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Perrysburg journal. (Perrysburg, Wood Co., O. [Ohio]) 186?-1965, April 15, 1915, Image 7

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Left to right, standing: Bulow, Mackcnsen, Moltkc, Crown Prince William, Francois, Ludendorff, Falkcnhayn, Einem, Bcseler, Bethmann-Hollweg,
Hceringen. Seated behind table: Crown Prince Rupprccht of Bavaria, Ilcrzog Albrecht, Kluck, Emmich, Haeseler, Hindenburg and Tirpltz.
In foreground, Emperor William.
-This remarkable photograph is the first to reach this country showing tho Kaiser in one of his conferences with his military staff, his naval
his war minister and the crown prince. On March 18 the Kaiser, accompanied by General von Falkenhayn, chief of the German general staff,
d the German headquarters near Lille for a war conference. It was one of the most important conferences yet held during the war.
Speaker at Ann Arbor Institute Would
Help Pupils Solve Problems
of Daily Life.
Ann Arbor, Mich. "Kleinentury
oiirrli'iiliiin making" by Professor 10.
1. CniTiiitiii of tho PnlverMty of Bll
noK tintl "Till' nature of iirlthmetteul
ublliti.-i," by Professor 10. Thorn
dyke if the Teachers' College. Ooluin
bia I'lilverslty. were tlu two topics
illi Hi'd tit tin' session of tlic teach
er short-term Instltitti'. at till' I'lil-M'i'-i:
of Michigan. Professor Thorn
lkc paitl particular attention in Ills
talk to the need for a more practical
use if the problems In M'hool work,
u.e of mote giaphlc problem, where
the tlgnres might arouse the pupil's
Intere-t by the placing of dally prob
I ein before clilblren for solution.
"t'nles.s one alms to help the child
solve tho problems he will encounter
in his dally life, the value of the prob
lems In arithmetic Is greatly lessen.
I'd." nld Professor Tliorudyke.
The Auto City to Have a Marelous
Track Stock Is Now Being Of
fered to Investors.
on April 7th work .started on what
is (li-tlned to prove the most remark
able auto speedway In the I'lilted
States Other cities over the country
have had their race course for autos.
but It Is only logical that Detroit, the
real auto center of the world to have
the most modern track for speeding
that has ever been devised.
The plans for this gigantic enter
prise have all been carefully llgured
out. and on Labor Day this fall, the
great sweepstakes that will rivet the
attention of all race lovers will be
held for a. nurse of $75,000.
On the reinforced track with its
great banks at the turns a speed of
1125 miles an hour can be attained.
The races held In California. Florida
and other states will all be distanced
by the events carded for Detroit;
leading makers will outdo themselves
to place In the races cars to excel In
every way those of the past. The
convenient location of Detroit means
that throngs will attend who cannot
afford to take the long trips hitherto
itece,cnry for these most Interesting
The mammoth grandstands will ac
commodate fully 110,000 people, and
nuto parking privileges will take care
of 110,000 more", making the Detroit
speedway the largest assembly lh the
All of tho spectators pay well for
admission and scats, and the holders
of stock In such un enterprise are as
sured of the largest, surest dividends
possible. 00 per cent to 100 per cent
has been made in other cities and De
tiolt should go beyond this figure, us
it has a larger population surrounding
it, and more automobile Interests thuti
any other city of the country.
The Detroit Motor sspeedway is a
Michigan Corporation of which the
president is Hon. John B. Whelan, one
o fthe best known citizens of Detroit.
h here he has had the honor of being
the collector of customs for tho past
dozen years. This Is the most im
portant government position In Mich
igan. S. D. Maddux, of Indianapolis.
Is vice-president, Uobt. Swurt Is bee
retury, and Alfred Harkeustlen Is
Mr. Maddux Is thoroughly fanilllm
with every phase of the speed wnj
business, and In a recent stutmeui
says that every fault of other speed
ways will be overcome by this ltitcst
'marvel of the uuto racing world. Thai
the Investor with u desire for ussured
profits of u large character can lind
the best opportunity ever offered Is
self-evident, In the Detroit Speedway
The Detroit otllcea ore located a1
848 Majestic Uuifillng, where stocl.
can be secured ut $10 per share, wltl
every assurance of tremendous inter
ests hi the way of dividends. Visitors
ate cordially welcome at the otllces
at all times.
A written language, invented by a
native of tho west coast of Africa,
assisted by live friends, la said to bo
successfully competing with English
In that portion of tho Dark Continent.
Th Water Is Rapidly Falllna. and
a Tremendous Whirlpool Has
The water of Tule Lake Is rapidly
falling, and a tremendous whirlpool
has formed just off Scorpion Point,
through which the water is passing
with a deafening roar that can be
heard a great distance. Below Is ap
parently a great channel underground
through which the waters And out
let beneath the Modoc lava beds and
thence through the drainage of Fall
Btver to Pitt, and Anally on to the
ocean through the Sacramento and
San Francisco Bay.
It has long been held by geologists
that Tule Lake has an underground
outlet and that Fall River which
bursts from a gushing spring In Mod
oc county, Cal., is the vent. Last
spring the laio water reached a high
er level than has ever been known
since the country was settled, and
bordering farms were Inundated. For
several days the water has been re
ceding, and Investigation revealed
the new outlet. Should the vent en
tirely drain the body of the lake It
1I11 add 50,000 acres of irrlgaole
land to the project and at a saving
of hundreds of thousands of dollars
to tho people of the Klamath Basin,
as the Intended diversion of Lost Riv
er will be rendered unnecessary.
The fact becomes plained every day
tliat Johannesburg la over-built and
that Its trade Is no more a legitimate
Index of tho prosperity of the Wlt
watersrand goldne'ds than 13 the
gambling in go id shares In Europe a
legitimate index of the prosperity of
South Africa. The handsome town
suffers from over-competition. Such
trade as there Is thoroughly sound,
and quite worthy of the world's great
est gold Industry Special Commis
sions t South Africa.
4fc i i ,3g
. Gov. Henry H. Hatfield.
West Virginia is "dead broke" at
the present time and by the end of
June the state will face a deficit of
$700,000, according to official esti
mate. The situation worries Gov
ernor Hatfield, who is held partly re
sponsible for the situation by hia
political enemies, the Democrats.
Major George T. Langhorne.
Mystery surrounds the recalling of
Major George T. Langhorne, U. S.
military attache, from Germany.
Pro-German dispatches were sent to
this country bearing the major's sig
nature. While it is not believed tluit
Langhorne sent them, no otl.er rcu
son'can bo discovered for tho action
of the government ju asking him 'to
rnma homo.
Chauffeur Makes Great Discovery
with Milk-Cooled Machine.
It has btjen discovered here that an
automobile can be used effectively as
a butter churn and that the butter can
be churned while the machine Is
speeding along' the road in the per
formance of other duty. The discov
erer is Warren Schelling, chauffeur
for Charles Spohr, a dairyman on the
Jacksonville turnpike. It Is thought
that within six mouths every dairy
farm In this section of New Jersey will
be churning butter by the auto pro
cess, and that Schelling will be hailed
throughout the countryside as a great
benefactor of womankind. Like many
other discoveries, this one was made
by accident. Truly, in this instance,
necessity was the mother of Invention.
Sche'.llng, who was driving the SpoUr
auto-milk wagon, inn out of water on
the way from the farm to Caldwell to
fehip milk and cream to market. The
machino stopped. When Schelling In
vestigated tho water cooler he dis
covered It was empty. Besides, he was
far from any water supply.
'I've read some place," he said to
himself, "that normally milk consists
of 96 per cent water, 5 per cent sub
stances which produce muscle and 9
per cent fat. That Is not as good as
cucumbers, which aie 97 per cent wa
ter, or even as good as turnips, which
aro 94.1 per cent water. However, a3
cucumbers are out of season, and the
farmers have buried their turnips, 1
guess I'll have to fall back on milk,
so here goes."
Ho lifted a can, poured In the yel-lowlsh-whlte
fluid, closed the water
cooler, put on power and soon was on
his 'way to Caldwell again. That town
almost was In sight when the machine
balked again. Schelling opened tho
water cooler and discovered he had
filled the water cooler with pure
cream, which is 100 per cent fat.
Abandoning his butter-clogged ma
chine, he walked to Caldwell for help.
Horses dragged the four-wheeled
churn to a garage, and all the way
there Schelling was trying to think
out an auto attachment for printing
and wrapping butter after the churn
ing process Is finished. Verona (N.
J.) Cor. New York Press.
An Average Portrait
Artist (angrily) "Why did you sky
my 'Portrait of a Gentleman?' Can't
sea It without a utepladder."
Hanging Committeeman "Very
sorry; but, you sea, ho looks like tho
sort of a person who would feel more
comfortable up thoro than down on a
lovel with ordinary people.
London. "What la home without an
Angora rabbit!" This Is the motto
which wll henceforth adorn the home
of Mr. Franklin Mott Gunther und Mr
J. H. Stabler, of the American embassy
here, as a symbol of their first expert
ence in Joint housekeeping in Loudon
Both Mr. Gunther and Mr. Stabler
recently decided that club life could
not compare with the comforts of a
"happy home," so together they took
a house at 51 Lower Belgrave street,
In one of the exclusive residential sec
tions. With the house went the furni
ture, and with the furniture went an
unexcelled matronly cook and an An
gora rabbit.- The rabbit was a great
pet, and the American dlplomntists
agreed to show It every consideration
and incidentally return It to the owner
when the lease expired.
All went well until Mr. Gunther ton
ceived the Idea of helping out the dec
orations of the dining room with some
unframed rare Japanese prints which
he treasured. One of the prints was
of a lettuce on a green background. He
returned home the other evening to
find the print goms and the rabbit dead.
The cook was heartbroken and the
house owner was notified. A cloud
hung ever the "happy home" which It
seemed nothing would dissipate.
Matters continued this way for sev
eral days until last evening, when In
the midst of a little private supper a
loud outcry was heard from the kitch
en, followed by a crash of dishes whan
the cook fell prostrate to the floor.
Near by, doing a Jaunty "bunny walk"
was an Angora rabbit, apparently look
lng for mora paintings on the wall.
Mr. Gunther said today that the cook
had recovered, but fully believes In'
the resurrection of the dead. Mr
Gunther and Mr. Stabler believe that
Angora rabbits, like cats, have nine
lives, but there Is a report at the em
bassy that one of the attaches, after
the sad fate of the first rabbit, had
succeeded In getting one more like it
than the original itself and that it
was surreptitiously smuggled into the
house last night. Anyway, the rabbit
is well and happy today and Mr
Gunther has taken his Japanese prints
from the dining room.
The Fourth of July
To the sages who spoke, to the heroes
who bled,
To the day and the deed, strike the
harp strings of glory!
Let the tongue of the ransomed re
member the dead,
And the tongue of the eloquent ha!
low the story!
O'er the bones of the bold
Be the story told,
And on fame's olden tablets their tri
umphs enrolled
Who on freedom's green hlll3 free
dom's banner unfurled,
And on fame'3 green hills freedom's
And the beacon fire raised that gave
light to the world!
They are gone mighty men! and
they sleep in their frame;
Shall we ever forget them? Oh
never! no never!
Let our sons learn from us to embalm
each great name,
And the anthem send down "Inde
pendence forever!"
Wake, wake, heart and tongue!
Keep tho theme ever young;
Let tholr deeds through the long line
of ages be sung
Who on freedom's green hills free
dom's baner unfurled,
And tho beacorv fire raised that gave
light to tho world!
A Straight Investment ThatWill EarnLarge Dividends Annually
Detroit Motor Speedway
A Michigan Incorporation Capital Stock SoOO.OO 3 Shares Each $10
All stock sold at par. Speedway now In actual course of con
struction. 2. 111 lie traek, reinforced concrete. !t feet wide. Hanked
at turns for speed of 125 miles per hour. (SriiiiiWtiimls will seat 110,
000. auto parking space for 115,000 more. The SlT.r.DWAY will
be completed by Aug. 1st, 1015. Initial race Labor Kay, 1015. 500
mile sweepstake for $75,000 purse.
SPKEDWAYS operated In other cities earn ITtOM 50 per cent
to 100 per cent ANNUALLY, and Detroit is the hub of the automobile
world. This SPEEDWAY Is bound to be a marvelous financial suc
cess. It Is a clean cut, legitimate and proven business corporation
backed by men of sound financial reputation. It will bo a large
money earner, and every Investor, large or small, will make no mis
take in getting In while there Is opportunity to do m. if in Detroit
drop In the olllce or write right away for details of this proposition
It is a most exceptional motley maker.
I nm Interested In the Detroit
Motor Speedway propositions. With
out charge or any financial obliga
tions, please send particulars.
Detroit Motor Speedway
Hon. John B. Whelan, Pros.
848 Majestic Building
Phone, Cadil'ac 196
Write or Call on
H. J. Votteler & S.
Arcade Music Store.
Arcade, Cleveland, Ohl.
Man ot Misfortune Here's chuuc
for n happy change. 75 acre farm
S-room house; 2 barns; 2 hennerlet
Price with 10 cows, $2.H00. $80
cash, $100 yeurly. Don't give up 1
dlsmuy because hammers are throw
Instead of bouutiets. 40 acre rlvr
view farm In It. village; new bast
ment barn; new 8-room house; wit'
10 cows; price $3,500. $800 cas)
21)0 yeurly. It. It. taro'to purchime
! for obotoH. E. Miihroii, 242
S. Snlina St., Syracuse, N. Y.
These Spiing dny.sV Does their unpalnted,
uukept condition suggest the penny wise
and dollar fooll.sh policy, wastefulness and
untidiness, or do they speak of thrift and
Paint is an Investment, not an expense.
The preservative policy ot paint more than
overbalances its cost.
at $1.25 a Gallon
Are the best paint investment yon can make. We buy and sell on a
scale that enables us to sell at $1.25 a grade of paint equal to that
sold elsewhere at a far higher price.
Orders Filled Promptly and AH Ereight Charges Prepaid.
Send For a Color Card
i .HL i
3 to 6 doses often cure; 1 bottle guaranteed to cure a use.
Mot skullful scientific chemical compound. Sate for any
horse, mare or colt. 50 cents and Jt bottle. S5 and $10 for a dozen
bottles. Ask jour druggist or turf goods dealer, or write with
the price to
SPOHN MEDICAL GO, chemists Goshen, Ind.
Booklet, "Distemper, Cause and Cure," free.
Lafayette Stock Farm
Largest Importers of
Percheron and Belgian Stal
lions and Mares in America
Over 1(10 head of Imported and American-bred
Stallions and Mares on hand,
with extra heavy bone, weight and qual
ity, and at prices to suit any buyer. Evety
horse guaranteed. Write us for particu
lars. Terms to suit buyers.
647 Main Street Lafayette, Indiana
Men and women uho Ice? their own
bodily health good by adequate atten
tion to the laws of modern hygiene
have In themselves amp a protection
against the disease spreal by rats or
other germ carriers, even when the
germ Is that of the plagus. UnE3 ex
posed to the Infection for too long a
period, or too repeatedly, the clean,
healthy body Is fairly safe against tho
attacks of tho rat's hostile parasites.
Dirt and overcrowding In cities and
dwellings whore sunshine Is not per
mitted to freely flood tho Infected
places with Its germicidal rays these
are tho conditions favorable to tho
growth and propagation of the rat and
the parasites of tho rat. Although tho
outbreak of tho plaguo In Canton In
1894 caused the death of many thous
ands of natives of the poorer classce,
none ot tho American or English res
idents was affected. During the year
that elapsed, after the plaguo appeared
in San Francisco in 1907, only 150
cases developed, because of the prompt
enforcement of up-to-date sanitary
regulations. This awful visitation
which decimated 1 ondon In 1GM was
so noticeably confined to tho slums,
whero underfeeding and weakened bod
lea and overcrowding had developed
dirt and vermin, that tho dlseaso was
called tho "poor man's plaguo."
Nevertheless wo cannot rest easily,
nor can wo lcoe'p tho barriers and de
fenses adequate, without great vigi
lance, while In the Orient tho disease
remains virulent. Always thero la the
possibility of plague-stricken rats
reaching us In s-.irh numbers as to
spread tho bad 11 broadcast. Success
9w tjy
A thing of the pastl
The shrewd man wears a Maison Titus
perfect luting Toupe. Agents every
where. Full information and measuring
blanks on request.
Miicnn TifiiQ1812 EUCLID AVB.,
White Wyandottes of Quality, bred-to-lay.
Send for mating list.
R. 23, LaSalle, III
Because It's for One Thing Only, and
People Appreciate This.
Nothing can be good for everything.
Doing one thing well brings suc
cess. Doan's Kidney Pills are for one
thing only,
for weak or-dlsordered kidneys.
Here in reliable evidence of their
A. C. Aylesworth, Vf. Chicago St.,
Teeum.seh, Mich., pays: "I had an
ucute uttaek of lumbago and my kid
neys were disordered. I, at length,
began using Doan'n Kidney I'llto, und
In n short time I was relieved. I have
had no return attack of the trouble."
Price 50c, at all dealers. Don't almply ask
for a kidney remedy get Doan'i Kidney
Villi the same that Mr. Aylesworth had.
l-ukier-Atilburii Co., Props,, Buffalo, N. Y,

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