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VOL. XXXVIII -ED, L, BLUE, Publisher.
$1.00 IN ADVANCE -NO. 49
1 O j 1 j
i u'.V ) OWIVKHS
Allilltnl John H. WIUiiii
Clerk (if tin i ,.,. .A. I. Mill i
I'ruiuilc-ludift- ....rnuil; Yoiiii',
Treasurer V. It. Niim-
Hcconler ciirli Plnkbvliiui
l'rosceutlng Attorney A. J Mcim
Hliercill'. , v. II. Ilrvuin
Burycyor V. II. Wood
I K. II, Iluvcrslock,
Commlmloucrs i I'mnl; Tliiiiiinsoii
(iltteiili Sinlil.
.Mlrlmcl A in lit, Jr.
WlWnu l'lktlcrMin.
Jolm Ifcell.,
iili ArmliriiKtcr.
( Ailnin 15. I.cyilnrf.
Trensurer Ucnrun lUmnn
Clcrt Philip Wetzel
I V. OvltIiU'I).
Constables l'riinU Seolninn, !
I r. miruiumsc.
Mayor J. R. Tyler.
Clerk , w. 15. Kicolt.
Treasurer (J. A. Ilumptoii,
Marshal Win. Stickles.
(A Ituiuli
Cemetery Trustees A milium
1 1) K Hollenlieck
rwin. iiitrton,
C. V. Clinpniiui,
(1. W. Iloirmann,
Ceo. MtuiKrr.
Dr. 1. S. llowers.
Council men
an una if jus.
First rrexliytcrliUiChurcli, llcv.d.A. Ailnms.
tiervlces 10: IS mu Sumlny. 1'rnyer mectlni;
Wcilnevlnv, 7 nm S.iblMlti seliool K in. Jlr.
1 J. OlilluscrSiili't.
Walnut St l'rctliylrrlim Church. Ucv. A 1.
Johnson. Services Sumlny 1IU" inn Snbbath
school 13 m MissMiiIiel l.iiiiipiiiiui Snp't.
St. ltose tlu I.linu Catliolle Chnrcli. ltev. (J.
II. Itelkeu. Service Sunday 8 unit 1(1 nm
Vc.ipers :l phi Services every morning S o'clock.
Euuii'elleiil (Jhtirch. ltev. ,1. S. l'lttcrer.
Ecrvleei every nlteruutc Snmlny 10 nm nml 7::!0
pm Pmycr inecllin; Thursday night. Sabbath
school 11 nm Itoiijmnlii ZliiKg, Hup't.
Ucrmnn lteforni. Services every nltenmte
Sunday 10 nm mid 7 pin Sublmtli school 11:30
1'red'k l.eydorf. Snp't.
Gcrmnu l.iillienni. ltev. O. 1 Keating.
Services Similar 13 mu . V-. 1'. KcfttluK.Sup't.
MetliodUl KpNcopnl Church. ltev. J C
Shaw. Servlcei .1 10H.' inn mid 7:"0 pm.
Prayer meeting T'.niralny nt 7 pm Snbbatli
Kchool Unni Mr. Win. Ilnrtoii. Sun't.
Gcrrmn M. 15. Church. Ucv. Wall. Services
10 nm everv Sunday and '") pm every nlteruntc
Bundny. l'mver meeting Wniliiiilny nveiiliigs.
sabbath fccnoul 2 pm l.ev. Jnim leager, sup i.
Phoenix I.odiro. No 12.1 V. .t A. M. 15. I,.
lllue, W. M. !'. i:. llollciilicck, Scc'y.
HcRUlnrC'oinmuiilcattoiH llrst and third Jlon
days of c.-u'li month.
Fort .Mei'-'i Lodge. I. O. O. V'. Regular meet
ings every 1'riday night. .lou llalrd, N. U.
Wolforil Po'l, -N'o. .M.d.A. It. O. 11 Scott,
Com. .laiuiM lln.ici, AilJ't. Meetings
cecum! ami foiuth Munibiys lu 1 O I! T Hull.
Tippecanoe Council. No 37, X. V l)r. I. P.
Powers, I're-tilont. Dr. J. 1. 1 Iiuiiiiisoii. Pec'y
Meetings i-ecoud mill lourlh 'luuvlnya in
10 1ST Hull.
Castle l'.'r v No 1C. (1 K. V I.. Mahr.
Com. 1". We'tAl. scc'y. I. K. Ilollenbecl;,
Kin. Scc'y. Meeting. llrt and Ililrd 'luesdavs
111 Yoagcr's Hall
Pcrrvuiiiinr I.mt.n I. O. O. T. MceLs every
Mond.iy 7.1 p m !u hall over D.nir.' baken.
Sllvs l.aur i I nil! . ( T
AttO3.'Z107 5X-fcXjif7V-Geasral
Zt "i;-ir. .' ?.oi1 Sststc Afjcnt.
. i rn'M riiuimliiMl
N, i il Ol'il'i
t'i:i;iniu;H(j. omo.
Attorneys at Law.
ODlco Kced & Merry lllock, Mnlu Street,
Bowling Green, 0(.
Oilier over rinUlieiner' Stoic.
Peoples' Theatre, Toledo.
HIIADY .t r. W.WOOT), llanagcrs.
Week Commencing Mar. 2
Supported by nn Excellent Company
in h'lB Grcnt Success, i
JIlutlucoB, Tu 01 il:i )', 'Cliursilay mid
Doors opon nt 1. Curtain ntUp.ni,
l'ltl "ICS:
. I i;vel'.'.l i;s "C. : ;,h . (. .louuuu ..je.
) Malluoe-
j nml S.I11
r: s. olegg,
i:ai.i:u jn
line Parlor & Bed Eoom Suits j
Chairs, Tables, Lounges.
Undertaking & Embalming
Only White Hearse in County.
Second Stx-eet, .
Have decided to close their retail department, and from the
present date until
cr-JJSTTTJEST 1, 1891, .
Their Ifttxe alyGk of elegant goods will be sold regardless of
'",, T.: '.,. cost. '
COOT PBI03EJS wn c,ose out the stock raPldl'- Call
' l ," early.
'' ' ' , V' 84 & 80 Sumtait St., .
' ? 'TOLEDO. O;
There are
many white soaps,
represented to be
"just as good as the Ivory."
They are not,
but like,,
all counterfeits,
they lack
Jthe peculiar
and remarkable'
Qualities of
the genuine.
Ask for
Ivory Soap
insist upon having it.
'Tis sold everywhere.
J. H. PIERCE, Prop.
Carriages (nriiifllied on rcanonulile terms.
Yerterinary Surgeon and Dentist
howling auni:N, omo.
Will attend to all calls by rtny or night
in any pait of County.
Collections Made Promp ly.
Bullion and Bills of Exchange
Bought and Sold.
UV .Ir.iw out nvi W'AI'TS nil nil
tin-C'niiiiiii'ieial (Vntit-hi the Win III.
llniicj l.o.im-il :iinl Hi -pnslix Itieclvcil
X. !. IIAXSON. Caller.
Mattia eiiy
n iuj i
. Discount
I will make my besi Cnbinets'at a
JBCDDJT of 50c. El El
Photog rapher,
Over (liege's Fuiinturo Store.
Pevrysbui'e: O.
Lumber and Shingles
Perrysburg, O
can lmmntMlitipiirM W Hue ofwrls,
ri'l'll) nu Iiriini1iU, ) tliont of
tlilur , lotiiinr i.IiI.ivikI hi ilirlr
uwnlitrHlltttttlitMirrtli) liw.Any
Olltl IHU till ill ilillt. I uv hi Imth.
UV rumUtiftro'M'W 'i inn iti. No rlk, tu tan dotote
ymir i(ri iiiununu, or nil our ilmo to the wuvk. 'Ilililur
entirety iu'W I tad, a ml Itriupi voittlvrful tirc ( iu t rry winker,
llrfliiiiurt ard rnrnlnc from tih to 50 rrfikiirl iipMHidi,
mul mom AftrrK IlllW (iiitrrlriicr. Wo tun funiUh you llio rm
(ilu)inriit nml tMth jnu Mtf t . Xo imc tu exiiln here. I ull
nfcjrmatlwu t'ltLt,'. 'VllVMZ A: CO., AlUlun, JI11MU
Interesting Items from Neighboring Towns, Gath
ered by Special Correspondents, fox
the Journal.
Fell. 23. Joseph Nuwlon of Bowling
Q'ei'ti, Riii-nt TuiBiluy with friends in
Miss Nuttio Crops hrw just returned
fioni n pleasiint visit with Mre. T.
Quinn, of Toledo.
Miss Anna Shtillcr has just returned
from n visit with friends in Tontogany.
Joseph Newton of Bowling Giccn,
has sold his farm to Shipmnn Brod., for
j.mr, city.
Feb. 24. Mrs. Goss of Oberlin, ugeut
for the American Bible Society, gavo
tin interesting and instructive talk on
tio subject of the Bible, to a good size
audience last Sunday evo. in tho M. E
church. Miss Mnrgie CrepH returned liome
from Clevi'lnnd this week.
Isaac Whiison and wife are on the
sick list.
James Russell was in Sugar Ridge
last week.
The dreaded la grippe hus not slighted
tho innocent babe on its journey through
this vicinity, and it seems to have uo
respect of persons, mny can bo thank
ful they are not nfllicted with the
strange disease.
Miss Lottio Clegg and Miss Kiltie
Caldwell of Porrysburg, visited Mrs.
Minnie Brownsbergcr oh Wednesday.
Miss Celin Leverton of Bowling Green,
visited relatives here the past week.
It is with regret that our young
friend Herman Hanton who 1ms been
with us for three years ns telegraph
operator and ticket agent, is to leave us
soon, to take charge of a pump staiioii
on the oil pipe line near Bowling Green.
A more kind and open hearted young
man, with n willingness to liel in nil
respects, is very seldom found. He
will ho missal not only in the office,
lint in the Sunday School and church.
His many friends wish him success in
his new position.
Lewi Einch is recovering from a
seigo of la grippe.
STONY KllXii:.
I'Vb. 24. Business is very dull in this
vicinity :ii present on account of tbe
ate heavy rains, mud and bad weather
iu gi'iieial.
P. Noble and family of Swanlon,
weie the quests of their parents und
brut her J D. Noble and wile and Dr.
H. E. Noble tlin first of tins week. It
is understood lhat thuy have some inteii
tioii of moving to the Ridge again.
.M. Weivcr and funily of Alvcsta,
Mieli., accompanied by their neicc, Miss
Sadie Cook, are vi-iting their relatives
nml many friends at the Ridge this week.
Mis$ Emiiiii Debbef of Toledo, spent
Sunday with hei parents, returning o
the eily on Monday.
MNs Giueo Morse who hns been stay
ing in E-ist Toledo for some time, is
hniiie nuuin.
Mis Nellie Hubbell, who has been
spending tho winter in Tolpdo. returned
home to the Ridgo last week to n6sist
lier foster mother, Mrs. J. D. Noble,
who has been very feeble for some lime,
but is improving.
Samuel Swope who has recently
returned from Washington Teiritory
with his wife, wero calling on old
acquaintance? on ll e first, of the week.
II. A, Kennel and family are visiting
I'elutivcs and friends in Swanton and
Delta this week.
C. li. FWf of Freepott, was in town
on Sunday last.
Mrs. D. C. ViuiVorhls who has for a
number of years been almost an helpless
invalid was moot miraculously cared
by faith on the first of Inst week, and is
now able to wnlk around and visit her
neighbors, nnd attend the evening eerv
ico at the M. E. church on Thursday
It is thought that there will bo a num
ber of very brlUiaut weddings como off
iu the Spring.
A young woman o East Toledo was
at thu Ridgo lust Saturday hunting a
runaway husband. It iu very plain that
East Toledo is keeping up her end for
The saw mill, wooden bowl factory,
aud stono crusher uro nil running.
It is expected that several now build
ings will bu erected as soon as tho
weather will permit.
Frank Noblo has moved into Samuel
Daker'ri house.
Several cuses of measles are reported
around town.
Dr. Noble h.d a consultation call to
Toll do this week.
Kntlco to Corrcsponilenta.
Pleaso Belld, in your lottors oarly
Wo would lluo to huvo thorn roach us
not livtor than "Wednesday, ol oach
Feb. 21. Mre. Emerson from Canada,
is visiting her parents.
C. F. Chapman of Porrysburg, was
in town Saturday.
Ollio Myers who has been living in
Toledo, is home, sick.
Mrs. F. A. Grove, from Toledo, spent
Sunday here with relatives.
Ed. Bailey has rented the Bailey farm.
Mr. Spray has lenicd the creamery
for two years.
The protracted mee'tags closed
Saturday night.
Some littlo boys went down to see
tho creek while the water was very
high und they were leaning over the
bridge, when Charley Builey accidently
fell in the water. One of the little boys.
Custar Downing, jumped in to save
him and both would probably have
drowned, if one of the neighbors had
not seen them.
The explosion near Findlay was felt
quite lorciblv, here.
Feb. 25. Business is a little dull and
plenty of mud and rain.
Mrs. Nanny Truman is on tho sick
Miss Rana Truman of Tolido, was
homo over Sunday.
Frank Vaiuhtuiiue and Miss Minnie
Lion of Million, Lenawee Co., Mich.,
are visiting friends hero.
On account of die rainy weather last
Friday night, the deDato was failure
and also thu mnsquer.ido dance. Tho
debating class will give the same pro
gramme this week Friday night.
Tho box social held under the auspices
of the Sunday school nt the church last
Tueiday night, the proceed to go for an
organ, was a grand success financially.
regtudle-B of thrf bad wenlhiT. The m t
proceeds wero thirty-three dollars.
When LeMnyne undertakes anything it
generally does it about light.
Honis Bringman has his sawmill set
up and i now ready to do work.
There Is a phrenologist holding lec
tures at the hall this week. If you
want your bumps felt, now is tho time.
Feb. 23 Dowling is still booming.
Our little town still has several pipe
lino men on hand, though a good many
of them have gone to the burg.
M. R. Gorrill was iu Toledo last week
on business.
I see that our Lime City correspond
ent and his friends oflVr to help us out
of llio mud, though I see they don't
come at a very lively rate. It is my
opinion that Lime City should enforce
the laws iu regard to St-lling liquor to
Illinois, ns I seo several minors who
boast that they can get liquor in Limo
City, ii they cannot purchase it any
place else.
J. "'. Hayes, our Ticket Agent, says
that Dowling is bound to make a fine
little town, and it is my opinion that if
all the citizens of Dowling were just as
energetic ns Mr. nnyps, we would have
one of tbe best nnd finest looking little
towns in Korthweetem Ohio in a short,
time. Our business places seem to be
doing a rushing businen3. E. S. Town
Fcnii,our boot aud bhoo dealer, says that
if tho work keeps.coming in at tho rate
that it has for tbe past few days he
will have to have a clerk ns it will
be impossible for him to supply tho
wants of the people.
D.J. Shoemaker says that it keeps
himself and wife nnd two clerUs busy
handing goods over the counter to
L. 'Willinmson still keeps business
lively in his lino iu spite of the mud.
His sign rends highest prices paid for
No. 1 corn. .
M. R. Gorrill is fixing up the machin
ery in his stave works, and will soon bo
ready to start things booming in his line
of business.
Prof. Alexander, who has been
lecturing at the M E. church for the
past few evenings closed on Saturday
Jacob Kinzig and wife intend moving
to Toledo in the near future.
A. eon of Mr. Linanvyr died on
Tuesday of lung trouble, nnd was buried
on Friday. Mr. Linanvyr Iiob tho heart
felt sympathy of tho entire community
in his sad affliction.
Von arc lu a Uad Fix
But.wo will euro you ir you will noy
us. Our message is to tho Weak, Ner
vous and Debilitated, who, by enrly Evil
Tlnblts. or Later Indiscretions, hove
trifled away their vigor of Body. Mind
and Manhood, and who suffer all those
effects which lead to Premature Decay
Consumption or Insanity. If this means
you, send for and read our Book of
Life, written by tho greatest Specialist
of the day. nnd sent,(sealod), by addres
sing Dr. Parker's Medical and Surgical
Instituto, 163 North Spruce 8t., Nash
ville, Tenu. 27zz
mm cnUNTitY;
Our IlimiRlit at thee Is Rlml v, Ith liiiie.
Dear cniuitry of our Imeiitul iirajefi
Tliy wny hiliinii mi fntnl slope,
lint up to freer huh nml ulr.s.
Trlod ns by (iirniicc flrci, nml yel
Ily (Iml's Kiueu only similiter nimlc:
In future tiinks before tliee eel
Thou hluilt dot luektliuoltl-lliiicnlil.
Tliu fatlicrs sleeii, but men remain
As true nml fae nml brnvu hi lliey:
Why I'ount the lim wlllioiit thouiiluf
Tliu bent Is that e liuve to-iluy.
No lark wns In thy primal stock,
No weakling founders bulhloil here:
There were tho men of Plymouth nock,
Thu l'nritmi nml Ihu Cnvnller.
Ami thev whose firm I'lulurnnceRnlucd
Tho freedom of the souls of men,
WhosuliiiiHlsuiiMnlucil in penee maintained
The srnnllcs eoinmoim eallh of I'eiin .
And time shall be tho power of all
To do tho work that duly bids;
And mukc tho people's Council Halt
As lastini; as the l'yraiuhls. ,
Thy Icison nil llio world slinll learn,
'1 ho nations at thy lict Mmll sit:
Eartira lurthest muuiitaiu tops shall burn
With ttatchlircs fiom thlueowu upllt,
(Irent, without seeking to be sjreat
lly fraud or rnmiiiest rleh in gold,
Hut richer in the large estate
(if virtue which thy elilldien hold.
With pence that comes of purity.
Ami strength to slmplu justice due.
So owns our loyal dream of thee,
liod of our fathers, make it true,
Oh, lnnd orlniiiK to thee we give
Our love, our tiust, oiirsenleo free;
For thee thy sons shall iiolilv live,
And nt thy need tliall die lor thee.
A CorriM'tlon.
In the nrticlo last wool: "Tho Fur--
mora' Alliance," tho types made It sny
"tho turilT on intoxicating drinks is
now as It ever has been, tho eternal
enemy of good government, tlio
homo, nnd mankind." Whut tho
Alliance did say was this : "tho trafllc
in intoxicating drinks is over us it has
bcon tho eternal enemy &c.''
Wo wish to quoto its words correctly,
first, becuuso of their truth tquaroly
expressed ; next, because of the credit
which is its duo of speaking honestly
uuuu tin issuo which political parties
have been wont to evade or ignore.
I hnvo been thinking, let mo say
what I thought right here :
What u grund leadership both civic
und military, hns been granted our
noblo Stato of Ohio for tho entire
Nation. Seo its names, Grant, Sher
man, Sheridan, Garfield, Chtibc, Wnite,
Windom aud our ox-president Hayes
who still lives to be u leader in all
benevolent and philanthropic works.
It is not best to sny wo uro proud of
theso leaders. Wo thank God wo had
them, tho Nation had tliein when we
could not do without them. They are
gouo now. Their glory remains und
It is our inheritance.
Wo uro tliinkiiiff of that other leader
ship, in another lino and of a different
gender. When tho women good and
great struck to tho front, and with
true heroism would pray tho saloons
out and tho reign of tompornnco in.
They did good for tho tlrao and set
an example. They wero 1,-adcrs and
will find u following In all tho years to
come. Because they had ono bright,
right idea, which all tho people, male
and female may well and will soon take
up, that to sell or to use intoxicants as
drink is ovil, all evil aud no good.
Tho farmers in their convention sny
much of tho bunion of tho liquor traffic
rests on tliom. Taxes, building pen:
lontiarks, jails, almshouses to shelter
tho paupers and courts to try tho
criminals which tho business engen
ders. It is as good ns a discovery.
They have found it out and are willing
to oiiy so.
Wo seo nowhere, in any Slulo, this
declaration bettor made or more plainly
and manfully, than in this eon volition
of the farmers of Ohio. Lcudors they
are aud as somebody ;nust lend why
not tho working men and farmers of
tho good Stato of Ohio ? Who bettor
than they may invite and Inspire tho
samo classes in other States and lead
on thoir organization V They huvo ,a
now party. Why not have thoir
platform largo enough to make stand
ing room for all rinlit-thinking people
who nro willing to stand with them.
And they uro a multitude, a strong
host which will bo constantly increas
ing in numbers. It will bo a grand
majority when wo nil tiro bravo enough
to stand togoth'or for truth and right.
J. K D.
"Lost in Souhow," Roverlo by J.
E. Eckor, Is ono of tho most charming
rovorlcs it hns fallen our lot to examine
in muny a day. It is an excellent
pleco for tho practico of playing melo
dious, ono of tho difficult things with
most pianists. Take our advlco and
order a copy nt once. It will pleaso
you and your friends. Price only -10c.
Ign. Fisher, Publisher, Toledo, Ohio.
For salo at JouitNAL otlico.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
When Baby was sick, wo bto her Castoria.
When alio wosa Child, she cried for Castoria,
When st9 became Miss, eho clung to Castoria,
Wucasl hadCUUdren.BheicaToCneraCastortA,
I'llWNINO OK OltAl'i: VINK8.
On tho above subject, in tin address
boforo Ohio Horticultural Socioty, E.
II. Cushman of Euclid, Ohio, gavo tho
Heforo planting wo will tnko tho
young plant und trim the top to three
or less buds, nnd tho roots to eight
inches. This will start both top and
root growth near what was tho first
cutting, making n compact plant tho
first season. Tho timo to pruno is
whilo tho vino is in tho dormant state.
In our latitude this is from tho first of
November to tho middle or last of
Tho first two years wo trim tho vino
for wood, or what amounts to tho samo
thing, to got it in tho right shape and
condition to bear fruit. Tho first sum
mer u vino should mako three or four
ennos six or inoro feet in length, with
very few laterals (little limbs from tho
main cano.)
In vineyard planting tho first son
son's growth is allowed to lie on tho
ground, but. for thu amateur it would
bo moro satisfactory to tio to stakes
Tho stakes should be five or six feet
abovo ground.
In either stako or trellis training,
tho first pruning aftor tho vino has
been set should bring our vino back to
ono cano, with from thrco to eight
buds, and about twenty inches long.
v lien tneso uuus start in tno spring,
rub off all but threo or four of tho top
most. This will givo a, clear neck or
stem to tho vino next to tho ground,
which greatly facilitates clean cultiva
tion and clean fruit. From this slago
of growth pruning hns for its object
shape of vino and concentration
growth und fruiting capacity.
Of all our fruit plants there is not
one that can bo us rnndily trained to
suit tho fancy of its possessor as tho
grape vino. Thero are many forms of
training tho grnpo, but I will spoak
moro particularly of tho ono most gen
erally in uso in tho eastern states
ino inrco or lour wire trowis. Tins is
to me the most practical and readily
Having grown our vino tho second
summer with threo or moro canes, wo
nro ready to pruno it for lis first crop
of fruit.
Wo will leavo two canes with about
eight buds each and ono threo-bud
spur this abovo tho canes if possible
In this operation wo hnyo removed
about six-sevenths of tho past season's
growth, thus concentrating tho fruit
iug and coming growth to u very small
portion of our vino. Now, with our
two canes tied to tho lower wire, ono
out each way, wo nro reudy for tho
next year's growth.
Tho spur buds will, in nil probability
start vigorously, us may ull of tho buds;
but on the arm canes somo buds start
vigorously, whilo others uro weak.
Theso last should bo rubbed off; also
any secondary buds which may start.
Should there bo no choico in the buds
to rub otr, destroy tho nndor ones.
This will' leave them ovenly distributed
along tho arm, tying them to tho uppor
wires us they become long enough.
All nfter-treatmont of tho vine,
under this system, is to cut back to
from ono to live spurs and two fruiting
canes, which should start nciir tho
main stem. '
Muri-li MiiKii'Iiii'K.
A decided acquisition to the btutT of
tho Cosmopolitan Magazine is Mr
Bradner Mathews, President of tho
Nineteenth Century Club, tho well
known litoratcur, who takes ehargo of
tho department of book reviews. Tho
keen critical tasto of Mr.Muthows, and
his lino judgment in literary matters,
will liuiko his opinion valued in every
household. Mr. Mathews' inline, lidded
to that of Edward Pverott Halo, iu
charge of "Social Problem ;" Murat
Hatbteud rovioiving',Ciirrent Events,"
and Miss Bisland wllh her European'
articles, gives the Cosmopolitan u
dop irtmental stalf of exceptional bril
liancy. "Thk Houskiiold Fiuend." A
ghinco nt tho contents of Petkhson
for March will prove that it deserves
tho aboyo tltlo. Tho now Fashion
plate is an immonso Improvement on
tho old stylo ono and will bo a wolcomo
ohungo to nil the Indies. Tho oponing
article, "Housekeeping in India," is
admirably Illustrated and written by
ono who had personal knowledgo o'f
tho information which she gives so
pleasantly. "A Snow Shoo Tramp,"
by W. Blackburn Ilarto, is tin inlonsuly
interesting talo of a Oinudiun winter.
Miss Alico Bowiuun's serial, "Tho
Mystery of Dulueo Domum," boglns
charmingly, nnd "Tho Queen of
utumonus, ' by Mrs. Lucy H. Hoopor,
reaches ahappy and effective conclu
sion. Tho short stories nro all capital;
Alico Muudo Ewoll'a " Talo of an Old
Town" dosorves special mention. "Tho
Littlo Queon of Holland"is a. seasonable
bkotoh with a series of good pictures,
and "A pago of French History" is
both entertaining and Instructive. Tho
housohold, needlework and fashion
departments could not bo fresher and
moro complete. Terms, Two Dollars a
year. Address Petkhson'S MAOAZlNi:,
you Chesnut Street, Philadelphia, Ph.
, nlBLUJCtflgMlH .aw

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