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The Michigan State Fair Prom
ises to be the Best Eevr In
augurated Pentium List On
The G5th annual exhibition of the
Michigan State Agricultural Society
will be held September 7th-18th at
Detroit, under the popular caption of
the Michigan State Fair.
Secretary-Manager Dickinson has
made strenuous preparations for this
important event and folks in Michi
gan, and all surrounding states, arc
evincing lively interest in the coming
event which will afford a list of at
tractions never before equaled for the
amusement loving public.
The premium list is one of com
pleteness and the finest ever issued
by the association the premiums ag
gregate fully $150,000, which is a
high-water mark for any state, or
similar fair. Many spocial features
have been added to the list unique in
many ways china and fine arts have
been added premiums in the live
stock department and special depart
ments have been liberally increased so
that exhibitors now are in position to
pull down some very liberal exhibition
awards, indeed.
Naturally there is particular inter
est in the horse racing, for the Mich
igan State Fair management have al
ways maintained a racing program
second to none. For every lover of
racing there will be features every
single day well worthy the attention
of the public. In addition to the splen
did horse races the management have
gone ahead on their liberal progiam
for the best, and secured at enormous
expense, an automobile feature cvont
that will cause inter-state attention.
Among those to appear in the auto
races arc such world famous speed
demons as "Wild Bob" Burman, Dis
brow, Rainey, Hearnc, Hcincman and
many other famous professionals and
On the Midway every effort has
beon made to present a clean lot of
unique and entertaining amusement
far above the average found at fairs.
The management has been busy for
many months scouring the country for
those features that will appeal to
every one, nothing the least objection
able will be found but at the same
time there will be plenty of excite
ment and thrills. The plan this year
is to have a general inspector and
manager of Midway shows to see that
everything is just as represented
and there will be one of Amencas
foremost exponents of carnival shows
to handle the details the whole Mid
way attractions being under the C. A.
Wortham Show Co.'s direction.
Then the free attractions include
some of the very finest organizations
and individual acts ever presented to
the American public. The world
famous Kilties Band, which has no
peer as a public entertainer, will be
featured daily with concerts of the
highest order. Negotiations are un
der way for the best aeroplane opera
tors that dare the high heavens, in
feats which cause the beholder to
gasp in wonder loop the loops lofty
tumbles, riding up-side-down and
other mid-air thrillers will be carried
out. Then there will bo the most gi
gantic balloon aggregation possible,
with balloon feats that have never be
fore been demonstrated.
There will be a babies' Health Con
test, with Mrs. Geo. G. Caion, presi
dent of the Detroit Boaid of the Chil
drens' Home Society as supeiintend
ant. This is the first contest of the
kind ever held by the Michigan State
Fair and already widespread interest
has been manifested in the event.
There is a very large and attractive
set of premiums offered in this connec
tion and all pai ents ai e urged to have
their babies entered, asthe contest is
both educational and highly instiuct
ivc, helping to laise the standaul of
health and happiness among infants.
Taking it all in all, those who attend
the Michigan State Fair at Detioit
this fall will receive the best time of
their lives.
Home Com in
FOXir DayS Afternoon and
AUG. 5, 6, 7, 8, 1914
Boat Races and Contests
Dancing, Merry-Go-Round
Ocean Wave, Motordrome,
Ferris Wheel
Side Shows, Concessions and
Amusements? of all kinds
Mrs. Clrarlotto Perkins Oilman In j
witty address recently criticised se
vercly the too-early marriage. "Tin
man who marries a girl of elghteot
marries a sealed package," she said
Now most o us agree with her thai
eighteen is too young for cither glrh
or boys to marry, but is the girl ol
, eighteen any moro of a mystery that
her sister of twenty-eight 7 I hav
known quite maturo young women
who wero fretful and cross befon
their marrage, who becamo lovely &nrf
amiable after It and vice versa.
Thero nro six sorts of people ai
whose hands you need not expeel
much kindness. Tho, narrow minded
think of nobody but themselves, tin
lazy am too indifferent, the busy lmvi
not tlmo to think, the ilch disregard
appeals for kindness, tho poor havi
neither spirit nor ability, and the gooc
natured fool is not capable of serrini
you. Iloaio Notes.
Tho Nine Points of Law.
Tho nine polntB of law aro thus
concisely if somowhat cynically given:
(1) A good doal of money; (2) a good
deal of patlonco; (3) a good cauao;
(4) n good lawyor; (5) a good coun
sol (G) good witnesses; (7) a good
Jury; (8) a gdod Judge; (9) good luck.
Our Duty.
Never to tiro, never to grow cold;
to be patient, sympathetic, tondor;
to look for tho budding flower and
tho opening heart; to bopo always;
Hko God to lovo always this is duty.
"I havo adopted a now motto for
my life." sighed the man who resided
with his mother-in-law. "What la It?"
they Inquired. "Everything la rola-
Music Is to tho mind as 1b air to
the body. Plato.
The Cherub and the Bank.
Yesterday afternoon a liny boy sat
on a torraco stop. Around him wore
four other tiny 'toys, all of thorn ox
cttodly interested In a metal bank
which tho boy on tho torraco Boomed
to havo oponod with a brick. It looked
very much llko a hold-up, but when a
passing woman aakod for dotalla a
cherub, whoso lawful abiding placo
seemed to bo on a valentine card, ex
plained that tho bank bolongcd to his
aunt, who had "dlvvod" it to him.
So, of course, it was all right Only
If anybody's aunt haB missed a bank
the sizo of a cigar box with contents
therein, why er don't blamo tho
maid. Washington Star.
A Funny Story.
"I'vo got a good story to toll you.
I don't think I over told It to you be
fore." "Is it roally funny?"
"Yes, indeed it Is."
"Then you haven't told it to mo before."
The Conjurer Comesses.
That "tho hand is quicker than the
eye" is one of those accepting sayings
invented by someone who knew noth
ing of conjuring or, as is more likely,
by some cunning conjurer who aimed
still further to hoodwink a gulllible
public. The fact is that the best con
jurer seldom makes a rapid motion,
for that attracts attention, even
thnneh It be not understood. The
Freak Porker Also Has Elephant's
Trunk and Is Hairless.
Hawklnsville, Ga. Joseph Flelsck
man, a merchant of this town, is the
owner of one of the greatest freaks
ever seen in this part of the south. It
1b a pig which has a human face In
one a normal
speed demond in the world, will drive
The Beachey-Oldficld Combination,
the greatest open air sporting combi
nation in the world, is coming to To
ledo and will exhibit on the Lucas
County Fair Grounds one afternoon,
Sunday, August 2nd. Lincoln Beachey
and Barney Oldfield, acknowledged
speed masters of the air and earth,
have been appearing together since
last March in the principal cities of
the United States and Canada, and
their success as "co-stars" has been
tremendous. With favorable weather
conditions a truly record-breaking
crowd should locally witnes their re
markable "Earth and Air Champion
ship Events" for not only are Beachey
and Oldfield the two most famous men
in their line in the woild today, but
they are, in addition, both Toledo
boys, and this will mark their first
joint local appearance since they have
been crowned with the "laurel
wreaths of the sporting world."
Beachey will fly upside down, some
thing never before witnessed in this
Its eye and two noses,
Dig's snout, and the other a diminutive
true artist in this line 1b deliberate In , elorhant's trunk, the latter growing
. .. i i m iin in-nlmnil Tf Vina tin hoir nn
every movement, and It is mainly by i from its forehead. It has no hair on
1.1- nD thn , londn hiB niullenco I Its body. Fleischman bought the pig
Thimble Lore
Instead of putting worn long cur
tains in the rag bag, cut away worn
parts, and the good part remaining
will make sash curtains for kitchen
When drawing threads in material
to bo hemstitched llrst soap the goods
where the threads are to bo drawn.
Make a lather and apply with a small
brush, and when dry tho threads will
pull out easily.
his actions that ho leads his audience
to look not where they ought, but in
an entirely different direction. Mr.
David Devant, who for years has en
tertained London with his ingenious
tricks, has said: "The conjurer must
be an actor. By tho expression of his
faco, by his gestures, by the tone of
his voice, in short, by his acting, he
muat produce his effects." St. Nicholas.
from a farmer living half a mile from
section, in addition to doing his inter
nationally famous "loop the loop,"
speed flying, altitude flights and rac
ing Oldfield in a five-mile "Aero
Auto" event which will prove one of
the most interesting and thrilling
portions of the program. To fly up
side clown was thought, a few years
ago, to mean instant death, but now
Beachey flops his machine over as a
chef turns pancakes, and rides
through space with head downward,
apparently defying the laws of gravi
tation. Beachey won't admit that he's sim
ply a mad flier or foolish adventurer
of the air. This wonderful birdman,
whose feats make even fellow aviators
gasp, insibts that he is, in his various
exhibitions, only showing the wonder
ful possibilities of the "heavier than
air" machine. He declares that his
present tour will advance the cause
of aviation ten years at least in this
Barney Oldfield, best automobile
his one-hundred horsepower Fiat Cy
clone and his three-hundred horse
power front drive Christie monster at
the Toledo meet. Oldfield was the
first American entry to come under
the wire at the world's sweepstakes
races at Indianapolis on Decoration
Day. At Sioux City, on July 4th, he
led the field of the world's fastest
drivers for one hundred miles, finally
having to retire from the race on ac
count of a bursted radiator.
At Toledo, in addition to lacing
Beachey, he will go after his own dirt
track lecord for the half .mile, the
mile and the three-mile mark, using
both the Fiat and Christie cars.
Beachey will fly in two aeroplanes
of his own construction, Curtiss mod
el, fitted with Gnome eighty horse
power revolving French motors. These
motors cost $G,000 each, and the im
port duty paid to the New York cus
toms office amounted to $2,500 addi
tional on each machine.
Oldfield has asked for fifteen local
timers to "clock" his recoul trials.
Those who do the bead work of any
sort will find ono of the cleverly de
vised frames for holding the strands of
thread taut and equidistant as tho
work is done most helpful. Tho work
is done so much moro expeditiously
on a frame.
When using hooks and eyes to fast- j 80U
en a wash dress, try sewing tho hooks i
on tho under flap and the eyes on tho
upper, instead of tho usual way. You i
will And that with this method the
lap of your gown that shows most can
bo ironed flat and will havo no un
sightly humpB where tho hooks aro
Church Choir Rows.
Time and again we have, and we
shall always have, churches bolted
against their pastors over a choir row,
for where music la there abldeth also
rumpus. Artistic temperament seems
to bring a cross-patch disposition In
which thero 1b more counterpoint than
harmony. Military bands, church
choirs or grand operas are harder to
manage than bags of fleas, and the ,
poor dominies, bandmasters and im- j
presarios aro entitled to pity. If tho
shades of Abbey, Grau and Conried
could speak as the waters do speak
while they flow, they would unfold a
cynic's tale to sour and sorrow the
Falls to Recognize Husband
When He Salutes Her.
Now York. When Eugene Oppeu ap
proached his wife on Broadway last
night and saluted her, she did not rec
ognize him and had him arrested as a
"masher." After she descovered that
he was her husband aho obtained his
release. He upbraided her for his ar
rest for so long that aho called the po
licemen again and bo was taken to jail
on a chargs of disturbing the peace.
The Fair That Pleases Them All
"Do I believe in lawyers?" Bald tho
little man, bitterly. "No, eir, I do
not" ,
"Why ie that?" somebody asked. I
"Because," replied the little man,
"a lawyer will never say outright what
he means ho twlBts things about so,
Bupposo he wanted to tell you that
two and two make four. Ho would be
gin: 'If by that particular arithmeti
cal rule know as addition, wo desire
to arrive at tho bum of two added to
two, wo should find and I flay this
boldly, without fear of contradiction
I repeat, wo should find by that par
ticular arithmetical formula herein
before mentioned and, Blr, I take all
responsibility for the statement I am
now about to make that tho sum of
the two given, added to the other two,
would be four.' No, sir, I do not be
lieve In lawyers."
Busy English County.
Tho county of Lancashire, England,
employs 110,300 people in Its coal
mines, producing 28,000,000 to 30,000,-
000 tons of coal yearly. In 1908 the
output per person employed was 243.3
tons. Tho death and accident rate is
high; last year 24 per cenL of tho
miners received injuries requiring
medical attendance. Lives lost num
bered 206.
Good Gunnery at Sea.
If our navy's gunners can shoot lit
tle targets bo full of holes nobody is
able to see tho exact ocoro they can
Bhoot up an enemy'fl big battleahipB
bo thoroughly that nobobdy can tell
or many caro to know which guns
won the victory. Tho target practice
off tho Virginia capes should make
every American proud of our ships
and of tho men In them.
Policeman Takes Off 22 Pounds in 29
Chicago, 111. Five yards of red flan
nel and two safety pins taken extern
ally every day is tho best prescription
tor flesh reducing, according to Po
lkoman John Upton of Chicago, who
removed twenty-two pounds in twenty-nine
days to pass an examination for
detective sergeant.
Lobsters from Canada.
Tho Importation of lobsters into the
United Statoa in 1008 amounted to 8,
212,945 pounds, valued at 11,401,499.
Most of them came from Canada.
Sohool Children Have Railroad.
Twin Falls, Idaho. A storage bat
tery electric railroad is part of a cen
tralized school system for this place,
and vicinity. The line, four miles long
is used to transport children from the
country to the city schools. A total
of five and one-half miles will be com
pleted soon.
-, 4
Cat Likes to Dress Up.
North Dana, Mass. James, a yellow
eat belonging, to Mrs. Ida Bishop, hae
an entire Bult of red, a bat to go with
It and pair of speotacloa, Apparently
ho liken to dross up, for frequently he
will go to the box where the things
are kept and drag them to nls mistress.
ri ADL.E.Y A1C M .3 CXtt
- ; f:f4X
V. i!'.'
ilA . i
J'ST- s
' ST'
MZtXiV.L i-VJii
Maybe Scalp Exercise.
Iwhapa beef handlers give their
scalp exorcise by carrying meat to
Bomo extent upon their heads and
such use of tho scalp would seem to
prevent badness by strengthening the
scalp and hair.
When all of Michigan and surrounding states will gather to enjoy tho best exhibits ever assem
bled. The one big fall event that draws the crowds from hundreds of miles this year will see"
wonderful improvements and attraction? on a scale never before attempted. No matter where you
are located make your plans to come to the Michigan Slate Fair it will prove a revelation in
amusements and instruction.
Free attractions include the speed demons of the auto track, daring bird men in aerial
flights and the famous Kilties' Band will make music for the crowds. Tho fair will be open day
and evenings. The premium lists are exceptionally large and liberal it will pay you to write for
a copy of the big premium list right now. It Is the biggest ever issued in the: state.
Remember that in Detroit, life is worth living that Detroit is the leader in a rich terri
tory and tho one big Detroit event of the year is this fair for premium, vaco and other infor
mation address
D. D. A1TKEN, Pres.
G. W. DICKINSON, Sec'y., & M'g'r.
' H

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