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Aged Woman Remembers First Beau
With Greetings on Anniversary
Buggy Ride They Took.
San Francisco, Cal. Tho saying that
"tho constancy ot a woman runs but
three years and a day" has again been
refuted, for out of the past there has
lllckered a mesasge from Ohio to Cal
ifornia that tells how an offection onco
planted In a woman's heart novcr
ceases to burn, though tho winter of
ltfo weaves tho frost halo in her hair
and though vast mountains and num
erous miles are thrust between tho
.young emotion and the old.
On a summer day In 1849 Stephen T.
Gage, IS jears of age, took Mary Ste
vens, 16, for a rldo along the beech
and maple uplands of Ashtabula, Ohio,
And b.oy and girl together they picnick
ed by a leaf-embowered stream. There
was a spark that went with tho glances
of the two, but Fate swung their lives
far apart.
A strapping, six-foot-threo youth, ho
Joined the pilgrimage to the west,
while she remained In the comparative
quietude of the old Ohio home.
He went into freighting over the big
Sierra divide from Hangtown (Placer
vlllo) Into Nevada, and in lSufi was
sent as an assemblyman on the Know
Nothing ticket to represent his coun
try, then tho "Empire county of tho
state," In the Legislature the legisla
tive session ot which he is now tho
sole survivor
In his freighting he charged "all the
traffic Tsould bear" and he grew In In
fluence and confidence in the trans
portation game. When It came time to
organize the building ot the great
transcontinental railroad, young Gcge
was a factor to be reckoned with, and
he Joined the Crockers, Stanford, Col
ton, Huntington, Hopkins and Judah
in carrjing the project to Its conclu
sion. Then he became a commanding
figure in the politics of California and
Nevada the confidant and right hand
ot Stanford in carrying forward the
railroad's manifold policies. He made
governors and judges, assessors, secre
taries and controllers with a nod and
unmade them with a wink. Men fawn
ed for his favor and scurried from his
He married, but not the girl of (he
picnic ot Ashtul'ili In the far dim
Ohio ot his youth. Death made lilm
a widower twice. Age came, and with
time the companions of his youth, Ills
mature manhood and his achievements
-went their way. But that age left him
ruddy and rugged quick of eye, Arm
of step, patriarchal as to beard, bu.
still such a figure that has made him
called "the handsomest man in Callfor
nlo." Hut all these jears In the far-away
Ohio ainroman remembered that picnic
out ot Ashtabula beneath the beeches
and the maples, romenibered t gleam
in his eje, recalled the pressure of his
Three years ago Stephen T. Gage
went back to Ohio and there he tool:
Mary Stevens for a ride and picnic
over the same old road out of Ashta
bula a ride under the beech and
maple shade, a picnic by the same leaf
embowered stream.
On the anniversary ot that first ride
in 1349 there came to Stephen T. Gage,
S3 years old and a resident ot this
city, from Mary 13. Stevens, aged 81, a
telegraphed message reading:
"To my first and only beau."
"Happy returns ot the day," wired
Stephen T. Gage in reply, and he hum
med an old love tune.
Blind Inventor
May Become Rish
Makes Models for Three Practical De
vices Ambition Is to Protect
Bottle Workers.
Though ho has been sightless for
more than thirty years, Patrlcw J. Mc
Namara, who lives In a homo for the
blind In Now York City, may become
wealthy as a result of his energy and
ingenuity. He has just completed tho
tedious task of making models for
three practical bottling Inventions and
friends havo interested capitalists to
assist him in developing the contrlv-ances.
McNamara is 58 years old. Ho lost
his sight In a bottling factory accident.
He was filling an Imperfect bottle with
ginger ale when It exploded.
Ever since he has been devising
means ot protecting other bottling
workers from accident and perfecting
means which will enable brewers, res
taurants and hotels to keep liquors
continually fresh and druggists or
chemists to enploy simple schemes by
which poisons may be kept from care
less or Irresponsible persons.
The most Interesting ot McNamara's
new inventions Is what he calls a lock
stopper. It may be fitted Into the neck
ot a medicine bottle and then locked
with a key. The liquid may be poured
without removing the stopper after it
has been unlocked. The Invention is
designed to keep persons from obtain
ing poisons from bottles in the.night.
Another invention is an automatic
check-valve or vent peg, which will
keep barrelled beer from turning stale
through the loss ot gas. The usual
barrel ot beer, ale or cider, after being
tapped has n smalt hole left open In
the top, so that air may enter, with the
result that the gas evaporates and al
lows the liquor to become fiat. Mc
Namara's vent peg is a simple device
which automatically allows fresh air
to enter the keg or barrol the Instant
the splsot Is turned. When the faucet
Is closed, the valve Immcd'ately closes,
thus permitting no gas to escape.
Of similar use 13 r. stopper he has de
vised for highly carbonated liquids and
champagnes. It is a metal stopper,
which when Inserted In the neck of n
bottle will keep the liquid full of gas
all the time It is being served.
McN'amara is frankly grateful to all
those In tho home who have looked
after his safekeeping and says that
whatever measure of success comes to
him the loyalty of his home will be
shown in more ways than one.
Heat Expands Tops of Skyscrapers
Many Inches Structures Also
Sink In Ground.
All tall buildings are moved by the
rays of the sun and the wind. The
rays are strong enough to move the Im
mense dome of the capltol at Washing
ton, D. C, six inches every day. The
movement was proved by suspending
a twenty-five pound lead plumb from
the top of the dome, a pencil touching
a piece of paper being attached to the
weight. In the morning-the sun caus
ed the west side of (he building to ex
pand. As the rays reached the other
sides of the dome, the expansion
moved with thPm ad at the end ot the
d?y the pencM had traced an ellipse
six Inches long.
Often the top3 of skyscrapers are
swayed several Inches by strong gales,
but a movement even less perceptible
Is their settling into the ground. Un
less erected on bedrock buildings will
gradually sink. In Chicago some of
the buildings constructed ten years
ago have settled five Inches. One sky
scraper only 12 years old was found
to be thirty Inches out of plumb at the
top and had to be bolstered up with
huge jackscrews.
', - " - - -- -.-' 't. '. . ' . -
V' vS -&&-.- ,XV- '-" -' ' ' H ,,-vKw - 'vftVS- J
- - vJ.v v,v-;v --, A' - -'
y j. . . . .-sv .. vl ?i ,
' V -" w ' vO ' ' A
lower than those paid In the front
blocks. In the modern erections thoro
are many variants of this plan, tend
ing on tho whole to tho elimination
of either the back or the sldo blocks,
or ot both. In most cases tho work
ing class dwelling In such a house
consists of three rooms, but very fre
quently of two rooms only. Tene
ments of one room cannot bo regarded
as constituting an Important type.
Four-roomed workmen's dwellings are
rare, whllo dwellings ot five or more
rooms are scarcely to bo found.
There aro puroly working class dis
tricts In all large cities, but generally
the working classes are scattered
throughout the whole of a city. Rich
people and moderately rich people live
Anthony Brady, 'Mole of Wall Street!
Leaves $77,000,000.
Now York. Anthony N. Brady, whe
starting as a poor boy, climbed from
a humble position In the Hotel Delovaa
In Albany to tho top of Wall stroot'i
financial ladder, left a gross cstato of
577,043,443, according to tho report ot
Charles M. Friend, state transfer tax
With the exception of .John D.
Rockefeller's fortune and the millions
accumulated by Andrew Carnegie, the
Brady estate Is thought to bo the larg
est in the country. A natlvo of Lille,
France, Brady became the "mola ot
Wall street" by shrewd financial work.
In the lower stories of tall houses, In He left $100,000 to charity.
the upper 6torles and in the back
buildings of which, entered by means
of different doors and staircases, llvo
much poorer people. This system has
advantages. TIip houses are well
built, well drained and hewered, and
surrounded with an amount of open
Bpaco which Insines that air and light
are not cut off by neighboring build
ings. But there aro also dlsadvan
taces. The dwellincs In the back
buildings, getting their air and llgni I
from courts, of which many are too '
small, and often unwholesome, and It
Is far less wholesome for women and
children to live In upper rooms of tall
houses than In a one-family house,
from which tho children can easily
run into the open air, and which has
no other dwellings above or below It,
from which Injurious exhalations may
comp. As already mentioned, the
dwellings consist of few rooms only.
If there are but two looms, one is
used as -a- living and- bed room and
thus occupied by day and night all
the year through, and -the other is a
small kitchen, which Is' likewise made
to sprve as a bedroom, and here may
be crowded together a family of four,
five, six or more persons. H. Feh
ltuger In the Bricklayer and Mason.
To qulckl)
10,000 cat
alog we
will give
one from
tooth, one ,ood card trick and ooe ventrilo
quist doubfe throat whistle, hi ImJOc to
cover postage. HALE'S FUNNY HUUSK,
1868 E. 9th St., Cleveland, Ohio.
Miss Elaine Pujo.
Miss Elaine Pujo, dauKhter of former representative in congress and
Mrs. Arsene P. Pujo of New Orleans, it is announced, is to marry Mr.
William Beatner Reily, Jr., also of New Orleans Miss Pujo was educated
in Washington, but spent last winter with her mother in New Orleans,
Prepare for a Better Position
Why not prepare .for one of the
beit places open in Government
Work. Salaries good, position per
manent. Sample examination ques
tions free. "Our Students Win."
Cleveland Civil Service School
310 American Trust Building,
Many a Loving .Mother Will Appreci
ate the Follow ing.
A walking suit of blue wool with
Bailor collar. Standinr? collar of
white maline. Sash of black Bilk
with frogs:
a. 4 v iMrtm-i Mttqb.t4
Curiouu Condensations.
The United States produces more
corn than all the rest ot the world.
The use of the metric system of
weights and measures will be compul
sory in the Philllpplnes after the first
of next year.
Genuine ruby glass owes. Us color
to the presence ot particles of gold
too small to be seen without the aid
of the strongest microscope.
Before the Russian war the street
rallwny system of Tokio was less than
one mile In length. Now "the mileage
Is 100 miles, with a revenue, last year
of $775,000.
M. Clemenceau, the French Premier,
Is a martyr io Indigestion, and has
been a regular visitor to Carlsbad for
JO years, finding it easier to direct a
government than a stomach.
-Japanese army officer students are
allowed $1,150 a year while learning
the English language. Others get
from $1,000 to $1,000 a year while
learning Russian, $1,030 for French,
$930 for German and $700 for Chinese.
The combined Imports and exports
for the 12 months ending June 30,
1908, were $3,035,000,000. it compares
favorably with the total for the pre
ceding year, in which our foreign
trade was $3,315,000,000, and $2,571,
000,000 two yeats ago.
Doors that swing of themselves are
the latest. At the Hotel Astor the at
tendant who stands at the main en
trance meroly has to press a bulb and
the door, which is operated by electri
city, revolves. This plan nas the ad
vantage of keeping the speed uniform.
Tomatoes are Imported In Increas
ing quantities Into England from Italy,
The quality of these tomatoes Is stated
to be good and the prices low. Large
quantities of canned tomatoes are also
'.shipped now each season from Italy
)to the eastern -part, of tho. United
Aged Rodent Gnaws Through Oak Door
in Twenty-Five Minutes One
Gets Through Concrete.
In the work ot "rat-p- ring" tho
harbor districts of Southern ports, in
teresting discoveries are being madn
of the ingenuity and resourcefulness
of the rats. The appearance of bu
bonic plague in New Orleans resulted
in a strenuous campaign to drive out
all the rodent nomads which carry the
disease. The government public health
service has many of its men aiding in
the work.
One of the oddest of the Incld'.ts Is
reported from Mobile, Ala., by Oliver
Whitehead, an inspector. He was in
charge ot the "rat-proofing" of an old
store. In clear' g away debris and
other material a rat's nest was found
which had been made of $5, $10 and
$20 bills.
At the Windsor Hotel an aged rat
established a record for gnawing a
hole through on oak door. It was ex
actly twenty-five minutes after the rat
commenced to eat Its way out that it
appeared through the aperture It had
Contractors and others who are In
terested in concrete are still talking
about a rat which ate its way through
three Inches ot concrete in a now
building in Mobile, the concrete being
four hours old.
see through the trick rather than to
oo Impressed by it, and therefore to
enjoy It. This phenomenon may be
one of the manifestations of a hyper
critical ase, an age in which the use
fulness ot the watch 13 destroyed by
a disposition to tamper with the inner
works. Dsilluslonment may be good
tor a limited number ot over-credulous
oersons. but for the run ot men it
menus one less resource of enjoyment.
Ueal.sni on the stag's is suffering from
Its own excesses, and a return .to dif
ferent suggestion Is replacing the blat
ant exploitation of details. It may be
that a public apprised ot the magi
cian's secrets will regret its curiosity
and forget what it knows for the sake
of thrills and exclamations ot wonder
which those sacret3 once enabled it
to enjoy. But It remains for a new
generation to restore the magician fo
his former pristine glory. lndlanap-1
ols News.
If you have foot troubles ana
want immediate relief consult
Dr. George
Cleveland's leading Chiropodist.
Ingrowing nails, corns, bunions,
fiat feet corrected.
323 Euclid Ave., over Straus Bros.,
Standard Bldg., Cleveland, O.
Astounding Performances of Miracle
Workers No Longer Awe the
General Public
Once looked upon us the possessor
of some occult power, openly regarded
with respectful awe, but la secret en
vied and feebly imitated, the magi
cian's miraculous faculties seem to
have dwindled until he Is merely a
surprisingly dexterous human, tmicfc
and adroit and very clever, but still
just a plain man. His magic wand Is
jio longer the dwelling of au obedient
witch, but a plain stick with no qual
ities more supernatural than the or
chestra leader's baton. Open cynicism
is the prevailing expresson upon the
faces of the spectators at an exhibi
tion ot magic; and a child gazing In
saucer-eyed wonder is about the ouly
surviving reminder of the time when
the magician was a man of clamm:'
secrets known only to the elect of his
immediate circle. Living, hopping rab.
bits drawn from the air no longer
stun the mind of the spectator until
he questions no further than the fact,
as likely as not he will wonder if the
magician feeds them well and gives
them enough exercise. Perhaps this
is a cynical age; perhaps the magician
has lost some ot his skill. But prop
ubly the wonders of everyday life
tho telephone, the phonograph, the
wrolcss aro so much more mysteri
ous that tho arts of the magician seem
puerile and false by comparison. On
tho other hand magicians havo given
up their secrets, and books have been
written revealing their methods, os
tensibly to instruct the proselyto but
really to satisfy the curiosity of the
public. However astounding tho per- ,
formancu, tho spectators appear to
believe tlioy ha,ve been sold; and
thoreln Ilea the difficulty, Pcqplo at
tend magic performances in order to
Plants Spring up From Soil Attached
to Partridge's Feet.
The way in which feathers and
other foreign matter will adhere to thn
feet of birds Is well known. The most
famous 13 that quoted years ago by
This was that of a red-legged par
tridge, which was found to have a ball
of earth measuring 7 inches in cir
cumference and weighing 6 .ounces
around one of its feet. After sottening
the earth a number of seeds were re
moved therefrom and sowed. No
fewer than eighty-two plants came up.
representing at least five species. This
experiment demonstrated one of the-
many 'ways in which birds may dis
perse peeds.
That Was Enough
A young Frenchman in the sopho
more class of an American college was
Invited to a musical entertainment
given .by his classmates, whore there
were sung, In honor of the foreigner,
a number of French songs, and they
were given in the best American
"I say, old man," observed one of
the sophomores, after the entertain
ment, "I suppose the French songt
made you feel a little homesick, eh?
"No," responded the Frenchman:
"only sick."
Many a strong man and many a
healthy woman has much for which
to thank mother. The care taken dur
ing their childhood brought them past
the danger point' and made them heal
thy men and women. Thousands of
children are generally bothered with
incontinence of urine, and inability to
retain it is ofttimes called a habit. It
is not always the children's fault
in many cases the di..culty lies with
the kidneys, and can be readily right
ed. The following statement shows
how one mother went about it:
Mrs. Arthur Stratton, 234 W. Chest
nut St., Wauseon, Ohio, says: "Our
daughter was troubled by weakness of
the kidneys. Doan's Kidney Pills cor
rected the complaint. One of my rela
tives was bothered with a lame and
aching back and got great relief from
Doan's Kidney Pills. The statement I
gave several years ago recommending
this remedy holds good."
Price 50c, at all dealers. Don't
implv ask for a kidney remedy get
Doan's Kidney Pills the same that
'Mrs. Stratton recommends.
Price 50c. at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy get
Doan's raflney fills tne same mat
Mis. Lyons had. Foster-Milburn Co.
Props., Buffalo, N. Y.
Price 50e, at all dealeri. Don't simply aV
for a kidney remedy get Doan's Kidney Pills
the same that Mrs. Stratton had. Foster
Mllburh Co.. Props., Buffalo, N. Y. Adv.
Lk Like Nataral
growtk of hair. W.
hart aa agent Ik your towa. Write In
detail unarmauon to
1811 Bnclla Art.
CUT.laad, 0i
Maison Titus
150 Superior Arcade Cleveland, O,
We make and sell at factory prirea.
Kimono empire style flirare design it.
Sorpentlne Crepe Kimono Empire, tl.tt
BUsse Crepe Kimono Zmlre, II. IS. $1.7S,
11.00. Flanaett, Kimono, 11.18, 11.7
LnnLannnnnnnnnnnV fjnft f lI B 9
UnUnanananm lO DOWS'3
fcA yj I wcAsx&,sTRBie:,g
0(3 k'f) tdl
You can prevent this loathsome disease from running through
your stable and cure all the colts sufferiiiK with it when you begin
the treatment. No matter how young, SPOHN'S is safe to use on
any colt. It is wonderful how it prevents all distempers, no mat
ter how colts or horses at any age are "exposed." All good drug
gists anil tur goods houses and manufacturers sell SPOHN'S at
SO cents and $1 a bottle; $5 and $10 a dozen. SPOHN MEDICAL
CO., Chemists and Bacteriologists, Goshen, Ind., U. S. A.
The great lnciease of population
and the rapid development ot the
commercial aud manufacturing sys
tems of Germany since 1S70 had a baa
effect on housing of working classes.
At one time one-family houses were
the iuo.it common kind of dwellings,
but now except in Bremen, the vast
majority of working people In cities,
both large and small, occupy Hats la
laige teuement-houbes. In some ot
the larger slties theoe erections often
losemblo large barracks built round
small paved, couityards, there being
iu addition to the block fronting upon
the fatreot another block lying behlud
and parallel to it, and not Infrequently
alio one or more side blocks either
Isolated or running back from the
front block and connecting It with the
one at the rear. Tho rents in these
back and side houses aro as a rule
Johnston & Emmert
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by putting on a first-class benefit theatrical performance. I have a
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