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VOL. LI.-ED. L, BLUE, Publisher.
$1.00 IN ADVANOE.-NO. 22
O. II. A: I. it.kt.Tluio nnnl .
Trains pqbs t'orrysourg
North. South.
No 12,. 4:40 a. m. No. 1.... 0:10 am
u 11.. 7:28 " " 5 10:48 "
" 2.10:00 " " 0... 4:05 p.m
" 0.. 1:58 p.m. u 13.... 0:50 "
' S..8:01 ''
All trains dally except Nos. 1 and 2.
"itrool viiru Irani l). il. .V D. Mcpotat
AtOIncltinatl tho naymlller Electric Street
Uarl.lnolDavcstlioSlxtlistrcotontraiice of tho
Depot, runrrtiiR up Sixth street to nil parts of
tho city. TlioKostKnd iJleetrlcstnrtslrom tho
Klftli street etitriuico.riiniiiiiK up Fourth street
toallpnrtsof tlicclty, lncluaitig tho cxtrcmo
East End, passing the l'eiinn. Station. . The
Third and Fourth street Horso Car Mno leaves
tho Filth streotentranco passhiR the Central
The Toledo & Maumeo Yallov Ev. Oo
A, M.
I an
5 oo
5 50
0 52
7 18
8 II
9 40
10 30
11 3'J
P. M.
12 1!S
1 24
2 20
3 10
4 12
5 OS
0 04
7 00
7 50
8 62
9 48
10 41
A. M,
3 32
.5 60
7 20
1 48
8 16
9 12
9 40
10 08
11 04
11 32
12 00
P. M.
12 60
1 21
1 62
2 48
3 10
3 44
l 20
1 40
5 OS
5 SO
0 32
7 28
8 21
9 20
10 10
Ross- Arriving Leaving
ford. Toledo Maumce
Norli West East So'th M'th
A.M. A. M. A, M. A.M. A.M.
"5 64 5 3U "6 XI 7 13 4 40
G 21 5 60 0 52 7 41 5 12
fl 49 0 62 7 2C 8 09 0 03
7 45 7 48 8 10 9 03 6 69
8 13 8 41 8 41 9 33 7 55
8 41 9 40 9 12 10 01 8 51
9 37 10 38 10 08 10 57 9 47
10 05 11 82 10 86 11 25 10 43
10 33 P. M. 11 01 11 58 11 39
11 29 12 28 12 00 P.M. P.M.
U 57 1 21 P. M. 12 19 12 35
P. M. 2 20 12 28 1 17 1 31
12 25 3 1G 12 50 1 45 2 27
1 21 4 12 1 62 2 41 3 23
1 49 6 08 2 20 3 09 4 19
2 17 0 01 2 48 3 37 6 15
3 13 7 00 3 44 4 33 0 11
3 11 7 60 4 12 5 01 7 07
4 09 8 52 4 40 5 29 8 03
1 51 9 18 5 23 1G 11 8 69
5 I)') 10 44 6 30 G 25 9 65
5 IM 11 40 0 04 III 63 10 51
0 01 j 32 7 21
0 67 7 28 8 17
7 53 8 21 9 13
8 49 9 20 10 09
9 45 10 1G 11 03
10 41 11 12 A. M-
2 01
Dally Except Sunday.
J To Perrysburg only.
Freight Car leaves .Maumeo daily except
Sunday for Toledo at 7:13 a. m and 1 :17 p. in.
I.v. Perrysburg at 7:34 a. in. and 1;U8 p. m.
Lv. Toledo at 8:50 a. m. slid 3:30 p. m .
The Toledo, Bowling Green As Fremont
Cars leave Porryaburg for Bow. Green
a m
p m
a in
p m
0 00
a m
p in
a m
p m
Tie Citizens te
mw Co.
INVIIItl'OltATED 181)2.
J AS. O. TROUP, Vice Pres.
NoitMAN L. UANSON. Cash, and
General Manager.
John Pekkin, David Main,
Jacou Davis, Norman l. Hanson
w. c. pekkin. d. k. holleniiecic
C. P. Chapman P. A. Wetmoke,
J. G. Hoffman.
Kcccivcs deposits, loans money, sells foreign
and domestic exchange, buys and sells dralis,
hondstoln, notes, mortgages and pays interest
on time, deposits.
Dr. A. H. BAB000K
Successor to Dr. E. D. Wlnileld,
Central Committee Fixes date
for September 8.
Tho Democratic County Central
committee 1ms fixed tho ditto for the
county convention, and September 8
is tho day, with Dr. Byington us
chairman and J. N. Easly, Secretary.
On August 18 a convention will be
hold to choose delegates for State,
Senatorial and Judicial conventions.
Edward Bloom as chairman and
Philip Wetzel as secretary will pre
side over tho convention. X
By local applications, as they cannot
reach tho diseased portion of tho ear.
There Is only one way to euro deaf
ness, and that is hy constitutional
remedies. Deafness Is caused by an
InOamed condition of tho mucous lin
ing of the Eustachlon tube. When
this tube gets Inllamed you have a
rumbling sound or Imperfect hearing,
and w.hen it is entirely closed deaf
ness is tho result, and unless tho in
flammation can be taken out and this
tube restored to Its normal condition,
hearing will bo destroyed forever; nine
cases out of ten arc caused by catarrh,
which is nothing but an Inflamed con
dition of the mucous surfaces.
Wo will give Ono Hundred Dollars
for any case of deafness (caused by
catarrh) that cannot be cured by Hall's
Catarrh cure. Send for circulars,
P. J. CHENEY & CO., Tolelo, O.
Sold by druggists, 75c.
Hall's Pamlly Pills are the best. ,
Frederick C. Averill,
818 Spltzcr IliiiltlliiCt
F. Eugene Eheinfrank
Attorney and
r,:il-r,:i2 Tim SillZ(ir,
Phone Main 1509. TOLEDO. O.
Doc. 12. Case No. 13S05.
Francis E. Munn as Treasurer vs Frederick R.
Miller, ct al.
In Wood County, Ohio, Court of Common Pleas.
I!y virtue ol an order of salo issued in the
above entitled cause, by the Clerk of tho Com
mon Pleas Court of Wood County, Ohio, and to
mo directed and delivered, I will offer for sale at
public vendue, on the premises
TUESDAY, AUGUST 18th 1903.
Between 10 and 11 o'clock A. M., of said day,
the following described lands and tenements,
Indot Number 177 In the Incorporated Village
of PerrysburB, Wood County, Ohio. Situated
on Water street, between Walnut and Cherry
street, on river Trout.
Terms or Salei'Cash.
Appraised atSSO.00.
W S. rtEEOE, Sheriff.
. Ily A. C. ltOACH, Deputy.
1 K. fi. SfcCi.r.i.LANn,
Plaintiffs Attorncjs. 10c
A Spirited but Friendly Contest
for Treasurer and Com
Doc. 41. Case No. 13721.
Francis E. Munn as Treasurer vs. Simeon Lees,
ct al.
In Wood Comity, Ohio, Court of Common Pleas.
Offloa Hoffmann Building.
OHlco Phono 682. Residence,
lly virtnro of mi order of sale issued in the
above en titled cause, by tho Clerk of tho Com
mon Pleas Court of Wood Countv, Ohio, and to
mo directed nnd delivered. I will offer lor tale at
public vendue, on tho premises
TUESDAY, AUGUST 18th, 1903,
llctwcen 10 and 11 o'clock A. M , of said day,
the following described lands nnd tenements
The North part of out-lot Number 193 In the
Incorporated Village of PerrysburB, Wood
County, Ohio. Situated on Locust street, be
tween LociiKt street nnd Commercial street, ex
ternum; to river.
Terms of Sale: Cash.
Appraised at S20.00.
W. 8. ItEECE, Sheriff,
By A. C. UOAUII, Deputy.
E. O. JlcCi-r.u.ANI), ,
Plaintiff's Attorneys. Wo
Doc. 42, Caso No. 13902.
Francis E. Munn as Treasurer vs. Arabella Ave
rill, ct al.
In Wood County, Ohio, Court of Common Picas.
Titles lnvcitlcnliil ami nlistracts furnished oi
application. Nolaiy In quice.
Manufacturer of "Auditor," "Jack
Pot," and other brands of fine cigars.
Watolies. Olooks. Jewelry, Speotaoles &o.
Half bloolc from Summit St.
BpceUrcaro will bo taken with tho repair of
all kinds ol Watches, Clocks (Hid, Jewelry.
By virtue of an order of ralo issued In tho
above entitled cause, by the Clerk of tho Com
mon Pleas Court of Wood County, Ohio, and to
me directed and delivered, I.will offer lor talo at
public vendue, on the preiplses
TUESDAY, AUGU3TlSth, 1003.
Between 10 and 11 o'clock A. M of said day, tho
following described lands and tenements, to-wlt:
The East half of ill-lot number 770 In the In
corporated Village of PerrybburK, Wood Countv,
Ohio. Situated on Water street, between Wal
nut and Louisiana avenue.
Terms of Sale: Cash,
Appraised at $15.00.
W. 8. REECE, Sheriff.
By A. C. ROACH, Deputy.
JS, It. M CL.I.1XI.ANI),
8. Bai.toNhtai.1.,
Plaintiff's Attorneys. Wo
Francis E.
Doc, 12. Caso No. 13901.
Munn as Treasurer
vs. Edward
In Wood County, Ohio, Court of Common Picas.
By virtue of an order of sale, issued in tho
nbovo entitled cause, by tho Clerk of tho Com
mon Pleas Court of Wood County, Ohio, and to
mo directed and delivered, I will oiler for .alo
nfepubllc vendue, on the premises,
TUESDAY, AUGUST 18th, 1903,
Between 10 and 11 o'clock A.M., of said day,
tho followiuir described lands and tenements,
In-lot number 783 in tho Incorporated Village
of PerrysburB, Wood County, Ohio, Situated
on Water street, between l'luo street, and Mul
berry street.
Terms of Bale: Cash .
Appraised utf)lb,00. .,, ,.
W. B. REEOE, Sheriff.
By A. O. Roach, Deputy.
E. Q, MoOi.ki.i.and,
B. Sai.tonbtaix,
Plaintiff's Attorneys. 19o
The weather was ideal for a good
cDiivontioii, and tho delegates were all
good nattned and determined to fix
up a good ticket.
Hon. Joo Baird Chairman of the
executive committee called tho con
vention to order and introduced Hon.
A. R. Campbell as temporary Chair
maii'and A. A. Stump as Secretary.
Tho Chairman made n character
istic and stirring brief speech which
started oft" tho work in good shape.
Tho usual committees were ap
pointed as follows:
yTho first nametl being the central
committeeman; the second, member
of committee on rules and order of
business, and the third, resolutions:
Balrdstown P. G. Ensrrilnger, P. G.
Bnsmlnger, Peter Painter.
Bloomdale J. M. Steelier, E. L.
Stove, James Itedfern.
Cygnet John D. Tenuant, Geo. P.
Crouch, D. W. Williams.
Jerry City H. H. McClelland, C. W.
Solether, J. H. Whitacre.
Bowling Green, 1st ward Henry
Hughes, Henry Hughes, C. R. Pain
ter. Bowling" Green, 2nd ward J. E.
Kelly, L. Black, L. D. Hill.
Bowling Green, 3d ward P. C.
Prentiss, Ed. Beverstock, Robt. Place.
Bowling Green, 4th ward S. A. Can
ary, J. B. Newton, D. A. Hayler.
Center A.G. Galller, H. A. Gallier,
T. E. Mulr.
Freedom J. H. Mulr, M. Rees, P.
W. Toan.
Grand Radlps C. L. Laskoy, T. D.
Avery Lewis Abbott.
Hammansburg S. G. Slaughterback,
W. E. Beal, J. H. Jones.
Henry, south John Haner, Marion
Snyder, E. E. Bealer.
North Baltimore, C Scott Painter,
Jay Itoudabaugh, James Carrothers.
North Baltimore, A A. E. Freeman,
A. E. Freeman, C. Stewart.
North Baltimore, B Harry Whltten.
C. G. Nigh, C. P. Jones.
Jackson Geo. P. Dunn, J. D. W.
Hoot, John Farquharson.
Millbury M. Carsner, R. J. Roper,
W. J. Bailey.
Mollne F. Thatcher, G. W. Harpel,
V. Garner.
Liberty, east T. E. Brim, T. W,
Knight, M. S. Wisely.
Liberty, west Fred Horringshaw, J.
II. Hock, W. H. Baumgardner.
Dunbdigo R. D. Canary, Charles
Brown, R. D. Canary.
IlasUlns F. J. Brand, Bobert Par
gellis, V. M. Riegle.
Milton, north G. W. Richmond, J.
H. Ward, B. B. Richardson.
Milton, south E. A. Norcross.
Bradner B. O. Bistllno, J. E. Ladd,
John Telfer.
Freeport E. R. Sage, W. E. Ker
shner, Wilson Hamilton.
Rising Sun W. W. Long, E. E.
White, C. B. Bigley.
Perry, ' south J. H. Stearns, J. H.
Stearns, M. Smith.
Perrysburg, East Isaac Whitson,
T. H. Tlnney, S. E. Wagoner.
Perrysburg;, West M. B. Coolc, Sid
ney Phillips, San Reither.
Perrysburg, North Fred Eberly,
Fred Eberly, All Phillips.
Plain W. G. Elliott, Mac Wilson,
Frank Starnes.
Portage, East Nathan Morse, Geo.
Book, J. Spackoy.
Portage, West W. II. Sayler, Wm.
Eckert, John Johnson.
Portage, South H. L. Spencer, L. C.
Gordon, H.. Warner.
Ross, East C. T. Eggleston, J. li.
Shoecraft, Sam'l Fratschl.
Ross, West J. M. Conner.
Troy Orrin Goodell, G. W. Brown
G. W. Wagoner.
Washington Wm. Dlgby, I. C. Cum
mings, O. C. Pe'inert.
Webster C. C. Mulr, C. L. Fish,
Brit Russell.
Weston J. K. Henderson, G.
Sponcer. Frame Daniels.
Immediately after dinner tho
ports of committees were read.
Tho Resolutions tiro as follows:
Resolved, That wo the Republicans
of Wood county in convention assem
bled do most heartily indorse tho suc
cessful and true Republican luliniuie
tration of our national, our stato and
our county governments as accom
plished under the wiso ami clllcient
leadership of President Roosovelt, Sen
ators Forakor and Raima, Governor
Nash and ouv county olllcials, and we
hereby pledge ourselves to support all
the regular nominees of our party and
to inbor earnestly for their election.
Wo denounce every attempt of any
party or individual to undermine and
destroy tho unparalelled era of prosper
ity which, under Republican rule has
made our nation great in the eyes of
the governments of the world, has
freed our stato from debt for the first
tunc in its history and lias made Wood
a banner county of the state.
Tho work of tho afternoon opened
with vigor by the nomination of S.
W. Bowman for his second term as
Recorder. He very promptly ac
knowledged his thankfulness.
Tho announcement of candidates
for Treasurer came next and the
names of Geo. V. Fernsidc, S. R.
Case, J. C. Solether, Thos. J. Chilcote
and A. R. Williams were mentioned
and .tho balloting commenced. It
took eight ballots to settle the contest
which resulted in the nomination of
Commissioner came next and tho
contest was a long and hard fight re
sulting in the nomination of Muck
Gorrill of Middleton township.
Mack was called and acknowledged
his thanks very gracefully.
The convention had thus far been a
long, hard fought battle and the fin
ish was soon made by tho nomina
tion of Hon. P. P. Riegle for Repre
sentative and S. B. Rinker for Infiim
ary Director by acclamation.
S. J. Jones of North Baltimore was
then nominated for Coroner and the
convention adjourned.
During noon hour tho Central com
mittee organized by electing P. C.
Prentiss, Chairman, and Spencer
Canary, Secretary.
The report of ballots is given in tab
ulated form on eighth page.
The startling announcement that a
preventive of suicide had been dis
covered will Interest many. A run
down system, or despondency Invari
ably precede suicide and something
has been found that will prevent that
condition which makes suicide 'likely.
At the first thought of self destruc
tion take Electric Bitters. It being a
great tonic and nervine will strength
en tho nerves and build up tho sys
tem. It's also a great Stomach, Liver
and Kidney regulator. Only 60c. Sat
isfaction guaranteed by Bowers &
Comstock, druggists.
Representing Perrysburg
Township in the County-Convention.
Ablo Speakers have been Secured
Fine Programme Ar-ianged.
The farmers picnic association held
a meeting on Monday and made fur
ther arrangements for the. coming pic
nic to lie held nt (lie club house, Au-
fl,C.t 1(1
o",,u '
Tho speaker of tho day will lie B.
P. Snyder of Bellovuo, Ohio. The
subject of his talk lias not been announced.
G. C. Housekeeper lias been asked
to talk on tho "Centralization of
Schools" and Auditor Harding on
"General and Special Taxation."
Miss Pearl Stalil of Bradner, will
entertain the audience with a recita
tion. Other plans for tho day's enter
tainment are now being' worked out.
Miss Ada Schneider of Perrysburg
spent Friday with the Misses Emma
and Anna Shaller.
Mrs. J. Christman and Mrs. Henry
King of Wnterville were guests of
L. Shaller and family last Friday.
Teachers Committee Meetimr.
There will be a meeting of the com
mittees appointed to arrange for the
Teachers Institute, at the school
house ou Saturday, Aug. 8, at 2 p. m.
to complete the preliminary arrange
ments for the institute. Every mem
ber of eyery Committee should be
A grievous wall oftimos comes as a
result of unbearable pain from over
taxed organs. Dizziness, Backache, Liv
er complaint and Constipation. But
thanks to Dr. King's New Life Pills
they put an end to all. They are gen
tle but thorough. Try them. Only 25c.
Guaranteed at Bowers & Comstock's
drug store.
mm ridiiioh
Of the Cordrey Family a Pleas
ant Event.
At tho township caucuses last
urday tjio following delegates
alternates were appointed:
wcst rnEcixcT.
Delegates Conrad Kohl, J.
liammel, Clias. Frusher, W. W. Shoe
maker, Alex Beard, Austin Phillips,
W. P. Scott, S. T. Phillips, Sam
Reither, James Cook, Wm. Clark,
Benedict Emch, E. L. Blue, E. L.
Kingsbury, Conrad Foelker.
Alternates John Kohl,
Frusher, E. A. Underhill, J. P,
in, J. M. Beard, Henry Broka,
Cook, H. F. Cobb, Wm. Charles, Jr.,
Chas. Peck, R. P. Barton, John Croft,
F. A. Wetinore, G. S. .McKnight,
Georgo Lober.
north rnccixcT,
Delegates F. Ycager, F. Eberly,
Chas. Britten, Chas. Muir, A. Y.
Phillips, Wm. Burdo, F. H. Thomp
son, Geo. Craig, Fred Wenz, David
Alternates Oscar Sioling,
LaFarreo, F. R. Fahrer, C. A.
S. Phillips, H. Lucas, F. C.
stead, H. Muir, Alf. Wilson, H. Danz.
Delegates Frank Rider, T. H. Tin
noy, Ed. Clegg, Eli Crass, J. D.
Greiner, S. E. Wagoner.
lillll.V l,.HI!i:il
While Blasting in a Sugar
Ridge Quarry.
Julius Snyder, of Sugar Ridge, met
with a terrible accident Tuesday af
ternoon wlnlcat work in A. T. Christ
mann's quarry at Sugar Ridge.
Snyder had just started to place tho
tamping upon fourteen pounds of dyna
mite, placed in a hole, when the charge
let go, hurling him backward and lin
ing his hands, wrists and forearms
full of small particles of stone, be
sides cutting his face in many places,
says the Tribune. Tho tamping bar
was thrown a considerable distance by
the force of the blast and tho wonder
is how Snyder escaped immediate
Dr. Pope, "who was at Dunbridge,
was called and the wounds wera tem
porarily bandaged. Tho injured man
was then driven to Rowling Green,
the small particles of limestone which
had been imbedded in Iifs flesh were
removed. They stato that they dim
out at least 50 pieces and that several
times that many must have struck tho
man and indicted wounds. One thumb
was broken and the tendons of ono
linger were cut off.
Unless blood poisoning sets in it is
thought that he will recover and will
escape with both thumbs and all his
Received ther Appointments.
John C. F. Wansettler, Republican,
and Samuel C. Niece, Democrat, of
North Baltimore have received their
appointments as members of tho
board of supervisors of elections for
Wood county, in accordance with tho
recommendations of tho two party organizations.
Editor Maxwell Branches Out.
T. J. Maxwell, editor of the Observ
er, and mayor of the village of Prairie
Depot, has bought the Fremont Jour
nal, tho ollicial organ of Sandusky
Republicanism. Mr. Maxwell is a
young man full of energy and pos
sessing splendid newspaper ability.
He will, no doubt succeed in his new
enterprise and make tho Journal ono
of the brightest Ohio papers.
tons the cougH and Healslungs
A llttlo thing sometimes results In
death. Thus a mere scratch, Insigni
ficant cuts or puny bolls have paid tho
death penalty. It Is wiso to havo
Bucklln's Arnica Salvo over handy. It's
tho best Salvo on earth and will pre
vent fatality, when Burns, Sores, Ul
cers and Piles threaten. Only 25s at
I Bowprs & Comstock's drug st,oro.
Cured of Colic After Physician's
Treatment Had Failed.
My boy when four years old was
taken with colic and cramps In his
stomach. I sent for tho doctor and
ho Injected morphlno, but tho child
kept gettiug worse. 1 then gavo him
half a teaspoonful or chamberlain's
Colic, Cholora and Diarrhoea Remedy,
and In half an hour ho was sleeping
and soon recovered. P. L. Wllklns,
Sholl Lalso, Wis. Mr. Wllklns is
book-keeper for tho Sholl Lake Lum
ber Co. For salo by Bowora & Corn
stock, j UiLAJtl
On Siiturdny, Aug. 1, 1903, at the
home of Francis Penny and wife of
Prairie Depot, occurred tho annual
reunion of tho Cordrey family.
Tho house and grounds were beau
tifully decorated with flags and
Upon tho spacious lawn was
stretched a long table which was ra-
t with golden glow of verbenaes
and day lilies, and 41 relatives en
joyed tho bountiful and elaborate
banquet prepared for their refresh
In tho afternoon a programme was
rendered which consisted of .instru
mental and vocal music, and tho selec
tions were well delivered by Miss
Esther Adams of Prairie Depot.
Those who were privileged to par
ticipate in this most pleasant occasion
were Jerry and Calvin Cordrey and
Addio Prine of Hillsdale, Mich.;
Willis Taylor and family of Weston;
Mrs. Jane Kazmaior of Haskins;
Henry nnd Will Cordrey, F. Penny
and wife, Mrs. Libbio Hcminger, A.
J. Heminger and wife, A. O. Frisbeo
and family, Kirk Kimball and familj',
Mr. and Mrs. Hoff, Mr. Osborne and
Mr. Swan all of Prairie Depot; Tom
Frusher and wife, Walter Hum and
family, Mrs, Lucy Frusher and Will
Frusher and wife of Perrysburg.
"I am just up from a hard spell of
tho flux" (dysentery) says Mr. T. A.
Pinner, a well known merchant of
Drummond, Tenn. "I used one small
bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy and was cured
wltnout having a doctor. I consider
It tho best .cholera modlclno In tho
world." Thero Is no need of employ
ing a doctor when this romedy Is used,
for no doctor can proscribe a better
modlclno for bowel complaint in any
form olther for children or adults. It
novor falls and Is pleasant to take.
For salo by Bowors & Comstockr
Cow and Dog Cause Trouble.
Wednesday eyening as Mrs. L.
Hale was watering her cow, a dog ran
by and tho cow took after tho dog,
jerking Mrs. Halo and throwing her
to the ground, breaking her arm
abovo tho wrist and pulling tho wrist
and two middle fingers of tho loft
hand out of place. A physician who
was called fixed up the afllicted parts
and she was getting along lino till
Saturday evening. Then as she was
going homo from ono of tho neighbors
alio fell through a foot bridge and
went to the bottom of the ditch,
spraining her anklo badly. She is
stopping at homo now to prevent
futher accidents. Democrat.
E. E. Morse to Julia Nollenborger,
1-1 acre, road tract 37, 51,100.
Wesley McCraigh to Chas.
bruster, lot Stony Ridge, S575.
Wm. Armbruster to John A.
bruster, 20 acres, Troy, SI ,875.
Mary Jacobs to John Fredley,
acres, Troy, -125.
W. H. Downing, adm., to A. D.
Miller, lot Milbury S.'MX).
Henry Lefller to same, lot, Mil
lbury, 35,
J. E. Popo to L. Stonebrook, two
lots, Dunbridge, S150.
L. Tylor to Ida Manore, lot, Wal
bridge, 200.
A. J. Munii to James Stovonson,
lot, Milton Center, S750.
F. L. Weis to Chas Heinzo, 80
acres, Milton, S7.G00.
W. E.Tracy to Eva M. Tracy, two
lots, Rossford, 500.
"Two physicians had a long and
stubborn light with an abcess on my
right lung" writes J. F. Hughes, of
Dupont, Ga., "and gavo mo up. Eovcry
body thought my time had come. As
a last resort I tried Dr. King's Now
Dlscovory for Consumption. Tho ben
efit I received was striking and I
was on my foot In a fow days. Now I'vo
entirely regained my health." It con
(piers all Coughs, Colds and Throat
and Lung troubles. Guaranteed by
Bowers & Comstock, druggists,. Prlco
50c and ?1.00. Trial bottlos freo.

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