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Cwtn g5ifr lTTir3Mr t3':ia caJyS-5 iCSSS Ci (Si
Klnm Harnlsh, known all throuijh Alas
ka as "BurninK Daylight," celobrntoa Ills
0th birthday with a crowd of miners nt
the Clrclo City Tlvoll. Tho danco leads
to heavy gambling. In which ovor flDO.OOO
la stalled. Hnrnlsh loses his mo.ioy nnd
his mlno but wins tho mall contract. Ho
starts on his mall trip with dogs and
slcdKO, tolling Ills friends that ho will bo
In tho big Yukon gold strlko at tho start.
Burning Daylight makos n sensationally
rnpld run across country with tho mall,
appears nt tho Tlvoll and Is now ready
to Join hli friends In a dnsh to tho now
gold fields. Deciding that gold will bo
buys two tons of flour, which ho declares
will bo orth Its weight In gold, but
whon ho nrrlvos with tils flour ho .finds
thn Mir tint rioenlntn. A eomrado dlSOOV
era gold and Daylight reaps a rich liar
vest. Ho goes to Dawson, becomes tho
most prominent figure In tho Klondike
and defeats a combination of capitalists
In a vast mining deal. Ho returns to
civilization, and. amid tho bewildering
complications of high finance, Daylight
finds that he has beon led to Invest his
eleven millions In a manipulated scheme.
Ho frees to Now York, and confronting
his disloyal partners with a rovolver, he
threatens to kill them It his money Is not
roturncd. Thoy aro cowed, return their
stealings and Harnlsh goes back to San
Frnnclnco whoro ho meets his fato In
Dedo Mason, a pretty stenogrnpher. Ho
makes large Investments and gots Into the
political ring. For a rest ho goes to tho
country. JJayngnt geis aeeper inio iiikii
flnancn In San Francisco, but often tho
longing for tho simple life nearly ovor
comos him. Dede Mason buys a horso and
Daylight meets her In nor saddle trips.
Ono day he asks Dedo to go with him
on ono mora rldo. his purposo being to
ask her to marry him and thoy canter
away, sho trying to nnalyzo her feelings.
Dedo tells Daylight that her happiness
could not Ho with a money manipulator.
Daylight undortakes to build up a great
Industrial community. He Is Insistent
thut sho marry him and yot hopes to win
her. Daylight falls back Into his old
drinking ways. Thero Is a flurry In tho
money market, but Daylight tolls Dedo
that ho Is going to work on a ranch and
prove to her that he has reformed.
CHAPTER XX. Continued.
Two days Inter, Daylight stood wait
lug outside tho little Glen. Ellen hotel.
Tho ceremony was. ovor, and ho had
left Dede to go Insldo and change
Into her rldlng-hahlt while ho brought
tho horses. Ho hold them now, Boh
and Blab, and In tho shadow of tho
watering-trough Wolf lay and looked
on. Already two days of ardent Cali
fornia sun and touched with new fires
the ancient bronze in Daylight's face.
But warmer still was tho glow that
came Into his cheeks and burned In
his eyes as he saw Dedo coming out
tho door, rldlng-whlp In hand, clad in
the" familiar corduroy skirt and leg
gings of tho old Plodtnont days. There
wns warmth and glow In her own face
as she answered his gaze and glanced
on past him to the horses. Then sho
saw Mab. But her gazo leaped back
to the man.
"Oh, Elam!" sho breathed.
Many persons, themselves city-bred,
and city reared, have fled to the
soil and succeeded (in winning great
happiness. In such cases they
have succeeded only by going
through a process of savage disil
lusionment But with Dede and Day
light it was different. They had both
been born on the soil, and they knew
Its naked simplicities and rawer ways.
They ,"ero Hko two persons, after far
wandering, who had merely come
homo again. Thero was less of tho
unexpected in their dealings with na
ture, while theirs was all tho delight
of reminiscence. What might appear
sordid and squalid to tho fastidiously
reared, waa to them .eminently whole
some and natural. The commerce of
nature was to them no unknown and
untried tratia. They raado fowor mis
takes. They already knew, and It was
a Joy to re:nembor what they had for
gotten. And another thing they learned was
that it was easier for ono who hns
gorged at the flesh-pots to content
himself with tho mcagronoss of a
cruBt, than for ono who ha3 known
only tho nrust. Not that thoir llfo
was moagr. It was that thoy found
kocner delights and deeper satisfac
tions In Httlo things. Daylight, who
had played the gamo in Its biggest
and most fantastic aspects, found
thnt hero, on tho slopes of Sonoma
Mountain, it was still the same old
game. Man had still work to porform,
forcos to combat, obstacles to over
come. When ho experimented In a
small way at raising a fow pigeons
for market, he found no less zost in
calculating In Bquabs than formerly
whon ho had calculated in millions.
Achievement was no less achieve
ment, while the process of It seomod
mora rational and rocolvod the sanc
tion of his reason.
Tho domestic cnt that had gono
,wlld and that preyed on his pigeons,
bo found, by tho comparatlvo stand
ard, to he of no less paramount men
acq than a Charles Kllnkner in the
Hold of finance, trying to raid him for
several millions. The hawks nnd
woasols and 'coonu wero so many
IDowsetts, Lettona, nnd Guggonbara
mora that struck at him secretly. Tho
eoa of wild vegotut.'on hat tossed its
surf against tho boundaries of all his
oloarings and that sometimes crept In
and flooded in a slngla week waa no
mean onomy to contend with and sub
duo, His fat-Bollod vogotablegardon
In the nook of hills that railed of tta
best waa a problem of engrossing lm
jrortauce, nnd when ho had solved It by
putting in dralntlte, tho joy of tho
achlovetuont was ovor with him. Ho
nover worked In it and found the soil
unpacked and tractablo without ex
periencing tho thrill of accomplish
ment. There wns tho matter of tho plumb
ing. Ho wns onabled to purchase tho
matorlals through a lucky solo of n
number of his hair bridles. Tho work
ho did himself, though more than onco
he was forced to call in Dedo to hold
tight wJth a plpo-wronch. And In tho
end, when tho bath-tub and tho sta
tionary tubs wore installed and in
working order, ho could scarcely tear
himself away from tho contemplation
of what his hands bad wrought. Tho
first evening, missing him, Dedo
sought and found him, lamp In hand.
staring with silent gleo at tho tubs.
Ho rubbed his hand over their smooth
woodon lips and laughed aloud, and
was as shamo-facod as any boy whon
sho caught him thus secrotly exulting
In his own prowess.
It was this adventure in wood-working
nnd plumbing that brought about
the building of the littlo workshop.
whore he slowly gathered a collection
of loved tools. And he, who in tho
old days, out of his millions, could
purchaso Immediately whatever ho
might deslro, loomed tho now joy of
the possession that follows upon rigid
economy and desire long delayed. Ho
waited thrco months beforo daring the
"Say," Ho Called Out, "I'd
extravagance of a Yankoo screw-driver,
and blB glco In tho marvelous lit
tle mechanism was so keen that Dedo
conceived forthright a great Idea. For
six months sho saved her egg-money,
which was hors by right of allotment,
and on his birthday prosentcd him
with o turning-lathe of wonderful sim
plicity and multifarious efficiencies.
And their mutual delight in tho lathe,
which wns his, was onfy equalled by
their delight in Mob's first foal, which
was Dodo's special prlvato property.
Daylight had made no nsscrtton of
total abstinence, though he had not
takon a drink for months after tho
dny be resolved to let hi a business go
to smash. Soon ho proved himself
strong enough to dare to tako a
drink without taking a second. On
tho other hond, with his coming to
live in the country, bad passed all do
sire and nood for drink, He folt no
yearning for it, and even forgot that
It existed. Yet he refused to be
afraid of It, and In town, on occasion,
whon invited by tho storekeeper,
would reply: "All right, son. If my
taking a drink wilt raako you happy,
here goes. Whisky for mlno."
But such a drink bogat no' deslro
for a second. It mado no impression.
Ho waa too profoundly strong to be
effected by a thimbleful, As he had
prophesied to Dede, Burning Daylight,
tho city financier, bad died a quick
death on the ranch, and hli younger
r s.
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mwo? or T
IfflffSm f rtlMV,
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brother, tho Daylight from Alaska,
had takon his place. Tho threatened
inundation of fat had subsided, and
nil his old-time Indian leanness nnd
llthencss of musclo hnd returned. So,
likewise, did tho old slight hollows In
his checks come back. For him thoy
indicated tho pink of physical condi
tion. Ho becamo tho acknowledged
strong, man of Sonoma Valley, tho
heaviest lifter and hardest winded
among a husky raco of farmer folk.
At first, when In need of ready cash,
ho had followed Ferguson's cxamplo
of working at day's labor; but ho was
not long In gravitating to a form of
work thnt was more stimulating and
moro satisfying, nnd that allowed him
oven moro time for Dedo and tho
ranch nnd the perpotunl riding through
tho hills. v Having been chnllonged by
tho blncksmlth, in n spirit ol banter,
to attempt tho breaking of a certain
incorrigible, colt, ho succeeded so sig
nally as to earn quite a reputation 03
a horse-breaker. And soon ho was
ablo to earn whatever money ho de
sired at this, to him, agreeable work.
His llfo was eminently wholcsomo
and natural. Early to bed, he Blept
Hko an infant and was up with the
dawn. Always with something to do,
and with a thousand little things thnt
enticed but did not clamor, he wns
himself nover ovordono. Nevertheless,
thero were times wben both he nnd
Dede was not above confessing tired
ness at bedtime of ter seventy or eighty
miles in the saddle. Sometimes, wben
ho had accumulated a littlo money,
and when the season favored, thoy
would mount their horses, -with saddle-bags
behind, and ride away ovor
the wall of tho volley and down Into
the other valleys.
Like to Tackle You Again.'
Ono day, stopping to mail a letter
at the Glon Ellen postofflce, thoy wero
hailed by the blacksmith.
"Say, Daylight," he said, "a young
fellow named Slosson sends you bis
regards. Ho came through in an auto
on tho way to Santa Rosa. Ho wnntod
to know If you didn't Hvo horenhouts,
but the crowd with him was in a hur
ry. So ho sent you his rcgnrds and
said to toll you he'd taken your ad
vice and wns Btlll going on breaking
his own record."
Daylight had long since told Dedo
of the incident.
"Slosson?" ho meditated, "Slosson?
That must be the hnrnmer-thrower.
Ho put my hand down twice, tho
young scamp." Ho turned suddenly
to 'Dodo. "Say, it's only twelve miles
to Santa Rosa, and the horses are
She divined what was in his mind,
of which bis twinkling eyes and sheep
ish, boyish grlu gave sufficient adver
tisement, and she smiled and nodded
"We'll cut across by Bennett Val
ley," bo said. "It's nearer that way."
Thero was littlo difficulty, once In
Santa Robo, of finding Slosson. Ha
and his party had registered at the
Oborlln Hotel, and Daylight encoun
tered the young hammer-thrower him
self in the office,
"Look here, son," Daylight announc
ed, as son as bo had lntrluod Dede,
If Wlr
55 di-
cmi or mrwiD.
f ClfTI II I diimf Tf Iml U.
"I've corao to go you another fluttor
at thnt hand game. Hero's a likely
Slosson smiled and nccopted. Tho
two men fnced each other, tho elbows
of their right nrms on tho counter, tho
hands clasped. Slosson's hand quick
ly forced backward and down.
"You're the first man that ovor suc
ceeded In doing It," ho said. "Let's
try It again."
"Sure," Daylight answered. "And
don't forget, son, that you're the first
man that put mine down. That's why
I lit out nftcr yoii todny."
Again they clasped hands, and
again Slosson's hand went down. Ho
was a brond-shoulder-od, heavy-mus
cled young giant, at least half a head
taller than Daylight, and he frankly
expressed his chagrin and asked for a
third trial. This time he steeled him
self to the effort, and for a moment
tho issue was In doubt. With flushed
face and set teeth he met the other's
strength till his crackling muscles
failed him. Tho air exploded sharply
from his tensed lungs, as ho relaxed
in surronder. and the' hand dropped
limply down.
"You'ro too many for me," ho con
fessed. "I only hope you'll keep out
of tho hammer-throwing gamo."
Daylight laughed and shook his
"Wo might compromise, and each
stay in his own class. You stick to
hammer-throwing, and I'll go on turn
ing down hands."
But Slosson refused to accept de
feat. "Say," ho called out, as Daylight
and Dede, astride their horses, -were
preparing to depart. "Say do you
mind If I look you up next year? I'd
Hko to tackle you again."
"Sure, son. You'ro welcome to a
flutter any time. Though I give you
fair warning that you'll have to go
some. You'll have to train up, for I'm
plowing and chopping wood and break
ing colts these days."
Now and again, on the way homo,
Dede could hear her big boy-husband
chuckling gleefully. As they halted
their horses on tho top of the divide
out of Bennett Valley, In order to
watch the sunset, he ranged alongside
and slipped his arm around her waist.
"Little woman," he said, "you'ro
sure responsible for It all. And I leave
It to you, if nil tho money In creation
Is worth as much as one arm like that
when it's got a sweet littlo woman
Hko this to go around."
Daylight's steadfast contention was
that his wife should not become cook,
waitress, and chambermaid because
she did not happen to possess a house
hold of servants. On the other hand,
chafing-dish suppers in the big living-
room for their camping guests wero a
common happening, at which times
Daylight allotted them their chores
and saw that they were performed.
For one who stopped only for the
night It was different. Likewise it
was different with her brother, back
from Germany, and again able to sit
a horse. On his vacations he became
the third In the family, and to him
was given tho building of tho fires,
the sweeping, and the washing of the
Singing Teaches Correct Breathing
and Lively Waltzes Have Good Ef
fects on Melancholia Patients.
Two English physicians of promt
nence have recently asserted that tbo
exercise given to tho lungs in singing
Is valunblo in the prevention and cure
of diseases of those organs. They
consider that increased professional
recognition should be extended to this
special therapeutic agency, ns advis
able In cases where pulmonary con
sumption is feared.
Singing Involves correct nasal
breathing, and this means that tha
air admitted to tho lungs is prac
tlcallygerm freo, and also the ade
quate d'evelopment of tho upper por
tions of tbo respiratory passages. An
other effect Is the maintenance of the
elasticity and proper expansion of tho
chest. Tho necessary breathing exor
cises mean increased functional ac
tivity or the lungs. Thon, thero is
tho Improved oxygenation of the
blood, which singing necessarily pro
motes. As we know, most singers and also
thoso musicians who perform on wind-
instruments are n healthy looking lot.
Not many years from now music will
bo recognized as a most valuable cur
atlvo agent, especially In enses of In
sanity or morbidity. What tired, over
wrought, distressed man or woman
does not know tho value of music.
How many beautiful storios could be
told of tho power of music to sustain
nnd restrain?
One of the greatest scientists living
has testified that ho was once kept
from thoughts of despair and suicide
by suddenly bearing In tha next bouso
someono playing Itubenstoln'o Melody
In F.
in tho Croydon Mental hospital,
London, walte music particularly tbo
bright, musical comedy pieces U
usod in effoctlng a cure for melan
cholia patients.
A vnln woman would rather hear
her complexion praised th9 her virtue.
Practical Fashions
An unusual but decidedly smart
typo of shirt waist Is here presented.
In construction it is extremely sim
ple, tho front and back being cut in
one. Tho chemlsotto Is removable.
Tho waist is made to bo worn with an
empire skirt. A frill of mull trims the
fropts, bottom and sleoves. China
silk would develop this design nlcoly,
but lnwn, mull or organdy can be used.
Tho pattern (5G93) is cut In sizes
32 to 42 inches bust measure. To
make the waist in tho medium size
will require 1 yards of 3G Inch mate
Toprocure this pattern send 10 cenbi
io "Pattern Deportment." of this paper.
Write name- and address plainly, and be
sura to slve size and number of pattern.
NO. 5693. SIZE.
A clever littlo model for a smalt
girl Is here presented. It Is a modi-
fled Gibson type, an ever popular stylo
for tho making of children's frocks.
Tho shoulder plaits are stitched down
to tho belt at tho front, tho back be
ing plain. The closing Is at the left
side of the front The gathered skirt
is finished with a deep hem and the
short sleeves havo narrow band cuffs.
Madras, chambray or linen can bo
Tho pattern (5717) is cut In sizes
from 4 to 12 years. To mako tho dress
In the medium size will require 2
yardB of 50 inch material.
To procure this pattern send 10 cents
to "Pattern pepartment." of this paper.
Write pame and address plainly, and bo
sure to civs size and number of pattern.
NO. 5717.
' To Whom It May Concern.
It was tho now janitor In the apart
mont houso whore tho Browns live
who tacked up tho following subtle
notice inBldo the dumbwaiter. It was
hand painted, every S being a capital
and carefully turned backward: "You
must not put nothing on tho dum
water you can put bottles on win 1
call for the gabblg I know who put It
Cute Little Animal.
"This," said tHe proud mamma. "Is
just the Bweetest, brightest baby In
tho world. Mr. Batchellor."
"Really bright, eh?" stammered tho
embarrassed bachelor; "can ho er
sho that 1b, can it sit up and beg?"
Catholic Standard and Times.
Somebody Ourjht to Tell Them.
The trouble with a good many wives
is that they don't know that less thau
one woman In every thousand can
manage to look teowltohlng la a
Dentist 8ays
Works Like
Moro and moro aro tho wonders of
Resinol. No itching surface but what
is rolioved Instantly by Its uso, and
tho list of diseases which aro perman
ently benefltod Is growing dally la
numbers and cobcs.
This dentist says it is tho real thins.
Glanco over what ho soyB:
"I havo given Itcslnol Ointment to
patients troubled with Eczema and it
always worked Hko magic. Ono lady
after spending $100 In various ways
was cured by tho uso of a 60-cent Jar
of Rcslnol Ointment. It Is tho real
thing for Eczema and all Itching erup
tions. "F. M. STEVENS, D.D. S., Dover.N.H."
Rcslnol Ointment Is an effectual and
rellahlo remedy In all forms of Inflam
mation, eruption and Irritation of tho
skin. It is an Immediate remedy for
itching or inflamed piles nnd a great
curatlvo application for eczema, totter,
milk crust, pimples, scalds, burns, chil
blains, chapped hands, bolls, felons,
cuts and all Inflamed and Irritated
skin surfaces. Resinol Soap by 1U
antiseptic and healing properties as
sists the work of Resinol Ointment.
Try a fifty-cent jar of Ointment, to ba
gotten irom your uruggist, ana you
will bo moro than satisfied with tha
expenditure. Freo sample can bo had
by writing to Department 85, Rcslnol
Chemical Co.. Baltimore, Md.
Mr. Hardhead I have called, sir, to
ask for tho hand of your daughter.
Old Gentleman (with emotion)
She 1b the only child I have, and her
mother is gono.
Mr. Hardhead (hastily) Oh, that's)
no objection, I assure you.
"When my littlo girl wob about eight
months old, sho was token with a very,,
irritating breaking out, which camo on
her face, neck and back. When sho
first came down with it, it camo In
littlo watery-Hkc festers undor hen
eyes, and on her chin, then after a few
days it would dry down in scaly, whita
scabs. Ic tho daytlmo sho was quite
worrysomo and would dig and scratch
her face nearly all the time.
"I consulted our physician.- and,
found sho was sufforlnc from eczema,
which ho said cam., from her teething.
X usod tho ointment he gave mo and
without any relief at all. Then-
wrote for i. book on Cutlcura, andi
chased some Cutlcur Soap and
ment at tho drug store. I did21
found directions In tho Cutlcura 1
let, and when sho wni ono yon
sho was entirely cured. Now
threo years and four months, at
has never been troubled with ei
Rlnnn aha wnn ptirnil hv thai
cura Soap and Cutlcura Olntm "
(Signed) 'Mrs. Freeman Craver, 8IIS3I
ivt! wis at., Syracuse, sx. 1., May 0,
1911. Although Cutlcura Soap and
Ointment are sold everywhere, a cam
plo of each; with 32-page book, will
be mailed free on application to "CuU- '
cura," Dept, L, Boston. '
Robert, at tho age of twelve, was
much puzzled ovor one question in
his examination paper on civics. It
ran, "If tho president, vice president,
and all the members of tho cabinet
should die, who would officiate?" Rack
lng his brain in vain to remember the
order of succession, a happy thought
camo to him, and ho wroto:
"Tho undertaker.". Woman's Home
When Your Eyes Need Care
Try Marine Ere Remedy. Mo Smarting- Feeli
Fine Acts Qulclclr. Try It for Hed, Weak,
Watery Eyea and Granulated Eyelids. Illas
trated Book In eaoh Package. MnrlncMi
compounded br oar Oculists not a 'Patent 18W
Iclno" but used Id sneoestral I'bjslclans' fnw
ttce for manr Tears. How dedicated to the Pnb
Ilo sod sold br Dratglsti st Ma and WoperBottl
Marino lijs Ball la JLsspUo Tabes, 3M sad Ho.
Murlno Eyo Remedy Co., Chloago
It often happens that wuen a man
knows his duty ho tries to stare it oft
by seeking; advice.
A lon( life and a merry ono mar bo ex.
peoted by those vrbo use GarBeld Tea, tit
natural herb regulator. For sale at all drug
Virtue may be its own reward, but
the reward isn't always legal tender
at the corner grocery.
to dxnainra of B, W. OUOVK. UkxI the World
ort U Cure Oold In Ooo Dar. So.
l,ove laughs at locksmiths, but It
sometimes cries over spilled mUk.
When the Millennium comes Garfield Tee
sad Holy Church 1U not be longer ueei&d.
Usually & man is a pior Judf of
Ms enrft toportanc.

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