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Perrysburg journal. (Perrysburg, Wood Co., O. [Ohio]) 186?-1965, April 06, 1916, Image 6

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' Tho two moat Important and moot
Intimately associated products of Ini
(liana aro corn and hogs. A French
Btatlstlclan with n nowly sharpened
pencil and sufflclont lolsuro once fig
ured out that tho product of a slnglo
bow with only sis young at a time will
amount In ten generations to about
6,500,000. Of course, he left hog chol
era and other diseases out of the cal
culation. Tho Chinese claim to havo
bred and domesticated the hog 4,000
yoars before the Christian era. Tho
ancient Egyptians knew the hog, and,
this animal Is depicted on their monu
ments. Tho use of tho meat of tho'
hog was prohibited by tho Jews, as It
was considered that In hot countries
It produced skin diseases, says Indi
anapolis News. Tho Mosloms under
Mohammedan law aro also prohibited
from using pork. Tho hog was un-i
known In America until Introduced
from Europo by tho enrly navigators.
In tho South American forests aro
great droves of wild hogs, tho doscend-1
ants of hogs brought over by tho
Spaniards. When it is taken Into ac-i
count that tho ordinary femalo swlno '
will produce twice every year, and
usually eight to twelvo at a birth, ono
cannot help but wonder that tho mar
ket prico should bo as great as It Is,
A portable hammer for use In drill
ing holes In concrete, brick or stono 1
or for removing scales, paint or rust
from tubes or plates, has recently been
devised which uses a magnetic clutch
to obtain tho striking action. The ap-1
paratus consists of a hollow sleeve 1
about which Is tho magnet winding; '
the ends of the sleovo form tho poles
of tho mugnot. A loose plunger oper-'
ates within tho sleeve. The center of
tho sleeves is largely cut away and (
the plunger normally occupies a posi
tion spanning this center opening.
By means of a motor the sleove is .
reciprocated, thoroby throwing tho
plunger back and forth by means of
the magnetic coupling of the two.
If tho news that comes from Manila
be true, then a cure for leprosy has
been discovered and another of tho
dread terrors of humankind has been
vanquished. It Is reported that 23 pa
tients from a neighboring leper col
ony have been subjected to final ex
pert examination at Manila and (lis-
charged as wholly free from tho dis
ease. They had been treated by a
new method in which chaulmoogra oil
Is the essential factor. Dr. J. O. Lunn, ,
resident physician of St. Paul's hos-'
pital, Manila, also reports the success
ful use of an arsenical compound In
tho treatment of sprue, an oriental
complaint common in the Philippines.
It is stated that tho value of muni
tlons shipments from the United States
now averages above a million dollars
a day. Towns havo grown up like
mushrooms under the Impetus of the
new Industry and may perhaps as
Quickly decline when the demand for
Its products comes to an end. Eight
months ago, says tho New York Eve
ning Post, City Point, Va., was a corn
field. Now it is a, place of 27,000 In
habitants. Tho problems of housing
and schooling are pressing ones under
conditions of such rapid rlso and such
uncertainty as to tho future.
Tho effect of tho war on English
university llfo has been almost over
whelming. Oxford this year has an.
undergraduate body of 600 instead of
B.000. Finances are moBt difficult and1,
a. number of professorships are to be'
abandoned. A university correspond
ent says Oxford is being slowly
Btarved In men and money.
The most Important matter for any!
community to attend to Is tho cduca-,
tlon of tho coming generation, physi
cally, morally and mentally, for on
this question the whole futuro of tho'
community depends. And safe and'
sanitary schoolhouses aro certainly
not the least Important detail of the
Taking castor oil successfully is ai
Blmple matter of mental attitude. Just)
think that It Is not nauseating, that it
is going down and will stay down,'
open your mouth and swallow thej
dose then smack your lips and smile.)
It haB been judicially decided thatj
11 hole in tho ground has no com-'
mbrclal value which tho law must rec
ognize. But suppose tho bole Is anj
oil well? 1
When Edison said that the next,
great war would bo fought with ma-j
chines, maybe ho was .thinking of typo-
Writers. !
Aftor reading an enthusiastic an-j
gler's story of catching a ton-pound1
salmon, golf seems rather tamo sport
Marconi has beon mado an Italian
senator. Of course, ho pulled no wires
In his election campaign.
A ohinglo In bis trousers Is a
naughty boy's idea of preparedness.
Tho most fertile wild oats field Iff
Sale for the first time at
Grocery Store in and near
J.LM.I, k
llL OLi
c2 O
Never have you beei
rare f lavor9f ragrant
at so low a price.
"Red, White & B
Coffee is a perfect I
erage for breakfast
after dinner.
If is steel out and the I
ohaff is entirely elimin
The quality of "R
& Blue" Coffee will be
as good fen years from
as if is today.
We guarantee uni
-ceflBence for every
Sold in One Pound Tins Only
red a
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