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Perrysburg journal. (Perrysburg, Wood Co., O. [Ohio]) 186?-1965, December 05, 1913, HOLIDAY NUMBER, Image 16

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Let us help to make this a Christmas to
be remembered by supplying your Table
Wants with the best the market affords.
Canned Peas, Corn, Tomatoes
Green and Wax Beans
California Asparagus,
Malaga Grapes,
Florida Oranges,
Florida Grape Fruit,
Extra Fancy Celery
Jumbo Cranberries
Fresh Vegetables
Oysters Direct from Baltimore twice
each week.
Courteous Treatment and Quick Service.
.'''.l.ii...i.iw.i..,m ..p. .... ,.,,.,.
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My First Christmas
Eve Dance
IIBN mo and my
shipmate, Bill
Uolthcad, was
tnklu' a llttlo
crulso nslioro Inst
year wo ench got
n pretty, sweet
scented note with
It. S.'V. P. nttho
bottom, request
In' "the pleas
ure of your company" at a dance on
Christmas eve. BUI, who Is well up
In these things, told mo them letters
meant "Reply Sharp; Very Pressln'."
So we wrote our replies sharp, haccept
In "the very pressln hlnvltntlou."
Well, Christmas eve came round, and
Bill and me rigged ourselves out In
our best shore goin' togs and set sail
for the dance. On reportlu ourselves
fro wns mustered lu a big cabin like a
jattleshlp's gun room, all tltlvhted up
with holly and mistletoe, and with the
deck polished instead of holy stoned,
and so slippery that I nearly pitched
on to my bowsprit as I went through
the hatchway.
"Vast heavln'. Bill." I sez, cotnln' to
an anchor; "this is worse than crossin'
the boy in a gale o' wind." but Bill ho
kept forgln ahead, as cool as a middy
in command of n dispatch boat, so I
slipped my cable and went on full
Bpeed lu his wake, sweatln' like a
marine recruit goin' Into haction for
the first time. We was nearly the last
aboard, for the cabin was pretty full,
the men lookin' like rcstaurong waiters
and the ladles all as smart as a cruiser
squadron in rainbow rig.
Presently a fussy llttlo chap, who I
took to be the commodore, but who
Bill said was the M. Sea man. though
he didn't look ns if ho knowed much
about the sea, came up and gave us
both a pretty card with sailin' orders
on, which BUI called a program. Then
be passed tho word to clear for hac
tion. and a band on the quarterdeck
aft struck up and the dancin' begun.
As I was Ioanin' against the bul
warks the M. Sea man came up and
a ft use
eaid somethln' what I couldn't catch,
ao I said, "Aye, aye, sir!" and before
I knowed it he had hlntrojulccd me to
the smartest Al clipper built little craft
I ever turned my searchlights on, and
somehow the nest minute her sweet
llttlo figurehead was close to mine, and
I made fast around her amidships and
steamed into haction.
"This is a polker, not an 'ornplpe,"
she said presently in a voice as sweet
as the bo's'n's whistle pipln' at grog
time, so I axed her parding and navi
gated accordln'. Well, we boxed the
compass about twice, when some one
ran foul o' my starboard bow and
threw mo on my beam ends. My con
sort was so consarncd and bore a hand
so prettily to haul me up that I quite
forgot to say what I was agoln' to to tho
lubber. Next time I was goin' to dance
with her again, but sho told mo she
was engaged. "Ilindeedl" sez I as
'aughty as a hadmlral. Then a red
headed swab took her In tow, and tho
ban(J strikln' up the "Keel Bow" there
was the two of 'em a-caperln' away
Just like old Mac, our second engineer,
when ho has had what ho calls "a wee
drap" on pay nights.
Soon after I see her slttin' fannln'
herself, while tho redheaded chap was
a-carryin' on shameful with a girl in
pink, so I tacked towards hor and told
her what I thought of the swab she
was engaged to and hoffered to bash
in his headlights. I thought she would
never stop laughln' as sho told mo she
didn't oven know him and was only
engaged to him for the dance. And
then I felt bettor.
Well, to cut tho yarn short, at eight
bells I conveyed her down to tho ward
room to mess, and after that wo novo
to in a conservative full of palms
and flowers and smcllln' Uko a tropical
hlsland, and then well, after a very
hot engagement, in which I had to
bring both broadsides into haction, my
pretty prlzo hauled down her flag, and
a fow months later wo signaled for a
sky pilot, and I towed her onto Into
port. London Tlt-Blte.
BOUT this timo papa remarks
Irrelevantly (oyes cast down),
I haven't seen a tie I Uko
In any shop In this whole town."
About this tlmo tho minister
Drops In to call on mother dear
And hints that ho Is well supplied
With slippers, gifts of yesteryear.
About this tlmo big Brother Jack
Declares: "Cigars no Nmoro I
A pipe whlff now and then perhapst
No, mother, this is not a jokoi-
About this tlmo poor mother dear
Porplexed Is and Inclined to sigh,
"How Btranso that each (should
show distaste 1
For Just tho gifts I meant to
buy I"
Ella A. Fanning.
QIIKISTMAS for the majority of tho
2:5.u00 inhabitants of Manila
Unit is. the I'Mlipluos-beglns on Christ
mas eve. There are no stockings hung,
kowever. for stockings are not popular,
even with the most aristocratic senorl
tas, who usually go bare nnklcd. Mid
night mass is the occasion which
brings thousands to the churches.
These tine edifices are thrown open
and blaze with myriads of candles and
electric lights.
Manila at midnight on Christmas
eve is probably gayer than at any oth
er time of the year. The streets are
thronged with carriages nnd people in
their best attire. Many Americans
turn out on Christmas eve also to see
the displays and the people and make
church to church inspection tours in
parties. Fine trained choirs and string
ed orchestras render excellent music.
The weather during the holiday sea
son is just cool enough to dispel the
chronic laziness which pervades Mo
ulin during most of the year and put
a little spice Into the blood. At noon
the thermometer will probably not go
over S4 or So degrees. AUuight, how
ever, a blanket on the bed is not too
The Seven Sets of Presents.
A LL the world's a Christmas tree,
"- And all the men and women merely
They have their presents and remem
brances, And one man In his time sets many gifts,
His lot being seven series. At first tho
With his feeding spoons and rattles;
Then the trumpet and tin soldiers, skates
and sleigh
And fireman's helmet, and then tho lover.
Sighing like a furnaco wltn a gaudy neck
tie Knit by his lady's fingers. Then a hubby.
Showered by his friends with socks and
And pipes that will not draw, ink wells of
And fountain pens that leak, or else some
China that his wife can use as well. And
The middle aged of fair round belly a
little cap
To hide his shining pate. The sixth set
Into tho carpet slipper games or bad ci
gars A sliver cutter, slnco his teeth are bad.
Last gift of all that ends this strango
Eventful history Is falling sight.
Then they bring a magnifying glass
For grandpa.
Detroit Free Press.
Santy and the Stork,
"But, daddy, is there really, truly
"Well, I just guess yes a regular
corker he Is too."
"Is he nice?"
"Is he? Well. I should say so! Isn't
he, Mary?"
"Humph! Very nice, ns Santas go,
but not very modest"
"Is be, handsome, daddy?"
"Oh, as handsome as a picture
sparkling eyes, fine forehead, beautiful
complexion very handsome, Isn't ho,
"Henry, it's perfectly dreadful the
way you deceive that child. You ought
to be ashamed of yourself. You're set
ting him a terrible example."
"But, daddy, where does ho live
away off somewhere?"
"Oh, y'es; very, very far."
"Away off where tho stork lives?"
"Tho stork! Who's been telling you
about the stork?"
"Mammy." Chicago Tribune.
It Is high time that something was
done about our mistletoe literature that
crops up so regularly during the holi
day season.
It systematizes about as follows:
The joko about the girl who wears
a sprig of mlstletoo on her head.
Tho Joke about the mlstletoo that
didn't come jn time, and thoIrl asks
(alwnys coyly) whether they cannot get
along without It
The church trimming mistletoe joke.
Tho sprig of mlstletoo that tho long
lost lover on his dramatic return on
Christmas ove always draws out of his
pocket at tho end of tho story.
Tho fact Is that the mlstletoo has
now degenerated into a chestnut. It
no longer serves any useful literary
purpose. It should be worn only by
mothcrs-ln-law. Harper's Weekly.
The Best Known Christmas Poom.
" 'Twas tho Night Before Christmas"
thoso delightful verses that will
charm both tho old and young as long
as there are stockings to bo hung was
written ninety-one years ago, Just be
fore tho holiday season, by Clemont
Clark Moore, then professor of orien
tal languages In tho Now York Theo
logical seminary. It has become an
Araorican classic, and no Christmas
day is comploto without a reading of
this charming llttlo lyric that has lived
nnd gladdened tho OUrlstmaatldo for
nearly 100 years,
y-MIC.tlAt16UAi75-lSfr. mfniGftttEKy.njORtMCLrL .J
The C. L. M ADDY
Dealers in
r?'."-"'-''---'- - -- -
Only Dealers in Perrysburg
Handling Red Ash Coal
Hay and Feed Delivered to any
part of town
We pay cash for all kinds
of Grain at Perrysburg and
Lime City Elevators.
Phone Main 48
'"in Hi i i in fy
'I Tll"tMii)imLi

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