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EO. L BLUF, Editor and Proprietor.
In 1880 Alabnma had sixteen cotton
mills with 40,4.13 spindles, which con
sumed 7,271,701 pounds of cotton. Tho
Investment represented by theso mills
-was $1,240,500. In 1802 there nro twen
ty mills with 100,448 spindles, which
have consumed 18,714,057 pounds of cot
ton, and thoy represent nn Investment
of $8,000,000.
A 8UCCE98Kur trial was mado on tho
Erie canal, at Lockport, N. Y., tho
other day, states a dispatch to tho Now
York Times, of a fullslzcd canal boat
equipped with two revolving1 portablo
wheels running liko overshot water
wheels in straight recesses cut In from
tho bottom of tho boat, a little forward
of tho stern.
Tun secretary of war has been in
formed by tho general manager of tho
Baltlmoro & Ohio railroad that tho four
great trunk lines in America can trans
port 850,000 troops from 1,000 miles in
land to tho sea coast in thirty hours,
with all their equipments and provi
sions and without material interference
with ordinary trafllc or travel.
It is a singular fact that tho most
precious gems are composed of tho most
common substances. Tho diamond is
tho purest form of carbon, and is iden
tical in composition with ordinary char
coal, without tho impurities of tho lat
ter. Tho ruby, on tho other hand, i9
nearly pure alumina, a substanco found
in profusion in every clay bank.
Tnr.nE aro now over 100,000 Jews in
tho lloly Land. Tho Jewish population
there at present is larger than it has
been at any other timo since the end of
tho first century of tho Christian era.
Nearly four-fifths of them all have gono
hither from other countries within tho
past few years, and they have been
going thither this year more steadily
than ever before.
According to turcccnt law passed by
congress, all acts of mutilating or imi
tating United States coin or paper
money aro punishable with very severo
penalties. The law is very complete in
detail and makes it criminal to manu
facture any imitations of money, even
for advertising purposes. The gold plat
ing of 'silver and copper coins, to bo
used as charms or ornaments, is includ
ed by this law in the list of criminal
Gov. Seay estimates tho present pop
ulation of Oklahoma as 133,000. Tho
people there have multiplied two and a
quarter times since the census of 1S9C.
When the negotiations now in progress
for tho purchase of additional lands aro
completed tho territory will contain
fiO, 000,000 acres, an area equal to that of
8outh Carolina, and capable of support
ing moro than 2,000,000 people by agri
culture alone.
A stained glass window has been pnt
In the parish church of Ilythc.England,
In memory of Lionel Lukin, inventor of
tao life-boat Lukin's body lies in tho
parish church yard, and a curious in
scription records his connection with
the invention. He took out a patent in
785, but the conservative lords of tho
udmiralty saw nothing good in t, and
It was not recognized by tho govern
ment for some time thereafter.
Tun total appropriations of the states
for the Columbian fair up to date is
(3,477,000, with some more to follow.
There will bo at least threo and one
half millions appropriated by the. sev
eral states. The buildings alone repre
sent, or will when completed, a million
und a half. Theso buildings and their
several exhibits, if there were nothing
else, would be a wonderful display,
richly repaying a long journey.
A novel plan for training trotting
horses is being tried at San Teencho,
Col. Instead of trotting them round a
track they are mado to swim round a
couuso in a tank ninety feet long,
twenty icet wine ana eight feet deep.
Tho water is tepid and strongly im
pregnated with salt, to prevent tho
horse from taking cold. Four times
round the course gives the horse as
much exercise as a mile of trotting.
M. Delnocie, a French astronomer,
asserts that for the World's fair in 1000
he will have ready a telescope equipped
with a lens nine feet ton inches in di
ameter, nineteen inches thick, to weigh
about nine tons, which will render vis
ible surface objects on the moon not
less than five feet square. The promise
-feeems extravagant, but in theso days of
electric and telescopic wonders, it ia
not safe to laugh at nnythlng promised
by science.
A new substance, called torrified
pulp, is being prepared from the potato.
Its main uso is for feeding cattle, but
with boiling water it is 6ald to form a
palatable soup, and can bo mado into
good breadstuff when mixed with wheat
or rye flour. Tho potatoes aro ground
nnd tho pulp, after being pressed until
most of tho water is excluded, is sliced
and dried in a furnace. The heating
process is coutinued just long enough to
give a pleasant tn&te to the product,
without converting its starch into dex
trin. One of the famous leaning towers of
the world tho only one that lias over
boen completed is now being taken
down. Tho Torre Nuova, which stands
in the Plaza San Fcllpo at Sarogossa,
tho capital of Aragon, is ono of tho
finest examples of a brick-built tower
ut present existing. Tho tower, which
wus built in 1504, is about 275 feet high,
ond stands some ten feet out of tho per
pondicular a little less than tho Cam
panile ot Pisa, which leans over about
thirteen feet Tradition asserts that
tills departure from vertically was part
of tho original conception of tlie deslgn
m of Buehi'dlfloPR..
The smallest sea Island on record It
nine feet across.
Them: nro 5,440 miles of electrical
railways in this country.
On tho railways in Franco passengers
are sold cooked snails In packages.
U. S. Fi.aoo is ono of tho peculiar
names on Uncle Sara's pension roll.
Frvn young women acted as ushers nt
a recent Plnlnfield (N. J.) wedding.
A coi.onv of nbout 1,000 Japancso Is
to bo established in Slnaloa, Mexico,
Tiieuk nro six peppermint distilleries
In nctlvo operation at Decatur, Mich.
IN St Louis it has been decided not
to sprinkle, streets paved with asphalt
urn. Tnnnn is a veil dotted with moles to
match those on tho wearers face nnd
A mountain of carbonate of zinc is
tho latest discovery near lllllsboro,
N. M. .
Charleston will hold an carthquako
carnival from October 80 to Novem
ber 5.
MAiimr.n couples in Norway nro privi
leged to ride on railroads at a fare and
a half.
China has vast undeveloped coal
mines twenty times more than all of
Cmrrr.ES nro rarely seen in China.
Any child born deformed is at once put
to death.
The stato of Washington lays claim
to 300 Indian voters, whilo Oregon
boasts of CO.
It is "Allegheny" in Pennsylvania,
"Alleghany" in Virginia and "Allegany"
In New York.
The oldest church in America is that
of San Migul, in Santa Fe, N. M. It
ws built in 1545.
Wm. Glass, of Norwalk, Ct, was
nearly killed a short time ago by being
stung by hornets.
There is one Chinese, ono Portuguese
and one Cherokee newspaper printed in
the United States.
All Greek girls are dressed in white,
colored goods being regarded as im
modest for a maiden.
An incorrodiblo metal, which is like
wise very hard, is made by amalgamat
ing nickel with steel.
TnE Sioux Indians have opened their
ghost dance and intimate a yearning
for some white blood.
The annual tobacco report for Vir
ginia shows a falling off from the trans
actions of the previous year.
Iron ore from new mines on the south
sido of Cuba is being landed at Phila
delphia. This is a new trade.
The queen of Siam has tho smallest
feot yet seen on a titled woman. She
wears one and a half in boots.
Deer are so plentiful around Michi
gammo, Mich., that they have to be
stoned out of the turnip fields.
An Australian financier who has just
failed for $750,000 offers his creditors
one-fifth of a cent on tho dollnr.
The next telephonic feat will prob
ably be the connection of New York
and London by a sub-marine "hello"
Tho professors of the Ann Arbor
(Mich.) university have had their
salaries all raised from $300 to $500 by
tho regents.
Somebody claims that an electric
planthas been discovered in India, which
will influence a magnetic needle twenty
feet distant
TnE cry of a young seal when wound
ed or about to be attacked resembles
that of a child in distress, and tears
flow from its eyes.
A chute, measuring three-quarters of
a milo in length, in the logging camp
at Clifton, Ore., is described as one of
the longest in the world.
A woSian teacher at Topeka, Kan.,
has taught school there for twenty-two
years, it is said, without ever having
missed a day's attendance.
A Kingman county (Kan) farmer liv
ing in Hoosier township produced a
pumpkin this season which weighed
ninety-ono and one-half pounds.
A judge at the Hoi ton (Kas.) fair
awarded the first premium on Hubbard
squashes to cow pumpkin and was
promplty fired by the committee.
There is a Hebrew Bible in tho li
brary of the Vatican for which $103,000
has been refused. It is probably tho
most valuable book in tho world.
An interesting addition has been
made to the mineral cabinet at Har
vard college in diamond-bearing.meteo-rite
recently discovered in Arizona.
The lord lieutenant of Ireland re
ceives a salary of $100,000 a year, but
the c. senses of the post aro so great
that only a rich man can afford to fill it
A footpad was lately arrested in a
Hungarian town, and with him a bear
that he had tamed and taught to grap
ple with pedestrians whom he desired
to rob.
The wife of tho treasurer of a well
known corporation in Philadelphia has
hair which is sixty-three inches in
length, an inch or two longer than she
is tall.
Jerusalem has been enjoying a boom
since tho completion of tho railroad that
connects it with Jaffa. Over 300 houses.
hotels, stores and residences have been
A Washington expert declares that
tho Lotto portrait of Columbus selected
for tho souvenir half dollar is "an al
most grotesque efllgy" of tho great
Genoese sailor.
Talk has always boon quoted ns
cheap, but try it over tho telephono
from New York to Chicago for live min
utes and nothing less than nino dollars
settles tho bill.
To ohtain tho pressure of water to
tho squaro inch in any pipe, multiply
tho area of tho Vase by the height of
tho fluid in feot and tho product by tho
weight of a cubic foot of the fluid.
Japan World's fair commissioners,
just arrived, say that their exhibit
will weigh over 2,000 tons and bo worth
ovor $1,000,000. Thoy will show sam
ples of art never beforo seen in this
A I'KAit tree which was set by Gov.
John Kndicott in 1030 is still standing
near Danvcrsport, Mass. It blossoms
freely, although 202 years old, but tho
fruit, liko most of tho pears of that data,
is of poor quality.
The News Condensed.
Important Intelligence From All Part
Twenty-one persons, mostly flrenteu,
were nearly suffocated by smoke dur
ing n flro In tho cellar of a leather es
tablishment nt Pittsburgh, Pa.
Two men, Joseph Koontz and Henry
Powers, who were trying to extinguish
flames at Lima, O., fell into a llmokiln
and were roasted to death.
A fire in tho Chinese qunrters in Snn
Francisco destroyed eight buildings and
contents. Loss, 5100,000.
Henry Irvino, a desperato burglar,
was sentenced at Houston, Tex., tosov-enty-four
years' imprisonment
Seven couples eloped from Kentucky
in ono day and were married by Justico
Kolgwin at Jcffersonville, Ind.
Stamroul has secured the world's
stallion record, trotting a mile nt
Stockton, Cal., in 2:08K. beating Palo
Alto's record one-quarter second.
The wheat yield of Ohio this season
is placed at 40,000,000 bushels, being
short of last year's crop about 5,000,000
bushels. It is estimated that about
4,000,000 bushels of the crop of last year
is still in the producers' hands.
Capt. Porter, of the United States
secret service, says there is abroad one
of the nicest two-dollar counterfeits
ever executed. The bill is a Hancock
certificate of the issue of 1882, check
letter D.
The Hot Springs (Ark.) Valley bank,
a private corporation, has closed its
doors with liabilities of SSO,C00.
James S. Heagey, a telegraph oper
ator in the office of the Baltimore &
Ohio road at Pittsburgh, shot himself
fatally while en route to Bcatty, Pa., to
get married. No cause known.
Eight negroes on trial at Chester
town, Md., for the murder of Dr. Hill
were declared guilty.
During a fire at Clarksville, Mo.,
that caused a loss of SSO.000, Thomas
Crowley and William Schubert were
crushed to death by a falling wall
while fighting tho flames.
A fire in the Croker block at Cleve
land, O., caused the Koblitz Bros., rag
warehousemen, a loss of $100,000. Two
girls perished in the flames.
Flames that started in the second
floor of the American Sugar Refinery
Company coopershop in Jersey City, N.
J., caused a loss of S200.000.
Rowena, a 2-year-old Palo Alto filly,
made a mile against time in 2:18J.f at
Stockton, Cal., being tho fastest mile
ever made by a 2-year-old filly.
The flavoring extract house of E. W.
Gillett & Co. in Chicago was destroyed
by fire, the loss being S100.000.
Mrs. Tina Mobiungs and her 0-year-old
son were instantly killed by a Chi
cago, Burlington & Quincy train at
Hawthorne, 11L
The Mutual Ltfe Insurance Company
of New York has refused to pay S100,
000 insurance on the life of William M.
Runk, of Philadelphia, who committed
Mrs. Elizabeth Stenoer's barn near
Naperville, 111., was burned, and
twenty-three cattle and seven horses
perished in the flames.
Mrs. Harrison's portrait, to be
painted by an artist not yet selected,
has been provided for by the Daughters
of the American Revolution in Wash
ington, and will be sent to adorn the
gallery in the white house.
Mrs. Peter MiNcn, aged 3S, living
at Ogden, Mich., gave birth to her sev
enteenth child. She has been married
eighteen years.
At the leading clearing houses in the
United States the exchanges during
the week ended on the 28th aggregated
$1,174,159,123, against S1.1S1,062,788 the
previous week. The decrease as com
pared with the corresponding week of
1891 was 1.8.
Three men were killed and three
others were badly injured by an ex
plosion at a nitro-glycerine factory
near Lima, O.
In the United States tho business
failures during the seven days ended
on the 28th numbered 187, against 220
the preceding week and 255 for the cor
responding time last year.
The annual meeting of the Woman's
Christian Temperance union opened at
Denver with nn address by the presi
dent, Miss Willard.
Two fires which occurred within an
hour in the heart 'of the city of Cleve
land, O., caused a los? of $250,000, the
loss of one life and the serious injury of
half a dozen persons.
Five men were probably fatally
scalded and burned by the bursting of
a steam pipe in the Webster manu
facturing works in Chicago.
Fire in the dome of the great ma
chinery hall on the world's fair grounds
in Chicago caused a loss of $5,000, and
for a time the entire building was
A fire that, started in the Union OH
Company's store in Milwaukee spread
until the lower part of the Third ward,
including much of the most extensive
wholesale district was burned over,
causing a loss of nearly S7, 000, 000. The
insurance was estimated at $2,500,000.
Several lives were lost and at least
1,500 persons were homeless.
Manager paced a half mile on the
track at Independence, la., in 1:00J.
IlEroitTS from Wyoming say that tho
cattlemen's wur yet smolders, and that
the situation Is critical.
The Chicago, Burlington & Quincy
Railroad Company has made a contract
with the Adams Express Company by
which tho latter will occupy all tho
lines on that system on and after Jan
uury 1,
Tin! number of trials by general
court martiul during tho year in tho
army, as shown in tho report of tho
acting judgo advocate general, was
2,000, of which number 1,817 resulted in
A scow loaded with provisions for a
lumber camp at Big bay, Mich,, was
wrecked on Lake Michigan and six
mon wero drowned.
A runaway car on nn incline plane
at Mapleton, Pa., ran into passengers
at the Pennsylvania railroad station,
killing Archio Dill, William Temple
and John Burclay.
During a quarrel ut Ashland, Ky.,
George Cook, uged 13, fatully stabbed
Vernon Tuylor, aged 12.
James It Bartlett, ono of the Bur
rivors of tho Jeannotte expedition,
idiot and killed his wife's niece, Lottlo
Carpenter, in San Francisco, shot his
wife in tho shoulder and then killed
himself. Since his return from tho
arctic regions Barttctt's mind has been
A Kansas City, Kan., Mrs. Clara
Scigcr, aged 05 years, put a pistol ball
through the head of hor 4-year-old
grandson, Frank Volckors, and then
fired a shot Into hor own brain. No
cause was known.
Several business blocks wero burned
nt St Johnsbury, Vt, tho loss being
S150.000, und a man and his wifo were
A RUILDINO in Chicago occupied by
tho Tudor Buggy Company and other
manufacturers was burned, tho loss be
ing S10J.000.
A cow caused tho wreck of a train
on the Newport News fc Mississippi
Valley road at Gordon Station, Ky.,
nnd the engineer was killed and the
fireman and a colored man fatally
Superintendent Chisi.ett, of Crown
Hill cemetery at Indianapolis, has se
lected six men from umong the em
ployes at the burying ground to guard
Mrs. Harrison's grave.
The boiler of the steamer Wakefield
exploded off Maryland point, Va., and
three colored men were killed.
Edward C. Sotar and Miss Ella Cole,
of Scranton, Pa., were killed by tho
cars near Lehigh while returning home
from a visit to friends.
Allen Pahker (colored) was lynched
by a mob at Now Monroe villc, Ala.,
for burning a cotton gin.
Further advices say that the great
fire in Milwaukee sweep over thirteen
blocks of business houses and resi
dences, containing 405 buildings in all,
caused the loss of four lives, destroyed
property valued at $5,800,000 and made
2,500 persons homeless.
The town of Callery Junction, Pa.,
was almost entirely destroyed by fire
Six fast horses, valued at 810,000,
were lost in a fire atMiloThomlinson's
barn near Indianapolis.
The Euclid Avenue opera house at
Cleveland was burned, the loss being
estimated at $100,000.
L. H. Dri8Coll, an aeronaut, was
fatally injured by falling 80 feet from
his balloon while making an ascension
at Harper, Kan.
The Phoenix national bank at
Phoenix, N. Y., was robbed of $2,900 in
Flames among shipping In Philadel
phia caused a loss of nearly $200,000.
While delivering a temperance lec
ture at Grand Army hall in South Nor
walk, Conn., Henry S. Leer, aged 02,
fell from tho stage and died of apo
plexy. William D. Fuller was arrested in
Boston for passing counterfeit silver
dollars, and he confessed that he had
put over S20,000 of the spurious coin on
the market.
Two men were killed and one fatally
hurt as a result of a collision of a train
with a hand car of the Chicago, St
Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha road near
Sioux City, Ia.
The building of the Chicago Athletic
association, almost ready for occu
pancy, was partially destroyed by fire,
involving a loss of about $100,000.
By proclamation President Harrison
has extended the benefits of the Ameri
can copyright act to Italy.
Reuhen Jones, member of the state
senate, dropped dead near the capitol
in Atlanta, Ga.
John Collins and Jacob Krell were
killed at La Porte, Ind., by falling from
In a fire in a dwelling house near
Des Moines, la., the three children of
George Cage and their grandmother
were burned to death.
W. B. Macdonough, of San Fran
cisco, has purchased tho celebrated
stallion Ormonde, the peer of the Eng
lish turf, from the Rothschilds, for
While walking on the railroad track
at Akron, O., W. J. Golden and Robert
H. Conley were struck by a train and
Jake Winters, who had not washed
or shaved himself.for twenty-five-years,
died iu Carson, Nev., aged 00 years.
The Grunewald opera house in New
Orleans was destroyed by fire, involv
ing a loss of $200,000.
The Pennsylvania railroad is experi
menting in the matter of lighting its
track with electricity, and, if success
ful, it is proposed to place a powerful
urc light on every telegraph pole along
the line.
E. C. O'Brien, commissioner of navi
gation, in his annual report to the sec
retary of te treasury notes an in
crease in the tonnage of shipping on
the great lakes from 711,209 tons in
1882 to 1,183,582 tons in 1892, and says
it now embraces a fleet of large steam
vessels, modclsof beauty and efficiency,
which nre offering unequalcd transpor
tation services.
Mrs. Susan Manak, one of the Es
quimaux colony on the world's fair
grounds in Chicago, gave birth to tho
first child born on the grounds, and it
was named Columbia Susan Manak.
In the United States the visible sup
ply of grain on the 31st ult was: Wheat,
101,035,000 bushels; corn.81,295,000 bush
els; oats, 8,405,000 bushels; rye, 1,018,
000 bushels; barley, 2,801,000 bushels.
The Burlington and Missouri hotel
atMcCook, Neb., was burned, and two
persons Mrs. Granger and Mrs. Colo
perished in tho flames.
Suhie Conrad, a fat woman who had
been on exhibition In most museums
In America, died in Chicago. Tho body
when inclosed in tho casket weighed
598 pounds.
The prohibitionists of tho Fourth dis
trict of Wisconsin have nominated E.
L. Eaton for congress.
Rev. William J. Potter, for thirty
three years pastor of tho Unitarian
church at Now Bedford, Mass., has re
signed, and his congregation hus voted
to pay hlin 52,000 a year for five years.
Dr.wrrr C. Littlejohn died at his
homo In Oswego, N, Y., aged 75 years.
Ho was a moinber of tho Thirty-eighth
congress and took tho One Hundred
and Tenth regiment to tho front In the
wur of thu rebolllon as its colonoL
The funeral sorvices over the re
mains of Mrs. Harrison wero hold on
the 28th in the First Presbytorlan
ohurch in Indinnapolis, tho pastor
Rev. M. L. Haines, officiating, nfter
which the body was laid to rest in
Crown Hill camotcry. At C:30 in the
afternoon President Harrison nnd
others of tho party left for Washington.
A i) i, a i E. Stevenson, democratic
candidate for tho vice presidency, sent
his letter of acceptance to the presl
dentof the national democratic conven
tion. Mrs. Margaret Donaldson, aged
105 years, was buried from the homo
for nged women at Pittsburgh, Pa.
Jonathan II. Wallace, ono of tho
best-known attorneys of eastern Ohio
and a member of congress from 18S2 to
1834, died at his homo in East Liver
pool, aged 08 years.
IIerr Lenoi:, a master cooper of
Bremen, Germany, becoming jealous of
his sweetheart, shot and killed her and
two other women who tried to prevent
tho crime nnd then killed himself.
Thomas Neill Cream confessed in
London that from 1874 to 1891, when he
was arrested In Chicago, ho made a
practice of poisoning dissoluto girls in
Canada. ,
Thomas Liston and his wife, both 74
years old, died within a few hours of
each other at Kingston, Ont
In the recent gale along the New
foundland coast ten vessels were
wrecked nnd twenty-two lives were
lost At Greenspond tho sea unearthed
tho bodies in two graveyards.
The Heinitz colliery near Berlin,
Germany, caught fire, and five miners
perished in the flames.
The house of correction at Goclicrs
dorf, Austria, was burned, and twelve
inmates perished in tho flames.
The British steamer Roumanla was
wrecked at the mouth of the Arelho
river nearPeniche and 113 persons were
While a ferryboat was crossing the
River Douro near Sinfes, Portugal, it
capsized, and eleven persons were
The Zacatccas (Mexico) observatory
reports the discovery of a comet in the
constellation of Cancer.
The steamer Touvre, bound for
Bayonne, was wrecked at Penmarch,
Finistcrre, and seventeen persons were
Edouard Maniers and his daughter
committed suicide in London through
fear "of starvation.
The kaiser has refused permission to
the German regular military bands to
go to the world's fair in Chicngo.
According to the latest accounts 115
persons were drowned by the wreck of
the steamer Roumania off the coast of
By the overflow of the Saldo river in
the state of Paxaca, Mexico, thousands
of acres of coffee and cane lands were
inundated, causing a loss of $300,000,
and over forty persons and 2,000 head
of cattle were drowned.
The medical surveillance of the rail
road depots in Berlin has been with
drawn, as the danger from cholera is
considered to have passed.
The four children of Mrs. Morrier, a
widow living near Alexandria. Ont,
were burned to death during the ab
sence of their mother.
Tun Liberator Building association
in London failed for 3,313,000.
In a battle near San Juan, Mcx., be
tween government troops and brigands
three of the latter were shot dead.
W. E. Giles, special agent for the
Columbian exposition in the Western
Pacific islands, and his wife and two
children, were drowned near Loma
Loma by the capsizing of a boat
Omar L. Hittle, a prominent busi
ness man at Richmond, Ind., left for
New York. recently, taking SS0.000 in
bonds with him. He hasn't been heard
from since. A heavy suit is pending
against him.
At New York City on tho 1st working
men in the building trades struck on
all buildings where non-union witemen
arc employed, through sympathy with
the electric wiremen. A general strike
has been declared by the latter, affect
ing 50,000 men.
At Hastings, Neb., on the 1st H. M.
Titus, of the firm of W. II. Ferguson &
Co., grain dealers, was killed in the
Burlington yards by a switch engine.
Ho stepped from ono track to another
to avoid a wrecking train, and the
switch engine struck him from behind.
Ills body was severed at the hips and
horribly mangled.
At Cagliari, Sardinia, recently, 100
persons and 248 horses wero drowned in
the floods which prevailed there.
Ed Oleson and John Joseph Whltten
wero drowned at Devil's Lake, Ind., on
the night of the 80th ult. by tho enp
slzlng of a boat Tho two young ladies
who accompanied them escaped by
clinging to tho boat.
At McCoon, Nob., on tho night of
tho 30th ult, a gasoline stove ex
ploded and set flro to tho Burlington
& Missouri River Railroad hotel. Mrs.
F. S. Granger, tho proprietor's wife, was
burned to death. Her husband was fa
tally and her daughter dangerously
burned. A Chicago travollug man
named McGill jumped from a window
and broke his hip.
At Milwaukee, Wis., contributions to
tho relief fund for the flro sufferers
have reached tho sum of $100,000 and
aro still pouring into tho hands of tho
Advices from Paris stato that the
Mediterranean coast gales aro keeping
vessels out at sea. There aro big floods
in tho south of Spain. Rain and hall fell
in torronts. At Toulouse tho storm
caused much damage to property und
injury to a numbor of people.
James W. Lee, a colored convict, es
caped from jail at Lockport, N. Y., on
tho 1st by mulclng u hole through tho
Near Purkcrsburg, W. Va., on tho
night of tho 81st ult, miscreants oponcd
a switch on tho B. & O. road and ut
tomptcd to wreck an accommodation
train. Tho locomotive was turned com
pletely ovor a twenty-foot embankment
and tho express and baggage curs wero
wrecked. Several people wero bruised,
but no one wus seriously injured.
I.IWV.'.I .ET-M.
Both tho method and results when
Byrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant'
and refreshing to tho taste, and acta
Eontly yet promptly on tho Kidnoys,,
liver and Bowels, cleanses tho sys
tem effectually, dispels colds, head
aches and fovera and cures habitual
constipation. Syrup of Figs is tha
only remedy of its kind over pro
duced, pleasing to tho taste and ac
ceptable to tho Btomach, prompt in
its action and truly beneficial in ita
effects, prepared only from tho most
healthy and agreeablo Bubstances, its
many excellent qualities commend it
to all and havo mado it tho most
popular remedy known.
Byrup of Figs is for sale In 50o
and 61 bottles uy all leading drug
gists. Any reliable druggist who
may not havo it on hand will pro
cure it promptly for any one who
wishes to try it Do not accept any
touiiviue. ky. new root r.
Excessive quantity and high colored urine,
ILa Grippe,
Cures the bad after effects of this trying' epi
demic and restores lost vigor and vitality.
Impure Blood,
Eczema, scrofula, malaria, pimples, blotches.
General Weakness,
Constitution all run down, loss of ambition,
ind a disinclination to all sorts of work.
Guarantee Cm contents of ODeBottle.lt not bea
fltfd.Drucflttawlll refund jou tho prlco paid.
At SriizslHts, 50c. Size, 81.00 Size.
Invalid. Guide to ilulth" free Consultation free.
Dr. Kilmee & Co., Bi.ngiiauxo.v, N. T.
Did you ever see a sickly
baby with dimples ? or a heal
thy one without them ?
A thin baby is always deli
cate. Nobody worries about
a plump one.
If you can get your baby
plump, he is almost sure to
be well. If you can get him
well, he is almost sure to be
The way to do both there ,
is but one way is by care
ful living. Sometimes this
depends on Scott's Emulsion
of cod-liver oil.
We will send you a book
on it; free.
Scott & Bowhi, Chemists, i j j South sth Arca-ja,
New Yorlu
"What is August Flower for?"
As easily answered as asked. It is
for Dyspepsia. It is a special rem
edy for the Stomach and Liver.
Nothing more than this. We believe
August Flower cures Dyspepsia.
We know it will. We have reasons
for knowing it. To-day it has an
honored place in every town and
country store, possesses one of the
largest manufacturing plants in the
country, and sells everywhere. The
reason is simple. It does one thing,
and does it right. It cures dyspepsia
"Wo offer you a remedy which if
used as directed, insures safety to
life of both mother and child.
Rob confinement of its Pxut, Hobbob and
Bus, as many testify.
"Mywlfo mod only turatinttteanf M other
Friend, hhowuaeutllywulqulckly relieved
1 now doing splendidly,"
J, S. Morton, Ilarlow, N. C.
Bent by express, charges prepaid, on ro-
celpt ot pneo, $1.50 per bottlo. Sold by all
druggUta. Hook To Mothers mailed tree.
liuvnuiB Keochtob Co., Atlanta, Ga.
BiUVatiOn Oil Try it OulyM

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