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Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report.
I urn rocolvlnp tho latest designs nnd
styles In nil grades of WALL PAP13R
direct from tho manufacturers In Now
York City, theroforo can nuoto low
I am selling Inst year's stool: at a
vory low figure in order to m&ko room
for-tho New Wall Paper.
Locals Id this column 5 cents per line
Lost. A gold Ncckluco, wide
band. Finder will plcaso return same
to tho JOUKNAL offlco.
A numbor of Elmor Witzlor's
frlonds called nt his homo Thursday
ovening and gave him a pleasant sur
prise. ThoEvnngollcal Ladles Aid Sooloty
will hold their social nt tho residonco
of Mrs. R. Dnnz, Friday, March 3d. A
cordial invitation is extended.
Ktocntlonnry JCccltnl.
The Christian Endeavor Society
hnvo secured tho services of Miss Lena
Bonnett for an Elocutionary Ricltal at
tho Town Hall on this (Saturday) oven
ing, Fob'y 25th. Tho programmo us
arranged for this ontcrtalnmcnt is ex
cellent and Miss Bennett's ability as an
elocutionist is a guarnnteo that tho
progrumtno will bo well rondered. Her
power of expressing tho passions and
sentiments of tho authors she repre
sents is wonderful, while in hor comic
recitals she has hardly an equal. Don't
miss this opportunity of hearing this
talented girl. Admission, 10 and 20
I.lfo of Wm. TrcuuiRcli Slinnnnn.
In order to seouro n copy of this work
buy your groceries of Chris. A. HolT
mnnn. Procure a purchase ticket and
when you have bought $15 worth of
goods in cosh purchases, you will bo
presented with a copy of this elegant
Straw wanted nt tho Lnkesido paper
mill, Mnumee, Ohio. Wo will pay
$3.00 cash per ton, delivered at the
A. E. Bkauihhn & Scanlon, Props
Sond 10 csnts for a subscription to
a lively matrimonial journal for old
and young. Address, Orange Blos
soms, Yarmouthport, Mass. 0-11-93.
I'or Suli.
"Monsieur Simon," tho celebrated
Porcheron Stallion live years old, sound
nnd in good condition, will bo sold
cheap. Enquire of Lewis Plister, two
miles "East of Porrysburg, or G. W.
Pfistcr in Perrysburg. 4Sd
For feulo.
Horse nnd buggy and one billiard ta
ble, cheap for unsh. Also wanted a
girl for becond work. Enquire at
Maumkk Uousn, Maumcc, O.
Dental Nutlco.
Dr. E. D. Wlnlleld late of tho linn
of Brake & Winlield, Toledo, Ohio, has
purchasbcd tho ollico of Dr. Thompson
of Porrysburg, and will be found In his
Porrysburg oillco on Thursdays and
Saturdays. On Saturdays during tho
next two months ho will extract teeth
for half-price by the uso of tho latest
agencies. He is an experienced ad
ministrator of gas. He wurrants his
fillings and will givo tho people a 2o
per cent, discount "on them for two
months. The same discount will bo
made on urtiilciul teeth for tho bumo
length of time to introdnco his work.
By his crowning method he makes
good teeth out of roots. By his bridge
processes ho does away with plates.
He extracts abecshed teeth painlessly
and renovates and replaces them.
All kinds of dental work warranted
to bo a success or money absolutely
refunded. Those wishing the higher
grades of work dono can place the
money in tho bank till assured that
tho work is a success.
As (or his responsibility he refers us
to Rnnsom & Randolph or C. W. Mun
son, proprietor of Dental Depots,
Toledo, O,
One dollar and forty cents pays for
a sot of six elegant bllver teaspoons and
tho JouilNAL ono year in advance.
Como in soon as this olTer will not bo
made after January 30.
Remomber, if you want a Columbus
souveniur spoon, just pay $1.15 for the
JOUHNAL. one year in advance and you
can have tho paper a year and a lino
Bpoon. It is good goods.
Wo don't canvas. Call nt tho store
and cot prices, it will nay you.
Wm. Schlect.
Having purchased a now Flying
Shuttle Loom, I am prepared to weave
Carpots and Rugs of any description, at
tho vory Lowest Rates.
Am propared to furnish carpet wurp
at prices lower than tho same can bo
bought olsowhoro Glvo mo a call.
Ulimlo Treon.
I hnvo about 800 Persimmons troes
whloh innko excellent shade trees.
Thoy aro about 7 feot high and will
bear fruit In two years. Will be sold
oheap. Call or uddross,
WC Harris, East Toledo.
45d 1117 Miami St.
Bakery & Confectionery
Also dealer in
Novelties and Toys of all Kinds.
TTniited.-Two Boy
To learn typo sotting at this office. No
tobacco chowlng, cigarottt smoking
kids need apply.
Tho Ladies Aid Society of tho M
E. church will giro a social at tho
church parlors on the ovening of Fri
day, March 3d, to which thoy inyito
all who dcslro to attend. A pleasant
entertainment is assured those who
who aro present.
Ccughinir Lend to Consumption
Kemp's Balsam stops tho cough nt onco.
Chas. Witzloh tho Jfndortaker,
announces tho urr&al oLjjniirge lino of
now caskots and unocrukor's furnish-"
ings. Orders promjjiry attended to
at any hour of tho &wX night. Prices
as reasonable as fifst-cntes goods can
bo sold. No charJK for ttftjiiao of City
Vault to my customers. W
Tho younjjV pooplo of Tontognny
havo in rohoarsal a drama which thoy
intend prcsonting before tho public of
that village soon, the proceeds to bo
used for tho payment of an organ that
Is used by tho S. of V. and other
societies of tho town. Tho local talont
of tho town aro capable of doing well
in such work.
Tho "Wirtdor Doodle's Courtship"
by .Tosiah Aliens' Wife, is given as a
premium to the Journal subscribers
who pay a year in advance for ono
dollar and ten cents.
Tho Orange Belt, published at
Rtalto, Calif., gives an account of the
death of A. F. Kerchcval, and speaks
of him in tho highest terms. Mr. K.
was a cousin of Mrs. F. E. Hollonbeck
of this place. Ho was interested in
fruit growing in California nnd was
also a writer of much promlnenco, and
tho Orange Belt says "Had he been
loss retiring and unobtrusivo, his
poems would have brought him a repu
tation equal to that enjoyed by Brot
Harteor Joaquin Miller. In many ro
spects ho was the superior of both of
The members of tho M. E. church
didn't forget their faithful Soxton, and
on Tuesday night, the iilt, as a mnrk
of appreciation for his special efforts
during their recont series of meetings,
they called at his residence and sur
prised himself and family. Thoy car
ried basket which were well filled
with provisions and the necessaries of
life, and nflsr enjoying a short time
spent in a social way they bade Mr.
and Mrs. Ford good night. Among
those present were Wm. Barton and
wife, and Mrs. Barton, Sr., Fred Jor.
zard, Mrs. J. C. Shaw, Miss Wallace,
Mrs. M. Hnrtsinj;, Miss Ella Callard
the Misses Maddy and H. Hoarn.
A private letter from our old com
panion in distress, John C. Himmol.
mnnn, Jr., informs us that ho is now
holding a 'sit" in the Government
Erinllng ofllco at Washington. John
is a "chip of the old block" and is a
hustler, and no mistake. Ho has a big
"pull" for so young a man with the
Congressman from Detroit, nnd thereby
succeeded in getting in ahead of the
hungry horde of ofllce seokers by being
appointed beforo the end of tho Repub
lican administration. Wo would not
bo a bit surprised at any time to hear
of John being appointed minister
Hawaii. There's no telling where that
boy will end up, and wo wish him
nothing worso than success.
Last Saturday Peter Christainson,
a blacksmith of Sugar Ridgo, was ac
cidentally bhot while shoeing a horse.
He carried a 32-calobre royolvor in his
right front pants pocket with tho muz
zle up and while bonding over shoeing a
horse he neoidently struck tho hammer
ot tho revolver with his hnmtuor
handle, causing tho tvoapon to bo dis
charged, the bullet entering his ab
doman, near tho navel and striking
ono of tho ribs, followed around to the
eleventh rib whero it lodged. Sovoral
men who stood near by did not hoar
tht explosion and only know what hod
occurred whon Mr. C. took tho weapon
from his pockot, and tolling them ho
was shot bogan examining tho wound.
Ho then walked homo and a physician
sent for, who says tho wound will prob
ably not prove serious, and at last re
ports tho pationl was doing well.
A Novel Dunco.
Tho French Quadrillo in tho last act
of tho "Spider and Fly," at tho People's
theatre this weok Is a close imitation of
tho much talked of dance in tho Black
Crook now running in Now York. Thi9
Saturday afternoon and evening olosos
tho engagement.
Noxt weok with Tuesday, Thursday
aud Saturday mutlnoee, " After Dark "
will bo tho attraction. It is fully up to
the excellent standard of plays booked
at this populur theatre and will do good
If desired I furnish all purohnsers ol
Wall Paper with competent paper
hangers, Messrs. H. WILDS or J.
I havo an oxcollont lino of Modi:
and Toilet Soaps.
Champnoy's PurfumcH nrotho stand
ard quality. Havo you Crown English
Crab Apple Blossom 'Perfume, a most
exquisitly Delicious and Refined Odor.
Jowolry, Watches and Clocks,
Rings, Chains, Charms and Emblems
will bo found at my drug storo.
A complotc lino of Paints, Oils,
VarnlshcB and Brushes at Champnoy's.
Mrs. C. A. Hampton who has boen
vory 11! for several weeks died at 7 p.
m. Thursday evening. Obituary noxt
Wally Poraeroy who has been sick
for tho past 13 weeks with typhoid
malarial fover, is now able to bo out
The Perryaburg Flro Co. hold a
dancing party at tho town hall Inst
Wednesday night and enjoyed them
selves grently.
1170101108, Clocks, Jovvelry, Specta
cle. Spt'ciiilittontion given to repair
ing. All Warranted. JOHN ZUHFLUU,
813 Monroe street, Toledo,
It is "six-for-n-quurtor" at Lima
City, but somo of tho store keepers of
tho village will hereafter makosuro its
a quarter of a dollar instead of a quar
ter of a cont.
Tho great snlo of tailor made
cloaks and suits, damaged by fire, at
Snnborn & Co's, Toledo, are now on
sale at 310 Summit St., and are great
bargains. Don't fail to call.
Natural gas is becoming a treach
erous thing to have about tho house.
The death of a Toledo man by asphyxi
ation is reported. 1'iro wont out on
account of unsteady eras nressuro.
On Tuesday ovening Charles Hous
ly, formerly of Grand Rapids, O., but
lato of Auburndale, was struck by a
passenger train at tho Wagon Works,
and so badly injured that he died.
John II. Thornton is engaged in
rebuilding kilns for tho Lime City Co.
Manager Breed is pushing tho work of
improvement as rapidly as possible pre
paratory to tho opening of tho Spring
Thos. O'Dea or this place, whU5
walking homo last Friday night slipped
on the icy pavement and fell, breaking
both bones of his right leg in three
places. His injuries aro very painful
but ho is doing well at present.
George Plister thinks plckeledpigs
feet are very fine and that gallon crock
which was presented him, were all
right on top, but ho is geing out gun
ning with a 17-foot gun for tho fellow
who filled the bottom of the crock with
JLauc'a medicine ItlnvcN the Uowcla
Ijiicu Diiy.
Ill order to be healthy this Is necessary.
On Thursday evening of Inst week,
tho homo of C. C. Gundy of Tontognny,
was the scene of a very happy family
reunion. Chris. Gundy, Jerry Ben
schotur and Robert Collins threo as
jolly good fellows and upright citizens
asihoro are in tho county, whon young
men got "'mashed" on tho same family
and each married one of the daughters,
tho marriages havo proven happy ones
and It Is doubtful if thoroare any people
in the county wherein a bettor feeling,
or warmer attachment exists than
among theso three families, nnd tho
occasion celobrated last Thursday
evening was oae of those events which
unites in closer bonds of friendship tho
various relatives and family friends.
There were a largo numbor present
and it was indued a happy party.
A Licnciur.
Since its first introduction, Elpctric
Bittern has gained rapidly in popular
favor, until now it iR clearly in the lead
among pure medicinal tonics nnd alter
atives containing nothing which per
mits its ufo as n beverage or intoxicant,
it in recognized as the best nnd purest
medicine for nil ailments of Stomach,
Liver or Kidneys. It will cure Sick
Headache, Indigestion, Constipation,
and drivo Malaria from the system. Hat
iufnctinn guaranteed with cmcIi bottle or
money refunded. Price only 50c per
bottle. Sold by A. It Chnmpney.
we aeeToo BUST.
Wo aro too busy to write ndvortlso-
monls. Our timo is fully occupied
marking and arranging now goods.
Wo wou'd simply suy that ovory do
partmont in our store will show a largo
and lino line of goods this season than
ovor hoforo. II you havo novor traded
with us don't fail to seo what wo offer
this Spring.
LAMsON JiilOS,, Toledo, O.
-House and lot noxjt
forth of jail.
.11. iiANSON.
l'liriiltnio at IKulcdn If rlcoiB,
Our full tock of lvwajeuro and out-
flttings are bold at prlcMequully as low
as samo quality canifflJo'-Tlifchased In
Toledo. PxiAS.-vtoZLER.
r f
ain 'A
Wo will open the flrt of tho weak
our new Una of Clothing which will
consist of Mens' and Boys' Buslnoss
Suits, Moiib' Dress Suits, Mens Fine
Block Coats and Vests, Mons' and
Boys' Pants and we extend a cordial
Invitation to all who feol Interested In
Clothing at reasonable prices to come
in and o for yourself what you can
buy a suit of Clothes for.
Iks II Fuller.
Miss Mary Tyler is visiting relatives
in Chicago.
Will Escott and wifo spent Sunday
in town with rolatlres.
Miss Pherala Robertson visited
friends in Toledo this week,
Archie Ross was home from tho Uni
versity of Michigan this week.
Mrs. Black of Monclovia was tho
guest of Mr. Caldwell this week.
Bertha Pervis spent Washington's
birthday with her aunt, Miss Minnie
Will Veltch of Toledo spent Sunday
in Porrysburg nd says the old town
is tho best place of all,
Mrs. Alice Skinner of B. G and
Mrs. Boyd of Mauraoo, were the guests
of frluads here lnat week.
Fred Trouschel and daughter attend
ed the wedding Lewis Baer and Miss
Thoresa Bornhurd on Washington's
Mr. and Mrs. Shado of Caldwoll,
Kansas, visited E. D. Ross and family
this week. Mrs. Shade was formerly
Miss Ltda Ross of this place.
James Savory, who went back to old
England last Fall to revisit tho scenes
of early days, has returned to this
couutry again. We hav not had tho
pleasure of talking with him, but learn
that he is well satisfied with tho land
of his adoption.
D. VanHolIen and family wero given
a surprise on Tuesday evening. About
30 frlonds and neighbors called with
well-tilled baskets and the evening was
spent in social games and music which
was otuoved by all until alter midnight.
'6 say Van was surprised is putting it
Mrs. C. Cullen of Buffalo, N. Y.,
visited with D. M. Morse and wife of
this place, also with relatives in Lima
prior to her return home. She re
ports Mr. Cullon in good health, and of
course he will go to Washington to seo
his former citizen, President Elect
Cleveland, seated in tho Presidential
chair for the second term.
Deiith or Alexander Ynsa.
Alexander Vass was born in county
of Elgin, parish of Edinkillo, Scotland,
and was unitod in marriage with Isabol
Duncan, Dec. 23, 1830. Ten children
were born of tho union sevon sons and
threo daughters of whom 11 vo aro liv
ing. Thoy enme to America In 1834 nnd
came direct to Porrysburg whero thoy
havo resided ever since. Together
thoy joined the United Presbj torian
church in 1843, Rev. James Miller,
pastor. Mr. Vass was electod Elder of
the church soon after.
Ho died Feb. 14th, 1893, aged 83 yrs.,
G in os. and 21 days.
His wifo and children, Mrs. S. F.
Bridges, of Hnskins, O., Mrs. C. F.
Roberta of Colton, O., Mrs. M. M.
Ellis of Porrysburg, James and Wm.
Vass of Chicago, mourn the loss of a
devoted husband and father.
Mr. Vass was a carpenter and joiner
and the first work that ho did was on
tho Methodist church, and was a con
tractor and huildor and many buildings
both public and private stand to his
credit Mr. Vass loaves 11 grand
children and fivo great grand children.
The funeral was conducted at the
house by tho Rev. J. C. Shaw who made
somo romarks from tho words "I havo
kept tho faith." Tho body was placed
in the vault at Ft. Meigs coinetory.
D. C. Williams and wlfo returned
from Toledo Wednesday morning.
Tho G. A. R. will glvo an entertain
ment at tho church Monday eve., 27th.
The audlonce will bo entertained by
Mrs. Carpenter and daughter of Toledo.
Both aro said to be Una elocutionists of
raro ability. Supper tickets 15o ; ad
mission In church, 10 cts.
A number from hore nttonded tho
installation of Rebekah lodge nt Per
rysburg, Monday ovening. They re"
ported n pleasant timo and tho Rebekah
degree was conferred upon tho follow
ing: W. W. Hnmpton and wife, Chas.
Hilt and wifo, John Nixon and wifo,
L. R. Ward and wile, Henry Sterna
man and wifo, Wm. J. Yarkson and
wlfo, W. J. Donnls and wifo, Porry
Itohn, Miss Mary Rohn, Ed. Winslori
G. S. Cordrey.
Mr. Hammon and daughter Nettie,
and Mr. Rogers and wife spent Sunday
in Toledo.
Cora Emory returned homo Sunday
evo. from a ylsit with hor aunt In
NO. 4
25 CTS.
Ask for 'Woodman's Spocifio Ho. 4. If your druggist does not keen it, and
will not got it for you, send us 25 cts,, and we will send it to you postpaid
Ariur, 11, 93
We are closing
Oil Clothes, and
Lace Curtains
V. B. SNYDER & SON'S 225 and 227 Summit St. Toledo
The Golden-Rod Publishing Co., of Chicago, Illinois,
has determined to secure 500,000 new subscribers to
their iamily story paper, the GOLDEN-BOD, before
July 1st, '93.
In the ordinary way this would require a lifetime, but
'time is money" and in order to save time we are will
ing to pay those who subscribe now a large sum ot
realizing that we can soon recover this great expendi
ture from the increased revenue from our advertisers.
For correct answers to the following ten word-riddles,
The Golden-Rod Publishing Co., will pay the following
For the correct nmwer to
unydJII', word, 20 OO
For the correct niinwer to
Hlir TW.wordi 50 00
For the correct iiimwer to
BiirTIIIIKIiwordiii TS OO
F r the correct unxwer to
liny FOUIC word. - 10O OO
For the correct uiiNWcr to
nny FlVliWortU, - 125 00
To erery no landing la the eerreot aajwers to T.wrrnj-o-
' ALb of the TEH werdi during JANUAEY,
Te every one lending in the oorroet aniwere to rfivw
' ALL of the TEN wordi durUg FEBRUARY.
Here are the word-riddles, can you solve them ? KemetMDcrany ono
of the ton words correctly solTed wins for you $20 00 in cash.
1 A LE 'free, berliic lountl Jruu. 6 IH lolly tree.
T pr. Tree, fruit lurger at lower "T pi if PJoweM.handnomc.of pur
" end; pit or other eolors.
TTrTT I'Unts. with mowers of an Alt A Tropiea! tree, with fruit
3 xul bright colore. -')' "'inches.
4 e-N0- Tropical Tree, with round g q8 flowering btuhei.
5 BAP The fruit l good to cat. 10 ATE TrnptralfniUbrarhwIrrffs
T VTJT A "NT A TTfTNT Ecn ah ludlratv the absence of a certain lotter, ami
XlAjrJjii.lNii.llUlN trhen the proper lctten aro supplied the orlrlnnl word
will he found complete. Examn-K: 11 h u, A book which everjonu should ii'&a.Tho
omitted letters are 1 and 1, and wheu properly inserted the cenplctu word is blblo.
DT'TfiT A "DTICS Are paid in cah the very day nny anivrcr is found to be correct.
XtJtl W iilUJo To prevent ereu any appearance of irregularity or collision, a
copy of the original ten word has been tlcposltod in a tafcty vault under veal, to bo
opened March Slit. "33, in- the preaeiifc of witnekscs. wbote iworn statement m to
tho correct words will be published in the Apnl number of the GoinEx-Kon.
nnATnTrPTfYWa Tlio object of thin extraordinary offer in of course to (.crura
jU IN JJJLJ. JLU1N O subscriber at once, und in lnrco number. Wo therefore re
uulro that M cents for a ycnr'B subscription for our (treat ruper. Tho Goldcn-Jtoil,
beteut with uncli uiiNWcr. Tpns If two words are answered fil.CO iiumt ba tent
threu words SI M, lle wordi, $J.S0.aml o on, and at inuny copiei- of tho jmpcr will be
mulled to nddrcMCKKlven, ...... . c j . -
IH.vlumitu iu word you iiimwer by their numbers. Pcndatoucij
and win a runa prize. Address all letlero und make all reniitttnecs pajuble to
Woodman's Specific No. 4 is a scien
combination of vegetable products.
Perfectly harmless, btit will cure a cold
a few hours. They aro little, tiny
easy to take, pleasant to the tasto
enn bo carried in tho vest pocket.
25 doses for 25 els.
To verify the truthfulness of our state
ment, it costs but a trifle. One trial
convince you.
out all lines oi
For tho eorrectlanawer to
nny MX word. - SI0OO0
For the correct untwer to
any SEVKN Wsrdk, 175 00
For the correct nnnwor to
nny MIGHT "trordn, 200 00
For tho correct nntwer to
anrniNBwordH, - 225 00
For the correct uiinwer to
Al.l.ortlieTKI wordti.SOOOO

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