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VOL. L&-ED..L. BLUE, Publishor.
$1.00 IN ADVAHOE-HO. 32
r- '
U -N
UNDERTAKER (perrysburg,;i
Both Phones Main Twenty-seven.
Jhrows it
jn Ditch and
In a collision' between an automo
bile and a farmer's wagon on the
river road near tho Mtama Children's
homo at T o'clock Monday evening a
Polish woman, presumably tho farm
er's wife, was painfully Injured.
The machine going toward tho city
was driven by Arthur E. Harbauer,
of Twenty-second Btreot, secretary
and treasurer of tho Harbauer Pickle
Tho vohlclo belonging to a Bowl
ing Green truck grower contained
tho farmer, his wlfo and three chil
dron. It was thrown Into the ditch.
Tho car was made useless through tho
loss of two front vhecjs and a
smashed hood.
Tho Injured woman was picked
up by some passing automobllists
who brought her to Toledo for med
1 ical treatment. Times.
Hero is a woman wjio speaks from
personal knowledge and long experi
ence, viz., Mrs. P. H. Brogan, of 'Wil
son, Pa., who says,."I know from ex
perience that Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy is far superior to any other.
For croup there is nothing that ex
cels it." For sale by all dealers.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hahn spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Kopp
and family, of Perrysburg.
Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Brossia was
tho Sunday guest of her mothor, Mrs.
Caldwell, of Toledo. ,
Helen Brossia was tho over Sun
day guest of Miss Violet" Mills, of
Mr. Clifford Jackobs and Mr. E.
Wilson spent Sunday with Mr. Mer
lin Brossia.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Todd and son
Eugene called on Mr. and Mrs.
Philip Brossia Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Llmmer and
daughter Laura spent Sunday with
Fred Kindcrvater and family.
A party of friends and relatives
gathered at tho homo of John Bros
Bia Sunday to help Mm celebrate his
fifty-seventh birthday. Those who
were present are Mr. and Mrs. Chas.
Rockondorffor and daughter Ruth,
and Master Edward Hoffman, Mr.
and Mrs. G. Jarckow, Mrs. Campbell
and daughters Leilo and Thelma,
Mrs. A. M. Hoffman all of Toledo.
Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Loesch and
daughter Rozella, Mr. and Mrs. Al
bert Hahn and daughter Grace, Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Brossia nnd daughter
Dorothy and Mr. Adolph Volz, of
They all enjoyed i lino tlmo and
wish him many more such happy
While working on tho Indiana
avenue street Improvement Job last
Monday, Ira Fslnch sustained vory
Bovoro bruises by coming in contact
with a rapidly rovolving steering
wheel of a steam excavator.
-John Zurfliih-
Dealer In
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Spectacles.
000 Monroo St. Toledo, OMo,
Near Michigan Street.
Special caro will bo taken with tho
repair of all kinds of Watches, Clocks
and Jowolry.
Dr. B. Kinsley
X) IE 35T O? 1ST
OiHco Hours: 8 to 11 a. m., 1 to
6 p. m.
Ofuce up stairs cornor Front
and Main Streets.
Phono Main 14 . .
1 pbrrybburo, owo.
Rev. B. F. Reading Made Super
intendent of Delaware District.
The M. B. Conference closed Its
annual session at Kenton, on Monday.
In Toledo churches there were
several changes made, Rev. B. F.
Reading, well known in Perrysburg,
has been made Superintendent of tho
Delaware district. Rov. C. W. Col
lingo of Glbsonburg will succeed Rov.
Edwin D. Cooke as pastor of Beth
any church; Rov. D. F. Helms will
succeed Rev. Reading at tho Broad
way church; Rev. M. D. Baumgart
ner will succeed Rev. William J,
Hagerman at St. John's, and Rev.
A. S. Bowersox will succeed Rov. C.
W. Tanoyhill at tho Western Avenue
Other appointments are: Perrys
burg, Rev. E. J. Webster; Maumee,
Rov. E. D. Cooke; Pemberville, Rev.
Q. M. McNeeloy; Prairie Depot, Rev.
S. H. Floy; Weston. Rev. Ell Motter.
Sunday School at 9:30 a. m.
Preaching at 10:30 a. m. and' 7: 30
p. m. next Sunday by the pastor.
Tho Communion of the Sacrament
of tho Lord's Supper will be cele
brated after tho mornlnp sermon.
Tho Christian Endeav, '- t Meeting
will bo held at C:30 p. and wll)
bo led by Miss Susie Davn',. Subject
"Th'e Christian Virtue of Humil
ity." This is the monthly Consecra
tion meeting and it is hoped by tho
Prayer Meeting' Committee that all
theXmembers will remember their
pledge to bo present, and if not pos
sible to bo present will send at least
a verso of Scripture to be read in
response to their namos at the roll
call. Tho meeting laBt Sunday even
ing was well attended and Inspiring.
Let us keep up tho pace.
Rally Day will be observed by tho
Sunday School on Sunday, October
13, and preparations are under way
to make It an Inspiring dccaslon. Do
not forgot tho date.
Rov. George H. Lowry and Elder
A. C. Pargellis have been appointed
delegates from tho Presbytery of
Maumeo to tho Synod of Ohio which
meets in Bellefountalne October
Secretary of State Graves glvo out
decision holding that names of can
didates cannot appear on more than
one ticket. In many counties of tho
state tho Bull Mooso party has en
dorsed tho Republican' candidates on
tho theory that they had helped to
nominate them at tho primaries last
spring or because thef sentiment In
their counties was greatly in favor
of such endorsement. Tho endorse
ment will stlHstand, of courso, but
thoro will , bo no duplication
Tlioro's often much truth in tho
saying "her faco is hor fortune," but
Us novor said where pimples, skin
eruptions, blotches, or other blem
ishes ddhguro 'it. Impure blood is
back of them all, and shows tho need
of Dr. King's Now Llfo Pills. They
promoto health and beauty. Try them.
25 cents at C. P. Champney's.
Electric and X-Ray Work
608, 509, 510 Nicholas Bldg.
Cor; Madison & Huron Sts, Toledo.
Edward M. Fries
having rotlred as Judge of tho Court
of Common Pleas, is now engaged In
tho general practice of tho law, "with
offices over Lincoln's Drug storo,
Vloln street, Bowling Green; O
818 Spltzer Building,
Homo Phone J40,
Prisoners Attempt to Break Wood
County Jail.
An attempt to break out of the
Wood county jail was spoiled by tho
observing eye of a woman.
A Bowling Green lady accompan
ied by her husband wore passing tho
Jail when the lady observed some
thing in a window of tho jail which
did not look right and calling hor
husband's attention they watched
long enough to distinguish a man at
tho window in tho act of sawing.
An alarm was given and Deputy
Sheriff Shoecraft carefully entered
tho jail and caught the man engaged
In the act of sawing a heavy bar.
The man flulckly entered his coll,
but left behind him several saws and
an iron bar as evidence of the work
he was doing.
An inventory disclosed eight hack
saws, two saws made from case
knives, a bar of iron 2 feet long
and a quarter inch thick, also enough
rope to have let tho men down to tho
How these articles were obtained
by the prisoners is unknown, unless,
as the Sheriff supposes, they were
thrown through the window grating
into the outer corridor and pulled
into the inner corridor by the aid
of a broom.
Tho subject or this sketch, C. F.
Hollenbeck, or "Frank" as he is
more familiarly known, was born, in
Perrysburg, O., December 17, 1869.
He received his educat'lon in the
Perrysburg schools and practically
his entire life has been spent here.
For four years he was assistant
postmaster under his father, the lato
Wm. Henry Hollenbeck (who was a
veteran of the Civil war), and for
six years he was in the employ of
the Bowling Greem and the Maumeo
Valley electric railway lines, resign
ing his position to enter Into busi-
ness for himself as a contractor,
which bitfiiness ho Is successfully
carrying on at present.
Unsolicited by himself Frank has
several times been honored by tho
people of tho village by election to
tho office of Cemetery Trusteo and
Councilman, In which latter office ho
is now serving his third term.
Ho is a membor of tho Masonic
order, Woodmen of tho World, Loyal
uuara, juoiiern woodmen, and a
I momber of local Labor Union No. 7.
Mr. Hollenbeck comes from ono of
the oldest and best known families
In Wood county, they having located
hero In 1849, since which tlmo they
nave taken an active Interest and
prominont part in business, local
and county affairs, but jiono of tho
family has ever held a county ofllce.
He consented to go upon tho Re
publican county ticket this fall after
tho earnest solicitation of many Re
publicans who seem to bo satisfied
that lie has within him the making
ol a capable, honest and worthy sher
iff, and ho will appreciate tho help
and support of ALL citizens of the
county in his candidacy.
The New State Offers Many Oppor
tunities for Investments.
Now Mexico is of more than ordi
nary interest to tho tourist who will
allow himself tlmo to study present
conditions and future poFslbllitles,
and' at the city of Albuquerque there
la much to indicate that this section
of country is rich in historical and
agricultural Interest, and I hope to
bo pardoned for using a few facts I
gleaned from records of the city. Al
buquergue, New Mexico, is tho chief
city of the now state, and Is also the
largest and most modern city In tho
southwest and one of the oldest in
tho United States. ttB beginning is
shrouded in prehistoric times and
where tho city now stands was oaco
the center of tho most populous
Pueblo Indian district in New Mex
ico and it is estimated there were"
many thousand Pueblos living In this
district. Albuquerque disputes with
Tuseon and Santa Fe, Arizona, and
St. Augustine, Florida, the title of
being the oldest city In the United
. The city received Its christening
when It was named after Don Fran
cisco Fernandez de la Cueva Enri
qucz, Duke of Albuquerque, appoint
ed thirty-fourth viceroy of New
Spain by King Felipe V of Spain. He
took charge at Vera Cruz In 1702.
Don Francisco Cuero y Valdez, ap
pointed Governor of New Mexico by
tho Duke of Albuquerque, founded
the "villa" of Albuquerque in 170G,
calling it San Francisco de Albuquer
que in honor of tho viceroy, and the
latter ordered the name changed to
San Felipe de Albuquerque in honor
of the King of Spain. Just exactly
why the viceroy ordered this change
in name the history does not state,
but ho probably desired to touch the
King for an extra amount of sup
plies or soldiers, or had, perhaps, al
ready knocked down a few thousand
on expenso account a"nd wanted to
give his highness a little "Bull Moose
con." to smooth 4t over. Howover,
that's the way Albuquerque was
named at a time when her popula
tion consisted of thirty families.
During the past ten years thl&
beautiful city has had a rapid
growth its assessed valuation in
mi being ?3,S00,000 as against
31,900,000 ten years previous. It is
tho distributing 'center for the rich
San Pedro, Golden, Cerrlllos, Bland,
Hell Canyon and Coyote Canyon min
ing districts, and Is the central mill
ing and shipping point for immense
forests of pine, spruce and fir, the
great areas of stauding timber in the
aggregate being larger than some of
the eastern states. Tne location of
this city, at an altitude of approxi
mately 5,000 feet, with three hun
dred days of sunshine a year, with a
rarefied, absolutely pure air, makes
It an Ideal health resort and is death
to tuberculosis germs.
The Rio Grande, "Great River,'
often called the "Nile of America,"
flows through the entire length from
north to Fouth of the state of New
Mexico; over 300 miles, and la a
broad, 'shallow stream and Its waters
are said to be richer In fertilizing
silt than any other stream in Amer
ica. Its valley is from two to a doz
en miles in width and its basin in
New Mexico embraces some of the
most productive land in the world.
Tho waters of tho Rio Grande have
been used since prehistoric, Aitec
times -for the watering of the soil
and thoro is no doubt thnt In this
valley Irrigation was first practiced
In America, and In tin? valley north
and south of Albuquerque tho com
munity ditch has been in use
from time immemorial and Is now
reaching Its highest stage of efil
(Contlnued on Eighth Page.)
If you have young children you
havo perhaug noticed that disorders
of the stomach are their most com
monT'allment. To correct this you
will find Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets excellent. They aro
easy and pleasant to tako, and mild
and gentle In effect. For salo by all
Depository of tho U. S. Government, Postal Savings System.
Depository of tho State of Ohio.
This bank huB a record of Thlrty-th,reo years success.
Commenced business in 1870,
Four per cent, intorest paid op deposits for ono year.
President, Vice-President Cashier
Resources over $430,000.00.
As Determined By the Journal Con
test Will Receive A Beautiful
Diamond Ring.
Tho Journal's Popular Young Lady
Contest Is progressing nicely and tho
young ladies are piling up a nice list
, . I
or votes. t
The contest Is only fairly started
and tho girl wos Is at the head today
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It only requires a little effort to
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In soliciting subscriptions the
young ladles are engaged In strictly
honorable and creditable business
and need have no hesitancy about
calling on friends and strangers alike
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As a special Inducement for this
week we offer the coupon below
which Is good tor 150 votes when
accompanied with one dollar for
Remember for every New Sub-
In response to the call for the
meeting of the Wood County Soldiers
and Sailors Association, about 300
of the "Old Guard" met at the grand
stand on the fair grounds on Wednes
day. President Nearing being absent,
the meeting was called to order by
Vice-President Theo. Alexander and
after talks by several of the mem
bers, proceeded to elect the officers
for the coming year as follows:
President, Theg. Alexander; 1st vice
president, G. C. Nearing; 2nd vice
president, John Stearns; 3rd vice
president, J. S. Benschoter; secretary
and treasurer, G. W. Callln.
of the fast express meanB serious
trouble ahead If not removed, so does
loss of appetite. It means lack of vi
tality, loss of strength and nerve
weakness. If appetite falls, take
Electric Bitters quickly toovercome
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Hesshelnier, of Lincoln, Neb., had
been sick over three years, but six
bottles of Electric Bitters put him
right on his feet again They have
helped thousands. They give pure
blood, strong nerves, good digestion.
Only 50, cents at C. P. Champney's.
The funeral of Stephen Laskoy,
aged 73 years, who passed away
Friday night at 9:30 o'clock from a
complication of diseases was held on
Monday at Custar. Tho body was
taken to Toledo for burial in the udldate of Democracy aia: "I want to
Woodlawn cemetery. pay my tribute of respect to the preB-
Mr. Laskey had been in poor' ident of tho United States I do not
health for a number ol : years .but was f-vo J J l?$
only forced to take his bed two days Uon patrlotl8m or tho lntecrity or
before his death. tne pumic purpose of the man who
Ho leaves ono son ueorgu wim
whom he made his homo and two
daughters who reside in New York
City, to mourn his death.
"It scenipd that my 14-year old
boy would have to lose his leg, on
account of an ugly ulcer, caused by
a bad bruise," wrote D. F. Howard,
Aquonc, N. C. "All remedies and
doctors' treatment failed till wo tried
Bucklln's Arnica Salve, and cured
him with one box." Cures burns.
imilR. skin eruptions, piles. 25c at
I 0. P. Champney's.
scrlber for one year with Oils coupon
you will receive 150 votes. The
mpn Is not good after Tuesday,
October 8.
Get busy, glr's, and send In as
many of these coupons as possible.
This Coupon With $1.00 for
Will Count 150 Votes for tho I'
, Not good after Tuesday, Octo
ber 8.
Following Is the vote given
candidate at the present time.
The candidates vote
Miss Lllllam Simmons, RD 1. . 1,740
Miss Florence Tryon 1,810
Miss DorcaB Wetzel 3,120
Miss Mamie Reis 1.040
Miss Inez Walker 1,000
Miss Lulu DeVerna, R. F. D. 1. 2,400
Miss Marlon Tuller, Rossford. . 1,000
Miss Ada Trepanler, Dunrldgo. 1,140
Miss Minnie Shlple 1,340
Miss Madelyn Yeager 2,000
Miss A. Wagoner, Stony Ridge. 1,000
Delascus Mercer Killed When Auto
Goes Into Ditch.
While driving along the Findlay road
between Portage and Bowling Green
on Weanesday morning, Delascus
Mercer lost control of his auto and it
went into the ditch, turning over and
almost instantly killing bim.
He was a prominont and highly re
spected citizen.
Sick headache Is caused by a dis
ordered stomach. Take Chamber
laln'B Tablets and correct that and
the headaches will disappear. For
sale by all dealers.
It would make a very long list of
names to tell of all who visited tho
Wood county Fair and Toledo Expo
sition. Perrysburg peoplo were very
liberal In their i patronage of both
institutions and in all cases were well
paid for the time spent.
A Gentleman and Scholar Follows a
Political Adventurer.
Speaking In Taft's home state to
4,000 persons in Memorial Hall, Co
lumbus, tho vice presidential candi
date of the Third Term party said:
"It is with shame as an American cit
izen that I say that today tho most hu
miliating character In all America is
the president of the United StateB."
Later In the same hall, to a still
larger audience, the presidential can-
now presides at tho executivo office
In Washington."
The cruelty of this comparison of
the quality of tho two governors Is
Justified In the enormity of Mr. John
son's onense.
The Wllion Fall Frost.
The freo trado Evening Poet pub
lishes a lot of figures to show what
would happen if all tho states voted
the same as Vermont In November.
A two-and-threo-makes-flvo school
boy could tell the froo trade Evening
Post that if all the states Bhould votq
In November the same way Vermont
has voted Taft would havo the wholo
electoral college. ,
It came early, but it came with a
bite to it tho Wilson fall frost.
Bryan and Parker we're both elected
In August and burled under a snow
storm of ballots In November, and
Wilson Is hurrying to tho same snow
pile. Delaware Gazette.
Itching, bleeding, protruding or
blind piles yield to Doan's Ointment.
Chronio cases eoon relloved, finally
cured, Druggists alf sell It,

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