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fl If you want to read something that is loaded with J
(! genuine Tooth Brush sense look over the United tt
ft Druir Company's ad in this weeks Saturday Evening f
m ' w
3; These KLENZO and HARGUERITE Tooth
"" k l. .Unl (Kntt nlnirM lf- f hom nnn llfA
tsrusnes are jubi wnat mcy uittiui iwi nn.ni ma ..
are here to make good should the brush fail to-do so.
They will please you and are great values at 25 and
30c. Notice our window; or better, come in and look
them over.
$ Champney's Pharmacy.
Miss Edith Frusher is visiting
relatives in Scotch Ridge.
Mrs. Denis Clark of Toledo
visited Friday afternon with Mrs.
0. Knerr.
Mr. Hiram Green of Toledo
visited Sunday with Ward Han
Hazel and Buddy Ales spent
Sunday with Dunham Simmons
and family.
Mr. Chas. Kazmaier of Bowl
ing Green visited Sunday with
John Kazmaier and wife.
Mrs. Chas. Neiderhouse and
children took dinner Sunday with
Dunham Simmons and family.
Mr. Fred Libben and family
visited with Mr. G. Libben and
wife of Toledo Sunday.
Mr. Harold Pelton of Bowl
ing Green was the week end guest
of Win. Mills and family.
Messrs. Clayton and Paul
Voitnli nf Tnlpiln vpri over Sim-
Pigs Fon Sale Fine large ' inv nnsts of W. J. Veitch and
boned Poland China stock hogs, 'family.
male and female. Pedigreed, ten Mrs. ,T n. La Farree of Bowl
weeks old. Inquire at the Lucas, : Gra(m i,as been visitiue rela-
County Children's Home. Home tives in Perrysburg for the past
phone via Toledo,or Maumee. 15b , week.
A. Get in touch with a proposition
paying $8 daily, where no capital or
experience is necessary. Write Bow
ers & Bowers, 223 Madison Court,
Toledo, Ohio.
To feel strong, have good appetite
and digestion, sleep soundly and enjoy
life, use Burdock Blood Bitters, the
family system tonic. Price, $1.00.
Mr. Merlin Cook of Lima visit
ed recently at the M. B. Cook,
Mr. Wm. Cranker, wife and
dauehter Elizabeth of Toledo visit
ed Sunday with Mr. M. B. Cook
and wife.
Mrs. PyrlPfister of Detroit has
been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. M.
B. Cook for the past week. Mr.
Pfister was an over Sunday visitor.
The Queen Esther Circle will
give a lawn fete in Monument
Park Saturday evening June 13th.
Ice cream and cake ten cents. 16a
Funeral Director amp hbalher.
Tolcphono No. 1. PEimYSBURQ, OHIO.
Calls promptly nnswered night or tiny. '
v v w
Mr. and Mrs. Percy Finch
spent Saturday evening in Toledo
the guests ot menus.
Mrs. Lucas left the latter part
of the week for Lakeside where
she will spend the summer.
Mr. A. M. Smith left on Thurs
day for a business trip to Bloom
ington, 111.
' Miss Gertrude Justen of To
ledo was the week end guest of
Mr. Val Schwind, Jr., and family.
Misses Florence and Emma
Rossbach visited friends in Toledo
Mrs. Clayton C. Kohl of South
Iladley, Mass., is visiting with
John Kohl and family.
For Sale Seven pigs. Half
mile east Leydorf station.
Little Miss Lanore Wilson en
tertained a few -of her friends
Sunday afternoon in honor of her
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Chap
man of Pontiac are the guests of
Mrs. Eugenia Chapman and Miss
Anna Beach.
Mi Geo. Dixon and wife, Mrs.
Glen Snow and baby of Wisconsin
were Sunday and Monday guests
ot liert King and family.
dent's Tailoring
Perrysburg, Ohio.
Phone Blue 33.
Corrected every Wednesday noon by
the C. L. Middy Elevator Co.
No. 2 red wheat 00
No. 3 red wheat 88
No. 2 white wheat 88
No. 3 white wheat 80
Ear Corn 1.00
Oats . - .'10
Rye 50
Corrected every Wednesday noon by
W. J. Heslev. '
Eggs 17
Butter : , .20
Potatoes .80
Lard 12
Corrected every Wednesday noon by
Munger Bros.
Steers 03 to .071
Cows 03 to .05
Calves 07 to .09
Hogs 07 to .08
Lambs 05 to .07
Hides 10
Tallow....: 04
Turkeys r 18
Ducks 13 to .14
Chickens 10 to .121
Old Roosters 10
Broilers 20 to .25
We Are Prepared To
Fill Your Orders For
Phone Main 186.
htfwp mw w m w 1
Mr. L. F. llechler of Toledo
visited with Chas. Van Norman
and family Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. McGce
spent Sunday in Toledo the guests
of Mr. Wm. McGee and wife.
Miss Gladys and Mr. Cloyce
Webb accompanied by Mr. Harold
Webb will leave Saturday for
Ossep where they will spend their
summer vacation with Mr. and
Mrs. Chas. Darrell.
Mr. Dean Brand of Haskins"
is visiting his cousin Murr Can
field. Mrs. W. T. Walker of Toledo
is spending a few weeks at the
Belford home.
The Boxwoll Commencement
exercises of Troy Township will
be held in the Methodist church at
Stony Ridge Thursday evening.
There are eleven graduates who
will take part ill the exercises.
The Very Best
Lenox Soap
Air Ship Soap
Puffed Wheat
Mustard Sardines
Oil Sardines
We have good Coffee for
Argo Starch
8 bars for 25c
10 bars for 25c
3 5c boxes for 10c
10c a can or 3 cans for 25c
5c a can or G cans for 25c
20c lb
5c a package or G packages for 25c
$& Vp( NES'l
The Nest-Egg
of a Fortune
Grage Nuts - 15c a package or 2 packages for 2oc
25 UJs. Granulated Sugar SI. IS
10 lbs Granulated Sugar
now many people there are who
point to the dollar deposited in some
good bank as the NEST-EGG of the
fortune tney are now enjoying. After
you have placed this NEST-EGG you
will find it will attract other dollars,
and soon find yonrself in possession of
a conpetence for old age or for the
misfortunes of life. You ought to
place that NEST-EGG here today.
Mrs. Frank Bernett and
daughter Editha and Miss Irene
Moore of Toledo were Sunday
guests of Mr. C. Knerr and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Percy Finch
and Mr. Floyd Finch were called
to Bowling Green last Friday on
account of the illness of their
mother Mrs. Chas. Finch.
Misses Lulu and Lydia and
Mr. Clyde Kazmaier and John,
Earl and Alice Householder of
Bowling Green, Merlin and Lela
Moser, Alma Kopp, Harvey and
Amelia Weidner and Cora Schal-
ler visited Sunday with Albert
Kazmaier and family.
Mr. Howard Comstock and
Miss Florence Wohl of Monroe,
Mich., were guests of Mr, and Mrs.
Comstockpn Sunday. They mot
ored over from the Michigan town
and were accompanied by a party
of motor tourists.
The St. Johns Lutheran
church of Stony Ridge, will cele
brate children's day Sunday, June
Mrs. Ilallie Walker MacTyre
of Bowling (ireen was the over
Sunday guest of Mr. and Mrs. S.
The Perrysburg Banking
Mrs. Walter
Martha Mead and Mr.
took Sunday dinner
Frusher and wife.
Hum, Mrs.
James Fruslr
with Thomas
Mrs. L. W. naskins and Mrs.
Wm. Cobb of Watervillo were
guests of their sister Mrs. G. Wal
ters on Friday of last week.
Mr. G. Stearns will leave the
latter part of the week for New
York where he will be the guest of
relatives for a couple of weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Rake
straw and son Harry and Mrs. W.
B. Bishop of Toledo were the
cuests of Mrs. W. P. Adamson on
Tuesday last.
t W.,
Mrs. William Adamson at
tended tho commencement exer
cises of the Toledo Hospital at the
Woman 's Bldg. in Toledo on Wed
nesday evening.
Mrs. A. Sh amnio ffell sus
tained painful injuries on Satur
day last by falling and breaking
'her right wrist. She was at
tended by the Drs. Bowers.
Mrs. Edmund Brown has gone
east to visit her daughter Mrs. J.
Clineenos of Charleroy, Penn. She
was accompanied by her grand
daughter Miss Marion Brown.
Rev. Chas. Treuschel of New
Albany, Ind., Thad Treuschel of
Toledo and Miss Emma Treuschel
of this place spent Sunday evening
with Fred Wellstead and family.
Mr. Leo Burch will leave Sat
urday for Chicago, where he will
spend a short time sight seeing
and from there will go to Bridge
port, 111., where he will be the
guest of his sister for a few days.
,HIS Hot Weather you will need some
thing with vhich to cool off.
Why not trya Bathing Suit.
Men and Boys suits 5ofc and S1-00
Trunks for boys , l5c
Ladies bathing suits $l75
Rubber bathing Caps - 25c
Straw and Cloth Hats:
Middy Waists
Balkan Blouses
Auto Veils.
50C M
1.00 &
For Sale New Alfalfa Hay.
Address Box 5G R. F. D. No. 2,
Perrysburg, Ohio. , IGa
Mrs. Kathryn Nelis has been
spending-a week at the C. F. Rider
home at Lime City.
Mr. C. A. Brefler of Cleveland
was the Saturday guest of Mr.
Antone Warns and wife.
Mr. Ilarley Ward was the
over Sunday guest of Geo. Roose
in Oberlin.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Mills will
be the Saturdayand Sunday guests
of Mr. Chester Mills and wife of
Miss Alice Pyke spent several
days of last week in Tipton with
hpr father who has just recovered
from an operation.
Mrs. H. M. noover returned
on Friday from Chicago where she
visited with the family of her son,
Ira Wilson Hoover, who is a very
prominent architect in that city.
Mrs. Vernon Savits of Atlanta,
Georgia, is the guest of Miss Marie
Sargent, who entertained at Bridge
in her honor on Tuesday afternoon.
-Mr. Graff M. Acklin of Toledo
was the guest of his son Donald R.
Acklin at Nilka farm on the river
road Monday afternoon and night.
Mr. Acklin is one of the wealthy
men of northwestern Ohio who
truly appreciates the beauties of
the charming Maumee Valley.
Manager Echenrode of the
If a M Ice Uo., has hit upon a
splendid method of quick delivery
for long distance service of patrons.
He has a two wheeled rubber tired
delivery cart capable of carrying a
ton of ice, which he hooks to the
rear of his new Buick delivery and
makes a "hurry up call" at the
rate of 25 miles an hour.
Mr. Frank Burdo, and wife,
Mr. Gus Burdo and wife, Mr. Fred
Goeke and wife, Mr. Henry Goeke
and wife, Vera and Floyd Goeke,
Mrs. Henry Kindevatcr, Miss Cora
Stauffer, Mr. Christ Kindevater,
Mr. Sara Davis, Mr. Edwin Bench,
wife and son John were Sunday
callers at the home of W. E. Burdo
and family.
We Keep Them In Stock
A New Assortment
Just Received
Lawn Swings
4 Passenger,
Solid Oak, Delivered
Porch Swings
Solid Oak, Delivered
PJe 0 O
Best Quality in Beautiful
Cash or Weekly Payments.
Perrysburg, near Library.
Mrs. R. P. Barton has gone
to St. Louis, Mich., where she will
rest for a few weeks in the Sani
tarium. Rev. and Mrs. S. Baumgard
ner were entertained at six
o'clock dinner at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Chas. McKinley of Tole
do on Monday evening.
Mr, Edward Wilson who has
been in New Orleans for the past
two months spent the latter part
of the week with his family who
reside in the Bradfield home.
The baby girl that arrived at
the home of Herman Kleebarger
of Lime City, on Wednesday last
has placed a smile on Herman's
face that is so broad it reaches all
the way around. "Some girl," the
proud papa says.
The Ladies Aid Society of the
M. E. church will hold their meet
ing in the church parlors Friday
afternoon at 2 :30. Mrs. S. Baum
gardner, Mrs. J. Conklin and Mrs.
V. J. Veitch are hostesses for this
Four acres of land with fine build
ings, MacAdams road, and somo very
choice fruit, at a bargain if taken soon.
House and two lots on Indiana Ave
nue, one of the best built houses in
Perrysburg, paved street. Will make
a good home for somo one.
House and one lot on Second street.
Small cottage. Can be sold on payments.
A very fine resfdents on Front
street, river view. Gas for fuel and
lights. This is considered one of the
finest homes in Perrysburg.
Wind Storm Season
Is about to Commence
Rev. Miller of Dunkirk, Mr.
Lambert Carter and wife of Has
kins and Mr. It. Bellville of Dowl-
ing were Sunday visitors at the
home of Geo. De Verna and
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Pew
returned on Thursday evening
last from a three months' tour of
the old world, and although they
visited all the more important
show places of the other side, Mr.
Pew smilingly acknowledged to
the Journal that the beautiful
Maumee Valley still wears the
Fon Sale Fine Perrysburer resi
dence property. Lot is 00x150 feet
and fronts a wide paved and well shad
ed street. Only three blocks to School
Library and car lines. House is 8
rooms (4 bed rooms.) Modern except
furnace. Open stairway. Mantle
and grate in living room. Open stair
way. Well, cistern, large basement,
fruit trees and small fruits, chicken
house and park, barn. Good place for
Doctor. Price only $2,700 on terms to
suit. Inquire of J. S. FUNK, corner
of 4th street near Locust and Lutheran
church. 15b
Are you prepared by insur-
for an unusual heavy
We will Insure You!
Geo J. Munger
General Insurance
Phone Main 50 Res, Phone Black 55
k A Few of the Many Specials q
We are Offering for a Limited Time
3 cans Red Kidney Beans - 25c
Pure Sweet Corn, Largo Can - 10c
Armour's Mince Meat (per pound) - 12Jo
1 can Corn, 1 can Tomatoes and 1 can Peas 25c
Phone Your Order.
ft uf , nrrrvir
!Rm1 J5Btata Agent, Perrysburg, 0.
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