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Perrysburg journal. (Perrysburg, Wood Co., O. [Ohio]) 186?-1965, December 18, 1914, CHRISTMAS NUMBER, Image 19

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The Land Where the
Cbe JVfcssage of
Christmas Things Grow1
i v
In Style, Comfort and
' . ! fv-- I
Five Passenger TouringCar
IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to convey, in picture or words,
more than a general idea of the beauty and ideal proportions
of the new Overland Model 80-T touring car. Of the true
stream-line type, the effect is of gracefully sweeping cqntour
from the radiator to the full-curved back of the tonneau.
The illustration shows clearly, though the clean-cut
appearance of the car as a whole; the smooth, flush-sided
body without angles or projections, the crowned, double
curved fenders, the clean running boards with concealed
brackets all serving to emphasize the long, low effect pro
duced by the drop-frame and stream-line body.
Surely there is satisfaction value in its appearance as well
as in its mechanical stamina.
35 horsepower motor
Whcelbase, 114 inches
Tires, 3-1 x 4 inches
Demountable rims (one extra rim)
Full stream-line body
Electric starting and lighting
Left-hand drive
Finish, Brewster green, with ivory striping
"" ''' ' " " --------'-------'-"-.--
"' ' r"'"' ' '" '' '.--..'. . V .ly. ,.,.,. ,.Jt,,, ,,11
Copyright, 1914, by American Press Association.
HERE'S a wonderful land, full
of farms, 'way up north,
Oh, a wondorful land, f'vo
boon told,
Whoro tho polo shoots right
through at tho top of tho oarth
And things cannot bo bought no,
nor sold.
That's where Santa ClauB reigns
liko a Jolly good king.
Mother Gooso must bo queen, I
'most know.
In that wondortui land way up
north, near the polo,
In tho Land Wnere the Christmas
Things Grow
Dear old Santa works hard on bis
farms all tho year.
And the Fairies, who think work;
is play,
And the Brownies, who cut up queer
capers at night,
Are kept busy and hustling all day.
On those larms woolly cats and tin
soldiers are raised.
Things you wind up are taught
how to go.
Santa's helpers work hard raising
toys of all sorts
In the Land Whore tho Christmas
Things Grow.
There are houses in rows on a stroet
in that land
In which Dollies are growing for
The Old Woman Who Lived In a
Shoo feeds them all,
And Dame Trot docs their dresses
and curls.
All theso Dollies aro fed on pure saw
dust and think
It's far better than things made of
And they play, every day, in nice
yards on a street
In the Land Where the Christmas
Things Grow
It "ltf Sv vJffJ itl 1
things anow.
On a monstrous big farm on a hill in
that land
Wooden horses and ponies aro
On another farm Old Mother Hub
bard's toy dogs
Get their bones and are petted and
Simple Simon has charge of a farm
(have you guessed PI
Where tho Jumping Jacks frisk in
a row
Between Jacks-in-the-box, which
grow fast and look bright,
In the Land Where the Christmas
Things Grow
In this wonderful land, which is
reached just in dreams
Or by crossing the Make Believe
Young Jack Horner has charge of a
farm .full of sweets.
Where big sugar plums hang from
each tree.
Candy canes and striped sticks grow
in fields very near.
While a Elver of Taffy must flow
Bound a Choc'lato Drop Farm that is
largest of all,
In the Land Where the Christmas
Things Grow.
When theso things all got ripe, 'way
up north, they ore picked.
And now who does all that, do you
think P
Wynken, Blynken and Nod, Tiny
Tim and Boy Blue
They tie bundles up quick as a
And tho Night Before Christmas
dear Santa starts out
With his crops over roads white
with snow,
And tho Man In tho Moon keeps
things straight while bo's gone
In the Land Where tho Christmas
Things Grow.
"Santa Claus' Helpers."
Tho Santa Claus association. Incorpo
rated In New York, has for Its pur
pose "to foster the Christmas spirit
among those able to grant requests
made to Sunta Clous." Requests from
children aro investigated, systematized
and, as far as practicable, granted
The principal office Is In New Vorls
city, and subassociatlona are to be us
tablished throughout the United States.
No Cheerful Task,
Mother Yes, Doiutliy; the Lord lor
eth a cheerful giver.
Dorothy (aged six) Goodness! I hope
he don't seo you getting those Christ
alas presents ready for the mall then,
CODAY tbo wholo Christian
world prostrates itself in ado
ration around tho crib of Beth
lehem and rehearses in ac
cents of love a history which precedes
all tlmo and will endure throughout
eternity. If asked to explain the rap
turous Influence which controls us we
have no other words than tho evangel
of joy which tho angel gave unto earth,
"For this day is born unto you a
Saviour, who is Christ the Lord."
The blessings resulting from our
Christian civilization are poured out so
regularly and abundantly on the intel
lectual, moral and social world, like
tho sunlight and the air of heaven and
tho fruits of the earth, that they have
ceased to excite any surprise, except
to those who visit lands where the re
ligion of Christ is little known.
Before the advent of Christ the
whole world, with the exception of tho
secluded Roman province of Palestine,
was burled in ldolaltry. Men worship
ed the sun and moon and stars of heav
en. They worshiped everything ex
cept God only, to whom alone divine
homage is due. Christ, the Light of
the World, proclaimed unto all men in
Its fullness the truth which bad hith
erto been hidden in Judea. He taught
mankind to know the one true God, a
God existing from eternity unto eterni
ty, a God who created all things by
his power, who governs all things by
his wisdom and whose superintending
providence watches over the affairs of
nations a3 well as of men, "without
whom not even a sparrow falls to the
The message of Christmas day Is in
tended for all men, for all times, for all
conditions of existence. Only by stern
adhesion to the principles therein con
tained can individuals and nations
hopo to share in that peace which has
been promised to men of good will.
To violate them is to reverse the order
established by God, and disorder is the
synonym for sin and strife.
The Greatest Gift.
Christmas stands for one thing our
Father's wondrous love to us, his
erring and unworthy children, in send
ing his only begotten Son into this
world to die for our sins and to rise
again to be our Deliverer each day
from sin and selfishness.
Jesus Christ himself is the great
Christmas gift The only true way to
keep Christmas is by first of all ac
cepting for ourselves this wondrous
gift of our Heavenly Father and then
to show our appreciation of this won
drous gift by giving ourselves and all
that we have for others.
It is a true instinct that leads us to
give to others Christmas presents, but
too often in following out this instinct
we give these Christmas gifts to the
wrong persons. We give to those who
already have too much and forget those
who have not enough.
God gave his great gift to the needy,
to those who had nothing to return for
his gift Let us follow him. Let us
find the needy and give to them out
of our abundance. Every one who is
in comfortable circumstances should
find some family that is really in need,
some family where there will bo littlo
Christmas brightness unless others
como to their help and give to this
family a real Christmas, including a
good Christmas dinner and. some appro
priate gift to every member of tho
family down to the youngest child.
Don't do it through some society.
What Is most needed is living and sym
pathetic personal contact between rich
and poor. Do this and you will have
as merry a Christmas as you ever
knew. Rav. E. A. Torrey.
Calm on tho listening ear of night
Come heaven's melodious strains
Where wild Judea stretches far
Her silver mantled plains;
Celestial choirs from courts above
Shed sacred glories there,
And angels with their sparkling lyres
Make music on the air.
Tho answering hills of Palestine
Send back the glad reply
And greet from all their holy heights
The day spring from on high.
O'er the bluo depths of Galilee
There comes a holier calm,
And Sharon waves in solemn praise
Her silent groves of palm.
"Glory to God!" The lofty strain
Tho realm of ether fills.
How sweeps the song of solemn joy
O'er Judah's sacred hills!
"Glory to God!" The sounding skies
Loud with their anthems ring.
"Peace on the earth, good will to men,
From heaven's eternal King."
Light on thy hills, Jerusalem!
The Saviour now is born.
More bright on Bethlehem's joyous
Breaks the first Christmas morn,
And brighter on Mortah's brow,
Crowned with her temple spires,
Which first proclaim the newborn light,
Clothed with its orient fires.
This day shall Christian lips be mute
And Christian hearts be cold?
Oh, catch the anthem that from heaven
O'er Judah's mountains rolled
When nightly burst from seraph harps
The high and solemn lay,
"Glory to God on earth bo poacsjj
AJ"J-J"- - -- --' ,n n
"-" ------ fi
Hard and Soft Coal.
I.... ' ,, .'...... ...........
Gasoline Engines,
Power Washers
The Globe Guarantee
The Globe Stove and Range Co., Kokomo, Ind., maker
of the GLOBE BASE BURNER guarantee it to have great
re flue capacity, larger hot air circulation, to heat more space,
to hold more coal, to burn less fuel, to be easier operated and
controled, to warm the floor better, and to have more heat
radiating surface than any other base burner in the world.
Globe Ranges are insured for twenty-five years
against rusting out.
Electric Welded Ingot Iron Bodies.
Oven thermometers mid glass doors eliminate guess work
in cooking.
Handy Key Plate Lifter for broiling and replenishing
the fire.
Full Asbestos Lined Flues retain all the heat.
Castings smooth and easy to clean.
No rivits to collect dirt, no joints to leak gas and heat.
Lath, Shingles, Cedar Posts, Wire Fencing, Buggy
and Team Harness.
.-.-,.-.-.-.-, . . . -. . -, -. -. . . i, y, . . rgrs. .. -. :". i .-
C. F. RIDER, Lime City, O.

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