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VOL. LIII.-ED. L, BLUE, Publisher,
$1.00 IN ADVAN0E.-N0, 46
0 1
ESTAItl.ISIlKl) IN 1870.
1MID III' CAl'ITAli.f 80,000 OO
Circuit Court Says he Fished in
Wood County.
arkful attontion to business
mm U3 appreciated. Money to loan at all times at fair rates of mtcr
gSK eat. Three per cent, paid for time deposits.
J. Davis, President. Jameb 0. Tnorjr, Vice Tresident.
Noivman L. Hanson, Cashier.
Our hour for business are from
Phones White 90 Residence Main 27
Don't send your monoy in advance to catalogue houses without knowing
what you are going to obtain. Wo have the largest .retail Implcmont and
Vehicle Store in the State. We buy iu carload lots and can save you money.
Not only that our guarantee is valid as we are right here at your home. We
have everything in the Farm Implement line. Turubull, Studebaker and
Flint Wagons.
224-220 Superior St.,
Tho Haskins Telephone Company
has been Incorporated with a capital
stock of $10,000. Tho plant has here
tofore been operated by Challen &
Twining, but has grown to such pro
portions that it was decided to incor
porate tho company Tho incorporat
ors aro H. A. Twining, L. A. Cballon,
H. J. Johnston, F. W. Hoald
Stomach Troubles and Constipation.
"Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets are the best for stomach
troubles and constipation I havo over
sold," says J. It. Cullman, a druggist
of Potterville, Mich. They aro easy
to take and always give satisfaction.
I tell my customers to try them and
if not satisfactory to come back and
get their monoy, but havo never had a
complaint." For salo uy Wm. Com
stock & Son.
D K. Rollenbeok,
General Collector aro leal Estate
Titles Investigated wd abstract
,j.-nlsbed on apnllctlon Notary in
F.Euffene Rheinfrank
12-419 Valentine Building
.Both 'Phones 345.
Manufacturer o! "Auditor," "Jack
Pot," and other brands of fine cigars
-John Zurfluh-
7)i Watcnes, Clorrcs, Jewelry, Sp ctacles
5 Half bK.cK from Summit HI
513 Mc-ne t. TOLEDO OHIO.
Special raio will bo taken wlin the
repair of all kinds of Watches. Oiockf
nd Towel ry
818 Spltzer Building,
Home Phone 1499.
h Successor to iJr. B. D. Wh old,
We Cover ill Eisks.
Our agency now carries all kinds of
Insurance Risks and can Supply Poli
cies in the most reliable coinuanios for
Safe arid Miscellaneous burg
lary, Plate Glass, St'eam Boilers,
In the Fidelity and Casualty Go.
Wo will supply you with security on
bondB In tho American Surety Go.
entrusted to us. Your account will
8 a. m. to 4 p. m., standard time.
Ross Oorapany,
Phoenix lodge and Ft. Me'gs Grove
I. 0. 0, F. and L, C. B, A.
A special meeting of Phoenix lodge
P. & A. M. was held Monday night on
which occasion there was work In tho
blaster's degreo and Installation of
officers. Tho retiring Master, W. E
Escott, acted as installing officer and
just prior to commencing that part o
tho ceremonies tho members present
ed him with a Past Master's apron as
a token of their good will. Past Mas
ter E. L. Blue was called upori to
make the presentation and spoke as
During tho past two years, yoa
havo filled tho station of Master of
Phoenix lodge, enjoying honors, bear
ing burdens and performing the du
ties with credit to yourself and honor
to the lodge. It Is my pleasure to
perform a very pleasant duty, which
Is to present you with a token of tho
good will and brotherly fellowship of
tho members of the lodge. Tho lamb
skin or white apron is tho emblem of
purity and tho badgo of a mason,
moro ancient than the golden fleece
or Roman eaglo, moro honorable than
tho star and garter or any other
badgo that may bo conferred upon
you, and when worthily worn, it leads
to tho attainment of higher and
greater honors to bo conferred by tho
Great Master of tho Universe, when
our labors in the earthly lodge aro
Nono savo him who has served as
Master can know how deeply tho
Master appreciates the good will and
assistance of tho brethren of the
lodgo. This apron you have truly
won by your, service and wo know
you will worthily wear it
Accept it in tho spirit with which it
is given. Let it bo one moro link In
tho long chain of good will and fel
lowship that binds us together in one
band of friends and brothers.
Mr. Escott was very much affected
by tho evidence of tho good will of
his brethren, and made a very pleas
ing reply to tho presentation. Ho
said ho had endeavored to glvo his
best efforts to tho work and had tried
to fill tho station with which ho had
been honored to tho best of his abil
ity. Ho felt deeply grateful for the
kindly assistance that had been given
him by thb members of tho lodge, "and
complimented thorn highly by saying
that they were entitled to his thanks
and a largo sharo of tho pralso that
was given hlni for tho work that had
been done. Ho deoply appreciated
tho token of good will and fellowship
that had Leen presented him and
and would endeavor to conduct him
self at nil time so that tho brethren
( Continued on Fourth Pago.)
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy the
Best Made.
"In my opinion Chamberlain'
Cough Romcdy is tho best mado for
colds," says Mrs. Cora Walker of
Portervillo California. There Is no
doubt about its bolng the best. No
other will euro a cold so quickly. No
other is so suro a provontivo of pneu
monia. No other is so pleasant and
safe to tako. There aro good reasons
why it should bo preferred to any other.
Tlio fact is that few people aro satis
fled with any other after having once
used this remedy, For sale by Wn.
Comstock & Son, druggists,
Tho Circuit couit has affirmed the
decision of tho lower courts which
fined "Slick" Overly for fishing with
a soino iu tho Maumeo river.
Overly had raised tho question of
tho jurisdictionof tho courts, claim
ing that tho fishing wns done on the
Lucas county sido. Attorney E. G.
McClelland and Prosecutor Ladd
held that it was done on tho Wood
county side. Overly claimed that
tho fishing was done in tho main
channel of tho rivor between Island
No. 1 and tho Lucas county side, be
ing moro than half way to the bound
ary of the latter county.
Tho prosecution hold that where
there are two channels in a Btream,
which divides two political bodies of
land, tho center of tho main channel
is tho boundary line not tho mere
center of tho river. As Overly was
shown to have fished south of tho
center of tho main channel between
Island No. 1 and Lucas county they
claimed he was in Wood county ter
ritory, and the courts havo.just up
held them in their opinion. Tho case
waB a peculiar one.
Having started a horse shoeing shop
located on Main St. first door north of
Railroad, Iamprepared todo first-class
work on your horses, farm horses, driv
ers, and track horses shod in a scien
tific manner. All faulty gaited horses
corrected. I have come to stay conse
quently I guarantee all my work to give
perfect satisfaction. Resp'y Yours,
James W. Hassett,
45tf Perrysburg, Ohio
The schools opened Monday with a
good attendance, a number of new
pupils haying been enrolled. The
pupils seem. to have profited by tho
vacation and entered upon the school
work with enthusiasm, and the work
is progressing very satisfactorily.
James Marriott of the Seventh
grade, is out of school on account of a
sprained shoulder.
The Fourth grade reports two new
pupils making a tolal enrollment of
There aro now seven tuition pupils
in tho Eighth grade. Five new
pupils were enrolled January 8 Earl
Hum, Roy Spilker, Joe Hufford,
Thomas Schaller and Fred Rossbach.
Lawrouco Hillabrand and Frank
Stewart entered tho Seventh grade
Tho Sixth grade enrolled Marie
Spitzig from St. Annis school, Toledo,
on Mondayi
The examination for tho first
semester will be held on Thursday
and Friday of this week.
Secretary R. S. Sweet, J-. O. Troup
and J. B. Wilson met Friday night
and talked ovor plans for tho edu
cational exhibit to bo mado by the
pupils of tho schools of Wood coun
ty at tho fair this fall. A program of
what is desired will be sent out to all
the teachers so that tho representa
tion of school papers may be a gen
eral one. Sentinal.
Iu tho suit of Edward W. DeVerna
vs. his daughter, Eliza Cloar, and
husband, tho Circuit court decreed iu
favor of DoVerna, and costs were as
sessed against defendant. DeVerna
sought to recover possession of 40 acres
of land near Dunbridgo which the de
fendant claimed ho had deeded to
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy Absj
lutely Harmless.
Tho fault of giving children medi
cine containing Injurious substances,
is sometimes moro disastrous thuu
tuo uisenso from which thoy aro auf.
forlng. Every mother should kno.v
that Chamborlaln's Cough Remedy Is
perfectly safe for children to tako. It
contains nothing harmful and for
coughs, colds and croup Is unsurpass
ed. For snlo by Wm. omstock & Son,
Prisoners Arraigned and -Answered
to Indictments Against Them,'!
On Monday afternoon prisoners
were arraigned in Common Pleas
court and answered to tho charges
against them as follows:
William Linder, charged with shoot
ing Rssa Colo on Nov. 1-J, with in
tout to kill, pleaded guilty to tho
James Hardee, alias Clios. Baker
pleaded not guilty to tho chargo of
forgery. P. J. Chaso is his attorney.
Al. Bartz, charged with assault ami
robbery upon John W. Shaw pleaded
not guilty. It is alleged that Bartz
assaulted and robbed J. W. Shaw of
Georgo Bennett pleaded not guilty
to the chargo of larceny. He is
alleged to havo stolen chickens valued
at S5.50 from J. C. Malkebber.
Bert Watts pleaded guilty to a
chargo of larceny. It was his first
offence and ho askod the mercy of tho
court. He was given SO days and costs
ThomaB C. West, who is said to
have stolen a suit of clothes, a bolt of
silk lining, and a pair of shears from
Henry Neiman, pleaded not guilty to
a charge of iarcouy.
Much sentiment exist among Wood
county people against tho Board of
Pardons, ou account of their action
in tho Downing case, and there is talk
of asking for the removal of tho Board.
Sheriff Reeco will probably havo
petitions circulated in various parts of
tho county asking for the removal of
tho Boird.
Ever since tho mysterious pardon
ing of Bill Downing, there havo been
many daily expressions to the sheriff
that have led him to take this step.
Tho officers of this county were led to
believe that the application for the
pardoning of Mr. Downing would not
bo heard for month, but tho very day
thoy received this intimation, the
board paroled Downing through tho
solicitation of somo of his Toledo
friends. The county officials want to
make it possible to adequately punish
pickpockets and others, when once
they havo caught them. This latter is
hard enough without having all their
work undone in so short a time.
Joseph M. LaPJant has commenced
suit for divorce from Mary LaPant
He says they were married in Toledo
in 1892 and have a thirteeu-year-old
girl living. Ho alleges that his wife
has wilfully absented herself from
him for more than threo years and
has disregarded her marital vows and
Marvin Kuhns Marries Widow.
Marvin Kuhns tho life prisoner
pardoned from tho Ohio penitentiary
by Governor Herrick Christmas day,
was married at Albion, Ind., Satur
day afternoon to Mrs. Kate Hogaus,
a widow. She is believed to bo the
woman who worked so hard to secure
Kuhn's pardon. Tho latter will em
bark in business at Churubusco,
where the officers shot him down in
1900 when ho was captured. Fos
toria Review.
Judgo Fries sentenced tho three
prisoneds who pleaded guilty on Mon
day. William Linder, charged with
shooting to kill, was given an Inde
terminate sontenco In tho Mansfield
reformatory. Ho seemed to tako his
sontenco very much to heart, and
wopt bitterly.
Tom West, who stole a suit of
clothes from Nohnan, was given one
year at hard labor In tho penitentiary.
Marion Martin, for burglary, receiv
ed an indetorralnato sentence In tho
Only 82 Years Old.
"I nra only 82 years old and don't
expect oven when I got to bo real old
to feel that way as long as I enn get
Electric Bitters," says Mrs, E. II.
Brunson, of Dublin, Ga. Surely there's
nothing olso keeps tho old as young
and makes tho weak as strong as this
grand tonic medicine. Dyspopsla,
torpid liver, Inflamed kldnoys or
chronic constipation aro unknown af
ter taking Eloctrle Blttors a reason
ablo tlmo. Guaranteed by Comstock
& Son, druggists. Prlco GOe,
Returned by Grand Jury After 14
Days Labor.
The Grand Jury closed its labors
Thuisday evening last after being
out four days. Thoy returned 22 in
dictments, six of which woro secret.
Twenty-threo cases were considered
and 101 witnesses examined.
Tho indictments, which were mado
public, aro as follows:
William Linder, shooting with in
tent to kill, main and wound.
John Miller, tresspass.
Bert Watts, inrcony,. four counts.
Thomns C. West, larceny.
James Hardee, alias Charles Baker,
Albert Bart7, robber'.
Edwaul Murphy, selling intoxi
cants to finor.
Tad Parker, aiding piisoners to es
cape. Marion Martin, burglaiy.
Claudo Huber, horso stealing.
George Bennett, burglary.
John Bass, assault with intent to
Tho work done by tho jury thk
year covered moro cases and was
heavier than that which has bcon
done by any grand jury for a num
ber of years.
Its recommendation that tho lower
windows of the jail bo better pro
tected was the result of its inquiry
into tho caso of Tad Parker who
handed a gun through one of the
ground floor windows to William
Linder, one of the prisoners, last
A brief synopsis of the crimes for
which tho men weio indicted may bo
of interest and is given below.
William Liuder on the night of
November -J, 1903, wont to tho homo
of Rose Colo of B. G., and Bhot sev
eral times through tho windows and
doors of tho houso and when Mrs.
Cole ran out the rear door and follow
ed him around tho house to tho front
of it, was wounded by a shot from
tho revolver which Linder had re
loaded. John Miller, it is alleged cut off
the branches of a maple tree which
was the property of R. F. Whitacre,
on tho fourth of last October.
Bert Watts was indicted for steal
ing S175 worth of chickens from Geo.
Blandin, Dec. 1G, 19C3, same to tho
amount of So.9.1 from Dayid Gilbert
Dec. 18, same to tho amount of 52.15
of Polar Williams & Co., on Dec. 19,
and stealing a horse blanket from
William Rideout worth Sl.oO on Dec.
1, 1905.
Thomas C. West is the tailor who
stole a 510 suit of clothes, linings and
shears to the yalueof 518.15 from Hen -ry
Neiman iu this city Jan. 1 of this
year. 1 ho clothes wore sold to b. J.
Coombes, tho barber:
James Hardeo alias Charles Baker,
is said to have forged William Har
per's name to a check Sept. 12, 1901,
for 553.
Albert Bartz is alleged to havo rob
bed John W. Shaw, of 512 September
21 last.
Edward Murphy it is claimed, sold
liquor to a minor named Jesse Kersey
Dec. 2c, 1905.
Tad Parkor passed u revolver
through tho window "of tho county
jail to William Linder.
Cornelius Slike, it is alleged, sold
liquor to Jesse Kersey on Dec. 25,
Million Murium tho man whobroko
into Sam JReiss' storo in this city and
stolo clothes, thiend etc., to the
amount of 513.(15 ou the night of
November 9th.
Claudo Hubner is charged with tak
ing a horso from tho pasture of Thos.
Argue September 17 last, without his
Georgo Bennett, it is alleged, broko
into tho poultry houso of J. C. Malic
obber, 'and lifted 11 chickous valued
at 55.50 ou tho night of Nov. 22, 1903.
John Bass, it is alleged, is tho man
who assaulted Oliver Stasro with tho
intontion of killing him Decembor 20.
A Hard" Lot
of tioublcs to contend with, spring
from a torpid llvor and blockaded
bowels, unless you awaken them to
tholr proper action with Dr. lUng's
Now LIto Pills; tho pleasantest and
most offectlvo euro for Constipation.
Thoy prevent appendicitis and tono
up tho system. 25c at Comstock &
Son's drug storo,
Miscellaneous News frdm Neighbor
ing Towns and Country.
Dowling, Jan. 17, '06.
John Hauoy of Dunbridgo was a
visitor ot A. R. Bruco and wifo on
Friday laBt.
Mrs. Ray Carter spent a fow days
with her sister, Mrs, A. A. Hum of
Mrs. A. R. Bruco spent Monday in
Bowling Green.
Ray Carter was in Toledo on bus
iness, Monday.
Miss Bertha Thomas of Findlay is
spending tho winter with James
Hayes anil wife.
Arthur Cope of Miami and Chauncy
Goodman of this place spent Sunday
with E. S. DeVerna and family.
John Bostdorf and wifo of Hobart
and Warren Snyder and wifo of
Roachton were Sunday visitors ot
B. F. Spilker and wife.
Tho revival. meetings began last
Thursday eyening at tho U. B.
church. Tho services will continue
se eral weeks. A cordial invitation
is extended to tho community.
Wateryillo.Jau.lG, '00
Mrs. florin Starr or Haskins visited
her sister, Mrs. John Getz and family.
Mrs. Henry Koerber, Mrs. Will
Limmerof Perrysburg; Mrs. Herm
Starr of Haskins; and Mrs. John Getz
of this place visited their parents
Anthony Missler and "family Thurs
day. Stony Ridge, Jan, 17, '00.
Mrs. S. E. Wagoner was tho guest
of G. W. Wagoner and wifo of East
Toledo last week.
Geo. Reams, wifo and family of
East Toledo and Frank Kurfis and
family Sundayed with J. Kurfis and
S. E. Wagoner and family spent
Sunday with" his brother Henry
Wagoner north of tho Ridge.
Ilobart, Jan. 10, 'oil.
John Bauman visited Dan McQuil
lian and wife Sunday.
Bert; Mandell and family were guests
of Fred Snyder and wife, Sunday.
Hiram Cable is visiting his father
Henry Cable of Oak Harbor this w eek
Mmes. J. and Wm. Bench called on
Mrs. Chas. Swartz AVednesday.
Mrs. Ohas. Puse called on Mrs. Dan
McQuillian, Friday.
Henry Swartz called on Philip
Bimker Sunday afternoon.
John Rheim and family visited Fred
Snyder and family Sunday.
Mmes. J. and Wm. Bench were the
guests of tho Misses Pearl and Bertha
Chandler Thursday afternoon.
Frank Harvey was tho guest of Wm.
Burdo and family Friday evening.
Wm. Neitz of Toledo spent Sunday
at the home of his parents, Godfrey
Noitz and wife.
John Swartz spent Sunday afternoon
with Wm. Bench.
Mmes. J. and Wm. Bench called on
Mrs. John Swartz Sunday afternoon.
Frank Harvey and G. W. Gallier
called on Prof. C. 13. Stinebaugh at
Perrysburg Wednesday eyening.
Elmer Swartz and wifo arc pleasant
( Continued on Fourth Pago.)
Hot Breads
Light and
are made with
Absolutely Puro
nntl'dyspcptlci may be eaten
without inconvenience
even by persons
with delicate
fioru mmnii roi.om co , mw voiik.
1- Jni.6i-4

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