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VOL. LI -ED, L. BLUE,-Publisher.
$1.00 IN ADVANOE.-NO, 25
O. II. Ac II. It . it. XI mo curd .
Trains pass Porrysburjr
North. South.
No 12. ,4:40a.m. No. l....G:40am
" 14.. 7:28 " " 5 10:48 "
" 2.10:00 " " 9;.. 4:05 p.rn
" 0.. 1:58p.m. " 13. ...9:50 "
" 8.. 8:04 '
All trains dally except Nos. 1 and 2.
itrcoi Cars rrom . II. & I). Ilcpotat
AtOlnclnnatl Uio naymlllcr Klcctrlo Street
Oar Llnclcnvcs tho Sixth strcctentrnncc o( the
Depot, ruiinlnR UP Sixth street to nil parts ol
thoclty. ThoKastEnd Elcctrlostnrtsfrom the
Filth street entrance, rnnnltiR up Fourth strent
toallpartsolthoclty. Including tho extreme
East End, passing tho I'enna. Station. The
Thirdand FourthstreotHorseOar Line leaves
the Filth strcotentrance passing the Central
The Toledo & Maumee Vallev Ev. Oo
Bonth Sorth
A.M. 4.M,
i 35 "5 at
5 06 5 EG
8 50 8 21
0 62 7 20
7 48 T 43
8 41 S 16
9 40 9 12
10 36 9 10
1132 10 03
P. M. 11 01
12 28 11 32
1 24 12 00
2 20 P. M.
3 16 12 56
4 12 121
5 08 1 52
6 04 2 43
7 00 3 16
7 56 3 44
8 52 l 20
9 48 4 40
10 41 5 OS
5 36
6 32
7 28
. 8 21
9 20
10 10
7 13
7 41
8 09
9 05
9 33
10 01
10 57
11 25
11 53
12 19
1 17
1 45
2 41
3 09
3 37
4 33
5 01
6 29
16 11
0 25
111 53
7 21
8 IT
9 13
10 09
It 05
4 10
5 12
6 03
0 60
7 55
8 61
9 47
10 43
11 39
12 35
1 31
2 27
3 23
4 19
5 15
6 11
7 07
8 03
8 59
10 51
2 01
Dally Except Smulny.
1 To Perrysburg only.
Freight Car leaves .Maumee dally except
Sunday for Toledo at 7:13 a. m and 1 :17 p. m.
I.v. Perrysburg at 7:31 a. m. and 1;33 p. m.
I.v. Toledo at 8:56 a. m. and 3:30 p. m.
The Toledo, Bowling Green & Fremont
Cars leave Perrysburjj for Bow. Green
a m
a in
p m
9 00
n m
p m
a m
p m
8 58
p m
Thi Citizens Bain
0AEITAL STOCK, 50,000.
J AS. O. TROUP, Vice Pres.
Norman L. HANSON, Cash, and
General Manager.
John Perrin, David Main.
Jacob Davis, Norman L. Hanson
W. C. Pebbin, D. K. Hollenijeck
C. P. Chapman P. A. Wetmore,
J. G. Hoffman.
V.ecoives deposits, loans money, sells foreign
aid domestic exchange, buys and sells dralis,
bonds coin, notes, mortgages aud pays interest
on time, deposits.
Dr. A. H. BAB000K
Successor to Dr. E. D. Wlnficld,
Frederick C. Averiil,
818 Spltzor Illiildliifft
n i
F. Eugene Eheinfrank
Attorney and
531-332 Tho Spllzer,
Phone Main 1509. TOLEDO. O.
Offioe Hoffmann Building.
Olllco Phone 582. Residence,
Titles investigated and abstracts furnished on
application. Nolaty In OHltc.
Mttnufaoturer of "Auditor," "Jack
Pot," and other brands ol fine cigan.
Watohes, Olooks. Jewelry, Speotaoles &o.
Hull" block from Summit St.
Special euro will ho taktn with tho repair of
ttfl kind) ol Watches, Clocks mid Jewelry,
Ross- Arriving
ford. Toledo
Norh West East
A. M. A. M. A. H.
"5 54 Mi SO 6 24
6 21 5 SO 6 52
6 49 52 1 20
7 15 7 43 8 16
8 13 8 41 8 41
8 11 9 40 9 12
9 37 10 30 10 08
10 in 11 32 10 80
10 33 P. M. 11 01
11 29 12 28 12 00
11 57 1 24 P. JI.
P. M. 2 20 12 28
12 25 3 10 12 60
1 21 4 12 1 B2
1 49 6 OS . 2 20
2 17 0 01 2 48
3 13 7 00 3 41
3 41 7 50 1 12
4 09 8 52 4 40
I51 9 48 5 22
5 05 10 41 5 SO
5 S3 11 40 0 04
0 Ol fl 32
0 B7 , 7 28
7 53 8 24
8 13 9 20
9 45 10 10
10 41 11 12
farmers picnic.
Attendance Large and Pro
gram very Interesting-.
About 3000 people attended the
Farmers Field day nt Vollmer's pari;
Inst week Wednesday.
The programme as arranged by tho
committee was well planned for an
interesting day's amusement.
Tho rain in the afternoon brought
tho events to an early closing and
caused much disappointment.
The speeches by
and Hon. B. C. Harding wero of
much interest and contained many
features which were of benefit to tho
assembled people.
Numerous athletic events wero con
ducted which afforded much sport.
The next meeting will probably bo
held at a place moro easy of access.
A large number of people signed
the membership list and the next an
nual event will probably be bigger
and better than any previous effort.
A grievous wail oftlmes comes as a
result of unbearable pain from over
taxed organs. Dizziness, Backache, Liv
er complaint and Constipation. But
thanks to Dr. King's New Life Pills
they put an end to all. They are gen
tle but thorough. Try them. Only 25c.
Guaranteed at Bowers & Comstock's
drug store.
Lien Doc. 4. Cute No. 1050.
Herman SI. Hanson, vs. Alfred Hitchcock.
In Wood County, Ohio, Court of Common I'lcas.
By virtue or n Vendl Exponas, Issued In the
above entitled cause, by the Olcrk of the Com
mon fleas Court or woou uonniy, umo. aim vu
me directed and delivered. I will oiler for sale
at public vendue, at the front door of the Court
house. In Bowling Green, Ohio, on
Between 10 and 11 o'clock A. M.. of said day, the
following described lands and tenements,
to-wlt: , . , . ,
Lot number twenty six (20) of tho original
plat ol I.imo City. Wood County, Ohio.
Terms of Sale: Cash.
Appraised ut S300.00.
W. S. REECE, SUerlir.
By A. C. ROACH, Deputy.
F. E. Bowers,
Plaintiffs Attorney. 210
Notice Is hereby given that The To
ledo Urban. & Interurban. Hallway
Coinimuy has niailo application to the
Council of the incorporated Village of
Perryslmrj:, Wood County, Ohio, for
permission and au'thority to construct,
operate and niiUntain a street railroad
In, along and upon the following
named streets in said Village, viz:
Commencing on Front Street at the
winterly line of Outlot Number T.vo
Hundred Thirteen (213); thence run
ning easterly to WeA Boundary Street;
thence lu West Hoimilary Street south
erly to Second Street; thence in Second
Street eagerly to Louisiana Avenue;
thence in Louisiana Avenue southerly
to Indiana Avenue; thence in. Indiana
Avenue westerly to Cherry Street;
Also the right to- cross the following
named streets and alleys within, the
limits of a sixty-six (00) foot right of
way, measured westerly from the
westerly line of Ftndlay Street, to-wlt:
WeJt Homulary Street; .Nintu street:
or the street lying next southerly of
and parallel with Eighth Street; Mul
berry Street; Seventh Street; the alley
lying between and parallel with Sixth
Stree'l- and" Seventh Street; Sixth
Street; Pino Street; tho alley lying be
tween and parallel with Fifth Street
and Sixth Street; the alloy lying be-
Ltweeu and parallel with Pino anu
Clxn-ry Streets; Fifth Street; tho alley
lying between and parallel with Indi
ana Avenue and Fifth Street;
Also the right to cross Cherry Street
diagonally from the northerly part of
Inlot Number One Hundred Nluety-
nine (100) to the sou'therly part of In
let Number One Hundred Eighty-six
lifds will bo received under the said
application by the said Council for tho
construction and operation of tho ?a!d
railroad up to and including the 1-l'th
day of September, 1003, at 7:30 o'clock
P. M when said application, will be
for hearing and the said bids will be
Each bid mu&'t state the rate of faro
for which each passenger will be car
lied upon said railroad In said Village,
and be necoinnanled by a. certified
cheek for one thousand ($1,000.00) dol
lars upon some bank in the Village of
Perrysburg or the City of Toledo, Lu
cas County, Ohio, payable or endorsed
to tho order of said Village, as a guar
anty of good faith on the part of the
bidder that If tho franchise be awarded
to him the same will bo accepted and
i'ts terms and conditions performed oy
the said bidder, his successors or as
signs. Published by order of the Council
contained In a resolution duly passed
August 13th. 11)03.
Clerk of the Incorporated Village of
Perrysburg, Wood County, Ohio.
tho most hoallna salve In the world.
Makos Kldnoys and Bladder Right
i sdiuirr omg
enjoyed by Editors and
families of Buckeye
Press Ass'n.
In home Just now t take no pride,
And in it And but small dclisht.
How can 1, when all things ouUldo
So temptingly my soul Invito?
for big Bluffed chairs I do not care,
Thoy like the carpets dull appear.
Now that the warm, sv cet, summer air
Whispers, so woolngly, ''Come here!"
Tho rooms are cared for cacli now day,
And yet dust clings to everything,
While birds outsldo call me and pny,
"Come out awhile and hero us sing!"
The pictures arc in place and still
In them I little beauty sec.
When joyous brooks beyond the hill
So siren-like arc calling me.
Yet, that I love my home as well
As most of men, I still insist;
But now tho birdi, the (lowers, the cUll
Call me-and I cannot roilsl.
Tlioina F. Torter.
The above verses express full 'veil
the feeling that comes to every per
son whose duties at home, in olfice or
shop, require such attention that the
Summer months find them tired and
longing for rest.
"Things outside are calling me;"
it is nature's plaintive song which is
nlmost irresistible; it is the song of
tho Michigan woods; it is the melody
that comes from the shores of Michi
gan's beautiful lakes; it is the voice
of the gamey bass and" wiley trout
that invite ypu out to inhale the fra
grance of wooded hills; to take a dip
in the crystal lake ana to match your
skill with the beauties that inhabit
the waters.
It was the song ringing in the ears
of tho members of tho Buckeye Press
Association that induced them to turn
down several other opportunities for
a Summer outing and accept an iuyi-
tation from Col. J. J. Kirby, General
Pussenger Agent of the Ann Arbor
railroad to go to Frankfort, Mich.,
for a few weeks' outing.
Our party left Toledo on an Ann
Arbor special train and made an ex
cellent run to the beautiful Crystal
lake country, arriving at Frankfort
and taking dinner at the Royal Fron
tenac Hotel where the party, consist
ing of 100 people made headquarters
during their stay in Frankfort.
Tho Royal Frontenac which has
been previously described in these
columns, maintains tho excellent
standard established at the opening
last year it is an ideal resort hotel.
Frankfort is improving in many re
spects, and there is a feeling of cor
diality and hospitality among the
people that makes the visitor feel
himself very much at home, while en
joying all pleasures of n summer re
sort. Our party enjoyed themselves in
running about over tho hills, down
by tho lake Michigan and in trips to
Crystal and Piatt lakes.
It was the Journal's pleasuro to bo
awarded with excellent luck in n
little hshiug trip on Urystal, going
out from Beulah, taking a line catch
of beautiful bass yes, we had wit
nesses. A Jiifc of information of value to
this locality, is tho fact that M. A.
Lear of Findlny has purchased the
celebrated Thompson hotel at Platto
lake, which ho will enlarge and lit up
in a manner suitable for public pat
ronage and will act as host to tho
fishing world as soon as tho houso is
remodeled which will bo done us rap
idly ns possible. This hotel is well
known to Wood county fishermen
and the fact that it will hereafter bo
conducted ou an iip-to-dato plan is
good news.
Over ut Platto there is a party of
contented, happy Wood county men
James Cunning of Buskins and
Davo Hartmau of B. G., who have an
Tho startling announcement that a
proventivo of sulcldo had been dis
covered will Interest many. A run
down system, or despondency invari
ably procode sulcldo and something
has boon found that will prevent that
condition which makes suicide likely.
At tho first thought of self destruc
tion tako Electric Dltters. It being a
great tonic and nervine will strength
en the nerves and build up tho sys
tem. It's also a great Stomach, Liver
and Kidney regulator. Only COc. Sat
isfaction guaranteed by Dowers &
Comstock, druggists.
ideal location and arc enjoying that
beautiful country in lino style.
A number of Perrysburg people
have gono to Frankfort this week to
enjoy tho Crystal lake fishing, and
tho health giving breezes of that
beautiful region.
The doings of tho editors while at
Frankfort is of no particular interest
to the Journal readers, henco we
pass by that feature of the trip by
merely saying that this is the third
season they have spent in that coun
try and there is no abatement in the'
interest and pleasure taken in tho
visits. It seems to grow on tho visi
torand a trip to Frankfort and tho
crystal lake country becomes a habit
a necessity tho Summer seems not
to have been a Summer without a
trip to Frankfort-on-the-lake.
Destroyed Derrick and Imper
illed Several Lives.
The premature explosion of ten
quarts of glycerine on the I. W. Shir
ley lease of the Knaggs farm, near
Portage, Saturday, demolished an
oil well derrick and barely missed
killing a team of horses and two or
three people. The shooter had put
down a portion of the shot and was
just lowering two shells of ten quarts
each attached together, when the
lower one became unfastened and fell
down the hole, exploding some dis
tance down. It threw out the other
shell which went off as it struck the
top of the derrick, 75 feet from the
ground. The crown pully barely
missed Ihe shooter's wagon which
stood close by and still contained 80
Beams and lumber were niled nn-
011 tho wag011 bufc the seilsjtive stuff
did not explode. The men engaged
in putting the shot stood in the
midst of the falling and Hying tim
bers but escaped without a scratch.
The explosion shook the houses in
Portage and. caused considerable ex
citement for a time. X.
Will Teach at Wingston.
L. R. Wellstead, who was engaged
as Superintendent of the Perrysburg
township schools last year, has been
elected Principal of the Wiiigstou
schools, in Liberty township.
In the organization of the township
teachers reading circle ami institute
he was elected Vise President, with
R. A. Wales ns President, and Miss
Com Hanson as Secretary. Mr. Well
stead will commence teaching in Sep
tember. Many friends here wish him
success in his new field of labor.
A Formidable Fleet.
Commodore Kingsbury is' rapidly
pushing the work on his new craft
the Mayilower, which will soon bo
put in commission. Capt. Ben. Mc
Casliu has his new boat, the Gill
flower, completed and is now ready
for business. When the Gillilawer
was launched it was decided that
champaign was too mild for tho
christening and a brick of limburger
cheese was broken on her prow.
Site slipped into the water without
a struggle and rides tho wayes with
the grace of a canvas back duck.
Kent M. Pope, 21 clerk, Prairie De
pot and Helen Demuth, 21, Haskins.
Frank E. Rowland, 35, oil worker,
Bairdstown, and Catherine Lodge, 20
domestic, Portage.
Clyde C. Risher, 20, oil producer,
East Brady, Pa., and Stella May
Shearer, 25, school teacher, Hatton.
Joseph Michael, 40, retired farmer,
Gibsonburg, and Helen Burdeker, 41,
dressmaker, Scotch Ridge.
"Two physicians had a long and
stubborn fight with an abcess on my
right lung" writes J. F. Hughes o
Dupont, Ga., "and gave mo up. Eevery
body thought my time had come. As
a last resort I tried Dr. King's Now
DIscovory for Consumption. Tho ben
efit I received was striking and I
was on my feet In a few days. Now I'vo
entirely regained my health." It con
quers all Coughs, Colds and Throat
and Lung troubles. Guaranteed by
Bowers & Comstock, druggists,. Price
50c and ?1.00. Trial bottles frco.
youth i.n m rlopb.
Map of 50 Runs away
Maid of 14.
On Sunday morning an nnxious
father called at police station in To
ledo to make inquiry for his daugh
ter. He gave the name of Eaton and
stated that his daughter Libbio had
disappeared from her home in Wal
b ridge in this county on Saturday
night, in company with Arthur Mc
Ewen, a man of 50 years who had
resided for a short time at Walbridge.
Subsequent investigations prooved
that McEwen and the girl, who is
l'l years of age, remained in Toledo
over night and started for Detroit on
Sunday morning, where they were
arrested by Detroit police on suspi
cion. A Detroit dispatch says:
"A premeditated elopement was
frustrated by the Detroit police this
afternoon when Arthur McEwen,
aged i)0 years, a farmer of occupation,
and Miss Libbio Eaton, nyred 15,
were arrested by Patrolman Robert
Shaw at the instigation of the police
in Toledo. The couple arrived in
Detroit on the Toledo train via the
Mich'gan Central railroad and as
soon as they we'-o accosted by thf
patrolman McEwen fainted away and
begged not to be arrested. The girl,
however exhibited no emotion and
voluntarily accompanied tho officer to
the police station. The young lady
admitted that she had run away with
McEwen from Walbridge, O., where
she resides, and that it was their in
tention to go to n small town in Iowa
and get married. McEwen claims
that both had the consent of the girl's
mother to marry. The authorities at
Toledo have been notified and the
couple will be detained in this city
awaiting the disposition of the girl's
Arthur McEwen, who is charged
with having nbducted 1-lyear-old
Elizabeth Eaton from Walbridge, O.,
Saturday, was brought to Monroe
Monday, on a warrant issued charg
ing statutory criminal assault on com
plaint of the girl herself.
Charles Ford Commits Suicide
in Detroit Hotel.
Charles Ford, a well known Bow
ling Green young man, shot himself
on Monday morning, and died a few
minutes after his act.
The young man had been in Detroit
several days having gono there from
Toledo to spend his vacation. No
cause has been assigned for the rash
He is the oldest son of P. M. Ford
of B. G., for several "years employed
in A. Conant's shoe store and was
about 27 years of age.
No cause has been assigned for the
rash act, but it may probably be at
tributed to melancholia, as it is known
to his friends that ho frequently was
subject to fits of despondency, not
withstanding his apparent sunny dis
Restaurant Changes Hands.
The restaurant In Masonic temple
building which has been conducted by
Mrs. Bernius, has changed hands,
Charles II. Muir purchasing the busi
ness and leasing the part of tho build
ing used for the restaurant. Mr. Muir
has associated with him W. S. Wood-
ring and together thoy will make spec
ial effort to accommodate the public
with first class meals at all hours.
Thoy will also handle a lino of con
fectionery and first-class tobaccos and
cigars, and will continue the ticket
agency of both electric lines.
There is an old allegorical picture of
a girl scared at a grass-hoper, but In
act of heedlessly treading on a snake.
This Is paralleled by tho man who
spends a largo sum of money building
a cyclone celler.but noglects to provide
his family with a bottle of Chamber
lain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy as a safeguard against bowel
complaints, whoso victims outnumber
those of tho cyclone a hundred to ono.
This remedy la everywhere recognized
as tho most prompt and reliable med
icine In uso for these diseases. 'For
sale by Uowors & Comstock.
Bills Allowed and Assessments
Isued for Cutting Weeds.
August 8, 1003.
Trustees met 'in regular session.
Messrs Loesch, Brossia and Ault,
trustees, with P. Wetzel, clerk, pres
ent. The following claims weie ordered
Geo. Vetter, labor on roads, $1.00.
Phil Wetzel, salary, postage, tele
phone, 13.42.
K. J. Halm, notifying owners of
land and cutting weeds, 35.20.
Matt Moore, labor on roads, 3.50.
Ferd Wenz, engineers services, 20.00.
Tho trustees reported that the Fred
Goerke ditch shall bo completed by
Sept. 15 and that the Fred Emch
ditch at the same time.
The clerk was instructed to place the
following costs against lands as fol
lows: E. II. Martin, 20 20 acres, R. T., .45
Mrs. H. Ilalenbricht, 10 acres, It. T.,
J. Leizer, north part of R. T. No. 17,
T. K. Craine, 20 acres of Sec.
town3TJ. S.R., S0.00.
C. Lang, Sec. 35, town 3 U,
No. 23
S. R.,
Mr. Rordman, 2.10.
W. Iladnett, .00.
Geo. Lober, north 20, Sec. 35, town
3 U S R, 1.35.
Haska Furrer, .00
Joe Furrer, .45.
Chas. Harris, east 5th, R T 77, .00.
J. Craine, .00.
J. Stewart, west 5th, Sec. 33, .00.
Geo. Munger, west 20 of Sec. 33, .GO.
L. II. Christman, south 10 of Sec. 33,
W. Lininger, north GO of Sec. 31,
w. Leaker, 47 a R. T. 73, .00.
Ida Schnerer, south 20 09 of Sec.
town 3 U S R, .75.1
T. T. R. R., right of way, .00.
August 15, 1003.
Trustees present J. Loesch, Wm. F.
Rrossia and Martin Ault with Philip
Wetzel, clerk.
The clerk was again instructed to
notify the Terminal Belt
road to fill in the hole - between their
tracks and those of the C. II. & D. R.
The following claims were ordered
Matt Moore, labor on roads, 17.00.
P. Sattler, labor, planks, 4.00.
W. F. Brossia, labor on bridge, 2.00.
How to Remember Presidents.
When a joke made me a joker,
Van had to poke the fire poker;
But laughing jokes get heavy greetings
As comrades hold company meet
Here is a verse which if committed
to memory will enable a person to re
call all of the Presidents of the United
States in tho order thoy served the
nation as such, tho first letter of each
word indicating the initial of the
Beginning with the first President
and going on down the list we como
up to the present administration
without trouble as follows: Washing
ton eight years (1797), Adams four
years (1801,) Jefferson eight years
(1809), Madison eight years (1817),
Monroo eight years (1825), Adams
four years (1829), Jaclcson eight years
(1837), Van Buren, four years (1811),
Harrison & Tyler four years, 1815,
Polk, four years (1819), etc.
Viola J. Footo to Mabel J. Waugh,
lot, Tontogany, $1,000,
Myra II. Hanson, guardian to Liila
M. Hanson, 8 lots, Perrysburg, 420.
Sheriff of Wood county to Frank A
Crosby, lots Grand Rapids, 1230.
Isabell Laurence to Arleigh C. Dele
plane, lot, Tontogany, 415.
Arleigh C. Deloplane to William J.
Van Wagner, lot, Tontogany, 115.
"I am just up from a hard spell of
tho llux" (dysentery) says Mr. T. A.
Plnnor, a well known merchant of
Drummond, Tenn. "I used ono small
bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy and was cured
wltnout having a doctor. I consider
It tho best cholera medicine In the
world." Thero Is no need of employ
ing a doctor when this remedy Is used,
for no doctor can prescribe a better
medicine for bowel complaint In any
form either for children or adults It
never falls and Is pleasant to tako.
For sale by Uowors & Comstock.

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