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VOL. LX-ED. L. BLUE, Publisher.
$1.00 IN ADVANCE-BO. 33
Both Phones Main Twenty-seven.
Elect Officers and Propose Additional
Improvements for Grounds.
Tho Ft. Meigs Commission mot at
tlio caretaker's house Saturday after
noon and organized by electing D. 0.
Van Voorhls, mayor of this city,
president, and D. K. Hollenbeck, of
Perrysburg, serretary.
Tho commission discussed plans to
grade down tho bank of the old hy
draulic canal which formerly sup
plied water power to a Perrysburg
mill and Secretary Hollenbeck was
authorized to 'securo an engineer to
survey It. This will greatly beautify
the grounds without touching the em
bankment thrown up by the Amer
icans in 1813.
Mrs. Charles Muir of Perrysburg
Seriously Injured.
Sick headache is caused by a dis
ordered stomach. Take Chamber
lain's Tablets and correct that and
the headaches will disappear. For
sale by all dealers.
Leave Many Interesting Traces of
Former Greatness.
On Friday evening about 7 o'clock,
while Harold Walker was returning
from Toledo with a party of relatives
In his automobile, ho discovered an
other machine coming from Maumeo,
which was making such an unsteady
course that ho feared tho driver
might run Into his machine. Mr.
Walker drovo as close to the street
car track as was safe in order to give
tho other auto plenty of room to pass,
but did not daro attempt to cross tho
track as ho saw a car approaching,
and thus with danger staring at him
from both sides of the road ho
stopped his machine and attempted
to run back, but before he could do
so tho approaching auto crashed
Into his machine and caused much
Besides wrecking the car, which
proved to be a small one, and also
damaging Mr. Walker's car, Mrs.
Charles Muir, who was riding in tho
Walker auto, was thrown forward in
such manner as to Injure her kneo by
breaking tho kneo cap. She was
brought to Perrysburg for medical
treatment, and on Monday was oper
ated on by Drs. Bowers, with tho
hope of restoring tho usefulness of
tho Injured member. She Is seriously
Injured and may possibly never fully
recover, although everything that
surgical skill can render has been
The occupants of tho offending ma
chine wero B. C. Ladd and a Mr.
Zimmerman of Toledo. Both men
wero detained in Maumeo until tho
Edwin Clay Writes Interestingly
of College Festivities.
Rally Day services will be held in
this church next Sunday morning at
10:30. This will take the" place of
both the Sunday school and tho
preaching service. A fine program
has been prepared and an inspiring
service is expected. Every member
of the Sunday school and congrega
tion Is urged to be present.
Preaching service at 7:30 p. m.
Tho Christian Endeavor meeting
will be held at G:30 p. m., and will
be led by Donald Hegamaster. Sub
ject: "You can do better." This is
a helpful and suggestive subject.
Come and tell us where you think
that you can do better than you havo
been doing and where the rest of us extent of Mrs jru,r,a ,nury aa fully
can do better. Como on time and help
the leader. Tho meeting last Sun
day evening, led by Josephine Davis,
was a splendid meeting. We are glad
to see our younger members taking
hold so well.
There will bo a social gathering in
the church parlors Friday evening,
October 11, of tho members of tho
congregation and their friends. There
will bo a short literary and musical
program, and light refreshments will
bo served. No admission fee, no col
lection. Como and enjoy a pleasant
Preparatory Communion services
will bo held at the Moline church,
Saturday at 1:30 and 7:30 p. m. Fol
lowing the afternoon service there will
be an importrnt meeting of the quar
terly conference. Celebration of the
Lords Supper will be observed Sunday
after the morning sermon at Moline,
also at Stony Ridge at 2 P. M.,and at
Perrysburg at 7:15 P. M. Rev. H. C.
Borger, P. E. of Tiffin District, will
conduct these servises.
Christian Endeavor Meeting at 0:15
P. M. will be conducted by O.H. Van
dorsall, pastor.
Mens prayer meeting Monday eve
ning at 7:30 will be conducted by Louis
The young women prayer service at
7 :30 Monday evening, willlbelln charge
of Almira Charles.
ascertained, when they were ordered
to appear in Maumee Monday for
hearing. They wero represented In
court by J. E. Ladd of Bowling
Greed. Both men plead gulltyto care
less driving and wero fined $25 and
costs. They also appeared very
anxious to do what they could to
remedy tho injuries that had been
tho result of their recklessness, and
It Is expected that they will make
proper settlement.
Now Mexico, with her ancient In
dian peoples, her relics of tho Aztec
and Spanish civilizations and tho pre
historic cavo dwellers, Is a country of
lntenso interest to students and 'to
tourists generally. There Is tho great
Navajo Indian reservation and tho
quaint puoblo villages of Isleta, Cia,
Jcmez, San Ildcfonso, Cochlta and
many others.
Tho Pueblos aro one of tho most
romarkablo and fascinating peoples
of thtf world. On all sides are ruins
and relics of the days of the Spanish
conquistadores, and tho city of Al
buquerque Is tho main supply point
for the Indian handiwork, their mar
velous blankets, silver work, Pueblo
pottery and so forth, and It Is to this
city that artists fropi all over the
world come en route to tho. interior to
study the remains of past civiliza
tions, two extinct, and one, that of
the Pueblos, maintained unchanged
for centuries but soon to disappear.
As our train stopped near a Pueblo
village scores of Indians, young and
old, came to the coaches and offered
their work for sale, and many dol
lars' worth of pottery and other sou
venirs were purchased. Their pot
tery is remarkable for its beauty of
artistic design and finish, and was
very eagerly sought by the tourists.
Albuquerque boasts of having the
300 year old church of San Flllpe de
The Pueblo villages are of much
interest, and remind the observe! of
ancient cities of the old world, which
I havo seen only by Illustrations.
They aro built on the crests of im
mense rocks the same as they did in
centuries past, evidently for the pur
pose of being better enabled to es
cape and to defend themselves from
tho predatory tribes of Navajos and
Apaches; they preserve their ancient
mode of dress and communal govern
Reminders of the ancient cliff
dwellers were also features ofinter-
Hero Is a woman who speaks from
personal knowledge and long experi
ence, viz., Mrs. P. II. Brogan, of Wil
son, Pa., who say3, "I know from ex
perience that Chamberlain's Cough
' Remedy is far superior to any other.
For croup thero Is nothing that ex
cels It." For sale by all dealers.
Tho Wolverine fool ball 'team of
Toledo "skinned" the Perrysburg
team by a score of 9 to 0. This is the
way they did it: By all legality as to
rules, the first 7 points that were
scored by Toledo should bo wiped out,
becauso tho points wero mado by an
illegal forward pass. It was very
plain to be seen by everybody there
that understood foot ball. The other
two points should not have been al
lowed as tho Perrysburg man was
forced over his own goal line by To
ledo men. This by rules black and
white counts nothing. It is hoped
that In tho futuro all vital plays will
bo carefully watched, as those are
tho dangerous parts of tho scoring
end of tho game. Tho kicking of
Louis Hilllabrand was very fine and
Kept tho team out of trouble. Wo
must say that tho whole team did
great work. Thanks to Messrs. Whit
man, Hufford and Finch of tho Naps
for good work.
-John Zurfluh-
Dealer In
Watches, Clocks, Jowclry, Spectacles.
000 Monroe St. Toledo, Ohio.
Near Michigan Street.
Special caro will bo taken with tho
repair of all kinds of Watches, Clocks
and Jewelry.
Dr. B. Kinsley
ID IE 3T 1? 1ST
Office Hours: 8 to 11 a. m., .1 to
6 p. m.
up stairs - corner Front
and Main Streets.
Phono Main 14
Electric and X-Rny Work
508, 509, 510 Nicholas Bldg.
Cor. Madison & Huron Sts. Toledo.
Edward M. Fries
having retired as Judge of the Court
of Common Pleas, is now engaged in
the general practice of tho law, with
offices over Lincoln's Drug store,
Main street, Bowling Green. O
est of which we were enabled to gain
a fleeting view.
How pleased is the tourist to meet
some one while traveling who may
know another person with whom both
are acquainted "back home." It was
a pleasure to meet two fellow passen
gers while traveling through New
Mexico who seemed pleased to hear
from Ohio. They wero Mr. and Mrs.
William Knapp Thomas, formerly"of
Toledo but who now reside "some
where" on a three thousand acre
ranch about 15 miles south of Santo
Fe. Mr. Thomas and his father went
west from Toledo about the time
Coleman Keeler left this" locality and
took a party of Ohio men down Into
New Mexico near Socorro promising
fortunes for each of them, which
none of them ever heard of after
reaching tho "promised land." Tho
elder Thomas sunk about 40,000
mazumas in a smelter plant which is
still sunk, tho principal smelting of
which was done to Mr. Thomas' ?40,
000.' But he later secured possession
of this tract of land and commenced
raising sheep. Later a spring of cool
delicious water was discovered and
by constructing a reservoir around it
they have plenty of water for Irriga
tion and for the stock on their ranch.
They havo recently added a large
number of cows and by the aid of an
Ice plant they aro now sending 100
gallons of Ice cream per week to
Santa Fe. They also supply tho
market with fresh meats and chick
ens and aro in a very prosperous con
dition, as well as nicely located. This
is another caso of making uscccss
whero failure seemed certain. With
plenty of land and a sure supply of
water Now Moxlco can furnish a fine
place to make money.
Somo of the strange rock forma'
ttons in this section had a remarkable
fascination for mo, and it was hard
to make myself believe that I had
never boforo seen them, and it wa3
Continued on Eighth Pago.
Hiram, 0., Sept. 30, 1912.
Dear Mr. Blito: I really feel
guilty fqr not having written you be
fore this but tho past two weeks
have been exceedingly busy and havo
not granted any spare moments for
Life at Hiram has been one grand
time (Including study). TheY. M.
C. A. and Y. W. C. A. here make a
special effort to have tho students
foci at home and not get "home
sick" and there have been very few
cases so far (but not ME, however).
On tho evening of September 19
the Y. M. C. A. held a reception for
the new students at the Y. M. C. A.
building. This has always been
known as the "Stag," and was one
glorious time from beginning to end.
Several impromptu speeches by the
faculty and the students, inter
spersed with music and readings,
constituted the program, which
closed with refreshments. On Sep
tember 18 the Y. W. C. A. enter
tained for the young ladies, which
was the same as the Y. M. C A. so
far as I know, for I did not attend
and therefore cannot explain it.
Tho big event of the week, how
ever, was the "joint" reception of
tho Y. W. C. A. and the Y. M. C. A.
This was where the bashful (?) fel
lows met all the fair and pretty
girls. Where you were introduced
to hundreds and hundreds, and Io,
the next morning (and sometimes
the next moment) you -were unable
to recall the name of the one you
had met.
The really big event of the year at
Hiram Is tho annual flag rush be
tween the Freshman and Sophomore
classes. The Sophomore class draw
up the rules and make the challenge
to the Freshmen and after the fac
ulty have approved of everything tho
Sophs select a fresh, slippery pole
and "pjant" it in the. campus with
iiieir colors living 36 feet high. Tho
object Is for the Freshmen to re
move the Sophs' flag and put their
own up. No man is allowed the use
of climbers or other mechanical
means but just plain hand over hand
In the Journal's Popular Young
Lady Diamond Ring
Tho Journal's Popular Young one NEW SUBSCRIBER.
Lady Contest Is piling up votes and' Remember for every New Sub-
by tho fifteonth of November a very . scribor for one year witu tins coupon
liniuitifnl iltnmnncl rlnir will ho Tire- you will receive 150 Votes,
sented the girl who has shown suffi
cient ambition to help herself earn
a jewel that will last a life-time and
never bo of less value.
It only requires a little effort.
It will pay any girl to lay aside from now on.
coupon Is not goou aiier Tuesuuy,
October IS
Tho Journal Is sure to appreciate
and reward the workers who give
evidence of real effort to bring In sub
scribers. It will pay you to work naru
trifling pleasures for a few days and
go out after subscriptions and collec
tions. Miss Lulu DeVerna has mado a
substantial gain this week as well as
Miss Madelyn Yeager and it Is a closo
race now.
Miss Simmons has made a big jump,
place And looks like a prize winner.
Miss Shiple shows a good gain and
It would not be surprising If the
ring went to one of tho country dele
gates, as these girls from the country
have tho same territory rights as
those In town.
The girl who hustles Is sure to win
a prize and In anticipation of some
thing that may appear as a surprise to
the candidates It
Get busy. Kir's, and send in as
many of these coupons as possible.
This Coupon With 1.00 for
Will Count 200 Votes for the
Not good after Tuesday, Octo
ber 15
Following is the vote given each
candidate at the present time.
Tho candidates vote
Miss Lllllam Simmons, RD 1.. 2,040
Miss Florence Tryon 1,840
Is well that each Miss Dorcas Wetzel 3,320
one should make a special effort Miss Mamie Eels 1.040
during the remainder of October. Miss Lulu DeVerna, R. F. D. 1. 3,740
As a special Inducement for this Miss Ada Trepanler, Dunrldge. 1,140
week we offer tho coupon below Miss Minnie Shiple 1,970
which is good for '200 votes when Miss Madelyn Yeager 2,500
accompanied with one dollar for Miss A. Wagoner, Stony Ridgo. 1,000
The state convention of the W. C.
T. U. 'was convened In Trinity M. E.
church, Lima, October 2-3. Tuesday, Mr. selfert and Mr. Hughes, of the
October 1, was given over to execu- Modern Mausoleum Company, of Day
tlve meetings and to the Y. P. B. toll( who haye In process of construc
conferenre in which the plans for the tlon the new Modern Mausoleum In
work of the coming year were dis- th Ft Meies cemeterv. wero in Per-
'cussed. In the evening a jubilee pro-1 rysburg Monday and report that they
gram was onjoyea oy aooui u.ree haye secured an extra numDer of men
hundred delegates'.
The first day of
the convention
to work upon the new building and
will push the work to completion with
818 Spltror Building,
Homo Phone 1409,
Early on the' morning of Septem
ber -21 the event took place. The
Freshmen were summoned by tho
sound of the college bell and when
all details were explained they gath
ered on tho campus prepared for thu
"light" and attack on the Sophs, who
were guarding "their" pole.
At the crack cf the pistol the
Freshmen rushed in and each
grabbed a Soph and quickly threw
him to the ground and proceeded to
hold him there. When all were held,
one of the Freshmen attempted to
climb the pole but was unable to
reach the top and was forced to
descend. After several other at
tempts one man succeeded In reach
ing the top and, holding on by his
feet and legp, ho ripped tho Sophs'
colors down and nailed up the brown
and whito of the class of 191G.
All this was accomplished within
about 15 minutes but the hard part
now comes as the Sophs must be
kept away from the polo (or replac
ing their own colors) for tho space
of one hour and a half, Here tho
fun cam'e in for the onlookers in
watching three or four Froshmen
sitting on a Soph whiio tho latter
was trying to gain his freedom so
that ho might climb the pole ami re
place his colors. While all this was
going on the girls of tho two 'classes
proper was given over to reports of th(j Qbject a q having tha
Uie VU11UUS UUlUeia, LllO Jjicomcuto
annual address and reports of super
intendents1, and the evening to an ad
dress by Mrs. Curtis, state president
of Texas. On Thursday morning the
election of .officers for the ensuing
year was hold. Mrs. Florence D.
Richards of Lelpsig being elected
president and Mrs. Franqes Ensign
Fuller, vice president at large. The
other" state officers were re-elected.
In the evening there was a banquet
in the parlors of the 'church, given
by the Y. P. B., with the state offi
cers as their guests of honor. After
this a grand diamond medal contest
was held.
Pridav was civen over to unfin
ished business, committee reports and
appointment of superintendents. Tho
delegates departed for homo Friday
evening feeling that it had been a
great privilege to be among the sev
eral hundred delegates present.
Our old friend, Ed. L. Blue, of tho
Perrysburg .Tournah recently took a
trip to the great northwest and
boundless west. He is giving his
readers some mighty Interesting de
scriptive tales as a result of his trav
els. For instance, in his last paper
he tells about seeing a bow-legged
squaw in Death Valley, along with
other interesting sights. And that's
where tho effete east has it on tho
building completed by the first of
The work thus far on the mauso
leum gives evidence that the com
pleted building will bo far more beau
tiful than the illustration shows and
the work' being done is of the highest
The company desires to havo peo
ple of this locality call and see the
building and make a thorough in
spection of Its many features of excel
lence and advancement.
There Is no question but that thte
mausoleum i3 of the very highest typo
of building for the purpose of above-
ground Interment, being constructed
on scientific principles which insuro
perfect desslcatlon and a certainty
that the remains of the loved ones
who havo passed away will be forever
guarded and safe from removal.
To many people earth burial seems
very terrible and horrifying, but
when It is considered that there is
now a method of disposition of the
body after death that Insures safety
from any future Interference, tho
plan seems to bo meeting with gen
oral approval and adoption in all lo
calities favored with a modern mau
soleum, and Perrysburg can point
with pride to tho one now building
In Ft. Meigs cemetery. Advertisement.
Tvilrl nmi wonllv west. In all his
were faithfully and bravely going travelSf up hill and down, In tho east,
about on the field of battle and giv
ing water to tho fighting men.
Continued on Eighth Pago,
tho Leader man didn't sec a single,
solitary bow-legged woman. Geo
Speck In Pembervlllo Leader.
Well, Brother Speck, If those "sln-
irio snUtnrv" women you met nau.
If you havo young children you ' been dressed in. tho same style of cos
havo perhaps noticed that disorders tumo ag tne squaw, you might possl
of tho stomach are their most com- bly bo better capable of judging
mon ailment. To correct this you vvnether or not they were bow-legged.
will find Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets excellent. They are1 Itching, bleeding, protruding or
easy and pleasant to tako, and mild blind piles yield to Doan's Ointment,
and gentlo in offect. For sale by all Chronic cases soon relieved, finally
dealers. 'cured, Druggists all sell It.
Depository of tho U. S. Government, Postal Savings System.
Depository of tho State of Ohio.
This bank has a record of Thirty-three years success.
Commenced business In 1879.
Four per cent. Interest paid on deposits for ono year.
Prosldont, Vice-President Cashier
Resources over $430,000.00.
Haps Pile upjfeat Score.
Tho Naps defeated the New Ma
jesties in a very one-sided affair by
the score of 58 to 0. A fine bunch,
those Naps every one an excellent
man. Keep up tho good work. Tho
crowds will appreciate good clean
Two big games next Sunday Col
burns vs. Perrysburg; Centrals vs.
Naps. Everybody come before tho
bad weather. Crowds aro fine from
"It seemed that my 14-year old
boy would have to lose his leg, on
account of an ugly ulcer, caused by
a bad bruise," wrote D. F, Howard,
Aquone, N. C. -'All remedies and
doctors' treatment failed till wo trlod
Bucklln's Arnica Salvo, and cured
him with ono box." Cures burns,
bolls, skin eruptions, piles, 2GO at
0, P. Qhumpnoy's,

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