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fOL.XLUI.-ED. L BLUE Publisher,
$1.00 IN ADVANOE.-NO. 32
We will prcucnt cither n 100 IMoco .I'.n
CD)) Dinner .lot, or a is piece Kn-
5llli licit room it. to Lnrtlos Kctlinglipn
lib. We KiinrMiicu our Ten mill It" Icing
Fowilir to give entire nitlefnotiiin. Thli Is nn
pportnnlty for Indies to olitnln n beautiful
Dinner Set or ltedroom Hcl free. We tniiku this
, offer to liitrouiue otir'Ou mul Unking; Powder
to the rcuaYrn of thin pnter For full purttculnra
Iwrlte nrcallnn A. nr.F.OII. I in potter nf
Tens IH Summit tit., Toledo, . References
all Toledo.
Iliiclclon'a Am leu 5aivo.
Thu Host. Salve in ihe world for Cut,
Brumes, Sores, Ulcer, Suit Klieum.
FeViT Sores, Tetter, Oliupii'd Hands,
ChilhlritiK Cnrn8,nnil ull Skin JErupi ionn
and imai lively cures PIIch, or no pav
required. It ia guaranteed to give per
fect satisfaction, or money refunded.
Price 25 cents per box. For hiiIm by A.
B. Clutmpney.
Bernhard Becker
- - ANn - -
Arthur E. Hitchcock,
Itnnnil 421 (inrilnor nulldlnir.
TOLnlll). OI1IM
I'llllill 'f.tzi:i.,
KTotaary Exa."tolo.
Confectionery, Ciifiirs nnd Tobacco
Ixrallm ATcHeoond door soutu of Second
Arret 1'crrTibure.
Attorney &.t Xjcvost
Sentntl Cslleetor, Beal Estate Agent.
Titles InveMlKAturi aud Aln-tract furnished
application. NoturvlH OfMce.
WIL.L.IA.U wuuvi-r.u,
Solicitor of
iKrniMuxviNTS I'uosecutbd.
For 7 ycr a member of the exmiilnlns corps of
the U. H. Patent Olllee.
OPFICE 311 Superior St.. TOLKDO, O.
iir.Mtv it. it(iirrni:ic,
NecondM. I'crryfcliuru, i.
CEce hours 8 to 9:30 a.m.; 1 to 4 and 7 to 'J p. m.
Always the bct nf every tiling at
J.Gr-HolTraunii'fa Groery
Opkb. Block. BOWLING GKi.EN.O
Attorneys at Law.
OfflcoReed & Merry 11 lock, Mnln Street,
Bowling Green, O.
)ne of the Best Hotels in the
State. Equal to Any. Ex
celled by none.
, All We Ask Is a Trial.
The Gifa Mm Co.
RPlTflLt STOCI, $50,000
C. P. CHAPIKHH, Vlea PPeat.
Tg. . U. HJflSO, Caah. and Gon'l Iflgn.
JonN Pkbhw, D. K. Hoixenseck
J. G, Hofkman, Jacob Davis,
Thank Powell, J. O. Tnoop,
B3. I. Hanson, E. L. Kingsbury,
P. A. Wetmoke.
celret dpoilta, loani money, atlls foreign
ES doniMtlc txchinj, btija and aelli drafts,
bAi.coId, notes, mortgages and pay ictercit
tine deposit.
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and beautifies tho comploxion. It ia
agpcciftlly benofioiol for' muddy" com-
Cexiona, epoedilr dovolopinjj a. pure,
illiaut nnd health-tinteu skin. It is
a thorough purifier; speedily removes
the evil ofieots of injurious cosmetics,
and tho akin la made smooth and soft
by iti continued use.
6-A-N-A-D-O-B Skin Soap Is sweet,
snild, antiseptic and emollient. It ia
atoajs soothing and refreshing. It ia
ftho only ontbeptio soap in tho world
that ia absolutely free from all mineral
rxlavit. Prico 25o. per cako. Prepared
It y..-N.A-D-0-R MEDICAL CO.. 10
1 if and 1 J Vandtwfttor Bt Now York City.
Froe Oonsultation.
Formerly of Now York Polyclinic, and Lecturer
lu Mullinl Collese. Oiliclniiati, O . will make
tbe following visit-:
Perrysburg, Exchange
Hotel, Thursday. Nov.
7th. One day.
Grand Rapids, O., Com
mercial House, Tuesday,
Nov. 5.
He will not treat nny except there Is a possibil
ity or a cure, and l.e will so inform you.
For the post few years the nflllcted have been
Hocking In numbers to fee him, and they al
ways return filled with tbe greatest enthusiasm,
nnd the stories they tell of bis remarkable iliai;-
nosis ana wonderful cures. Others say they
hnvo been sick Bnd suflerlng for Tears, nnd they
were cured. To see and to be treated by him
menus health
He nsks no questions but gives a full history
of encn case as coon ns.he stes the patient t-lls
better how a patlunt feels tnau they can them
selves. His knowledge seems perfect and his
roediclneinrcspecltlu. They never fall. The
wuife heaccumplii-hes is truly astonishing.
There Is no need to live lu conituiit misery.
It costs nothing to see him. The fullest exam
inations arc free. A cure ran be had for the
mere cost of the medicine. He fs the slek man's
friend and none are turned away unaided.
One of the most itpicted ladies of this vicin
ity tays, after biing treaieil by all the best phy.
Mclaiis and pronounced incurable, I cousulud
Dr. Townseiul. I was not able to be out of bed;
could not move without help, could not lie
down or sleep, Miflered so with asthma nnd
heart trouble. 1 thought I must die. I'alnsnll
oermy body. My liuibi would swell; could
hardly get breath for coughing and so weak. I
have been under Ur. lowusend's treatments
month." and do my work. I am Mire I will be
permanently well, as I feel well now. Mrs.
John Kldeuour.
Miss Julia Winder says: I was sick for 7 years.
I have lived hern all my life atid everyone
know j me. I was helped to the doctor's room,
lam Hew able tu walk to Ills cltiee, I have
gained 3i pounds and feel well. God bless the
doctor for what ho has done lor me I had fe
male trouble and nervous prostrjiton.
lira, I). W , who bad been barren for 23
ypurs, afier treating with -'r. Townsend Mx
nn ago: Ilecuridiiie and 1 have a nice little
liunily of three children, mure lliau the whole
world to me
One of the most resn cted young men of Ohio
City. W. 8. Hoots, has du( lured with all the
beM doctors he could hear of, aud pronounced
lian Incurable mid gave him 2 ueikt to live.
I He consulted Dr. Townsend and took his treat-
I meiit. lie U now u well man. He had catarrh
and dyjpupMa and weak lungs, a constant
itiimli and rheumatism ii'id llrights disease,
tie has gained 10 pounds and advises all who
uresick tu tee Dr. lowusend and get well, as he
. woil.s now every day.
I M ss Ulia Itote says also t-he had lost her sense
of smell and became partially deaf and her eyes
baill) allut ted by cati.rrli In head and could not
letp for coughing and consiant pain through
her lung; sullerua with eold leer and hands;
.nso female trouble. Mie eay.i she will Usllfy
in any mul ail iliut l)r I'owuseud saved her lite,
phu hus guiiitd ai pounds 111 six months and H
, well, irlie leels gtiitiful in l)r l'owusetnl.
Jlr Ward suss his ejtslght was so bud that he
I'oulil hardly sie. He now feels that be could
itp n.-o with his glasses. The doctor per
formed over 'M cures oil his last visit. He will
forfeit J6U0 for nny case of catarrh be cannot
cure. An eye witness to a lady who wus helped
to the doctor's room, w ho is now doing her own
wurtf .
Miss Irene Williams, cured of enrouie cough
and lungdli-eat.
.Miss .Mc.Mllleii cured of blood and skin dls
ciue of II Ncurs standlm;.
iliss U M. .cured of female weakness after
eMiuustliigull uiHdlcal aid.
A tapuvorui reuiuvid irom a prominent ludy
otiiliiiiiM utter doctoring several liioiuhs for
Moin.iuu trouble.
)r 1. S. Tmvincnd dootashNeutlre attention
to dlMiitts of tho Kje, rur, Thro.it, buiiffl und
to all t hroi.lc. l'rhiue mid Nervous dlsiiises nnd
iicformiuis, to ttiuiitilaled Lids, t'mbs lyes,
Heifi.es-. Ids lmigo lit ilie Kurs, Broiielutl!',
ibronieiiii.il (jmiie i,t)lg neck) tever sons
11 hi m. li, Driglits liM.ase, ilieiiiiiatlsin, uli dis
eases ol thu kidne,s aud bladder, heart, sioniucll
mm nervous diseases; Chorea (St Viiu Imulc)
Kiiilips) tllto). gel eral debility, scrofula, akin
di-ea.rhniid all diseases due to bad blood.
Kpilepi-y, or Kits, tiosilivel) cured by a new
never falling reined j .
Rectal DIseuses Ur. Tovvtiscud also makes a
spee.alty of all forms of rectal diseases I'lles,
internal and external, Itching and bleeding,
rectal ulcers, fissures. Fistula, which are often
taken for lieivnus utid lung discuses, all cured
if taken In liuie. l.tuieoibcrl curu all furuis of
files without pain, Interruption or detention
1 oui business, and without thu use, of kuife,
omtlic, ligature ur injection. Or. T. has made
these disuses an exclusive specialty for years.
ennui tumors, camcrs, warm, moies, etc., re
moved without adds, knife, pain or sear. New
method. It Is nut boosting when vvu can truth
fully say wo can remove superfluous hair, lreck
le, pliuples, redness in the face.
waiunli .New homo treatment with apparatus
invented by the Doctor.
Guarantee to curu every cose of dyspepsia, sick
headache, piles, tapeworm and stricture, rup
tum or hernia
1D"-I will glvo special attention to dlfllctilt
cases and to rases other phjslciaus have fulled
to cure.
I'ersons applying for treatment will please
Lrlng from two to four ounces of tirlno for un
alvsis. itcleicnce by permission to following Banks
outside of Cincinnati, where the Doctor has
visited for sine years: Ketchuiu National Bank
of Toledo, H.D.Carr, V. l'tcs.. 8, H. Waring,
Gabbler; City Batik, Lima. O., I'res., T. f.
Mltihol; Ciublar, K. 1). Mitchell. First Na
tional Dank rindlay, 0 Kenton National
Hunk, Asher Letsou, t-rcs ; II. h, Uuukle, Cash
ier, l'ristou National Batik, Wayne Count
barings liank, 1 1 Detroit, Mich.
Those not ublo to teo thu Doctor at hotel cau
Box 471, Toledo, 0.
tww M
Iff -w-fl
The TSTew School House is
Has Been Dedicated to
Glorious Work
Of I'ducatlng tlio Itlning Oenoratloii Tho
Futliro 3Ien and Women.
The sun ahono brifchtly nnd nil nature
smiled on the occasion of the dedica
tion of Pei'ryaburjj's new school build
ing. A programme hnd been arranged
which included music nnd several
addresses, prominent amonp which was
tho address of O. T. Corson, State
Commissioner of Schools and the ad
dress ol Mayor Hollenbeclc.
The exercises were opened with
prayer by Rov. G. A. Adams, followed
with a vocal solo by Mr. Wedertz ac
computiled by Miv. Brandhuber.
Prof. Cor&on wns then introduced
and gave his audience a plain, practical
and sensiblo speech. Ono that could
bo understood by all and which con
tained practical truths, nnd coming
from one who has made a success of
school teaching, made it all tho more
forceful. Ho bad made a close inspec
tion of tho building and was highly
pleased with its every feature, aud in
his address, he complimented the
Board of Education on the work they
hod accomplished, and urged the peo
ple to givo their hearty support to the
schools and teachers, and while he be
lieved the people hud the right to criti
cise tho public schools, he said tbat
criticism should be just, fair and manly,
and not of the fault finding, "back
biting" sort, ofton indulged in by
parents who could not control their
children at home, but expected the
teacher to do what they, themselves,
had failed to accomplish. He also re
ferred to the building as being an ex
cellent business investment, as it shows
to the country thai tho town is keeping
abreast of the times and is offering to
citizens one of the greatest inducements
to become residents of the town an ex
cellent and modern school.
ills nuuress was excellent in eyery
particular and was highly appreciated.
A quartette by Mrs. Williams, Mrs.
Eberly, Mr. Maddy and Dr. W. H.
Rhelnfrank, accompanied by Miss
Bertha (Jrunker was the next very ex
cellent vocal number, after which
Architect B.icou and Contractor
Kerrunh each rniulo brief remarks.
Mayor Hollenbeck. was then intro
duced and delivered an uddress con
taining reminiscences of old school
days which called to mind the names of
many pupils and teachers of the days of
long ago, and related several interest
ing incidents connected with early
school days. He referred in a ycry
frteling manner to many of his old
school mates und friends who were
associated wilh litra in early Hie, nearly
all of whom had iiaesed to the great
beyond. .
H t)oko of the dedictlory exercises
of the old whool building, which took
place on the evening of Jtiiiuiry 1, 1849,
and wus teferred to in the Toledo Blude
of .Iimuary 4, 1.S4U, us follows;
"In tile evening a very largeuudleuce
conuoaed of citizens of the towns of
Ferry&burg, Muuraee and Toledo,
itbtombled at the spacious ana elogant
new union bchool houe jtiit completed
ry lite citizens of Perrvaburg, for the
purpose of witnessing the ceremonies of
dedication. A juvonile choir welcomed
he audience b.y an appropriate ode, etc.
The exotelac-T w re Interesting nnd in
strtti'tivi.', und liiet.cvv whom tit Perry-
h ji'f I. i'Hii-h ' i v.V 'I utl uMinr i
tho v 1 1, v Ti sct.oui bouo is one 1
tli.- 'iiK if ) v t I .trt is 1o he un
oienun.'ly duppUi d vvilii uovessury ap
paratus, uoolta. etc.. for instruction in
ad brunches of English education. Wo
wioh our neighbors success lu their en
terprise. They deserve it for their
lihorullty, and for tho example they
have furnished tu other towns in the
valloj ."
Also tho Port Meigs RaHeo, a paper
then published in our village, in re
ferring to tho exercises on tbut
occasion, said : "Thu dedication of tbe
new school house was novel, but highly
Interesting. The exorcises consisted of
un introductory prayer by the Roy.
H. O. Skinner, addresses by tho Rev.
Anson Smyth, of Toleao, our f6llow
cltlzeu, Mr. P. Hollenbeck, Mr. Kapp,
of Now York and Mr. Wright, princi
lClectiie Hitters,
Electric Bitters is a medicine eulted
for uny season, but perhaps more gen
erally needed in tho Spring, when the
languid exhausted feeling prevails,
when tho liver is torpid and sluggish
and tho need of a tonic, and alterutlye
is felt. A prompt uso of this medicine
has often averted long and perhaps fa
tal bilious fevers. No medicine will act
more surely in cotuiteraoilng and free
ing tho system from tho malarial pols
mi. Heudituhe, Indigestion, Constipa
tion, Dizziness, yield to Eleotrls Bit
ters. Oity fifty cents por bottle ut
Ohumpnoy's Drug Storo.
pal of tho school, interspersed by sing
ing under tho direction of Mr. Daniel
Wltcomb, by it juvenile choir instructed
by him expressly for that occasion.
Tholr performance was highly credlblo
to teacher und pupils."
Tho building then dedicated was de
scribed ns being a "spacious brick edi
fice, two stories high, 00x90 feet, nnd
containing four largo rooms. Sea."
Tho school prospered until 18G8,
when it was remodeled and enlarged
and continued in uso until tho llro on
tho morning of May 23, 1894, destroyed
His address wns highly pleasing to
his audience, and was well received.
The quurtetto again fayored tho
audience, after which E. L. Bluo of
Perrysburg Journal, made a few re
marks. Clerk James Hayes rend tho report
of the funds in tho Treasury nnd after
a vocal selection by Mr. Wedertz the
exercises closed with tho benediction
by Rov. D. H. B.tiley.
The audience thenmadoan inspec
tion of tho building and all seemed
pleased with tho edifice.
Dr. Bowers acted as chairman of the
meeting in the absence of President
J. H. Thornton, and very ably per
formed tbat service.
A. description of the building has
been given heretofore,
LaFarreenot a Candidate for
Por the
Short or
And' Another Slun. is Tucked on the
The Democratic Executive Commit
tee had business on hand last Saturday.
They conceiyed the grand scheme of
running two candidates instead of ono
for Commissioner.
It will be remembered that Fred
Brand was nominated for Commissioner
for long term also for a short term.
Also that James LaFarree of BOW
LING GREEN, was nominated by the
Democrats for Commissioner, for long
term, also Tor short term.
The Democratic Committee, finding
that Brand was certain of election,
thought to complicate matters, and
took LaFarree off the ticket for short
term and substituted another name. By
this means it wns hoped that Demo
crats who .desired to vote for Brand
would be confused and would vote for
LaFarree for long term and Brand for
short term.
For the benefit of those Democrats
who desire to vote for Brand, we glvo
below the manner in which the ballot
should bo marked.
For Commissioner (long term)
For Commissioner (short term)
Be sure and place tho cross at the
left of the column wherein tho name ol
Brand appears for LONG TERM.
It is the only correct way to vote for
Brand for Commissioner for Long
Term. If you are a Republican, just
your X in the circle under the
and you are all right.
Talking about Mr. Campbell's record
as governor, he was the only governor
Ohio ever had whoso appointments wore
so notoriously bad that he had to col
an extraordimuy session of tho legisla
ture to turn tho rascals out. Toledo
Tho Cleveland administration is prov
ing almost as expensive as the civil war.
Tersely Stated.
The Domocratio platform and cam
paign prospectus may bo sot down as ex
ceedingly briof this fall;
Platform Calvin S. Brico.
Staudard-bearears Brico and Camp
bell. Objects of campaign To ro-eleot
Brice. Piqua Call.
SInrvoloua Itesults.
From a letter written by Rov. J.
Gundormun, of Dlmondalo, Mich, we
are permitted to inuke this extract:
"I have no hesitation In recommending
Dr. Kings New Discovery, as tho re
sults were almost marvelous In the caso
of my wife. While I was pastor of tho
Baptist Church at Rives Junction she
was brought down with Pneumonia
succeeding LnGrippo. Terrible parox
ysms of coughing would lust hours with
little Interruption and It seemed as if
she could not survive them. A friend
recommended Dr. King's Now DIhpov
ory. it wits quick In Its work nnd high
ly satisfactory In results." Trial bot
tles froo at Chutnpney's Drug store.
Regular slzo GOo und $1.00
Open Evenings
909 Cherry St., Toledo,
Appointed to Act nt Tim Coining Ktcctlnn.
Lake-Millbury A. J. Lutraan, R P J.
W J Balloy, R.
Win Sunders, D.
Albert Ayres, D.
D D Downing, R C.
H D Grove, D C.
Lake- Walbr'ge F J Schrolber, R P J.
Wm Berry, R.
Dennis O'Loary, D.
A J Stein, D.
Frank Thatcher R C.
Frank D Lusher, D C.
Perrysb'g, N. Conrad Selling, R.
Frank Thompson, R.
Ed Simmons, D P J.
Geo. LaFarree, D.
H L Crane, R C.
Chus Tyler, D. C.
Perrysb'g S.-
F A. Wetmore, R.
Isaac Whition, R.
Adam Leydorf, D P J,
John Ault, D.
H. R. Charles, R. C.
Philip Wetzel, D C.
R W Davidson, R.
Henry Bowl us R.
Henry Mormon, D.
John Hogarayer, D.
Ed Saxby, R C.
Chas. Neiman.
Grand Rapids W B Kerr, R P J.
John Brown, R.
R. B. Saltz, D.
Chits Kerrstottor, D.
Frank L Sheets, R C.
Fred Heater, D. C.
Dunbridge Henry Sternaman, R P J.
J D Smith R.
G S Meeker, D.
Wm Yount, D.
Marshul Gorrll, R C.
W R Walker, D C,
Hasklns Adam Bell, R P J.
John Johnson, R.
Wm Cobley, D.
Geo Williams, D.
FredPelnert, R C.
L. Thomas, D C.
Milton William Lock'mnn R.
G W Bradshaw, R P J.
Joseph Engesser, D.
J W Colo D.
Chas Noble, R C.
Wm Learning, D C.
Bradner F Fairbanks, R P J.
D HRunueuls, R.
David Stevens, D.
C Bryan, D.
J E Ladd, R C.
A. J. Fowler, D C.
Freeport G M Palmer, R P J.
J. H. Bandon, R.
Artemus Brakoman, D.
Frank Hastings, D,
Chas. S. Long, R C.
Abo Fike, D C.
Risingsun C F Wollam, R P J.
H C Birely, R.
Conrod Sheffler, D.
Emanuel Day, D,
C P Bigely, R C.
Chris Bates, D C.
Ross W N Tracy, R P J.
E W Hicks, R.
R B Andrews, D,
P Veniu, D.
E M Warner, R C.
J E Smith, D C.
Troy Geo M Brown, R.
Wm Andrews, R.
John F Meyers, D P J.
P W Wllker, D.
P P Carey, R C.
E F Netzker, D C.
Washington D.in Huffman, R P J.
Geo Stone, R.
Fred Eckurd, D.
Chas L Cook, D.
R J Collins, R C.
L C Potter, D C,
Webster T J Waugh, R P. J.
Robert Shanks, R.
Jos GotU'chalk, D.
John McConnel, D.
J W Thompson, R C.
Jns Rogers, D.
Weston Chas Saxby, It. P, J.
Carlo Cull, R.
L S Baker. D.
Geo Doweso, D.
A S Coward, R C.
SC Oswald, D C,
Dr. Price's Cream linking Powder
World's Fair richest Medal und Diploma.
IDiiiitcis llutea.
The usual reduced rates from all CIo
vot Lcuf Stations, call on nearest agent
Clover leaf Routo or uddress C. C. Jon
kins Geti'l. Pass. Agent, Toledo, Ohio.
Ohio, near W&LE Depot
i0 (II iUi; MADE.
Perrysburg Township Voting Pre
oinots Eemain the Same.
Lime City Will Get n Voting l'rcclnct In
tho Spring.
On Saturday Inst tho County Board
of Supervisors of Elections held a regu
lar meeting at Bowling Green and
listened to arguments for und against
dividing Porrysburg township in such
manner as to glvo Lime City a voting
Tbe proposition was first made to
divide In such manner as to glvo ono
precinct at Perrysburg and one at
Llmo City, but this wus opposed and
tho proposition to dlvldo tho township
into four precincts wus made, and upon
this question the Board became weary
und docided to postpone further consid
eration of the mutter until a later
Tho proposition Is to give Perrys
burg School district No. 1, ono pre
cinct, also locate ono at tho Fivo '
Points; ono at Lime City and ono some-!
where In the northern part of tho
township between Perrysburg and
Llmo City.
Tho change, If made, will not affect
the election this fall.
Politics and Scenic Beauty.
Governor Poraker is a great lover of
the beautiful in nature. Riding on a
Baltimore aud Ohio Southwestern train
a day or two ago ho called my attention
to the beautiful foliage, turned by 'the
first frosts of autumn, and said: "There
is some compensation for the hardships
of campaigning in being afforded tho
opportunity of seeing all this beauty.
There is nothing to my mind that con
approach our foliage in October."
"You ore right, governor," said a
gentleman near by. "Thero is great
compensation in the autumn landscape.
I tako a trip east every fall over the
mountains by the Baliimoro and
Ohio just to drink in and en
joy tho sconery. I travel by
day and always stop at Oakland and
Harper's Ferry over night. Evory poli
tician ought to tako that trip; it is full
of beauty aud rich with historical asso
bAmMfcm; m
Ono of tho surprises of tho canvass is
tho aptitude Candidate Bushuell is
showing as a campaigner. Newspaper
men who are uceompauyiug him on his
tour of tho state say that while he may
not be an accomplished orator, full of
fiery eloquence as Campbell is, he can
shake hands, kiss tho babies, und exude
personal magnetism in a most attractive
and voto-gotting away. Columbus Dis
patch Ind. m
Highest Honors World's
A pure Crane Cream of Tartar Powder. Frei
from Ammonia, Alum or any c liter adulterant.

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