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MENT BY 367 TO 257.
Nationalists jrals En
thUBla'' i jnl6ts Are
P , . i1 ember Set-
.j Copy of Bill.
.i, England. Amid scones of
' .a Joy on tho part of the Nation
alists, shared In with hardly less en
thusiasm by the Liberals, the third
home rule bill passed Its final stage'
In tho house of commons by a ma
jority of 110 and went immediately
to tho Iioubg of lords.
Climax of 52 Days' Debate.
It was tho climax of a 52 days' de
bato upon tho bill in the lower house
and for tho eventful occasion every
possible vote of every party had been
whipped up. The actual figures on
tho ballot were 367 for and 207 againBt
passing. No sooner had (he result of
the division been announced than the
TJnlonlBts resumed their "Ulster will
fight" tactics. P. E. Smith, the
bosom friend of "Winston Churchill
in private, yet one of his bitterest op
ponents politically, at tho head of u
motley crowd marched to tho Con
stitutional club, where from an open
window he addressed his followers.
To give light to tho occasion one
member of tho club set fire to a copy
of the homo rulo bill.
Upon hearing this remark tho im
menso crowds in the street cheered
loudly. Anticipating trouble a largo
foTce of policemen were on hand early
and this, together with a steady driz
zle, had tho desired effect. Of course,
there wero a number of minor inci
dents of disorder during the evening,
but nothing serious occurred.
Provisions of Measure.
Mr. Asqulth's home rule bill pro
vides for the establishment of an
Irish parliament consisting of a sen
ato and & houso of commons with
power to make laws for the peace,
order and good government of Ire
land. It provides that the matters
to be excluded from the control of tho
Irish parliament are tho crown, tho
army and navy, imperial affairs, tho
Irish land purchase and the old ago
pensions and national insurance acts,
tho Irish constabulary, the postofflce
savings banks and public loans, in
addition to those excluded by the
home rule bill of 1893, which left tho
customs under the control of tho im
perial government. Provision is made
for the protection of religious equal
ity in Ireland. The Irish senate is
to consist of 40 members and the
houso of representatives of 164, of
which Ulster is to have 59 and the
Universities 2. The 164 representa
tives are to be elected from constit
uencies having a population of more
than 27,'000. Several important
amendment have been made to Mr.
Asqulth's original bill. One of them
provides for proportional representa
tion in constituencies with return of
threo or more members to the house.
Postmaster General Hitchcock Cannot
Aid Georgian Who Would Send
Infant by Parcels Post.
Washington, D. C. Bees and bugs
nro the only living things allowed
in parcel post, so Postmaster General
Hitchock cannot aid the correspond
ent who sent the following to him:
"Fort McPherson, Oa. Posmaster
General, Washington, D. C. Sir: I
havo been corresponding with a party
in Pennsylvania about getting a baby
to raise (our home being without one)
may I ask you what specifications to
use In wrapping so it (baby) would
comply with 'regulations and be al
lowed shipment "by parcel post, as
tho express companies are rough in
handling. Yours ."
fin Herman Von Kuhlman of
varla, German Diplomat, Airs
Opinion of Fair Sex.
San Francisco, Cnl. "All women
are liars and are deficient in their
sense of moral duty."
This is tho opinion of Baron Her
man Von Kuhlman of Bavaria, Ger
man diplomat attached to the am
bassy of Emperor William at Pekln
as military aide, who Is now in tho
Unitod States. Tho German diplomat
is wealthy, still on tho sunnyslde of
40, has never been married, yet, with
out hesitation, proceeded to air his
opinion concerning tho gontlo sex in
general and hose of America in par
ticular. "Arson Jrust" Chief Confesses.
Now York City. That, as tho chief
professional . firebug of tho "Ar
eon Trust;'' he, started so many fires
he cannot recall them all Fire Mar
shal Prlul says more than 300 and
mulcted insurance companies out of
(300.0Q0 and possibly $500,000 is the
amazing; confession made by "Izzy"
Bteln' to' Assistant District Attorney
Weller, Bteln was brought to Now
Yqrk from Slug Sing, where ho is
scrying an indeterminate term for In
cendiarism, to inform against the or
ganization of firebugs.
Mr. Crisp, newly elected congress
man from the Third district of Geor
gia, Is one of three employe af con
gjros oteoted to seat In the heuaa
tart November. He la a son of former
Spoaker Crisp and la parilamentarUn
for Speaker Clark.
Women Who Dissipate Husband's
Salary and Do Not Pay Their Bills
Will Also Be Watched.
New Haven, Conn. Orders have
lust been given by tho New Haven
railroad for its employes to be friend
ly with their wives. They have been
warned that the company regards the
family man as more desirable than
the single man who lacks ties and
tabllity. The wives of the railroad
jrs will also bo watched. Wives who
ilsslpate their husband's earnings and
;et on. tho blacklist of the grocery
stores for not paying their bills will
Set their husbands into trouble.
It will be the theory of the railroad
that the staid married man, linked to
i wife of industrious habits, will prove
tho most desirable employe the rail
road can possess. Suoh employes will
be selected for promotion in prefer
ence to men of sporting inclinations
or whose wives show traits that may
unsettle their husbands and make
them worry while at work.
Several employes have recently
been warned that unless they had
less trouble at home they could not
be regarded as safe to handle trains
loaded with passengers.
One report has it that a recent ac
sident on the New Haven railroad
was caused by tho carelessness of an
engineer who had just gone through
& terrific quarrel with his wife.
This phase of railroading is an in
novation for the New Haven road and
in some quarters workmen resent It
as spying and unwarranted. The
Catholic clergy of the state have en
dorsed the Innovation.
Measure Goes Through Lower Branch
of the United States Congress by
Decisive Majority.
Washington, D. C. Tho Rockefeller
Foundation incorporation bill passed
the house by a decisive majority.
John D. Rockefeller proposes to en
dow tho foundation with ?100,000,000,
which Is to be used to promote civili
zation by any charitable means and
the first attention of tho trustees will
bo directed to far reaching measures
for the promotion of public health
along both educational and medical
lines. Projects in existenco will bo
assisted and new ones inaugurated.
A!' will be granted by means of
floating endowments which will bo
withdrawn when tho causa has
achieved its purpose.
Punish Man Because He Appeared at
Funeral Intoxicated and Created
a Disturbance.
Lako Placid, N. Y. A mob com
posed of somo of tho most prom
inent citizens of tho town dragged
Homer Mitchell through tho streets
and horsewhipped him at night be
cause ho appeared at a funeral Intoxi
cated and created a disturbance.
Mitchell wns admonished lator to stay
sober or suffer a repetition of tho
Rcsldonts say that Mitchell's lapses
from Bobrloty have boon numerous
nnd something was necessary to in
duce u reform.
Won't Wash Husbands' Feet.
Ferguson, Mo, Tho women of
tho Presbyterian church horo aro
up in arms against tholr pastor,
Rev, James Tnlbot becnuso or a ser
mon ho preached recently on "A
Wifo's Duty to Hor Husband," in
which ho sold a wlfo Biipuld love her
hUBband well enougli to wash his feel
if ho came home drunk. Tho wives
of tho community resent this com
maud to play tho role of Magdaloues
and they havo announced a boycott
against the remaining sermons on
matrimony tho pastor has announced.
Beekman Wintlirop Lauds
Fighters on Warships.
Says Men Are Honest, Upright and
Decent Thoroughbred Patriot
American Citizens, as the
Statistics Prove.
Washington, D. C. Officials of
the United States navy were more
amused than angered by the assertion
of Maj. Samuel Simpson Sharpc, con
servative member of tho North On
tario parliament, that there aro few
Americans in the American navy and
that they nre "desperate men who are
no good socially, morally and other
wise." Beekman Wlnthrop, acting secre
tary of the navy, when his attention
was called to Maj. Sharpe's speech,
Says Men Are Honest.
"It will probably be a waste of time
to discuss statements which are re
futed by facts that .are well known
or could be well known all over the
world from the oQclal publications of
this government. I am familiar with
very many of the men who belong to
the United States navy personally and
I know that they are honest, upright
nnd decent thoroughbred patriotic
American citizens. The statistics
themselves are a complete contradic
tion of the only important statement
by Maj. Sharpo that there are few
Americans in our navy. Without ref
erence to the text of reports I think
I can say with approximate accuracy
that about 88 per cent of the men in
the United States navy were born in
the United States.
Statements Unfounded.
"In the selection of men great care
Is taken that those of good repute
only shall become a part of the estab
lishment and I believe that in that re
spect the recruiting system Is very
Only recently a judge in New York
:ity commented very severely on the
proposition that It would be a good
thing to send a man who was guilty
of a misdemeanor into the navy. The
adverse criticisms aroused by this
statement was highly lauded by Ad
mirals Walnwright, Vreeland, An
drews, Twing and other representa
tive men in administrative places In
the navy establishment. All of these
took pains to show that just such
statements as have been made by MaJ!
Sharpe were absolutely without foun
dation. They all highly eulogize the
American Jackie as an exceedingly
useful and praiseworthy person.
Commissioner Conant Urges That the
Government Retain the Fee Until
Timber Is Removed.
Washington, D. C. A plea for the
retention of the integrity of the na
tional forests of the United States and
a suggestion that the government re
tain the fee to other public forest
lards in its possession at least until
the timber is removed-, are made in a
letter written by Commissioner of Cor
porations Luther Conant, Jr., to Presl
Sent -Taft, which accompanies part
one of the report of tho commission
er on tho lumber Industry.
"It seems clear," says the commis
sioner, "that the fundamental princi
ple to be followed in the sale of the
timber Itself should bo to Insure to
the public treasury tho full stumpago
value of the land at the timo the tim
ber shall bo cut." Tho land thus de
nuded of timber, it is suggested, could
then -be either reforested or sold, ac
cording to tho judgment of tho gov
ernment. Mr. Conant states that tho Investi
gation of the bureau had covered
about 80 per cent of tho privately
owned timber of the country and that
in this area it was found that threo
holders owned 14'per cent of the tim
ber land; 90 two-fifths and 195 nearly
half. This concentration of timber
ownership, it is stated, was palpably
due to the land policy of the federal
government, especially tho great fed
eral land grants to railroads and tho
faulty operation of somo of tho gen
eral land laws. Under these condi
tions, says the letter, concentration of
timbor ownership constantly tended
to increase.
Mr. Conant continues: "Tho nation
al forest policy Inaugurated In tho
nineties, and now In successful opera
tion, marked a fundamental clmngo In
tho ideas which had formerly pre
vailed as to the handling of public
timber lands. Tho basic principle of
this policy is tho retention of tho feo
title to the land and the salo from
time to timo of tho timbor only, with
a view to tho wisest uso of the supply
nnd to Its proper conservation,"
Widow, Fleeced, Kills Self.
Now York City. Mrs. Eleanor A,
Berry, a widow 37 years old, killed
horsolf in dospondtney over losses
sustained through Edgar B. Jackson
a real estate promoter who was con
victed of grand larcony in the supreme
Confidence in Jackson and his
schemes the dead woman's
declare, cost hor a fortuno th.
given hor an income of 5500 a i
Jackson It was shown at his trlt
obtained thousands of dollars in
totato swindles by tho use of dum.
J. N. Helekcll, part owner of the
Arkansas Gazette) of Little Rock, has
be appointed by Governor Donaghey
t fllKout the term of the late Jeffer
son .Davit at United State senator.
Hlaterm expires on March 4.
Young Man Pledges Governor Sulzer
of the Empire State that He
Will Reform.
Albany, N. Y. Foulk E. Brandt
Is free. Governor Sulzer pardoned
tho former valet of Mortimer L.
Schlff at 3:30 p. m., Jan. 17. Pledg
ing himself to reform, the young man
for whose release from a 30-year
prison term a year's campaign with
Gov. Dlx wa3 unsuccessfully waged,
in the evening started for Minnesota,
there, through tho philanthropy of
Senator Knuto Nelson and Mirabeau
L. Towns, he is pledged to lead "an
honest, respectable and industrious
life." ,
It was within a half hour after a
curious but sympathetic assemblage
had packed the executive chamber to
witness the event that Gov. Sulzer,
looking straight at Brandt, who stood
up between Warden Kaiser and
a deputy from Dannemora prison,
said: "Brandt, I am going to trust
you. Here Is your pardon. Clerk
Potter will read It."
The governor handed to Potter a
gold script document bearing the for
mal terms or pardon, but containing In
ink this stipulation, subject to the fol
lowing conditions:
"Upon the application for this par
don, Foulk E. Brandt, as a condition
to securing the pardon, solemly prom
ises that he would not appear In pub
lic upon the stage or otherwise in
connection with his case, or seek to
gain notoriety by writing the history
thereof, or by discussing it in public
for pay or otherwise. He also as
sured the governor that whatever
statements he has made in writing or
otherwise, reflecting upon the charac
ter of anyjperson connected with the
case, is absolutely false and as a fur
ther condition to securing this pardon
Brandt has promised not repeat such
assertions. A violation of either of
these promises will be regarded as
sufficient to revoke this pardon and
cause him to be remanded to prison."
When Clerk Potter had finished
reading tho document, Brandt, all tho
time standing and smiling his thank
fulness, the governor turned to the
prisoner and said:'
"Brandt, do you agree to tho condi
tions?" "I do," replied Brandt.
Famous Prime Minister Is Chosen
President for Next Seven Years-
on the Second Ballot.
Paris, France. Raymond Polncare,
.France's famous prime minister, was
elected president of France for tho
next seven years by 483 votes as
against 29G cast for his chief opponent,
M. Pnms; this on the second ballot,
ho having won a moral victory on tho
first ballot when he fulled of election
by only six votes.
Tho news of tho decision was ro
calved with great enthusiasm in
Paris. In clubst cafes, along the
boulevards, at overy placo where men
congregate, no such scenes havo been
witnessed sinco tho days when Gen.
Boulanger was tho popular Idol, tho
difference holng, however, that a
shoddy showman on a black circus
horso is replaced in the hearts of tho
pooplo by a sturdy statesman of mor
lied international reputatlong.
Uncle Sam's Prototype Dies.
Hartford, Conn. Col. Ellsworth N.
Pholps, who blocked traffic in
Pennsylvania avonuo when ho first
visited Washington because of his re
markable resomblanco to tho carica
tures of Uncle Sam, died at his homo
in Windsor nfter a short illness,
Col. Phelps, who waB born Fob. 9,
1820, in tho same houso In which ho
Ued, was with Gen. Phil Sheridan in
' ho Shenandoah valley and ho rode
int memorable 20 miles to Wlnchou.
1 r with Sheridan until bis horse ceo-
Vs'ed. .
I Buckeye Notes 1
Cbardon. John Fulton, eighty,
who for threo days has been on
trial for arson, charged wltuMiurnlng
tho sugar houso belonging to E. J.
Robblns in Newbury Nov. 19, was
found guilty.. Fulton's attornoy moved
for a new trial and Fulton was re
leased on bond. Tho jury assessed
tho value of tho sugar house at $49,
which saves the aged man from a pen
itentiary sentence. y
Canton. Fourteen charges were
made by Mayor Schilling i against
Chief of Police H. W. Smith,
whom the mayor suspended somo
time ago, in a petition filed with the
civil service board, before which the
.chief soon will bo tried.
Nclsonvllle. Jacob Katzenbach, 82,
wealthy farmer, committed sulcido by
drowning . In the Hocking river. Ill
health is thought to havo been tho
Columbus. "To pray 'Thy King
dom Come' means that we want
to go into partnership . with God
In saving the world," declared Rev.
Billy Sunday In one of threo sermons,
all attended by thousands from Colum
bus and other Ohio cities. Fully 500
persons "hit tho sawdust trail" and
clasped hands with tho minister In
answer to the call to, come 'forward
and acknowledge Christ.
Norwalk. Edward Naglc, an
employe of tho Melster piano fac
tory at Monroevllle, was stunned
by a bolt of lightning while at
work by an open window in a
thunder storm. Naglo was rendered
unconscious and it took nearly an
hour to revive him.
Xenla. Four Cleveland detec
tives, three preachers, half a dozen
students from the theological sem
inary here and the marshal of
Cedarvllle raided two crap games in
the Atlas hotel and arrested 18 men.
Columbus. In his monthly re
port, Secretary A. P. Sandlcs of
the state board of agriculture an
nounced the condition of growiag
wheat to be 90 per cent and the con
dition of corn in crib 100 per cent.
According to the report, 11 per cent
of last year's corn crop remains un
husked, and the condition of such corn
is 98 per cent. The report also states
that 77 per cent of last year's corn
crop will be fed upon the farm.
Columbus. Tho supreme court
gave James B. Robertson, Youngs
town, a verdict of $15,000 against
the Youngstown Sheet & -Tubs Co.
for the loss of a leg in an acci
dent eight years ago.
Youngstown. While Bonita Van
nuccl was in his cellar after coal
an unidentified assailant fired four
shots at hlm through the cellar
window. One bullet lodged in his
right chest and will cause death.
The victim is 35.
Cincinnati. Mrs. Horace Kamp
was held up by two masked men
In tho hallway or her home. White
one held her tho other chloro
formed her. Then he forced open her
mouth and stole her set of false toeth.
Columbus. Thompson B. Helea of
New Philadelphia has sent Gov. Cox
his resignation as common picas
Steubenville. Daniel McDevitt,
fifty, a huckster, was held up on
a Jonely country road by a masked
man and was struck over the
head with a blackjack. Tho robber
got nine cents, all McDevitt had. Mc
Devltt's skull is fractured.
Zanesville. Rachel Bell, 101, the
oldest resident of Muskingum county,
is dead at her homo in Adamsville.
Chardon. Mrs. Mary Louise
Sherllle, who was a friend of Pres
ident Johnson and a frequent guest
at tho executive mansion during
his administration, died at the home
of Mrs. Mary Miller, aged 8C. She
was a nativo of Northampton, MasB.
Chardon. George A. ? Brecken
ridge, civil war veteran and Get
tysburg hero, has just been buried
in the North Chardon cemetery in the
shirt he wore at his wedding, 45 years
ago, which he had carefully preserved
for that purpose.
Columbus. William J. Hllor of
Zanesville, who has been book
keeper in the state treasury, has
been promoted to tho berth of cashier,
which increases his salary from ?1,
800 to $3,400 a year.
Mlddletpwn. William Long, aged
38, Is alleged to have shot his wifo
Anna, aged 35, and then mi.uo a vain
attempt to commit suicide following a
family quarrel. Mrs. Long lived only
a few hours. Long is being sought
by the police.
Columbus. T. O. Jenkins of
Columbus has been appointed as
sistant superintendent of tho Mans
field reformatory to succeed Capt. R.
U. Hastings, who resigned to become
superintendent of tho Boys' Industrial
school at Lancaster.
Bollofontulno. While driving in a
buggy across the Big Four railroad
tracks at Rushsylvania, 'Shepherd
Paynter, a rarmor, 'was struck by a
passenger train and received fatal in
juries. His horso was killed and bug
gy demolished. '
Fostorla. Although ClarenBorn
hlshol of Bairdstown, thirty-five, was
klllod by a Baltimore & Ohio
train Tuesday night, nothing was
known of tho accldont until tho crew
of a passing truln saw the body in
tho morning. His hoad was crushed
and an arm und log wero broken.
Columbus. Tho supremo court
refused Mrs. 'Lemuel A. Frederick,
Salem, damages for tho doath of
hor husband in' a Buck Coal Co.
mlno threo years ago, because the
trial judge erred in his chargo to tht
jury. Frederick was klllod by the
drop of a cage.
And Cures Any Cough That la Cur
able. Noted Doctor's Formula.
"From your drueplst get two ounce
of Glycerine and half an ounco of Globs
Ptna Compound (Concentrated Pne).
Take tlicso two Ingredients homo and
put them Into a half pint of Rood whis
key. Take one to two teaspoonfyls after
each meal and at bedtime. SmalMr doses
to children MQcordlns; to age." This Is the
best formula known to science Thero
aro many cheaper preparations of largo
quantity, but It don't pay to experiment
with a bad cold. De suro to get only
the genuine Qlobe Pino Compound
(Concentrated Pino). Each half ounco
bottle comes In a sealed tin screw-top
case. If your druggist does not havs
It In stock ha will get It quickly from
his wholesales house. This has been
published here every winter for six
years and thousands of families know
Its value. Published by the Globe Phar
maceutical laboratories of Chicago.
Tho Process.
"I am a bankrupt In lovo."
Then it Is timo for supplementary
For sale, on time, per cent 'of pack or cosh.
It sites, lit to 1850. For farms or large
eommunltlts. Writ for booklet. TUOS. M.
BROWN. Sprlnaoeld. Mo. Adv.
Lives of great men may remind us
that it is sometimes better to remain
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets regulate and
Invigorate stomach, liver and bowels. Bugar
coated, tiny granules, easy to toko. Do not
gripe. ,Adr.
The detectlvo may bo an earnest
seeker, but he doesn't always find.
lira. Wlnalow'a Soothing- Syrup for Children
teething, softens the gums, reduoes Inflamma
tion, allays pala.curca wind colle.zSc a bottleUfo
It's tough on the society bud who
marries a blooming idiot
Much of tho rheu
matic pain that
comes in damp.
changing weather is -
tne worK oi uric
acid crystals.
Needles couldn't
cut, tear or hurt an v
worse when the af
fected musclo joint
is used.
If such attacks are
marked with head
ache, backache, diz
ziness and disturb
ance of the urine,
it's time to help tho
weakened kidneys.
Doan's Kidney
Pills quickly help
sick kidneys.
A. Michigan Caio
Joslsb IIooTor, SOS B. Catberlne St., liar City,
Mich says: MMy back sot so bad I cualdxrt
bend oyer. X often becamo 8n dlsxy lhud to lit
down ana rest. Doctor bad failed to help me,
and lvaa growing thin and wear. Doan's Kid
nor PI Hi went right to the spot, threa boxes
caring mo completely. I hare had no trooblo
Get Doan's at Any Store, 50c a Bos
FOSTER-UIUBURNCO., Buffalo. Now York
Your Liver
Is Clogged Up
That's Why You're) Tired Out of Sorts,
Have No Appetite.
will put you right
in a few days.
They d
their duty..
Biliousness, Indigestion and Sick Headache
Genuine must bear Signature
Your colti posltlrely cannot hare DIstem-
per. Pinkeye, Inauenra. Catarrhal Ferer or
other similar diseases if you use Craft's
Cure la time. If the disease Is started it
will not fail to cure In any case. Safe at all
times and under all conditions. Go to your
Drugcist ret a bottle
if It falls you eet your money back.
it tie can t supply you write us. 3
, Taluable Horse Books. frc Write
t fills Bialclsi co. 2,3a it.,UFaills, 1st.
cause much annoyance to children
and great anxiety to parents.
The presence of worms is recog
nized by these common symptoms:
itching nose, unsatisfied appetite,
offensive breath and colic pains.
Cleanses tho system of worms in a vory low hours
Seldom See
able knee Ukethls.bnt your horse may
hare a bunch or bruise on his Ankle
Uock, btitto, Knee or Threat.
1 Islbufci :lil&l4
m raiTimmmmmmmi
lur.r. itur !"" clean them oB without laying th
, horso up. No blister, uo bulr cone.
ROO per bottle deliTored. describe your cat lot
special Instructions and Hook 8 II free,
AliHOltlsIISK, J Jt.,ilnlinentfor mankind, tle
mores I'alnlul Swelling's, Hnlaruod Ulands,
Qoltre. Wons, llrulsea. Varicose Veins, VarlcoslUss,
Old Bores. Allays 1'atn. Prlco li and S3 a bottle at
druggists or dellrered. manufactured only by
Trade link.
The Antiserticvowder shaken Into
ipe snocsaae pwhwhih .-
.ay jor ine icet ioc a ni"
tntury 30,000 teitimon sis. SoW
... Hr Cmn, PTlItK.
as.Xlleo S. Olmsted. LeUoy.NY.
lonuiuu B.S.SJ us rM.
Bsssa Vl I filVffa, 1
m i i wis
pn 1 PILLS.

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