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Absolutely Pure.
TliUtiw(lurnuvcrvarlon A marvel of pur
iy,Urcu3tliatiil wliolasoinuuese. More ocuu
tmlcAltlun thoordlnnry klntlfnandcanuot bo
totilUicnmputHIonxWth tlio miilhludc of low
,csMhort vclshtlnm or phosphate powdcra,
nUlonlilncam. ItorxL IIarim I'owdkr Cv.,
.Oil tYaUSt.,N,Y.
'Continues to Do Buninoss at the
28 Front St. East Toledo,
With a Full Stock or
Ready-made Clothing
Pi I i Ml
lira mmmn
EXsxts zxxxcS. Oaps,
And Custom-made Boots and Shoes.
Our expenses aro triflini;, compared
with thu Homes on tlic Weit side,
.mil cousideiin;; citrility wo fell goods
in uhuip .n any liouho in tlio city, and
C"i ilcti",o Uoiupirison.
l.Sr-3pi!ui:il inducements to pnrclins
ors of 1 irgo bills of Fall and Winter
C3 1T3 cin live at'iome, ami make moruinou
Wil T eyst uork tor us than at invlhliiK else
1 il 1 1 In tli unrlil Capital lint nee Tot; yun
Q yy ire -tnrteil fre. lliilh oki; lilt iisr.ee.
Vuyonocnn ilntbo uork. l.irRu curn
lius H rtl from (lnt stirt. Cnerty rrut
fit anil termstreo. llotteruotilelav. Cnati noth
in 't injiid usynurtiilitrcssandfindnnt; II on
lire ilt vol will do so at uucc. 1I.Ualli.ttA
:., l'ortlanil, Maine.
'TillJannatj 1st for
pcl.BQ Pes. Dos.,
AinI larger work at cntrepfftn1ti)fr,lj how
Investment & Real Estate
Office of
James Raymer,
M nf) tnMO(lontoii llmo atlowcat rates of
4ttcr t. Hail K'tvohoiiulilttHililundc'cctiiing-
fjii 0 i iiiTil)ItJfi Commercial paper ttcmm-
:dj Hrj i iin, from 3 51) J and upwards at
oweat rates.
:jr, SiporiorStrcct, TOICU.0. 0.
rniiTin os rise white papab.
.Oaly SI a Year Two Cents a Week.
A Brilliant Q ataxy of Contributors.
Til National TnmnvB lias Lai tlio rare
-jioil fortune to f cu.-o for Ita nailers contri
butions frcm l!.c j i im of a" array of dlttlns
iiln'ud men. ku. ti n 110 ntliir vapor in the
country lint ever been able to boan of.
Tlio fi llowlni; Konllomiu liave alremlv furn
ished orllclcs, or iioao Iberain couric of prep
Jill Qm. J, C. Frmnnl
Hrlp-Ocn. H'.rl, fammowt
Dint L'.S.airi
fill Jiiwiru j. jynjii
ita II. .1. Ucrdnn
dn ft K. lrahnm
do J. II. TarcMn
do H". II'. IWhiryi
di II. H". ltiKl,lcri
(hi. AOcrl a. llracUlt
(ill Frrd ). firnnt
J. C. ItoWnum
J.F. UaTlranfl
Thoi J. Wood
H. II'. JAwnn
M. 1 I nil It
.. r. h'tmis
.V F.Fnrer
llrta-Otn. 1'. A. H'nUrr
ilaj, Um. Verity l'oore.
KENT ONL ON UBlEirT or tub momst
WntfMnprfuii, li.c
Sample Copies Freo.
Send for Ono,
Sua yspsr
Lighting His Streets of
OTpr W.wof our Frwt1
Lanijtiiliow (n uc Writs d
!r rfniilnr, iJ"tiootl
romnilielons ralj. I
116 E.6lh St. Canton, 0.1
Tb low4fia( moil ptcrclncly irlll
im ui in Piie iiitvia mn uc nciru vp
in unn hiiik. tit itq vi
I ui lb re I'. Pt Uttrtrnntri
tii3 Hririiiffrw xtitui
ltiJ ira lti h1ct
bullet Im nlujlilo
4. Bit Wirt Mill, to jj&ji iffFlfSi H
(vi m taiicntluufti vbas'J; 4At:tr5jjs?A tract
f irmrr. rtartkiiivn -.
)ndl.ioct (S5. Aiii7PV7 t
uu j ovr juif, aaCrFi,W!r 'inn
d it
r- lf in ft!
vtrr an b
! I( oanu It
Vol fthaatal kaiwa
It T (uoJi ur
II !. Aid
fiatltiar faUla nl
uita.kn yta.tiQ?elUe,B4
riovrul wrilrle, win ra4 ikia
Ita finii fKialaiua t tnull nui
. far Blr t& alkniD Al
CO.. T8fc rilrt SOt, rfaUadcIfihlo, !''
MiaHtNNtR! .a. A f. 1 . k w akii
Ifleldi r trire. Toot thoia who writ (a
SilhMnACa.PoftUnd, Mlnf,wlIirwelT
frw, full lnfurraion w oik wbkh
I lie ran do. and lira at hnma.tlmt will nar
" ILtim from U la 12A nar dar. Bom a hav
cur on J a nr fhVi In a day Klthar ki. younir or old Capita
Dot rmiiilrcd You ara atarted frea TliDKa who alart at ono
aus aldblutal uie nf auua; Hula fortoau. All la nav.
1'iirryabtirg, January 7, 1887,
Wham 0T5a:ee 20o
Cora W 100 llji S,)'nV.FIour V bblO.OOiOO
ilmhoHiid .... loffllll'lat 328o
Druaiedllaif. S0&cKje 61o
Fork V 1)$U A, U'Cloraraeedlju$.Ml
Hu(t. ',Ohlckenlb.. i7c
fotalMa nw.... liOlOirurkoyilb 7JI0o
Apaaaji 50 lloaoi, $l.D0t44
Dii4UriM iaWliajdji,.-.... ta
mo .... .. ... iqn'rhir'
Dry Goods,
U ,--. A
r w'Jv IJps. II
? wrc'
i "f"-e-!t . jT.K8U
X IUVA.'J5" i.'jk'
-5 ,aaP7 ,.
Wauseon gas well la down over 2,
000 Iteel and stilt no gna or oil. Tlicy
Imd bolter tnlto soundlnga for Clilna
An old philosopher ays, ''A man's
nolghtiors can forgave liln almost any
thing but neglect to clean tlio now off
lita aldowalk."
Walcliea, Clocks, Jewelry, Spcclnlcs
Speeinl attention given loltepiililng. All
Warranted, JOHN ZUUFLtlH,
36 Monroe St. Toledo.
T)urlng tlio year 1887 tliero will bo
four ecllpnen, two of tlio un find two of
the moon, but one ot which will bo visible
In till latitude, tlutot tlio moon on the
Slh ol February,
"TlioiiRlit Clubs" nre popular among
Eislcrn Indlcn. They meet and think, ami
-don't say a word for hours, until every one
it wild to know what tlio others aro think
ing about. banNancitco Alta,
Gall Hamilton rays that when a Hono
lulu woman walks out into the rain her
escort carries her uaibcrclla, Iter dress ami
her shoes, Wc presume that tlio only ad
dttiou to her wet-day attire, on dajB when
the sun is shlulning, is a bask.
IMitor Cutting Is on his way to Cleve
land to lecture. If the moyor and city
officials ilo their duty, they will see to it
that half-lare excursion trains are run out
ol the city every ten minutes, so as to give
all cllnens an equal chance to lenvo town,
Cln eland Prett.
J. J. Johnson, a physician living at
Columbiana, O., is reported to liavo dis
covered a process for tlio manufacture of
gas, whereby nearly half a million cubic
feet of gns can be made from one barrel of
Ml, the residue of which is still worth its
coat price r a lubricator.
One ol our cxcliMrges bus come to a
wise, profound and sensible coirclnsion.
It says "The longer we run a newspaper
and write about people and events the
more we realize how utterly impns'lhle it
is In scratch f very man on the spot where
lie Itches die mtirt.
Money ttil.onn. Inquire of
If, i:. Pcck, Ancnt-
Ragged eilg. stationery is all the rage
in fitfhinniilile society at prison). Now
its ebody will inlTOilirce lire fashion if
rnggul edge call irs nml cufls lie wilt eain
the everltisllng grnliltiiie ot die wealthy
eoinilT) vifitors, who have a lunkering tulc
in the fashion at lea4 once In a decade.
PrnbililylliuKborlert line of riiilrnnil
in uic worm in in Allen rouni. isonniiiig
of Ihe high-soumling mine of Ihe 1'illi.
btirg and Chicago railroad, ihe emlre line
is tiut one milo ill lencth. In one reg.uil
II resembles the more Important routs. It
Is bankrupt and n receiver tiaa lately Leen
Succesful Sulor (jovfijjly) "Well, I
liae won Miss King. Slia. sen! me a
hraiilitul plaster cast nf her hand Inlielleil,
"Iwiis iiiiiip, 'lis jours.'" Uisconsolsle
rival (snccriiigly) " Weil, wliy didn't she
finMi lite Quotation. 'And has been slnve
In thousands' ?" Uxiienl figliling
llamlltt ,
'1 he 1'errvsburg Schools have been tl e
grealct pride of our town for many years
past, but ll will Kquire rume of tlie br-t
thought and connect of our ciliz-ns, uith
oul regard to politiial ambilnn, or avarice,
if lliey are to prosper in the Inline or sur
vive only on the record of the pist ai a
,has been,'
If a vonngman wanls 1o have a ligiry
of the evils of this life that will hang tu
him, all th ii lie h is to dj is lo drink
s noke, giuible a lilllc, turn up his nose in
ilisd.iin at hard working young men, be
come cjnic.il in regsrd lo the efforts of
others, and when he grows old enough to
realize Ilia position he will mentally vow
that lie was the ariest fool. Ex.
"CliralMI," the New Yons fashion
correspondent of the Cini'innnli njutrer,
siya lhal in her set the unmarried women
are divided into three classes. The very
joung girls jnst miking their debut in so
ciely are called "Dtbbiesj" Ihe antiquated
old maids are culled "Tabbies; and Ihe
liitirmeiliale ones are called "Tarriers,''
because they tarry tin well Jeil.
Uc ! ncnitful man, and docs not like
Inle unpreparid for pumille ctneigi n
irs, Wlille in a strange bnlvl in the
liinviiirir, n feu moulhsiigo, lio discovirtil
jin-t h, fine exlingubhiiig ihe light in bis
loom, thai ttieie were only four in ilihes
In the m.ilch-biix. "If I wnKe at night,"
he Ihcughl, "If llivso mutches are wel,
what hhall I do?" Wlieriiipun he lesled
them one by one, blew them out In tin n.
and irai quilly laid liim down to rest.
William Fiilt'ou, a wcalihy fanner of
Definiice county, who is suing for divorce
trniii Ids second wife, IUbicru, lestlficil the
other i.3 that being unable to keep any
pipers or other valuables in the hou.e
without his nite getting the in, he made
a pickage of them ami put it in thu man
ger of his big hull. "They eie pretty
sife there," suld Mr. Fullou, "liecaiise It
wasn't safe for any one on the farm except
myself to go near the aiiiuml, He was a
very handy bull."
Nothing sounds mote pitiful than the
neigh of a horse in the mill hours of night
as he xtauds pawing In the cold and snow
while the imtsitr ma.ls his shins by n
war slove In a saloon m gossiping in
some grocery. It such inhuman cieatures
could be lied on ihe sheets with their
faithful friend, (heir hoise, for one night
only, it would certsinly arouse within
him a sympilhillo feeling which
would, at least, piompi them to give their
horses shellcr from the fiigid blast of the
winter nlghla. J'x.
As the bog cholery seems to be a verv
diiTiciill problem to solve among t lie
hreedeis ot swine, and us reputed cures ot
the disease are quite numerous, yet equally
utisallsfaclnry, no daubt any Information
upon the siihjtct will be ot interest to
farmers, A friend informs us that the
very best remedy that be lias tiny knowl
edge of, contisls of charred corn-cobs,
thoroughly sprinkled with sulphur and
salt, and ted to the hogs once or twice a
week. Our Informant states thai Messrs
Stephen Crow and Adam Qetnian, prom
inent funnels ot tins county, have used
the above with snlisfsctnry lesulls. As
the remedy costs hut little, it is at least
worthy of a trial, Pufnoni County Sentinel
Wo indorse all tlio proprietors have
sold lelalive to (he merits of Salvation
Oil, It is Iho greatest cure on earth fo
pain, Price only 25 cents,
Yarborougli House, Raleigh, N, C, r
I have used Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup fo
my children; It la the golden remedy,
Mrs, Dr, BUckwcll,
The Mnitmco Lodge I, O. O. F, No,
fj82, will hold Iholr mblle Installation ol
officers at tiiclr hall on Thursday evening
uoxl, 13lh Inst,
-Quarterly meeting will bo held at
tiro M. E. Church noxt Sabbath. Preach
ing and comnranlon In Iho morning,
love feast and preaching In tlio ovonlng,
The workmen engaged In sinking the
gas well rcrtelrtd a depth of 1,450 feet at
midnight on Monday night, when they
again had tlio mtsforliino to loose their
drill, which wsa not secured again until
Where is our locsl spring peel?
Tlio Toledo Vctning liet has our (banks
for a ropy of lis New Year's greeting In
the form of a carrier's address and eaten-
dorforl88? It is uiilquo, arlislto and a
Tory handsome specimen of tiro printer's
rl, and la a credit to tlio paper issuing It
-Mr. It. 8. Clegg informs us this morn
ing that ho has got everything about
ready to commence a general business with
tlio public In the lino of fiirnitilro ot all
descriptions and upholalered goods, at tlio
fine business block recently purchased by
him from Mr, O. D. Hopkins, lie will
also in n ken specialty ol undertaking goods
and will carry the Isrgest stock ever seen
In a town of this size. Call and see him
and get acquainted. He located bis fami
ly here several weeks ago.
Mr. Androw Rickcrt, n German far
mer flvo miles east of town, had his rca-
idenco entirely destroj'ed by firo on
Monday, including the cntlro contents
He was living on n routed farm and had
sold n part of his crop to pay tlio lent,
and Iho money, except $14 in silver, was
nlso consumed, A friend who could
talk English called upon a number of
our citizens Wednesday and quito a lit
tlo sum of money was raised for the old
Willi Ihe additions, wo now have
about 14 incites of snow on a dead level,
with but little drift, and the sleighing was
neverbeller. There is an immense amount
of hauling being done of all descriptions,
and sleighing parties are out almost every
night by Ihe light of the moon. Two del-
egsl'musfrom the High School yisited To
hdo last nlghl, one visiting Miss Millie
Ilitlh while ihe oilier pent the evening
with Mr, Will Savogc. They did not
know that the mercury would reach 1G
degrees lielow zero, e idly and quietly, be
fore Ihe break of d ir.
for S.iln or Rent. Oni of Ihe best
farms in Wood counly, consisting of 200
acres, two miles from PLrnslnirir.
N. L. Hanson-,
For Sale I'limp. A pair of ono-hoiso
bobs, a string of bells and ono parlor
heating Bloie. Inquire of Thomas
Wulter, Peirysburg.
Ma'que IIiill. Hills hive just been is
sued for a grand Masquerade Dsll at the
Schicly House. S mill Toledo, on next Fri
day evening, Jan 14lh. Messrs. Miller &
Ronam's Oithestrn will ftirnMi excellent
music for the occasion. Tickets only 50
To Whom It Mny Concern. The un
dersigned herebj- gives notice that his
wife, Loulso Walker, has left his bed
and ioird without cause or provocalion,
and that lie will not become responsible
for an' debts the mnv contract.
William Walker.
Scotch Itldge, O., Jan. 3d. 1887. 40c
Fiiimei' Institute Mr. G.n. Cald
well to day laid upon our table the pro
gram for the sixth nnnunl meeting of
the Wood County Farmers' Institute, to
be held at the Court House, Howling
Green, on Tuchdaj-, Wcdiiesdaj' and
Thursday, Jan. 18, 19 and 20, 1887. We
mil publish the program in full in our
Anollitr lit c. About 11 o'clock on
New Yeai's night Ihe cry of tire rung out
mi the crisp atmosphere, and sonn the lu
cilion could be traced by Ihe tight of Ihe
burning building. It proved to be the
frame residence of Mr. John Neiderhouse
on Indiana avenue. The fl-tmes soon
spiesd Ihiongh Ihe building, but Ihe
neighbors assisted in stving most of the
furniture mid contents. Tiie deep snow
m ide it difficult to git the engine on the
ground promptly, hill it did effective woik
after it leached the fire. Mr. Neidei house
is badly luokeu up over the loss, as it was
nol fully paid for ami Ihe amount of iu
sutance did not coer the loss.
!i bating Sncletj. The High School
Denning society dipoed of the tariff
quelion on Tiiesdij- evening, t lie question
being decided ill favor of the defenders of
the iiffirmitive sido. Wo will now hae
Owing lo so m inf holi.I lys cnmlu In
close, pioxlmlly Iheie was no oration, no
eS'iy and nu leeilalion as provided foi In
the program.
' Resolved Tint Prohibitory !iu
should be eincled," is the question for ills
cussion next week Fred Champuey and
Hal Limpitrin on the aflliinalive, and
Arlie Fiukbcincr nml Chnille Iliycaon tlio
negitive. A teoilstioii by Willie Rhein
frank and an essiy by Alfred Asci 111 will
complete Ihe program.
Quite a number of invited guests were
present on Tuesday evening last.
Masonic RniMjili't. The public in
stallation and barquel of Phoenix Lodge,
F. & A.M. on Mondny evening was fully
up lo the stnndaid of fouuer jears. Tho?
who hae ever witness! d the installation
leremniiius hy Cot. Lutle, of Toledo,
kniw something of Ihe cnriust and im-pre-aHo
manner lu which Ihat ci lemony
is pcrfoimed by hlni. His address on this
occasion was also excellent ami eloquent'
Tho muslj hy Iho Arion Qiarletle seemed
lobe an improvement, if that was possi
ble, on their loimer efforts.
The committee In charge of Iho ban
quet, as was cxpccled, performed their
palls eloquently and patriotically and
added several mine sprigs of acacia lo
llieirciips fur fiilhfuliiud efficient service,
The tables did not groan under the bur
then of good tilings heaped upon them, for
they have become used lo II Ihat duly
was left for the Masous and families and
invited guests, of whom there wus a good
ly number, afler they hsd partaken and
sought sleep and rest, peiclisuce to dream.
It whs a pleasant social entertainment all
through and well enjoyed until utter mid
night. "Six MuiilliH fur 35 Cnntfi.
Tho news of Noitliwistcru Ohio nnd
of the world in n nutshell, besides much
other instructive nnd entertaining read
ing for loss than ono cent a week, Al1
tho neighborhood nows, valunblo pre
miums and other inducements to club
agonts. Terms by tho year $1.00. If
you want tho best and cheapest papor
for tho'next six months, send twenty
fivo cents to The Wkhklv Comukhcial,
178 Summit-et,, Toledo.
M. T. Hoclal-Tho ladles of Iho M" K.
Church, goi'lh Toledo, wilt hold a social
and oyster supper at Iho residence of Mr,
Q. II. Caldwell, on Wednesday evening,
Jan. 12lh. All are cordially Invited.
A Disgraced Nelgliorhood.
Ed. JoimNAr, i Our quiet neighbor
hood la again disturbed by a couplo liv
ing on East Indiana avenue. It is only
n few years slnco that death relieved our
neighborhood of ono dlsngrecnblo nnd
dlsgiBCcful picco of Immunity, Mrs. M.
Lately I hnvo heard Miss P. uo lnnguago
to peoplb passing on Iho streets, that was
Infamous and Improper for nnj1 respect
able person to use, nnd Mr. P. has an
exhaust attached to his faco that will
never coaso blowing, I think It would
bo well for tlio MUltorltlea to cngngo a
sultof rooms In tho asylum, or decor
nto their heads, with nail kegs.
Yours Truly, M. B,
Ed. Journal : Sleighing is splendid.
Work plenty lor both men and teams.
Making bolls and tits arc the principal in
dustries al Ihe present writing.
The wife of D. M, Shoemaker Is lying
very low with typhoid fever, Dr, Green
field, of Huskins, has charge of her,
The M, K Sunday School had a very
pleasant time on Christmas Eve, The
hearls of tho little folke were gladdened
by the distribution ol 100 sicks of pcniiuls.
candy and ginger snaps. Some very nice
selections were rendend by the choir, un
der tho leadership of Prol, Walker, of
Dowling. Wo think this much better
than the Christmas tree, as all get trcited
alike. Mr, Asel I'll Ilo, ot Webster tp,
delivered a very Interesting address to the
children. Our school Is in a very prosper
ous condition under tho management of
Charles E. Brown, superintendent. Our
district school la also prospering. Da!d
Van Voorst Is teaching his scienth term
which speaks well lor bis renutation as n
Win. Sleph, of Aleg in, Mich , Is spending
the bollidajs witli rilalives and friends
Charles G. lliown,of Deshler, nto turkey
witli relatives and Iriends heie Christmas.
J. M. Rrowu and Sam Goriel, are
spenllug the hullidajs with friends al
Kenton. Rumor has it that Sam huBgone
lo sec ills best girl.
Mbs Lyda Hears is visiting friends at
Flndtiij- and wcinity.
The Young folks (ripped Ihe light f.tn
tsslic al Grange li .ill, New Yours eve.
Now, Mr. Ed., ss (Ids is my first
attempt at new-paper writing juu will
please excuse all mistakes, and if )ou do
not think it worthy of publication please
throw it into the wssle hkel.
Mm, Gnminos.
Dowling, Jan. 2, 1887.
To citizens ol Ohio during the past week
and reported expressly for the JOURNAL by
C. A. Snow & Co., I'aleul Lawyers Opp.
U.S. Patent Office, Washington, D, C:
E. S, Butler, Wyoming, Printing vig
nettes, M. E. Ciinipfield, Slirling, Wrench.
C. T. Clink, ToUdo, Station indicator.
E. B. Evans, East Ringgoid, Motor.
F. E. Fay, Iirjan, Wheelbarrow. E.
llubcr, Miinlon,Tiie.
B. O. Tosler, Mansfield, Supendera.
F, Gulling, Maximo, Fence making
W. II. Knight, Cleveland, Motor, P.
P. Masl, Springfiel, Cultivator. J. M.
Montgomery, Columbus, Bedstead,
W. II. O'Connor, Datou, Carburetor.
C. G. Toeuse, Cleveland, i'istun water
C. Tollen, I.eesville, Nut-lock.
B. C. Van Dozen, Winlon Place. Pump.
.Stepping Stones to Mlcces.
The following is Hinting among the news
papers, and is excellent advice.
Learn jour business thoiirghly.
One to d ty is worlli (wo to-moriows.
Always be in haale, but never bom a hurry-
Observe sjstcm in all you do and under
take. Whatever Is wortli doing at all Is worlli
doii g well.
Neur fall to keep your appointments,
nor lo be puuclual to ll e nilnuie.
Be self-reliant ; do not lake loo much ad
vice, but rathcrdepend on jotiraelf.
Never be idle, but keep your hinds or
mind itselullj" emplojed except when sleep
lug. Use charity villi all; bo ever generous
in thought and deed ; help utliers slung
life's thorny pilii,
Mskeno lisste in be ricli ; remember tliil
snnll steuly giins give competency uiiil
tranquility of mind.
rialliiu'.s tlngtizlni'. We have lcceir-
cd the January number of lliis nell-kuonii
mngar-inc. Willi this issue, ll commences
lis S xty-Fiflb Volume now a third
ol a ceulury before the public, and a
general fatorite with all. It must number
its readers by legions. The billowing are
some of its features J Soriil .Stories by
the Best Aulhois, A choice variety ol
Complete Slories, Romances, Sketches of
Advt oltire. Hi" pbles, Anecilnics, Poelry,
Our Young Foil, atmj Teller, Huihtrii'
Puzzle Page, The lloil-ekeepei, Culioiis
Mutters, Things 1'lejssnt and Otherwise,
Humorous Matler, etc , all forming a mosi
complele publication for Family Reading,
Clean, Bright and Spaikliiig. What
piomlK' to be an inlciesiiiig Sciial, Mrs.
Jano G, Aiisliu, commences in this ntim-jg
her, i milled "The Oulcast j or the Master
ot Falcon's Ejne,"AIso, another series of
those entertaining tkelches by Mr. W. H
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Fmshik Telfer. December 30, I8
60, by Hov, N. T. Fay, Mr, Theodore
E. Frisihe nnd Miss Janet Telker,
both of Montgomery, Wood Co., O,
"Wlen Baby iru stele, wo gave tier Caitorla,
When aba u a Child, aha crtoil for CoatorU,
Wlitu aba bocaiao illsi, aha claog ta Caitorla,
"Wlisu lbs bad CbUdwa, abe gvo Uiera Caatoria,
utwuai 1 1,ei.ry(jburBi 0u
is.vri'.ir n y 'i'i:i,i:i'iioNi:.
Mr, F. Illrth spent Hew Years with his
many Iriends m Ihe 'burg,
Mr, Jnhti Anion has been quito ill for
over a week past.
M'ss Emma Adams, of the Bryan
ichoiils, was homo over tho hollldiy
Mr, fir ml JT. llitr.l.ot lliwllng Green,
pent New Yens Willi piicnts and friends
tu the 'burg.
Ml-s Ell t Webb Is veiling witli her
brother's liimllv, Mr, L. E. Wibh, -it
Weston Ibis eiiV,
Mr. Chnrles II drd, Jr., started yester
day for Aichb.ild to take n position lu a
slave factory.
Mr. Sinfonl BildvVln nnd wlfo of Wes
tnn, were pie'eiit at the Masonic buiquet
oil Monday evening,
Mr. M, A, Trowbridge spent Christmas
with his family here, but wis culled bitk
tnSiglnaw In tho nihldlo of the holhday
Mr, Frank Eberly, who hns been with
Evcrsmnu, Toledo, for Iwo yeirs pail, Is
home with a felon on his hand for some
dsj-s pisl.
Mis3 Ida and George Solieels, and Miss,
Maud Bloomfield, ot Eist Toledo; wero
visiting their grandma Mrs. John Atuon,
on thu first of tho week,
It Is surmised (list Mr. Tred DeOrif,
agent at tho depot, hss an interest in Iho
oil wells at Llmi, which reqntied "sevcrsl
visits lo Hint clly during the holidays and
change of slock to Ihe Stsudsrd Oil Co,
Our young friend, Mr. Henry Thom
pson, started for Bryin on Satuiday lust
to finish up tho school j ear under Mr,
Hovlor, The quiet, unassuming Henry
will be gieally missed by his classmates,
at home and in the deb itlng society, i
Mr. D. Vnnllellen started on Mondny
morning to take Ills position on the road
for Osborne, Iloslck end Co., Chicago,
He was ncconip inlcd bj- Mrs. VnnHollcn
ns far ns Pittsburg, Ind., where she will
mako a protracted visit of several weeks
with her Uncle,
Mr, Thomss Enslell, of Sidney, arrived
in timeforthe instillation of I he officers of
Phoenix Lodge on Mondiy night nnd is
srendlug the week with relatives and
friends In Soulli Toledo nnd Perrysbuig,
lie reports ills first year's business lu Ihe
grocery line as good as he could expect In
a louallty of strangers lo him.
Mr. John Z irfluh, ol 2 j Monroe street,
Toledo, w is in lown Wednesday and poid
the JouitNAL a picisant business visit. It
is always a pleasure lo do business wilb a
pruilicil, honest business man, such as we
have alwaj'H found Mr. Ziifiuh since he
first located in Perrysburg a number of
j cars ago.
Mrs. Jnmcs Dunlpace and litllo son
nnd daughter, have been visiting In
Washington, D. C, for the past threo
weeks, and Mr. Dunipaco was uneasy
for a day or two since Tuesday, fearing
they might have been in the railroad ac
cident near Republic on Tuesdaj- morn
ing, where so many lies wero lost.
But ho is satisfied lo-da- that tbej weie
not on tint train.
Ed. JounNAL : Markets in tho old
Quaker city of Philadelphia have been
lively during tlio ptst week. Prime
meats scarce nnd prices high, being 25c.
per pound for surloins, and other cuts in
proportion. Gceie 11 to lOcts. pel
pound, turkeys 17 to 20cts., chickens 10
to 18cts. nnd scarce prime butter 45 to
SOcls. per pound, eggs 43cts. per dozen.
The hens aro nil on a strike. It is hoped
that a compromise will soon be made
and tho hens Induced to produco more
eggs. Apples are $3.60 per barrel, to
matoes $1,00 per dozen, cucumbers 80 to
SOuts. each, and stiawberries, pale, in
sipid and poor 25c. each all hot-house
growth; Green peas $1.20 per peck.
On a recent trip to Trenton, N. J
wheie are located twenty-threo potteries
for tho manufacture of all kinds of crock
ery, I visited ono owned by Messrs.
Ott & Brewer who manufacture some of
tho finest ware in tho world, tho famous
China w aro not excepted. By the po
liteness of A. Brewer, a brother of ono of
tho firm, I was conducted through
the establishment and obtained the fol
lowing infoimation.
The firm employ from 350 lo 400 hands
having a piy roll of $2,700 wetklj-.
The' manufacture Porcelain, American
China, White Granite, nnd Bcdleck Chi
na waro. Tills Bclleck waro is tho finest
mule in tlio world, nnd takes its name
fiom Belleck, a lown in tlio north of lie
land where it was first manufactured,
Tlio man who first made this kind ot
win a is now woi king for this firm. A
pair of vases were shown ino that soil for
J250 per pair. A set of crockeiy con
taining the usual number of pieces was
muiked SJ.000 (having no pirtieular use
for ih.so articles I did not pui chase).
The ingredients for making crockeiy
waro are obtained in Delaware, Maine,
nnd M.iijhuul. The mateii.il Is finely
pulverized and then made into the cou
sistuicy of dough for bread. Expel ts
then mould it into the niticles ik tired,
when il is dried like britk it'.idy for bur.
niiig. Tho articles aro then put into
pots mndo of flro clay and placed one
abou the oilier In thu kiln tor burning,
Tiu-y nro then taken out and dipped in
to a milky or chalky looking fluid w hlch
is the glazing, then again they uio burn
ed ns before. To niuko tho flowers nuel
fancy woil: that ornaments bo much of
the crockeiy at the piesent lime, nn en
graving is mado of the desired design on
n smooth composition of metal, and on
this is placed a peculiar looking paste of
&tho color required. On this pasted plato
a pleco of tibsue paper, having tho im
print of tlio design, Is pressed. Tho
sumo as a newspaper is printed, This
piper is gently piessed by tho hand on
the nrticle to bo ornamented, nnd tho
sprig or flower is transferred thereto.
The vuried tints and colors aro given by
girls who aro experts with a pencil
brush, Tho crockery is ngain burned to
render tho ornamenting permanent.
Tlio amount ot sales by this firm nverago
$350,000 per year,
A prize medal was awarded to Ott &
Brewer at the Centennial in 1870, A
bronze medal from the Exposition in
Pans in 1878, A gold medal from the
Woild's Exposition nt New Orleans in
1884-5. Also the highest award nt tlio
Franklin Instituto, Youis, as ever,
Dcocmber 4th. 1887.
A Cnplnlii's roriuiiiilo Discovery.
Oapl. Ciilcman,jclir. We)iiioulli, piling be
tween A tlsntlo Clly and N. V., bad been Irnub
oJ with a cough ao that lie was unable to sleep
ami was Induced to try Dr, King's New Die
envery for Unuiumpllnn. It not only gave lu
slant relief, but allayed the extreme snrenecs
In bis breast. Ills cbllJren were slmllaily af
fected and a single doaa hsd the sains bappv
effect. Dr. King's New Discovery Is nnw the
standard remedy In the Coleman house and on
board Iho acliMoner,
Free Trial Untiles of this SUmlard Ittlnedy
alTylor& Milicr'tUriig Slots,
W. C. T U.
ThitOilumn i's Vllleil .ladertAo ftlrtttlon
oV!,c IP. 0. T. Union ofVirysoarj
7b Ms Mitor of The Pioneer
Clirlsllnni nto Void to ho ready to glvo
n reason for tho faith tint Is In tliotn.
It seems lo il6 th it tho followers of a ny
pilittcil ptrty oultt tobocq'itily realy
to give a reason for their adherence tu
that piny. If ono cm glvo n gund km
mm for It, would not the tluu ba well
spent In considering whether hu is in
the right place or nut? I wish Hrst I
show why I do not belo'ig to either of
tho old p lilies. Tito Di'iiiooratiu pirty
is tho older. It lias proltiood nuny
great men who have served their coun
try well, Jackson put down tho fits
uttotupt of a Statu to defy tho authority
of tho Nation, and ll has many olhei
claims to former usefulness. But the
gieatriues ion with mo now Is, What Is
it doing now,? It clalnia to be tho cham
pion ol Civil Sort ice lUform, but when
I 8 eo leading members Introducing bills
Into Coniiress that would practically
undo what has been done In that direct
on, cm I truit it ? Ono Bccllon of the
party doslres free-trade, while tho other
calls for protection. On tlio great flunn-
clal question It Is divided. What is its
stand on thu labor question ? In tho
gteat struggle between tho homo nnd
tho saloon, it nnayed itself, in tho last
Nationnl Convention, on tho sido of sa
loon. Thus I find tho Democratic p trty
on tho wrong sido ollho most important
question of tho day, and afraid to tnko
a definito stand on any other. This is
why I am not a Domocrat. 'I ho Repub
lican party performed n noblo mission
in freeing us from tlio infamy of slavery.
Under the leadership of Lincoln it won
an undying fame, But slavery lias gono
never to return. Wo know it is not
very actively in favor of C'ivil-Servico
Reform. The Republican pirty is gen
crally believed to bo in f.tvor of protect
ion, but one wing of it desires more pro
tection, whilo tho other wishes a grad
ual decrease to ward ntariff for-roonue-only
basis. It dnres to givo no pfotniBo
of freeing tlio country fiom paying trib
ute to tlio great silver kings. It has
done much for monopoly. This party
proposes to heavily tux the drink-traflle,
and thus mako it respectable, As a re
sult of this review, wo sco that neither
of the old parties can bo trusted to ac
complish any great reform. They are
composed of so many different arid op
posing elements that Ihey dare not tnko
any decisiro stand for fear of alienating
soma ono of them. Power Is their great
object, and they aro so nearly evonly
balanced that they daro not offend any
of these elements. Hence it is folly to
expect them to mako any great sacrifice
of votors for a principle. A voto for a
party Is an expression of approval of its
principles and actions. So every oto
cast for a p irty Is so much encourage
ment to its leaders to continuo their
present policy. If a man votes with a
party w hose actions lie docs not npprove,
ho wrougs both himself and his fellow
countiyinon by allowing himself to bo
misunderstood, nnd his influence) to go
against his convictions. Wo owe it to
our country to give It the benefit of our
best thoughts in regard to public affairs.
The Prohibition party lias at least one
principle upon which il is firmly united
tho extirp ition of tho drink-demon.
This is the question tint, more than any
other, is before tho American people.
That more is being Slid and written on
this question than on all others, is tho
best proof of this statement. Because
the Prohibiton pirty is tho only pirty
that takes what I consider n right stand
on this question, is tho reison Inmn
Prohibitionist. When the ilrink-lmfllc
is crushed, tlio first great step toward
the solution of tho labor problem will
have been taken. Tho saloon is the
great riot-breeder that Is respotiBi'blo for
the destruction of so mueli propeity.nnd
ihe theif that steals so much of the wages
of labor. Wiien tills criminal is sen
tenced before the bnrof an aroused pub.
Ilo sentiment, Inbor and cipitnl will enter
upon a new era of prosperity. That the
Prohibition pirty will tnko as good a
stand on other important questions ub
the old parties, I feel assured. If It re
fuses to adopt what I deem tho right
policy on tho mott important issues
after tills great reform is assured, ns it
will be in the not cry remote future, I
shall be ready to join any pirty that
will. Edward AldrIcIi.
Ros 'inond, 111.
Legalised Iniquity (iinftcil Into l.nti,
Ed. New Erv:
The Dow law siys to tho liquor men
of Ohio, $2J0 piid annually permits you
to engage in this nefarious business. If
you have tho money to pay tho govern
ment you aro qualified to make mnrtoy
out of this busmoss by consuming tho
virtue, intelligence, nnd property of
your victims. You can take from j our
customers, legally, tho money that
should be spent for bread, clothing and
the comforts of wives nnd children, nnd
givo for it woe, want, disease and death,
You must not bell to Illinois or drunk
ards, for we will furnhdi you with the
best material m the State men twenty
one yeais of nge, sober, healthy, honest,
industrious nnd virtuous ; citizens w 1th
property nnd good character. For only
$200 a ) ear yon have tho legal right to
mako them paupers, diunkards nnd
criminals j you hnvo a legal right to
piey upon the virtue, intelligence and
good morals of eoeiety. Hut when you
have made n moral nnd financial wieel:
oranusuanu, tattler or sou, tin a you
must stop. Wo havo nt great expense
prepared places for your victims, they
aro no longer nny uo to you and
it Is our Christian duty undus ple.iro to
take them off your hands. Our poor
houses, asylums, jails nnd penitentiaries
would bo almost tcnautlcxs without
your aid, Tho Statu will agree on their
part, to keep up all theso institutions,
make your business as legal ns that ol
the merchant -mako the piinciploof
taxing your business n plank in our
and platform if you do your paitwlll
oniv pay tne revenue to tlio binte.
Yes. wo will do morn: wo will give
you Iho Sabbath day (tho best day ou
Iinvu for buslut ss) prm ided you can per
Biittdo any munlcipility to giant it, and
If on make a brute and moral mock
we will do our best to sober and reform
him, and then you havo tho legal light
to wnck him ng'tiii,
Wo know you aro a lawless set of men
who will sell to minors and drunkards,
but you know our courts mo not very
sciiipulous to execute thu laws and
dodgu it great deal of lesponslbllily to
Our pollco aio also very kind and efil
cicnt io take iho man you kick out in
alreet when you have nil his money, nnd
put him in the lockup, unci when ho is
sobered off he will take him before thu
Mayor who will fine him fivo (1011111-8
and costs, nnd as youlnvo all his money
ho will iao to work out his fine, and
while tho plain nlid nnlonn hnvo his
money nnd time, his poor wlfo nnd
children may slano and fiec7o for want
of food oiid'clnlhliig,
Tim Dow law proposes to continuo to
put $17,000,000 a ear Into tho tills of
thu hi!dous of Ohio, nnd extend hub II
uatcly the llmo tint mothers and child
ren aliill go hungry for want of birnd,
go naked for tho want of rlnthltig, nnd
t'inl the s.loon-kcep"rs nnd theli fami
lies should live in luxury nnd tilllacnoo
by rnuslng this ilesolntlon.
TIip k ilium business is not legltlmato
mid nhoiild not he madelegil. 'lire coll
Burner gts no equivalent for hh money,
lie gets neither strenmh, Intelligence,
clmrucloi or prnpeity; nnd ninny n
mini's virtue, chnmcl'cr nnd piopeily
has lievn sacrificed by thow Dow law
Ins tuitions.
Thin Dow lnw Is a lnrgln articles of
ngn omont. 'I ho stnte of Ohio ngrei s on
the flict put, for the slim of Si0i, with
tho p.my of (ho second put (Ihe saloon
men) th.it lliey may engigo In ibis Ini
quitous hudiicsi for one yoir, and tho
pittv of tho second part ngrets fur this
privllego to pay the party uf the Hist
pint $200.
Tlin state of Ohio says by tho Biipreme
Com t, this lilt ghlmnVe business is n le
gal btisiuiss nn 1 constitutional notwith
standing it lii contrary to exciy item
Hiieuilleil in tlio Uulled St'itcs'-Conslltu-tlon,
that is, lo establish justice, insure
domestic tranquility, nnd promote tho
genernl welfare and si euro tho blessings
ot liberty to ouri-elves and posterity.
Surely this is engiafting Iniquity into
law and raising n lcuiiuo nil thu vices
of Its citizens. I). CALHOUN.
Kenton, O , Deo. 21, 1880.
"Do nntn others ns jnu would have
them do tu )ou'
The Golden Rule, a cunimandmcnl given
ns by otti Kiunr, Is very haul for some
people lo keep. Any person who hns not
the true Chiistniu spirit, overlooks il
nnd think o)ly of their own gniu, necr
iodine the (O-t lo others. In the fusl
place the tjolileu Rule means Ihe destiuc-
lion ot all Btlhsbncs", tui n man who loves
himself buler than his neiuhbors cm
never do nolo olhem as lie would havo
them do lo him. We should ht.l only do
but fed towaid olbcis as no would h.1c
them feel tow aid us.
When tho wife of n bartender will tell
strong drink lo a mini whom site knuws
Ins a wife and family to suppoil, who ale
in (leslHulc c'licuiiiHtiuicis, mid who is
known lo spend every Cent of his moiiev,
so much needed by his suffering family
fur intoxicating liquors, and nlso to dis-
grnce himself when under the ii fluei re ot
strong drink, know but little about tl o
Goblin Rule. Dojou think she imagines
Ihe suffering of thut poor wife, nnd dues
alio do to her us she husilf in Ihe some
pi ice would be done by ? No, she ccrtaiii-
Iv docs nol, but when the wife of that man
comes to her ai d bigs her nol to sell any
inie strong drink to her husbiiid. alio
answeis, "us long as ho comes wilb five
cents I will sell it In him." Mie did not
Hull tliink 'jf the Goldiu Rule, but when
ifter a few months her hlisbiiuil, no longer
i bartender, becomes a diuuksrd and she
a ilrunkiiid's wife, ciidiiriug luanv htitd-
tditps, hns logo to biilenthrs oT d ff-unt
stloous and ask tin in not In Kill intoxica
ting llqunis to hu IiiikImhiiI, uhcio Ihev
pty Utile or no .iltenlion lo her plc.dings,
does she not then letmmher the lime she
sold liquor to the drunk. in! and lefused ti
listen tu the eutienlies of the poor wife?
She now tealizis what il is In do unto
others us you would have (htm do to juu "
Nevei (ffVr u glass of wine lo u friet d;
he would not like lu lefuse it from join
hand mid it uiigtil he Ihe first step ott Ihe
load lo desliuclloii. llesides, would oil
like lo hnvu any one ofier strung drink to
abiulherot vutns, who might become a
diuiikaid and thus disgince himself?
Thus when juu aie tempted lo nfltr strong
drink lo uuutlur iiiwavs remember tlie
Golden Rule to "do lo others us oii would
have Ihcui do 10 you,"
Juttie llAYre,
prepared tofiiriileh all tint n.'Mltuemlo;nunt
ui 1 ome, tho wliotu of tlio time. or for ilmtr
flArunitiiiiuii Hu-liicphi new, light and pro
ill able. Pti-i-m h ot rltliuriux ctlly cum Irtm
r0 conttt t 8 00 per uveinni;, ami a pruimr
ttoiidl m by tltiwitlucalt tliLlrJIme lu lupjliUi-inet-8
I!oyriunli;lrW earn iiunrl) no in licit a)
in (j it. That nil tIio Of this ttnv onil their hiI.
dro-j we nmke ttilaniler, To mtci a uru not
well falffllUu e will mi ml ono dollar t pa) for
ttiflro i)to of writing- l'n 1 1 p irtluiUrn ami
outfit fr?o. Addrita Geuhcil 8nON & (Jo.,
1'ortland, Maine,
Dollar Paer and a Three
Dollar Book for One Dollar
and a Half.
FOR ONLY $1.50
Withoiit tho Book .$1.00.
THU "WEEKLY SEE is a larzo olght
aso, Devrrpiper tilled -witli tho oboleoat
cadlcK mailer, .tha latest nows, rollabls
ncikots -every department Is llllod vrith
hs oioum of tho da, 'i'ho papor is im
irovlng with ceo ami is tuo best general
vcoV-lynowspapar publibocl in Nonhorn
)hio It does not aim to tako tho plaoo oi
lio horaa pupor-tliut thould always b.
fcken but it surplomeuts tboliomenows
inner and elves tbo luurr r.nd tho-villsp.o
aia city resident a family pepor wliicu
rill ba intercutiUK and luioiul. Bond for
1 tijflo ciorj-. Auonta vrantod in every
ownsi.lo rod town, lipcclal lnauocmonti
liiizvii. -Batter than any other rpor.
'J lio JJeo'n Proailncillook contains T4
)i?cs of uncled ir-ronsatien, n valuable
nblo or symplocie and etinpld remodlos lr)
ivo diCa-cut l.chooli of lusdleino Alio,
alhlc, Homocepa.tUto. i?c!ootio. Hydro
jathlo end Uct bul. l,vcry family eaould
lava a copy.
Wrlto for particulars. Addrosg,
Toledo, Ohio,
ipSaJII $4.00
rhft Tftfcilft Rftp, F1EE
-WfflSVw5! r.-rr.-iTv. ffle.
sC-S-i7.-i--r2vr!ri!T. ? ATJJf JiMT. .nH!S.
rfrs-cjsAc u"2.viV5Cirvi,s est ..' -'t-rn.v ?kx
iTiiiJZI?."l-lrrrTl&S?' rJ!!rs'sr,ji!CS'Strrt
mmmmMm wm
ttSMrj&rayizir'T-Jv&TMdct &yrxx&Asx4-jS.&jto
jrSSSKas j'jji6M'SS,ffi sj in&yzHA2i.msz-i&
MT-ci"rr mrfirV"vji: "w-r -
STMtXiVx W'i-iMV'lMi3EWi,ar K2.27Ctttl?r:i -SAVfl
tmm:&mm m x liri1
!3Kr1.!!5.ir -Vf si,"?ts7i U
w&J&:j&ffim M ?A
WSm'-&ii&bfrJ toes
niviltK,rlzf I IE?
For Baking Purposed
fur Bale j 12, li. KliiKsitry,
tnd Cuamntco'.l to clvon porfoct fit
whon cllroctloiiG aro followod.
'iiatl and Don't: of full clu ret ion, enabling any onV
to Cui and IM Jjerlcctly.
Yr icp, $3,00. Ser I by nail, post paid, oil nr
eip.nf pnee - ""
Ba. iri"Mn,rr'in3 of So pi;tau 1 tnhioT. Note!
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17 East 14th Strcot, Now York Cty
Ilian Duo llundred
1 liotiaAmt appUcfttUina for pattnta la
lit Ln teJ friAttn atiJ t-nrviaa coid
tilca, the publialtcra of tha Sclantlfia
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lo obtain patanta in V'aneda. rnclantl. I raaek
(J-niinny, BnI all othr couuiri-)iA Tbeiraiparl
cdco la unevju&lod and thilr focilltlej ara uosur-
Prawlnci and apecnoallnna prepared and filasl
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raiontihtainfflthroueh Munn Co a r not load
Initio S('Ii:M'KKIC AMi:itIC.whicbiiaa
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Tb admntarjei of aucb a uolico every paUnt
1 hit Urea d an'tsidldlf tllustratod nowapapef
lapub'itlied WKISIClvat W Wa yaar, and is
adinUtodU tit iii"liatii"prdoTtitea to eolono.
nechanlca. tntcntlona, oi cltiwriax worlta an
otber lifirartraenta of indjtrlal irrtrona, pub
liiinil In an country. It ontatna tho namee of
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each wpuk. Try It fnur mouths fur ona dollar.
If on hata a.t tnYf.ton f pitant writs ta
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can learn the exact cost
of any proposed line of
advertising in American
papers by addressing
Geo. P. Rowell & Co.,
Nowspftper Advortifsina Bureau,
IO Spruoo St, Now York.
Send .Octs. for lOO-Pagta Pamphlet.
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