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VOL. XXXVHI.-HD, L, BLILS, Publisher.
$1.00 IN ADVANCE-NO. 50
Auditor.... John I). Wilson
Cleric nttho Courts a. h. Mulr
Prormto Judge vtnnlt Young
Treasurer V. . Nnyes
Hccnrdcr......... .. Chris Flnkbcliicr
Prosecuting Attorney a. J tein
BhcrollT. V. li. itrv.mi
Suryoyor V. n. Wood
, . 1 13. II, IlovcMtoek,
Commissioners Frank Thompson
I Jnrob Htahl.
, (Michael Amot, Jr.
uunuuuj ircciors wnon Patterson
I T.. A. Underbill,
rtmees ..... Joseph Arinbrutcr.
I Adam K, I.cydorf.
Treasurer Gcorgn vittmmi.
Ulerk Philip Wetzel
. , , . ( F. Overlacli,
Constables J Frank Scelinan,
I 1'. llurklionsc.
' COUPOn ATI ox.
Mayor J. K. Tyler.
Hlerk w.ll.llscolt.
TrcaMiror C. A. Hampton.
Marshal Wm. stickles.
-f A ivllllni
In ic iioii
Cemetery Trustees..
Win. Ilnrlon,
C. F. Chapman,
0. W UolTmann,
(,co. Jlunger.
Dr. I. S. llowcrs.
Uouncl.diun ..
First PrcbvtcrlnnOhurch. Ucv.3,A. Adams,
iwrvlces 10:1." nm Sunday I'raycr meeting
Wednesday, 7 pm Sabbath school 32 in. Mr.
F. J. Obllngcr Sup't.
Walnut St I'resbytcrlan Church ltcv A P
Johnson. Services Sundav ID " nm "abbath
school 15 m Miss Mabel Ijinipmau Sup't.
St. Uove do Lima Catholic Church. Rev. G,
II. Itclken. Service Sunday 8 and in nm
Vespers .1 nm Services every morning 8 o'clock.
, Evangelical Church ltcv. J. 8. nttcrer.
Services every alternate Sunday 10 nm and 7:30
pm Prayer meeting Thursday nleht. Sabbath
school 11 am Benjamin Zings, Sup't.
Ciermnn Itcform. Services every nlternate
(tunilay 10 am and 7 pm Sabbath school 11:30
Fred'k Lcyclnrf. Sup't.
German Lutheran. Rev. O. F. Keating.
Services Sundav 13 nm . C. F. KeMlng.Sup't.
Methodist Episcopal Church, Iter. J C
Bliaw. Services nt 10:45 am nml 7:M pm.
Frayer meeting Thursday at 7 pm Sabbath
school Unm Mr. Wm.ll.uton. Sup't.
German M. 31. Church. ltev. Wall. Services
10 am every Sunday nm! 7:HH pm every alternate
Sundav. Prayer meeting Wodneday evenings.
Sabbath schools pm Ucv. John Yeagcr, Sup't.
Phoenix Lodge, So III !'. ,t A. II. T.. L.
nine, W. M. F. K. Ilollenbeck. Scc'y.
Regular Commmilratlons first and third Mon
days or each mouth.
Fort McIim Lodge. I. O. O. F. Regular meet
ings every Friday night. Joe llnlrd, X. G.
Wolford I'nst, Xo ftl.G. A. It. O. it Scott,
Com. James Haves, Ailj't. Meetings
second nml fourth Mondays In 1 O G T Hall.
llppceauue Council. No. 97, N. V Dr. I. P.
Bower, President. I)r. J. P. Thompson. Sec'y
Meetings second ami fourth "luesdajs In
I () (i T Hall.
Castle Perrv N'o. K. . r..-P L. Mahr.
Com. P Wctrel, Sec'y. D. K. Ilollenbeck,
Fin. Ser'y, Meetings tlrst and third Tuesdays
in Wafer's Hall
Ferrynunr Lodge I. O. G. T. Meets every
Monday 7 r.0 j m in hall over pans' bakery.
Miss Laura Kwlng. r. T.
Attorney ex-tJuxcmv-
General Collector, tEs;i! Estate Agent.
Titles investigated and Alwracts rurnlshed
on application. Notary I h Oihce.
Attorneys at Law.
Omco Reed & Merry Block, Main Street,
Bowling Green, O.
Office over Finkheiner'a Store.
Peoples' Theatre, Toledo.
BRADY & OAF.WOOD. Managers.
Week Commencing Mar. 9
c. K.jrnrn;i;o. & n.s. 'i'Ai,rii.s
Latest and Greatest Success, tho Grand Spec
tuculiir Production,
With all tho Orlninal Company, Scenery, Cos
tumes and Kcallsllc filleclx, Including tho
JIanolniis Revolving fcceues, the Won
derful Fog Scuncs.the Grand fahlpScene.
Jllatliiveh, ThomImi, Thursday and
.Saturday .
Doors open at 1. Curtain nt2p. m.
imi v- i Kvenings ' "e, i. , 3.V. .-0c and 7oc.
Pino Parlor & Bad Eoom Suits,
Chairs, Tables, Lounges.
"Undertaking & Embalming
Only White Hearse in County.
Second Street,
Have decided to close their retail department, and
Their large stock of elegant goods will be sold regardless of
COST PRICES- will close out the stock rapidly. Call
3d- & 36 Summit St.,
There are
many white soaps,
r eprescnted to be '
"Just as good as the Ivory."
Ti.'.ey are not,
but like
all counterfeits,
they lack
the peculiar
and re.Tiarkable
qualities-of ;"
the genuine.
Ask for
Ivory Soap-
insist upon h'aving it.
Tis sold everywhere.
J. H. P5EROE, Prop.
CarrinEc (urniHlieil on r eanoniibIe terms.
5. "TCT. ttj&.XTj.?Zi-5Z;
Verterinary Surgeon and Dentist
uowLixa anr-KM, omo.
Will ntteml to nil calls by tiny or night
in nny part of County.
Collections Hade Promp ly.
Bullion and Bills of Exchange
Duuirni ana soia.
'We draw our own DRAFTS nn all
the Commercial Centres ol Hie World.
Money Loaned nml Deposits Received
If. L. HANSON. Cashier.
50c. Discount
I will make my best Cabinets at a
Over Cleg's Furniture Store.
PerrysbiirR O.
Lumber and Shingles
Perrysburg, O
'can hn r arnod it our NEW Una of work,
rapiaiy ana IimmrnMv, by thoie of
tlther ici.youiiffor old. And In lltrlr
own Io( NlitIi!Pt hrmtr ihey lire. Any
oiio rim iIl! lhu nnrk. 1'akv In lnni.
W furnUh cverythlnjr, V tart )nu. No rltk. aunndcvuU
your Bpare lnoramt. or all ) our tlm to tlia u ork. Tlilt la ao
entirely uw Jead.nul brinjti woniltrftil aucctti toavrry tveikrr.
Uc;lnnsriarerariihiir (Vom $?1 to SO pfrwrvkand upaida,
and mora aftitr a little aincrlfncP. W can fuaiUh you tha cm
pigment and taach vu MltiR. No ipnco to ainjain hro. Full
information ft'lUU. XJCUIJ t CO., ilUlBTl, llilftK.
Interesting-Items From Neighboring Towns, Gath
ered, by Special Correspondents, fox
the Journal.
B ScliHllernnd8on Fred were called
homo from Paulding Co., on account
of Hlcltl 03!1.
Charley Shipman ha just returned
homo troin a visit with his parents at
Mias May Pritt is viaitinp; her sister,
Mrs. W, E. Kerr, of Graud Rapids,
John and Wni. Perrin spent Monday
in ToloJo.
A. J, Conklin has moved into Mrs.
PeadonV houso preparatory to remodel
ing his own,
Libtrt Sliiple of Pcrrysburg, hao
movid on his mothft'd farm.
The Perr'8biirg corporation are ship
ping their g.is pipo from this place to
Oil Ciiier and E.ist Toledo, O.
Doy IVrrin .-ipent Sunday with friends
in Pcrrysburg.
Will Veitoli .mil Wilson Sweet were
in Itoauhtiin Siiuil iy.
Peter Wis.- and ivilV went to Timtog
an We,itieMJny.
March 3.1. The sick are convalescent.
Dr. Noble i3 quite popular among the
sick hi this community.
John Greiner has purchased Jake
Laney'H farm. Mr. Laney is an old
resident in this vicinity.
There is a demand for more houses in
E. Cox, our new telagrnph operator
anil ticket agent, is anxious to rent a
house so he can move his family here
The prospects iup good now for
sleighing and it will bo gladly wel
Mrs. Mary AVarncr of Walbridge, is
visiting her daughter and son, Ma'F
Shuver and L. S. Warner.
Eldcrtown is bnoming. Cm hear the
hum of tlia plaining mill overy day:
Just wait, it takes a city a longer time
to get it-ady for a boom, than it does
these smu'l towns, but please imagine
that between the years C0O and 3010
there will be uch rapid progress in
the booming line, that Lime City will
swallow nil theae mush-room towns
round about, and how it is to be
regretted that all those that are on the
shady side of life, will not live at that
age, to enjoy the piivileges of a city
life. Will ventuio to make the sug
gestion that aa Lime City has spread
her wings toward Toledo, and tho east
Perrysbun; is doomed never to become a
city, but one thing will be in Perrys
burg'ti f ivor the people can enjoy the
luxury of a rapid transit line to Lime
City, instead of riding to Toledo by the
way of Maumre, it will be a shorter
route by the way of Lime City to tho
heart of the city proper, for it will be
all one city then. Why not? When
we aio told liy the pioneers that in 1832i
50 years ago, there were only a few
hi uee3 wheiu now the city of Toledo is
why not prophe.sy that Wood county or
paii uf i , will not naturally mie1
Toledo in i s o u -h,! towards 'he black
swamp, .mil lea&iicago or New York?
Well! I promise not to give you another
dose on this subject.
March 2. George Breed opened his
stone quarry with quite a force of men
this morning
We would hke to remark to Dowling
correspondent that we did not tromise
to get them out of the mud entirely
till the !( h of July, and would s,y to
him also that Wf are sorry :o hear that
heii minoi'.i Cnui'' io nur place ami gt
drinl;. Why Jou't lie so ict signers to the
petition Si'iit. lam to u ill a vote on, local
option? We know tiiut our saloon ii u
curse to the public and we will try and
vote it out if tin- trustees will give us
a chance Ihi-, Spring.
Ed. Cox, suceeisor to H. M. Hanson,
in the T. C. & C. R. It. office, is making
many friends herd and the office Iiuh
the appearence of cleaulines-i.
Dr. O. H. Mills of East Toledo, was
In town this a. m.
One day last week the boiler in Skid
more & Tutcuer'a mill gave away and
dropped 20 in, There was Borne gelttug
out quite lively. Plenty of water in the
holler prevented an explosion.
Charles Eddleman of Grand Rapids,
is moving hero to work in the stone
M. R.Thatcher was in town this week.
An old physician, retired from practice, hav
ing had placed In his hands by nn East Icdla
missionary tlia formula of a simple vegetable
remedy for thu speedy and permanent caro of
Consumption, Bronchitis, Cumrrli, Asthma and
all throat and Lung Allcctloni, also a positlvu
and radical cure for Nervous Dubillty and all
Nervous Complaints, alter havinu tested Its
wonderful curutlvn powers In thousands of
cases, has felt It Ilia duty tn make It known to
his suffering Icllows. Actuated by this motive
nudadesiro to relievo human suflerlug, I will
send free of chnrnc. to all who dcslrn it. tliU
recipe, in German, French or English, with full
directions for nreoarlni; and uxlnir. Knot hv
mall by uddre3liig with stamp, uaralnc this
apor. tv. a. hoyes, k-ju rowers' jiiock,
ochcotcr, N.Y. Buzz
March, 3, Winter has at last arrived,
though it didn't get here till March.
Tho old saying goet better late than
Squire Brown says snow just suits
him as it may give him u chance to
use his now cutler.
J. M, Brown, jr., expects to start lo
school at Ada, O., in the Spring.
Dr. Brunthaver is kept very busy day
and night attending to professional calls.
M. R. Goirill, was in Bellmore on
business the forepart of tho week.
Tho lumber for the new Lutheran
parsonage to be erected in the Spring,
will soon be on the ground.
L. Williamson says that he is going
to have a brand new stock of dry goods
and notions, put in in the Spring.
J. C. Hayes s.iys it keeps him busy
writing out the ticket reports.
Glad to luar of ihc recovery of Mrs.
D. C. VanVorhis of Stony Ridge, as &l.e
has had a long siege, of sickness.
School -Is progiessing nicely, though
several of the bcholurs are out on account
of bad coldi, or what people call the
Mlllbury, O., Mch. 5th, 1801.
Editok Jouknal: What is tho
matter with tho south-end papers ?
Arc they afraid to toll what isjroingon ?
Wo nro interested in stono roads up
our way, and we huvo to pay quito a
sum for tho interest wo tnko in them.
When we petitioned for our road to
Toledo, the Commissionars of Wood
county wero to put one-half of tho
expenue on the grand duplicate. They
now try to skin oul of it by having tho
legislature pass a law to put only one
fourth of it on tho general duplicate,
and make ths farmers pay tho rest.
The queer part of it is that they
have kept She thing so sly that not a
paper in Wood county has mentioned
it except the Pcrrysburg Journal, so
far as wo have been able to see.
Now, when the gas and oil interests
in Wood county pay half the tax, isn't
it strango that the commissioners
should try lo deceive the farmers as to
thoir interests, and at tho smo time
protect the oil peoplo from taxation r
What is tho matter with, the thingf,
anyhow j s. s. S.
About llr.idncr.
Talk alout your lively townsl Go
'way, man! You don't know what a
lively town is unless you havj been in
Bradner. Everybody hero is busy,
oil squirting right up into tho air, gas
roaring on all sides, every farmer rich
as Croesus, hotel full of people, oil-well
engines whistling, and everybody
carrying a high pressuro of about 120
pounds to tho square inch. Everybody
smells a little of oil, but then every
body has his pocket full of good rocks,
and so that makes tho oil smell like
essence of white rose. An old man.
came hero a month ago, and leased a
littlo territory. Ho growled about the
smell of oil, and kept all tho time
washing his hands. The other day his
well "camo in," and ha looks like a
griddle greaser over since. He says
ho never smelt anything so sweet in
all his life unless it was the first time
ho sniffed tho roses in his wife's hair.
Ohl I tell you, gentlemen, oil smells
good if you only own it, even if it is'nt
but 50 cents. Tho smell will improve
some of theso days when our lino Brad
ner oil leaps up into tho 70's or 0's.
Peoplo aro doing better horo than in
other oil towns. There aro a few "oil
town houses," but nothing llko the
towns farther south on tho belt. Good
houses are built, and tho peoplo aro
not ho "floating" in their tendencies.
The latest enterprise is a "Skunkery"
which is to be started hero. A com
pany is organized, and tho bkunks aro
boing purchased, and a largo tract is
to bo fenced off for tho bkunker.v. It
is thought by tho enterprising president
of the skunk company that tho pro
pagation of skunks will bid fair to pay
a higher dividend than tho oil wells.
Your Hying correspondent is stuck
on Bradner, and ho thinks tomethliig
of finding a homo, and squatting right
hero. Josephus.
Notice to Corri'HpoiicleillH.
Please sond in your lotters early.
Wo would liko to havo thorn reach us
not later than Wednesday, of each
Vou are in a nua Fix
But we will cure you ir you will pay
us. Our message is to the Weak, Ner
vous and Debllitatid, who, by early Evil
Habits, or Later Indiscretions, have
trilled away their vigor of Body. Mind
and Manhood, and who Buffer all those
effects which lead to Premature Decay
Consumption or Ir.stiiity. If this mean
you, send for and read our Book of
Life, written by the greatest Specialist
of the day, and sent, (sealed), by addres
sing Dr. Parker's Medical and Surgical
Institute, IGil North Sptuco St., Nash
ville, Tenn. 27zz:
To Enrron op Jouknal, : Under
ordinary circumstances tho press is
gcnorally first nnd foremost in tho
great and good work of righting wrongs
and exposing nets of oppression,
whether tho wronged and oppressed
bo rich or poor, high or low, bound or
free, but for some reason best known
to thomselvcs our village papers seem
entirely oblivious to tho great outrage
which is now under tho guiso o." law
being porpotratcd upon somo of tho
citizens and tax-payor3 of this county,
and on account of this unexplained
silenco I am uncertain as to tho favor
which this communication would
receivo if sent to ono of them, nnd
believing you to bo above suspicion I
submit it to you for revision and publi
cation if you shall think it of sufficient
importance This romarkablo silenco
which I hear so frequently spoken of
by our citizens, leads mo to wonder if
it is possible wo have so soon reached
that condition given by a late writer in
his forecast of the condition of affairs
in mas, when ho says: "Tho news
papers are simply tho hired mouth
pieces of power, tho devils advocates
of modern civilization their influence
is always at tho servico of tho highest
bidder. It is their duty to suppress or
prevent tho truth, and they do it
thoroughly. Thoy aro paid to mis
lead tho peoplo under tho guiso of
defending them." God forbid that
the present generation shall bo com
pelled to suffer under such a condition
of society.
Tho outrage and injustice to which
I desire to call your attention and
through your paper tho attention
of the peoolo generally, is in connec
tion with tho tax inquisition which is
now, so to speak, having lull sway in
our county. As a matter of informa
tion which no doubt will bo news to
0i)-100 of your readers and of tho
readers of any other paper in the
county, it appears that about throe
yo.u-s since a law was enacted by the
Legislature of Ohio, authorizing tho
County Commissioners, Auditor and
Treasurer, when they havo reason to
believe there has not boon a full
return of property within tho county
for taxation, to employ any person to
make inquiry and furnish tho county
auditor the facts us to any omissions
of property for taxation, and the evi
denco necessary to authorizo him
(tho auditor) to subject to taxation
any property so omitted. This law
further provides that tho person so
employed shall for his compensation
receive not to exceed twenty per cent,
of tho amount of such taxes collected
on the return of omitted moneys,
credits, &c, and that ho shall give a
bond to the State in tho sum of $1000.00
conditioned on tho faithful performance
of his duties, which bond shall bo
approved by the officers making tho
Assuming to act under this law, I
am informed that several months
since our county commissioners, county
auditor and county treasurer, by an
unanimous vote, employed a. man by
the name of Chartors, a resident of
Shelby county, Ohio, to direct tho
inquisition for Wood county. The
very pertinent question arises right
here, and has boon frequently asked
why was it necessary to employ a non!
resident of Wood county one who
never paid a dollar of taxes in it, and
has no interest in common with its
citizens, to attend to this business for
us? Havo we no resident of Wood
county, who aro qualified r Havo wo
no resident of Wood county who arc
sufficiently honest r Have wo no rcsi.
'dent of Wood county who could givo
tfio required bond V Did a citizen of
Wortd county over decline tho invita
tion to accept tho omploymont for
tho compensation which our officials
aro now under contract to pay tho
present inquisitor V Or, was it
believed that by tho employment of an
entire stranger, ono who know nothing
of tho manner in which tho different
properties of our county aro valued for
taxation, ho would be less incline! to
heed th'o appeals of widows and orphaus
and for tho sako of tho twenty percent,
insist upon tho "pound of flesh." It
would seem as though if tho voters of
Wood county had sufficient conildonec
in their officials above montioned, to
place them in tho positions thoy now
occupy and which thoy seemingly
occupy solely for tho pay thoro is in
them, thoso officials might bo able to
find at least one constituent whom
thoy might trust to perform tho duties
of inquisitor and thereby gio to some
citizen of our county tho benefit of tho
fee of $5,000 or 310,000 or more which
will now go to a stranger outsldo of
tho county. It Is my belief that ono
or moro porsons could havo been
found right horo in tho villngo of
Bowling Greon who aro in ovory
respect qualified and could havo fur
nished tho bond and porformed tho
duties in a much moro equitablo and
satisfactory manner than aro now
being performed, nnd would havo been
glnd of tho appointmont.
I nm informed thnt tho County
Auditor has, for many years past, and
is now, at any nnd all times when satis
fied that a proper return for taxation
has not been mado by any person,
company or corporation, required tc-
placo upon tho tax dupliealo for collec
tion against any such person, company
or corporation such amount as" ho,
beliovcd lo bo just and right, and for
tho purpose of determining nearly as
practicablo what amount would bo just.
and right in such cases, ho is given
power to issue compulsory process to
compel tho attendance of pcrsoim
before him to givo information concern
ing the matter. This is moro power
I am informed, than this tax inquisitor
now possesses under the law. If my
information bo correct, then the
wonder is, why has our Auditor failed
and neglected to perforin tho duties
which ho look a solemn oath faithfully
and honestly to perform, and for which
failure, and neglect, munjg "innocent
peoplo aro now being required "to pay
tho penally.''
I do not wish vou to infer. Mr.
Editor, that I am opposed to tho pay
mont of any just taxes, but on the con
trary I wish to say distinctly that I am
an ardent supporter of tho theory
that each and every individual should
pay his full sharo towards tho support
of tho government in proportion to
the real valuo of tho pronci'ty ho has
of whatever namo, kind or description,
and that I do beliovo it is unfair, unjust
and unequitable to compel the1 owner
of ono class of property to pay at least
double the amount of taxes required of
tho owner of another class of property
of tho sarao value, as is now being dona
through tho machinery of this inquibi
It is not denied, but conccedod to bo
a fact beyond question, that our real
property is not valued for taxation at
more than one-half its real value and
in a great many instances at much less,
and that personal property is gonorally
returned for taxation, by the assessor
in about tho same proportion to its real
value, yot under tho practical working
of this inquisition ono of our widows',
,ho, as tho re&ult of many years of
rigid economy, has dollar by dollar
managed to s:ue .f.lOP ,00 and for safety
ha:i loaned it to some friend and taken
from him a mortgage for her security,
and by reason of the recording of this
mortgage, tho fact has become known
to this tax inquisitor, is cited before
him, find informed that bIio is required
bylaw to pay taxes on tho FULL
$500,110 and she, poor, innocent soul,
as a penalty for her ignorance of tho
law, and tho neglect of the nsseSEor
year afler year to perform nia duty by
calling upon her to list her property
for taxation, and thu neglect of the
Auditor year after year to placo tho
amount on tho tax duplicate for collec
tion against her as required, although
the mortgage has been a matter of
public record for years, is in addition
to paying tho tax on SGOO.CO ALSO
fiitty per cent, on said amount of
taxes. Mr. Editor I consider such a
case ono of rank injus'tico a caso
wherein tho innocent is made to suffer
for the neglect of duty on the part of
officials whom "wo the peoplo" (tho
poor widow not included) havo placed
in office a case in which I feel I can
confidently say, the injustice would not
bo dono wero tho tax inquisitorn
appointed from amongst our own
citizens, and further, that in the latter
case "more oven and exact justice"
would be dono. I am constrained to
bolievo that had tho widow referred to
in tho parable lived in theso latter
days, and in Wood county, sho would
hereafter bo unablo to throw in even
And now, Mr. Editor, although this
matter is ono of vital Importance to
the well being of socioty, 1 will desist
from further Intrusion upon your time
and space, hoping that the authors of
this great wrong may bo enabled to
givo some reasonable justification for
tho course pursued by them.
A Resident of Wood County.
Cowling Green, Fob'y 27, 1391.
Slcclrtwi Found in it loiiiitaln.
News from Charleston states that a
strange story comes from Anisted, in
the Elk river mining region. Minors
havo been at work for two months
driving nu entrance through a 10-foot
vein of coal. When over 1,000 feet in
tho mountain thoy broke through into
a "room" about 20 feet squaro. It had
no visible signs of over having boon in
communication with tho outside world."
On tho floor lay tho skeleton of a human
being, tho bones crumbling into dust
on exposure to air or at tho slightest
touch; while on tho walls wero many
rudo outline sketches and what seemed
to bo Inscriptions.
No literary announcement of the veiir In or
a Krenter Intcrctt to tho fotietnl public than
that of u comprehensive Lifoaf General Slier
iniiii, uhkm is about to he nuliliMliul unci sold
throush agents by tho noted house "f Ilubbcrd
lirothers, uf Philadelphia. Admirable biog
raphies of tir.mt imil Suctidim, complete to tho
tune of their di-irh, uro iilieiuSy familiar to tb
public, but a life of the third great commander,
to llulsh the series, hu.s bn-n luckinir. Tho
various biographies of bharman hltlierto pub
lished havo necissnilly leun Incomplete; iinil
eyenhbottii memories, written in 1S75, said
almost nothing of his Intensely interesting
eaily life, and not a uord, of course, of tno
more than twenty yeain of Bcclal activity and
fiatcrnltv with old comrades tlnro the war.
l'lio work which Is nu,.' to be Itoued will
splendidly supply tho widely felt demand for
a history of lliogrciit strategic commander: It
la being written by Willis Fletcher Juhnson,
whoso ability as a historian Is familiar to tho
reading nubile of America throu'.'U Ms former
unusually popular worhx, which have l.na
millions ot readers, and thu tales of their vust
editions enriched an aimy of book agents; ho
is aided by MuJ Gen. O. O. Howard, a n.un of
iluo literary attainments, who knew Sherman
belter than any other of his comrades now liv
ing, and ranked next hut oiw'io Islra in tho
army Tnat this histoid of Shermau, tlio lost
of thu great Generals, .i.: 'iipass all others in
nopiihultv Isuot tobi'diiiil.ii'd. It win dou.it.
less be Hie lxt life ot tln u- ' ehlfi- ii ruu
llbhcd, and we predict for it wouikuthiI pop
ularity, oca
uu W.jj
( An.cjK '.'w-ata..
., itjMi ,Wafl&-

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