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Perrysburg journal. (Perrysburg, Wood Co., O. [Ohio]) 186?-1965, August 05, 1893, Image 5

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niiuii jumjiHBiujuwuiiiik-jM MMmuaiMm immM B,,i m w
nnwflBmJjjiaLn.uujaBw.immg LUBeawiJUAiuuiiJiwwwwwaB fi
I. eAJhtimpnoy's SnrsnpnrlUa makes
1 . weak stvontf. Uhnmpnoy's S-ir-
i j,rll1iv sharpens tho nppotlto.
impnov's Snrpirllln la a jjrent
o lc, nlood purillor null hiilldor, a por
fi a spring inn) summer medicliia.
1' .your blood W impure, If you liavo
li. t tired feolln, if jou luivo lost
yi-ur uppuUto. if oU havo dyspepsia,
elok hcudncho, trouble with your Hvor
and kidneyH, rheumatism or catarrh,
why don't you try Champnoj's Sar
saparllla? Pvico $1.00, 100 doses. Wo Includo
for a llmo with oaoh hottlo ono box
Champuoy's Liver Pills, a mild and
ofllclont cathartic, do not purge, pain
or grtpo. They not promptly on tho
livor, rousing it from torpidity and In
vigorating it to perform its natural
Chnmpnoy's Blackborry Cordial for
Cholora, Cholera Morbus, Cramps,
Summer Complaint, etc. Price 25c.
A. R. CS-tAfyiPiUEY
I.ocnls in this column G cents per line
When Baby was sick, wo (jtiro her Castorla.
When sho was a Child, slio cried for Castorla.
When slio became Stlss, sho clung to Castorla.
When sho had Children, oho gave them Castorla,
See our stock of Thin Dress
Goods suitable for this hot
weather. We have them at
toe, I2j4c, 15c, and 20c that
are first-class.
Bargain in a Brown Muslin
at 5c.
Bargains in White Goods,
8c, ioc, lie, and i2lc.
See our line of Men's Fine
Colored Shirts at $1.00 and
Bargains in Summer Under
wear for Men, Women and
Bargains in Ladies Shoes.
We have all these goods as
Williams & Fuller
John Isch of Molino was in Porrya
hurg Tuesday. .
.1. H. Ploi'cn and wife nro visiting In
Monroo, Mich.
Mrs, B. Indlokofor of Weston Is tho
guest of Mrs. H. Sitlloy.
Mrs. f!. A. Coo of Lima la tho guest
of hor brother, Or. Winlleld.
Miss Kathleen Baker of Weston,
vihitod her sister, Mrs. Dr. Wlnllold, a
few days since.
A. R. Chnmpnoy and son aro enjoy
ing a trip to Mackinaw on tho City of
Alpena this wcok.
Judge Dodgo and son P. D. Dodgoof
Bowling Green, wero in Porrysburg on
Business Saturday.
Having token 'tjjjKvurilngc of tho as
signment of a lunfjpeustorn bed room
suit factory, I8pi propared to give
tho people of $jiRysburg and vicinity
tho biggest Iwrgafija ever ottered. I
havo eleven of theSp suits.
These aro ninonj; the jest wficels on
tho market and will be olffjScash or
on monthly payments. Cunv3tomlsh any
make of wheel customer iwy desire,
for less money than same i$h7bc pur
chased elsewhere. Bioyelftif'ior mt.
Otr WM aHLECffi.
Bakery & Confectionery
to aeaier in
Novelties and Toys of all Kinds.
Z.T- nTL-.Tif-W
-fif. Vl"?'
& 7&ZZZft
ir.ji i i -r- -
Dr. Win Hold successor to Dr. .1. P.
Thompson, .still gives 23 per cent, dis
count on all kincH of dental operations
to introduce his work.
Teeth extracted for 25c ts. Anaesthe
tics only 2-ts. additional.
Ilia wife h his tuvdutiint. He is a
competent iidmiuiMi'iitnr of gas.
E.vair-ii o l.i 9S.00 teeth. "All kinds
of work r'wiIuioIv warranted in every
risprit. Tl'iiliord f tru nod livery bill
vt fi tided to tUo;e having 53.00 of work
Crown and bridge work a specialty.
Ollico in 'iV.i-r building, Second St.
He is at his ollico nearly all the
ttnw. Alwnys r-oiiw one there to ar
range appointments.
Georgo D. Maxwell it making a
short business tripthraugh the oast.
Party of about 50 pcoplo of Per
rysburg went to Lakesido on Wednes
day last.
Watches, Clocks. .Tewelry, Specta
cle. Special attention given to repair
ing. All AVarrnnted. JOHN ZCTRFLUH,
313 Monroe Btreet. Toledo,
A largo party of ladies and gentle
men from Scotch Ridgo enjoyed them
selves at Eden Park on Wednesday.
Dr. Win field has leased tho Cook
block, cornor of Louisiana avenue and
Front street, for a term of five years
and will occupy tho building at onco.
Wm. Shoridon has been qulto ill
for a few days past, but is again on
deck, and eating throo hearty meals,
which ho says landlord Rex of tho Loaf
House gets up in fine stylo.
Buggy for salo cheap.
20b Mns. G. Beach.
E. D. Ross and family started for
tho World's Fair on Tuesday last.
5They leayc for Mackinaw Island by
steamer City of Alpena, thonco to
Chicago. They will return in two
L. Williamson of Dowling was in
town last Saturday. Ho reports tho
arrival of a now boy at his house,
which he had not hod timo to weigh,
but it is safo to say that Lew thinks he
weighs at least a ton.
If you want a blndor or mower, get
tho Champion or Empire, tho leading
machine's. 9tf Wjt. Schlect.
The young friends of Miss Bertha
Wheeler of Llmo City surprised hr
last Monday night nnd helped her colo.
brato her fifteenth birthday.- About
20 guests wero present and enjoyed a
pleasant party, and plenty of ice cream
and cake.
Horbort Smith, professor of Greek in
tho Hamilton, N. Y., college, is tho
guest of D K Uollcnbeek and family.
Mrs. C. C. Hum and her aunt Mrs.
Purdy of Grand Rapids, Mich., loft
Wednesday to visit frionds at Ithlca,
JN. Y.
Tho Misses Zlngg and Boyor and Mr.
Boyor drove over from Lindsay Sun
day and spent tho day with It., Zlngg's
Warren Hampton and wife nnd Mrs.
O. M. Wetmoro of Dunbridgc. wero
tho guests of D. Van Hellen and wlfo
Thomas O'Dea and wife, Miss Mary
O'Dea, Wm. O'Dea and Miss Mary
Elizabeth Sherldon are visiting friends
in Fntterbon, N. J.
Mrs. 'C. Hunt of New York, and
Miss Graco Craino of Middlotown, N.
Y., visited W. A. and H. L. Crano of
Porrysburg, also Toledo friends.
Ed. Journal: My namo will bo
prcentcd to tho delegates assomblcd
1 in tno lioptimioan county Convention,
I us a candidate for tho ollico of Clerk,
I subject to tho decision of tho Convon
! tion. Joe E Baird,
I Porrysburg, O.
Ed. Journal : Ploaso Bay to tho Re
publicans of Wood county Hint 1 will bo
11 candidate) for the nomination of Coun
ty Clerk at the coming Republican con
vention. L. C. Edoar,
Montgomery Twp.
To tho Republicans of Wood County.
My namo will bo announced in tho
Wood County Republican Convention
us a candldato for theofflco of Auditor,
subject to tho decision of tho conven
tion. George Gaqiian.
for Infants and Children.
Ed. Journal. Tho namo of M. O.
Briggs, of D.ilrdstown will bo present
ed to tho Republican Convention of
Wood county for their cnnsldortlon, as
a candidate for tho ollico of County
Front Street, Perrysburg.
S. B, BICE, Prop.
First-class V hii s. Liquors and Cigars.
IJe-st of &t i')lo room true of cli-ir't: to patrons, la
tear of Kusuiir.uit.
I?I re men's 'I'oiinmmcitt nnd UunU
Tho abov attractions nt Delnhos, Ohio
8t. Louis, una IC.im.is City U. It,, "Clover I.cuf
lst.'iuu. mill .tr.l. HiUOJ lu prizes. Tno Tolcilo.
Roiitu'' will tv.110 one Uro excursion tirkeu
Ironist illmis lvu'.itur tuToleito. U. O. Juitkius,
Gen'l I'lliv Audit.
Dally Cvcur-.ious to Cliacuso July
join to sa-u.
Tho Clover Dcai Koiite (St. Louis & IC. O. R.
R.0 will un abuvo dutts, Uiuo from all stations
Ktlwiirds Ule 10 Maiimco inclusive. low nuo
World's i'ulr cxetirstuu tiltes to Chlcugo and
return. Ample return limit. .1 Chicago trains
dallj from sutions cast of Frankfort. 1 Clil
ciuiu trains dully west from Frankfort. Don't
mil to maL-o early application to nearest agent,
"Clover Leaf lloulu". C. C. Junici.nh, Uen'l
Tass.. Agent, Toledo, O.
T.ulteilde Now Open.
Low rate excursion tickets Mil ho sold from
"Clover Lull" stations during season. Train No
'1 which arrives at Toledo 4:15 11. m. except
Sunday, makes direct connection In Union
Depot with th ? I.ako Shore Lakeside accommo
dation leaving Toledo 5:M p. m.. coiiucctloa
jeturnlng Is equally good. Kor particulars call
on nearest Clover Leaf agent oraddrcse CO
Jenkins, Hen 1 lu. Agent Toledo, O.
N, l). Tickets are also oil sale via boat from
Toledo, steamer fahrewsbury, I80
VEllllYMSimO fKICCS 1'AIU '0
Our readers will remember that
for a short timo only we offer tho
Journal and the Cosmopolitan both
for ono year for tho exceedingly low
prico of $2.
L. Williamson says tho next dance
at Dowling will bo held on Friday even
ing Auc., 4th and a very line time may
be expected. First class music and
everything in good style. Come every
body. T. H. TInney of Lime City brings
tho Journal an account of a surprise
party on E. A. Cox and wife last Mon
day night, the occasion being tho 31st
birthday of Mr. Cox. Tho party arrived
in good time to make tho surprise com
plete and after enjoying tho bountiful
supply of refreshments supplied, L. S.
Warner braced himself up and In a
neat speech which would make a
Fourth of July orator green with envy,
ho presented, on behalf of the neigh.
bors and friends, a beautiful I. O. O. F.
pin to tho astonished Mr. Cox, who
could only acknowledge his surprise
and thanks in a few appropriate words.
Those present who enjoyed tho pleas
ant occasion were: L. S. Warner and
wife, T. H. Tinney and wlfo, Casper
Horn and wife, W. A. Mandelland wife,
D. Simmons and wife, H. Hitchcock
and wife, Hasel Ha.nilton and wifcv
Isaac Whltbonand wlfo, Miss Maggie
Creps. S. Pelton, and Frank Scheie.
Found. Near Fi ve Points, a purse
containing some money, which the
owner can havo by calling at
Wm. Wltzlers' proovlng property and
paying for this notice. 20.t
Ed. Journal Please announco
through tho columns of your papor
that my namo will be preseuted to tho
Republicans of Wood County at their
next county convention as a canuiunto
lor' tho ofllco of County Auditor, sub
ject to tno pleasure ol tho Convention.
Dr. R. J. Simon;
Pemborville, O.
To tho Wood Co., Republicans:
My namo will he announced In the
Wood County Republlcnn Convnntion
tis'acandidato for tho office of Auditor,
subject to tho decision of the convon
tion .
Portage Twp. H. B. Sayler
Ed Journal: Plenso announco my
namo as a candidate for Prosecuting
Attorney, subject to the decision of tho
Wood County Republican Convention.
N. R. Harrington,
Bowling Green.
HIItTY ynnr' observation of Cnntori with th ojp n.fasanat rf
million of poriona, p arm It ti to spoalc ot It -withoTit gn ulng.
It l nnqneiitionably tho front rcinody for Infanta and ChHtoaw
th.a -world ham over lcno-w-n. It In harinloa. Children ltka It. Jk)
glvea thorn henlth. It will artyp tlioir liven.
In it Mother faw 1
omething -whioh in rthiiolntolr onto and pranticnlly nerfnot tmnl
To the Republicans of Wood County:
I want to be Prosecuting Attorney of
this county. It will be impossible for
me to see all the Republicans individ
ually, and I hereby desire to ask the
aid of every Republican: and whether
I am nominated or not, I will over hold
in kindliest remembrance all who aid
me. A. B. Muiti'HY.
North Baltimore, O., May 2!).
To tho Republicans of Wood County.
I am a candidate for tho nomination
for Prosecutlnc Attorney at the coin
ing County Convention. I hnvo voted
tho Republican ticket since 1878, have
hud experience in my profession since
that time, and want the office for its
prestige and tho salnry. I respectfully
solicit your votes and aid.
W. H. McMillen.
child' meiUoino.
Cantorin deitroyn Wormi.
Cartoritt allays Fovorlskncfin.
Cantorin. -prevent vomiting Sonr Card. '
CamtoTJa onrc Plnrrhma ruid Wind Colic.
Cattoria relievo Teething Tronhlo. "'
Ctttoria onrc Constipation and flatnlenoy.
Caatoria nentralJ2o tho effoot of crtrhonio noid gas or poionom ailV
Castorla doc not contain morphine, oplnni, or other narootio proiWiiy.
Caatoria astimUnto tho food. iet;nlat- the ntomaoh and litwsh,
giving hf althy and natnral b1iq-.
Cnatoria i pnt np in onw-aiao hnttlei ottly. It 1 not old in lmlk.
Don't allow any ono to oll yon anything olio on the plea or prcaai
that It i"jnt n ftood" and"vHlllanawor every pnrpoae."
' i
8oe that yon tret C-A-S-T-O-It-I-A.
The foc-aimilo
aignatnre of
in on
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla.
J. H. Pierco and daughter, Mrs.
Hay I'resslnfr.
Having purchased the Hny and straw
baler of Adam Leydorf, I am prepared
to do work in that line. Call or address
me at Perrysburg, corner Findlny road
and Seventh street.
John R. Jones, of Weston township,
will be a candidate before the Repub
lican Convention for the ollico of
County Commissioner.
Ed. Journal: Pieaso announce
that my name will bo presented to the
Republicans of Wood county, as a can
didate for the office of Commissioner,
subject to tho decision of tho Republi
can County Convention.
Washington Two. C. C. GUNDY.
Special inducement for 60 days.
ON PURCHASES of $50.00 or more we will pay yoar
mileage to Toledo.
ON PURCHASES o( $75.00 or more we will furnish
you a round trip ticket. The distance not to be over 50 miles.
Largest assortment in the city.
JOHNSON BRO'S Furniture Co.
TOLEDO. O. 224 and 226 SUMMIT ST.
EmmifNortnn, returned from their iit I
On Sunday July 30, 3893, little Anna
M.. onlv diiii'Tlitm" of Chris. A. and I
I LooUe Hoffmann of Porrysburg. Sho Sheriff, replevin. James & Bevorstock
I " It lflv..M Tav.lXm- - I 1 ii:i rilled frtt-Mn
l'roliulu 3Inttera.
Applicntlon filed for Probato of the
will of Amanda L Renollot.
Georgo H. Philo and Mary J. Lah
man. Arton Dresler and Crescentla Port
maun. New Court Cimcf,
, Tho Piano Mf'jf Co. vsNP Wlre
liausjli et al to marshal liens. Baldwin
& Harrinston.
Tho Buffalo Oil Co. vs Central Press
Brick Co., attachment. Troup & Dunn.
L D Langmade et al vs The Central
Press Brick Co., attachment. Troup
& Dunn.
f.larv aeomau vs W ts tsryanr. aa
Wheat Reil
Wheat White
Com lEiirMier iuuids..
Corn, xhelleit - !Uu
Ryu 40C
llarlcy ,
Dressed Heel l'jC
Lard oer 100 tlH - li'A
Hulls ff;,5.av5u
Steers ,3!C ti 4e
CowL... 02 to (KW
CulveHldrew-eil) "!, to u
Oalves(llve) e
Cutllo UtoOVS
I'orlt, pur lib S.M J0
rork(llvo) -rA'HiA
Fork (drefcsed) ' to 7e
Gccse.. U'o
Chlcltcns, per Uj. (Ilvo) (spring) S to lOo
Chleuens " " (ilieMcd) l!o
Chlckoiw (old) ;7o
Turkeys (aie-sed) per lb ;. Uo
Turkojshtvo) " " joc
HiipUh (!:).... 10c
(live) '0
l'otfttocs S0o
Apples, por bu 8c
liutlor ioc
Bcaui... 3'J 15(iija'ij
at tho farm in Wyandotto county.
Pierce tolls, some mighty largo stories
about crops on his farm which wo must
believe as there is no way of prooving
his stories false, because it is reported
that Pierco never tolls a yum that ho
can't swear to. He can do almost any
chixg except drown cats.
J. J. Smith of Limo City sends tho
Journal a copy of the Dotrolt Free
Prebs, which contains nearly two pages
of illustrations and descriptions of tho
building of tho Detroit Grand Boule
vurd, ono of the most beautiful drive
ways in tho warld. Tho Michigan
Stono and Supply Company of which
Gus Smith n former Perrysburg gen
tleman, is secretary and ono of tho
principal stockholders, with one of
thoir quarries located at Limo City
this county. Tho Free Press spoaks
tho highest praise of the company
building tho boulevard, and Wood
county friends of Mr. Smith will bo
pleased to leurn of his successful busi
ness venture.
Luno'i Medlclim nova the Mowol
Kach Dm jr.
In order to be healthy tbla is necessary.
Tho Loaf Housd which for several
years has been ably managed by A.
H. Leaf Is now in charge of R. S. Rex
of Toledo who was connected with
Plank's Grand Hotel at Miickinuw Is
land for several yeurs, and more re
cently Clork of the Hotel Hamilton of
of Toledo. Mr. Rox is a first-class ca-
torerand will make tlio Loaf Houso u
first-class .fci a day hotel. Ho has tho
ability, experience and means to do it
and the traveling public and the pco
plo of this conunuulty will find tho
houso socond to nono outsldo tho larger
cltios. Ho will tnuko several changes
In tho houso us rapidly aa possible.
Take your wlfo or lady and try tho
Sunday dinner next Suuduy or tiny
othor day.
CaitKliinir Lienda to Oonamnpllon
Kuinp'B Uiilsam btupj the cough at ouce.
ill .id llOO'l JlCiC
Itiiamnr Justice et al vsTho Central
Press tlricK Co., attachment. E R Dean.
John Nul vs The
about two weuks with I
malarial fever and at hor death was S
years, 1 month and 8 d.iy. old Sho Brick Co., attachment. S P
was a remarkably kind and intelligent I Tu0 Hurd,y Muchino Co
,.,, , , . , . Potor oc al attachment.
cuiiu lur unu oi nur yiiiiia iiuu nnr j Jlooi'O.
death Is a severe blow to her parents. The Buffalo Oil Co., vs Central Press
The funeral services were conducted Brick Co., attachment. Troup is Dunn
May "want a New Gdrpet
or Curtains and Draperies
225 AND 227 SUMMIT ST.
(Jcnir.il Kivbi :
, vs J IT
Parker &
Tuesday morning at the St. Rose of
Lima church by Rev. G. H. Rlekeu
and the remains placed in their last
homo in the Catholic cemetery.
Her bereaved father and mother aro
very thankful to thoir neighbors and
friends for their many evidences of
sympathy, also the beautiful Uoral
Mr. and Mrs. James Elliott started
for tho World's Fair htit Monday.
They will spend about two weeks there.
D. Bavless and wlfo returned home
last Thursday and will spend a week
ut Lakslde.
B. S. Collins ol Richfield Centre
spent last week with friends at this
Miss Boll Gennlngs spent lust week
at S wanton, O., with Miss Grace Geer.
Born, July :d a son to Oharley
Fought and wife; weight 2 lbs.
Charley Jay w.is brought from Go
nou, O.. for burml last Sunday.
Mrs. Harriott Hall died tho 2lth of
July and the burial services were held
at tho M. E. Church, tho 2(Hh by Rev.
W. B. Olmstend.
A (Jump Meeting will bo held under
tho auspices of tho Frco Methodist
church ono mllo east of Holland, Aug.
1522. A cordial luvitatlou is extend
ed to all.
Lorin D Langmide, Edgar Stow and
the Peerless Retiming Co., vs Central
Press Brick Co., attachment.
Shriff of Wood county to V R Jones
lot Jerry City $117.
J F Smith to George Christian 30
acres Troy $1200. '
George Miller to EG Baker 40 ac
res Luke &1013.
John Lost to Mery Gllson lot North
B'lltlmoro 3103.
Wm. Elder to Jos Shook lot Stony
Ridgo 9170.
Robert Place to Exea Ducat lot Mer
cer $100. -
Exea Ducat to Q A Mercer lot Mer
cer $75.
Jacob Christian to G & E R Chris
tian 40acies Mlddlotou $100.
J Shook heirs to MB Calkins Road
33 $1800.
G C Wooster to T J Ducat 40 acres
Plain $3000.
Nancy Conloy to S A Zepernlck lot
West Mllgrovo $800.
D E Child to Chas Alien lot
North Baltimore $105.
Charles Allen to Allen Harknesa lot
North Baltimore $105.
.Tared Lazello to M E Nusbaum lot
Balrdstown $800.
F Harmon to Joseph Boyor i acre
Portage township $25.
A million FrleiulS.
A friend in nrnd Is a friend indeed, and
not lerts than otiu million people have
found just such h friend in Dr. King'a
Now Discovery for Consumption.
Coughb, and Colds. If you havo
never used tins Great CoukIi Medic.ne,
otm trln I will convince you thnt it Iuih
wonderful cumtivo powers in all dls
ows ol Throat, Chest. uid Lungi. E-i
buttle is guaranteed to do all that
claimed r money will b refunded.
Trial bottles free tit A. It, Clmmpney's
Drug atoro. Largo bottlca 50o and $1,00
You Will Be Robbed
In Chicago
During the World's Flu.
If You Are f
Not Posted
Kvery Milmcilher to the S.vrcicow Bi..iie or Cnsca.ao
l.EDRiat will reeulvo ii I'rvu CrrtiflGutu cntltHiix lb)
linldei to fill 1 at iiiirnllii'eiit iinyliour, iluv, nljht, nrBuiflji
during tli'j Woild'a l.ilr, uml wc Mill lui'Ste iiUHfwiiBternr
in iced room ou Mi.h. V. pi noat.lh Invcfttluiiln tKNioOias
.iiusi".. HPuiiu in .;;ii. ui.ii.i-, w.u., u;.u uu N1YU ytiU 1 1
Iiiir ronni. All thtto pn lleii uru Abxulutu
y r ruu xo ever) iuiiK-riuui' ii .-uktuuuw
Hi.aih: is n Jiiulily llliitr.neI mvkly nu'np.i
per. The Ciiii'.m.o I.i.i,i:u li ii vu'll knnwii
l.imlly mid lltemry Nlii-iiMleil nei'i'l;-. 'lln-r
piipem nro tlie niOHl IiiI.IitiIii uei'Mli'M'N'iuiil
nnd lime the liiwt Hu-iiliitloii f .ill' v.-ivkly
newspapers in Un- world iM.ihii i-hpIin tel.lv.
'I'hu priee of either piiih-r I- ?! S'tUH VHtlt,
si i'oii mx .no. i i., ins s'i3:t;ic
MOiVl'MS I'll It, :,() ' mud ill i.nr Mill
fcrlptlonn. A ijiiiilii in ('Ml. iesi .nei liio Wurld's
Kulr, ako buinplu enplui. ti'iit lice to uuy ud-drtsu.
9f.vi.ld. i.i.i... ... ....... ,...iv.t-, w.l... ..ii t!l N1YU juu v m
ileal n inoiiuy. Tliit. dupuri .ne.it luis a voaUiCn. rtidnsg
' rltlnK mom, l)ii"jaj;c ar.U iml roou:. tcUsnpU 42oci
The Saturday Blad
The Chicago Ledgr
Largest Weeklies
In the Worli
Mr. TlioiniiH U.itte, editor of the
Tuxiirkinn, Arkansas, lias found what
lie beilt-vi h to bu the best reim-dy in ex
uience lor tho ilux. Hjh exprrieuco in
well woitli iviuninborinu. Ho says:
'TiBt Hiiniincr I hud a very suvore
tack ol flux. I tried almost evrry known
lemodv nono Ki'lng relief. Chiimbor
Inin'H C iliu Cholera and Diurmoea Kent
edy ai rrcom mended to me. I pur
fhiiseil a bottle uiul received almost im
niediiitH relief. I continued to ukc the
nicdiciiio niiil wan eiitirulv cured. I tukc
h ' plvisiii" in r.'comini'iidlng this remedy
in to any lieihon Fulteiiini with such dif-
eum. iui in mv opinion it in the best
mi iliciuu in existence" 25 nnd
The - Cosmopolitan - Magazina
Both for $2.00 a Year!
THE GREAT ILLUSTRATED MONTHLIES have in tho past sold bar
34.00 a year. It irai. a wonder to printers how Thu Cosmopolitan, with its;
ly 1630 paircs of rcadiii"; uiutttir by tho trruutust writers of tho world, aia
1200 Illustrations by elovur iiialNls, could be furnished for $i.00a year. In
uary lust it put in tho wont purfect mtiguziiiu iirintinplaut in tho world, saA
now comes what is rually a wuiidcr:
We will cut the price of the Magazine in half for ywl
Think of it, 128 puyes of roudlii"; matter, with over 120 illubtrutious a voIcsbb
that would sell lu cloth. binding at $1.00
"Wo will send you THE COSMOPOLITAN MAGAZINE, which lia U
strongost atalf of Risjjul-ir contributors of tiny osibtlntf periodical, and
Both for only $2.00 a Year.
Is beautifully located and Its buildings aro very attractive. In uiflula
give ample accommodation for tho present demand, another large bniMlftaaj
has been added. NokuIoouk. Eiiulpnicntauro oxccllout; puroossoclutlmHb
Teachers are spoclallbts men and women of power und culture, carofttHf
selected for their special work. Normul, Commercial, Sclentlllc, Shortkaaal.
Typowrltlufr, Elocutionary und Musical dopartmonts In addition to thzf
alar college courses. Our aim Is to endow each pupil with tho four groat essontiaOs
to truo success: vigorous health, accurate knowledge, right purposo, and oxocutJ
50 cent i ability. $27. pays tuition, hoard and room-rent, for 10 weeks ; $70. for 30 freaks.
bottles for sale by a, K. ohampuoy, For Catalogue, address, J. E. DODDS, Pres't, Fayette.1
' S

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