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U. L. m.UI!, I-JIIor nnd Publlslier.
Thk gravo of Capt. John Paul .lones
hns not boon located by the govern
ment, through Its Inquiries of tho em
bassy in the French capital. Ho died
on July 18, 1792, in Paris, and was
buried with highest honors by the
French government, but tho place of
his burial enn not now be determined.
TllK lighting of tho lied Fccins at
first to bo a too practical infringement
upon nn ancient fairyland, lint 8ir
Thomas Sutherland nnd other members
of parliament interested in shipping
arc naturally nnxious about tho pro
gress of tho lighthouses with which
tho porto promised to bejcwcl tho
southern waters of the Red sea.
An Interesting relic of Dr. Living
stona will shortly arrivo In London, to
bo placed in the rooms of tho Itoyal
Geographical society with the collec
tion of relics of other great travelers
and explorers preserved therein. This
is tho Miction of the tree U' dcr which
the famous missionary's heart was
burled, and containing the celebrated
Inscription carved by his followers.
What tho Vnndorbllt wealth is tho
grand total no man outside of tho
family can definitely say. At the pres
ent time the total family wealth is
thought to bo about S500.000.000. of
which the Into Cornelius Vanderbilt
possescsd Sllfi.OOO.OOO. His income was
about 000,000 per year. At the pres
cnt valuation of industrial stocks tho
Vanderbilt fortune in another year, it
is believed, will closely nxproach S730,
000,000. Army Doctoii H.vitnr, of Koeslin,
.Germany, has discovered that singing
possesses health-giving properties. It
intensifies, he says, tho respiratory
.movements, thus rendering the lungs
capable of dealing With moro air. This
(increases and strengthens the action of
(all the organs of tho body, nppc Ho
Jand thirst increase, and the mere fre
quent movementof the diaphragm and
the wall of the abdomen materially aid
Ose of tho curiosities of New Zea
land is a vegetable cnterpillar. What
Ihnppans is that a wicked plant darts
its seeds into an unfortunate caterpil
lar and the seeds grow to plants some
times a foot long. In tho meantime
the caterpillar dies a lingering death.
This recalls the awful bamboo torture
of China- a bamboo shoot is grafted on
tho human body and crows, nourished
'by tho juices of tho body. It is tho
most cxquislto torturo known.
The power of tho Manulichcr rifle
'was recently demonstrated in an acci
dent near Prague. Two gendarmes
entered a room in an inn and closed
the door, putting their rillos in the cor
ner. One rifle fell and discharged it
iself, tho bullet going through tho door
into the next room, where a party was
dancing. It passed through the body
of a musician, killing him. and then
'through the bodies of five other men,
lall of whom wcro dangerously wound
jed. The Vanderbilt line commences with
,tho old commodore, a Dutch-American,
'whose business sagacity, prudence and
foresight enabled him to lay the
foundation of what is probably tho
largest family fortune in tho United
iStates to-day. After the death at
iCommndore Vanderbilt tho head of
the family was William II., father of
'Cornelius, and the latter succeeded to
,the leadership after tho former's death.
iWilliam K. Vanderbilt is the new In ad
'of tho family.
Dr. W. J. Lkyds, secretary of state
rfor the Transvaal, is described as a
man of peculiarly strong personal
power, gifted witli a persuasive man
ner and fully alive to tho fact that tho
Uoer and Englishman can never agree.
The doctor is now in Holland, where
ho has aroused public sentiment and
secured actiou n the form of protests
to Queen Victoria against the carrying
out of Mr. Chamberlain's programme
in tho Transvaal. He is of Dutch de
ecent, but is not a lioer.
Db. De Huckkk. of London, has found
salicylic acid a valuable agent in pneu
monia, believing that it acts on the in
flammatory process in tho lung, and
chorions the attack or abates it. It is
an antiseptic and dissolves the fibrin
ous coaguiiim. When expectoration is
induced he stops or diminishes the drug.
Ho gives a child one-tenth grain hour
ly, a very small child even smaller
doses. 'The aged are treated in tho
samo manner. Extreme weakness and
cardiac troubles arc contradictions for
its use.
There are to-day about 300 women
ministers in the United States. In
America tho ministry is being mora
used by women as a profession than
tho law. Tho great value of women
ministers in America is for scatten d
parts that can not possibly nfford to
support a man. They can maintain a
woman minister. The chief opposition
to women pastors comes from minU
ters of tho poorer and least qualified
class. Of course, the older and more
conservative ministers, bishops and tho
like do not look witli much pleasure on
a woman in tho pulpit.
Dumjth. Minn., is especially proud of
its great boulevard drive. Dulutli is
built on a hill which rises, to a height
of COO feet, within a mile of tho shorn
of the lake. On tho brow of this hill,
bctwoon 600 and 000 feot above tho lev
el of Lake uperior, a beautiful drive
way has been built, and, as one pahses
over it, tho lake, the harbpr, tho river,
tho cities and tho entire country for
miles around are presented to view.
Tho drive is about seven miles in
length. At each end is a beautiful nat
ural park, left as far as possible witli
tho original beauty which nature gave
to it.
All tho News of tho Past Seven
Days Condensed.
News of tlio Industrial Field, Personal
and Political Items, Hnppoiiiiig3
at Homo and Abrond.
The Davidson Investment company
of Wichita, Knn., has failed, owing $11C,
000. At Williamson, W. Vn.,EliasIIntflcId,
who killed II. E. Ellis, was sentenced
to 12 years in the penitentiary.
The handsome $80,000 stone edifice of
the First Congregntlonal church in Bur
lington, la., was gutted by Arc.
Elijah Hnll shot nnd killed his father,
Henry Hnll, in Pike county, Kentucky,
for abusing his mother.
The Kitlgwny (Pa.) tannery, belong
ing to the Elk Tanning company, was
destroyed by fire, the loss being $200,000.
Four persons were killed nnd four
others injured in a collision between
trnins 15 miles southenst of Kansas
City, Mo.
The 113 Indiana monuments nnd
markers nnd the Wilder brigade monu
ment at Chickainnuga park, near Chat
tanooga, Tcnn., were dedicated in the
presence of 10,000 people. Gov. Mount,
of Indiana, mnde the address.
The anti-trust conference began in
St. Louis with Gov. Sayers, of Texas, in
the chair.
John L. Hanna, chief of police at-Dal-ton,
Ga., was shot and killed by three
moonshiners whom he was trying p ar
rest. During the month of August the re
ceipts of internal revenue amounted to
$24,240,080, nn increase as compared
with August last year of $1,040,4S2.
Secretary Hoot has received informa
tion which gives assurance that enough
ships can be secured to land all the
troops in Manila by Christmas.
The Episcopal diocesan council in
session in Milwaukee accorded to wom
en the right to vote on all church and
parish matters.
Over 500 miles of coast line of Alaska
felt an earthquake shock that disloged
mountains nnd left great fissures in the
Miss Jane Yntmnn, of NcwYAvk, rode
700 miles on a bicycle in 81 hours, break
ing nil records of women for distance
on the road.
The First California volunteer regi
ment was mustered out of the service
of the United States in San Francisco.
The state law prohibiting the sale of
oleomargarine in Minnesota colored to
imitate butter has been declared un
constitutional. Henry V. Johnson, mayor of Denver,
was elected president of the League of
American Municipalities at the meet
ing in Syracuse, N. Y.
In a wreck on the Omaha railroad at
Windom, Minn., four men were killed
and three seriously injured.
At Walla Walla, Wash., 0. B. Byland
killed his wife and his brother, Grant,
and then committed suicide. Domestic
trouble was the cause.
Four lives were lost in n fire which de
stroyed St. Vincent de Paul's hospital
in Norfolk, Vn. The property loss is
The Culpepper-Shannon college build
ing that was built at Lebanon, Mo., at
a cost of $100,000, was destroyed by fire.
Jasper Bcebe, aged 57; Mrs. Eflle
Johnson, his dnughter, aged 34 years,
nnd George Beebe, her son, aged seven
years, were killed by the cars near Al
bia, la.
Signor Marconi, known to all tho
world as the inventor of wireless teleg
raphy . arrived in New York from Eu
rope. Two brothers, William and Charles
Goldsten, living near New Albany, Ind.,
fought a duel with knives and both
were fatally wounded.
The anti-trust convention in St.
Louis adjourned after adopting resolu
tions outlining state and federal legis
lation needed to control the so-called
trusts and combines.
Thirteen persons were injured, 18
horses burned to death and property
valued at $275,000 was destroyed in a
fire which swept over a large area cf
the Union stock yards in Chicago.
The exchanges nt the leading clear
ing houses in the United States dur
ing the week ended on the 22d aggre
gated $1,893,223,301, against $1,710,303,-
2CS the previous week. The increase
compared with the corresponding week
of 1808 was 43.0.
There wcro 154 business failures in
the United States in the seven days
ended on the 22d, against 149 the week
previous and 173 in the corresponding
period of 1898.
A 10,000-milo ocenn race around the
Ilorn between the ships Jabez nowes,
of Baltimore, and Arthur Sewall, of
Philadelphia, was won by thelloweB.
On the stage of the opera house in
Chattanooga, Tcnn., Julia Morrison,
lending lady in the company, shot and
killed Frank Leiden, stage manager. A
qunrrel was the cause.
A bronze bust of the late Gov. Ho
ratio Seymour was unveiled in Utien,
N. Y Gov. llooscvolt delivering the ad
dress. Itobbers murdered Absnlnm Kesler.
a farmer, nged 80, his housekeeper.
Anna Dornuii, and Albert Gears, the
hired man, near Pawpaw, Md., stole $200
and escaped.
Ex-Congressmnn Jerry Simpson vnf
hooted off the plntfortn while address
ing a G. A, It. reunion in Wichita, Knn.,
for praising Aguiiinlilo, the Philippine
Insurgent leader.
A treasury statement shows that the
government has received SGCO.OSl more
tuan it has spent since July 1. '
The submnrine torpedo bont Holland
on a trial trip at Grccnport, N. Y., ran
a mile under water at a uniform depth
of seven feet.
The United Stntcs transport iicalnn
dla arrived in San Frnncisco from Ma
nila with six companies of the First
Montana volunteers.
Judge Alfred S. Hnrtwcll has been
chosen by the Hawaiian government to
represent the territory of Hawaii dur
ing the coming congress.
Another street enr of the Big Con
solidated company wns dynnmitcd in
Cleveland, O., but.no one wns injured.
The mill and warehouse of the Salem
Flouring Mill company wns burned at
Salem, Ore. Loss, $150,000.
The percentages of the basebnll clubs
In tho Nntlohnl league for the week end
ing on the S4th were: Brooklyn, .095;
Philadelphia, .028; Boston, .007; Bal
timore, .501; St. Louis, .558; Cincin
nati, .547; Chicago, .515; Louisville,
.401; Pittsburgh, .4S0; New York,
.411; Washington, .300; Cleveland,
In accordance with the rites of the
Russian orthodox church, Miss Julia
Dent Grant, daughter of Brig. Gen. nnd
Mrs. Frederick Grant and granddaugh
ter of Gen. Ulysses S. Grant, nnd Prince
Cnntncuzcnc, Count Spernnsky of Bus
sin, were married in Newport, It. 1.
Mrs. William Swartwood, of Moun
tain Top, Pa., gave birth to her twenty
fifth child.
Nine convicts were publicly whipped
in the jail yard nt New Castle, Del.
Three men held up the stage coach
running between Westfall and Ontario
in Idaho and carried off the registered
letter pouch.
The plant of the American Tin Plate
company nt Atlantn, Ind., wns almost
totally destroyed by fire, the loss being
The Hawaiian treasury holds a bal
ance of $1,500,000 and the islands nrc out
of debt.
Six persons were killed and eight oth
ers injured in a collision between trains
on the Denver & Itio Grande railroad at
Bono, Col.
The postmaster general has issued
nn order reducing the-rate ol postage
between the United States and Porto
Rico to two cents.
Twenty people were injured in a col
lission on the Allegheny Valley railroad
at Parker, Ta.
Albert J. Earling, of Chicago, hns
been elected president of the Chicago,
Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway com
pany, to succeed Roswell Miller, re
signed. The Thirtieth regiment. United States
volunteers, composed of men from Il
linois, Missouri, Michigan and other
states around the lakes, sailed for Ma
nila from San Francisco on the Sher
man. Vice President Bfobart is seriously ill
with kidney trouble at his home in Pat
crson, N. J.
rnnsoxAi and political.
Joseph Deemer Taylor died at his
home in Cambridge, 0., nged CO years,
lie served in the Forty-eighth, Fiftieth,
Fifty-first and Fifty-second congresses.
Nebraska republicans met in Omaha
and nominated M. B. Reese, of Lincoln,
for supreme judge. The platform en
dorses the gold standard and President
McKinley's Philippine policy.
Massachusetts democrats in state
convention in Boston nominnted Rob
ert Treat Paine, Jr., of Boston, for gov
ernor. The platform indorses the prin
ciples of the last national convention.
Nathaniel Trigg (colored), aged 1C9
years, died in Memphis, Tenn. He ws
probably the oldest registered voter
in the United States.
Rev. Albert B. Coates, of Beverley,
Mass., has accepted the prohibition nom
ination for governor in place of John
Willis Baer, who declined it.
Capt. Alfred Dreyfus was released
from the military prison at Rennesand
at once left for Nantes.
President Kruger is reported to hne
cabled a long message to Queen Vic
toria, begging her intervention to pre
vent bloodshed. It is also said that Boer
officers are urging the government to
begin hostilities before the British re
enforcements nrrive.
Hundreds of people were killed by an
carthquaJie in the valley of Mender, in
Asia Minor.
The queen regent has signed a de
cree declaring martial law throughout
Spain, which document Premier Sil
vela will promulgate when he sees fit.
Fire in Lima, Peru, destroyed the fa
mous and beautiful Chinch of San Fran
cisco, founded by Pizarro in 1535.
The Spanish cabinet has decided that
the interest on the Cuban bonds must
be paid by the Cuban government.
During a bull fight at Carapeche,
Mexico, a mob tore down the ring and
three performers were fatally hurt.
Gen. Otis informed the war depart
ment thnt eight days mail sent by the
transport Morgan City was lost In the
wreck of the vessel.
A Manila dispatch says that insur
gents ditched a railroad train near An
geles and two Americans were killed
aud five injured.
Admiral Montejo, who commanded
the Spanish naval forces in the battle
of Manila bay, has been condemned to
retirement by the Spanish supreme
court without the right of promotion.
An unknown schooner wns wrecked
near Capo Plue, N. F., and 14 lives were
It is announced thnt the Orange Free
State has resolved to assist the Trans
vaal against British nggresblon. It is
also said that Prebidcut Kruger says
that while things are serious and will
become graver, a peaceful settlement
will he attained.
The Mexican congress voted $100,000
to pay the expenses of the trip of Pres
ident Din, to Chicago.
A Manila dlsputch says that Gen.
Otis sought to imitate .the policy em
ployed in Cuba of buying Filipino arms,
but Ills offorts.wero unsuccessful.
Over 50,000 persons assembled In
Trafalgar hqunre. Loudon, uud cheered
for war with the Bocis.
Cnpt. Dreyfus met his children nt Car
pentrns for the first time slnco his nr
rest in 1801,"
Gen. Otis cabled the wnr department
thnt the Senator had sailed from Manlln
with the Iowa volunteers.
The district of Aidin, In Asln Minor,
wns visited by an earthquake and over
200 persons perished.
American gunboats destroyed the Fil
ipinos' works at Olangapo, in Sublg bay,
and the town caught fire and was
burned. The gunboat Urdnnetn, en
gaged in bombarding the town of Crnnl,
wns enptured by the rebels nnd sunk
and the crew made prisoners.
A Manila dispatch says that the Fili
pinos have not made good their offer to
surrender the American prisoners nnd
they have not sent nn officer to meet
Mnj. Gen. Otis as promised.
At the request of the German govern
ment, the government of the United
States has consented to look after the
interests of Germany in Venezuela dur
ing the revolutionary outbreak.
In two engagements between Mexi
can soldiers nnd Ynqui Indians in Mex
ico both sides lost heavily.
A bust of ex-Speaker Reed is being
executed in bronze for the Maine legis
lature. London hns 1,000 houses that nrc ten
nntlcss because they are supposed to be
Beginning this yenrno charge for tui
tion is to be made at the Missouri state
Rev. John Naille, of Trappc, Pa., is the
shiest clergyman in the United Stntcs.
He is in his ninety-ninth year.
Hiram L'ronk, of New York, Is the
only surviving pensioned soldier of the
war of ISIS. He is 90 yenrs old.
Mrs. Bertie Smith, postmistress at
Circle City, Alaska, is the only woman
occupying such a position in the terri
tory. Jason Brown, son of John Brown, of
Harper's Ferry, lives a hermit's life in
the Santa Cruz mountains in Cali
fornia. The queen regent of Spain has pre
sented the Spanish casino at Tampa,
Fia., with GOO books for its library for
public use.
The national council of the Independ
ent Order of Red Men meets in Mil
waukee next year, the second Tuesday
in September.
The agricultural department of
Georgia has decided to begin a vigorous
campaign against the sale of oleomarga
rine in thnt state.
A fall of rocks from the center of the
Horseshoe falls at Niagara has had the
effect of restoring it to the shape from
which it derived its name.
Charles Allen, a mail robber who
escaped from Sing Sing prison in 1S95,
and Sidney Wennie, a pickpocket of
Washington, have been arrested at
Frankfort, Germany.
East Tennessee has furnished more
soldiers per capita to the volunteer
forces than has any other section of the
United States, the record being one
soldier for every 83G inhabitants.
Mark Twainwho has been announced
as coming to Princeton, N. J., has can
celed his engagement for a suite of
rooms there, saying that he intends re
maining in England for the winter.
Gen. H. C. Merriman, commander of
the department of the Colorado, says
the state has no right to restrain In
dians whose treaty prerogative allows
them free access to hunting grounds in
any part of the state.
The big bell in the tower of Inde
pendence hnll at Philadelphia rang out
a salut. on the 26th ult. in honor of
dmirnl Dewey's arrhnl home. Seven
teen strokes, the admiral's salute, were
Fire at Marion, 111., on the 2Gth ult.
destroyed part of one of the, best
blocks in the city, which included the
post office. Loss $50,000.
A boiler explosion in tho Band saw
mill at Auburn, Ind., on the 2th ult,
killed Waldo Shutt and so seriously in
jured William Richmond that he will
probably die. The building and ma,
chinery were totally wrecked.
Consul Wilshire Butterfield is dead,
at his home in South Omaha. Neb.
Butterfield was the author- of several
widely read historical works, principal
ly relating to revolutionary times, und
the years immediately succeeding.
An innovation in American newspa
per methods has been made by the Ger-
mania, of Milwnukee, which has em
ployed Dr. Duemling, of the Lutlicrun
college nt Lnporte, Ind.. ns censor. Dr.
Dnemling will supervise all matter
which goes into the paper, whether of
nn editorial or a news nature. This
is claimed to be the only paper in this
country which subjects itself to a cen
sorship. The lower Potts crek property, sit
natcd in Allegheny aud Craig counties,
Vn., has been sold to the Valley Ore
Co. The price paid was $500,000." The
tract contains 50,000 acres of the rich
est iron ore land in tho United States.
The anniversary of Frances E. Wll
hird's birth is to be made the occasion
of the inauguration of an organized
agitation against saloons, which is ex
pected to attain national proportions.
Tho movement is to be under the aus
pices of young people all over tho land.
A Chesapeake & Ohio pahsengcr
train ran into an open switch near
White Sulphur Springs, Vn.. on the
night of the 25th and struck a freight
train standing on tho siding, damaging
both engines. Robert. Garrison, n
tramp riding between the engine und
the tender, was killed. Col. August,
a passenger, wns thrown from his
berth nnd unstained a broken leg.
The financial projectors of tho Amer
ican Window Glass Co. met nt Pitts
burg on the '20th ult. nnd allotted tho
stock for the now combination. It
was decided that all Mibfiorlbcrs for
stock for $10,000 or less shall receive
the full amount, and all over that sum
pre to be shaded Id per cunt. The
capitalization of the company la $17,
000,000 and the result of tho meeting
Indicates that the stock has been oversubscribed.
Appointment! or .llctliorilxt Milliliters
Mmlo ut Dolnwnro.
Delaware, O., Sept. 20. This ap
pointments made yesterday ut tho
North Ohio conference of the Metho
dist Episcopal church iivo ns follows:
Cleveland district Presiding older,
Dustin Kemblc; Avon, Owen Law
rence; Heron, J. II. Deeds; Itrcckavillc,
Jonathan Zook; Brunswick und
Hinckley, H. A. Shook; Brooklyn
Memorial, E. D. Burnett; Detroit
street, Lakcwood, II. K. llilbufy;
Franklin nvenuc. J. L. Illlmnn: Gor
don avenue, II. S. Place; Jennings ave
nue, G. A. Rccder; Lorain street, ,T. W.
II. Brown; Simpson street, supply, E.
S. Williams; Trinity, T. W. Gross; Co
lumbia and Strongsville, G. L. llnnn
walt; Dover, W. W. Wagar; Elyria, W.
C. Endly; Grafton and T.aportc, W. II.
Byenton, supply; Granger and Sharon,
D. 1. Palmer; Huntington, J. Berden,
supply; Lagrange and Bchlcn. M. W.
Recce; Lakcwood, Albert Van Camp;
Lorain. First church, F. V. Poole;
Kent street, M. G. Kclser; Medina, H.
II. Richards; New London, B. J. Mills;
North and South Amherst. J. T. N.
Braith'uaitc; Nortli Royalton and Ben
nets, A. C. Whitmorc; Oberlln, John
Wilson; Olmstend Falls, G. V. Houk;
Penfleld and Litchfield. W. W. Long;
Pitt stick! nnd Kipton. V. E. Bak;r;
Rooky River and Rockport, 10. II.
Warner; South Brooklyn, A. C. Corf
man; Strongsville, W. .1. Whistle; Wel
lington, R. L. Wagner; West Richfield,
Daniel Neil.
Wooster district A. I). Knapp, pre
siding elder; Apple Creek, II. 11. Pal
mer; Harbcrton, 10. R. Jones; Bur
bank. Joseph Long; Canal Dover, A.
C. Ruff: Fulton and Chatham. R. M.
Yoder, supply; Creston, S. 10. Sears;
Dalton. .Tames Torbet; Doylestown,
S. T. Dunbar; Fredericksburg. O. W.
Waters, Jeromeville, J. T. Honk; Lc
roy. E. C. Young; R. M. Freshwater,
president Baldwin university: '.V. G.
Ward, professor Syracuse university;
I. C. Beebe, missionary in China; Lodi,
J. II. Barren; Loudonvillc, W. CI. Snr-
geant: Mt. Hope, C. I. Russell; Nan
kin and Polk. J. II. Johnson: Nash
ville, supply by J. Crawford; New
Portage. Renens Hushour; Novn, V. G.
Mr.Cauley; Old Town, to be supplied;
Orrville, S. II. Slnlz; Perrysburg, II. D
Fleming; Rowsburg. C. I). Castle; Se
ville, T. H. I). Hnrold; Shreve, E. L.
Warner; Smithville, 10. L. Smith;
Spencer, to be supplied; Wndsworth,
T. F. Graham: West Massillon. to be
supplied; West Salem, M. B. Mend;
Wilmot, E. 10. Noble; Wooster. J. F.
Mt. Vernon district C. F. Johnson,
presiding older; Avondale, A. McCul
longh; Bakersville and Baltic, to he
supplied; Belleville and Butler, K. L.
Stcvick; Centcrburg, W. J. Hyde;
Chestcrville, C. M. Gay; Conesvillc, M.
A. Castle: Danville. Andrew Pollock;
Democracy, W. S. Chapman; Fredcr
icktown, L. M. Snyder; Galena, Martin
Weaver; Gambier, W. II. Eglin; Hom
er, J. F. Hopkins; Howard and Mill
wood supply. F. II. Hnntsberger;
Keene'nnd Clark, F. F. Fitch, supply;
Killbuck. M. T. Scarborough; Lever
ing. T). A. C. Kit.; Millersburg. It. II.
Balmer; Mohawk Village, J. II.
Smith; Mt. Vernon, L. K. Warner;
Ncwcomerstown, F. I. Dunbar; Ros
coc. J. F. Strete; Sparta, M. 10. Rife;
Trinway, C. L. Lewis; Utien nnd Mar
tinsburjr, J. E. Lea; Warsaw and
Blooming Grove. K. IT. Curtis; West
Bedford, D. L. Edwards.
Manstleld district Elvero Persons,
presiding elder; Ashland, W. f Daw
son; Ashley nnd Westfield,.R. C. Biech
ele; Bueyrus.M. J. Keyes; Bucyrus cir
cuit. Joseph Cnllister; Caledonia. 10. J
V. Booth; Cardington. M. T. Aycrs;
Crestline. A. F. Upp; Ontario, James
Gray; Pnvonia, F. T. Johnson; Ply
mouth, O. Bndfrely; Savannah, C. D.
Patterson; Shelby, J. B. MoCl.'U
Shiloh, II. IT. Crimm; AVoodhury, J. E.
McGee; alternates, J. H. Ilartupce,
agent; W. V. Whitlock. R. '1'. .Steven
son, professors: A. .T. Lyon, treasurer
of O. W. t; L. II. Baker, conference
evangelist, Grace church member.
Delaware City, Asbury, C. T. Erich
pon: Grace, E. I). Smith: circuit sup
ply. W. IT. McClelland; Edison. II. C.
Murtinclnle; Gallon, George Mather;
Hnyosville. H. S. Powell; Tberia. S. E
Idlemnn; Mnns-fii'ld, V. A. Gould: Mf
Gilead, A. Phllpot; Nevada, J. M
Dowds; New Washington, J. F
Sandusky district P. B. Stronp.
presiding elder, Norwnlk; Hellenic, ('.
W. Ifuddlcston: Berlin Heights, sup
ply, F. S. Faneher: Birmingham. W
II. Oswalt: ninoimillt' and Melmoro.
Philip Kelsor; Brighton. T. L. MeCon
nell; Chicago. E. S. Tompkins; Clyde,
S. ,T. MoConnell; Clyde circuit, supplv
A. W. Manning; East Townsend. B. F
Rhondes; Green Spring, .T. M. Barter:
Gipenwieh, O. ,T. Coby; Huron. E. S
Collier; Lnkoside. J. IT. much-burn:
Milan, E. E. Loose; Monroeville. G. M
Knnpp; North Fairfield, supply, F. W
L. Hcekolman; Norwnlk, 10. T. Hnger
man; Olena, G. W. Dennis: Perkins.
S. L. Stewart: Port Clinton, R. T.
Mnvcr; Ttonubllc. L. S. Huffman; San.
dusky, Trinity, A. 13. Winter; Syca
more, 10. B. Shnmnker; Tiflln. St. Paul,
Charles Gallimore; Vermillion. J. F,
Lewis: Wakoman and Clnrksfield, A
G. Rupert: J. B. Maughiman nnd O. L
Griswold left without appointment (n
attend to one of the schools; J. F,
Brnnt, miperlntondont of Michigan
Nutl-Saloon league, memher of TWu
ity, Sandusky, quarterly confercuiia
It Is stated by the superintendent of
the niint that the purchase of dirt ad
hering to gold costs no lehs than JE311
per 1,000,000 sovereigns, und JC334 per,
2,000,000 half-sovereigns.
A funeral procession a mile in length,
comprised Of bouts and tlwiroct upauts,
wus lately witnessed in Shunnon, Ire
land, The deccuBvd had been a farmer
In Athlone, nnd his body was conveyed
by water to the cemetery at Clanmnc
noisc, his Irlemla and relatives follow
ing in boats.
"The Prudent Man Setteth
I His House in Order
I Your human tenement shoutdbe given I
even more careful Attention than the
I house you live in. Set it in order fij;
S thoroughly renovating your vjfwte sys-
tern through blood made pure by taking
I Hood's Sarsjiparilla. Then every organ
I tuitl Act promptly and regularly. j
lie Got nny with the Mnnnglnir Edi
tor to That Gcntlctnnn'a
, DlacomQtitrc.
There is p gentleman in Chicago and the
boom of a cannon tired in front) of the
Times-Herald office would easily" carry to
him as he sits nt his desk who has made a
study of economics and who writes financial
A few weeks apo the managing editor took
ft -vacation and the financial expert was left
in general charge of the paper. One morn
ing recently he received a letter from the
managing editor, who wrote:
"I 'am stranded over here in Canada. I
have beea buying a lot of stuff that may bo
useful to me some time, and I need $50. Will
you please send me a draft for the sum
Of course he would. It would be a pleas
ure to accommodate the managing editor.
So the great financial expert hurried over
to the First national bank, in which he kept
his account, nnd asked for a draft for $50 ti
send to his friend. The bank officer gave
him a paper to sign, and after giving direc
tions where to send the draft the 'wVitei re
turned to his desk.
Two or three uneventful days passed, and
there came another letter from the managing
editor. ,
"Dear sir," he wrote, "I asked you to
send me sometnoney, and I told you I was
'strapped.' What do you mean by drawing
on me for $.)0! I have telegraphed to a
friend, who has sent money to pay ray way
home." Chicago Times-Herald.
M l.vi Proctor's Youthful Crltlci.
Miss Mary Proctor, the astronomer and
lecturer, takes a deep interest in social set
tlement work in the big cities, and frequent
ly gives her personal services toward enter
taining poor children and adults. Generally
her lectures are very well received. Many
of her audiences often manifest better at
tention than those drawn from higher cir
cles. Now and ther. there are exceptions.
On one occasion a bright-eyed little hoy who
sat in the front row with his eyes fixed upon
the speaker was asked how he liked it. "I
guess," be said, "it was pretty good, but she
ought to talk about lions and tigers. ThaUa
better for everybody." At another lecture
ft youngster criticised her as follows: "It's
all very well to talk of weighing and meas
uring stars. There are some people, of
courset who believe that sort of thing, but if
she thinks she can fool us boys wun such
fairy talcs she's very much mistaken."
Philadelphia Post.
Non-Tcrrltorlnl Expnniilon
Means paying rent for a poor farm. Now
is the time to secure a good farm nn tho
line of the Chicago, Milwaukee &. St. Paul
Railway in Marinette County, Wisconsin,
where the crops are of the best, work pleA
ty, fine markets, excellent climate, pure
soft water, land sold cheap and on long:
time. Why rent a farm when you can bny
one for less than you pay for rent? Address
C. E. Rollins, Land Agent, 1G1 La. Salle St.,
Chicago, 111.
Perhaps Lot's wife was trying to trace her
genealogy when she looked backward. Chi
cago Daily News.
So much of the happiness of life depends
on whether you will cive up your solo fora
part in the chorus. Ram's Horn.
Acts gently on the
and Bowels
ClEAn5ES the System
Some people can't drirtk
coffee ; everybody can
drink Grain-O. It looks
and tastes like coffee, but
it is made from pure
grains. No coffee in it.
Grain-0 is cheaper than
coffee ; costs about one
quarter as much.
All grocers ; 15c. and 25c.
" i iffrrariryimrwiiiiii i
IC,v-x,wi w wr-u.tv
siJ'Ci rrrri.iuiv
?I7i?irirf-5rr rgj'.ki-Efiitsrey

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