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Entered nt tho Porryiburi: rvtofrlCB
as second-class tnattar.
CAT DIDN'T COME BACK Additional Local.
THE JOUIINAI Is dated Friday, but
the paper goes to press evory Thursday
afternoon nt 2 o'clock, In order Hint it
may reach Its readers In various IocpII
tits by Frldny morning.
Long DIstanco Toiophono No. 21.
One dollar per year If paid In advance.
Ono dollar and flrty cents IC Not paid In
Cards of Thanks, Obituary Poetry -ihS
Resolutions of Respect nro published nt
tho rate of S cents per line only. There
will be no deviation from this rule.
Tho avorago corn production In this
country Is about 25 bushels to tho
aero. In a good year It may rise to
30 or thorcabouts. Yot hero and thero
In many localities, we hear of farmers
"Who got CO, 75 and occasionally more
than 100 bushels. Tho averago pro
duction of wheat tho country over Is
barely 15 bUBhels; It Is not much over
20 In localttlos especially favorable
for wheat raising. Yot occasionally 75
bushels are raised. Tho south does
not got half a bale of cotton from an
ncre, nnd very many of Its acres yield
a good deal less. Five years ago n
Mississippi former had ICO acres of
land and a mortgage of $900, and
couldn't got credit nt tho store for a
plug of tobacco. But ho had brains
enough to bo Impressed with tho ef
forts of tho department of agriculture
to lncreaso production, and he was
willing to bo taught by tho "book far
mers," says the Philadelphia Record.
Tho first thing ho was told tqdo was
to break the land eight Inches deep.
Ho had small plows and two ponies
that woro unequal to this task; but
ho borrowed a team from a neighbor,
and instead of "making" three bales
from 12 acres, ho "made" ono on a
Blngle acre, all that ho had applied
Intensive culturo to. He got half a
bale an aero in 1908, three-fourths of
a bole on acre in 1909, and he expects
ultimately to get two bales from an
acre. He is out of debt, has four One
mules, and bo has a son and a daugh
ter In college. The storekeepers are
chasing him around trying to sell him
goods ,on credit. He was willing to
learn from the "book farmers," and
It has paid him well.
Tho French government hns reach
ed the conclusion that tho drum is no
longer necessary In military affairs.
Acting upon the recommendation of a
military commission, orders have
been issued to cast It out of tho serv
ice. Tho history of tho drum is most
ancient and honorable Ttfo Egypti
ans employed it and tho Greeks at
tribute its 'origin to Bacchus. Tho
Spanish conqueror, Plzarro, is said to
have found drums in South American
temples. Tho snakes of Ireland, wo
Are told, fled from the Emerald islo
because of the drum beats of St. Pat
rick. The French report sots forth
that tho drum is a serious encum
brance in marching; that rain impairs
Its usefulness; that its calls cannot
bo distinguished in timo of battle;
that it consumes a period of years to
turn out an efficient drummer, and
that by abandoning the drum many
thousands of youthB will bo released
from the service
' Perhaps the worst Infant prodigy on
record was Christian Heineckor, born
at Lubcck in 1721. At ten months ho
could speak and repeat every word
spoken to him, at twelve months ho
knew by heart a great portion of tho
Bible, at three years ho spoko and
read French and Latin as easily as
his native tongue. In his fourth year
ho employed himself In tho study of
religion and church history, and his
fame as a scholar spread so that the,
king of Denmark sent for him, and
was astonished at his learning. Just
before ho was flvo, however, Heineck
or fell sick and died and tho world
breathed more freely.
Tho bonfire and matches as play
things for children are gathering in
their regular harvest of victims. Thd
bonflro should have as vigorous pro
hibition as tho toy pistol, which is
now almost extinct With the dangers
of matches, only parental vigilance
can deal. But it Is entirely possiblo
to lower tho numbor of infantile
burnt offerings annually offered up
on tho altar of carelessness.
Eggs that havo been In litigation for
threo years havo boon put on salo
with tho declaration of tho Now Jer
Bey board of health that they aro
at least not poisonous. Litigation
may presorvo eggs, but it spoils near
ly everything elso.
I Tho man who takes his pay envoi
Dpo homo to his wlfo without open
ing It may not buy very many Jjeors
tor tho "bunch," but ho can always
greet tho rent collector like no old
pUmi. ,
I to Disappearance Something of a Mya-
tory to Mr. Jones, Though Ho la
a Roast of .Beef to
the Good.
It was found necessary to do away
with tho family cat because Bho hnd
developed gorms and tho doctor said
It was dangorous for tho children. But
this cat was tho children's particular
pot, so It was decided simply to havo
her disappear, with no funeral or flow
ore or Juvonllo tears or a tombstone In
tho back yard. Accordingly tho animal
was chloroformed and then Mr. Jones
did tho romalna up in a neat parcel of
convenient shapo and took them along
when ho started for his placo of busi
ness In tho city In tho morning, Intend
ing to drop tho packago in tho rlvor.
In tho train before tho river wns
reached Mr. Jones saw tho packago re
posing in tho rack abovo his head and
determined that was a good placo to
leavo It. So when ho etarted to got out
of tho car he did not tako tho pack-
ago down.
"Hoy, thoro, Jones! You'ro leaving
your package," called out a friend. So
Jones turned back and got tho pack
ago. On tho boat ho was surrounded by a
numbor of friends and realized that to
drop tho bundlo overboard in their
presence would rcqulro a lot of expla
nation and doubtless result In more or
less joking at his expense. So he took
tho packago to, his office with him. Ho
saw tho Impossibility of disposing of
it thero and determined to get rid of
It on tho boat during tho trip back
But thero again he wns surrounded
by his friends of tho morning trip and
took tho package to the train with him.
An attempt to get off tho car without
it resulted just as It had in tho morn
ing. Mr. Jones thus found himself
returning to his home with the bother
some bundlo and ho knew tho children
would meet him on tho front porch and
Insist on knowing what it was. Accord
ingly ho made his wny homo across
the back lots, deposited tho bundlo on
tho kitchen porch and finally got to
tho front of the house without detec
tion. Fifteen minutes after ho had
seated himself on tho front porch with
tho solution of his great problem tho
cook appeared.
"Mrs. Jones," said she, "what's dat
extra roast of beef out on tho back
Mr. and Mrs. Jones both went back.
Sure enough tho bundlo contained a
six-pound roast of beef.
It only remains to say this story is
a true one. Tho thing happened as
here written.
Mr. Jones is still wondering whether
the man with whom ho somewhore ex
changed bundles had much difficulty in
disposing of tho remains of tho dead
In the death of John M. Drury of
Toledo, Secretary of the National
Wheel Company of Perrysburg, this
village loses a prominent business
man who fias dono much to upbuild
the business interests of the town.
Mr. Drury has been in poor health
for sever enl months and every possible
effort had been made to restore his
health, but without avail and he pass
ed away on Sunday morning at 1 :30
o'clock at the age of 44 years.
The funeral services were held on
Tuesday morning, at the church of the
Immaculate Conception, Solemn high
mass bbing conducted by Kov. Fr.
Chevreau as celebrant with Fr. Dean
and Fr. Ilorr as deacon and sub deacon,
assisted by Fr. Itedding of Maumee
and Fr. Sawkins of Toledo.
Mr. Drury was united in marriage
with Miss Gertrude Bfllabrand of Per
rysburg, in Sept. 1003, and although
they have always resided in loleao,
1 hey haye been regarded with great
favor by Perrysburg people, and Mr.
Drury had made many friends here
for his gentlemanly character and his
high business qualifications which
made luni a valued citizen and his de
parturn is deeply deplored.
Although his sickness during the
past three months had been a hard
trial, his patience never forsook him
and no word of complaint ever passed
his lips, and he gave every evidence of
being ready to accept and patiently
endure whatever a miction wus to be
his, and his last moments were those
of peaceful submission to the will of
the great Master.
We have 35 good, improved farms
and 5,000 acres of unimproved land.
Our improved farms range in prico
from $30 to $04 per acre. Unimproved
$10 to $20 per acre. Wo havo very
choice lands, the very best in quality,
black loam soil with clay sub'-sofl.
They aro located on R. F. Delivery and
P. M. R. R., and havo good markets,
schools and churches. This country
is being developed very fast and
doubles in price every threo years. Wo
will 'show tho lands free of charge and
sell in tracts of from 20 to G40 acres,
We will sell on small payment and give
five or ton years on Balance, and will
take any piece back at tho same prico
you givo if not satisfied. Wo aro
anxious to show these lands. Send
for circulars. Call or write to
23m Coleman, Michigan.
- Mr. Claronco flufford loft Wednes
day for Oborlln to attend collogo thoro.
Mrs J. H. HulTord willjontortaln
hor,Sunnay School olnss Saturday.
Foil SAr,K-Good cook stove Ho. 0
Inqulro at Journal Ofllco.
Mr. Thomas Morrison, of Maumee,
was tho guest of Mr. Thomas Franey,
Mrs. ,7. F. Byrne and daughter
Mrs E. ,7. Spllkor wero shopping in
Toledo Wednesday.
-Foil Salk-A largo furnace for
Hot Water Heating Svstem, in good
condition. KitKiNritAXK Hospital
Mrs. II. M. Hoover entertained a
few friends nt 6 o'clock tea Wednesday
Miss Marian Curtis was the guest
of her sister, Mrs. Emma Leathorman,
and family at Sylvnnin recently.
Wanted One or two more room
ers in private family. Board if de
sired. Corner Second and Maple Sts.
I have just received a flne lot of
Imported German Canries. Fine
singers. Call and see tlierb at the
Ilellf tisch Museum.
Foil Sale Good top buggy $10.00
Extension lodder and two set single
harness cheap. WM. GUTHRIE
3tb. Corner Fifth and Maple St..
Mr. and Mrs. H. Braun and Mrs.
J. Bonner of Toledo were Sunday
guests of Mr. Charles Braun and
Mrs. Josephine Cranker has re
turned from several weeks' visit with
relatives in Jackson, Mich., and Chi
cago, 111.
FOR SALE -A good Born steel
range. 0 holes and copper reservoir
In good condition. Inquire of P. M.
Mr. Clarence Shipman has re
turned to Grand Rapids, where he will
resume his studies for the coming
J. F. Byrna and family hod as Sun.
day guests E. J. Spilker and wife of
Webster. In the afternoon they all
called on J. C. Byrne and wife whose
guests was Mrs Andrew Kazmaier.
The Ladies Missionarv Society of
the Presbyterian church will hold
their regular meeting with Mrs- F. D.
HegamaBter on Wednesday October
1st, at 2 p. m. All are cordially invited.
Don't be misled by Ten Dollar
tailors. We make a suit and abso
lutely guarantee it for $15.00, $18.00
and $20.00.
The Misses Katherine and Marie
Geartner of Findlay, Miss Vivian Hel
mick of Garrett Ind. and C. E. Dickey
Jr. from Toledo were the over Sunday
guests ot Wm. Guthrie and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Gus W. Snyder return
ed to their home in Cincinnati last
Monday, accompanied by Fred Keller
of Lime City who will visit them for a
few weeks. t
The funeral of Mrs. Adam Snyder
was held Saturday morning at the St.
John's Lutheran church at Stony
Ridge. The remains were interred at
Number 1 cider mill, feed grindet
and buckwheat grinder and saw mill;
all in good shape; will be sold at a
bargain if taken at once.
28tf A. T. DEWLAND.
I Mr. nnd Mrs. Chas. Hostler, Mrs.
McIIonry of Findlay, Mr. and Mrs.
Harts; of Lasalle, Mich., Mrs. R. W.
' Sandwish of Fremont nnd Mr. E. Good
of Fostorla wero Sunda'y guests of Mr.
and Mrs. E. A. Undorhill.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Dixon, Mr. and
Mrs. Walter Amnnden, Mrs. Anna
Menominee of Toledo, and Mr. nnd
Mrs. Fulton Mercer of Bowling Green
were Thursday guests at the country
home of Mr. Bert King and family.
Mr. Ben Stone of Pembcrville
drove his motorcycle to Perrysburg
last Saturday morning with tho in
tention of spending tho day and eve
ning at tho Festival, but tho rain was
too wet for Ben, and he hustled back
homo between showers.
Mr. and Mrs. R. Warns and
daughters Katie and Anna attended a
dinner party at tho home of Mrs.
Winnan in Toledo Sunday, given in
honor of Mrs. Winnan's brother, Mr.
John Brensen, who left the first of
the week for Germany, where he, with
his family, will make their future
The Rev. P. G. Shoendorff, pastor
of St. Rose's church, has been granted
a leave of absence to visit his mother
who is seriously ill and not expected
to recover. He will be absent for
several weeks. The Reverend stated
that his parents would have been able
to celebrate their golden jubilee with
in 3 years, but now any such hope is
given up.
i7 ,
wear Pleated
Bosom Shirts?
If you wear pleated bosom
shirts, with or without attached
cuffs, let us show you how well
these particular garments can
be laundered.
We'll iron the shirt fronts
straighi and even; with every
pleat in place, smooth'and nicely
fiulshed. We'll iron the culls so
they are firm and stiff not limp
and spongy. We'll return them
to you free from rough edges.
Bowling Green, Ohio
IJ you have Rheumatism
in any form, buy a box oi
TABLETS at Champney's
Drug Store in Perrysburg.
A guaranteed cure or mon
ey back. . 2 2p
TRADE.MARKS ami copyrights obtained or no
see. oenu mouei. Ficecciies or paotoii ana Dnec
description. Cor FREE SEARCH and Xf port on
patentability. 28 years experience.
Send -eent stamp for NEW BOOKLET,
full of patent Information. It wlllhilpjou to
READ PACES Hand 13 before applying
for a patent, write to-day.
iidir. & UIHo
i303 Seventh St., Wcshlnnton, D. C.
Rev. E. J. Webster and wife and
their guest, Mrs. Hill, and Mr. and
Mrs. Lewis Shipman and daughter
Addie were dinner guests at the coun
try homo of Mr. D. Simmons and
family Sunday.
Do You Fear Consumption?
No matter how chronic your cough
or how severe your throat or lung ail
ment is, ur. Aings JNew Discovery WITT A 1TYIV AT r. A TVnn
will surely help you; it may save your THEATRICAL PAPER
"" ubiumuu viicuii, UJ. lUUUCIIUU,
Col., writes: "Two doctors said I had
consumption and could not live two
years. I used Dr. King's New Dis
covery and am alive and well." Your
money refunded if it fails to benefit
you. The best home remedy for
coughs, colds, throat and lung
troubles. Price GOc and $1.00. Guar
anteed by all dealers. Adv.
Mv YorkH
H. YJ-
At Ad
NffiMlttV BE-WXHrWWH5WHi.T?5T'auriiJ .WJl
Fare $ 2 so
V" SKKt.mAma,ta!y..11 1WP cr 'eamor " Inland waters of thoworld. In Serried July 1st.
LunirthliOOfootibnaidthMfeet.tJIncViesSiOiutcrooma and parlors nccommodatlnilSopuJenBers
Magnificent Steamers SEEANDBEE, City of Erie, nnd City of Buffalo
Daily Cleveland and Buffalo (May 1st to Dec. 1st)
Arrive Hulfalo . 6:30 A. H. Arrivo Clovolond
QUI fP.nlnil Ul.. J.kI Ttn.l
Connections matlo nWluftuio with trains for all Kastern i
6:30 A.M.
for l'ut:to.Uay. TolodSr
nnurflllmmllln. l,.tb,AnrWTMn..nn.i ... 1 '' !. .
on u. all. line steanutrti
potiAffe lor handsome boot
Meveland and I hi Halo accepted for transportation
jruurucKut uffenworticJceuvMU, u. line, ttonaocenti
. o. BWBJn, uensMgr, , u, . jiojrors Truffle Mur. W. F. Herman, Cen'l Toss. Alfcnt
u CloreUnd, Ohio
Moore's Air-Tight
v Mooro'a Air-Tight Heater is tho best
house heating stovo that was over mado
it will givo absolute satisfaction ond
will burn any kind ot coal.
It is built liko a furnaco thero is tho
bottom, tho ashpit, iirepot, dome and
smoko elbows. All tho parts aro put to
gether by means of cup joints packed
with puro asbestos wicking; thero is no
putty or cement in any joint. Every
joint is absolutoly air-tight and remains
so for all time.
J. Havisj Hardware) (jompahy
2 Yes, let this remind you once'mop', that when it w
() comes to good Lumber and Building Material at Right yjfi
jL Prices we take a back seat for nobody. f!
I- rrs up to you r
(g : (i
j$ We've done our part in laying in the best stock jv
J? ol lumber, cement, plaster, finish etc. money can buy. &
f$ Now it's your turn to get away with it.
m Figures on everything for the asking. A
Perrysburg, O. E. L. CLAY, Manager iii
ai aniiiiLr
W If vou want 'em we've o-nt 'm ffS
ih ..... ..,.. . . . W
& nexioie, Aspnait, Mate ana uranite m
W Red and Green
Natural Colors, no stain, dye or paint
V" Art, Character and Wealth added to your
Vjf home. You take no chance. We give you
w an unconditional uuarantee.
- (?
$ The Elks Builders Supply Co.
ay Phone Blue 41 PERRYSBURG
S33333aS3S3S.!3:S3S33:'3 SSa:
iMWTTi i mi yflm-wffl
19 m ' TS
If Every Storekeeper Only
Knew the Saving
he could effect in his light bill by using General
Electric MAZDA lamps he would never have
any inferior illuminant in his store at any price.
He Would Prefer Electric Light
as a matter of economy to say nothing about the
brilliant white light ol the GE MAZDA lamps,
unrivaled for show window illumination.
If you would like to know more about the service
these lamps are giving others, ask us.
jValley Light & Power Co.
IVLaumee Perrysburg
jzrirr. .

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