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VOL. LI-ED. L. BLUE, Publisher,
$1.00 IN ADVANOE.-NO. 24
I s
O. II. A: I. It . It .Time tlni-tl .
trains pass PorrysDurg
.4:40 a. m,
.7:23 "
10:00 "
.1:58 p.m.
,.0:40 am
.10:48 "
. 4:05 p. m
,.0:C0 "
All trains dally oxcopt-Noi. 1 and 2.
Uroot Oars tram O. II. A: n. llopotat
AlOlncInnatl Uio Baymlllcr Electric Street
UnrLlnolciivcs tliodlxtlistrcotoiitrniico of the
Depot, running up Sixth street to nil parts ot
thoclty. Tlio Kust ICnd Electrlcstnrtslrom the
Filth street entrance, running up Fourth street
to all rmrts of thoclty. Including tiio extreme
East End, passing tho renna. Station. The
Third and Fourth strcotllorso (Jar I-Ino leaves
the Fifth itrcctentranco passim: the Centra)
The Toledo & Maumeo Vallov Ev. Oo
o 12
" 14
" 2,
" G,
" 8
Bonth Korth
A, M. &, M,
5 0G 5 60
8 50 6 21
0 52 7 20
7 48 7-18
8 41 8 16
9 40 9 12
10 30 9 10
11 .12 10 08
P. M. U 01
12 28 11 32
1 2i 12 00
2 20 P. M.
3 10 12 60
4 12 1 21
5 03 1 52
0 01 2 43
7 00 3 10
7 b0 3 11
8 62 l 20
9 43 4 40
10 11 r Oi
6 Sfi
C 32
7 28
8 21
9 20
10 10
-7 13
7 41
8 09
9 05
9 33
10 01
10 57
11 25
11 53
12 19
1 17
1 45
2 41
3 09
3 37
4 33
5 01
5 29
JG 11
C 25
J 83
7 21
8 IT
9 13
10 09
11 05
4 40
5 12
0 03
0 69
7 65
8 61
9 47
10 43
11 39
12 3.5
1 31
2 27
3 23
4 19
5 15
0 11
7 07
8 03
8 59
9 65
10 51
2 01
Dally Except Sunday.
1 To I'errjshureonly.
Freight Cur leaves .Maumeo dally except
aumlny for Toledo at 7:13 a. m and 1 :17 p. m.
I.v. I'crrysbtirg at J",31 n. m. and 1;S8 p, m.
I.v. Toledo at b:5fi a. m. slid 3:30 p. m.
Tlie Toledo, Bowling Green & Fremont
Oars leave Perrysburg for Bow. Green
a m
8 58
p m
a m
p m
9 00
u in
p in
a m
-11. 40
p m
Tk Citizens Baukii
J AS. O. TROUP, Vico Pres.
Norman L. UANSON, dish, nnd
General Manager.
John Pekuin, David Main.
Jacob Davis, Nohman L. Hanson
W. G. Pkkkin, D. K. IIollknueck
C. F. Chapman P. A. Wktmoiie,
J. G. Hoffman.
Kecuivcs deposits, loans money, sells foreign
nnd domestic exchange, buys and sells dralis,
lioidscoln, notes, mortgages and pays Interest
on time, deposits.
Dr. A. H. BAB000K
Successor to Dr. 13. D. Wlnlleld,
Frederick C. Averill,
818 Spltzor isiiiiainur,
P. Eugene B-heinfrank
Attorney and
nai-aas tii spiiznr,
Phone Main 1509. TOLEDO. O.
Office Hoffmann Building.
Office Phono 5S2. Residence, 77
PEnitYsuuita, ouio.
Titles Investigated and alistractlTurnUhad ot
tppllcatlon. Koluiy in OOlcc.
Manufacturer of "Auditor," "Jaok
Pot," and other brands of fine elgari.
WatokeSiOlonks. Jewelryt Speotaolos &o.
Hull block from Summit St.
Special caro will bo taken, with tlio repair of
ull ltlnds ol Watches, Clocks and Jewelry.
Host- Arriving
ford. Toledo
Norh West East
A. M. A. M. A. M.
"5 64 5 SI) & VI
0 21 5 60 0 52
0 49 0 52 7 2C
7 45 7 48 8 10
8 13 8 41 8 41
8 11 9 40 9 12
9 :l" 10 SO 10 08
10 05 11 82 10 3G
10 33 P. M. 11 04
11 29 12 28 12 00
11 57 1 21 P. M.
P. M. 2 20 12 23
12 25 3 10 12 50
1 21 4 12 1 62
1 49 6 OS 2 20
2 17 0 01 2 48
3 13 7 00 3 44
3 41 7 50 4 12
1 C9 "8 52 4 40
l 51 9 48 5 22
5 05 10 U 6 SO
5 M U 40 0 04
0 01 0 32
0 57 7 28
7 53 8 24
8 49 9 20
9 45 10 10
10 41 11 12
lt.ll) WHISKY
The Probable Cause- of Death of
Unselb at Stony Ridjye.
Chemist G. A. Kirchninier has re
ported to Piosecutor E. G. McClel
land on tho stomach of Georgro Un
selb, submitted to him ' "mi thin
county. IIo fails utterly to ' any
traces of poison in tho organ, V.-ys tlio
It was" believed by tho officials Hint
Unselb Was poisoned, but Hie oxami-
naiion of the chcjnisl lins practically
removed tho last vistago of suspicion
of crime, ns a most rigid investigation
failed to reveal any motive for Hie
poisoning of Unselb, who undoubt
edly died from a protracted spree.
Enthusiastic for the Road
John R. Jones, J. B Wilson, E.TI.
McKnight nnd ITou. B. P. James
went to Grand Rapids last night,
wlicro thej- attended a meeting of tho
citizens of Hint town witli a view of
obtaining a fianeliise for the L. E., B
G. & X. electric railway. They wtre
much surprised by tlio enthiisiain
manifested l3' tho Grand Rapids
people and also the farmers who live
along tho proposed route of tho lino.
The subscriptions to the bonds were
liberal and the franchise may bo look
ed for any dny. The citizens are very
anxious to have tho road run thiougli
Grand Rapids. Times.
Co. Election Board Officers.
At a meeting of the board of elec
tion supervisors Saturday, Adam Ley
dorf was elected president, and C. II.
Russell, clerk. The contest for the
latter position was spirited and the
members went tho limit in balloting
before tho choice was made.' Previous
to this ballot Mr. Russell was agreed
upon as a compromise candidate. He
was not a candidate for tho position.
A grievous wail oftlmes comes as a
result o unbearable pain from over
taxed orgnns. Dizziness, Backache, Liv
er complaint and Constipation. But
thanks to Dr. King's New Life Pills
they put an end to all. They aro gen
tle but thorough. Try them. Only 25c.
Guaranteed at Bowers & Comstock's
drug store.
Not loo Is hereby given that The To
ledo Urban A: Intcrurbau Hallway
Company has made application to tin
Council or the incorporated Village of
Perrysburg, Wood County, Ohio, for
permission and au'tb'vity to construct,
operate and lualmniu a street railroad
in, along and upon the following
named streets In said Village, viz:
Commencing on Front Street at tlio
winterly line of Outlot Number T.vo
Hundred Thirteen (21 U); -11101100 run
ning easterly to W'c Boundary Street;
thence lUxWost Boundary Street south
erly to Second Street; theuec In Second
Street easterly to Louisiana Avenue;
thence in Louisiana Avenue southerly
to Indiana Avenue; thence iu Indiana
Avenue westerly to Cherry Street;
Also the right to cross the following
named streets and alleys within tho
limits of a sixty-six ((Hi) foot right of
way, measured westerly from tho
westerly line of Flndlay Street, to-wll:
Weh't Boundary Street; Ninth Street
or the sjre'et lying next southerly of
and parallel with Eighth Street; Mul
berry Street; Seventh Street; the alley
lying between and parallel with Sixth
Street and Seventh Street; Sixth
Street; l'lne Street; the alley lying be
tween and parallel with Fifth Street
and Sixth Street; tho alley lying be
tween and parallel with Pino and
ClHUTy Streets; Fifth Street; the alley
lying between and parallel with I mil
ium Avenue and Fifth Street;
Also the right to cross Cherry Street
diagonally from the northerly part of
Iiilot Number One Hundred Ninety
nine (11)0) to tho soii'thcrly part of In
lot Number One Hundred Eighty-six
Bids will he received under the said
application by tlio said Council for tho
construction and operation of the said
railroad up to and including the 1'1'th
day of September, 10015, nt 7:110 o'clock
I'. M., when said application will bo
for hearing and the said bids will bo
Each bid niiib't stale the rate of faro
for which each passenger will-be car
ried upon said railroad hi said Village,
and be necoinpaiued by 11 certified
check for one thousand ($1 ,000.00) dol
lars upon some bank in the Village- of
Perrysburg or the City of Toledo, Lu
cas County, Ohio, payable or endorsed
to tho order of said Village, as a guar
anty of good faith on tho part of the
bidder that If the f rnnchlBobe" awarded
lo him tho same will be accepted and
i'ts terms and conditions performed by
tho said bidder, his successors or as
signs. I'ubllslfed hy order of the Council
coutnlned hi a resolution duly passed
August lath, 1003.
Clerk of tho Incorporated Village of
Porrysburg, V ?Z county, Oldo.
Teachers Pleased with Per
rysburg and their Enter
tainment here,
A leo-Prcsldcnt Gallier called the in
stitute to order on Thursday morning.
Supt. Slmkins conducted 'the morning
devotional exercises.
Imagination nnd Character was Dr.
Uoark's first theme. Imagination is the
power we have of making for ourselves
pictures of things that do not on 1st,
or existing, that we have never seen;
memory is the poWer which enables us
to recall wha'chas beenln the mind. Im
agination Is creative but uses elements
already familiar, combining them 'Jnto
new Tonus. Not alone should poets
have imagination, but also common la
borers. The ditch digger will make
the best ditch who can see the Ideal
di'tcli; the brick mason who can see
the completed wall will soon become a
master mason. All classes of profes
sional nion linist use 'Imagination if
they are successful but the teacher
nt'eds It In a divine degree and should
cultivate It by legend, myths and
fairy stories In their pupils.
The most Important end of imagina
tion is its moral value. "We become
like our Ideal characters, and our ideals
11111st progress.
The Doctor's next topic was Curios
ity, which, he said, was the divine
hunger for knowledge, 0110 of the
mainsprings of man's advance. You
cannot keep children from learning If
the facts are presented In the right
way. Love, fear and ambi'cion were
mentioned ns motives. Punishment
the only appeal to which some children
are susceptible. If ambition is strong
enough you can get anything In tlio
world you wnut. Giving prizes is not
a good practice because attention is
focused upon something o'thcr than
for which lie should bo working. Ap
peal to the highest motive to which
the pupil will respond.
Dr. Roarlc began his afternoon talk
by urging teachers to-grow by rending
the books of the O. T. It. C. He
showed that teachers haviTTnore time
for study and improvement than mem
bers of other professions. They owe
It to themselves and the profession to
be readra-s of some good educational
magazines and papers. He then gave
a Mimniary of his work on psychology.
The senses get knowledge, memory
holds it and brings It back, Imagina
tion works It up into new concepts.
.Tudgm'entls one of the olabora'tive fa
culties. By It wo. draw comparisons.
Judgment 'Is used "n everything ami
should be cultivated In pupils. Con
science does not tell what Is right
judgment does that. Conscience says
do the right, or do not do wrong; like
all feelings It gives either pleasure or
pain. The machinery of moral action
is judgment to know the right; feel
ing that furnish motives, and will to
carrj" out tho decisions and motives.
Supt. Siinklns in his lirst talk ex
plained "How we hear." The outer
oar Is of no particular use. The struc
ture ot the organs of hearing aro
adapted In the host possible way lo
their use. A flue description was giv
en of tlio ear.
One of the most instructive talks Mr.
Slmkins gave the institute was upon
-"Dandelions." By drawings and speci
mens he slioived how the structure was
adapted for the transportation of the
seed, for Its planting and for its pro
tection. IIo stnted that lie had follow
ed tho root of a dandelion more than
54 ilnclies down in the- ground. By
computation it was shown that an or
der for n. dandelion plant lucluded
100,000,000 cells for the" heads alone.
The last half hour of the day was a
brief discussion of Mini, -under tho
topics, inn tier, mountain, mud, man,
and mind. He 'Miirihaslzed the fact of
Tho itartling; announcement that a
provontivo of suicldo had been dis
covered will Intarcst many. A run
down system, or despondency invari
ably precede sulcido and something
has boon found that will provont that
condition which makes sulcido llkoly.
At tho first thought of self destruc
tion tako Electric Bitters. It being a
groat tonic and norvlno will strongth
on tho nervos and build up tho sys
tom. It's also a great Stomach, Llvor
and Klduoy regulator. Only 50c. Sat
isfaction guaranteed by Bowors &
Comstock, druggists. . ,
living forces In Inanimate objects. IIo
strongly urged that we live, for our
suceoxsors. All object) In the world
seem to have existed for man and man
should live for the coming generations.
An Interesting change In the special
music was a mandolin solo by A'llono
Trndeau. This was executed nicely
an 1 was heartily cheered.
Friday morning tho Institute- work
was begun by singing. The morning
devo'tlonal exercises were conducted
by Mr. Brlsbln, after which Supt. Slm
kins talked about Vowels. He gave
sentences which contained the various
ues of the- vowels. The teachers
showed considerable skill In giving tho
various sounds and marks. Ills next
talk was an Instructive one upon Lati
tude and Longitude. Pupils lmist have
a correct mental picture of the earth
before they can understand latitude
and longi'tude. There in.ut be a start
ing point for measuring and locating.
By Illustrations on the blackboard lie
showed one way of finding the latitude
and longitude of familiar but small
places. Supt. Slmkins' afternoon talk
was a klutUof farewell. He said thai
he had the best time ho ever had In
an Institute. With such an Invitation
as has been given he believed that ii
would be unanimous to hold the Insti
tute In Perrysburg next year if they
fe.lt that Ir was Jiot asking too much
of Perrysburg teachers and citizens.
Ci'i'tainly It had taken work to care for
the Institute iu the way it lias been
done this week. For young teachers
there are many years of drudgery, but
In drudgery there may be enjoyment.
Primary teachers and primary cer
tificates. (Jood pay for the best In any
Prof, v Itoark's closing work on
psychology was as Instructive and en
tertaining as any that lie had given.
He said the questions of psychology
are easy for there are three conditions
consciousness, attention and htibl1;:
three groups of faculties, Intellect,
feeling and willaud three operations.
acquisition, assimilation and expres
sion. Teaching Is directly concernotf
with the operations. The body 11c
quires and must assimilate food. Body
and mind are much alike In these two
functions. There is often too much
acquiring stuffing with words with
out assimilation. The ideas and facts
which words represent must lie taken
up and assimilated until they are
ready to become elements of new
thoughts, and these must bo tested by
expression. Imagination and judg
ment are the stomach of the mind,
the assimilative powers. The four .vays
of expression are oral words, written
words, drawings and objects. The pro
fessor's plea for the extension of ex
pression hi drawing and manual train
ing was strong and practical.
Dr. lloarlc made a few closing re
marks. He never attended an insti
tute in which the close gave evidence
of a better slate of feeling, fellowship,
and profit thnn tills. He paid a beauti
ful and earnest tribute to 'the welcome
and entertainment given the teachers
by Perrysburg.
Tho teachers of Wood Co. Teachers'
Association feeling that the week of
institute work now drawing to a close
lias been all that could he desired in
elllcient instrucion, social enjoyment,
and professional unthiisiasm, desire to
express their appreciation of the suc
cess of the work.
Be it therefore, resolved: First that
our thanks be, extended to the board of
education for. tho use ol tho school
building; to Supt. Haylor, tho teach
ers of Perrysburg and vicinity and all
the citizens of Perrysburg for their
hearty welcome and royal entertain
ment; to tho Perrysburg band 'or
their music which added greatly to our
enjoyment of the evening reception;
to Mr. James Hayes for guiding us
over scenes of historic interest; to tho
Perrysburg Journal for its hearty sup
port; to Miss Ensign for her excellent
talk; and to all thoso who have as
sisted iu the line of special music; and
that the staff of instructors and musi
cians provided by our executivo com
mittee bo assured of our hearty appre
ciation of their work.
Second: That wo endorse the stand
taken by tlm Co. Examiners in regard
to professional reading for tho
Third: That wo again place our
selves on record as unalterably opposed
to tho use. of tobacco, intoxicants and
narcotics by teachors and renew our
oft-repeated request that tho Co. Ex
aminors refuse certificates to all per
sons known to bn addicted to their uso.
Fourth: That it is the senso of this
Association that the executivo com
mittee should endeavor to provide
(Continued on Eighth page).
Interesting Convention Held
at Bowling Green on
Wood county Democrats gavo tho
Cleveland statesman eight votes to
add to his list.
There was n good attendance at 'the
convention called to select delegates
to Slate nnd Senatorial convention.
E. D. Bloom was introduced as
Chairman and Philip Wetzel Secre
tary. It was soon made apparent that the
Johnson-Zimmerman light was a large
par1, of tho convention. The manner
of selecting delegates proved U hard
one to decide but it was finally done
1)3' ballot and the following were se
J. S. Hoymnn, E..D. Bloom, J. 11.
Stevens, D. IL Jones, William Leh
maiin, Thomas Alawer, A. V. Stafford,
Phillip Wetzel.
A. J. Penoy, J. JI. Brown, E. S.
Metzger, S. E. Niece, .John Troxell,
J. N. Easley, A. M. Wite, H. Nelson.
The delegates to the Senatorial
Convention aro as follows:
J. W. Long, E. D. Bloom, IT. E.
Hiser. George Grant, J. C. Brubaker,
D. R. Jones, E. J. Alkire, L. J. Gib
son, L. Williamson. S. Burkett, W.
Lahmann, R. A. Beatty, J. N.Easloy,
A. J. Katzenbarger, II. W. Seluoeder,
C. P. Smith, W. Lohmyer. L. H.
Mentor, J. P. Sherman, R. B. Saltz,
H. II. Bloom, D. P. Biehler, J. M.
Donahue, S. E. Niece, S. P. Ilnrrison,
II. J. Jacobson, W.L. Hough, J.
Wilt, A. J. Scncy, G. Brooks, U. Dis
hong, E. AVer, H. D Grove, J. O.
Leary, J. G. Groves, P. Wielhert, W.
Conkcy, D. Pugh, W. Roller, W. R.
Walker L. Schwind, C. S. Woodford,
S. C. Gribben, J. W. Colo, Kelly
Strohl, J. Drummer, W. II. Fowler,
11. J. McCormick, P. Fish, W. R. Til
ton, II. L. Byington, Chas. Shreiller,
W. H. Lee, G. Brubaker, M. Ault, J.
Hans, J. G. Hoffmann, J. M. Brown,
P. Wetzel, J. Loesch, D. Klinger, J.
Hays, J. W. LoGalley, E. W. Fisher,
J. W. Gerten, L. Mark, S. R. Light,
Rolla Andtis, L. H. Itolfs, Welden P.
Clans, A. lliuuly, Jacob Douster, J.
C. Totter, W. Walker, Charles Roper,
J. H. Whither, B. Indlekoffer.
Tho question of endorsing W. M.
Wickham of Pembervillo for State
Senator met with opposition, but a
motion finally prevailed instuctinL'
tho candidates to give the solid vote
to Wickham so long as a majority of
the delegates desired lo do so.
A motion prevailed instructing Hie
delegates to vote for Johnson for Gov
ernor so long as he is a candidate.
Mrs. B. Crossman of Toledo, is the
guest of Mrs. B. Schallur.
Miss Margaret Smith of Weston, is
the guest of her cousin, Miss Addie
Lewis Shipman and family wero
guests of AVeston frionds on Sunday.
Charles Metzger, HI, school teacher,
Prairie Depot, and Viola lleinniinger,
27, domestic Bradncr, llov. Moor.
William E. Thompson, ftl, farmer
Perrysburg, and Lyda Forst, lf,
housokeoper, Perrysburg. Both picvj
ously married.
Lewis Mercer, 22, farmer, Weston,
and Laura A. Lay tart, 18, domestic,
Jess Powers, 21, laborer, Toledo
and Dottio Ward 18, housokeoper,
Now Rochoster.
A little thing sometimes results In
death. Thus a mere scratch, Inslgni -
. .... ,.., , ..... ....
(leant cuts or puny bolls have paid tho
Jeath penalty. It is wlso to liavo
Hucklln's Arnica Salvo over handy. It's
tho- best Salvo on earth and will pro -
vent fatality, when Burns, Sores, Ul-
cers aim rues inrcaiou. uuiy zdh ai
(lowers & CoiiihIucU'j ".rug sloro
i:iiiii; di:,itii
Of an Estimable Lady of Per
rysburg1 Township.
The sudden death of Mrs. John Sim
mons brought sadness 'to the hearts of
a large number of relatives and friends
of the lady.
In company with her husband and
family she attended tho funeral of her
cousin, Kd BelvUIe, nt Ft. Meigs cem
etery last Sunday afternoon, and while
awaiting a car (on which they Intend
ed to go to Toledo,) she was taken 111
with heart trouble. Sue was placed
In a carriage and brought down town
for medical attention, and ns the doc
tor's oillce was closed she was taken
Into A, J. Wltzler's furniture, store Iu
order that she might be given a place
to lie down. Hvery possible attcn'tion
was given but she censed breathing hi
less than ten mhlutes.
.Mrs. Simmons (nee Miss Mary .Tones)
whs b&rti .1 unitary 10, 1S57, and was
united In marriage with John Simmons
in 1S71. Of this union five children
were born, all of whom aro living, Mrs.
Will Pusher, Mrs. Addie Philips, Geo.
Simmons and Miss Mabel and Mr.
Alfred Simmons, who With tho
nusband and numerous friends mourn
her dtntlu
The funeral services were held at the
fiiiullj residence near Dowling, by
ltev. Diiinin, and the remains Interred
hi 'the Dowling cemetery.
A large concourse of friends follow
ed the remains to their last resting
Mrs. Molllo Allen, of South Fork,
Ky., says sho has prevented attacks of
cholera morbus by taking Chamber
lain's Stomach and Liver Tablets when
she felt an attack coming on. Such
attacks aro usually caused by indiges
tion and thesoTablets are just what is
needed to cleanse the stomach and
ward off the approaching attack. At
tacks of bilious colic may bo provented
in the same way. For sale by Bowers
fi Comstock.
Miss Ida Ross visited friends at To
ledo over Sunday.
Mrs. Chris Bauman is on the sick
Pearl Richards and wife spent Sun
day at Put-in Bay.
Tho Sunday school held their annual
picnic at Walbridge park last Thurs
day. Miss Elllc Young of Genoa is spend
in.' a few days with her friend, Miss
Florence Bauman.
Tho Lime City High school has
finally succeeded in getting a teacher.
Prof. Lehr of Ada, has been engaged.
Arden Aralentine of Bowling Green
and Miss Efile Young of this place
spent Sunday at Detroit.
Otis Young of Toledo was in town
Saturday and Sunday.
The ice cream supper given at Mr.
Crass' proved quite a success.
All members with mayor and clerk
were present.
Sidewalk committee was authorized
to have sidewalk grade and location
lino ostabllshed by engineer where In
their Judgment It Is deemed necessary.
Communication was rend from Coun
ty Coinmishloners s'tatlng that they
cannot legally assist In maintaining
bridges over Grassy Creek.
K. L. Kingsbury was granted per
mission to keep gasoline tank 011 street
outside of building.
I). K. llollenbeck was allowed per
mission to place building material on
stp'et temporarily while building Is
being erected.
Street committee was authorized to
provide suitable covers for catch
liiislus and cisterns where necessary.
Neci-s-jiiry repairs were ordered for
roof of engine room.
Owner of property at Intersection of
Front and (merry street was notified
to repair sidewalk surrounding the
property by putting in new s'tone or
cement walk.
Application of T. U. & 1. lly. Co. for
franchise was read and resolution au
thorizing clerk to advertise. ..for bids
was read and passed by unanimous
The bid of T C, S. & C. Ity. for
franchise was referred to judiciary
Claim ordinance was passed.
Street committee was authorized to
place load of crushed stone at bridge
over Grassy Cieek on Locust titreet.
Boy Cured of Colic After Physician's
Treatment Had Failed.
My hoy when four years old was
takou with colic and cramps in his
stomach. I sent for the doctor and
; h injected morphine, but
kept getting worse. I then
the child
Vit-i frnHliup itmicn T than onvn litm
toaspoonfnr of Chamberlain
( ConCi cholera and Llarrhoca Remedy,
and in half an hour he was sleeping
' "u,,.KOTon, recovered. F. L. WIUtlnB,
KkiS? J'tho Shell SkoLuiJ,8-
j)0r Co.
j stock.
For salo by Bowors & Com-
ull fXUJi ".BltH'ig"
' Tia Ori..uflto..

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