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O. A. n. WASHINGTON, 1802.
From tlio wide nnd wind-swept prairies,
From ihe ruined sea-blown coast,
From tho uplandi and tho lowlands,
They thronged In a mighty host.
Forth from tho towns and cities,
With tho speed ot tho rushing train,
Thoy hurried, tho dear old fellows,
To answer tho roll again.
Then thoy fell Into lino and column,
Iicglmcnt and brigade.
With tho pallant colors streaming,
And tho Uory muslo played.
And thoy marched as In tho old time,
Though hero was tho tap ot a crutch,
And thcro droop of an empty slcovo
Tunjllng tho heart In Its clutch.
Tho henven ot mid-September
Mourned over them bluo and bland,
And women smiled their T-lcomts,
And children v, aved a "U-ml.
Thcro wero mirth unfit greetings only
In the wnku of this latest camp,
Though tho dealh-thlnncd ranks remembered
Tho past In that sturdy tramp
Remembered n long procession,
Staggering, soro bespent,
Hack from a hundred battles,
With bannors grimed and rent
Boys with their gaunt palo faces,
Tho friends ot hunger and thirst:
Men who had looked through tho gates of hell
And dared tho devil his worst.
Up from tho Mississippi,
From tho flame-scarred Georgian track.
From tho Wilderness and from Gettysburg;
Those soldiers camo tolling back.
Aro theso tho samo, one marvels!
Docs tho old light gleam anil shine,
As thoy follow tho life and buglo
In tho long unwavering lino?
Aye, verllyl Hero are tho comrades
With brown heads turnod to gray,
And llnt-whlto locks havo tho gray-beards.
Strong In that elder day.
Tbey left their jouth behind them
In tho tempest of years agonc.
When sweet out of War's rough cradlo
Slipped Pcaco In the breaking dawn.
Hats off 1 There's a greater army
Unstirred In Its silent sleep
Iiy the ponderous trend ot tho living
And tho cannon's thunder deep.
An army that keeps Its muster
On stones that as sentries stand,
With the names of tens of thousands,
Tho flower of all tho land.
Tho leds are forever chanting
A requiem for thesu: i
Bravo autumn founts their banners
In the flushing maple-trees:
And tho glad blrss, winging southward,
0 er them pause and rest.
Dropping a song for love, above
The flower of East and West.
A truce to memory's dreaming;
Ob, flag that we live to serve;
By all th.it we hold most holy,
Never from thte we'll swerve!
Dear lUg that rallies a nation,
A mighty grim Ing host,
From tho breezy, rippling prairies
To the rugged sea-blown coast.
Margaret E. Sangster, In Harper's Bazar.
How It Foci to lie Struck By Two Bal
let nt Once.
I did not foel the slightest pain when
btruck by two bullets at the same in
stant. Vc were charging forward,
most of tho men hurruhinjr as they
swept into the cloud of smoke raised by
the two .Napoleon guns, when there
came such a sensation as one feels
when his foot has gone to sleep. This
sensation extended to the entire body,
and I lurched about, staggered forward
a few steps, arid then fell to the ground.
One bullet had entered the right leg
just below the hip the other had
smashed into tho left shoulder.
I was duly conscious of the fact that
I was down, but I could not realize that
I had been hit. It was n dreamy sen
sation. The roar of battle was subdued,
the shouts of men seemed to corae from
miles away, and I felt too tired to spee
ulatc on what was happening around
me. lly and by I went to sleep. I had
noticed the sun just as wo moved for
ward. It was within half an hour of
setting. When-1 awoke it was night,
and tho stars wero twinkling brightly.
My throat was as parched as if I had
been without drink for days, and my
tongue seemed to be a stick in my
mcuth. I sat up, got hold of my can
teen, which was full of water, and
drained it to the last drop.
What had happened? Away down on
the left a single gun was firing at in
tervals, and here and there was a sput
ter of musketry. I found it hard to re
flect, but after a time it slowly dawned
upon mo that there had been a battle.
When did I fall out of the ranks, and
why? Where was the regiment? Who
aro these men lying about on the
ground? Let's see. Yes, this is a battle-Held.
We were held in reserve until
rnidaftcrnoon. Then tho brigade was
sent to Hooker, and wo formed battle
line along a ridge covered with bushes.
We pushed down the slope to a creek,
over the creek to the edge of a cotton
Held. They got a couple of guns to enfi
lade us, and we we let's see. Our regi-'
ment got the order to charge. I had
just filled my canteen. We fixed bayo
nets lying down. I remember that we
sprang up and rushed forward, and I
remember falling. Did I trip or stum
ble? "You, there! Are yon badly hit?"
I cainu out of my stupor as a dream is
broken. I was sitting up, still holding
my empty canteen. The soldier who
had spoken w.is lying on his elbow ten
feet away. Ho hud been shot in the
"Can you crawl?"
"Yes, of course."
"Then got a canteen from one of
those dead men for me."
I made a move, and then for tho first
time felt the pain of my wounds nud
realized that I was helpless. Tho
lcnowledgo frightened me, and I be
gan to shout for help. Tho wounded
man laughed nt me. Ilia paroxysm had
passed avay, while I was lying in a
"Xtsop quletl" he commanded, as ho
begun to move himself toward me. "If
you call out that way some ghoul will
come along and knock you on tho
My fright passed away as ho drew
nearer. There was a dead man between
us. He stopped and procured tho poor
fellow's canteen, unci ns ho finally
reuolied me, hitching along on his back
by tho use of ono leg, wo drained it be
tween us. I had not recognized his
Toiee, but I now found that he belong
ed to-my own company.
"How many dead bodies can you
count?" ho asked, as he tossed, the can
teen away.
"Seven, I think.'
"That was a Bhcll and wo got badly
dosed. AH of our company, too. Can
you reach that muskot? Somo prowler
may come along here, and wo want to
bo ready for him."
Wo wero looking Into tho darkness
and looking when ho began to laugh.
I laughed with him. Two minutes
later wo wero both weeping. Then he
started to sing, and I joined in. We
realized that wo laughed, cried and
sang, but wo could not control our
selves. Ho began to tell of tho battle,
but I flew mad and called him a linr.
Ho would havo struck me, but just then
wo caught sight of a ghoul silently ap
proaching. "Ah, you devil I'll fix youl" shouted
my comrade as ho raised his muskot
Tho ghoul ran away, and both of us
laughed heartily- Then we ' wept
again. All of a sudden ho began sing
ing. His song was "Capt. Jinks," and
joined in with great heartiness. Wo
wero singing at tho top of our voices
when a party of three or four men, hav
ing a lantern and a stretcher, suddenly
appeared. Wo ceased our song, and
ono ot the party held the lantorn down
and said:
"Hard lot, oh? Well, you Yanks are
a doggone queer lot of critturs anyhow!
We reckoned you was all holding a
camp-meeting down yerel" N. Y. Sun.
A Man Who Stopped a Cannon Ball With
III btomach.
There are somo veterans with queer
records in attendance at this encamp
ment. One of these, known familiarly
as Comrade Chase, who served in a
Maine battery during the war, carries
the,scars of forty-eight wounds receiv
ed in a single battle, that of Gettys
burg. His numerous wounds resulted
from the explosion of a spherical caso
immediately in front of him at that
memorable battle.
Corporal John Hums, of Ohio, re
ceives a pension for acpeculiar wound
which is described in the pension bureau
as shot in the hip with a barrel of su
gar." Burns was on guard duty at a
sharp railroad curve in Virginia during
the latter part of the war, and was
struck on the hip nnd disabled by a bar
rel of sugar, which was thrown sudden
ly from tho rickety car by the momem
tum at the turn in the road. Another
veteran who is present is recorded in
the bureau as having stopped a cannon
ball with his abdomen. He was sitting
in a tent near headquarters when a
spent cannon ball came bounding along
and struck him in the stomach with
sufficient force to render him hors do
combat, but not to kill him.
Still another queer case is that of a
Pennsylvania veteran who will, no
doubt, be found in the "silent brigade"
during the parade. He was rendered
totally deaf by a cannon ball, which
whizzed by his head in uncomfortably
close proximity at tho battle of Malvern
Hill. In describing the sensation after
ward he said it felt for an instant as if
fifty cyclones had burst loose about his
head. The concussion also paralyzed
him for several minutes. There Is an
other pensioner here who receives a
monthly allowance from Uncle Sam's
till for a "horse bite on the neck." Ho
was a cavalryman, and claims to havo
been bitten by a vicious animal while
serving with Sheridan in his valley ride.
The bite resulted in partial paralysis of
tho spine. These aro but a few illus
trations of the various and multitu
dinous peculiarities of war which will
be represented at the Grand army en
campment. Washington Post.
Old War Comrade.
Joseph Morrison of Clinton, I1L,
came into the headquarters tent of the
Seventeenth corps and said he wanted
to register. While waiting his turn at
the book Dr. Llttlewood of that city,
who served in the Twentieth Illinois,
looked at him rather suspiciously, then
got up and walked around and took him
in from the other aide. Then he tapped
him on the shoulder and remarked:
"You were at Fort Henry and Fort
Donclson, weren't you?" "Oh, yes,"
came the answer, and then tho stranger
began to look. "Took part at Shiloh,
didn't you?" continued Dr. Littlewood,
"and the capture of Vicksburg and the
march to the sea?" "Of course I did,
and so did you, aud wall, I'll be
if it isn't Llttlewood." shouted the
strange.', as ho jumped from his seat
and made a rush for his old comrade,
whom ho had not seen since tho day
they were mustered out, after, serving
in the samo company during the war.
Maybe they were not delighted. Wash
ington Pofct,
Tun largest number of men enlisteo
from tho thirteen states of America
during tho revolutionary war was 89,
7($l in 1770. The aggregate of troops
furnished the Union army in tho war of
1801-05 was 2,320,272.
PitoiiAiiLY the tallest G. A, R. veter
an is William P. Boyrie, of Green coun
ty, Pa., who stands seven foot in his
stockings. During tho wur ho was a
private soldier in the Twenty-second
Pennsylvania cavalry.
O.nk of tho old soldiers who was in
Washington during tho recent reunion
carries on his body forty-eight scars,
and exhibits an empty coat-sleeve and
an artificial oye, all the result of a
bursting shell at Gettysburg. His
name is J. F. Chase, a veteran of the
Fifth Maine Cavalry.
The lato Gen. John Pope, by dating
ono of his orders "Headquarters in tho
saddle," prompted the confederate com
mander, Robert B. Lee, to perpetrate
what was said to be tho only joko of his
life. "What can you expect," he is
credited with saying, "of a general who
puts his hendquurtors where his hind
quarters ought to bo?"
Uis.n'. LoxasTitCET, one of tho most
famous of Leo's corps commanders,
spiftiks in high praise of tho bravery
und skill of the lato Gen. John Pope,
whose qualities ho had good occasion
to appreciate and remember. Long
street suyb that no ono could have dona
better under tho circumstances thnu
Pope in tho struggle of August, 1802, la
Thoy Wnj Thorn In Order to Convoy In
formation. Di Tiouii Robinson, tho ingenious
man of scienco who experimented with
babies In a London workhouso in order
to prove their descent from monkoys,
in an article entitled "Cnnino Morals
and Manners" says: "In tho caso of
all hunting dogs, such as foxhounds, or
wolves which pack together, tho tall is
carried aloft, and is very free in move
ment; It is also frequently rendered
moro conspicuous by tho tipbclng white,
and this is almost Invariably tho caso
when tho hounds are of mixed color.
When ranging tho long grass of the
pralrio or junglo tho raised tips of tho
tails would often bo all thnt an indi
vidual member of tho band would sea
of his follows. There is no doubt that
hounds habitually watch tho tails of
those in front of them when drawing a
covert. If a faint drag is detected
suggestive of tho presence of a fox, but
scarcely sufficient to bo sworn to vo
cally, tho tail of the finder 1b at
onco sot in motion, and tho warmer tho
scent tho quicker docs it wag. Others
seeing the signal instantly joined the
first, and there is an assemblage of
waving tails before even tho least
whimper is heard. Should tho drag
prove a doubtful one the hounds scpa-
rato again, and the waving ceases, but
if it grows stronger when followed up,
tho wagging becomes more and more
emphatic, until ono after another the
hounds begin to whine and givetonguo
and stream off in Indian file along tho
lino of scent. When the pack is at full
cry upon a strong scent the tails cease
to wave, but aro carried aloft in full
The moment when tho dog most en
joys life is the moment when ho sights
game. That moment is the time that
he wags his tail must vigorously, in
order to annoiince his discovery to his
fellow dogs. In this way. by the habit
of association, he got to wagging his
tail whenever ho wastpleascd, and the
more pleased he is the more vigorously
he wags his tail, so that the wagging of
the dog's tail, under the influence of
pleasurable emotion, can be traced
directly to the time when tho dog used
Jlis tail as a signal of the discovery of
his proy. Chicago Inter Ocean.
Two rahIontllo Modes Employed
Drotwnc; tlio Sleeping Couch.
The sham bed, with its huge square
pillows and berullled covers, is practi
cally out of use. The only pillow used
on the bed with families of good taste is
tho oblong one, which is not too large
for use. The largo square pillow was,
in fact, never used. It was only a gor
geous show piece to display a more gor
geous sham.
There aro but two ways of dressing a
bed for the day-timo in fashionable use.
One to use a puro white counterpane,
folded in conventional manner below
tho bolster, on which oblong white pil
lows are laid covered with pillow-cases,
either hemstitched or ornamented with
drawn work. Tho other is to upholster
tho bed, using a colored spread of silk,
cretonne or other rich, suitable ma
terial, with a round bolster, which is
covered with material similar to the
coverlot and is fastened to it perma
nently and finished at each end with a
rosette or an upholsterer's tassel.
Where a bed is furnished with a demi
tester i r half canopy, it is rather more
desirable to upholster it in this way.
Whore it isa plain wooden bedstead, in
a country bedroom, a fine white counter-pane
and linen pillow-cases are in
rather better taste. Separate pillows
should be used on the bed in the day
time from those in use during the night,
in order to keep the bed looking neat
and spotless. If one desires to take a
nap during the daytime, a lounge should
bo provided in every bedroom for this
purpose wherever it is practicable. All
English bedrooms are fitted out in this
way, with a simple lounge with mova
ble cushions and a comfortable pillow.
Whcro a white counterpane is used or
where the bed is upholstered, the day
coverings must bo removed at night and
the night pillows and bolsters, in caso
of the upholstered bed, are put on.
This Is a moment's work and it is al
ways tho duty of tho housemaid to at
tend to this at night to prepare the bed
for slumber as much as it is to make tho
bed in the morning, yet it is very often
neglected and left to be attended to by
the guest.
Ir you do not want your feelings hurt
keep thorn out of tlio way. Gulvestaq
NEW YOHK, Oct 20.
FLOUR 12 00 ftH bO
WHEAT No. 2 Red Winter... (ft TO
No. 1 Northern Siyrfa 82
CORN 'No. 2 WUft )?i
OATS Mixed Western SI & 3(1
POUK MP3S '... 1225 (ft 13 50
LAUD Prime Western 0 12WJ4 8 20
HUTTnU-Wenterm , 15 (fa 28'i
CHUr.SK-Westcrn 3 54 7
EGOS Western 22V4W 23
CATTLE 300 6 10
SHEEP 350 14 BOO
HOGS 5 40 0 00
FLOUR-Country XX White!. 400 a 459 !
Minnesota patents... 4 Co Si 1 8.1
Ambor 3 HI 4 00
WIIEAT-No.2 72 0 75
CORN No. 2 E2 4 51
OATS No.2..i., 31 f4 3d
nUTTEIt-Cholce 20 jf, 30
CHEESE York State 11 C4 lltf
Ohio , 8V454 11
EGGS 21 CJ 22
POTATOES In bill !,pcr bush. 60 (to .75
SEEDS Timothy 180 & 1 00 .
fc Clover 0 60 44 0 K)
HAY Baled 0 00 Z 12 50
llullc on market 12 OJ 15 00
CATTLE 3 40 (a 4 50
HOGS 50.1 5 00
FLOUR , 250 n 275
WHEAT Win 69
CORN,.., 43 ff4 44
OATS 3HJrr 32
RYE No.,2 , 57 CI, M
HOUS Common to HyM 6 00 ffj n 03
Packing und butchers.. 5 00 ffb 6 40
WHEAT-Na 2 Ited Winter... 72 (!4 72i
CQRN-Na2 4 4Hi
BEEVES Best 4 75 4 00
Choice 3 70 4 00
SnEEP Best 4 25 4 50
Fair to good.., 3 75 C4 4 25
HOGS Heavy KnideH 5 05 a 00
Packers und mediums. 4 00 5 75
BEEVES Best 4 75 5 00
I-'ttlr to t'OOd 4 00 4 BO
SHEEP Boat 4 25 a 4 00
Fatrto good 3 00 4 20
HOaS Pulladelphlas,, 5 00 8 00
"Yorkers 5'CO '' 5 75
WOOL Western 24 33
Unwashed 2)ifi 27
Old-Fashioned Herb.
Old-fnshloned peoplo could toll tho
names, as well as tho properties, of
many flowers, and had a smattering of
lcnowledgo, almost intuitive, of pot
herbs and simples, and a certain degree
of plant lore was handed down from
parents to children. All this is being
fast forgotten, and tho pretty country
names and tho Old World meanings,
often of themselves a wholo history in
a word, aro allko relegated to tho lum
ber room of tho past, disappearing be
fore tho botany manuals with their glib
vocabulary as swiftly as aborigines in
tho track of civilization. Tho modern
Perdita would scarcely recognize her
posy; you must gobacktwogcneratlons
at least for the names, and, it is to bo
feared, further still for their deriva
tions. "Poor solly things," said an old
damo recently, "they can none of 'em
do as they used. When I was a girl my
mother would havo stared to see tho
doctor's carriage at tho door so long as
sho could stir tho ynrb-pot; but it slms
as no ono has their health nowadays;
they all larn themselves so onsatisflcd,
they're forced to go to the towns to got
11L" And for tho few who remain be
hind tho leisure, the ease, tho careless
ness of country life is gone. Mncmil
lan's Magazine.
Not at All "I suppose you want
tho earth," said Wincblddle to an asser
tive stranger. "Not at all," replied tho
stranger, who happened to be a sea
captain. "Tho ocean is good enough
for me." Detroit Free Press.
It May Ho Interesting to Know
That when excursion rates aro mado to Chi
cago for peoplo who llvo In tho East, to en
able theui to attend the World's Fair next
year, It Is contemplated by tho Western
roads to also moke excursion rates from
Chlcngo to all principal business and tour
ist points In the West, Northwest and
Soutlnvest,so that those who doslru to spend
a few weeks among their friends in tho
Great West, may have an opportunity of so
doing without incurring xauoli additional
expenses. It may bo well to consider this sub
ject In advance of actual time of starting,
and tho Chlcaeo,Mllwaukeo.S: BLPnul Rail
way fjo. nas issueu maps una time tables
and other instructive rending matter, which
It will be clad to f iii-tii-n free of expouso
upon application by postal card addressed
to GEO. H. Hcafforu. General Paasenirer
Agent, Chicago, ill.
"I thine," said tho Calendar to February,
at the close of tho leap year, "that you hod
bettor takoadayofC"
Aro You Yellow?
If so, of course you are bilious, which
also implies that you havo a dull pain and
tenderness In the right side, nausea, sick
headache, furred tongue, sour broatli and
Indigestion. Hostetter's Stomach BitterB
Is what you want. .Prompt relief follows
Its uso In liver complaint, dyspepsia, con
stipation, malaria, rheumatism, kidney
tioublo und nervousness. Physicians un
qualifiedly recommend it.
"This," said tho rod-eyed cook, who was
peeling an onion, "Is ono o' thiol concealed
weepins." Washington Star.
Three Advantages.
Besides its wonderful ouratlvo power in
attacks of Croup, Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis
and Asthma, Dr. Hoxslo's Certain Cioud
Curo possesses three d stfnct adcantag's over
ami vrenarazwn so'a. ror the nuovo diseases.
It Is pleasant to taste. It does not contain
opium in any form. It docs not cauRO
nausea or vomiting. 50 cents. Address A.
P. Hoxsie, Buffalo, N. T., manufacturer.
It isn't tho man who blows most who
finds it the easiest to raise tho wind. Capo
uoa item.
Fine riaylnff Cards.
Bend ten cents in stamps to John Sebas
tian, Gcn'l Ticket and Pass. Agt. C, R, I.
& P. R'y. Chicago, for a pack of tho "Rock
Island" Playing Cards. Thev aro acknowl
edged tho best, and worth livo times the
cost. Send money order or postal note for
EOc., and will send five packs by express,
. People who cling to tho anchor of hope
often have to go down into tho mud with it.
When Nature
Needs assistance it may bo best to render It
promptly, but one should re..iember to uso
even tho most perfect remedies only when
needed. Tho best nnd most simple and pen
tie remedy is the Syrup of Flus, manufac
tured by tho California Pig Syrup Co.
Women never stutter. When thoy want
to they ran say "yes" without a stammer.
N. O. Picayune.
World's Fair on Steel.
Send twenty-five cents to F. H. Lord,
Phenlx Building, Chicago, 111., and obtain a
fine steel plate picture of tho World's Fair
grounds aud baildlngs, suitable for framing.
It Costs Nothisq. Advioo is the cheapest
thing In tho world, which Is why so many
geoplo are so fond of giving It away.
rooklyn Eagle.
Duopst Is n dread disease, but It has
lost its terrors to those who know that H.
H. Green & Soub, tho Dropsy Specialists of
Atlanta, Georgia, treat it with such great
success. Write them for pamphlet giving
full Information.
"So totj havo a now servant girl," said
ono housewife to another. "Yes." "How
does she llko you?" Washington Post.
F. J. Chkset & Co., Toledo, O., Proprs.
of Hall's Catarrh Cure, offer S100 reward
for any caso of catarrh that can not bn
cured by taking Hall's Catarrh Curo. Send
for testimonials, free. Sold by DrugglstB, 75c.
Mrs. Guiisnos calls her children "stars"
becanse they don't know how to act. Bos
ton Transcript.
Thb Public Awards tho Palm to Hale's
Honey of Horehoutid aniU-Tar for coughs.
Plkc'sTootliacha Drops Curo in one minute.
"r m
A man that hns no scruples about going
fishing ou Suuday Is pretty certain to have
BnnciiAM's PjLts euro bilious and nerv
ous Illness. Beeeham's Pills sell well be
cause they euro.. 25 cents .u box.
It takes a lot of pluck to pet all tho feath
ers off. an ostrich. Philadelphia Record.
Evektone's sweetheart sometimes gets
up in arms against him. Galveston News.
STJiie3S on
OuresPaln Promptly.
h.i nonciri
Uy Mrs.' A. B. JttnoN.Tho bstlnstruetorln fancy
f.n.(,..?!coral,TB work on tho market. JUST OUT.
UANKK .too., on lleurtioru Nt., Chicago.
rUU Tins I USA ma fen. jm mu.
liKflP sll)'S5fe BI
Purely a vegetable compound,
made entirely of roots ana herbs
gathered from the forests of
Georgia, and has been used by millions
of people with the best results. It
All manner of Blood diseases, from tho
pestiferous little boil on your nose to
the worst cases of inherited blood
taint, such as Scrofula, Rheumatism,
Catarrh and
Treatlsoon Dloodand Skin Diseases mailed
free. Swift Srcctric Co Atlanta, Ga.
Flitn, common sense flf ty-pag
treatise on origin, causes, na
ture, varieties, prompt rcuei
and almost infallible cure, sent
for 5c nickel. No stamps.
Wntc to M. N. 8EAKLE3,
New Uaven, Conn.
s. car month by harmloss herbal
A v jfjremedlos. Kortarvine.nolnconYenlenoo
i--V-Jl-J-'nnd no bad effects. Strictly confidential.
Bend Be for clrf-nlnri nnd rtimoninle. AddreMpfr
O.W JtnaJKBJUovlckePo Theatre Bids. CMcato.Itt
s-aaua xiua rapxiitwr tim ream.
H.nlli. n..-.nnthhhamiUttnnTinl
Conanmotlve and wools
who have weak tunes or Asth
ma, should uso Plso's Care for I
Consumption. It has enred I
thonaacda. It hAS not Injur-I
ca ono. ifc ! uvb dhu io laae. 1
itisiao DesicouBn syrup.
uoiu oTcrywnero. Uoc.
A. N. K.-G
wiiex xvurrma to advektiseic.sii.kasi:
tale that jou mw the Adyertlaement La ihlm
CAUTION. Beware of dralnraenbai
fttltutlnfr ahnMivlthnii. W .. hnitvlna
Same and the price tamped on bottom,
uch nnbstltuiions are lraudulent and
subject to prosecution by lair for ob-
laiaiiiff money un.
cr lalao pretences.
a I e,
Will clyo cxcIusIto sale to snoo
noasents, write lor catnlnguo. Ifnotfor
junui si;
izo and width wanted.
wf i35v
j The Two Holiday Issues
((The Ladies' Home Journal
yk November ana December
Qrb Contain a wealth of attractive material, , HbLx
PA including : The Opening Chapters of fllKL,
fl Mr. Howells' New Novel flBf
I BiBl
U AJfei Flrst of MR3, BDRT01' HARRISON'S paptri on
f The Well-Bred Girl in
wify SgSSSySi,', The fceclnnlne of the reminiscent papem by&n...
a 0ifMm?wM0 " DICKEIfS'
' !mmii3ft My Father as I Recall Him JJ
and articles, poems and stories by JkflPiLii. Pi N
REV. JOHN R. PAXTON, D. D. JKjBll ragy-
10c. a Copy $1.00 a Year vl
Philadelphia, Pa. M.
Agents Wanted. Profitable Employment ana Liberal Terms. JT
Write for Particulars. w Jml
sf&i cr falao pretences. .ksTO
mm' 11
f. .-: 1 VXkv ,Mbb&. I VfoiH
cyiK? !?T551 VtsB
KW& SBS-fSiSfc "ms
4SS3 SBTBta&il&tV' CbB st4 sad 3 Fine Calf- HsnA
mfn?r 1Hfc&: .4MELS!m .IBHa. '""" Vm J.. UUI UIjAM llttl'.
MsSJL yflla.BBBBBBBBBi.WW' 3Csk BewejljsJSlQPolloe and?ann-
Wi SSs,, VSjssfc g&fl'-i-V0 Worlclngmoa.'ss
SAPOLIO SHOULD be used in every KITCHEN,,
mm.K UIKwni
mui jtu!
lei. jEoxmeli. ind Fatnti lrhleh I
The luting Sun Suva Pollih U Brilliant, Odor. I
leu. Durable, and tho consumer pays for no tin I
un ninfli. lninrA ma lrnn.mnaunxnoix.
or gia&i pacaaB wiin urvry pnrcuuo.
The human citadel Is open to attacks
from two sources and aside from accidents,
these two are the avenues from which all .
of the maladies that afflict the race spring.
The first of these are what Is known as
the excretory organs the lungs, the kid
neys and the skin. These suffer from '
congestion which takes the form of colds.
Starting from what Is called a cold the
maladies that result are wide spread rang
ing from a cough to consumption. They
attack all ages and all stations. No ono
Is free from these troubles. There Is,.
however, a remedy that Is a safeguard.
AND KIDNEY CURE. It contains no
poison, and It will heal any form of lung-
trouble or any malady that arises trom a
cold. The other class of disease arisa .
from derangement of the digestive organs
and result In constipation. When til'
bowels do not act the stomach soon refuses -to
digest the food and we are troubled,
with indigestion and a long train of dis
orders that embrace a large range of mala
correct any difficulty of tills sort.
They contain nothing deleterious, but ara
safe and pleasant Get them of any dealer.
Treated free.
reUUnly ccaxv
lUatllM. Iar.
cured mtny tfemfc
land Clfei PC
noaneed hi
iopeletl. From rrt dote rrmptomi rapidly diupci
i dVvittleutt-MMhlrdtofilUyniptoml ra rtino; jd.
inrt In ten
IOOKr testimonial f mlraculom cnre leni t-HEli.
Bennlni. aevred shoe that will not rio i lino Can.
scamlou, smooth Inside, flexible. more comfortable, styUilfe.
durable than any other shoe oyer sold at tha priea.
i Equals custom-made shoes costing from i
The only 83.00 Hhoe made with
soles. Securely lawvd at too outside sdre
securely sowed at tho outside edge (na shown In outpw
iwo compioc3
sires aoanlo tho wear or cheap welt shoes sold at u
aamu price, lor suencasur np.naTjaaT omyono sole niroi
to a narrow strip ot leather on the edge, and when ones?
worn through aro worthless.
iiiu iwo aoiesotthe w. ai. uuuulah v;i.ods2ks
when worn through caa bo repaired as many time sua
lurchaiera ot footwear desiring to ecom-
nuce, should consider the superior qualttkm
ot these shoes, and not bolnfiuoiumic.
to bay cheap welt shoes sold at 43XO,,
haying only appearance to cbmmeaia.
dealers and ceneral aarctiiints where I sstb
Ugr.'v" ulV VmS. sstsja uiroci jo 1-a.riarrf
sale ilu yoy.
jrusiaso sruo sr ju jaufiasw jirecj&tont us

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