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lt Jjcmisbut-g onnral.
rom.isiiEn nvKnY Saturday.
Gnlcrcil nttho I'orryvburs 1'ostolllco R second
kb nmtler.
SATUttlUY. .l.VXUAr.Y 20, 1801.
J.lmo CUy will toon login to ns
huniuulSy iilrs. Tlic good fannot-s la
thnt vlolnliy hnvo decided to orcctcorn
cribs for the storngo of their corn and
It Is also thought tin olovalor may bo
built by the samo people. I. II. Kolf
stcck, who represents H. V. Burns
dealer In grain, of Buffalo, N. Y., Is
one or the pnmo movers and will take
an uotlvo Interest in the grain trado at
that point;
The Lender Is pretty reliably In.
formed that the grave of Louis
GoeUormsirm, tho suleido and rapist,
had been "tapped." In other words,
body-snatchers have robbed tho grave,
aa there was sulHelent ovldenco
that tho grave had boon tampered with.
Ho was buried in tho cemetery west of
town and not in tho lSisonhour- come
tcry, as announced in tho Leader last
week. Pcmborvillo Leader.
Tho Toledo Press Club were burned
out of "house and homo" by tho re.
cont flro in Toledo, but they havo bcou
offered sholtor in various localities and
will bo well cared for until a new loca
tion can be secured. Tho Press Club is
tho greatest promoter of public interest
and enterprise in tho city and has also
done much good by way of promoting
a strong fecllngof friendship and inter
est among the members of tho profes
sion in the city. Long may tho club
live, and, like wine, grow bettor with
llnnwriv demands reciprocal rela
tion, in ill i preservation or each is
tlii' U'i iroiM of till. Nations niv not
CM.'itiiV from the mhiu law. ProUc
t'tu'i iiiMinudud at home we should pro
mote abroad. National leadership in.
volycs intornatioiml responsibility.
Broken reciprocal bonds will bind the
hands that rend them. Tho world
watts for statesmen who see personal
and national profit in international
reeiurocity for humanity's sake. Love,
Loyalty and Labor are the best assets
of a Nation. Clapp &po. Market Re"
With tho influence of our proposed
electric road and thoso behind it, both
in money and inlluonco, who can say
but within a short period tho govern
ment m.iy bo induced to beautify and
improve our Fort Meigs site and make
it one of beauty to behold and dear to
all Aineric.in people. Look at Chat
tanooga and othor bites no mora wor
thy. The Government has dono noth
ing more than their duty In such mat
ters, and wo bollovo tho time will
como when our historic ground will
got proper care from tho Government.
Olo Blue, of Porrysburg. has had u
dream, and saw nothing but wide
streets paved with gold, beautiful vis
tas along tho Maumee, electric rail
roads ballasted with diamonds, etc.,
etc. How about tho old Iiotol around
tho corner, tho magnificent dopot, tho
ruins of Alhatnbra near tho Journal
ollico. clc. Ah, thore, old man. N.
B. Beacon.
Yes, wo nor nil about tho ''ruins,''
etc.; but after tho advent of tho electric
road all this will bo changed.
Tho Chicago Inter Ocean, that great
Republican newsp.ipor, has not suffer
ed by the reeont era of financial de
pression but has gone right along add
ing to its foundation stones a largo
and substantial circulation with a
stride that under tho circumstauces is
truly wonderful. At one timo addi
tions to tho subscription list wero com
ing at tho rate of 800 to 1,100 per day
for tho dully Usuo, and as high as
1,500 per day for tho Weekly Inter
Tho result of this is to placo it easily
at tho head of tho liht of great Chicago
nowspapers. It Is certainly a good,
clean, family nowspapor of tho highest
Yce, Porrysburg eorlalnly wants tho
electric road, and while a few of our
citizens may not havo so fluttering an
opinion of tho boneflts to bo derived
thorofrom ns others may hayo. wo hope
no ono will place objections in tho way.
For onoo in tho history of tho town lot
tho people bo united or as nearly bo as
posslolo. Lotus look at tho bright
sldo of life for once; look for tho good
thuro may bo In it, and not attempt to
cry down that of which wo know no
harm, and Imyo faith and reason to bo
llovo will bo bencfliolal to U3. Porrys
burg cannot survivo if a Clnncso wall
Is built around us, excluding tho outer
world. Wo must do everything pobsl
bio to bring a larger number of popplo
to our vitiligo.
Doii'l ToImluj ii)ill or Kmiiliu Your Lift)
Is tho truthful, startling tltlo ol u lilllo
book that tells about No-to-bau, tho
wonderful, luinnlcBs guaranteed tobacco
habit euro. Thocoot Is trilling und tho
man who w.wts to quit und can't run.
no phybioal or financial rlbk in uslufj
"No-to-buc" sold by A. It. Chumpnoy.
Book at drug stores or by mall froo
address, tho Sterling Romcdy Co., Iu
dluitu Mineral Springs, lud.
cjwigLW.'M.jjuijujwi uauainujtici)BUik,ii JMt'.i.ii.J.1. J.J'AwngHnuwngntra
Tho Porrysburg Catholic Sociable
Dramatic Club will produce tho drama
entitled "Tho Deacon," at tho town
hall, Monday, Jan. 10. Tho following
Is tho
Deacon Thornton, Mrs. Thornton's
lirothor-ln-law, with u passion hw
lemonade with u stick in it,
Peter M. Rugun.
GoorgoGraef, Mrs. Thornton's nupliew,
George Snlpel.
Georgo Darrah, alius Matt heeler,
Frank Khodn.
.Tnmcs Rood, n, friend of Darrah 's.
C. II. Lewis.
Pedro, an organ grindor, W. Wilson.
Parson Brownlow, John Clnyhcrgor.
Poto, Mrs. Thornton's sorvant,
Joo P. BolT.
Billy, tho Deacon's boy, John Lully.
Mrs. Thornton, - Tlllio Corneliub.
Helen, bur dnuchtor. Kmma Cornelius.
Ml&s Amelia Fawcett, Mrs. T.'s sister,
Mnggio unoaa.
Mrs. Darrah, Georgo Darrah's wife,
Kato B. Rngan.
Nollle, her child, - Lizzie Metz.
Daisy, Mrs. Thornton's sorvant (Sou
brctto) - Mnym BotT.
Policeman. - - G. V. Endy.
Villimers. Louiso Malnr. Maym BolT,
, Kate B. Ragan, Emma Cornelius
and Georgo blilple.
First Eastvillo Hotel garden.
Second Mrs. Thornton's sitting room.
Third Sccno 1, a street; sceno -2,
Georgo Grncf's lodgings; sceno 3,
street; sceno 4, woods.
Fourtti Mrs. Thornton's sitting room.
Fifth- "
Act. I. Scene, Eastville Hotel gar
den. The Robbery. Fete delivers an
invitation. "By golly, he's mad al
ready." Mcetins of Grnef and Wheel
er. "I'm no coward; I'll either live
down the stigma attached to it, or die
in tho attempt." A promised reward.
Tho Deacon s arrival, "i m a j;en
tleman, sir." "Bo suro to put a stick
in it. ' U.iisy s song lor ino ueacon
Tho Deacon irets hilarious. Pete im
poes on Billy. The D. neon is sick.
"Oh, rav head, my head!" Triumph
I.e. 1. Curtain.
Act II. Scone. Mrs. Thornton's sit'
timr-rooui. Pete promotes himself,
"I Mirueed uo to do do houors ob de
"caslon." "Miss Amelia is anxious
about her dear little pet. "'.o dog or
.a money." "Horrid men, but dear
docrirv wojnrv." The Deacon's recep
tion. The Deacon makes a mistake.
"Evorvthinjr lovely admires mo."
"Wero you and Bill married by candle
HghtV" "Deacon, you aro drunk!"
Miss Amelia prescribes lor tlio Deacon.
Triumph No. 2. Curtain.
Act. III. Scene 1. A street. Moth
er and child. "Mamma, will we never
reach papa's houseV" The meeting of
husband and wifo. "What, you here!"
Accused of many bitter things. Left
in the streets.
Scene 2. Georgo Graof's lodginsrs.
Graer meditates. The finding of the
diamonds. Meeting of Grnef and Mrs.
Darrah. 'Minnie, is this you?"
"Wolooino little coz." Tho photo.
"Yea, n!as, too well!''
Scene It. A street. Poto has a dream
and persuades Billy to accompany him
on an (ixpidition.
Scene 4. A wood. Tho treasure
hunters. "Oh, Lor', I'm dead!" "Let's
SO homo and get tho mules." The
treasure is found. Caught by the
spirits. Tableau. Curtuin.
Act IV. Scene, Mrs. Thornton's sitting-room.
Daisy shows Poto what
she would do. Miss Amelia's heart is
all in a flutter.' "I know I'll refuse
hiin." Peto at his old tricks. "Then
kiss me." Consternation. Poto con
tinues his tricks. "'Tis ho, by Jerusa
lem!" The Deacon taken by surprise.
More consternation. "I was insulted
by a colored woman." Billy creates
some excltoraent. "Thank heaven, at
last I enfold thee!" Curtain.
Act V. Scene, Mrs. Thornton's sitting-room.
The Deacon in clover. An
interruption. "Hang tho Parson!"
The interrupted marringo ceremony.
"That man has a wifo living." "'Tis
false!" An attack. Peto to tho res
cue "So, it is a forgery." Tho vil
lain foiled. Arrest of Georgo Darrah.
Reinstatement of Grnef. Refusal of a
hand. Tho Deacon is obstinate. "I
can't help it, Minnie, I mean it." Mrs.
Dnrrah and Nellie forglyon. "Oh,'
Deacon, don't bo so silly." Tho Dea
con mado happy. Curtain.
American Kuuutlcg.
Thcro aro Amorican Beauties and
Amoricau beauties roses and women
and each pajs homago to tho othor.
Our country is noted for its lovely
women and brilliant society lenders;
and after seeing the portraits of nearly
a scoro ol "Socioty Lcadors of Now
York Stato," given in Domorcst'sMag
uzino for February, ono Is willing to
conccdo that tho Emplro State can
hold its own for tho celebrity and
beauty of its womon of wealth and cul
turo, for these portraits form a charm
ing collection of typical Now-World
women that overyono will find plcasuro
In possessing.
Thon eyorybody will bo interested in
tho account of "How Great Nowspapers
aro Printed," with its numerous illus
trations, and tho dally nowspapor will
ucciuiro now interest aftor having read
about how It Is made. "Shall lncomos
bo TaxedV" tho live question of tho
moment, is dlscubsed by Chas. A.
Dunu, Henry, Clows, Erastus Wiliiiau,
Howard Gould. Huch O. Pentecost.
Thos. F. Gllroy und Samuol Gompors,
and there aro sovernroxcouent stories.
It Is dlbtlutlvoly a "llvo" magazine,
and Is null Isned for only fcc: n year. iy
W. Jennings Demurest, lo E. 1 1th St.,
Now York.
i.ii (irippu.
Dining llui prevnlouce of the Grippe
the past seaoiis it was n noticf able fact
that those who depended upon Dr.
King's Now Discovery, not only had a
speedy recovery, but escaped all of tho
after effects of tho malady. This rem
edy Booms to hnvo it peculiar power in
rlleoting rnpid euros not only in cases
of Laurlppe, hue In nil diseases of
rn.t-.ttif- f'lwitit null T.nmrH mill linn I'llriul
casi-a of Aitltinii mill Buy I'ovorof long
stundlng. Tiy it und bo convinced. It
won't (iisappoiiu. rruo xriui lijuiw in
A, It, Chiuiipnoy'j diuu atoto.
pioopl 1slee!j
clear'1 ' CI long!
villi !?t & flh. rtilQ
mentalS Jm I strong!
p averS f
S. 1'. Smith, of Towanda, Pa.,
whose constitution wis completely
broken down, is cured by Ayer's
Sarsaparilla. Ho writes:
" For eight years, I win, most of tho
time, a grcnt sufferer from constipa
tion, kldnoy trouble, and Indiges
tion, so that my constitution seemed
to ho completely lirolcen down. I was
Induced to try Ayer's Sarsaparllln, and
took nearly soven bottles, with such
excellent results that my stomach,
bowels, and kldnoys aro In perfect con
dition, and, In nil their functions, ns
regular ns clock-work. At the timo
I began taking Ayer's Sarsaparilla, my
weight was only 129 pounds ; I now can
brag of 159 pounds, and was never In so
good health. If you could see mo be
fore and after using, you would want
mo for n traveling advertisement.
T hcllevo this preparation of Snr.-aparllla
to be tho best in the market to-day."
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Aycr & Co., Lowell, Majs.
Cures others,vvi!lcure you
When Baby wa9 sick, wo gavo her Castorla.
"When Eho was a Child, sbo cried for Castorla.
When she became Miss, she chine to Castorla.
When sbo had Children, sho ga e them Castorla
Mr Cut in I'lcturo l'niiucs.
I have bought $150.00 worth of pic
turo moulding at 50c on tho 1.00 nnd
am now ready to frame pictures in oaic,
white gilt, steel and enamel frames at
half price. Bring In your picture aJid
got them framed. CHAS. WlTZLKit.
A recent ruling of D. G. Edwards'
General P.ibsongor Agent of the C. H.
& D. R. R. will be gladly received by
tho people of Porrysburg. This ruling
places ten ride tickets on sulo at the
samo rate and limit as tho former CO
ride tickets, which is a very reasonable
rato and places them within the rench
of all. Passenger Agent Edwards is
making every effort possible to accom
modate tho patrons of tne C. H. & D.
A recent New York dispatch reads:
" Juau-s U. II , a line looking and
ipp.uently healthy man, was observed to
it.iuger while walking on Fifth Avenue this
aiternoon, and after taking one or twoun
curt.uu t.tdps fell to tho sidewalk. Whin
picked up he was de.ul. A physician ex
,. mined the budy.aud pronounced hcai tilitcusc
l he came of death. A peculiarly sad feature
of llie ceo is that Mr. II was on Ids
.v:iy to Maine, to settle in the home of his
iiohiMi'. ile had passed the previous ten
ywu j in t'10 v.tsii'rn mining ruuutry, and h.ul
linnis-icil u f.u nine. If Y(J(J liave atnj of the
syiupiouHKlvttuintliB following testimonials
you should lo-cnotimcin teeking relief.
Fruiu John L. ltobeits, Ulatiugton, Pa.:
"I have Fullered with mtpi'alion, irregular
.7Ci fiiinliiK and snwUicnny spells, uiu in
n'toulilcni, side, mid armsor ova- forty jcnr.i.
For twelve years havo been treated without
avail hv p-i'miinent physicians in my neigh
borhood and in New York. Growing con
stantly woi..c,smothoringFpelIfollowed ono
another, o my life was often in danger and
I needed cnntnntraic. As my son had luen
cured by Dr. ililat JNVw Heart Cure, he bent
mo three bottles. Tho first dose gavo me
iiibtanl icliff. Ilcforo Ubing tliel.tst bntllo
I was completely cut cd. Although bcveuty
(ivo years old I feel twenty years younger.
I claim my euro to bo almost a miracle."
Hero i"n letter front Mrs. John Kolgrs,
of Cleveland, O.: "I had been troubled with
my licai t and stomach for years, but for i-ix-teen
months had been confined to my bed.
1 had four of tho bet doctors in tho city, hut
nnuo of them could benefit tho weakness of my
hcait. I also had dropsy and rheumatism.
I never took medicine that relieved mo at
once ns Dr. MilcJ JVctii Jair Care dots. I
am much hlrougcr. My nppetito is splendid.
I Kiiin htrenjjth with every dose. I havo
gained more in tdx weiks from your treat
ment than in lixtccu mouths from all Hit
" Dr. Milfif l?cv Cure for the Jharl h sold
on a posit ivo mianintee liy all druggist)).
It is Mife, cjjectite, uqrccuhlr, and data tuic."
Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, lud.
eaf M, Main k
bsb U wwmhUmy
mm vrnP Mbr?A3 """".i.-sxti
JLJJ. Uwii
rrrrpt r
ys a
Kh u
We are getting ready for new stock
and have some good bargains to offer.
JHasai.wiMiriaTwriau - iai&ts;!'3
n h i tj
Go to C. A. Moffmann's for your Confec
tionary and Fruits.
Buy a bottle of Lenk's Celebrated Wine. One dozen different brands.
Oysters in bulk or cans. Foreign and Domestic Fruits.
A lull line of
Groceries, Provisions, Flour, Feed, Baled Hay and Straw.
If you want a stove at a very low price, call at
We will make a discount of 20 per cent for cash, on
all stoves. Call early before the stock is broken.
Front Street, Porrysburg.
First-class Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Best ol stable room free of charge to patrons, In
rear of ICc&Uucant.
E. H. ALLEY, ?j
sis summit btkeet. ?,
dheweks of
Genuine Pilsener, Ex
port Lager Beer
A. H. LEAF, Ag't.,
ICU U.lb'Jl.
mt if4i .run. uvxuii -(
M nwT TlTfl ntrtrt
m XUJJXiuu - - uaiuf i
Paint your Buggies
? 9- I B. J-.Z
Eia fca
afi.5 li ..
assss vbsr u a
hi it
Cranberries, Oranges, Lemons,
Bannanas, Grapes, Figs, Candies,
JSTuts, Oysters, Bulk and Canned.
Canned and Dried Fruits.
Look at our Lamps. Hard time Prices.
w 33Q.O Bar
- sp.iV'x. iLiijv.iJKyaizrrjavwuas'yvi2a-i
k n
i 5ixawifcizasaiir'y.
f-t4"'-n- V - MM
ESS Wk3 rask W F322 Ea Stay W W Wbeusi Ul
I3?37" G-OO
Notions, Boots, Shoes,
Furnishing Goods and a com
plete, line of
at JOS.
' "'
''"Chenille - and - Rope - Draperies.
These give an air of elegance to a room and not expensive,
We shall be pleased to show them.
(succcuor to v, a. Bnyflcr & son.) 224 and 220 Summit St.,
p B t
1 djlllu
.. . Tnv
4 M MM J N H5

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