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Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Locals In this column 10 cents per lino
On Wednesday evening, nt 0:!!0 o'clock,
by Rov. G. U. KolUon, Mr. Wilfonl
Eseott and Miss Floia Emmot of
They rcoolvcd tho congratulations
of a fow of their most intimiito friends
nt tbo liomo of 13. H. Gotz and wife,
and left on the evening train for
Toledo. They hnvo the best wishes of
many friends for thoir futuro happi
ness. Tho Wlilto Slnvc.
The Into lamented Hartley Camp
boll's boat piny, '-Tho White Slave"
will bo tho attraction at the Peoples'
Theatro, Toledo, npxt week, with
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mat
inees. Tho play is one of tbo strongest
of its class on the American stage.
Tho Btory is of a white girl who is load
to believe there is black blood in her
veins and she is kept a slavo. but finally
learns tho truth and is rebtored hor
legal and Good-given rights. Tho
play reaches the heart of every ono in
tho audience. Prices 1-3, 2-5 and 05 els.
Drntli of.ToM'pli l'bcrt.
On Tuesday morning Oct. 25, 1802,
nt 0:30 o'clock, occurred tho death ot
Joseph Egbert, of Dowling, Ohio, at
tho advanced ago of 8." years, 3 months)
and 8 dnys.
Ho was born in Northumberland Co.,
Pa., July 22, ISO", and came to Wood
county in ISO J, blnoc which time he h; s
resided at Dowling. lie was the father
of six children three sons and three
daughters. The eldest ton is a rcbi
dont of California nud was unable to bo
.present at tho funeral.
Mr. Egbert was a inembor of tho
Methodist church and the funeral
.services were held at the Dowling
chuich on Thursday Oct. 27, at 2 p. m.
and tho remains placed at rest in the
old Bolvillo Ridgo cemetery.
We are told that Mr. Egbert had
never been bick a day in his life until n
few duvs prior to his death, and that
ho realized bib cud was near and sent
for his intimate friends to bid them
farewell. He bad many friends and
acquaintances who will mourn lih
Good girl for house work enquire of
Mrs. II. E. Peel:. . :!0c
I hnvo a full line of shingles. Eight
different grades, and all bold at tho
very lowest prices.
22tf S. P. TuLMAN.
Wo don't canvas. Call at the store
and get prices, it will nay you.
Wat. Sciilkct.
I.tr-ir Win. Tfcimikcli .Slioniiiin.
In order to beeuro a copy of this work
'buy your groceries of Chris. A. HolT
maim. Procure a purchnbo ticket and
when you have bought $15 worth of
.goods in cash purchases, you will bo
presented with a copy of this elegant
l'or Suit-.
One and one-half lots corner of Pine
-and 'Fifth St., Perrybburg, O., with
good hoube and barn. Inquire of .Tas.
Savory or at Journal, ollico. 29d.
To Our SllliHcrllicr.
Tho special announcement which
appeared in our columns somo time
Bincc, announcing a special arrange
ment with Dr. D.J. Kendall Co., ol
Euosburgh Falls, Vt., publishers ol
"A Treatiso on tho Horso and his Dis
eases.'' wbnrubv our snbsi'i'llifi-s uw.
enabled to obtain a copy of that valua
ble work frcobv sending their address
to 13. J. Kendall Co. (and enclosing a
two-cent stamp for mailing tame) is
ronewed for a limited period. We
trust all will avail themsolvoa of tho
oprortunity of obtaining this valuable
work. To every lovor of the Horso it
is indispensable, as it treats In a siin
plo manner all tho diseases which
-nflliet this noble anlmul. Its phenom
enal sale throughout tho United States
and Canada make It standard authority.
Mention this paper when souding for
Why let vourtuns
die drunkard's
deaths, when one
package of our Uold KoniKly will chip.
Can bo administered in tea or coffee,
After taking, liquor taste luidlv. A Mile
cure. $1 a imclcime.
JPrcdcriclc It mil bury .V Co.
19 Quluoy Street, Chicago, ill.
Tho I.nxntlvo Oiiiii Drop,
This now calhartio is tho most de
lightful form of a laxativo that has
ever boon offered to tho public. It Is
in tho form of an ordinary gum drop,
but has no inodiuiiml taste, and can
bo eaten llko a piece of confectionory.
The results, too, aro pleasant. It is
tno most eomploto remedy for dyspopsia
summer trouble!), biliousness, headaelio
and all those maladies for which tho
ordinary cathartic is proscribed. It
-acts as a goutlo stimulant, not violout,
but perfectly safe, and certain. In this
respect it is far superior lo tlu ordin
ary pill, with the additional merit of
not boing disagreeablu to take. It is
.just tho thing for children on this ac
count and for peoplo with woak
.stomachs. Those gum drops aro put
up in packages, the small ones selling
for ton conta and largo ones for twonty
flvoconls. if your druggist does not
havo thom wo will send them to you by
mall on rccoipt of tlo prlco. But wo
would prefer to havo you got thom of
your druggist. ,Svia;aN IIuubdy Co.,
Peoria, 111. ...
Mrs. E. C Loo is visiting friends in
Miss Lano Schwlndt spent Sunday
in Toledo.
Miss Tuppor spent Sunday with
friends in Toledo.
E. L. Kingsbury was in Michigan on
business this week.
Claudo Johnson of Toledo called on
friends here Friday.
C B. Sheplor and wifo of Findlay
spent Sunday in town.
Miss Roso Holllgor of Toledo, spent
Sunday ut hor homo hero.
Mrs. M.G. Wottnoro of Hnskinsspont
a few days hero with friends.
Mrs. Blodgett of Weston, is visiting
J. Crankor's family this weolc.
C VanNorman wifo and baby visited
relatives in Lima, over Sunday.
Mrs. B. W. 01nrknnddaughtor,vIslt
ed friends in Tontogany thiB week.
Mrs. E. Schollingor has returned
fioma visit with friends in Michigan.
Franlc Hnlleck and Harry Starr of
Bowling Green wero in town Friduy
Mrs. I. Long and son Cfydio of To
ledo are visiting with S. Rice's family
this week.
Robert Comstock and wifo aro tbo
guests of Win. Cometoclc and family
this week.
Mrs. Dr. Monroe and children of
Toledo visited Mrs. Georgo Scott on
Monday last.
Miss Flora Trowbridge of Bowling
Green spout Sunday with her mother
at Lime City.
Mrs. Fred C. Eborly has returned
from a visit with relatives in Columbus
Grove, Ohio.
D. A. Il.iylor and family and Miss
Ada Lawrence spent Sunday with
Mrs. Lawrence
Miss Kittv Caldwell vUIted her
brother. P. V. Chllcoto in Toledo, tho
llrst of the week.
Mlf-s Amelia Folger and Mrs.Chnrlcy
S tnzonbaehcr, of Toledo visited Miss
.ulna Emcb on Thursday last.
Mr?. J. W. Curothers and babies of
Bowling Green were tho guests of D.
Simmons tho first of tho week.
Joe. E. Batrd and Archie Ross wero
homo from tho University of Michigan
to visit friends and celebrate Columbus
G. H. Caldwell nnd family are in
Braducr attending the wedding of thoir
nephew, Shuylor Hyter to Miss Gail
Coliiinlitnii Kiitertitlnment.
The Columbian Entertainment in the
Town Hall on tho evening of the 21st
was a financial, as well as n literary
success. The receipts of tho evening
wero $52.20. Tho expenses were quite
high, amounting to nearly $25.00, nil
of which, however, was necessary lo
the success of tho entertainment.
OrtlllnitrH Granted.
Result of examination held Oct. 15
1S02. Number of applicants, 37, num
ber of failures, II.
hvu ii:ah.
i: II Lntlmm.
TIMtl.r. VK.MIS.
I) K I-nshli-y, Kriutas Mu-scr.
W I. TWIiniun, Ceo. llaiipen,
Kiiti'ICi-lki-i, i:ilii Fun.
IMi I-ulhiMp. II .T I'ciucll,
MiikbIu O'Brien, W I) Simon.
Minnie C uncut, Knunn Xurrit,
Iiln liov. I) C lltiinls.
I'KCiircy. lViirl htulil.
Anna (iurilln?, l.ililnu I'liocuix,
I V M lk-miliKvr, llt-ribn rlcKuue.
1 C K l'uiliter. 1' K llrulmkrr.
.1 C .Soi.KTiii.i:, Clerk.
lleuiilirul Picture.
According to the statements made
on tho hand-bills for Columbus Day,
Supt. Snddlor has purchased 11 yo beauti-
Iful and exponsivo historical pictures
for tbo high-school wnlls. They aro
I largo steel engravings beautifully
'ramed, and wilt bo of use for genera
tions to como exhibiting somo marked
i event in our history. Tho subjects aro:
1 I. Portrait of Columbus.
II. Lauding of Columbus.
III, Washington Crossing tho Dela
ware. IV. Sherman's March to the Sea.
V. Tho Surrender of Leo.
Thcso pictures aro now hung in tho
High-School, and all persons aro in
vited to look at them. Mr. Saddler
'and tho young peoplo who assisted him
in tbo elegant entortutnmont of last
Friday night, det-ervo tho gratitude
of all persons intotcstcl in our schools,
or in tho cause of general education.
Fow persons know ivhut labor it is to
conduct such an entertainment.
Vo Uot Itt
Settlors stock of lino clothing bought
by the Leader at lifty cents on the dol
lar. This stock Is now at Tho Loader, ifll
Summit St., nnd will bo offorod at
prices that never havo boon equaled in
$8 suits and ovorcoats for $5.50.
$10 suits and ovorcoats for 5(1.75.
$12 suits and overcoats for $8.25.
$14 suits and ovorcoats for $0.50.
115 suits and ovorcoats for 11.00.
$20 suits and ovorcoats for $1X75.
Tho Lender Clothing Houso, 131
Summit St., Toledo, Bet. Jefferson and
Co'iifflimir LmiidH to Coiiautuiitloia
Kump's lkilbum ttops tuo couch ot onco. '
Charllo Purvis had n tumor cutout,
ot his cyo this wool: by Dr. Bowers.
Uso Champnoy'a cnstrolliaim for
n f ants.
Erwln Bruco is tho only ngont for
fio Toledo Blade at this plnco.
Tho song sorvieo at tho Walnut
street church last Sunday night, wuh a
very pleasing entertainment. Tho
musical selections by the choir wero
admirably rondorcd.
Tho Wood County Farmers Associa
tion moots nt Haskins, Saturday after
noon, Oct. 21), 1892. At this meotlng
they will receive tho decision of tho
District Court in thoir case against tho
County Commissioners.
Tho Pemsburg postofllco hnsbcen
removed to tho room formerly occupied
by I. N. Saddler's drug store. Post
mostor Hollonbcck is preparing to put
in a largo stock of stationery, books
and fancy goods.
Tho "Wild Man of Borneo" created
considerable cxcttcuiout on the strcot
last Wednesday night. It's all right
for him to scare about six week's growth
out of a scoro or inoro brave young
men, but when it comes to fooling a
"limb of tho law" it's bad businoss.
A business letter received from E.
W. Ball of Rushvlllo, Ind., informs us
that he is doing well in that locality.
Ho says tho political outlook Is vory
bright for tho Republicans and ho Is
satisfied Harrison and Roid will havo
largo majorities In Indiana.
Tho JOUHNAL is informed that it
was in error regarding Kunncl Pierce's
fringed sidewalk. Tho walk decoration
is not fringe, as stated, but to speak in
inoro proper dress ranking parlance,
the decoration is what is known as
Vandyke points. A largo numlier of
peoplo aro to bo seen every day ex
amining the beauty thereof.
lrtnck Medicine moves the Uotvclv
Click JJn)'.
In order to lu luultliy thlv Is neocSMirV.
There is a constantly increasing
demand for residences in Perrysburg
and from present indications there
will be cotitidernblo change in real
estate in tho village. A largo number
of ieoplo from the oil regions aro
looking to Perrysburg for homes, and
thoso who came hero are so well pleased
with tho location, that they immedi.
atcly set about bringing their friends to
the village.
Protty Polly Rudolph needn't
worry about the JouiiNAL having some
thing to out this winter. John Bench
of Lime City brought in four turnips
ono day this week, tbo smallest of
which measured 20 inches in circum
ference and tl-,0 four weighed 23J
pounds. That's some considerable tur
nip, If you please, and Mr. Bench wasn't
trying to rulso big turnips either.
Wutches, Clocks, Jewelry, Specta
cl. Special attention jrivnn to repair
ing. All Warranted. JOHN ZUHFLUU,
ma Monroe street, Toledo,
On Sunday afternoon last a person
who called himself a man came up
from Toledo, and located himself on
tho street near the deiot, nourished n
revolver and declared ho was going to
shoot and kill a woman. No ono
seemed to believe him but he made his
declaration so strong that an olliccr
was sent for and tho would-be shootcst
fearing ho might bo arrested, took to
his hools and run, followed by several
bravo men who wero willing to show
their valor as long as tho fellow con.
tinued to run. Ho was last scon to
enter tho bowl factory and before an
ofticor arrived had takon a sneak
through tho back way and made good
his escapo. after which several small
boys, two ollicers, tho odltor, and n fow
oilier gentlemen viewed tho plueo
where this descor.dcnt of Jesse James
had boon, and bravely related how
hnv would hnvo carved him up if tlioy
had caught him. The shootcst didn't
cuiiiu back to get carved however, and
tho woman has not yet boon shot.
For cholera, cramp? and pain in
the side, uso Champney's blackberry
When you aro driving with your
young man and tho horso begins to run
away or kick or anything like that,
you ought to keep your presence of
mind and hold him by grabbing the
reins and yelling fire. Such conduct
gives a man confidence in you and
makes him feci that ho would llko to
make you his wifo, if for nothing oIfo
than to tell you what ho thinks of you.
You can make suggestions to him, too.
Toll him to stop tho horses. Holler it
real loud. Ho may not havo thought
of doing that at all, and ho may bo pro
occupied trying to keep tho horses
fr .in climbing tho fence', and ho way
not hear you unless you say it real loud,
A man likes to hear a women who has
ideas iu an einorgoucy. If the horso
is doing tho wind-mill uot and kicking
with all his feet at onco, don't lose your
norvo a bit; just help your young man
to think of things to do. Tell him to
jump; to get out and hold tho horse's
heels. Littlo suggestions llko these
aro invaluable to a man at such a
time. Ex.
It It Hufo to Say.
It is 6afo to say that no clothing
hotnso has over offorod mora substantial
and absolute bargains than thoso offer
ed by us this fall. Bargains that seem
to overshadow nil others as leaders.
Commencing noxt Monday suits for
boys from 14 to II) years $5 formerly $8.
Our men's $10 suits wo wtint say
another word about, but just call and
boo them and bo convinced of thoir
worth. Underwear, wo waut you to
see our lino boforo making your winter
purchased. J. N. Mockutt,
Tho Toledo Olothlor.
21!), 215 &217 Summit St.
Buy Indies' cashmoro mittens nt
Buy mons cardigan jnokots at
Buy ladles cashmoro cloves nt
Buy ladles shoes nt
Buy Indies nnd chlldron'slioslery at
See our now stock of ladles clonks.
A. Williams.
Buy fine woolen underwear for
Infants at Williams'
Sco our saoek of Indies and gents
winter undorwenr.
A. Williams.
For a bargnln In mens overcoats
go to Williams'.
For a bargain In mens suits go to
Buy mons hats and winter caps nt
Buy mons winter gloves nt
Buy mons neckwear nt
For best bargains in cotton batting
go to Williams'
For bargains in dress goods go to
For Indies nnd gentlemens woolon
hosiery go to Williams'.
Charles Stevens has moved his
household goods and now resides in
the old Mothodist parsonage.
It is reported that hog cholera is
canting great losses among tho swine
In Bloom township, and no remedy can
be found to check the disease.
Tho littlo scrimmngo which took
place at tho town hall on Wednesday
night of last week, was paid for on
Wednesday lust. It only cost $3.00
Tho next First Presbyterian church
social will bo held at tho resldcnco of
Mrs. H. C. Lawrence on Friday ovoii
ing, November 4, to which all are in.
Mrs. Tho?. Vcitch, haviugsold her
resldenco to M. Weilnnd, will remove
to Toledo tho firstof tho coming month.
Many friends will rcgrot to hnvo them
leave tho place
For cough, colds, bronchitis use
Champney's white pine excetornnt.
When you aro in Toledo and get
hungry, don't forget that D. P. O.-ter-
bout is proprietor of tbo New Toledo
Restaurant on Summit street and will
furnish a splendid meal nt a low rate.
Perrysburg Lodge No. 524, K. of
P. Is in a vory prosperous condition.
Degrees are being conferred at oyery
communication, nnd Commander
Sch'oct and hi ollicers are on the
For purify in sr the blood uso Champ
ney's extract of sarsaparlllti.
Fred Snyder and Thos. Tinney of
Li mo City are making cider every
Tuesday. If they wero not truthful
men we would not belicvo thero wero
enough apples in tho county to make a
barrel of elder.
Rov. Kueding delivered n very
able address to his congregation on
Friday afternoon, (Columbus Duy) on
tho subject of Columbus and his dis
covery of America. Tho music by the
choir was excellent.
Furdlnand Wentzol Bowling Green
has removed his family from that
villago and ngain taken up Mils resi
dence in Perrysburg, having rented
tho residence formerly occupied by
Mrs. F. T. Penuywell. Perrysburg
people tiro glud to welcome them to
tho villago.
Sond 10 cents for a subscription to
a llvo'y matrimonial journal for old
and young. Address, Orange Blos
soms, Yurmouthport, Mass. 0-11-1)3.
l'lnln Figure.
Has it ever oecured to you how many
ways thero aro of using plain llgurc'r
Our first lessons in mathematics are
plain Ugurcs or easy work as two and
two equals four. A child of four years
begins to count nnd soon recognizes the
shape of a llguro, so they know as well
as older ones, and as soon as children
are old enough to think of business
they notice how different merchants
uso platu figures. They see iifLumson
Bros, ono price Dry Goods store in
Toledo," that all goods uro marked in
plain figures and they know tho price
as soon as thoy seo thom. It's as sim
ple as two and two are four. Wo know
that in marking iu plain llcures mid
having strictly one price, that goods
uro sold cheaper than when the price
is made high enough to drop off n
little to mnko a sale. Call ut the nbovt
llrm and bo convinced of plain tlgurts
Whent lied. Mi
Wlicilt White .C7i
Curu iEurni-r lue lbs. .j.., ,v
Uorii. aliullvtl .-. im-
Wliltt'Outs :m
itvi- ;,
Urvhsctl lli-el i(aU
Laril vcrlOU tt.s m
Cults m O-Jtout',1
Steers 0!)to:t'i i
iNms 0i to (Ujii
Cut yen (dressed) 7i
Culres(Uvo) 4i
(;.ittle....... -.'.; toHVi
fork, m-r libi fim
l'ork(llvc) I!v
Pork (dressed)- i In U
Qcvm: - lid
Chickens, er lb. UlvoHsprlnt,') "tut.
Olitckcim " " (dresitU)...... .ii
Chickens (old) - C
Turkeys (dressed) tier lb V2
Turkeys (lite) " in.
Utieks (dressed) ,., ..... in-
" (live) 7.
t'otntocs Mv
Apples, per uu t.h
uu Iter .
I'lelir, per bbl
,....$ to SI 75
.... f 8 !!$- SO
The popular Republican nominee for Congress, will address
the people at the town hall, Perrysburg, on
It is the wish that all people of whatsoever political belief
come out to hear the Grand Old Statesman,
and our next Congressman.
And you will have the best there is in the market.
We are also prepared to do all kinds of gas fitting on
short notice.
J2ffO. J.
V, B. SNYDER & SON'S 225 and 227 Summit St. Tdeat
iTlilt)' Nerve una Liver Vllln.
Act on a new principle regulating
th i liver, stomach mid bowels thron h
lie nerves. A new discovery. Dr.
vl lies' Pills, speedily cure biliousness.
)iui Inste, torpid liver, piles,conntipation,
Unequalled for men, women, nnd
children. Smnllest, mildest, surest! GO
toKos, 25cts. bumplos free, nt A. U.
CliiiinpuoyV, Jan. 80. M.
031 ADAMS ST.,
Itepairoon Watches, Clock,
Jewelry, &c, lelt ut Kber
Joy's Blioe Mtoro, rcrryttburc
will bo culled for und deliv
ered promptly by
I. F. HEOKLEU, Tub Old Ueuauu.
& m
Lace Curtains
and Draperies
The finest goods in Toledo, Iuepectioa ot
goods and prices folicltvd.
The Quality nnd Flavor of
CAL.li.1 L.IL.T Cl
Will be kept up rcgnrdlos of expena
Cnlla Lilly warranted to be 110 percent
Why Don't Yqu Take
And Enjoy Life?
Chills, Auuu, Malnrin, Rilicnmrei
""ntHrrii Ri"W nnd N"ivons Hxudarhra
Neuralcia, Scrofula, Salt Ithcum. Pn
tnles, Pimples, Boils, Eruptions en tb
Pace acd Hands, and in fact all D-
ordera of the Blood disappear before U
magic ol its power.
50c and $1.00 PER BOTTIA.
n r iu 1 or o ip July V

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