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To Revive House Plants.
Charcoal and a small quantity of
potash mixed to a lino powdor and
fed to tho roots twice a wook for a
few weeks will revive a drooping or
dying house plant. This seems to act
as a tonic and has been tried several
times with good effect. In lc3s than
a month's tlmo tho plant will talto on
now llfo and flourish vigorously if all
tho necessary elements aro not out of
tho soil.
"W H
VWi l-1 1 V. J 6.Yt'V VI KiV? 1 1- u
W i V
re. T"
i . jii
y-afas'.. s'.
Wu&izryrir S7C&S21&&&
N somo wayB "tho
playground of Hol
land" la quite a good
namo for tlio Islands
of tho Zulder Zee.
Tho s 1 1 ft , shining
trees, tho black and
white cows, the natty
and vividly-painted
wooden houses, might
all havo trooped out
of somo very now and
splendid nursory
Noah's Ark. Tho peo
ple aro dressed In a more gay and un
practical faBhlon than elsewhere, and
their vocation In life, like a child's, is
to make n pretty and pleasing Impres
sion on their observers. Tho chcese
maklng and fishing at which they
make believe to toll aro, or anyhow
appear to be, as unimportant to tho
general weal as tho productions of n
child's cooking stove. What they have
to do Is to look, dress and behave so
that they appeal to artists wanting
models and Americans wanting excur
sions. Two-thirds of tho tourists and
half the guide-books actually seem to
Imagine that this mode of life has left
them qulto guileless and childlike. Of
course, they nro really becoming,
thanks to the tourist, tho most canny
and long-sighted people In Holland,
y&CtVCr j3TCZs4iZ?J?je
Is, ono Is positively dragged Into their
dwellings, introduced to all tho house
hold goods, especially if one Is au
American or an amatour antiquarian
to somo deciepit old clock or cradle,
from which tho owner vows never to
part. Hut she yields so readily to
persuasion that pel haps ono doos not
wiong her in thinking that sho sol
aces hoi self for tho loss with a llttlo
expedition to Amsterdam In search of
a substitute.
Tho Marken fishing fleet makes a
bravo show, but one feels that a really
prosperous concern would not spend
so much time in harbor. However, on
weekdays tho men certainly disappear
somewhero, perhaps only to mako
their rare appearance tho moro lm
presslve. As is the case all over Hol
land, man has the monopoly of all tho
quaintest devices In dress. The Mark
ener is said to do his fishing in his
T""rVi.-iflr ESW& SV. .3 JA W SH XKW IS-
w.i ,:vri' ns m j rximi-mit. ,vsm-i.--M
. . HM M . v U BBF" '6r ! W V 3 '! f ,11 'I l t'HrtS iJ-TOtfJ-,'. . 'i I V
iMgfBsm . I 1 V..1 i r "1 Yr
i rcsHegH n w . " rx iu b m n --v ajf ii
t y-imzmm$m n m ' n n jsjh
lllkMI. A a m -. , i ? S g- . Iff. 9.&mzl
'rAj.vV-, ilB,'" Vy.rA-lSgll
-FrfeKcT ysUkJBPli?f.-iary X
What HappcncJ In Flooded Louisiana
Region When Gunboats Fought
Is Told by Chlcagoan.
Theodore II. Esschon, who liven nt
1748 St. Michael's court, Chicago, took
pait In engagements between union
and confederate naval forces In the
Inttor years of tho war. Ilo accom
panied the expedition niado by Gen.
Nathaniel P. Ilanks Into the network
of swamps and bayous of Louisiana
and known as tho Hod river campaign.
An Incident on the journey was tho
blowing up of the confederate ram
Queen of tho West, of which Mr. Es
schon tells.
"Tho St. Mary was the boat I uns
on," said Mr. Esschon. "Sho wns a
transpoit and was one of the fastest
steamers wo had. Sho was ono of a
number of gunboats and unprotected
river boats that made their way Into
Grand iako to laud troops In General
Banks' red river campaign.
"The lako was a mudhole, formed
by overflow from tho Mississippi In
low water It was a cypress swamp,
and timber had been cut from a large
area. In high water tho stumps of tho
great trees, standing perhaps eight
feet abovo tho ground, were covcicd
"My son wn3 about thrco wcoks old
when I noticed a breaking-out on his
chocks, from which a watery sub
stance oozed. A short tlmo after, his
arms, shoulders and breast broke out
also, and In a few days becamo a Eolld
Bcab. I becamo alarmed, and called
our family physician who at oucc pro
nounced the disease eczema. Tho lit
tle fellow was under treatment for
about three months. By tho end ot
that time, ho seemed no better. I be
camo discouraged. I diopped tho doc
tor's treatment, and commenced tho
use of Cutlcura Soap and Ointment,
and In a few days noticed a marked
change. Tho eruption on his cheeks
was almost healed, and his shoulders,
arms and breast wore decidedly bet
ter. When ho wns about seven montbo
old, nil traco of the eczema was go no.
"During his teething period, his
hend and face were broken out la
bolls which I cured with Cutlcura,
Soap and Ointment. Surely ho must
havo boon a great sufferer. During
tho tlmo of teething and from tho tlmo
I droppod tho doctor's treatment, I
used tho Cutlcura Soap and Cutlcura
Ointment, nothing else, and when two
years old ho was tho picture of health.
His complexion was soft and beauti
ful, and his head a mass of silky curls.
I had been afraid that ho would nover
be well, and I feel that I,owo a great
deal to tho Cutlcura Remedies."
(Signed) Mrs. Mary W. Ramsey, 224
E. Jackson St., Colorado Springs, Col.,
Sept. 24, 1910. Although Cutlcura
Soap and Ointment aro sold by drug
gists and denlers everywhere, a sam
plo of each, with 32-page book, will be
mailed free on application, to "Cutl
cura," Dept. L, Boston.
Just as the remote and pagan Breton is "getting
hideously like tho ;est of the world ns regards the
Itching palm. No; the folk of the Zulder Zee are
emphatically not children, but they are not the
less Interesting because they must bo taken as
vastly engaging, Ingenious and conscious frauds.
An exception must bo made in the case of Vo
lendara, a village which, although artist-ridden all
the year round, lives a quite simple and unpre
tentious life. Its Ashing fleet proves Its prowess
In the North sea, and Its women are blushing and
bashful. Tho wooden houses are really homes,
and whatever treasures and heirlooms may lie
within are not shown to the stranger or bartered
for his gold. Tho costume strikes one as genuine.
.At any rate, the spirited little boys who nro al
ways swarming about tho jetty prove by their
romps and gymnastics that their faded magenta
garments and round black caps nro eminently
practicable to play in. At first, one has fears for
tho costume. Tho coats are so breathlessly tight
i 'n economy which, perhaps, counterbalances
- l.v absurd superfluity ot material in the trousers
and tho caps would be at tho bottom of tho
Zulder Zeo twenty times a day were it not that
they have the tenacity of limpets. Tho men re
main faithful to this urtjstlc costume both when
stalwart, serious fishermen at which stngo the
visitor sees llttlo of them and when their work
ing lifo is done and all that remains is to spend
tho day leaning up against the Jetty wall, smok
ing and musing. Old age Is very kind to tho
Dutch flshorman. His flno wrinkles, twinkling
ejes, scant hair his whole smoke-dried and sun
dried old face have a qhrowd, distinguished,
quizzical look, which is very attractive and is not
seen elsewhere in Holland.
Tho women, too, improve with ago. In youth
thoy are stout and buxom lasses, with sunburnt
cheeks, bright but shallow eyes, and hair tucked
away, all too neatly, under their light and grace
So ful winged caps. In ago they grow twinkling and
thoughtful, and somo ofthera, save the costume,
are Cinderella's godmother to the life. Their
gowns havo not tho gaiety ot tho men's habits,
being generally a useful black, blue or purple,
broadly checked or striped, and made in n tight
and awkward fashion. Beauty comes with tho
ydz&YZWrtr es&&
splash of color made by the apron and with tho
cap, which is as dainty and fragile as a flower.
Tho Volendnmmers are a placid people, with
only ono strong prejudice against tho neighbor
ing island of Marken. Tho denounce it as a com
munity of beggars whoso only excuse is their de
ficient mental capacity, due to tho fact that no
ono on tho mainland will marry with them. Tho
guide-books put down this animosity to a differ
ence of religion; but one feels that thero is some
thing in tho Volendammcr's contention when ono
finds that the Markener standpoint can only bo
ascertained by tho application of hard cash. On
that mainland-despised but tourist-beloved Isle
even conversation is chargeable. ' The children
shriek plalntlvo and inopportune good-byes in ox
chango for a shower of copper, and the most cas
ual photographer has willy-nilly to pay a fee to
every unmannerly urchin who chooses to dispose
horself in front of his camera.
Really, the costume of tho Markencrs is not to
bo taken seriously. To begin with, the "voraen's
dress is largely mado up of pilnted stuffs, a kind
of shoddy substitute for embroidery which has
surely not been so very long in the woild. Tho
dross Itself is dark enough, but over It is worn an
overall of the most gaudy and flaunting hues; the
cap Is chiefly print, and the fair hair is worn in
long ringlets with a straight, bushy fringe across
tho forehead. Mr. E. V. Lucas, in his "Wanderer
iu Holland," calls these worthy dames "line, up
standing creatures." Ono would like them better
If they wero leBs confiding and attentive. As it
extravagant breeches and ceremonious
hat. It this is a fact, the Havenstoom
bootdlensl of Amsterdam, which has a
very tender and not altogether disin
terested affection in these "burled cit
ies of the Zulder Zeo," would find it
worth while to run an excursion to
tho scene of his labors.
Marken and Volendam aro not the
only burled cities in which tho Haven
stoombootdienst is eager to introduce
the stranger. In fact, as far as ono can
discover, theso places are not cities
at all. But Monnlkendam, on tho
strength of having fitted out n ship
which did good service against tno
Spaniards at lloorn, is described as
"dreaming of Its greatness In tho past." Certain
ly tho silent little town shows no desire to emu
loto its former achievements. It It dreams It
dreams quietly, and not oven the boisterous clang
of tho bell of n seemingly qulto unnecessary tram
way can rouse it from its reveries. It forms a
striking contrast with Edam, .whoso cheeso fac
tories are extremely bustling but strangely unpro
ductive. Edam has a huge church, which, hav
ing once acted as a shelter for men and cattle dur
ing n flood, is uow afflicted with tho cow-damp,
Tho town also prides itself on its cleanliness, a
fact that makes It horribly unsympathetic.
Tho Zulder Zee, which lives in tho art of An
ton Mauvo, Is off tho beaten track of tho tourist.
His own town of Laren is visited only by artists,
although It la a pretty place and tho environs aro,
for Holland, thickly wooded, Zaandam, the placo
whoro Peter tho Great worked at ship building,
pleases by its bright green houses and staid old
'windmills. In these last places the visitor feels
inclined to stay, but for Markden and its fellows
tho few hours provided by tho Havenstomboot
diost aro quite sufficient.
"DoeB your wife often grieve because sho threw
over a wealthy man In order to marry you?"
"Sho started to onco, but I cured her of it tho first
rattlo out of tho box."
"I wish you would tell me how."
"I staited right In to grieving with her. And I
grieved harder and longer than sho did."
Boiler Room and Magazine Blew Up.
with water, and there was no current
to mark their uietence. It was high
water when wo landed tioops on tho
shore of tho lake.
"Our boats weie of different drafts.
The large ones could not go near
shore, and the smaller steamers lay
between them and tho shore, fao (hat
the soldiers could walk over (hem
somewhat as If they were a pontoon
bridge. We had several gunboats
there, two of them, tho Colorado and
tho Matagora, Ironclad, and theie
were liver boats and ferry boats The
Clifton was well armed and so was
the Calhoun, a ferry boat from New"
Yorkr with a heavy gun nt bow and
at stern and tw'o broadsides of four
smaller guns each.
"Wo wero not allowed to stay In the
lake without a visit from tho enemy
A fleet of confederate boats came
down tho bayous from the Red river
and disputed our position. The Queen
of tho West was the most formidable
of them. Sho was a ram, though not
Ironclad. Tho other bonts were river
steamers, with bales of cotton around
tholr sides and with guns pointing
through apertures in the cotton guatd.
They were floating forts.
"The Queen of tho West came
steaming down at us and in her path
was one of our ironclads They told
us afterward that tho pilot had called
out to tho captain that they were
headed for an Iron boat and that the
captain had sworn to sink tho boat
even it It was iron. They put on full
steam ahead. Tho water was Ilko
glass. They cut through It at a great
speed ami ran on a lot of submerged
stumps. Tho "bow was thrown high
Into ttio air and there hung the Queen
of the West.
"Tho Calhoun and the CHI ton took
poiition, ono on each side, .tnd shelled
her. The Cndhoun, a sidewheeler,
was kept swinging about without
moving away from her position and
firing bioadsides or stern or bow guns
as they canio Into range. Tho Queen
of tho West was game to tho Inst and
she returned tho fire until her boiler
room and magazino blow up There
was nothing left of her except n pllo
of wrpekago. As poon as sho blow up
tho rest of tho confederate fleet,
which had been doing a llttlo firing,,
turned about and made for tho bayous
They know tho channel nnd so obcap
ed, but somo of them wero captured
after our boats had made tholr w.y
The Suffragette's Answer.
"And whero, by fellow citizens," ap
pealed tho political speakor, "can wo
find au instrument so fit, so delicate,
so adjustable, and at tho same timo
bo unassuming nnd popular that It
will unlock every department of stato
for tho benefit of Its readers?"
"Tho hairpin!" shrieked an enthu
siastic suffragette in the audience.
The Paxton Toilet Co. ot Boston,
Mass., will send a largo trial box of
Paxtlne Antiseptic, a delightful cleans
ing and germicidal toilet preparation,
to any woman, free, upon request
Paw Knows Everything.
Willie Paw, what is a family cir
cle? Paw A wedding ring, my son.
Beware of Spring's .sudden chanees, keep
Gartlold Tea nt hand. Drink hot on retiring.
London is tho healthiest capital ot
His Face Entirely
Question Resolves Itself Into One
Income and Proper Regard for
Appearances, "
Tho other day a woman writer was
condemning fomlnlne vanities, espe
cially the one of dress. To some ox
tont she is right in hor judgment on
fomlnlne vanities, especially when she
condemns tho woman' who spends all
hor days and too much of her money
on clothes, put tho average woman
does nolthor; In fact, who nro tho
women who pay tho enormous prices
the dressmakers ask for tholr drosses?
Numbers of women want to know
whero to buy tholr drosses, nnd when
thoy know how much thoy will havo
to pay at tho big dressmakers they
buy them elsowhero. These aro wom
en who dress well. Thoy will not
spend moro than they can afford on
dress, and overyono will agrco they
are qulto right.
A3 to the time spent on dross, it is
difficult to pass an 'opinion on such a
matter, but ono thing Is certain, and
that Is that somo women do not spend
enough. Ono woman, high up In tho
educational world, realized not so very
long ago that dress was of importance,
because sho noticed that many of tho
cleverest students missed tho host
posts in after lifo becauso they paid no
attention either to dress or carriage.
Sho horself had no tusto for clothes,
either, but sho was wise enough to ac
knowledge it, and sho persuaded a
friend to undertake tho care of her
So now, twico a year, sho Is thor
oughly turned out with now toilettes,
tho result being that she has gained In
Influonco and has not lost any ot her
serious character. She has oven lec
tured Ci her students on tho subject,
nnd mado them boo how Important it
is for a woman to havo a pleasing ap
pearance, oven though sho may have
all tho learning ot tho sages.
Then thoro Is another plea for wom
en who spend timo and monoy on their
clothes. Thoy koop endless industries
alive by what appear to many people
to ho oxtravaganco, nnd tho only thing
with which to roproach them Is that
thoy so oftou accept hideous fashions
from tho dressmakers whon tholr
sense of tho fitness of things should
mako them rofuso to look at anything
which does not express beauty and
usefulness comhlnod,
A Benediction.
Gen. Pendleton, who was a cleigy
man beforo the war, but who. having
graduated at West f'olnt, Joined the
army and commanded a battery nt
null Run. Ho stood by tho guns, and
when ready to firo ho would bay:
"Now, boys, made ready! May tho
Lord have mercy on the poor sinners.
And Blackheads. Was Ashamed
Used Resinol, Skin Clear
A Jersey City man, Thomas Bruno,
17014 Brunswick St., writes:
Mar. 29, 1912. "About four months ago
a pimplo brolco out on my forehead,
which pained mo very much. I began
scratching it and within two weclcs my
fnco was ontlrely filled with pimples and
blackheads. They wero not only disfigur
ing, but also painful. I was ashamed to
walk qn tho streets and soon becamo dis
couraged. I tiled many remedies such
as salves, cold cream, etc., but all wero a
"I read of tho Beslnol Soap and Resi
nol Ointment In tho papers, and soon
sent for samples which I used. They
proved to bo excellent, and after using
two cakes of Iteslnol Soap and a
Jnr of Resinol Ointment, It remov
ed every pimplo and blackhead In sight.
This treatment lasted about thrco weeks,
and now my skin Is clear and healthy.
I gave somo Resinol Ointment to a
friend and it cured him of sycosis (or
barber's Itch). My family use Resinol
Soap for tho toilet and shampoo: It stops
dandruff and falling hair. I recommend
Resinol Soap and Ointment for all skin
Resinol Soap and Ointment stop Itch
ing Instantly, and quickly heal eczema
and other skin and scalp eruptions, as
well as sores, burns, nnu uieeuing pucs.
Your druggist sells them (Soap. 25a;
Ointment, Mc and ?1). For a sample of
each wrlto to Dept. C K, Resinol Chemi
cal Co., Baltlmoro, Md.
Whrwn.lt for tho old farm to bcrotno
uiujmiu iur juur tutuiu
pruspcrltr&nd Indepcn
aence, a. great oppor
tunity awulu you In
or Alberta, whero you
can b ecu ro a FreoUonau
stead or buy land atroa
Bonablo prices.
k. 1 1 Ei"- v -4em
Going Some.
How fast did McCarty run when
the rebels opened on our ranks?"
"Oh, puny aat."
"As fait as ho could run?"
'Tastci I Ao faat as two of bla
could run."
How's theTimc
not a your from now,
when land will bo high
af. Thn nrnfltA fcoenred
from tho nlmndniit irnpii of
" Iient, Outs ..unci llurley.
aiu, uiu
causlDji a steady ndvauco
rnce. JOYeniuHn& roiunis euow
bat Oie number or settlors
In Westom C'unuila from
the I). 8. van UU iior cent
larger lu 11)10 tli.in the
provlomi ycur.
niuur furmcrs liuvu paid
fur tliolr land out of tho
iirocenilH of ono crop.
l'roo JlomostuaiU of 100
Borci nutl liro-oinptloiiM of
100 urroa ut ttU.OOau urro.
l'luo cllmutu, (rood nclioiili,
oxuellout rutin ay fuillltlos,
lnvr frulght rntus) wood, wn
tor ami lunibor cimUy ob-
"rpaiopfclet " J.ast Uet We it."
tuirtiru la.ru &b vi Butlablu loiallun
u:d loir wntlem' rata, ai'plr to
bupT or luituifnuiun, iuuwb,
Cun.i or to Canadian Ootx Agent.
413 Gardner Bldo.i Tolsdo.Ohlo
Hmm write to tbeaetut nort yoo

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