en Mifoormwa Uad Ilcltrr Hlda a Me f Jood bja, flwihart Hood bjt aha Ufnd of tha
Kiter Then ou It JUniomltr Hi 1 Dftaut Thai I pwtil Id Martita IlalK .t Ma Drcatn Afalo Whin Uil
1 li lu u Fal. 1 ns Old HiU.u K wjbody Hai a Troubla or Hit Own Tha Girl wKh iba Ualoabaro
Hat, lamia Th bear Did Farm Port I Cry Llttla Bliwr, I II lok Out fir Yos Anna Soa Tb UllUr a Jolly
1001 Thvl)t Atwra tha "I" Tha Illack Tnllp I tula Kaia Klrbj, I,tttla Onai Alooa Jlaby Ba Maihtf
lUiu Dtneatb tha DaJitai U hera Hon d It Blua tlalla graw When Our Darllaca KbMlla frartr SbaaJatt
Bare I miieetl Yaf Old Tha Old Kaotor Bell Tba Blua and I he Urar. W Coulla Brlog the Llttla Darkaf To,
Irrcdall (jool hra, Mr Boy Oood bye Trmt Iho Boy ae Motto la "My Weibtr Hoje Ktap Away rron the
atrtil Loeorf Funny Tblnr A Flower From My Anftl Mother e Orate I Left Ireland and Mother BeeaMea
WtWtrefwr. Ulvoaa HoneillrlitilalarbanM. Sot P-Ture Pa W Narer Sprak aa V Fata By. YAUOet
Mora U.e Your Dal Erarr Day Mary or Ih HlMMour Farmer a Boy llutcb'r Boy Uer Ibe flardea Wall,
1'uor, But a Hentlemaa Btfll Forglta ao-1 Foret all lha Trouble Ton (Tare Met. Hwcet Krellna Palletaf Straw,
llDlraiauay nioiaom When Von to (lot But nay Cent Lf T Iy From My Auiel Mother a Oraeja TMa
bo k trrlnud on patcrme1teMhtetin ila, Ulven with a, ti month a tubMfipllon u ihi'TAItu ANU
GAItllPV ourileudd houhold roouihlr, for only UO era la. damp taken Order a anpy now Addi-ae
7 00 6 40
7 16 5 52
7 26 6 01
7 45 0 12
8 07 6 24
8 12 8 27
8 25 0 3f.
6 .Ti S 38
8 45 (I 45
8 57 6 51
9 10 6 50
0 10 7 07
9 31 7 10
10 on 7 21
10 15 7 J
11 2i 7 17
12 00 7 45
....() U Jiinctli ii
Urrrflnli Unad...
l.lme Oil....
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in CiwiynH for tlm Ble of IN nrerr
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(licit-rin tiin i ni'cr.i
Itocli-ririrri IVeV
t'J Itilllclollili St .Clilcngo, keep this linpcrMifllo
andaranutboiUcil to anuCDTICICSC
mulio contracts with AUWCll I lOgHdi
Chase Bros.
IrenreoeDt lnhcrownlorftltr
anolil firm ltcfemii,re,iilrcj. I crmnnntpot'illoil
uvl eoinl taUry. UAV i llltub.. 11 UaaUr Bl.. N.T.
Price of Tho Art Ainatour, $4.00
a year; Single Copies, 35 ots.
Montaguo Marks, Publisher,
23 Union Square, Kotv York.
Ague Cure
18 WARRANTED to euro Fevir pud
Aituc, Intermittent or Clilll Fever, Jte
rnllU'iit l'uvtr, Duinli Akiic, illllousl'cicr,
l)i nsuc (or "llrciK-liouo" lurr),,ticr
Cninplalnl, and nil diseases arising from
Malarial poisons.
"Harpers, S. C July 0, 1884.
"For eighteen months I suf
eretl with Chills and Fever,
having Chills every other day.
After trying various remedies
recommended to cure, I used a
liolilo ofAyer's AQua Cure, and
have never since had a chill.
ritniuiiEP nv
Dr. J. 0. Aycr & Co , lowoll, Hass.
tiolil by nil Druggist.
TSUALPocLugea) mailed to M
.n.w t lent a larre proportion j
lAuLat whom look a full treat!
inntantiwerarMWired tohBjUtliby tiMof
WeoknoM nnd Phnl cal Pocot In Yoon or M La
id loriftAfr
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mtmitht about trJIndliaOfloatKxiiOfmrViOrear-Urun
workfOrtoofroa Indulgent, m oak that 70 a tend o
h lUut'd I'linpiiietao.
void ua tmixfauion 4 protesllou rcme
dlea fonhtft tuublei,and aJl Qqacka,
, time Take UI(IlUf IDT that HAA
CUilED thoQCajidf , dtMi tw Inlcrfcra
with Wtentlon tn buainaaf . or caiua nala
orlpeonTcalcnniiisnrvaT. founded
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aT.nllllllnn y ilia Mat nfilluau It. ifaatlla
In fl nance ll fait wlthnnt rfl. TiSa nalnrai
ftlnellnni nf Iba tinman crranlim vnatAtaxl. Ttm
waJlad tnhnatlns lemetitl of Ufa ir (Iran batck.tba ratlaot
Vacomai cbaeifulapd rapidly gain both ittatnth and baalth,
TBEATHENT.-Qg Uflntt. tl giro Man. tS. Tlr,t7.
300- JJ. Tenth glieet. BT. UOU1S, MO,
11 Ml 1 IMM
'fiirjmrn.Zs KlL;
fL mzzsm
rii:oii(ii: stiiaiN ,
Atlnmonnd Coiinielolatlinli
IyOlIlciln riineniz lllnck, orer Oliair.)
ey'aUrui; Store, l'errjrburg,0.
n(lMotarrrnbll( I nekey . Wood CotiiiW.O
RUPTURED PERBOMU can huiro fRIB Trial or our Appllunoo, AtK for Trmt I
to bo mailo. Cut thliout aqiI ro
tiirn lu tic, anil wo will fond yon
fiMUi a nuetltliiorjzn.itvaluemKi
tiuporliuifo to jou, ihat v III start
)uu tn liiiuhuiiH which nill brliiri
vim 1 11 tiwirti inmmv rit fin'u v
thon miy ttilny t.i(. in tliUuorM. Any ono can
ilothii work ami live at homo. i:ltiirox j nil
uiri-i. Hon)cthltiLfiic.( Unit Juitcoliie inonevfor
allworkcm. Worlll tiirt son: cnnllul not
neoikil, 'ihlflfs nnuoft ho ucuulne. Innxirtaut
iciHorn MfUlino, Thoo who aro iimbl
tliiiinnndpntorprlilneulU not delay. Ornntl
uiiiiu inc. .Mure tkle x Co., AtiuuBia,
gaaggaaanr-i. rnn jz
Oaiiluarn tlioovnctinatoriinuiliertlatiiKintlii
any S'Kn'si'Ai'lii nr t'MilomcAi In ll.o Ilnllui
Statu liy alclrisulm: (1. 1, MAIiril,
Aihir'llnliij wnut, 'J,'l Piniliico Ilxcliuniii,
'JiillilliiL', 'liilcdo, 0,,wlioroflUa ofthla papur
nn.vlioiiouiiiiiid ait vort lalnir coutracta made
(ut II.
TlieJoiirual! AnIn41ipS!SSiEf Y0M,
Otilainerl, arnl all I'ATKNT ItOSINHHI aliend.
eil tu I'RUMI'l'I.Y anil fur MOIIIUtA m I EKrf
UiirniUtala npiioaite lliu U, H. I'dtentUlUce.
and we cannbtaln I'atenta In laaa lime tbau
lliureieiiioiefnim WAHIIl.N'in ON.
Hoiul MOI)i:i,0R DltAWlNd. We advise
aa tu patriilabitltr Ireu nl (liarirei and we
We rtdr, licro.to (lit I'lislmnslcr, tlio Hupt
of Jlmie Order l)r,. and tn olllcLn la of U.K
i'aunlOnicu. for circular, adrice, terrnaan
nfenncea In nclual clleuta in your own Hlaloo
County, Write tu
O. A. fJIVOW Ac CO,,
Opposite I'atent Ollloo, Waaiilnnlim.D.O
Ncwanajier Ailveitlalnit
may lio fniinil nn
lllii ut Uio. I'.
iinwiii, A Ca'a
lliiriiui (10 lipruco
Avj nl&
Cblldren's, 1 to B ycare,
ditto, in o aiiaciiuieuia, -
Mlaaea' " "
Ijldka" " "
Mlaaea', with a belt, "
Iltilea', " " "
blocklnc Alidomlnal, and Catarne
nlal lUlidagu Bupporter torn.
blued, ...--
Ileftltli Skirt Bupporter,
IJrlgbtoii Ucnt a (Jiuti r,
rou Bii.E nr
all nnsT-CLABS STonES.
Samples vent pout paid to tin address upoi
receipt of prlca m ti-(.eiit atainpa.
Bole Owner and Manufacturer,
17S fcntlu Mint. Kou'.Yurto

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