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VOL. XXXVLtT.-ED, L. BLUE, Publisher.
$1.00 IN ADVANOE.-NO. 5L
Auditor.......... jolin ll.ivilon
Clerk of the Court A. VI Xlulr
Probate Judge Frank Young
Treasurer W. it. Nnjcs
Jccorder. Clirls Fiiikbclncr
Prosecuting Altonicy A.J. Meirs
BheretfT. v. n. iirvunt
Buircyor W. H. Wood
. . '' Hi lluvcrstnck,
Commlsiionera Fmnk Thompson
I Jamb Hluhl.
. fMlubavl Amos, Jr.
Infirmary directors -Wilson Patterson.
(.John Iseh.
K. A. Unilerhill,
Joseph Arnilrui"lcr,
I Aiwin k. J.cynorr.
Goorgo wittman,
I Adam K. Lcydorf,
Philip Wetzel
1i'. iivcrincn,
Frank Fcclnmn,
1'. llUCkhoUSO.
Mayor...... J. It. Tyler.
Clerk W.i:. Kscott.
Treasurer c. A. Hampton.
JMJBtml Wm. Stickles.
Cemetery Trustees..
i . unucu
Ho cubeck
fWin. llnrtnn,
('. F. Chapman,
Connd'iBion .......
1 O. V. Hoffmann,
tico. .Monger.
Dr. 1. a. Howers.
yirsirrcsbytcrlnnChurch, Itov.3.A. Adams.
Berviccs .lOMI nm Huiulny. l'raycr meeting
Wednesday, 7 pin Subbnlh school 12 in. Mr.
F. J.OblliigcrBup't.
Walnut St. Presbyterian Clinreli. Uct. A V.
Johnson. Services Biimliiy lu.4.' nm Sabbath
school 13 m MlssMnlicl Lnmpmun Hup't.
St. Hose do Mum Cftthnllc Church. Itcv. (1,
II. Kcikcu. Services Suiulny 8 nnd 10 nm
Vespers 3 pm Services every morning 8 o'clock.
Evangelical Church. Iter. J. 8. Flttcrcr.
Strvlcen cvury alternate Sunday 10 nm nnd 7:K0
pm Prayer meeting Thursday night. Sabbath
school 11 am Ilcnjixmln Zingg, Sup't.
(Jermaii Ileform. Services every nlternate
Sunday 10 nm and 7 pm Sabbath school 11:30
yred'k 1-cydorf. Sup't.
aerman Lutheran. Itcv. G. V. Kent Inc.
Services Hnndav 13 am . O. F. Kentlng.Sup't.
llethiKll.t Kplswiml Church. Kev. J C
Shaw. Services at lth-t. nm uud 7:S0 m.
Prayer meeting Thurday at 7 im Sabbath
school tlnm Mr. W.in. lliirton. Sup't.
German M. K. Church. Itev. Wall. Services
10 am every Sunday ami 7;:hi pin every nlternate
Sunday, l'raycr merlins Wndnesdiiy evenings.
Eabbath school 2 pm ltev. John Yetigcr, Sup't.
Tliocnlx Lodge, No 11 F. it A. M.-F.. L.
Blue, W. M. F. K. llollenheck. Sec'y.
Itcgtilnr Communications first nnd third Mon
days of each mouth,
Fort Meigs Lodge. ' O. C). F. Regular meet
ings every Friday night. Joe ltnlrd, N. 0.
Wolford Post, No. fil.G.A. It. O. It. Seott.
Com. Jnmc H)c, Adl't. Meetings
every Monday night In I O i T Hall.
Tippecanoe Council. No. 37, N. 1'. Dr. I. S.
Bowers, President. Dr. J. I'. Thompson. Fec'y
llcctlngs second nnd fourth Tuesdays in
Castle lVrry No. K. G. It. P. I.. Mnhr.
Com. P. Wclxel. Soc'y. 1. K. Hollenlieck,
Fln.tVt-'y. Meetings tint nnd third Tuesdays
in I 0(! T Hall.
Ferrysbure; Lodge I. O. G. T. Meets every
Holiday 7:30 p in In hull over Ptuiz' bakcrv.
JIIhi Laura Swing. C.T.
.ttorzxey tXia.-7C-.
General Collector, 0 Beal Estate Agent.
Title invcti;atcl and AliMracH rumishcd
en application. Notarj I a Utttcr.
Attornfivs at Law.
Office Reed & Merry Illock, Main Street,
Bowling Green, O.
Office over Flnkbeiner's Store.
Peoples' Theatre, Toledo.
UltADY ii HAllWOOl), Mnnnsrcrt.
Week Commencing Mar. 16
Xatefit and Greatest Success, tho Grand Sfiee
tucular rrortuptlou,
BaiatlucGH, Tuesday. TliurfcUuy and
opon nt 1. Cuftnln at 2p.
vu. J Kvenlnm, " V, 'J x; An: .Oc nnd 75c.
'I Matinees,
tbt., 'J.'ic nnd :iTxt
Pine Parlor & Bed Room Suits,
Chairs, Tables, Lounges,
Undertaking & Embalming
Only White Hoarse in County.
Second. Street.
Which we will sell.
-JlTT oost-
to close out our stock, as we have discontinued the wholesale
trade. These are bargains.
' 84 & 30 Summit St.,
,,,,., TOLEDO. O.
.If'! I
"Just fits the hand."
Lenox Soap lathers
freely in hard water.
Five cents a cake, (is ounces.)
J. H. PIERCE, Prop.
Carriaces furniehed on reasonable terms.
Vorterinary Surgeon and Dentist
Will attend to all calls by dny or night
in any part of County.
The Old Hartford Firs Insurance Go's
Established In 1791.
Offer the lowest rates nnd pay nil losses In fit
up to the face of tho Policy.
piionNix ....
.-.,30.-1,001 23
0, 143,451 40
1 0,07 1, 500 (15
TOTAL. 52 1 ,5 1 8.90H 37
LOSSES lAID.-S120,3t)I,G10 18
Represented by
N. L. HANSON, Agent.
50o. JDiscoirat
I will make my best Cabinets at a
Over Clegg'a Furniture Store.
Perrysburg O.
Lumber and Shingles
Perrysburg, O
Washington nnd Toledo,
1000 F. St. N. W. I 315 Superior Street.
Washington, 1). C. f Toledo, Ohio.
Patents, Designs, Trade Marks.
Interesting Items from Neighboring Towns, Gath
ered, by Special Correspondents, for
the Journal.
March 11. John Wolf liaa recovered
from a severe sickness.
Mrs. II. Hamilton is on the Bick list-
Mra. Snyder a pioneer of Wood
county, died at tho old homestead Sun
day, the 8th, nt tho advanced ago of
eighty years. Tho funeral wqb held at
the Evangelical chutch in Ferrvsburg
on Tuesday last, she leaves one son.
Fred Snyder, nnd a daughter, Mrs.
Stephen Wheeler, and several grand
children to mourn their loss.
Mrs. Hopkins of Bowling Green, vis
ited Mrs. C. F. Rider last Tuesday.
L. 8. Warner nnd wife were in Toledo
March 10. John Howald, of Dolawaro,
O., waB in town Inst week,
F. A. Grove and wife from Toledo,
hnve been spending a few days with
Norris Kidney ot Olmslead Falls,
O., Sundayed hero.
Mr. Salisbury is going in partnership
with Mr. Spray, in the creamery.
The Farmer heirs have sold Iheirjfarra
to Mr. Bcckman, for $48,000.
Master Eugene Wight was out Mon
day, on crutches for tho first time since
the accident.
Tho ladies of this place, will meet
at Mrs. Meachom'8 Wednesday after
noon, to organize a reading circle.
We are glad to hear that Mr. Dart
has got his position back again, as night
W. J. Bailey our postmaster, who was
appointed as treasurer, by the trustees,
to fill tho unexpired term of Geo.
Yenger, deceased, iins announced him
self :ts ii candidate for treasurer for the
coming Spring election.
March Oth, A great amount of sick -
ne-s nt tho present time here. Dr,
Pope is so run with calls that he actually
drops to Bleep over his meals, but he is
O. K. for all that.
Edward W. DeVerna, after a severe
attack of la grippe, with slight lung
fever, is once more able to bo around.
Frank Rogers hai ugain got on a car
load of shingles and it will pay anyone
to see him before purchasing elsewhere.
SpafTord Bros, are still doing a good
business, and the cash system is send
ing them up tho ladder every day.
DeVemn thinks laying on a sick bed
for over two weeks is the longest nnd
lonesomest time he has passed through
for years.
Charles Hilt lias purchased what is
known as the Wm. Waugh house, of
DeVerna. Consideration $130 cash.
If you want an hour's solid comfort
call at Pope's office. Everything neat
as a butterfly, cosy as n bird's nest, and
he knows how to talk.
Tho crazy supper given by tho Ladies
Relief corps was a complete success, and
tho time filled up by tonga and ainus-
mg games. Proceeds $11. CO.
The best Sunday-school in Wood
county is held at Dunbridgc every Sun
day nt 10 a. in. Come nnd nee, anil be
satisfied, PreaoUinc every two weeks
by Rev. Gerlock,
Scliool nttendanco from 80 to 00 and
tho interest and Bpirit is great.
The memorial services held at the
G. A. R. hull, Monday night, Murch Oth,
of our deceased comrade, General Slier
man. There wero appropriato cpeeches
and songs for the occasion. Tho
memorial service was held in the church
opened by song from the choir "Tent,
ing on the Old Camp Ground." Then
Prayer by Mr. Sam Jones. Opering
song "A Thousand Years," followed
by an interesting speech, by General
Day, or Bowling Green, "Tho Life of
General Sherman and Porter." ''Life
in Libby Prison," was given by Bur
Rublo. "Tho Battle of Shilo," was
recited by Sam Jones, mid the meeting
closed by the choir singing "Tho Flag
that Waved n Hundred Yonrs." Tho
exercises wero very instructive and
interesting. Casual OusEitvEn.
coNsumirjrioN cuiced.
An old pliyElclan, retired from prnetlce. hnv
ic hud muced in his hnnds hv un Knst Imlli
missionary tlio formula of n simple vegetable
remedy for the speedy nnd permanent cure of
Consumption, llruncfiltla, Catarrh, Asthma nnd
all throat nnd Lung Affections,- also a posltlvo
und radical euro for Nervous Debility and all
Nervous C'omnlniiiis, utter hnvlnir tested its
wonderful curutlvn powers in thousands of
enses, has felt It his duty to iimko it known to
his sintering fellows. Actuated by this motive
nnd ii desire to rcllou linmiui buffering, I will
hcud free ot charge, to nil who deslru it, this
recipe, In Herman, French orKnglUh, with full
directions tor preparing ami using, scut uv
mull by uddrcDsliig with slump, naming this
nuper. W. A. Noykm, 8'JO l'owers' illock,
isoenesier, n, i. oozz
A now correspondent In tho follow
ing towns: Hasklns, Hull Prnlrio,
Grand Rapids, Mnumeo, Hobart,
Mollno, Scotch Ridgo, Sugar Ridge,
Dunbrldgo, Wnlbridgo. Wo will glvo
liberal inducements. Write for npar
ticulars. s Address JounNAL, Porrysburg, O.
Now wo have it! WhntV Why, a first
class club room to bo sure. A number
of our young goutlomon, desiring to
ape tho customs established by tho city
dudes havo established a club room
and now our city has within its charm,
od clrclo n "Robber's Roost" so named,
I am informed, by a numbor who havo
quiotly mado observations about tho
Tho schools nro progressing nicoly
under tho supervision of Prof. Webb
nnd his corps of teachers.
E. McCutchon, who wont to Ma
rine City and engaged in businoss, is
doing woll.
Miss Lizzio Hayes, our populnr mil
liner is regarded as tm adept in tho art
of trimming nnd tho many elegant stylos
now soon inhor millinery establishment
nro really beautiful.
Tho oil well is now down to tho sand
nnd will bo drilled in this week. It is
to bo hoped there, will bo something iu
It worth tho cost of all this boring . and
if thero is not it will certainly prove
n bore to tho town nnd also to all thoso
who put thoir nionoy In It.
Whlto roso ginghams, exclusive salo
in Mnumeo. Hosicry,now laces and em
broidery, towels und tablo linen, a lnrgo
and comploto stock, at E. Mollcnkopf 's
in Mnumce.
Miss Lizzio Hayes tho populnr milli
ner of Mnumeo, has a large and com.
ploto stock of general millinery goods,
Including ladies and misses hats and
bonnets, nnd ribbons, flower nnd
feathers. She will open up a largo
Spring stock about tho 17th of March,of
Easter bonnets and hats. Tho ladies
should call and Investigate.
Ben Plleghaar's meat marketlshcad.
quarters for tho choicest meats, fresh
stilt and smoked,und everything usually
kept in a first class meat market.
March 0. Tho mud is again frozen
up, making business quite lively in our
little town.
Mrs. Henry Shroeder died last Thuro
day morning of quick consumption,
and was buried on Sunday, March 8th
Rev. Smith of Dowling and Rev
Osborne of Luckey, O., officiating. By
her death a noble, woman, loving
mother and faithful wife has gone
where sickness nnd death can never
enter. Mr. Shroder litis tho heartfelt
sympathy of the entire -neighborhood
in this sad nflliction.
Mrs. F, Duhnmell, who has been very
sick for some time, is improving slowly.
Dr. F. P. Bi unthnver, is very busy all
the time attending culls.
Squire Biown says the colder it gets
tho belter it suits him as he prefers
cold weather to mud,
J. C. Hayes our genial ticket agent
still keeps things rushing in his line of
Should liko to inform the Lime City
correspondent in regtrd to the saloon
question which I see he again spoke Of
in last weeks edition of tho Journal,
that their talk iu regard to getting rid
of the suloon in their town sounds
rather blue as they havo. been talking
on that very point every since the
saloon was founded on Lime City soil
and haven't done anything yet. If you
prohibition people get to work und do
something, I will gunrentee you that
Dowling will lend a helping hand.
L. Williamson, says that he cannot
precure cars fust enough to ship tho
corn away in,
E. S. Townsend, our boot and shoe
dealer, is full of business,
D. J. Shoemaker, is buying bending
bolts nt the rate of three car loads per
The lumber for the new Lutheran
pnrronuuo, lo bo erected the coming
Spring, will soon bo on tbc ground.
Notice to Correspondents.
Pleaso send In your lottors enrly.
Wo would llko to havo them reach us
not Intel- than Wednesday, of each
You arc iu u itad Fix
But wo will cure you If you will pay
us. Our message is to tho Weak, Ner
vous nnd Debilitated, who, by early Evil
Habits, or Later Indiscretions, have
trilled away their vigor of Body, Mind
and Manhood, nnd who suffer all those
elTocts which lead to Prematura Decay,
Consumption or Insanity. If this means
you, send for and read our Book of
Life, written by the greatest Specialist
of thu day. and sent.fscnled). by addres
sing Dr. Parker's Medical and Surgicnl
Iustituto, 103 North Spruco St., Nash
ville, Tenn. 37zz
Tho Toledo & Ohio Central R'y.
nnd Toledo, Columbus & Cin'tl. R'y.
has cotton out n folder containing n
mnp of West Virginia, showing county
lines, county stats, railroads and rivers,
and n goodly amount of general inform
ation. It is a most complete affair, and
can bo obtained from any Agent oil tho
March 10, Chnnoy Mann of Medina,
Mich, visited ntJFrank Manns last week.
Miss Minnio Lion returned to her
home in Michigan on last Monday.
Willis Andrews and Miss Clara llahn
arc home from Fostorla spending vaca
tion, Mrs. Keller and son of Toledo nre
visiting Mrs.K'a mother, Mrs. Miller.
Benjamin Bringman is on tho sick
Jonas Sternnman sold his placo of 88
ncrea to Henry Shafer, consideration
Ben Emch sold his homo and lot just
east of town to Jonas Sternaman, price
p:iid $000.
MIhs Katie Freschcr of Toledo, iB
visiting at U. If. Dennis.
Mrs. Jacobs of Toledo, it visiting at
Robert Bollinnies.
Mr and Mrs. Newton Stewart of Pm
berville, visited over Sunday at II. H.
The truant officer dropped down upon
our schools unexpectedly one day last
week. After an examination of the
records he found only ono of the proper
age that was not attending. He report
ed the school in good condition.
The Nicholson estate of GO acres east
of town, along the pike, has been sold
to Henry Obermeycr at 80 per acre.
The masquerade dance at the hall last
Friday night was largely attended
About GO numbers were sold.
Mrs.Elins Hnnley hud n cancer
removed from her breast and side on
last Thursday by Dr. Garner, assisted by
Dr. Rhetnfrank nnd Bowers of Porrys
burg. Mrs. Hnnley is an old lady but it
doing nicely.
Talk about your social! The Sunday
school gave at.other of their series of
social for tho benefit of an organ fund
last Tuesday night nnd cleared $35.00
If any other place can show up any
two better sacinls financially than the
lust two held, let us hear from them.
Jus. Gibfon is A II finding p'enty of
hogs. He ship a car load or two every
few days.
Mrs. Cidiib Root spent Tuesday in
Jan. Gibson was over to the Green on
Well, Lime City, so you think you
will become n suburb of Toledo some
whore in tho 3000. I hardly think you
took a birdseye prospect of this part of
Ohio, before you wroto that prophecy.
You see down hero is Bradner, a town
of prodigious size, nearly in the center
of the "go off Itself" (nitro-glycerine)
country which is growing very rapidly
and tiB largo towns always grow
towards each other I think it will be
so in this case. Now you see these
two towns will meet probably as early
as somewhere in the 4000's and as Le
Moyue is about half . way between we
think when the two cities collide it
will be about here, nnd as that will
bring us in tho center why of course
our little town will be the heart of this
great metropolis then. But sister city,
what is your opinion of Stony Ridgo
which is situated just betneou? I think
they are on to the situation of affairs
and are u little frightened now and nre
beginning to die off as wo have not heard
from their correspondent tor the last
two or three weeks.
JIow Prices of Farm Products nre Deter
mined. Tho size of tho crop is tho thing
that determines tho Bizo of tho prices.
There is a donitind for a certain amount
of farm products from year to year,
und the rise or fall as tho supply sinks
below or goes beyond this demand. The
theorists may talk tin much as thoy
pleaso about othur influences, but tho
question Is at last only ono of quantity.
Tho world must havo so many bushels
of grain per year, and It w ill pay thero"
for simply so much us it is obliged to
considering tho avniluble surplus.
Thero is no procoss of legislation by
which additional sales can bo forced
when tho demand hns onco beon sup
plied; It is not iu tho power ot Con
gress to compel pui'chubors to tnko
more than they want, or to give xnoro
than they arc willing to pay. Tho fact
that tho crop of n given year Is in
excess ot the measure of consumption
cannot bo concealed. It is known ever,
whore, and prices aro adjusted accord
ingly. When tho crop is short, the
Hiiino rulo applies, ntid thu markots nro
correspondingly affected. If tho farm
ers could manago to produce only
enough each yeur to moot tho domnnd,
thoy would nlways obtain just und fair
prices. It Is overproduction, in other
words, that puts prices down lor them,
and thoy ennnot expect to havo prices
kept up for them under suoh circum
stances by any sort of artificial force.
St. Louis Globo-Domocrat.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
When Baby was sic):, wa gave her Castoria.
When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria,
When stie became. MUa, she dune to Oietorla,
May bo tho Last Hnlute tor an American
Ab tho funeral cortego wound slowly
on its way townrd Arlington Inst Tues
day, bearing with it tho body of tho
late ndrairnl of the navy, a far-off boom,
ing of cannon was heard down tho
Potomac. Soventren times in solemn
succctsion tho sound reverberated.
Then, ns silence settled down upon tho
waters of tho Potomac, a navol officer,
in full dress uniform, standing on tho
bridge leading to Arlington, turned to
a companion nnd remarked:
"That is In all human probability tho
last timo wo shall ever hear Unit saluto.
That sequence of seventeen guns, tho
honors paid an admiral, will never bo
heard until the rank of admiral is
revived, which will never be, unleRS
this country becomes engaged in actual
warlare, when necessity may causo tho
creation of tho offico of admiral again."
Tho greater honor rested upon Admi
ral Porter, in that only two men ever
bore tho title. Farragut was tho first
admiral in the American navy, Porter
the second nnd last.
For twenty-thrse years "Tiir. Household"
has been a welcome vultor In hundreds ot
thousands of American homes, and hns been,
duriic tbrs years, the companion and help of
tie American nouicmie.
In order that the brides of tho country may
have the bsncflt of the vhits ot thii, the oldest
household publication in tho country, tho
publishers offer to send "The HouhiholI)" to
all brides of six months or less, who will,
tbtnisclTei. or their friends, send ten two-tent
stamps with printed notice of their mnrrioge la
the small letter.
This Is a very tempting offer, and they call
it their "Wedding Present." which they offer
to every bride in the Uuited States on thanbovc .
"TiibIIouskuold" linsjust mnile tlireo very
striking oilers to the three subK-ribcrs who
shall obtain the three largest lists of new sub
scribers between March first uud August first.
These presents arc nothing le.'s than a S00
Horse and Goddard Muggy, a Miller Upright
Piano, In either .Mahogany, Oak, Wnlnut or
Kbonlzcd case, and a Columbia lllcyclo for
cither lady or gentleman's use.
The March number ot "The Household"
contains Illustrations and descriptions of theso
elegant prei-cnts, nnd csu be found ut tho news
slunds. or will be sent by the publishers, on
receipt of ten cents by the Household Corupunr,
SO Ilromfteld St., HoMon.
Va literary announcement of the ytar is
of greater Interest to the general public than
that of a comprehensive Life ot General Sher
man, which Is about to be published nnd sold
through ngeuts by the noted houso of K. It.
Curtis (- Co. of Cincinnati, O.nnd lloston,
Ms. Admirable biographies of Grunt, Mierl
dan. complete to thu tiuiu of their dtuth, aro
already fniullinr tn thw public, but a life of tho
third great commander, to finish the scries,
has been lucking. Tho various biographies of
Sherman hitherto published have necessarily
been incomplete; anil even his own memoirs,
written in 187o, said inmost nothing of his
Intensely Interesting eurly life, and not a word
of course, ot tho more limn tuenly years of
social activity uud fraternity with old comrades
sluee the wnr.
Tho work which is now to bo issued will
splendidly supply thu widely felt demand foe
n history of tho great strntegctlc commander.
It is belmr written bv tienernl O. O. Howard.
a mun of line litcrury attainments, who knew
bliernmn better limn any otiicroi iiik comrades
now living, and ranked next but one to him,
in the army, una ny winis lieiener Johnson,
whooubility as a historian is familiar to tho
reading nubile of America through his former
unustntlly popular works, which have had
millikiis of readers, nnd the snles of their vast
editions enriched an army of hook uccnts.
That this history of Sherman, the Inst of tho
great uenerms, win surpass an outers in popu
larity is not to be doubted.
The story of this great General's career is of
a mnnellous march from the mountains of
time tn the sea of eternity. Of the three great
war hcrocc, Sherman was by for the most
interesting perronullty. Ho was the best
known to the public nnd tho best loved for
his genial disposition and warm rymputhr with,
the popular heurt Helms joli-ed his illustri
ous compeers In the eternal bivounc of the (lend.
He Is a life to study to emulate uud is a pro
found Inspiration. The forthcoming volumn
will tell the whole story of his marvelous
career, nnd from the authorship engaged upon
It, we -reassured It will be told in n way that
will enthral thu intention und interest of every
reader from llrst to lust, It i.s u book every
American will want and one every American
youth should read. It will doubtless be tho
best life of tho great clilcfiuiii published, and
we predict for It wonderful popularity. Sea
display nd. Iu auuther column.
Physical culture! What is physical
cultuie? Tho present aim nnd the
certain result of this new "fad" include
the attainment of good health nnd a fine
form; and a fine form outranks n pretty
fuco in tho popular estltnnte of physical
beauty. Who is not willing to mnko
some effort for such a desirable attain
ment ? It is not so difficult, after all,
if you ouly know bow; and if you want
to know how, you may learn from tho
April number of Demokkst'3 Familv
Magazine, which contains a splendid
article on "Physical Culture," by Prof.
E. B. Wurman, A. M., giving a course
of exercises, profusely illustrated, which
will help everybody man, womun, or
child to acquire u graceful, supple)
form, and without going to n gymnas
ium, or even spending a cent for appa
ratus. And this is not the only attraction of
this excellent number of this excellent
magazine: "The Land ot our Next
Neighbors, "Care of Palms in the Draw-ing-Room,"
"How Art Students Livo
In New York," "Grotefquo Ways of
Decorating Easter Eggs," "Kite-Flying"
(for tho boys),all handsomely illustrated,
several capital stories, u line nrtlclo on
"Thinness: Its Causes nnd Cure," by
Susanna W. Dodds, M. D., tire u few of
Us other features, and there nre nearly
three hundred illustrations, Including a
full page water-color Euster curd, Aa
an ull-round "family" magazine, this
one cannot be best: there is something
in every number for father, mother,
and every one of the childien; and it is
only $2 per year. Published by W,
JiiNMxas Dkmoukst, 15 East 14th Street,
New York.
Conmierclul Men, Attention.
You can save money by purchasing ono o
the new lluekeye Inti Mhnngcuhlo milage books
Issued by the Columbus, Mucking Valley it
Toledo H'y. They are good over twelve dllfercnt
roads and sold at the low rati of twenty dollars
each. For puitlculnrslnmilru of Agents, lluek
eye ltouto or mlilri'ss U, II, l-'lsher, Ucuorul
ravicngcr Agent, vouunuus, u.

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