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VOL. LXjpJ);.!; BLUE, PubllBhor.
UNDERTAKER cperbysburq,;i
Interesting Local News Items from
Neighboring Homes.
Kill Sparrows for Protection of Song
and Plumage Birds.
Held Interesting Meeting and Dis
cussed Plans for Future.
Merlin J. Eckel Loses Life When a
Tree Falls Upon Him.
3oth Phones Main Twenty-seven.
' t
H '
inn i p--.
UAPlfe 1 1
And . Two RohtagreL Bank'- Robbers
Learn-their Fete. ,
William Behrensen and Albert Pey
eretf ' bnvicted of complicityin'tfje
Portao Bank robbery were sentenced'
byj udge Baldwin on Friday last.
Behrensen received a 12 year term
andPevore'tt;10 years. The costs in
each case in -addition.
Peverott pleaded guilty and thus
saved' himself two years of freedom.
Judge Baldwin gave the men a freo
lecture which was, of course not ap
preciated by them, bur they "took no
tlco" when ho mentioned the number
of years they would be ilaia away for
safe keeping.
Sheriff Heald, anxlouB to get rid of
two of his dangerous characters, took
them down to Columbus where they
were registered as regular boarders at
the pon.
KiirkL.' Brown who drove the Por
tage bank robbers out to the job will
have his trial on Monday, March 3rd.
Brown says, bo was hired to drive
the men to Portage, but did not know
the object of their visit.
Mysterious Stranger In Town.
"Something mighty quoor about a
toiler that was hero last wook," re
lated the landlord of tho Turgldtown
tavern. "Ho never kicked about his
room, ott with apparent relish what
-was set beforo him, didn't try to. flirt
with the waitresses, and when I asked
him if ho was looking for land or seek
ing health or canvassing for oomothing
ho politely replied that ho wasn't Ho
'went to bed and got up at reasonablo
hours, walked sedately about town,
bought 10-cent cigars as If ho was
used to 'em, answered civilly the re
marks of practically overy prominent,
idtlzen in town about the weather. Ho
stayed three days, and then paid bis
'bill without , grumbling, bade me a
'courteous good-by and went away with
oa llttlo flutter as he had come. And
(on .account of the consistent manner
in which he minded his own business
'and let other people's affairs alono
ithero has been a good deal of specu
lation about him over slnoo, the, con
jBensus of opinion' being that ho was
either a famous detectlvo, so.no kind
of a slick swindler or a proxy man."
This is the season of the year when
mothers feel much concerned over the
freguent colds contracted by their
children, and have abundant reason
for it as every cold weakens the lungs,
lowers the vitality and naves the way
for the more serious diseases that so
often follow. Chamberlain's Couch
Remedy is famous for its cures; and
is pleasant and safe to take. For sale
by all dealers.
-John Zurftuh-
Dealer In
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Spectacles.
000 Monroo St Toledo, Ohio.
Near Michigan Street.
Special caro will bo taken with the
repair of all kinds of Watches, Clocks
and Jewelry.
Dr. B. Kinsley
Offlco Hours: 8 tp 11 a. m., 1 to
K p. m. r
Ofooa up stairs corner Front
and Main Streets.
Phone Main 14
pwnRYRBTmn. ohto
having retired as Judge of the Court
of Common Pleas, Is jmw engaged In
the general practice of the law, with
offices over Lincola'a Drug store,
Main street Bowling Green, O
818 Spltzer Building,
Hon- Pbonn 14M.
Electric and X-Itay Work
C08, 609, 610 Nicholas Bldg.
Oort Madison & Huron Sts; Toledo,
Many Improvements to be Made to
Beautify Grounds. J
l&TK&roembers of St Rose Parish,
iY.y3&& .n.. .::..
tlheirpariBK--,c!MnQtery improvements.
All areaklngr'ajnctive hand in the
matter. Manytof Hho early pioneers
of Wood county "are buried th j.
Their descendants wiH to have th. r
cemetery cared for, so this spot may be
worthy of their memory.The name of.
Carmel cemetery will be Adopted for
the arch inscription.
Since the Avenue road ha's'b'een
built, this cemetery will have 'may
visitors. The suggestion has been
made that an additional number of
shade trees be planted.
It has been intimated further that
new alleys be laid out in an artistic
manner by landscape artists.
One improvement will be followed
by another to make Carmel cemetery
worthy of the people who use it.
Sunday, February. 23, 1913.
Sunday school, 9:00 a.-m.
Preachinjr services at 10:30 a
and 7:30 p., m.
Epwdrth League, 6:30 p. m. The
topic, "The, Social .Motive: Love."
Mark 12:28-24; Luke 6:27; John 13:34;
Rom.. 13:10; 1 John 2:17. .
Prayer meeting, Thursday evening
at 7:00 p. m.,,and Bible .study 7:30, the
same evening.
Sunday school at 9 :00 a. m., followed
by prayer .service.
Ghristian Endeavor at 6:00 p. m.
Topic, "Mission Work, at Home and
Preaching services at 7:30 p. m.
Regular Thursday evening .prayer
meeting 7:30.
Announcements for the Personal
Workers' League will be made Sunday.
Sunday School at 9:30 a. m. Subject
for study, "Abraham and Lot."
Prayer meeting on Thursday eve
ning at 7:30. The meeting this week
will be in charge of the Christian En
deavor Society.
Preaching services at 10:30 a. m,
and 7:30 p. m. Rev. Walter F. Eagle
son, the popular young pastor of the
East Side Presbyterian Church of To
ledo, will preach at both these services
next Sunday. Mr. Eagleson is a very
interesting speaker. Let us give him
good audiences morning and evening.
The Christian Endeavor meeting
will be held as usual at 6:30 Sunday'
evening. Subject, of the meeting,
"Medical Missions." Leader, Miss
Frances Topliff. The Endeavorers had
an unusually well attended and inter
esting meeting last Sunday evening,
led by George Roose. The Missionary
Committee is making special effort, to
make the meeting next Sunday eve
ning one of great interest.
Certain people are very much exer
cised because of the report that Evan
gelist 'Billy Sunday was given $21,000.
by the people of Columbus for his
services there, and tho usual cry,
"Grafter," is hoard. It reminds one
of tho conversation of two Scotch
farmers, who were discussing tho mis
sionary projects of their denomination'.
One said, "I dinna liko thao schemes,
I dinna ken what tho ministers are
daein wi' tho siller." "Well," rejoined
tho pther, "there's ae consolation,
they'll no dao much harm wi' a! that
you or I gi'o.''
Tho Young People's choir of the
Presbyterian church will giyo a con
cert and recital at tho church on the
evening of February 28, at 7:80
o'clock. A general invitation is ex
tended to all. A splendid program has
been arrangeu wnicn wu no an
nounced next week. Advortjaement.
Itching.piles proyoke profanity, but
profanity won't remove them. Dpan'B
Ointment is recommended for itching,
blooding or protruding piles. BOc at
any drug storo.
The guests at tho Ben Liobherr
homo Saturday evening wore Frank
Gallapin, Bert Meagloy, Philip ZisB,
Doraoy Ward and Inez Walker.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Stonobrookand
daughter Emma of Maumee were
the Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and
Mrs. L. 1). Stonebrook. '
Mrs. Wm. BauBman is on., tho sick
Mr. Dorsey Ward :callo,d at the Q.
L. Bruner homo near Plain church,
Mr. Frank Ryder has purchased
a One team of large black horses.
Ben and George Liebherr were
guests at theTrank Carpenter -homo
near Dunbridge, Thursday. -!$
Revival meotiugs began -at tho
Presbyterian church in Duubridgo
Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Liebherr were
business callers in Sugar Ridge,
Tnursday afternoon.
Messrs. P. A. Ziso and Ben Liebherr
cated on Alonzo Chase Monday
Meisrs. George Liebherr and Alfred
Schide; and. Misses Edith Zingg- and
Clara. ;.Wmar were entertained at
Sunday dinuu: by Mr. Jand ..Mrs.
Mr. John Dawson and family spent
Sunday with James Slauson of Has
kins. v?& "'
Mr. Arch Pope and family of Toledo
werothe guests of Fred Pope last
Misses Edith and Mathilde Asmus
aro visitipg at the Cnas. Dauer home.
Mr. Adam Bobel was a business
caller in Maumee Monday evening.
Mr. Fred Weihl has just returned
from Michigan with a flno team of
black horses.,
James Cordy and family weroSun
day guests at the home of his daught
er, Mrs. Chauncy Goodman.
Mr. Henry. Missler returned Mon
day from his farm in Michigan.
Mr. Frank Asmus is hauling tim
ber for a new barn.
Mr. Herman Meeker bought a fine
horse from Earl Browne last week.
Mr. Albert Liebherr from Toledo
called on his brother; Mr. Ben Lieb
herr Saturday.
The many friends of this vicinity,
will be pleased to hear of the mar
riage of Mr. Cleon Shaner and Miss
Pearl Purdy, both popular young
people of .Dunbridgo. They have
the heartiest congratulations of many
Mrs. P. A. Ziss was a visitor in To
ledo lasl week.
Mr. Gust Weimar called on his
sister Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Liebherr
Sunday. : ,v
Mr. Will Hoyman shelled corn
Mr. John Grim and family wore
Sunday callers at the ChaB. Asmus
homo. . . '
Mr. Lyman -Epbinson and wife
called on her parents Mr. and Mrs.
James Cordy.
Messrs; Erank Gallapin and. Gust
Weiman wore business callers in To
ledo .Friday.
Mrs. Chas Liebherr called on her
mother,. Airs. Fred Weimar, Friday. .
Mrt and Mrs. Cyrus, Johnson were
in-Haskins -yesterday; ,
Mrs, L. A. Ward ,of Dunbridge
Continued on Fourth Page,
Every citizen of P'orrysburg ylllage
can have a daily papor for One Dollar'
per year, .by subscribing for tho Per
rysburg Journal and th6 Toledo
Times. The Times reaches tho Per
rysburg Post office at TjlB a. m; every
day. Every Journal reader can haye
tho Times by paying fdr his Journal,
and one dollar additional. This offer
is only good for a short tjpie.
Tho cracking of musketry in the bat
tle of Mexico City will be a lame af
fair compared with that of the great
sparrow hunt to be conducted in
Perrysburg on' Monday and Tuesday
of next week.
Present plans indicate that it will be
some shoot.
For the purpose of thinning out tho
great flocks of sparrows which infest
the village and drive away our native
song, plumage, and insect-destroying
birds, the members of the Perrysburg
Civic Association have decided to con
duct the hunt as a contest and have
appointed Henry A. Kazmaier and
John J. Amon as capt&ins of tho two
teams, which are to be selected from
the members of the association only.
The battle is to be waged on Monday
and Tuesday of next week and on
Tuesday evening a supper will be
served to the members of the associa
tion, the losing team to pay tho ex-
Capt. Amon looking for .reinforce-
ments from Lime City.
pense of the supper and the evening's
entertainment, which will consist of
music and speeches following the sup
per, will be much in the nature of a
good fellowship, or get-together meet
Captain John Amon offered to bet
Ed Underhill the price of the ammuni
tion used that, the Amon side would
win and this is said to be the first
time on record' when Ed refused to
call Amon.
D. K. Hollenbeck and the Journal
man were' 'assigned to the trapper
Capt Kazmaier says his wife has
been, feeding a flock of sparrows until
they are so tame he can pick them up,
"On the quiet, boys, I've got Arhao
skinned, says Capt. Kazmaier;
Ho promises to have them all bagged
on Monday morning. In tho meantime
Mrs, Kazmaier says Henry gets no
more pie if any of her sparrows dis
appear. Somebody said that Chief of Police-
Director of Public Safety Roy Taylor,,
goes ouOm the country.every morning
for an hour's gun practice,
; It is said that Mayor Clay has six
boys hunting for him out near Lime"
City. They have been at it oyer since
Saturday last ' ,
Cashiers Franey and Hanson will
probably get ' their birds on ""sight
draft"." --
Dr.. , KjnsleyvwiN probably make a
r.i,H V...l,io" '-'', -.
Everybody ipvited to get into, tho
'association and get, into tho gamo.
"9MHKEW 111
SBBm " :
1Mb '
Deposltory of the. U. S. 'Gavernmontf Postal "Savings System,
Depository of the State ,ot Ohio.
This bank has a record of Thirty-threo yoars success.
Commoncod business, in 187P,
Four per c6nt. Interest paid on deposits for one year,
President, Vice-President " Cashier
R. R. HARTSHOR'N, Assistant; QERTRUDE E. CHAPMAN, Assistant
Resources over $480,000. 00 ,
A very interesting meeting of tho
Perrysburg Civic Association was held
on Thursday evening last at the Coun
cil rooms, with President Clay in tho
chair, and tho new Secretary, 'Georgo
J. Munger recording tho proceedings.
The constitution and by-laws as pre
sented by the board of trustees was
adopted by unanimous vote.
The secretary reported 82 active
members enrolled with dues paid for
the year 1913.
A public meeting is proposed at
which speakers of prominenco will be
invited to address tho people on sub
jects of general interest to the public
and particularly to Perrysburg. The
committee appointed to secure speak
ers and arrange for tho meeting )'
D. W. H. Rhejnrank, E. L. Bli'O and
T. M. Franey.
The trood fellowship and enthusiasm
of the members present at the meeting
indicated that the association is now
a living fact and will prove an import
ant factor in .the advancement of the
welfare of the citizens and village of
Perrysburg and' surrounding vicinity.
The following citizens, have Bigned
the roll andure lending their aid in
perfecting fihe organization:
Amon, J.. J,
Mawer, R.
Maddy, C. L
Munger, Geo. J.
Munger, Geo., Sr.
Munger, Henry
Main, David
Moser, Geo.
Mericle, F. A.
Mahr, F. L.
Meeker, Dan
Mills, Charles
Phillips, S. T.
Rossbach, Bernar
Rossbach, Joseph
Rheinfrank, J. H.
Rheinfrank, W. H
Roether, Dr. H. R
Rossbach, Fred P
Rosbach, Geo. J.
Shipman, Lewis
Sargent, H. H.
Snyder Lester
Stickles, Robt.
Barton.R. P.
Blue; E). L. '
Bernin;g, H. A.
Bowies, Dr. M.
Bowyvrs, Dr. I. S.
Bay.cJV, Charles
ClaTjriian, C. F.
Clay, E. L.
Chapman, Dr. L.
Champney, C. P.
Carter, -Bennett
ook, M.- B.
Pavisf J.
Danz, R.
Dewland; A. T.
Dibert, A.
Davidson; R. T.
Ebev'lyF. C.
Frane'jrfjT. M.
FraliVB- F
Fuller A. C.
GraveSM. T,
Shepherd, G. L.
HollenVbeck, D.-K. Schoendorf, Rev.
Hoffmjanf tr, F. Shimmon, T. R.
Hoffman, Ernest Schneider, Jno.
Hansoih,"N. L. Schneider, C. J.
Hartshbjrn,R. R. Taylor, Roy
' Hilab.-and B. J. Thornton, Art.
' Hoffman, G. W. Undferhill, ,E. A.
Hoffman, Elmer
.(Harper, Z. Q.
Jezzard, Fred
King, B. W.
Kinslev. Dri
Van NornTan, C.
Wilson, John
Whitehead, D. C
Williams, G. J.
'Kazmaier, RobertW itzler, A. J,
Kazmaier, H. A. Witzler, F. A.
La Favree, Max Williams, Art.
Lownsbury G- B.Wetzel, Philip
Lyons, John Wallace, Chas.
Mills, Wm. . Yeager, Fred
'' l ' Robert C; Pew.
The' 'B,oardo&Trustees of the Wuy
Library held-'their' first meeting ','f.or,
il9l8 on Friday night and orramia
llpr&he year by electing D.,K. "lolien.
Ickjpresident; F. C. Averill, secre
IV.jmnhi " . . ' i t-iir.t
tarynanc'T; M. Franey, treasurer.
.ZL'-n.?J'J& ',
Perrysburg friendaiand.Bcates thf.t the
recent cold weatheMwVtlp''' coast has
finally thawed ougnd,Tthat gardens
are beginning to snovcp ' that the
usual crop of tourists is co rig hi and
that, the land sharks aro ut in full
ftMi. I I'rf" 1
force to catch them as the!' run.
, '-There id n'ob'etter medicine made for
colds; than Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy, vltacts on naturo's plan, relieves
theiungB,, opens, tho secretions, aids
expectoration; and restores the, system
to a healthy condition. For sale oy an
letter from;;iOPon in,, now In
Diocro. Cak'Wsendokonmliment's to
On Monday afternoon, while George
Eckel and nis young son, Vernon, aged
15 years, were engaged in felling a
tree, the young man was killed.
Tho tree fell in opposite direction
from that which they expected and in
running away from it a branch struck
young Eckel and knocked him down
and before he could arise the body of
the tree fell upon and crushed him.
One leg was broken and his chest
crushed. He lived by a few moments.
The family of the unfortunate
young man-.thave sympathjmjf;
many, friends if-.their suoWn antj sad
hereavemi"'-'- .. '
On Friday morning, Paul Amon
gave a very interesting talk on Cap
tain Cook's expedition to the South
The eighth grade pupils are decorat
ing their room for the celebration of
Washington's birthday.
Five of Miss Munger's pupils have
moved from town.
The pupils of seventh grade gave
Miss Zing a fern as a valentine.
Ethel Santche is absent from sev
enth grade on account of sickness.
A plant was given by the fifth grade
pupils to their teacher, Miss Broka,
on Valentine's day. Q
I Probably We All Have Known People
xo wnom inio unronicio rui
Have Significance.
There was a largo Thomas cat that
had Us habitation In a store. It wad
reported to bo a fine blooded animal,
,from a family of distinguished rat de
stroyers. The cat was a beauty and!
everybody round tho storo took a turn
,at furnishing grub suited to tho tosto
,of a blooded oat.
It was observed, however, that thero
was no reduction of tho rat or mica
population, and tho proprietor of tho
'store commenced' to Inquire Into tha
reason why. Ho first tried the cat onl
a rat that had boon caught. In a 'trap,!
but tho feline expressed no Interest on.
animation. Ho looked at the rat andj
.then walked away. Tho storekeeper.
woo disappointed, hut not entirely dis
couraged. Ho thought perhaps .that)
cat's specialty waa mice, and as he
had a' mouso or two that had dhi .
'caught affve 4n a trap, ho turnp iiera
loose in !"" t me cat vm
no more attention, to ihom than a,
sheep would to $ rare done boorsteafci
"I think," sari the storekeeper,
"that I am onto this 8ltuatloh.I wil
nro the next employe who gives' thatj
cat anything tp2at"For-two,;days tho!
Thomas cat did a good deal of howling
and woro a look ot JnJufeilnnocenoe
He felt that ho had been wxonged and
wab roady to.Btart,an ihsurre(&9nilati
iBiJ.tfcat didn't ,neem,tgb himany:
where., bb fiTI?5 'loose, on, tlioratfliK' t.
Tho.eocond day after thlB changa ht ' T
program tho rats held a conventlqibj ;
consider what ought to be dbno
When the leading orator among tho,
rats arose, ho said: "Follow rats, this
Is no time for talk. What wo want to
do Is to move. That cat haont any;
more natural ability than bo had bo
ioro, but be has concluded that hoi
either has to hustle or .starve, and I
have discovered that whon a cat gota
In that framo of mind hlo neighbor
hood la no placo for rats."
Many men and women, oa well aa
cats, haye never amounted to a whoop
just becauso they never had to hustle
Topoka Capitol.
Would you make, three pecks or a.
bushel of feed from a peck ofoats?
Send your address and. receive infor
mation freo. ' '" - V - , -
, ' - '
Cockerels 'for Sale.
Rose Comb Rhode Island Red Cock
erels. Also single comb cockerel and
first-class cock .one year old.
Red and Orpington Eggs,
Rose and
Corner Main Street and Poe goad,
' Bowling Green.
,SinglOs.CombRliiiJd -Island
PUre?KeUtssfOi-p ogtgn
Egg!n sedsdnl " iMV

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