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VOL. LXI-ED. L. BLUE, Publisher.
$1.00 IN ADVAHOE-flO. 52
Brilliant and Charming Lauy Passes
Away at Washington.
His Appointment Recommended by
Congressman Sherwood Last Week
Concerning Nothing Very Serious
But Worthy of Thought.
Seems Miraculous When Car is Cut
in Two.
til HIt
1 SBJ H M SW i , ID
J Vf U iil lilJLll
His Automobile Turned Turtle and
His Skull was Fractured,
An accident occured near Bradner
Appointed bv Civic Associaton for
the Year 1914.
The announcement of the death of
Mrs. Kate Brownleo Sherwood, wife
of Congressman I. R. Sherwood, wna
received with deep regret by many
thousands of people in all part of this
State who have long known her and
had come to regard her as one of the
most brilliant as well as charming
ladies of the State.
She had been sick for several months
at her home in Washington and death
was caused by paralysis.
In her death her family sustained a
great loss. Sho was a poorer of
strength in all that was good and
beneficial to humanity.
Conference Will be Held Thursday at
Bowling Green.
For the purpose of considering plans
for rebuilding the public highway be
tween Toledo and Perrysburg, on the
east side of tne river, a conference of
the state highway commission, the
commissioner of Wood county and
others interested in the project, will
be held at Bowling Green on Thursday.
It is expected the good roads com
mittee of the Commerce Club of Tol
edo will send a delegate.
The Toledo-Perrysburg highway is
in bad condition, and it is generally
conceded that improvement is necps
sary. Some of the citizens of Wood
county are advocating a brick pave
ment all the way from the Toledo cor
poration line in East .Toledo to Per
rysburg. L
The following are the committee
for the year appointed by the Presi
dent, D. K. Hollenbeck:
Finance T. M. Franey,
W. H. Roose,
C. Finkbeiner.
Library & Books F. C. Averill,
E. L. Clay,
D. K. Hollenbeck.
Rules & Regulations E. L. Blue,
C. Finkbeiner,
T. M. Franey.
Buildings & Grounds E. L. Clay,
C. Finkbeiner,
W. H. Roose.
On Tuesday evening Feb. 21th the
C. M. B. A. will hold a card party and
social at their hall in the Munger
block. Everyone is invited and will
be welcome. A good time is assured.
Out of sorts, depressed, pain in the
back Electric Bitters renews your
health and strength. A guaranteed
Liver and Kidney remedy. Money back
if not satisfied. It completely cured
Robert Madsen, of West Burlington,
Iowa, who suffered from virulent liver
trouble for eight months. After four
doctors gave him up, he took Electric
Bitters and is now a well man. Get a
bottle today; it will do the same for
you. Keep in the house for all liver
and kidney complaints. Perfectly safe
and dependable. Its results will sur
prise you. 50c and $1.00. H. E. Buck
Ien & Co., Philadelphia or St. Louis.
Advertisement. '
UNDERTAKER pemiysbursjoo
Both Phones Main Twenty-seven.
818 Bpltxer Building,
Rmu Pfeeaa 14SS.
Dr. B. Kinsley
Office Hours: 8 to 11
ft. m., 1 to
i p. is.
Office up stairs corner Second
and Main Streets.
,Phaa Mala 14
Philip Wetzel received word from
Washington last Saturday announc
ing the fret that his appointment as
Postmaster for Perrysburg had been
recommended to the President.
The appointment when made will
probably tako effect about the middle
of March at which time Postmaster
Yeager's appointment expires.
The appointment of Mr. Wetzel will
no doubt prove very satisfactory, as
he is worthy and capable, courteous
and accommodating in every respect
and will give excellent service.
Mr. Yeager has served faithfully for
about 14 years, and in his retirement
has the best wishes of the many bun
dreds of people whom he has served
for so long a term.
As yet Mr. Wetzel has not indicated
whom he would appoint as his deputy,
but it will be difficult for him to find
one who will render mora efficient or
faithful service than Misb Pierce who
has been in the office for a long term.
Perrysburg Tile and Brick Co. Will
Reward Faithful Employes.
The Perrysburg Tile and Brick
Company has decided to adopt a profit
sharing plan, and on the 5th day of
January, 1915, the company will divide
10 per cent of their net gain of 1914,
between all their regular steady em
ployes who have been in the employ
of the company for nine months or
from April first to January first, 1915.
Improvements made by the com
pany recently include doubling their
drying capacity, and have installed an
electric clay digging machine that will
load one yard of clay per minute, work
ing automatically, and Aloysius Wil
son now claims that digging clay is
easier than eating his dinner.
J. H. Wilson, the manager, says
business is better under the new tariff
as the farmers find it necessary to use
more tile in order to raise bigger crops
to compete with foreign products, thus
proving that competition is the life of
James Stretsbury, a veteran of the
Civil War passed away at .his home in
Weston on Sunday afternoon at 4:00
o'clock. He had been in feeble health
for several months but one week ago
was taken ill with pneumonia which
caused his death. He served four
years in Co. K, 10th regiment, O. V. I.
It has been stated that a man's
stomach is his boiler, his body is his
engine and his mouth the fire box. Is
your boiler (stomach) in good working
order or is it so weak that it will not
stand a full load and not able to sup
ply the needed energy to your engine
(body) ? If you have any trouble "with
your stomach, Chamberlain's Tablets
will do you good. They strengthen and
invigorate the stomach and enable it
to do its work naturally. Many very
remarkable cures of stomach trouble
have been effected by them. For sale
by all dealers. Adv.
-John Zurfluh-
Dealer la
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Spectacle.
00S Monroe St, Toledo, Ohio.
Near Michigan Street.
Special caro will bo taken with the
repair of all kinds of Watcnes, Clocks
nad Jewelry.
oaring retired as Judge of the Court
of Common Pleas, Is now engaged In
too general practice ot the law, with
JlOtf erw ZiHColn'0 Drug store,
MU atmrtf Bftwllsg Qnm, Q, ,
"Fellow citizens," said the colored
orator, ''What am education." "Edu
cation am de palladium of our liberties
and de grand paudemonium of civili
zation." He must have had reference to a
bunch of "Rah, Rah" college boys
celebrating a foot ball game.
There will be a special meet
ing of the Civic Association on
Monday evening, February 23.
It is important every member
stould attend j
A gentleman who was making a
canvas of his district for the purpose
of ascertaining how many women fav
ored woman suffrage, called at the
home of a lady and said: "Madam,
are you a woman suffragist?" "No
sir, I haven't time to be." "Haven't
time! Well if you had the privilege
of voting, whom would you support?"
"The same man I've supported for ten
years." "And who is that?" "My
your own town," is the Bign that will
greet you as you enter the business
houses of Perrysburg. This card is
published bv the Perrysburg Civic
association and is intended '.o be a
personal invitation to every person
who may see it, to consider himself
invited to join the association and be
come a Perrysburg Booster. Put
your dollar in the Treasury and your
shoulder to the wheel and let every
body know that you live in Perrysburg;
that you love the town; that you be-
iieve in it; that you know it's future
looks bright; that you are determined
to help make that future a grand and
glorious success. Get all this in your
system, and when a stranger or any
body from another town asks you
where you reside, just look him square
in the eye, and with a voice that can
be heard a mile away shout
A man dropped his wig on the street
and a -boy picked it up and handed it
to him. "Thanks, my boy" said the
owner of the wig. "You are the first
genuine hair restorer I have ever seen.''
"You'll be done better in Toledo"
is the way the circus performers who
came to Toledo to put on the Mid
winter Circus benefit of the Womans
building fund speak it. The circus
was a financial failure and salaries
were not paid. The newspapers say
the women are not responsible and the
atranded actors have taken the case to
court to ascertain who shall pay their
salaries. It looks like a mighty cheap
game to play on the actors who did
their work expecting they were dealing
with people who would play the game
on the square. Evidently they were
"Done well iu Toledo."
Wo don't suppose ttie sale of a Ti
tian portrait for $400,000 the other
day has had anything to do with the
price of eggs.
The "quick as a flash" retort usual
ly Bliows evidence of the careful
thought bestowed upon It.
A physician says brunettes eat
more than blondes. Sure; there are
moro of them.
Some say that chronic constipation
cannot bo cured. Don't you believe it.
Chamberlain's Tablets have cured
others why not you? Give them a
trial. They cost only a quarter. For
sale by all dealers. Adv.
lUifilMtlliHH J
(MuiZUttjiul d.
Thatnoneof the passengers were
killed seems a'most a miracle, when
the Mnumee Valley passenger car was
struck by an engine on the Terminal
road at the crossing north of Maumee
on Thursday night last.
The Valley car left Toledo at 9:36
p. m,, for Maumee and Porrysburg
and reached the Terminnl crossing
about 10:00 p. m. and as the car was
passing over the railroad track an en
gine with sis cars which was coming
toward the river struck the electric
car in the middle lifting it up and
carrying it nbout 75 feet from the
Valley tracks and throwing it about
45 feet from the railroad tracks, leav
ing it setting on its trucks.
The passengers (three men and two
women) and the crew of conductor
and motorman all escaped with their
lives but were badly bruised.
The passengers were:
Edmund Bcown ot Perrysburg,
Manager of the Edward Ford Plate
Glass company. Mr. Brown received
a severe cut on tue head and was
otherwise bruised and scratched. He
was unconcious when picked up and
after being brought to his home in
Perrysburg, Dr. W. H. Rheinfrank
was called and found it necessary to
take several stitches to close the
wound on his head. Mr. Brown
now able to be about.
William Charles of Perrysburg, was
also badly bruised and shaken up,
and was unable to leave the house for
several days.
Mrs. Coatee, Traveling Inspector for
the Miami childrens' Home was so
severely injured that for a few days
her recoverv was in doubt. She was
conveyed to the Home, about a half
mile distant, and Drs. W. H. and W.
L. Rhonehouse of Maumee were call
ed and worked with her until morning
before she was in condition to realize
her situation.
The others were more or less bruis
ed. It is stated that the conductor and
motorman escaped with but slight
The conductor was Harold Lees of
Maumee, and the motorman was
E. O. Pontias, of Perrysburg.
The car was a comploie wreck and
those who saw it state that it is almost
miraculous that any person could
have been in the car when the engine
struck it and have come out of it
Every seat in the car was ripped
loose from the floor; every window
was broken; and in every respect it
was one of the most complete wrecks
possible to imagine.
The question of how it was possible
that such an accident should occur at
that point is one that is deeply inter
esting every person who uses the Val
ley line.
It was a bright moonlight night,
with nothing to interfere with observ
ing the approaching train if the usual
rules governing the crossiugv had
been observed.
The rules of the Valley line, wo are
informed, provide that cars approach
ing a railroad crossing should come
(Continued on Eighth Page.)
A stubborn, annoying, depressing
cough hangs on, racks the body, weak
ens the lungs, and often leads to seri
ous results. The first dose of Dr.
King's New Discovery gives relief.
Henry D. Sanders, of Cavendish, Vt.,
was threatened with consumption,
after having pneumonia. He writes:
"Dr. King's New Discovery ought to
be in every family; it is certainly the
best of all medicines for coughs, colds
or lung trouble." Good for children's
coughs. Money back if not satisfied.
Price BOc and $1.00. At all Druggists.
II. E. Bucklcn & Co., Philadelphia or
St. Louis. Advertisement.
Depository of the U. ? Government, Postal Savings System.
Depository of the State of Ohio.
This bank has a record of Thirty-five years success.
Commenced business in 1879.
Four per cent, interest paid on deposits for one yeai
DAVIS, Chairman. WM. COMSTOCK, President.
Resources over a Half Million Dollars.
last Friday afternoon in which Rev.
Zachman, formerly of this place, was
Rev. Zachman, accompanied by
three ladies, who had taken dinner at
his residence a short time previous,
were driving iuto the country to attend
a prayer meeting. As they were driv
ing along the road a largo dog ran out
into the road and in order to avoid
striking the dog, Rev. Zachman turned
the machine to one side, when it skid
ed and turned over into the ditch,
pinning him under the machine.
The ladies were badly bruised, but
none fatally injured.
Help was secured from a neighbor
ing farm house, and the injured man
was removed from the wreck. He
was taken to Bradner from whence he
was conveyed to the Toledo hospital.
Dr. W. H. Rheinfrank of Perrysburg
was called to operate in the hope of
savmc his life, but tne injuries were
so great that nothing could be done to
releive him, and he died shortly after
reaching the hospital.
Rev. Zackman was well known here
where he was pastor of the Evangel
ical church for several years. He
leaves a widow and several children.
The funeral services were held on
Thursday at the church in Bradner
and the remains will be taken to Mar
ion, Ohio, for interment.
Mrs. Laura Knaggs Keyser.
The body of Laura Knaggs Keyser,
S3, who died Saturday at tne historic
homestead on the River Road, will be
placed in the Modern Mausoleum at
Ft. Meigs cemetery, Perrysburg, Wed
nesday. The entombment was made
in the presence of relatives and friends
surrounded by scores of floral offer
ings, a silent tribute ta the high es
teem of all who knew her.
She is survived by one daughter.Miss
Antoinette Knaggs, and one sister.
Mrs. Keiser was born in Genessee
county, N. Y., in 1831. She was the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Bosley
and when a child her family moved to
In 150 she was married to Georgo B.
Knaggs, a descendant of George B.
Knaggs, who came to Miami more
than 150 years ago, and a grandson of
Whitmore Knaggs, the great Indian
fighter, who took such a prominent
part in the war of lbl2.
After the death of Mr. Knaggs, she
was married in 1807 to O. I. Keyser,
who was one of the first wholesale
dealers in coal in Toledo.
The Knaggs home is the oldest in
the Maumee Valley. It was built in
1818 by Captain Whitmore Knaggs,
and in formers years was noted for
the hospitality of the cultured woman
who presided over it. The funeral
was held Wednesday in the afternoon
in the old home.
Never can telL when you'll mash a
finger or suffer a cut, bruise, burn or
scald. Be prepared. Thousands rely
on Dr. Thomas' Eclectic Oil. Your
druggist sells it. 25c and 50c. Adv.
Lownsbury, G. B.
Barton, Russell
Blue E. L.
Clay, E. L.
Champney, C. P.
Franey, Thorn. M.
Dowling, F.
Hanson, N. L.
Jarrett, M. U.
Kingsbury, E. L.
Munger, George
Munger, Geo. J.
Hollenbeck, F. C.
Hesley, W. J.
Canfield, Dr. D.
Shipley, W. J.
Rossbach, Jos. H.
Pew, Robert C.
Witzler, Alf. J.
Woodin, F. E.
Maddy, C. L., Ch.
Averill, F. C.
Comstock, Wm.
Haylor, D. A.
Hollenbeck, D. K.
Munger, Geo., Sr.
Rheinfrank, Dr.
Roose, W. H.
Van Norman, C.
Parks, Shade
Trees, Lawns
Rheinfrank, D r.
W. H., Ch.
Davis, J.
Dibling, Wm.
Fuller, A. C.
Hoffman, G. W.
Main, David
Meeker, Dan
Manley, D. V. R.
Pew, Robert C.
Sargent, H. H.
Shoemaker, F. B.
Spitzer, Sidney
Shibrowske, P.
Veitch, W. J.
Walbridge, W. S.
Franey, Thom. M.
Brandhuber, J. F.
Comstock, Wm.
Davis, J.
Hartshorn, R. R.
Hoover, H. M.
Kingsbury, E. L.
Marsh, S. O.
Schneider, C. J.
Powell, Wm.
Munger, Geo. Sr.,
Amon, John J.
Finkbeiner, C.
Hoffman, G. F.
Kazmaier, H. A.
Lovett, H. E.
Moser, Geo. W.
Mahr, F. L.
Sargent, H. H.
Witzler, Alf. J.
Witzler, Fred
Wilson, J. H.
Whitehead, D. C.
Streets, Sewers,
Roether, Dr. H. R.
Ballentyne, A.
Clay, E. L.
Finkbeiner, C.
Goeke, Fred
Kingsbury, E. L.
Lober, Geo.
Meeker, Dan
Moser, Geo.
Neiderhouse, Wm.
Leydorf, Henry
Powers, Geo. A.
Shimmin, T. R.
Canfield, Dr. D. R.
Franey. T. M.
Hesley, W. J.
Hollenbeck, l U.
Hoffman, Elmer
Hoffman, Ernest
Kinsley, Dr. B.
Lownsbury, G. B.
Munger, George
Pew, Robert C.
Woodin, F. E.
Witzler, Alf. J.
Witzler, Alf. J.,
Cook, M. B.
Fuller, Harry
Hillabrand, Fred
Hoskinson, G. G.
Kazmaier, Robert
Lownsbury, J. G.
Wills, William
Munger, Frank C.
Muir, Henry
Starr, H.
Thornton, Art
Van Norman, C.
Wilson, J. H.
Witzler, Fred.
Iteal Estate.
Kingsbury, E. L.,
Adamson, W. P.
Caldwell, B. W.
Curtis, Jos. W.
Cook, M. B.
Dewland, A. T.
Gunder, John
Helfrisch, R. M.
Schneider, John
Shipman, Lewis
La Farree, Leon
Wetzel, Phil.
1 Country Roads.
Pew, Robert C,
Acklin, D. R.
Bowers, Dr. I. S.
Chapman, Dr. L.
Cook, James
Falconer, H. W.
Graves, Dr. W. S.
Knight, W. W.
King, B. W.
Messenger, R. E.
Rheinfrank, Eug.
Schlect, Wm.
Schoemaker, F. B.
Spitzer, Carl B.
Veitch, W. J., Ch.
Clay, E. L.
Champney, C. P.
Danz, R.
Davidson, R. T.
Fralic, R.
Hampton, C. fi..
Jezzard, F.
Leydorf, A. E.
Sheperd, S. L.
Wallace, Chas.
Whitehead, D. C.
Yeager, F.
Public Safety.
Clay, E. L., Ch.
Bayer, Unas.
Curtis, Irving
Eberly, E. C.
Hays, John
La Farree, Max
Mills, Charles
Mills, William
.'Merricle, C. F.
Munger, Henry
Lally, Thomas
Rossbach, Geo. J
Taylor, Roy
Williams, A. G.
Bowers, Dr. M,
Stickels, Kobt.
Taylor, Roy
Rossbach, Jos. Jr.
Thornton, Harry
Williams, G. J.
Williams, A. G.
Munger, Geo. J.
Amon, John J.
Barton, R. P.
Bowers, Dr. M. H.
Champney, C. P.
Craig, Geo.
Dibling, Wm.
Fleck, Chas.
Franey, T. M.
Frusher, Chas.
Harper, Z. Q.
Hollenbeck, P. C.
Hoffman, Elmer
Lownsbury, G. B.
Lyons, J. W .
Phillips, S. T.
Thornton, J. H.
Scott, W. P.
Rossbach, B.
Sarver, Grant
Witler, A. J.
Zaenger, H. T.
Barber, Dr. J. J.
Berning, H. A.
Canfield, Dr. D.
Graves, M. T.
Goodman, Oliver
Hayes, John
Hillabrand, Fred
Holbrook, Grant
Mawer, R.
Neiderhause, F.
Rheinfrank, Dr.
Roether, Dr. H.
Rossbach, Fred
Starr, H.
Uthofr, Henry
O'Reilly, B.
Hollenbeck, D,
Averil, F. C.
Carter, Bennett
Greenhalgh, Geo,
Hoffman, G. W.
Lyons, J. W.
Phillips, S. T.
Rheinfrank, E.
Roose, W. H.
Schneider, John
Rev. James A. Lewis, Milaca, Minn.,
writes: "Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
has been a needed and welcome guest
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highly recommend it to my fellows as
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Blue, E. L.. Ch
Barber. John J.

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