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c ix nivn
Entered nt tho Porryabun; Postomco
an second-class matter.
Ono dollar por yoar It paia in nd
vanco. Ono dollar and flity cents II
Not paid In advance
Cards of Thanks, Obituary Pootry and
lto8olutlons of Respect are published at
tho rato of B conts por lino only. Thoro
will bo no deviation from this rulo.
THE JOUnNAL Is dated Thursday,
but tho paper boos to press every
Wednosday afternoon at 2 ocloclc, in
ordor that It may reach Us roadors in
various localities by Thursday mornlnff.
Local nnd lions DUtnncc I'lyinc J. -
Wo nin't so awful up-to-dato,
Ncr don't portend to be;
I guess, however, we can wait,
An' bido a little weo,
Our square planner's jes ns good
As on our wedding day;
No pianollor ever could
Such golden music play.
New-fangled songs may be more
An' may bo all the rage,
But somehow they don't reach the
Like those of yestcr-age.
"Kathleen Mavournccn," "Bonnie
An' "Comin' Thro' the Rye,"
And "Silver Threads," old-fashioned
But one that cannot die.
Popular music? I'll admit
We're jest a lcetle slow;
Wo wouldn't know the latest hit
From Mr. Ziegfeld's show;
But "Annie Rooney," "Sweet Marie,"
"Comrades," "After the Ball,"
Retain th6 same charm as when wo
First heard and loved them all.
A tax on falso hair would help some.
How to lowor tho prlco of eggs?
Keep a hen.
All tho world loves a lover when ho
goes to war.
Happy Is tho man who can bo alone
without boing lonely.
Ono ship that lB.safo from the sub
1 marines tho censorship.
Many a man has put hlmsolf In a
holo by talcing tho stump.
Now a pruno trust Ib there no
help for tho boarding house?
European capitals are not moved be
causo moving is cheaper than paying
Additional Local.
Mr. Leslie Ross dropped into
Perrysburg to spend tho fourth of
July with friends and relatives.
Ho is located at Gallatin, Tcnu.,
where ho has a farm and is assist
ant cashier of the First National
The Misses Minnie, Bertha and
Eva Shiplc entertained Monday
evening at the oJlin Shiplc home in
honor of Miss Marie Justen's birth
day. A fine supper was served at a
very prettily decorated table. Music
and games furnished amusement for
the evening.
Mr. Frederick Hallowell and
Mr. Charles Maddy are enjoying a
drive -up in tho wilds of Michigan,
having started last week. They
found mud and Michigan trails all
but pleasant driving. Their des
tination (Ithica) was reached last
Thursday and they will probably
start on the return journey today.
On Thursday evening last a
party of friends called at the home
of "William Mills for the purpose of
giving him a surprise celebration
of his birthday anniversary, but
"Billic" was too foxy for them
and came down town and escorted
the bunch up to the house, where,
they enjoyed tho fascination of
cards, cigars and splendid refresh
ments until about 2:30 the -next
morning, when Bill went to sleep
and the boys quietly slipped away
without disturbing his "beauly"
sleep. As yet ?iono of tho party
have been able to induce Mills to
reveal his age, but Mawcr snys
"Billic is GO if he is a minute."
Mr. F,rnnk Mercer and family
spent Saturday in Toledo.
Miss Marjorio Shoemaker of
Napoleon, is visiting relatives.
Miss Blanche Bach of Toledo
was a recent guest of Mrs. "Win.
Mr. and Mrs. Baunigardnor
took a trip to Sugar Island Wed
nesday. t
Miss EITle Faces of Millbury
was the guest of Mrs. Ballentync
last week.
Mr. "Win. Moser and family
s-pont the Fourth with Mrs. Kodgers
ol Toledo.
Mrs. I'M Clegg, Mrs. Jno. Am
bruster called on Mrs. 1'ctcr Cor
nelius, Sunday.
Mrs. Henry Richtar, of East
Toledo spent Tuesday with Mrs.
Josephine Cranker.
Mr. Milton Baley and wife oC
Toledo spent Saturday and Sun
day with their parent's.
Mr. F. Mercer and family
visited in Bowling Green, Monday
with Mr. Fulton Mercer.
Mr. A. A. Clay, of. pievcland,
was the week-end guest of his
In other, Mr. E. L. Clay and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Everett Neifcr
and daughter Emily, of Perrysburg,
arc visiting relatives in Cleveland.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Bother and
daughter of East Toledo were holi
day guests of Dr. II. Roether and
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Rider, en
tertained Mr. and Mrs". George
Breed of Detroit, ovfir Sunday and
Mr. Lawrence Rider and wife
and son, Clifford, called on Mr.
Albert Kazmaier and family Mon
day evening.
Don't use harsh physics. The reac
tion weakens the bowels, leads to
chronic constipation. Get Doan's
Regulcts. They operate easily. 25c
at all stores. Adv.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Neiderhouse
and family, of Monclova, were
guests of Mr. L. Shipman and
family, Sunday.
Mr. Oscar Schram and family
of Ilobart, Mr. Alfred Neiderhouse
and family were Sunday guests of
Mr. Albert Schneider and family.
Mr. E. S. DeVerna visited
with Mr. Lenard DeVera of Grass
Lake, Mr. Chas. DeeVrna of Milan
and Mrs. II. R. Sliipman at Clinton,
Mich., during the week-end.
Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Averill
will start on the 15th for their
usual summer vacation in the Cat
skills, where ' they will remain
during the months of July and
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Lewis,
of Toledo, have taken tho Chap
man house on Front street, for
their summer home and are de
lighted with their charming loca
tion. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lewis
will occupy the David Main home
for the summer.
The Wood County Medical
Society held a session at Perrys
burg on Wednesday. There was a
good attendance and many of the
do'ctors were accompanied by their
wives. The ladies were enter
tained at the home of Dr. W. II.
Phcinfrank during the business ses
sion of the afternoon. A banquet
was served at the Civic association
by the ladies of the Woodman
Best Diarrhoea Remedy.
If you have over used Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
you know that it is a success. Sam
F. Guin, Whutlcy, Ala., writes: "I
had measles and" got caught out in tho
rain, nnd it settled in my stomach and
bowels, I had an awful time, and had
it not been for Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy I could
not possibly have lived hut a few
hours longer, but thanks to this
remedy, I am now well and strong,"
For sale by all dealers, Adv.
TRADC.MARK5 uml ic rlffhta obtained op no
feu. Hind iuoUi.1. hkt-Uhej or pbotou and brluC
description, (or met SEARCH and ujiort ou
iMLlfnuiMm). zo yturaoxiMrunco.
Binds it nt Etanui for MEW BOOKLET.
full of patent Infonuatluu. it will blip you to
READ PAQES 11 and 13 beforo applying
foraiuiunt. nui to-day.
l 303 Seventh St., Washlnoton, D. C.
Cuts, Burns,
Bruises, Sore9, Wounds and Piles
quickly healed with Arnica Salve.
It prevents infection, is antiseptic,
soothinj!, healing. Try it once.
Money Back If It Fails.
Tho Original and Genuine.
Arnica Salve
Heals tho Hurt
All Druggists and Dealers. 25c.
Miss Elizabeth M. Moore of
Cleveland is visiting her sister,
Mrs. L. J. Porter.
Mr and Mrs. Alex Schaller
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
Stephen Schaller.
Mrs. llalph Britten spent
Tuesday with her parents Mr. and
Mrs. Stephen Schaller.
WANTED To buy a flat
bottom row boat. Inquire MRS.
S. J. QUINN or Journal Office.
Miss Cora Schaller spent
Monday afternoon with her sister
Mrs. Chester Chappcll.
Miss Ella Limmer of East
Toledo is spending the week with
Mr. and Mrs. Gust Ziss and family.
Mrs. II. 13. Averill and Mrs.
Fred Averill will spend the re
mainder of the summer in Glou
cester, Mass.
Mrs. Stephen Schaller and
daughter Cora, spent Monday
evening with Mr. and Mrs. Chas.
Weidner and family.
LOST Gold Shirt-waist pin
about the size of a quarter. Name
of owner on back. Return to Ed
Lauman and receive reward.
Miss Kathryn Rhoda has re
turned to Perrysburg for the sum
mer after four weeks extra work in
the McPherson, (Kansas) Normal
Institute as Prof, of music and art,
Mr. J. F. Byrne, wife and son
John and Miss Elsie Shinew of
near here and E. J. Spilker and
wife of Webster celebrated the 4th
at the home of Frank Shinew and
wife east of Portage.
be given by the Luther League at
the church yard on Saturday even
ing, July 17. All members are re
quested to furnish same as before.
Everybody welcome. 20a
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Zink and
son David of -Toledo, Mrs. Joseph
Ganclino and daughter Julia, Mrs.
John Ankenbrandt and sons Joseph
and Edward and daughter Mar
garet of Maumee . spent the 4th
with A. P. Weaver and family.
154 acres of fine black sandy loam,
all tiled, with good brick house of
S rooms with cellar. Barn and
horse stables and chicken houses;
good well and cistern, and plenty
of fruit of all kinds. Only two
miles from Monclova.
A. T. DEWLAND, Perrysburg.
Dr. M. McKinsoy was tho
Sunday guest of Mr. F. Mercer.
Mr. John Cornelius is improv
ing, after a severe illness.
Perrysbunr Realty Comnanv have
tho following properties listed and
offer them for sale or trade:
Two Iota on Second street, GG ft. x
1G5 ft.: paved street, irns nnd water.
One block from car line.
Eight-room house on Front street;
modern except furnncc. Fine river
Eight-room house on Front street;
finest river view on tho Maumcc. A
bargain for a quick sale.
seven-room house on Second street.
Modern, paved street, natural gas and
citv water.
Two six-room semi-bungalows on
Fifth street. Modern except furnace.
Five-room cottage on Fourth street.
Gas and water. This property can be
had at a bargain on quick sale.
'the aliove list is just a few of the
many desirable homes which we have
to offer.
Farm of 135 acres, three and three-
quaitcr miles from city limits. G6od
house, grain barn, horse and cattle
barn and tool shed, also two silos;
good well and wagon scale.
rine up-river farm of 75 acres. JNew
house and fair barn; close to good
Several other good farms at reason
able prices. It will pay anyone in the
market for real estate to call on 'us
and let us show some real values.
Perrysburg, Ohio.
Hillebrand Building, Front Street.
Just Surface Cleaning
Or Brushing the dust further into
a garment and removing a spot
or two, doesn't constitute
Modern Dry Cleaning
as this establishment knows it.
Examine the fabric thoroughly
wnen your garments come from
our Modern Dry Cleaning plant
then you'll be forever convinced.
Suits and Overcoats made to
Order from $20 to $45.
Fall and Winter Samples are here.
Tailor and Cleaner.
206 Main Street, Perrysburg, Ohio
Phone, Red 102.
Plumbing, Tinning, Gas
Fitting and Repair Work.
All work guaranteed. Phone
orders promptly attended to.
Phone Blue 119 3rd and Alain Sts
'jy"l CIVM1 CaIC""
I l
Barringthe unforseen, each retail buyer of a new Ford
car, between August 19 14 and August 1915, will receive from
$40 to $60 as a share ol the Ford Motor Company's profits. '
Anyone can drive a Ford it's so simple in construction.
No complex mechanism to learn. In town or country, lor
business or pleasure, Ford cars serve eversbody, lor about two
cents a mile to operate and maintain.
Runabout S440; Touring Car S490; Town Car SGOO; Coupelet
S750; Sedan $975, f. o. b. Detroit with all equipment.
On display and sale at
WM. SCHLECT, Perrysburg, O.
Cement is King
Buildings, Walks and Roads made of Cement are
proving Superior to any other Building Material
We make any size or style block in any quantity
for buildings, foundations or: walks.
ELK Builders Supply Co.
Phone Blue 41 Perrysburg, Ohio.
Let us lay that Cement or Concrete walk for you.
1 ill
WHEN driving a binder ifs' aggravating
to have to stop because "the twine
went wrong."
Sometimes the trouble is a bad spot in the
twine sometimes a tangled balL
Such delays are the real price you pay for
cheap twine. ,
speeds up the work cuts down the costs.
Plymouth is stronger and ties more bundles than any other
brand. The qualitynever varies and the balls don'lfalldown.
If you want an easy and economical harvest, get your twine
from us. And take our advice, order Plymouth EARLY.
Hardware Company.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mawer,
Mr. and Mrs. Win. Mills, Mr. and
Mrs. Chris Hartsing, celebrated on
Monday by enjoying a picnic din
ner at Walbridge .park.
Is Sickness a Sin?
If not, it's wicked to neglect illness
and means of relief. It's wicked to
endure Liver Ills, Headache, Indiges
tion, Constipation, when one dose of
Po-Do-Lax gives relief. Po-Do-Lax is
Podophyllin (May Apple), without the
gripe. It arouses the Liver, increases
the flow of bile Nature's antiseptic in
the bowels. Your Constipation and
other ills disappear overnight because
Po-Do-Lax has helped Nature to re
move the cause. Get a bottle from
your Druggist today. Get rid of your
Constipation overnight. Adv.
As to Palmistry.
If the lines of the hand really indi
cated how long a person will live, In
surance people would have adopted
palmistry long ago.
Yuor Cough Can He Stopped.
Using care to avoid draughts, ex
posure, sudden changes, and taking a
treatment of Dr. King's New Discov
ery, will positively relieve, and in time
will surely rid you of your Cough. The
first dose soothes the irritation, checks
your Cough, which stops in a short
time. Dr. King's New Discovery has
been used successfully for 45 years and
I is guaranteed to cure you. Money
uacK u it iuus. uul u uuiuu iium your
druggist; it costs only a little and will
help you so much. Adv.
When You You Buy
and Building Material
CO. a!
fl Perrysburg, O. . E. L. CLAY, Manager i
For the Chickens and Stock
f will supply you with
H Scratch Peed, Chick Feed, Cracked Corn,
Corn Meal, Kaffir Corn, Buckwheat, Oil Meal,
Q Alfalfa Meal, Chick Charcoal, Oyster Shells,
fe Grit in 3 sizes, Bran, Middlings, Beef Scrap.
J Wo will also supply Dairy and Horse Feed
& Chop Feed, Ear Corn and Oats,
Cotton Seed Meal and Calf Meal,
Baled Hay, (Clover and Timothy)
Baled Straw.
Also Agent for Pansy Flour.
K Hard and Soft Coal of All Kinds. K
fe Phone your Order to Main 48
.' ,
j -e k- j&i .
vMA w i

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