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VOL. LI.-ED, L. BLUE, PublisHer,
$1.00 m ADVANOE.-NO. 27
U. II. Ac . It. It. Tim o Cnnl.
Trains pass f crrysDurg
12.. 4:40 a. m
1 0:49 am
5 10:48 u
9... 4:0!) p.m
13....9:C0 "
1 14.. 7:28 "
' 2.10:00 "
1 0..1:58p.ra.
1 8.. 8:04 '
All trains dally
except Noi. 1 and 2.
Ml re ol Cars rrom O. l. A: D. Depot ill
AtOlnclmittti the Bnymlllcr Electric Street
Uarl.inolcavestliedlxthstrcctentranco ol the
Depot, runnlni? up Sixth street to nil parts of
theclty. ThoEostEnil Electricstnrts from the
Filthstrcctcntrancc.runnliiKup Fourth Btrcet
to all partsof theclty, Including tho extreme
East End, passing the l'cniia. Station. The
Thirdand FourlhstrcetHorscOar Lino leaves
tho Filth strcetentrance passing the Lcntral
Tha Toledo & Maumee Vallev Ev. Oo
Lcavlne ttoss- Arriving ! Leaving
Perrysburg lord. Toledo i JIaumee
Booth Korth Norh" Vest East ; So'th H'th
A. M, A. M, A.M. A. M. A. M. j A.M. A,M.
'las 5 32 -5 51 5 :w 21 i 7 13 40
5 06 5 5G 6 21 5 86 0 82 : 7 41 5 12
8 SG 6 21 6 19 6 52 7 '2C 8 09 6 03
6 52 7 20 7 15 7 43 S 10 : 9 05 6 59
7 48 T 18 8 13 8 41 8 41 i 9 3.) 7 55
8 41 8 16 8 II 9 40 9 12 10 01 8 51
9 40 9 12 9 .17 10 30 10 08 10 57 9 47
10 36 9 10 10 05 II 32 10 SG 11 25 10 43
11 32 10 03 10 33 P, M. 11 04 11 53 11 89
P. M. U 01 11 29 12 28 12 00 P.M. P.M.
12 28 11 32 11 57 1 21 P. M. 12 19 12 35
1 21 12 00 P. M. 2 20 12 23 1 17 1 31
2 20 P. M. 12 25 3 16 12 56 1 45 2 27
3 16 12 66 1 21 4 12 1 52 2 11 3 23
4 12 121 1 49 8 OS 2 20 3 09 4 19
5 03 1 2 2 17 G 01 2 48 3 37 5 15
6 01 2 48 3 1? 7 00 3 41 4 33 6 11
7 00 3 10 3 II 7 56 I 12 5 01 7 07
7 66 3 41 4 09 8 52 4 40 5 29 8 01
8 52 t 20 4 51 9 48 5 22 6 11 8 69
9 43 4 40 5 05 10 44 6 36 6 25 9 85
10 41 SOS 5 33 11 40 0 04 Jl! 53 10 51
5 36 G 01 6 S2 7 21
6 32 G 87 7 28 8 17
7 28 7 53 8 2 9 13
8 21 8 19 9 20 10 09
9 20 9 45 10 16 1105
10 10 10 41 U 12 A. M-
2 01
Dally Except Sunday.
1 To Perrysburg only.
Freight Car lenvca JIaumec daily except
Sunday for Toledo at 7:13 a. m. and 1:17 p. m.
I.v Perrysburg at 7:34 a. m. and 1;S3 p. m.
Lv. Toledo at 3.50a. m. and 3:30 p. m.
The Toledo, Bowling Green & Fremont
Cars leave Perrysburg for Bow. Green
a m
a m
p m
9 00
a m
p m
a m
p m
p m ,
The Gita Banking C
incohlmiicvi'eii isu-i.
J AS. O'. TROUP, Vice Pres.
Norman L. IIANSON, Cash, and
General Manager.
John PnnuiN, David Main.
Jacob Davis, Norman L. EIanson
W. C. Peruin, D. K. Hollkkocck
C. P. Chapman P. A. Wetmore,
J. G. Hoffman.
Receives deposits, loans money, sells foreign
and domestic exchange, buys and sells dralts,
' bonds coin, notes, mortgages and pays Interest
ou time, deposits.
Dr. A. H. BAB000K
Successor to Dp. E. D. Wlnfield,
Frederick C. Averill,
818 Spltzor Biuldliiffi
F. Eugene Bheinfrank
Attorney and
B3I-SU2 The Spllzer,
Phone Main 1509. TOLEDO. O.
Offioa Hoffmann Building.
Olllco Phono 582. Residence, 77
Titles InveitlRHtci! mid abstract turnUbld ox
implication, Nolaiy In Office.
Manufacturer of "Auditor," "Jaok
Pot," and other brands of fine ohjari.
Watolies. Clonks, Jewelry, Speotaoles &o.
Half block from Summit St.
BpccUl euro will bo taken with tbo repair of
M kinds ol Watches, Clocks ami Jewelry,
iionsii rtbilinq
two more Young:
into Difficulty.
Thcatlore Easterwood nntl Charles
Lang, attempted to cell a horse and
buggy to "Slick" Overly at Grand
Rapids. Thoy were arrested and
brought to Bowling Green whore
they had a hearing in Squire Near
ings' court and Easterwood was
bound over to court. His bond was
fixed at 1000 and because he
couldn't rake up tho amount he now
takes his meals at the county jail.
Long is held as n witness. Easter
wood admitted having served a term
in the O. P. for horse stealing and
his prospects now seem good for
another job with the State.
Prosecutor's Report.
The repoit of Prosecutor E.
McClelland to the county commis
sioners for the year ending yesterday,
shows twenty-five convictions to his
credit. Among the criminals were
several notorious crooks who got
penitentiary sentences.
A Boy's Wild Ride For Life.
"With family around, expecting him
to die, and a son riding for life, IS
miles to get Dr. King's New Discovery
for Consumption, Coughs and Colds,
V. H. Brown, of Leesville, Ind., en
dured death's agonies from asthma;
but this wonderful medicine gave in
stant relief and soon cured him. Ha
writes: "I now sleep soundly every
night." Lllte marvelous cures of Con
sumption, Pneumonia, Bronchitis,
Coughs, Colds and Grip prove its
matchless merit for all Throat and
Lung troubles. Guaranteed bottles
50c and 51.00. Trial bottles free at
Bowers & Comstock's drug store.
For Sam:. House and lot on
Second street. Enquire of 11ns. J. 13.
Scott, Maumee, O. 24tf
For Sam:. Eight acres in Perrys
burg, located at the intersection of
Mulberry, Eighth and West Boundary
streets. Price $S00. Enquire of Alice
Caspers, "V. Front st., corner Mul
berry. 24d
m:v, there, i.imi: nrv cider aum..
Commencing on the last Thursday of
August and continuing every Tuesday
and Thursday until further notice, the
Lime City cider mill will be in oper
ation for custom trade.
23h T. H. Tixxev, Prop.
Filled Frames, guaranteed 10
fitted with our fines! ground
Plated Glasses fitted lo your
eyes, $1.00.
Artificial eyes inserted without uain.
Consultation and examination free.
All work of tho highest class and
Excluslvo Expert Opticians,
507 Adams St,, Toledo, Ohio.
Ground Floor. 'Phone-550.
tatiwf Echool Sflies
:b. ziKrca-a-'s
Meals at all hours.
Confectionery and Cigars.
Don't Trust to Luck,
Insurance is tho Only Safeguard
against loss in case- of flro. Our plan
protects you at small cost. It is Insur
ance that is sure, an investment that
pays big dividends whjn most needed.
Tho best plan la not to bo without It.
Call on the
Agonoy for Flro and Tornado Insurance.
v" v h Tr Ljj- ij. ,
Begin the Fall SessionAs
signment of Teachers.
-The public schools commenced
their regular sessions on Tuesday,
with an .excellent attendance and a
good showing for a successful and
profitable term.
During tho vacation several improve
ments have been made in the build
ing which will be of great benefit to
I teachers and pupils.
Tho teachers have been assigned
their positions as follows.
First grade, Mrs. Eugenia Chapman.
Second grade, Miss Katherine Rhoda.
Third " Miss Clara Leydorf.
Foiuth " Miss Anna Roether.
Fifth " Miss.Gertrude Chapman.
Sixth " Miss Ola Hartshorn.
Seventh " Miss Alta Blinn.
Eighth " C. II. Neiderhouse.
Mrs. Jameson, Principal.
Miss Mason, Music and Assistant.
Prof, D. A. Haylor, Superintendent.
Mrs. Kate Jameson spent several
weeks in professional study at Wes-
leyon University
during the past
Bertha Hillabrand was a substitute
teachar in fourth grade Tuesday
p. m. Lillie Broka of the Senior class
filled that position in the morning.
Current Events will be brought bo
foro the pupils of the High school by
nenibers of tho High school selected
by the Principal. Wright Pargellis
has charge of them his week.
Four ambitious workers of the
Freshman class are Ailene Trudeau,
Valley Simmons, Pyrl Pfister, Willie
Ross. They are taking both the
Latin and 'German as wll as tho
other regular studies of the course.
There is to be special efforts made
by all pupils to keep all defacements
off walls and windows. Offenders
will be looked after and punished.
Miss Helen Mason was on hand
Tuesday morning fresh from a spec
ial course of training in Chicago
more than ready for supervising tho
Thomas Tonkin is a now member
of tho Sophomore class. Ho enters
from tho Toledo schools.
Miss Hallie Shipman u Boswell
graduate of Perrysburg township, en
tered the Freshman class Tuesday
a. m.
Mrs. Eugena Chapman reports
twelve pupils who havo not attended
school before. Tho total 'enrollment
of tho first grade is twenty-nine.
Mr. Henry Crane was a visitor
the school building Tuesday.
Harold Munger succeeded in pass
ing tho entrance examinations for tho
Freshman class of tho High school.
Pupils welcome the privilege of tho
Second grade has just nn oven
tnreo uozen pupus. unoy aro in
chargo of Miss Clara Loydorf .
Tuesday's total enrollment of
pupils was 287. Forty-four of these
aro in tho High school.
Tho newly elected teacher of tho
fourth grade is Miss Katharino Rhoda
a graduate of P. II, S. and a teacher
in tho township of several years ex
perience. Owes His Life to a Neighbor's Kind
ness. Mr. D. P. Daughorty, well lenown
throughout Mercer and Sumner coun
tlos, W. Va., most likely owes his life
to tho kindness of a noighbor. He
was almost helplessly afflicted with
Diarrhoea; was attended by two phy
sicians who gave him little, if any,
relief, when n neighbor learning of his
serious condition, brought him a bot
tlo of Chamborlaln's Colic, Cholora
and Diarrhoea Remedy, which curod
him in loss than twonty.-four hours.
For sale by Dowers & Comstoclc.
Clark Made a Speech
Urged Free Silver.
Less than one hundred Democrats
assembled in B. G. on Tties-day last
to nominate a county ticket.
Prominent among those who at
tended were Hon. William Frey, the
Findlay candidate for State Senator,
and lion. John H. Clark of Cleve
land. They addressed tho conven
tion, and Mr. Frey requested the
Wood county people to remember
that he wis a candidate for State
Senator, and to forget that he had
used his scalping knife on Wiekham
of Wood county.
Tho ticket nominated is as follows:
Eepresenatiye John S. Hoyman.
Treasurer J. E. Smith.
Recorder H. L. Hughes.
Infirmary Director A. E. Leydorf.
Coroner H. L. Byiugton.
Henry R. White an old resident of
this township, died at his home on
Sunday, Sept. G, 1903.
He was born in Germany. At the
time of his death was aged 82 years,
1 month and 7 days.
His funeral services were con
ducted at Zoar Lutheran church on
Tuesdaj', Sept. 8, by Rey. C. S. Ide,
and the remains were interred in Ft.
Meigs cemeterj'.
Miss Grace Thompson, aged 22 yrs.
second daughter of W. E. Thompson,
of Perrysburg township, was found
dead iii her bed in her room at Fre
mont on Sunday morning, Sept. G,
1903. She was subject to epilepsy
and it is supposed she was taken with
a spasm and fell with her face in the
pillow and smothered.
Her funeral services were held on
Wednesday at her father's residence,
by Rev. Dumm. Burial in Ft. Meigs
Mrs. John Strauss died at her
home in Perrysburg on Friday, Sept.
1, 1903, at 10 o'clock a. m., after an
illness of only three days.
She had long been a resident of
Perrysburg aud was well and favor
ably known here. Her funeral ser
yices were conducted at the St. Rose
of Lima church by Row J. H. Klee
kamp on Sunday at 3 p m.
Deceased was Ga years of age.
Clara Rosa Hufford, aged 1 month
and 7 days, died on Tuesday evening
of cholera infantum. She was the
infant daughter of Geo. W. Hufford
and wife.
Funeral services were held at the
residence on Thursday morning at 10
o'clock. Interment in Ft. Meigs
Samuel Smith died at his home in
Perrysburg on Tuesday morning,
Sept. 8, 1903, at 1 a. m.
He has been an invalid for several
years, but lived to the ripe ago of 89
years, 1 month and 18 days.
Ho came to Perrysburg with his
family consisting of wife and daugh
ter Mablo about 35 years ago, from
Kenton, Ohio, where ho had filled tho
office of county Auditor.
For a time ho was engaged in busi
ness here. Ho was ever ti modest,
retiring gentleman,
one whoso
him many
regret his
honorablo life won for
warm friends who deeply
Ho leaves a wife and ono daii
to mourn their loss.
Tho funeral services will bo con
ducted at his late residence this (Fri
day) afternoon at 3 o'clock by Rev.
G. A. Adams.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
Has world-wide fame for marvelous
cures. It surpasses any othor salvo,
lotion, olntmont or balm for Cuts,
Corns, Burns, Bolls, Sores, Folons, Ul
cers Tetter, Salt Rheum Fovor Sores,
Chappod Hands, Skin Eruptions; in
fallible for Piles, Cure guaranteed.
Only 25c at Bowers & Comstock's.
Catholic Families at Rossford
will erect Church.
It now appears that tho hustling
little village of Rossford will soon
have another church, as a number of
prominent Catholic families in that
vicinity have been making efforts in
that direction for somo time.
There aro more than fifty Catholic
families in that vicinity who are well
able to support such an organization.
At a meeting of the oilichl board
of the M. E. church of Leipsic, reso
lutions were adopted and a move
ment started toward the election of
Mrs. Florence D. Richards, as a lay
delegate from tho contral Ohio con
ference to the general conference, to
be held at Los Angeles next May.
xnis is tnenrst meeting where wo
men have been admitted on an equal
footing with the men, and marks an
important step in tho management of
the church.
The central Ohio lay
meets in Findlay, Friday,
Albert Marti u, one of a group of
boy train jumpers, lost a foot while
jumping an Ohio Central freight
train at Bowling Green Saturday
night. The lad will live, but with a
terribly crippled limb. Notwithstand
ing the ordinance enacted to prdvent
just such accidents, this lad and
"others persisted in the ofttimes fatal
A meeting of the board of directors
of the Toledo Rail-Light Company
was held at the oilices of the company
in Toledo Tuesday morning. H. W.
Swift, auditor of the company, was
elected secretary to succeed E. O.
Reed, resigned.
On October 9 the first confirmation
held in the Church of St. Aloysius,
atB. G., for five years, took place.
This exerciso was the occasion
of the confirming" of a largo class of
children aud adults, and was a gala
day in local Catholic circles. Rt.
Rev. Bishop Horstmann, of Cleve
land, officiated and the church was
appropriately and artistically deco
rated, Prof. Zeller of the Findlay Public
schools died in that city on Tuesday
after a lingering illness. His death
was due to catarrh of tho stomach.
Take Laxatiye Bromo Quinine Tab
lets. All druggists refund the money If
It fails to cure. E. W. Groves'signature
Is on each box. 25c.
Prohibition Convention.
The Prohibitionists of Wood coun
ty will meet in mass convention in
the assembly room of the court
house, Friday, Sept. 11, at 10 a. m.
A full ticket will be nominated. The
Senatorial convention of tho 33rd
senatorial district will meet at 3 p. m.
All Prohibitionists are invited.
Strangely Fatal Pool.
"Weisniiller's quarry," in B. G., a
place known for many years as the
scene of fatality and horror, is again
tho scene of death. The young son of
Henry Mickleson found a watery
grave in tho unexplored depths of
this strangely fatal pool. This quarry
has claimed numerous youth who
havo sought tho cool of its waters in
tho summer. A strange cramp is said
to seize tho victim of the waters and
ho sinks instantly. Some time ago
two lovers-tiought peace in tho depths
of tho quarry.
What is Life?
In the last analysis nobody knows,
but wo do know that It Is under strict
law. Abuse that law oven slightly,
pain results. Irregular living means
dorangoniont of the organs, resulting
In Constipation, Headacho or Liver
trouble. Dr. King's Now Ufa Pills
quickly ro-adjusts this. It's gentle, yet
thorough. Only 25e at Bowers & Com
stock's drug store.
Sandusky Man Marries
Woman too Many.
A license to wed was secured in B.
G. a few days ago which has brought
grief to two people who were arrested
at Lima. The following dispatch
from Upper Sandusky gives details
of tho episode:
Upper Sandusky, Sept. 2. Milton
Myers and Dora Underwood went to
Lima from Bowling Green aud wero
married. Immediately after they pro
ceeded to celebrate, and, imbibing too
much, were arrested and placed in
the Lima jail. The authorities tele
phoned here and were requested to hold
Myers, as he already has a wife liv
ing in Sandusky city, to whom Jhe
was married 15 years ago, and from
whom ho was never divorced.
The license issued by Judge Lin
coln says the Tribune, states that
Myers is 3G years of age. The con
sent of Wm. Underwood, of B. G.,
was given to the issuance of tho li
cense. Dora Underwood is 16 years of
Tuesday, Sept. 8, 1903, Mr. John
M. Drury aud Miss Gertrude Clara
Promptly at 8:30 a. m. Tuesday
morning, John M. Drury of Toledo,
led Miss Gertrude Clara Hillabrand
of Perrysburg, to the altar of St.
Rose of Lima church where they were
united in the holy bonds of matri
mony by Rev. J. H.Kleekamp.
The bridal couple were accompan
ied by Mr. Robert Hillabrand as best
man and Miss Bertha Hillabrand as
Tho bride was attired in a lovely
costume of white ciepo de chene over
taffeta, with Irish point trimmings.
She carried a white prayer book and
wore a white picture hat. Her maid
of honor, Miss Bertha Hillabrand,
wore a charming costume of point
d'esprit over taffeta, with white hat
and carried a boquet of pink roses.
The happy groom and his best man
wore tho customary suits of black.
The church was beautifully deco
rated for the occasion and Mendels
sohn's wedding march was rendered
upon tho grand organ by Prof. Ross
bach. The beautiful solo, "Ave
Maria" was charmingly rendered by
Mrs. Wm. Coyle of Toledo. Tho en
tire musical programme as rendered
by the choir, was especially beautiful
and a tribute to the brido who was
one of their members.
The brido is the eldest daughter of
our friend and fellow townsman,
Frederick Hillabrand, and is well and
favorably known by a largo circle of
friends who extend her best wishes
for future happiness.
The groom is Secretary and Man
ager of the National Wheel company
of this place, and is a careful and
successful business man well worthy
the honor of winning a Perrysburg
lady for his bride.
A sumptuous family wedding
breakfast was served at tho homo of
the bride.
Numerous presents attested tho
good will of many friends of tho
happy couple.
They departed at 2 o'clock for a
trip on the lakes and upon their ro
turn will reside at 111 Eastern avenue,
Toledo, and will bo at home to their
friends after October 1st.
Tho hearty congratulations of hosts
of friends go with them.
Birthday Party
The homo of Wm. Deibert was
the scene of a very pleasant birthday
party a few days siuce, in honor of
Alfred Deibort's 18th birthday. Ico
cream and cako was served aud tho
following young people were delight
fully entertained: Misses Bertha
Hoilmuu, Mablo Hatcher, Lucy Marti,
Mary Deibert, Susan Hepburn, Lillio
Broka, Eva Neiderhouse, Addie Uu
derhill, Rosa Kazmaior, Mary Uthoff,
Sophia aud Thressa Leydorf, Clara
and Myrtle Loydorf and Edith
Hatcher. Messrs. Fred Scheider,
Harvey and Robert Kuzmaier, James
Marti, Michael aud Frank Deibert,
Fred, Henry aud Chris. Leydorf,
Hurley Grmsinger, Harloy Heilman,
Willie and Bert Hufford, Ed. Facklo
man, Valentino Schwind, Henry
Mutsehlor, George Kohl, Lester Car
ter and Ilonnan Sclmllor.

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