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Perrysburg journal. (Perrysburg, Wood Co., O. [Ohio]) 186?-1965, January 21, 1887, Image 1

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fine copy ono year $J 00
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Ontrtourtb column alx months 10 00
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Pamphlets, Lawyers' nrlofs, and nil kinds ff
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i!ty-particular attention given to Cut Wzwle
Gathered from All Qunrtors.
Arran routine business and the consideration
of unimportant measures, tho Benato on the 13th
resumed consideration of tho Intor-Stato Com
merce bill. Mr. Call made a lengthy speech In
favor of the bill and Messrs. Brown, ot Georgia,
and Mitchell, of Oregon, argued In opposi
tion to the measure. Without coming to
a vote tho Benato went Into sccrot
session and soon after adjourned. ...In tho
Houso, after tho appolntmont of conferees on
tho bill for tho nllolmont of lands to Indians
and other routlno business, tho Edmunds Antl
Pol) gamy bill and tho Tucker substltuto there
for wcro taken up. Altera lengthy discussion
tho llouso substltuto was agreed to, and tho
Benato bill as thus amended was passed with
out discussion, only eight members rising to
demand tho jcaj and nays. Tho llouso thon
Tub Senate on tho 13th took up Mr. Vest's
resolution directing tho Secretary of tho Treas
ury to furnish a full and complcto statement
by Itemised account of all money paid out
on account of prosecution of criminal
cases In courts by Federal ofTlctals of tho de
partment from July 1, 1879, to December 1,
IWrt, with a list of oftlclals, agents or
employes engaged In such prosecutions, tho
amount paid them and for what spcclflo serv
ices, cte. After dobato tho resolution was
modified by making it apply to clU eases also,
and was ndoptcd. Consideration of tho confer
ence report on tho Intcr-Stato Commerce bill w as
resumed, and Mr. Kv arts dclUered an argument
ngalnst tho adoption ot the report, at tho con
clusion ofwhlch tho Scnato went Into execute o
cession and soon after adjourned. ...In tho
llouso tho bill amending the laws regulating tho
removal of cases from State to Federal Courts
was passed. It Increases tha minimum Juris
diction of tho Circuit Courts from K00 to
$5,000, takes aw ay tho Circuit Court Jurisdic
tion of cases In favor of nsslgnccs of promissory
notes and bills of exchange, and restricts to the
defendant tho right to remove a caso from tho
Stato to tho Federal court. Tho bl'l pro Idlng
for tho bringing of suits against the govern
ment of tho United States was taken up,
and after a brief discussion it was passed.
Fending debate on tho bill extending forono
5 car from Its passage tho right of action In
cases arising under the captured and abandoned
property act, tho llouso udjourned.
In tho Senate on tho Hth Mr. Scwcll sub
mltted a conference report recommending thut
tho Senate adopt tho proposition of tho llouso
to Increase the annual appropriation for militia
from two, to tl0n,au0 instead ot Insisting upon
tho proposition of tho Senate, which fixed tho
amount at $ijO0,0Oii. Tho report wns agreed to.
After some unimportant business, consider
ation of tho conferenco report on tho lnter
Btato Commerce bill w as proceeded w llh, and a
number of Senators argued pro and con on tho
merits of tho bill, lly a ote of aves S3, nays
:W, tho Scnato declined to recommit the bill.
Tho voto on tho conference report was
then taken and It was agreed to
jcas 41, nays 13, and tho Scnato adjourned until
tho 17th. ...In tho llouso the conference
report on tho Electoral Count bill was sub
mitted by Mr. Caldwell nnd was agreed to
without debato. In Commlttco of thu Wholo
the House considered bills on tho
private calendar, and when tho commlttco rose
hall a dozen prHale Scnato bills wero pissed,
Including ono for the relief of tho sufferers from
tho wreck of the steamer AshucloL At tho
ev enlng session twenty-four pension bills wero
Dono tho morning hour on the 13th tho
IIolso in Committee of the Whole considered
tho Joint resolution authorizing an Investigation
of tho books, nccouuts and methods ot tho
Farltlo railroads which havo received aid
from tho United States. No conclusion was
reached when tho morning hour expired
and tha commlttco rose. The Speaker an
nounced tho appointment of Messrs. Tucker,
Collins and 11. 11. Taj lor, of Ohio, as conferees
on tho Anil polygamy bill. The llouso then
went Into Commlttco of the Whole on tho Itlver
nnd Harbor Appropriation bill, consideration ot
which occupltd tho remainder of tho session.
....The Senate was not In session.
The extradition treaty with Great Britain
was considered in tho executive session of
tho Scnnto on tho 12th. Tho debate was
quite lengthy and touched upon every phaso
of our relations with England, social and
commercial. Tho dynamite question, al
though in no way directly involved, seemed
to bo tho bono of contention and aroused a
Rood deal of feeling. Tho troaty was Anally
laid asido without an effort to voto upon it.
Till, master builders' convention at Bos
ton on the 13th completed arrangements to
form a national builders' association. A
convention for that purposo will bo held in
Chicago, March 29 next.
Tun Ohio Wool Growers' convention ad
journed at Columbus on tho 13th after pass
ing resolutions declaring In substnnco that
the reduction of tho wool tariff in ISn'1 has
causctl a decrcaso of 4,000,000 pounds of
wool In tho nununl production of Ohio mid
'.,000,000 pounds in that of tho whole coun
try, while tho Importations of foreign wools
uro rajildly increasing.
HovvaiidT. DLACKbTONE, tho defaulting
bank clerk of tho Canal National bank, of
Portland, Mo., was nrrostcd at Winnipeg,
Man., a f ovv days ngo on a charge of forgery,
by O. M. Wurmcl, tho sheriff of Oxford
County, Maine, nnd Kt. Paul detectives,
lllackstono fled from 1'ortland in November,
utter defrauding tho bank of $70,000.
her husband nnd two sons in tho recent
Baltimore & Ohio wreck at Republic, O.,
will begin suit against tho company for
$25,000 damages.
At Now York on tho 13th Judgo rratt
danlcd the motion for a fit ay of sentence,
in tho caso of ex-Alderman McQuado, con
victed of bribery in tho Broadway railroad
matter, and tho prisoner wus sent to King
Mai,t:n Danach and two boys, John and
Adam Louchcasko, woro futally injured at
Detroit, Mich , on tho 13th by tho falling
of u wall of u building la process of demoli
tion. Coal was so scarco in Brooklyn, N. Y.,
on tha UIlli that many small factories wero
forced to stop work. Coal dealers refused
to sell in largo quantities, oven when offered
eight dollars a ton.
At Pittsburgh on tho 13th two boys named
Smith nnd Mcrtz woro coasting on Erin
street, when tiicir sled ran into a heavy
wagon nnd was demolished. Hmlth was in
atantly killed and Mcrtz received probably
fatal injuries.
Jons A. Hewktt was rocontly awarded
a vordict of $33,000 tigutnst the Flint &
Fcro Marquette railroad company for dura
ages nustalnod whllo tho plaintlfT was em
ployed as onglnoor on thut road,
Daviu W. Hoffman and James W. Bell
woro arrested at Dunbar, Nob., on tho 13th,
charged with having caused tho wrock of
tho passougcr train near that pluco a few
days ago, whereby Engineer Dowitt was
The Chief of tho Bureau of Statistics re
ports tho total valuo of exports of
broadstuffs from tho United States for tho
year endod Docembor 81, 1880, at $148,123,
030, against $129,UUO,137 In 1885.
The Farmers' Congress closed its sessions
at Washington on tho 13th. Among the
resolutions adopted tho following is the
mostlmptrtunt: "That tho clauBO in tho
chartors of tho national banks which for
bids their loaning money on real cstato,
works a great Injury to tho farmers of tho
United States by donylng them bunking
privileges, and thus causing them to pay n
hlghor rato of intorcst tlia'i any other class
ot citizens, nnd that wo, tho farmers of tho
United Btatcs in congross assembled, do
most respectfully but urgontly ask tho
Congress of tho United Btatcs to repeal the
The Jury trying Ooorgo Hamilton, at
Wyandotte, Kun., uccuBcd of train wreck
ing, was released on tho Htb, it being Im
possible to agroo upon a verdict. Tho jury
stood eoven for conviction to flvo for uo
qulttal, Tho dofondaut was remanded to
jail to await n now trial,
A msi'atcii from Nebraska City states
that Huffman und Doll, tho men under
arrest for wrecking tho train ut Dunbar,
Nob., n tow days ago, have mado a full con
ifesslon. llobbory was thoir inetlvo.
Tub total valuo of exports of boot, pork,
nnd dairy products fortwclvo months ended
December 31, 18S0, woro 80,044,231, against
?M,r.W,G10 for tho samo tlmo tho previous
At a meeting of tho Western Pennsyl
vania Poultry nnd Bench Association in
Pittsburgh on tho 1.1th, It wns decided to
hold tho annual bench show on April 13 to
15 Inclusive Tho prlzos nggrcgato $4,000.
At Boston, Mass., on tho 14th tho jury in
tho suit ot Father Flt7gernld vs. Archbishop
Williams for slander rendered a vordict for
tho defendant.
A nest ot six boilers In an cnglno houso
on tho Delaware & Hudson Canal Com
pany's railroad, nenr Falrvlow, Pn., blow
up on tho Hth. Hnvvloy Weed, tho engi
neer, nnd Perry Parsons, fireman, wero
fatally Injured. The engine houso is a total
Ai.ur.iiT Onr.i.L, James Lamb, John L.
Echol::, nnd John Btovcns woro hanged at
Ft, Bmllh, Ark., on tho 14th, tor murders
committed In tho Indian Territory.
John C. Donnei.lv, a baggagoman on tho
Wabash road, wns arrested at Peoria, til.,
on tho 14th for stealing a packago containing
$1,000 from tho United States Kxpress Company.
Auoct 3,500 hands in T. I.orillard's to
bacco factory at Jersoy City, N. J., struck
work on tho 14th owing to a proposed re
duction In wages. There was no disorder,
and tho factory litis been closed.
Business failures throughout tho country
during tho seven days ended January 15
number for tho United States 2111, for Can
ada 29; a total ot 333, against 209 tho previous
At n meeting of Chicago coal dealers on
tho 14th tho prlco of that commodity was
advanced to $7.25 and $7.50 pur ton.
Negotiations were completed nt Jack
sonville, Fla., on tho 14th, by which a Dutch
syndicate of bankers in Amsterdam, Hol
land, acquired from tha Florida Land
Mortgngo Company (limited) a vast body
of timber land In Wot Florida. Tho pur
chaso embraces a solid area of nearly nino
hundred square miles heavily timbered.
Tho syndicate purposo to form n great
land nnd colonization company, building
n railroad Into the purchuso and colonizing
from Holland.
Tub Post-oftlco Appropriation bill, as
completed by tho Houso sub commlttco on
post-ofllcos und post-roads, appropriates
$.V,0.yj,0.yi, or $1,333,737 more than tho np
lropr!utlou for tho current fiscal year. Of
this Increase $JI7,000 Is in tho appropriation
for tho extension of tho freo delivery serv
ice. Tho appropriation for tho foreign
mail service is also increased $50,000 as com
pared with tho appropriation mado in tho
last bill, and that for tho Inspection service
is Increased by $100,000.
That portion of tho rugged bank nearest
tho Horscshoo Falls at Niagara, on tho Can
ndu side, know n ns tho "Upper Tnblo Mock,"
fell on tho 13th with a deafening crash. A
mass of llmestono nnd sluto 1,000 feet in
length by about 00 feet In width and 1,170
feet deep is piled in a heaping mass below;
12:1,000 yards of rock is calculated to huvo
fallen. Tho supposed causo of tho rock
giving way is tho low water, steady freezing
weather for tho past thrco weeks, and tho
heavy weight of tho accumulated ice.
James Moiilos and his vvlfo were killed
by a wild engino on tho Wabash, St. Louis
(c Pacific railroad nearTaylorvillo, 111, on
the Kith. They were crossing tho track in
u sleigh when an engine running backward
at a twcntv-mllo speed struck them, In
stantly killing both.
Five mnsked robbers boarded n Fnnhan
dlo freight train near Pittsburgh on tho
night of tho 14th. They were detected in
tho act of throwing freight from tha moving
train, und in u light which ensued Fireman
Curley was shot through the right thigh,
and u brukeman was knocked scusoless
with n stono. Tho trainmen then gavo up
tho fight to attend to tho injured, nnd tha
robbers escaped: -
A ToiiNAiio passed through Washington
County, Ala., a few days ago, doing much
damage to timber and especially in tho tur
pcntlno orchards. No ono was hurt.
A San Fuancisco dispatch says tho
schooner Parallel was driven on tho rocks
near Golden Gato on tho 10th and a hun
dred thousand pounds of giant powder
aboardthovcsselcxplodcd. T,'ioCliff Houso
and otlir buildings on shore wero demol
ished. Tho crew of the schooner escaped
in a boat,
Botetouiit County, Virginia, is excited
over tho discovery of gold and silver do
jiosits on the lino of the Shenandoah Valley
railroad. Assays rango from sixteen dol
lars per ton for surfaco rock to sixty dollars
at a depth of fifteen feet.
The Boston breaker at Plymouth, Pa ,
owned and operated by tho Delaware &
Hudson Coal Company, was totally de
stroyed by fire on the 10th, causing a loss
of $5,000 and throwing 400 men and boys
out of employment.
Senou (Una, Chilian Minister at Wash
ington, is in receipt of a cablegram from
tho Chilian Government announcing tho
fact that cholera has mudo its nppearanco
in Chill, where It Is raging with great vic
lcnco In tho district of Aconcagua.
A dispatch from Ourii, Col., says a snow
slido in tho Marshall basin on tho 15th
killed two men named Gunu and Donovan
and seriously Injured another. Tho slido
bvv ept away all tho buildings of tho Incom
mlno and Injured ono ot tho men. It carried
a mini working on tho Sheridan nnd ono
from tho Mnudota mines, bruising them
Some friends of Princeton Collcgohavo
provided funds to send an expedition from
Princeton in cliargo ot Prof. Charles A.
Young to observe tho ccllpso of August 19
in llusbla.
The following changes are noted in the
weekly statement ot tho New York asso
ciated banks, issuodon tho 15th: Reserve,
Increase $:),825,150; loans, decrcaso $411,000;
specie, incrcaso $578,800; legal tenders, in
crease $3,25,500; deposits, Increase $4,019,
700; circulation, decreaso $34,COO. The banks
held $18,011,800 In excess of tho tvventy-fivo
per cent. rulo.
JtiAKEZ MAnniNo, ono of tho wealthiest
stockmen ot San Antonio, Tex., was found
muidorcd in his camp at Kerr County, that
State, a few nights ngo. The motlvo for
tho crime is n mystery. The deceased
owned half a dozon of tbo largest ranches
In Texas.
The Socialists of Now York City havo
determined to ralso $0,000 to nld in tho do
feat of Bismarck In tho elections about to
bo hold in Gcrmuny.
Hiiroim from thirty-two ot tho leading
clearing bouses of tho country show aggre
gate exchanges for thu week ended Jnnu
ury 15 amounting to $032,210,019, against
$1,1115,335,911 the previous week. As com
pared with tho corresponding week of 18S0
tho Incrcaso amounts to 11.0 por cent.
Five store rooms, Including tho post
office, at Ladoga, Ind,, woro burnod on tho
15th, involving a loss of $35,030, Insurance
The National convention of bricklayers,
In session at Washington on tbo 1M"i,
elected tho following officers: President,
Aloxander Darragh of fit. Louis; Vlco
Prosldont, Andrew McCormlck ot Toronto;
Bocrotury, William 11. Stovcusou, of Cin
cinnati; Treasurer, Patrick Murray, of Al
bany, N. Y.
The remains of sixteen of tbo crow of tho
wrockod Gorman ship Elizabeth wore
burlod at Norfolk, Vu , on the 15th, in tho
cemetery of tho Seamen's Friend Socloty,
undor tho supervision of Colonel William
Litmb, Gorman Vico Consul, who repre
sented tho owners ot tho ship.
John Muiuiay, a noted counterfeiter,
was arrCBtod at Chattanooga, Tenn , ou tho
16th with slxty-clx. dollars counterfeit coin
In his possession, Tho police say they havo
discovered dies from whioU they bollovo
thousands of counterfeit dollars lmvo boou
The wostorn express on tha Fltohburg
railroad was wrockod by u broken rail near
Wostmlnstor, Mass., on the 10th. Ono
l)loeperwH9 9Y?ltHfnodttndrun an otjjUtli
of n mllo on Its sldo, and tho forward end of
another wns smashed In. Boyond a fovv
slight bruises tho passongors miraculously
escaped uninjured.
John Henut UNnr.nwooi), a noted crim
inal and a member of tho old lleno gang,
wns arrested at Indianapolis, Ind., on tha
10th. At ono timo a reward of $10,000 hung
ovor him, over slnco v, hlch tho Plnltertons
havo been wanting him.
The Terra Hnute (Ind.) distillery owned
by Crawford Fairbanks, was destroyed by
flro on tho 15th. Among tho contents con
sumed woro 05,000 gnllons of hlghwlnes,
20,000 gallons of lowvvlncs nnd rectified
whisky, 10,000 bushels of corn and a largo
amount of rye, malt and oats. Loss, $100,000.
At Providence, H. I., on tho 15th a lire
nt tho electric light works did consldornblo
damago to tho machinery. Tho engineer
was killod and another man considerably
Joei. II. BiotiAM, n well known attorney
of Pittsburgh, has been missing for soma
tlmo. On tho 15th n petition was lllod In
tho Orphans' Court nsklng for his removal
from tho executorship of tho estate of Dan
iel Davis, deceased, for failure to account
for $30,000 belonging to tho heirs. Ills
friends say bo hasbecotno involved through
oil speculations.
At Now Boston, 111., on tho loth James E.
Doughty shot his sweclheart. Bertha llcno
dlet. need clchtcen. killing her Instantly.
Ho then sent n bullet through his own head,
causing Instant death. Jealousy Is tho
supposed causo. Both victims were highly
respected in Tho community.
Tnn lower houso of tho Mlchlgnn Legis
lature on tho 13th passed a resolution sub
mitting u prohibition amendment to tho
constitution to tho peoplo ot tho State.
HENitr B. Stantos, tho distinguished
journalist nnd lawyer, husband of Ulirubclh
Cody Stanton, died of pneumonia on tho
HthathlsresldcncoliiNovv York City. Ho
was In his eighty-second year.
Hon. James Jackson, Chief Justlco of
Georgia, died at Atlantn on tho 14th, agod
sixty-seven years. Ho was In Congress
before tho war and had held many Judicial
Caiioinal Innocent Fnnninni died nt
Homo on tho 14th in tho seventy-seventh
year of his ago. Ho was mado Cardinal on
March 13, lbOS.
Hon. II. B. LAittn, tbo veteran editor ot
the J'eniitylvanla Argun, now In his eighty
seventh year, fell on tho icy pavement at
Orccnsburg, Pa., on tho lOtli, sustaining
probably fatal injuries.
M. A. Dot'niiEiiTT, of Columbus, O., who
was a candidate for the Attorney Gcnoral
ship of Ohio on tho Democratic ticket
headed by William Allen, died at Washing
ton City on tho 15th.
Puof. EmvAim Ui.net, LL. D., tho emi
nent mathematician, was found dead in tils
bed nt Ann Arbor, Mich., on tho 10th, death
having resulted from heart disease For
tho last thirty years ho has filled tho chair
of professor of mathematics In tho Univer
sity of Michigan.
Loiu limEM.r.mii (Sir Stafford North
coto), who recently resigned tho Ministry
of Foreign Affairs, is dead. Whllo as
cending tho stairs of Lord Salisbury's offi
cial rcsldcnco In Dowlng street, London,
on tho 12th, ho fainted, nnd upon being
taken into tho Primo Minister's room, al
most instantly expired.
AiHsrATCHoftho 13th from London states
that the steamer Celtic Monarch was aban
doned at sea January 2, and that tho passen
gers nnd crow wero saved. Tho causo of
tho disaster is unknown. Tho Celtic Mon
arch wus a screw steam ship of 2,014 gross
tons register nnd belonged to tho Monarch
Lino of London,
The Russian budget for tho past year
shows a deficit of 5,233,003; oxtra expendi
tures for rallvv ays and harbors, 0,910,313.
The Minister of Fiuunco proposes to ralso
0,071,433 for extra expenditures by means
of a loan.
The Dominion Government has entered
thrco actions at Montreal against J. C.
Ayer & Co., of Lowell, Mass., first for con
demnation of goods seized for undervalua
tion, valued at,?r3,000; second for unpaid
duty extending back for thrco years and
amounting to $140,000, nnd third for tho pen
alty Imposed under tho act.
The Berlin pollco authorities have forbid
den tho snlo of a pamphlet issued by a Chi
cago Socialist society protesting against
tho sentences pronounced upon Anarchists
In that city.
Wau preparations continue throughout
r.urono. Tho KncliRli Government has de
cided to purchnso 40,000 additional horses
and 500,000 Majniillcher repeating rifles, to
bo ready March 1, Tho Austrian Minister
of War will call out several classes of re
serves In February instead of April, as in
tended, nnd largo contracts have beca mado
tor military equipments.
Two cars on tbo Montpelior & Wells Riv
er road ran off tha track and tumbled dovv n
an ombankment at Barro Junction, N. H.,
tho other day, sovcrely injuring tho wife of
Itev. C. H. Farnsvvorth, and giving tho oth
er passengers a bad shaking up.
A noiLr.it used in heating dry kilns In tho
etavo factory ot Preston Uiddlc, ut Crotb-
crsvlllc, Jnd., exploded on tho Nth, demol
ishing the entiro building and killing Archlo
Warnor and Henry Mllncr, a boy of fifteen.
Two other persons were seriously hurt.
Half an hour before tho accident occurred
thirty of the factory hands were grouped
around tho boiler awaiting tha hour to be
gin work.
The issuo of standard silver dollars from
tho mint during the week ended January 15
amounted to $204,120; corresponding week
In 1S80, $195,499. The shipments of sllvcrcoln
from January 3 to January 15 amouutcd to
A iitsrATCH of the 17th from Fort Koogh,
Montana, says that cattlo w cro beyond all
danger in that region. A wurm rain had
bcon falling for forty hours nnd tho snow
was nearly gono from tho Yellowstone Val
ley. It had disappeared at tbo rato of four
inches a dny.
In a fit of jealousy on the 17th Lewis
Paul shot and killed Mrr. Bccklo Stringer,
a widow, residing at Ho ftown, Pa. Paul
then lied and is still at J ,rge.
Foun tramps woro burned to death In n
box cor on tho Chcsajieako, Ohio & South
western railroad near Paducah, Ky,, on tho
17th. Tho car was loaded with cotton und
locked at Memphis, Tenn,, and tho men
must havo entered to thoir horrlblo fate
through a window iu the end, which could
havo been ontcicd from tho outsldo.
Thkee boys, Everett Bennett, Nick Per
ton nnd Dan Fitzgibbons, in jail at Greens
burg, Ind., for highway robbery, escaped a
few nights ago by sawing tho bars.
IN the Sensto on tho 17th, Mr. Hoar reported
a resolution, which was adopted, favoring a
centennial Anniversary of tho Inauguration of
tho Constitution in April, 1680. by an ad
drcssHo bo delivered by tbo Chief Juitico
of tho United Btatcs before the Pres
ident, members of Congress and rep
rcsentntlves of foreign governments or
civ ic or military observances. Tho Benato then
passed forty pension bills, after which tho Pen
sion Appropriation bill of $73,000,UX) was passed
with tomo unimportant umcmlmenti. The
Army Appropriation bill was taken up and
passed and tho Senate proceeded to tho
onslderatlon of tho bill to establish ag
ricultural oxporlmcntal stations In connec
tion with agricultural college. Without
action on tho measure the Senate adjourned,,,.
Among the bills Introduced and referred In tho
House was ono taunting a pension of 135 per
month to Walt, Whitman; also a bill appro
priating $600,000 to promote the colored peoplo'a
world's oxposltlon to be held In Birmingham, Ala,
The bill granting a ponslon of 113 per month to
Indigent soldiers, was taken up, and after do
bato pro and con It was passed yeas 170, nays
76. The act docs not apply to persons under po
litical disability. On motion of Mr. Kldrldgo,
of Michigan, tho rules wero suspended and tho
Houso concurred in the Senate amendment to
tho Mexican Ponslon bill by a voto of H) yea;
tetjnoyi. Too House tbon adjourned,
fitnalt, Jan. 10. Mr, Tavoy offorfcd a res
olution removing from their positions
certain Scnato employes. Tho resolution
went ovor under n motion to discuss. A
tow bills of a local nature wero Introduced,
nnd niter a short Bosslon tho Senate ad
journed. Ihmf. Nothing was accomplished In tho
Houso boyond the introduction of petitions,
mcmorlnls and bills, and tha socond reading
and roferenco to appropriate committees of
n numbor of proposed measures. Among
tho bills Introduced woro the following:
Providing that county commissioners shull
lovy a tax for tho purposo of providing suit
able armories for enlisted mcu of any mili
tary orgaulratlon; defining who shall bo
present nt penitentiary executions; amend
ing soction TUJf so ns to provldo thnt where
a mechanic hns been suod onco for n bill ho
can not be pursued into anothor State nnd
second notion brought.
Henale, Jan. 11. Tho resolution of Mr.
Favoy removing from their position certain
BonatootnplovcB, offered yesterday, camo up
nnd wns iidoiited. Tho following were then
clcctod to fill tho vacancies: Eugene
Shinn, journal clerk; O. W. Marshall,
message clerk; Mrs. Bello N, Hnnnrord,
engrossing clerk; W. II. Honey, enroll
Ing clerk; Miss May Horlon, recording
olork: Duvton IV. Glenn, scrgonnt-nt-aims;
Arthur E. Bilcott. first assistant,' nnd
Albert Henry third nssistnnt Bcrgennt-nt.
nrms. Tho Senate confirmed tho nppolnt
ment of Cnntiiln W. C. Lyons, of Licking
County, nnd Andrew Schwarx, of Franklin
County, ns trustees of tho Boldiors' and
Sailors' Orphnns' Homo nt Xcuia.
iromt. Tho Joint resolution of Mr. Poor
man, ronuostinff tho nnssaire of a law bv
Congress to romlt to tho sovcral States tho
tax collected from dealers in liquor and to
bacco was ndoptcd bv 00 yeas to 23 nays.
Mr. Turner's bill, making It obligatory on
township school trustees to recelvo as pu
pils Into tho schools children from the
county homos, was passed. Mr. Brown, of
Wnrrcn, offered a joint resoltil Ion requesting
our Senators and Representatives in
Congress to procure tho passago of n law to
ndjust certain accountB between tho United
Stntcs nnd tho several States nnd Territo
ries ns set forth In Hnuso bill No. 2770 nnd
dated Jnnunry 7. 18S0." (This bill provides
for tho return of monoy collected from tho
various Stntcs under a Bpeclal tax lovlcd In
1801, and If secured will return to tho
treasury of Ohio ovor ono million dollars.)
Nenalf, Jan. 12. Tho Benato held uo bcs
slon to-day.
Jhuse. The greater part of the dny was
spont In wrestling with tho school problem,
having under consideration the Albaugh
bill, introduced nnd defoated Inst winter,
and nttervvnrds reconsidered. Tho bill ap
plies to township districts only, and changes
thomiinnor of eloctlnc township boards.
and establishes tho samo kind of gov
ernment n now exists ill tho village,
town nud city schools. After a
long discussion tho bill pawed yeas
59, nays 40. The following bills
wore also pnssedl Amending ssctlon 4074
bo ns to provldo that applicants for certifi
cates to tedeh shall bo examined in physi
ology; to nmend an net providing for the
relief of Indigent soldiers, Bailors nnd ma
riners, by permitting the soldiers' commis
sion to designate Boino person to disburse
tho funds when tho applicant Is, fromnny
causo, incnpublo of projierly looking nftei
bis money: authorizing tho tmstqos of the
Soldiers' nnd Sailors' Orphans Homo tc
allow females to remain In tho institution
until they nrrivo at tho ngo of eighteen
Senate, Jan. 13. A joint resolution was
Introduced by Mr. Glazier requesting
tho Governor to invito tho execu
tives of tho States of Indiana. Illinois,
Michigan and Wisconsin to participate in
celebrating tho anniversary of tho settle
ment nf tho Norliivvcstoi n Territory at
llnneita, In tho autumn oi i3f. Jir. i.i;
introduced a joint resolution urging such
action by Congress before the close of the
present Mission ns will place tho wool-raising
industry upon tho samo footing as it oc
cupied under the tariff net of 1S07, and the
amendments thereto. Tho following were
nmong tho hills introduced ! Reorganizing
tho Court Circuit of Nol thorn Ohio: pro
Vidlng for tho uppolutlncnt of a State Boarc
or School Examiners, w hoso terms of office
shall expire in one, two, three, four and five
rears; nmcudtng section 55.030 by inserting
tho word Circuit instead of District Court
Bills wero passed : Amending the lien law
by extending its provisions to oil and pas
wells; to euro detects in consolidation
Jlouft. Mr. Green's bill relating to tboat
rical, dramatic and other unlnwful per
formanccs on Sunday, wns passed. (The
.bill piovldes that tho owner, lessco or mali
nger of tho building in which a porformrnco
takes placo on Sunday shall bo liablo 1o a
fine and imprisonment.) Mr. Lyman's bill
amending tho Penitentiary law by creating
tho oftlco ot chaplain, abolished bv the pro
ceding boaid of uianagi-rs, with n salary of
$1,000 jier annum, was amended so ns to
provldo that tho chaplain shall net as libra
rian, nnd passed by a vote of 50 to 34, Bills
woro also nassea: Armronriatinir $1,707.-
101 90 for tho support of the common schools
of Ohio: providing that wards in cities
shall bo bounded bv streets, alloys, water
courses, etc., as far as practicable. Mr.
Terrell, from tho Finnnco Commlttco, re
ported tho Partial Appropriation bllL Tho
total amount apportioned to tho several de
partments is $1X13.0.15. Mr Lanpson offered
a bill to "furthor provide ngalnst tho evils
resulting from tho traffic in intoxicating
linuors iuauy townshipin this Stnto It was
offered nsasubstitutoby tho author fo.-u bill
introduced at tho last session, and now on
tho calendar for third leading. The sub
stitute does not in any manner conflict with
the Dow law, and hns no application what
ever to any city, village, or municipal cor
poration, but grants local option to town
ships, so that tho pooplo who llvo outsldo
of municipal corporations can control tho
liquor traflic for themselves. It was or
dered printed and Its further consideration
lastponcd to January SO. Among other
fills introduced woro tho following: To
prevent taking a judgment on cognovit ex
cept in tho county where tho defendnnt
resides; making tho salary of tho Governor
$8,000 por nnnum: to mora particularly do
flno tho duties ot trustees of Stnto nnd
county institutions nnd to prevent their
selling to or trading with said institutions;
relative, to tho trial of contested election
ensoa between justices of thopeaco: to pro
vldo for a division of luxation on real cstnto
under tho pllio laws; making it unlawful
for nuy Statu officer to issuo u warrant ou
tho Btato Treasurer when thcro Is no monoy
to tho credit of tho fund.
titualt, Jan. 14. Tho resolution to bar Mr.
Leslie- Maun, tho loglsintivo reporter of
tho Columbus Hum, from the privileges of
tho Sonato for libeling Republican Senators
in connection with tho uctlon ou the death
pi tho lato Sonator Schmcldor, was called
up. Mann had stated iu Ills paper that
when Sonator Lawrence, moved the Senate
ndjourn out of respect for tho late Senator
rscnmoiucr, mo woru went rouuu ino ua
mibllcan Bido of tho Senate. "Voto no. voto
uo; SchmolderwiiB a d d Catholic" Tho
resolution was discussed at length and
finally a commltyo of llvo wns appointed to
investigate tho mutter, After transacting
a sni'iu amount oi minor uusincss, tuo ocn
uto ndjcdrncd until tho 18th.
Jloiue.Tho llouso met at tho usual hour.
but without transacting nny buslnoss ad-
'Oiiruci umii lucsuny, .mnuarv 10.
In HPiii'ly nil tho Stntcs tho courts
havo held Unit It Is legal to dim n man
by menus of n postal card. But It Is
unjust, nil tho same, to tho debtor; not
thnt tho sentimental Injury to his feel
ings Is of nny consequence, but In giv
ing tuo postmnstor una his friends nn
opportunity to rend tho dun, tho
debtor's clinnrcs for obtaining further
favors of a monetary nnturo nro np
pTcehibly curtnllt'il. Tho judges thould
lmvo thought of tills. Jlonton Ilmlgct.
A Harvard profeshor lias mado tho
calculation tlist if men wero really ns
big lis (hoy Komi'timca feel thcio would
lio room In tho United States for only
two profesbors, thrco lnwyiTH, two
doctors mid n reporter on u Philadel
phia pupor. Tim icst of us would ho
crowded into tho bra nud havo to swim
for It. Detroit Free Vrcss.
A local bard wants to know wlmt
kind of poetry wo prefer for our paper.
Tho only hind wo accept is local Items
about npcntnmotf.r lit length, rtHo
(on free 1'ress,
They Derail 41 l'Asscngrr Train til No
tirnskn, Causing the Denth nf tho Kngl
licrr anil Herlous Injury to Many l'ns
srngrrs The Crlnio Charged to Dlssnt
IsOed Workmen Tito Suspects Arrested.
Kansas City, Mo., Jan. 13. Tho south
bound passongor train on tha Missouri Pa
cific extension which loft Omaha Monday
night and was duo hero yesterday morning
was wrecked nenr Dunbar, Neb., nbout
midnight byn looso roll from which sovornl
splkos and fish-plates hail been removed by
somo ono unknown. Tho train, travollng nt
a rate of thirty miles nn hour, plunged fif
teen feoldown nn embankment nnd landed
in a snow-drift. Jnmcs Dowitt, of Wynn-d-9tto,
Knn., cnglncor, wns cnughi undor
tho boilor and killod. Frank O. Clicnowith,
of Kansas City, express mosscnger, was
hurt so badly that It is thought ho will die,
Twenty persons wero mora or less injured.
These wore taken to Atchison, whero thoy
nro being cared for.
Tho entire tram left tho track, and prob
ably tho loss of lifo would havo boon great
if it ha I not been for tho snow-bank, which
broko tho forcoof tho plungo. Tho Missouri
Pacific officials say that tho wreck is tho
result of a third attempt upon tho lifo of
Dowitt, tho onglnoor. Thoy say somo of
tho men engaged in the strlko last spring
chorlshed n gruugo ngalnst uowitt 00
causo ho was an active Bupportor of tho
company during tho strlko. Thoy assort
that tho wreck near Wyandotte, for which
Hamilton has Just boeu tried, was the re
sult of n plot against Dowltt's life, but his
train was not tho first to pass over tho
track, as thoy oxpected. Subsequently,
thoy say, n second attempt was made, and
this Is tho third.
Tho coroner's Jury hns found a verdict in
tho caso of Dowitt, declaring u belief that
tho jury bcliovos David Hoffman, of Dun
bur, James Boll, of Unudilla, und others
weio concerned in wroeklng tho train.
Hoffman and Boll havo been nrrcstod and
taken to Nebraska City nnd lodged In Jail.
Neither of tho mon nro members of tho
local Knights of Labor.
S. D. Wilson, conductor of tho wrecked
train, says that fifty-two passengers wero
aboard of tho train, nnd thnt their CBcnpo
from death was almost miraculous. Tha
cnglno landed fifty feet from tha track,
nnd tha baggngo-cir, strangely, was
carried ns far beyond tho onglno.
Tho throttlo lover was forcod through
Dowltt's right lung, and his faca
was scalded black. Tho express messenger
Is frightfully wounded. Uls skull is badly
fractured nud every bono In his faco
broken. A dispatch from Nobraska City to
tho Ttmtt advances tho theory that tho mo
tive of tho crlmo was robbery, thcro being
$17,000 worth of bullion on tho tro'fi. This
theory Is discridttod hero, however. An of
ficial ot tin) road nt tills point bays there is no
evidenco that tho work was instigated by
tiny Knights of Labor organization, but
that tho animosity of tho ex-strikers to
ward Dowitt was well known. A special
from Wynndotto, Kan , tho homa ot tho
dead cnglncor, says Dowltt's friends
openly chargo his death to tho
Knights of Labor. It appears that
ho wns a dolcgato to 11 convention
held ut St, Louis lMt spring during
thagrent Southwestern strlko to detcrmino
whetJor tho engineers shculd go put or
support tho strikers. Dovvl'.t represented
two districts, nnd cast two votes against
tbo strikers. If ho had voted for thom It
would havo turned tho scale. Subsequent
ly ho received Bovornl wurnings not to run
his engine, but ho disregarded them.
Tho House l'usses Mr, Tucker's Substitute
Tor tills Kdmuiuts Aiitl-I'olygnuty 11111
Sjnopsts nf Its Provisions,
Washington, Jan. 13, The Houso yosler
da, without division, passed tho Tucker
substitute for tho Edmunds nntt-Polygamy
bill. Its provisions are as follows t
It makes the lawful husband or wife- of any
person prosecuted for bigamy, rolygamy or
unlawful cohabitation a competent witness
ngalnst tho accused, nnd further provides for
the registration ot all marriages, making it a
misdemeanor for any person to v iolate tho rro
v islons relative to such registration. It annuls
all Ten Itorlal law s prov ldlng for tho identifica
tion of the v otes of electors at any elcellon, nnd
al60 nil law s conferring on tho Territorial courts
the pow cr to determine divorce cases, nnd nbol
ishes woman sullrage in the Territory of Utah.
Penaltlos aro prescribed for unlawful Inter
course, and polygamy Is defined as a mnrringe
between ono person of ono sex nnd more than
one person of another sex, and Is declared to
bo a felony. Tho financial corporations known
as tho Church 01 tho Latter-nay saints
and the Personal Immigration Fund
Company aro dissolved, and tho
Attorney-General Is directed to wind
them up by process of court; nnd all laws for
the organization ot tho militia of tho Territory
and the creation of tho Nauvoo legion aro an
nulled. Polygamists are made incltglblo to
v ote, and a test oath Is prescribed to all pcrcons
desiring to voto that they will obey tho laws of
tho United States, and especially tho laws in re
spect to the crimos defined In this and tho orig
inal Edmunds act.
Tho bill prov Ides for tho Immediate appoint
ment by ton President of nil judgos and select
men ot tho county and probato courts, and by
tho Governor of all Justices of tho poace, sher
iffs, constables and other county and district
1 m
Serious KnVct nf TJielr l'rolongod Strike
Tho Threatened Coal X'uiulno Dully
(irovviiiK More Serious.
New Yoiik, Jan. 13. At least 10,000 work
men aro out of employment as n result of
tho strlko of tho 3,000 coal-handlers. Tha
retail dealers aro charging $7.50 a
ton for coal, and a further advanco
Is looked for. Most of them will not
sell more thnn n ton ut ono timo.
At tho Coal Exchungo it was said that
there was not fivo days' supply In tho city
if it could b divided up nmong tho consum
ers. As that can not bo dono, many deal
ers must shut down very soon. There is
great uneasiness among- the cloctric-light
nnd gas companies.
Throo hundred of tho Wcohuwkcn
strlkors yesterday uftcrnoon attacked
fifty non-union men with shovolB, picks
nnd crowbars, and drove thom from their
places. Many of the non-union men jumped
from tho trcstlo upon which lhoy woro at
work to the dock, u distance of twonty-tlvo
feet, and others plunged Into tho rlvor to
avoid tho onslaught. How many men woro
injured Is unknown und is not likely to bo
found out.
Boston, Jan. 13. Tho effect of tho coal,
hnudlors' strlko is bolng seriously folt in
Boston. Tho prlco of coal is advancing
twcnty-tlvo to fitly cents at n Jump, and
stocks uro growing less each day.
Preferred to lloast.
Cincinnati, Jan. 18. Tho Tima-Mar't
Portsmouth, O., spoclal sayst "A flro was
discovered at llvo o'clock yesterday morn,
lug In Bannlng's saloon on Court streot.
During tho progress of tbo flto Thomas
Murphy, an aged boarder, was seen in a
half dazed condition nt a window in
tho second story of tho saloon. Tho
crowil culled to him to Jump, but ho no
Hwcrod that ho would rather burn than
jump, nnd ho burned with tho building.
Total loss, $12,000; Insurance, $J,(00."
WuuU of tlio farmers.
Wabhi!,oton, Jan. 13. Tho National
Farmers' Congress udojited resolutions yes
terday uiglns tho passugo byCongrcBsof
tho following bills 1 To mako tho Commis
sioner ot Agriculture 11 Cabinet officer; to
extend tho benefits of thu signal service lo
farmors; to regulate inter-State commerce,
and tho Hutch Experimental Farm bill.
Tho resolutions ulso urgu tho enactment
of legislation providing for tho com
plcto development of the system of water
ways of tho wholo country, that tho
Amorlcan Ministers In Frnnoo and Ger
many bo Instructed to uso all proper moans
to prevent tho placing of restrictions upon
Amorlcan fan products pronorly lospcoted
and shipped,
Tho Pecretnry nf Slnto Comments on the
Chnneollor's lteccut Speech to tho Ger
man llelohltag.
Washington, Jan. 14. Secretary Bay
ard, In rosponso to tho toast "Our Coun
try," at tho Ynlo Alumni reception of
President Dwlght Tuesday night, said:
"Blsmarok nnd VonMolIko havo within tho
last forty-eight hours told Kuropo and told tho
world that tho safety of Europo and tho safety
of tho many millions contained within tho
governments of which they sro a part, can
only bo prcsorvod by tho power of military
force. It is sixteen years slnco thcro was a
clash ot physical forco for Germany to tnko
part In, and yet this Is tho fruit and this li tho
"Bruto forco 1 Is that tho end of civilization!
Is that all this nineteenth century can offer
from her wisest men, und Is thcro nothing to
counteract lit Is thcro nothing clso than armies
thntcan govern mankind? Is this tho civiliza
tion which Is nnnouncod to us by tho pross from
Gcnnnny tonight! Is that tho forco that
governs America to-day, and nro wo to
look to such n futuroT May Honvcn for
bid. What forco shall bo used to strengthen;
to what can wo look to avert from us what
seems to bo tho fato ot clvillzod Europo to day,
If thoso who aro their spokesmen speak tho un
happy trutht It can not bo that tho bruto forco
of military povvor is to bo security of any peoplo
or guardian or any civilization tnat is 10 pro
gress under tho rulo thnt was born IfOT
j ears ago, and thereforo when jou ask
mo W tul Warn rigUV I do not think I
could answer jou bettor thnn by tho slmplo
words: Yale, I do not mean tho eollego or tho
numbor of schools that nro collocted Into a
university s stem In tho town of New Haven:
but I moan the American spirit of education
something better thnn scholarship, bettor than
professorship, greater and stronger tho dovrl
opmont of tho highest capacities of God's high
est creation man.
" Wo still may find in tho hearts of this Ito
publlo something that shill protect humanity
from military force, something that shall mako
military forco only tho ultimate rccourso for
settling difficulties, rcsurtcd to as a temporary
nld, nndulwnvs subservient to tho end In vlow
tho mature advancement of a people who
shall llv 0 under a humano government."
President rltzgernld's Address to tho Na
tional League uf America.
Cincinnati, Jan. 14. Tho sosslon of tho
Executive Council of tho Irish National
Lcaguo ot America closod last night. Pres
ident Fitzgerald's address says ot tho plan
of campaign:
"Tho Inhumanity, greed and aggressiveness
of landlordism, compassing a now plunder and
tho cxtermlnatlun ot tho Irish people, havo
forced upon them tho nltcrn.itlvo ot ruin or
resistance snch as It Is within their power
to offer. Tho peoplo of Ireland, guldod
by tho wisdom and Inspired by tho heroism and
silf.sacrlllco of their devoted leaders, havo
chosen, as they had a right to do in their neces
sary self-protection and In tho defenso of their
homes, tho latter alternative, and havo deter
mined upon a 'plan of campaign,' ai It la
called, which, It sustained by us ns It should
be, promises to aid materially In tho early
solution of ono ot tho gravest difficulties In
tho Anglo Irish problem. Thcro con bo no
doubt that this 'plan of campaign' nffords tho
best practical means so far discovered of
rendering effective 1I10 determination cf tho
Irish peoplo to protect themselves in It" pos
session of their homes and to defeat tho mur
derous Intent of tho landlords, whoso execution
of eviction, as Mr. Gladstono has declare!, Is
equivalent to a scntenco of d?nth la Ireland."
Prcsidont Fitzgerald rcfcri to tho Worth
nndf harmonious uctlon of tho league, and
dcclnrcs that tho movement carries with it
all tho elements of success That the con
federated passions, prejudices and interests
of tho privileged classes tho greatest of
tho difficulties tho Irish causa has
hud to contend against nro fiiBt
disappoarlng or becoming impotent in tho
Btrugglo, Is mado manifest in tho result of
tho last general oloctlon in Great Britain,
by which tha pooplo of Scotland, Wnlos
nnd Ireland and tho democratic masses of
England declared themselves in favor of
tho legislative lndopendonco of Ireland.
A banquet was tendered to tho Exccutlvo
Council last evening by tho Irish citizens of
Alms or tho Natlonut Industrial Conven
tion, Which Is to Moot In Cincinnati on
Washington's Itirtlidny.
PiTTSiitinoH, Pa., Jan. 14. Tho National
Industrial convention will mcot at Cincin
nati February 22. Its principles and alms
aro sot forth In a circular which tho Na
tional Committee is distributing aiftong la
bor organization. It arraigns in severe
terms and at groat length both tho Rfipubllo
nn and Democratic purtlos for hat ing ca
tered In ovcry way to tho rich at the ox
penso of tho poor, and renounces Ml alle
giance, to them. The circular asks for tho
alliance and co-operation of tho Kulghtu of
Labor, tho various agricultural and sol
diers' organizations, tho National Green
back, the Anti-Monopoly nnd Poo
pic's parties, tho trados unions, tem
perance reformers, and all other por
sons who nro In sympathy with tho
objects sought. Tbo plans ot organiza
tion aro nn organizer for each State and
Territory, tho Stnto organizer to appoint a
district organizer for each Congrosslonal
district in his State, and tho district organ
izers uro to appoint local organicors. Each
Congressional district will bo entitled to
ono delogato to tho convention.
Tito Pretty Slstor of tho Demi Sovereign
Choson us tho Now Ituler.
KVANSviLi.n, Ind., Jan. 14. Tho position
of Quccu of tho Gypsies In tho United
States, mado vacant by tho death
of Mrs. Emma Btanloy, which oc
curred near Jackson, Miss., on Docombor
SO last, has been filled by tho appoint
ment of Miss Lucy Stanley, a sister of tho
dead Queen, who llvos about two milos west
of this city, whoro sho owns valuublo prop
erty. Miss Btanloy has loft hero for Day ton,
C, to attend tho funoral of the deceased
quocn, nftcr which coromony tho cor
onation of tho now Queen will tako placo.
Tho new Queen is but nlnotcon ycurs of
age, prepossessing In nppearanco, fairly
educated, and Is n favorite not only with
her own pooplo, but with all who know her.
Sho will issuo her mandates from this
point, but will lead tho annual migration
ot her pooplo to tho South, which com
mences early In Novcinbor next.
Massncre of Culorcd Converts.
Rome, Jan. 14. Tho Propaganda hns re
ceived letters from Catholic missionaries
at Augundn, Africa, Btutiug thut King
Monanga discovered ono of his servants
studying a Christlun catechism, where
upon he ordered the masBacru of 11 hundred
negro converts, tho most of whom wero
burned nlivo. Tho missionaries furthor
state that King Monanga has declared that
bo will kill every Christian bo finds within
his domains.
A Desperado Killed.
Louisville, Ky., Jan. 14. Craig TolU
var, leader of ono faction of tho Tolllvar
Martin feud, which has kept Rowan Coun
ty In arms for years, was found dead in a
field yesterday with a bullot-holo in his
head. Somo ot his many onomlcs hud ut
last killed him. Tho State troops, which
huvo been vainly trying to suppress tho
lighting of tho factious, will now bo with
drawn from tho county.
A (Iriitt lull of Itock.
BcrrALo, N. Y., Jan. 11. About mid
night 011 Wednesday 11 vast mass of reck
nnd Ico near the Horsoshoo fulls nt Nlug.
aru foil Into the gorge below, changing
very materially tho formntlon ot tho preci
pice 011 tho Canadian side. Tho break wus
near tho spiral stairway, and 150 foot cf tho
Government iron railing wus curried down.
Mt-ijuitdo Must do to Sluj; blag.
New Yoiik, Jan. 14. Judgo Pratt
handed down his decision yesterday In thu
caso of ox-Aldcrmun McQuado, donylng
tho motion for a stay of proceedings. Ho
will bo Ijumudlatoly transferred, t) Bing
The Nntoil Arnirililst Chief Soon to Ho
rnmo tlin Husband i,r 11 l'rnspoollvi
llrlrcss Itomuntlc Stury nf thu Court
Ciilt'Aoo, Jan. 15. Tho soclnl world wll
bo electrified by tho nnnouncamont of tin
mnrrlago next Tucslay in tho county Jail
of August Sjiles, tho condemned lender ol
Chlcngo Socialists, to Miss Nina Clarke
Van Znndt, tho daughter of James K. Vnu
Zandl, ot James S. Kirk A: Co , tho sonf
manufacturer; tho coming brldo being de
scended on ono Bldo from tho Kulckor
botkor families of Now York, r.nd on the
mother's from tho royal family of Stuait,
besides being tho prospective hoiress oi
Miss Von Zandt is twouty years of ngo
nnd Buld to 1k3 very handsome Sho Is 11
graduate of Vnss.ir College. Sho wns born
in Philadelphia. Iter mother was n daugh
ter of Thomas S. Cinrko, tho Pittsburgh
millionaire, whoso vast properly, now In
tbo possession of an aunt, will descend to
hi r. Tho ucqunliit.ince, which was destined
U havo bo romantic 1111 ending, began In n
rather pccullnr manner four years ago.
Miss Van Zandt hnd n pet poodlo which
Btrnyed away from its mistress. Tho
young lady callod at several newspaper
offices to advertise) for Its return. Among
them was tho .tranter Zrltunif, tho An
archist organ, of which Spies was tho odl-
tor-lu-chlof. Hero sho mot Spies,
and the acquaintance, continued
for four years, In n casual
way. Strnngo to say, howovor, Miss Van
SCaudtdid not lcnrn thonamoof her hand
somo German ncqualntance. Mcantimo
tho riot of Mny 4 occurred nnd Spies was
thrown Into jail. Tho indictment and
commencement of tho tnnl followed, nil
without Miss Van Zntidt's discovering
tho identity ot August Spies, tho
Anarchist, Indicted for tho murder
of Mnlluns Degan, with Ivor Gcrmnn ac
quaintance. Throughout tho trial it will
Lo remembered that tho busy court-room
wns dally graced with tho nppo.iranco of a
bevy of young ladles, to whom Judgo Gary
extended every courtesy. Among tlicso
wero Nina VanZandt and 1111 Intimate friend.
'I ho recognition took placo In tho court
room whllo tho fair visitor wus carelessly
Inspecting tho coiintotuncuJ of tho prison
ers, und mado a strong impression upon a
naturally romantlo disposition. Day after
day found tho young lady In n seat near
tho Judgo until tho conclusion. Tho long
arguments had nil been mnde, tho stern
verdict of tho jury read, nnd tho condemned
mon returned to their cells. Miss
Van Zandt cnlled at tho county Jail shortly
nftcr tho conclusion of tho trial, nnd Bald
that sho was n friend of August Bplos.
Jailer Foltz obligingly nllovvod bono speak
with Spies In privnto, and tho visits wero
often renewed. Tho cntlrj courtship hns
taken placo in tills mnnncr since the end of
tho trial. In an Interview yesterday Spies
admitted that bo was soon to mako Miss
Van Zandt his brldo.
fall or " tipper Tublo Itock" Into tho
fjnrge Ilfluvr Tilt, Set-llery Urcntly
Changed l'nrt of tho Gov eminent 1C11II-
Iiib; Curried Avv'ity.
Nivoaiia Falls, Ont, Jan. 15. That por
tion of tho rugged bank ncirest tho
Horscshoo falls, on thu Canada side, known
tis "Uppor Tablo Rjck," foil at midnight
Wednesday with 11 dcnfoulng crash, that
was heard nnd tho concussion felt for a
inllo nwuy. Thousands of tons of solid rotk
fell into tho gorgj below, and with It hun
dreds ot tons ot ice. Tho exact posi
tion of tho bresk Is between tho Prospect
Houso and tho great Horseshoe falls, just
nbovo tho old Tablo Rock and next to tho
spiral stairway leading to tho path behind
tho sheet of water It ww only by
n miracle that tho stairway was
not demolished. The Government Iron
railing for ovor 150 foot was carried
nway. It is at this very spot that nearly
nil tho visitors stand and get nn Inspiring
vlow. Had this fait of lock occurred In tbo
daytlmo undoubtedly a heavy loss of lifo
would havo occurred. Tho formation of
tho precipice Is now ontlrely changed. Ono
cab now stand on tho bank abovo nnd sco
behind tho heavy Bheot of water into n dark
chasm. Tin. greatest curiosity is manifested
by tbo villagers nnd tourists, nud throngs
of peoplo nro moving to tho Bpot, A mass
of llmestono and slato 1,003 feet In length
by nbout 00 feet in width nnd 170 foot deop
Is idled in a hcnnlng mass below. One hun
dred and twenty-threo thousand yards of
rock Is calculated to havo fallen. Tho sup
posed causo of tho rock giving way Is tho
low water, steady froeziag weather for tho
past thrco wooks, und tho heavy weight
of the accumulated Ico.
Mrs. Cleveland Tnboos Wine.
It ashinoton, Jan. 15. The tempcranco
peoplo throughout tho country will com
mend Mrs. Cleveland for not offering wlno
at tho luncheon sho gavo to Bixty young
ladies of Washington last Thursday. It
has been tho custom to servo several kinds
on such occasions, and tills wns tho first
gathering of nny pretensions this winter
whero it was absent Tho nction of tho
Womon's Tempcranco Union of St. Louis
in roferenco to Mrs. Whitney's luncheon
to tho President's brldo wns remomborod
by all who wont to tho White Houso tho
other day, but thoso who know bay that it
did not mako tho slightest difference with
Mrs. Clovoland, who would not havo
Borvod wlno undor nny circumstances.
She dues not drink It bersolf and docs not
bollovo It appropriate to Borvo wlno at
gatherings of young ladlos As tho Presi
dent's wife sots tho fashions it may bo ex
pected that her oxaraplo will bo followed
by tho official socloty of tho capital.
Illot of New Orleans 'Longshuremnn.
New Oiileans, Jan. 15. A delegation of
tho now 'Longshoremen's Association (col
ored), forming a part of tho now cotton
council, headed by Joo Harrison, nttempt
cd to step tho 'longshoremen at work on
tho bark Sarah yesterday afternoon. A
general row ensued in which knlvos and
pistols woro frooly used. Thrco persons
wero badly wounded. Every thing Is now
Weather Signals oil Uutlrond Trains.
Chicauo, Jnu. 15. Tho Chicago & Grand
Trunk und Detroit, Grand Haven fi: Mil
waukee railroads lmvo inaugurated a Bys
tern of dally display of United States
weather signals from thoir local trains.
Tho signals will bo cwrlod on oachsldoof
tho baggago cars ou tho trains designated
to carry them.
Tho Hilddock Cases Set for Trial.
Sioux Citv, la., Jan. 15. Tho Haddock
rases havo bocn sot for M irch 21. Tho
principal defendnnt, Aronsdorf, will not
bo trlod until after thu conspirators. This
is considered a big point for tho State, as
tbo dofenso will havo to outllno their poli
cy before reaching the principal dofondant.
Autopsy ou tho Living bkeletau."
Rockland, Mass., Jan. 15. Tho autopsy
on tho body of Bprnguo, the "Living Bkol-
cton," showed bis weight to have been
forty pounds. Tho causo of death is given
as pneumonia; causo of thinness, muscular
atrophy, probably duo to splnul disoaso,
Tho other organs woro healthy.
Tlio luter-htnte Commerce Hill Passed.
Washington, Jan. 15. Sonator Cutloin Is
tho recipient of many congratulations. Iho
ronforonco report on tho Inter-State Com
merce bill which ho und Mr, Roagan pro
purcd was adopted at a late hour lust night
by a vote of 43 yoas to 15 nays a much
larger majority, it Is understood, than oven
tbo sponsors ot tho bill hud anticipated.
A Celebrated Pulent Ilrclaiid Void.
Dbtuoit, Mich., Jan. 15. United States
Judgos Brown, Bovorcns uud Jackson lmvo
rondored a decision In tho suit of tho De
troit Lubricator Company ngalnst Freder
ick Lunkonholmcr, declaring void tho cele
brated "light-feed" lubricator patent, The
suit has boon In the courts twojoi&s,
A Cargo of Glnnt Powder Kxplodes on
Hoard 1 arnitnded Vessel on the l'nclflo
Const Thrco Men Seriously Injured
Several Hulldlngs Almost Totally lie
mollshcd. Ban Fuancisco, Jan. 17. Tho Cliff Houso
was badly damaged nnd other buildings In
tho vicinity woro wrockod early yesterday
morning by tho explosion of o groat quan
tity of giant povvdor on board tho schooner
Parallel, which had boen driven on tho
rocks at Point Lobos. Thrco mon woro
badly hurt.
Tho Parallol sallod Friday last with a
cargo of gcnoral lnorcbnndlso for Astoria,
Ore. Sho procoodod north until compelled
by strong head winds to return. Sho
reached tho cntranco to tho Goldon Onto
Saturday evening. Tho wind had died
out, nnd being caught by n strong tldo
tho vessel was swept ashore at tho
Bouth end of Point Lobos, Insldo tho
famous seal rocks opposite tho CHIT House.
Tho llfe-Bavlng station people, nonr by,
wore promptly notified nnd hastenod to tho
scene of tho wreck. Tho captain of tho
schooner and nil hands aboard hod taken
to tho boats, and wero making for tha
Tho mon from tho Ufo-savlng station,
seeing that nothing oould bo dono and
knowing that tho scnoonor nnu oeon
abandoned by hor ofilcora and crow, with
draw from tho scono at a fovv minutes be
fore ono o'clock. They had hardly reached
tho station building whon n fearful explo
sion occurred, causing destruction on all
Bides. Tho beating of tho Bchoonor
ngalnst tho rocks had caused tho povvdor to
Ignite and tho entire quantity aboard
nearly 100,000 pounds had exploded.
To thoso living In tho neighborhood tho
effect was frightful. Tho signal-station
was demolished. The llfe-Bavlng station
was also wrecked, and tho west sldo of tho
Cliff House, notwithstanding its olova
tlon, wns blown out, and every
wlndow-pnno in tho building broken.
A largo concert-room on tho beach
and other buildings lowor down had
all thoir windows broken nnd wero other
wise more or less damaged. A long car
riage Bhcd adjoining tho Cliff Houso wns
tumbled into n mass of rulnB. Adolph
Sutro's conservatory on tho heights abovo
was shattered Into atoms, and nil tho win
dows In bis liouso wero broken.
Throo members of tho life-saving crow
who had built a flro onlho beach and who
had docldod to romaln near tho wrock wero
hurled Into tbo air by tho concussion, and
wero soverolv Injured In being dashed to
tio oartli. Tho remaining members of tho
crew who had returned to tho station
rushod to tho rcscuo of tho Injured nnd car
ried them to tho station. Modlcal aid was
Bummonod nnd every thing necessary to ro
llovo thoir injuries done.
Tho fomous Cliff Houso presents n scono
beggaring description. Tho west Bldo of
tho building overlooking tho ocoan is com
pletely rulnod nnd only held together by
tho cross-beams. Tho windows are smashed
and tho doors aro twisted off their hinges,
uud tho wholo sldo is so shattered that it
will havo to be taken down, oven If It does
not topplo over into tho ocean.
Tho captain and crow of tho Parallol ar
rived yesterday morning on tho forry-boat
from Saucelito. On taking to tho small-boat
thoy woro carried by tho tidJ to Sauecllto
before they could mako a landing.
Tho powder was shipped by Bandmann,
Nellson & Co., ot this city, nnd was in
tondod for railroad coaBtruetlon purposes.
Tho vessel was literally obliterated, a few
ploeos of floating wrockago being nil that
can bo seen. Sho was valued at $7,000, and
was owned by S. B. Peterson, ot this city.
Sho was insured for to.D'X).
Tho oxplosion was bo terrlfilo and oc
curred so closo to tho Bcal rocks that It was
supposed nn Immense number of soals had
boon killod by tho concussion. Such provos
not to bo tbo case. Two deal seals only
havo boon seen. A rumor Is curront that
tho explosion was causod by an Infernal
machlno aboard, but all tho facts
dispute such a supposition. Tha ex
plosion was distinctly heard at Oak
land nnd San Jose, and oven as far as
Sacramento, a dlstanco of ovor 100
milos. Captain Jordan, of the ship Com
modore, which nrrlvod yesterday from
Port Discovery, Bays ho folt tho shock fif
teen miles out at boo. Thoinjurcd Hfo-saV-ing
mon are progressing favorably, and
thoy will probably recover.
Tlio Marriage of the Condemned Annrclt
tst Cltlef to Occur In tho Chicago Jail
Next Thursdny A Tulle vflth the Pros
pective Hrlde.
Chicago, Jan. 17. Thcro was somo diffi
culty in getting a marrlago liconso for Au
gust Spies, tho Anarchist, who is to wod
Miss Van Zandt, and tho marriage was
postponed until Thursday, when it will oc
cur In tho jail.
Miss Van Zandt confirms tho report that
sho is to marry Bpios next week, and says
that tho coromony
will llkoly bs pcr
formod by Jvdgo
Prondorgast. She
admitted that sho
bad hastened tho
ceremony beoauso
she would bo mora
privileged as a wlfo
than as a swcothcarL
"I want to show my
lovo for Mr. Spies,"
sho said. "He has
been maligned, cal
umniated, villlllod
and wrongod by tbo
press and tho public.
miss van zandt. and I desiro to show
my opinion on tho subject. It's a very
easy thlug to marry a man of high posi
tion, but it requires rather more courage to
marry within tho walls of a jail."
" Is it true that you aro an heiress 1" tho
reporter asked.
" Yes, but I Joopardlzo it by this mar
rlago. That, howovor, Is a matter ot small
consequence. If I got tho monoy I shall
enjoy it; if not I shall not allow myself to
Miss Van Zundt refused to go into tho do
ialls of hurcngugement, but said horfathor
and mother bnd both consented to her mar
riage. Her father, J. K. Van Zandt, is a
chemist in tho Kirk soap factory. UU
homo is elegant and luxurious.
Flvo Masked Men Detected Plundering a
I'un-IIuiiillo l'relght Near litUburgu
Tho Thieves Ksvupe.
PiTTsnuuau, Pa., Jan. 17. Flvo maskod
robbers boarded u Fanbandlo freight train
near Sheridan station, just ut th? outskirts
of tho city Friday night, but they wero de
tected iu tho act uf throwing freight from
tho moving train and la u desperate fight
which ensuod, Fireman Curley was shot
through tho right thigh and a brukomaa
was knocked senseless with a stone. Tho
trainmen thon gavo up tho fight to attend
to tho Injured men, and tho thieves cs
capod. Ouns, ammunition, eta., which tho
thieves had thrown from tho tialn were
found nearly n niilo back f rou tho point
whero tho robbery wns discovered.
Mrs Grant and the Monument Fund,.
New Yoiik, Jan. 17. Mrs. Grout has
added to tho Grant monumont fund $983.50
In tho form of two chocks audited by tha
Treasury Department In favor of hor late
husband last yoar. Ono was for $120, ar
rears found to be due Gcnoral Grant uador
Muxlcan wur extra pay act. Tho other,
for$S03.50,was tha balance duo the General
on his salary from July 1, 1835, to tha tlmo
of his death, July 23, 1SS5.
live Prisoner lUrnpe.
GiiEENsnuita, Ind., Jan. 17. Throo boys,
Evorett Bennett, Nick Pcrton and Dan
Fitzglbbcms, In Jail for highway robbory,
escaped Saturday night by sawing oft tlicj
heavy iroo bars,
(5- lis n!$3?

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