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1'ort Clinton. That It will cot a
like bunch of money to place nut cov
ers on the peach busketR In Ottawa
county this year can Im realized by
the llrst order wli,lch has just been
placed for netting by the vailous fiult
companies of the county.
This order Is lor m'jo.muu uusnei
covers and 70.000 peck liasket covers, I
and will call f ora cash price or
SlO.JioO. It 'was awarded to thoi o o
Unueh Co.. of Oak Haibor. It Is the AAIHERST VICTIA1S RECOVER
largest single order ever placed for
netting in the history of peach grow-1 F.LYRIA, .Tune 2. Mr. and Mrs.
lug In Ottawa county. The net cov-, Louis Pnttotsoii. the second couple to
ers will cost 1 tt-10 of a cent each, .bo conllncd to Memoilal Hospital
The onrlv flumes on the crop have since the tilple New York Central
been plue.eil at 1,1200,000 bushels,
which Is -J0O cars more than In 1015,
a bumper cioi In this section. Fruit
grower are alieady speculating as to
what the outlook will be for good
prices this year.
Week of Work for Infant Begins at
CIXVF.LANI). O. Better baby pa
rade thru down I own stieets Initiated
a nine-day educational and linanclal
campaign conducted on behalf of the
liable-.' Dispensary and Hospital by
the lilm Industry of Cleveland. Mo
tion pletuies will cairy on the cam
palpi In local motion picture theaters
this week. The parade was in six
sections representing everybody Inter
ested In the picseut light for "better
babies for a better Cleveland.
FINDLAY. o. Building permits
show an Increase of ."(). 000 for the
month of May over the same month
last year. A big building boom Is
on here now.
WASHINGTON, Lumber pioduc-1
tlon of the L'nlted States in 101." was
5 per cent less than that of 1!1 1. ac
cording to an estimate made public
today by the United States forest ser
vice It was computed that the total
cut was .'7,013.20 1,000 boaid feet,
and the tlgure was based on report
from 17,000 of the .10.000 saw mills
In the United States.
The decrease In the southern pine
states was V, per cent. In the western
states. 2 per cent and in the central
and northern states 1 1 per cent. States
in the order of their production were
Washington. Louisiana, Mississippi.
North Carolina. Arkansas. Texas and
Oregon. Increased cuts occuried in
Texas. Florida. Pennsylvania and
South Carolina, while these states de
clined: North Carolina. Oregon. Wis
consin, California. Michigan and Min
nesota. o o
CHBBOYGAN, Mich., Frank Ba
ker and Frank Bird, lumberjacks,
have been brought here under arrest.
The.v arc suspected of knowing some
thing about the death of John Shan
ley, a Petoskey fanner, who was
found dead on the beach near Macki
naw City Saturday. Shanley had u
bruise on his head, and over $10 In
liis pockets when found. He was last
seen alive in the company of Baker
and Bird.
o o
WINNIPEG, Man., Liquor can no
longer legally be sold over the bars
and In warehouses In Manitoba.
Householders will be allowed to have
liquor on their premises, but hotels,
rooming houses and bachelors' quar
ters are barred. Of the CO hotels in
Winnipeg, one-third will go out of
CALUMET, Mich.. Because he
had lost faith In his fellow man after
being robbed of 200 here and done
out of $1,000 in a deal In which he
Invested his capital at Cobalt, Out.,
George Brown, 05 years old, shot
himself to death in a local hotel. He
was without family or filends and too
old to get work.
o o
ESCANABA. A humnii flag was
formed by 2,500 local school chtldien
.Tune 2, when a big pageant was stag
ed on tho water front. The pioduc-
ilon Included the plctuii.atlou of the
days when Indians camped where the
city is now located, the landing of
Father Maiquetle, n water light be
tween the Menominee and Chippewa
Indians and the settling here of people
of 10 nationalities, Tho ohuractets
Included children whose parents aro
French, Swedish, Austrian, German,
Itusslnn, Japanese, Italian, Irish, Po
lish, Norwegian, Danish, Scotch,
Dutch Belgian, Hungarian and Finnish,
LIMA, O. Six thousand prepared
ness advocates marched in a'parade
last week, every marcher carrying a
flag. The city was decorated for the
n. fusion.
The Llnin'Loconiotlvo plant and the
Gttrford Motor Truck Company fur-
nlsbed almost half of the parade, and
the local schools contributed a large
nuiiiuer ot ino participants
wreck at Amherst. March 120, in which
were killed and 47 Injured, were
discharged today from the local hos
pital and left tor their home in
Youngstown, O. Five victims of the
wreck still leinaln conllncd In the hos
pital here.
Ohio workmen
(!1(! lost their live
eighteen months
to the number of
in lndustiles in the
ending June .".0,
In the same peilod, 2,117 Ohio
workmen were victims of Industrial
accidents which disabled them for
life, and 1)0. 052 workmen received in
juries which laid them ofC tempor
arily. o o
TOLHDO. O. Reports of a great
motor car and motor supplies merger
was conlirmcd by President John X.
Willys of the Overland company upon
his i etui n here fioni New York city.
The new merger Includes several of
the largest automobile and auto sup
plies companies in the country, in
cluglng the Toledo Auto-Lite Co. The
Indiistiial combination Is capitalized
at 200,000.000.
Michigan sent a largo delegation
to the woman's party convention
which open In Chicago, June .". Fif
teen prominent Detioiters, piomlnent
In suffrage circles went, headed by
Mrs. Oeorge Hendiie, chairman of the
Michigan delegation.
o o
ANN ARBOIt. The literacy de
partment of the University of Michi
gan is to be made more dllllcult by
adding Saturday clashes and raising
the standard of work requited. The
attendancy at military training camps
during the summer will count as two
hours towards graduation. A com
mittee composed prlnetnally of fac
ulty men will canvass the faculty of
the University or Mlenigan and tabu
late the attitude of the piofessors on
state-wide prohibition.
A Fores.t of filnnLs.
It Is almost impossible, for one who
has Been only tho Eastern or Rocky
Mountain forests to lruaglno the
woods of tho Pacific coast. Pictures
of the big trees aro as common as
postago stamps, but tho most won
derful thing about the big trees Is
that they are scarcely bigger than
the rest of tho forest.
Tho Pacific coast bears only a
tenth of our woodland, but nearly
half of our timber. An average aero
In tho Rocky Mountain forest yields
ono to two thousand board feet of
timber, In tho Southern forest threo
to four thousand, in the Northern
forest four to six thousand.
An average acre on the Pacific
coast yields fifteen to twenty thou
sand. Tolescope tho Southern and
Rocky Mountain forests, toss tho
Northern on top of thorn, Rnd stuff
tho central Into the chinks, and, acre
for acre, the Pacific forest will out
weigh them all. American Maga
zine. Renin) kable Printing Pros.
Tho University Pi ess at Oxfoid Is
tho most remarkable printing estab
lishment in tho world, as well as tho
ono of tho oldest. It Is what you
might call self-contained, nnd If
ovor thing elso portalnlng to print
ing wero blotted off tho face of tho
earth to-morrow the University
Press would, go right ahead a3 If
nothing had happened. It makes its
own typo and its own Ink; burns Its
own charcoal for making tho Ink,
mr.kes Its own paper, and so on. Tho
workmen In the Press aro as Inter
esting as tho establishment ltsolf.
In many Instances son has succeed
ed father down tho centuries In Its
employ, as naturally as If tho son
was his lordship nnd tho father an
earl and tho position an entailed es
tate. London Tit-UIts.
Women :.s Aichitccts.
In eveiy lino of work women are
coming forward with proofs of their
ability, but In no profeslon Is this
advancement so noticeable as that
of architecture. By way of exam
ple, tho prize given by the Boston
Society ot Architects for tho host
architectural design submitted by a
graduate ot tho Ma&iicliusotts Insti
tute of Technology wns.won by Miss
Ida Ryan, who Is tho llrst woman to
secure this prize. As furthor proof
ot tho recognition that is being ac
corded hor, Miss Ryan attended this
yeur a banquet of tho Boston Socloty
of Architects. This was tho first
timo that a woman has been so
fee "r?lmSmM
Wmi lK' J' ' i v IflfP
awwrc?ri ..," :3.'s'- issr .vv" n ,. 3s f ' -v.: '- rrm
TJeO MJfflf oPHERe.- "
The Macedonian, villagers are on the very best of terms with the British troops who are quar
tered with them ; this entente has been firmly cemented in many unofficial ways, as the picture
above illustrates. The regimental doctor in his spare time devotes himself to quite a number of
civil patients to whom he gives relief. While the doctor dispenses medicines in his open air con
sulting room below the two family cats discuss communal affairs on the tiles ahov.
IINJH! HottseKoId HintjTl
When white oil cloth Is stained by
coffee, try rubbing with common bak
ing soda.
To rub tea stains from cups, use
common baking soda, nibbing with
damp cloth.
Fiuit Stains Pour boiling water
through or use alcohol.
Csocolate or Cocoa Wash In cold
water, then pour boiling water
Blood Soak In cold water or in
water with salt. When stain Is near
ly gone, use soap and water, or starch
Mildew If fiesh. wet In stiong
suds, cover with paste of salt and
soap, and put in sun.
Ink If stain is fresh allow the
pait stained to stand In milk. For
an old stain, wet with cold water.
then ltninei.se stained part du diluted
solution of oMillc acid; remove, llnse
In ammonia water.
To remove Ink spots from clothing
wet spots with milk, sour is best.
Rub a, piece of lemon on some salt
and nib this 911 the spot n few times.
A few applications will bring required
Apple Ralls Pel large red apples
and, with a potato scoop, cut out
balls and drop them into water with
a little vinegar to keep them white.
Prepare a mixture of grapefruit pulp,
pineapple, banana and orange, and pu1
it into glasses, add a few of the little
white balls to each, pour.
Cheese Fondu une cup scalded
milk, I cup soft stale bread crumbs
1-1 lb. mild cheese (small piece), 1
tablespoon butter, 1-2 teaspooji sail
yoke .' eggs.
Mix Hi st live Ingredients, add yolk
of eggs beaten until stiff. Pour In
buttered baking dish and bake 2
uluutes In a moderate oven. Bei'oi
putting In baking dish cut and fold 1
jg whites.
Fig Pudding Cut llgs In 1-2 ln
ileccs; chop English walnut men'
with them; add together by the bea
en white of an egg. Put In a great"1
pan and place on top iiuirxlnulhn
Place In oven Just long enough to hen
thoioughly. Cut In squares and serv.
ilth whipped cream.
Peel bananas and split lengthwise.
Spiinkle each half with chopped nuts
and add a tablespoon of sweet dress
ing. Piessed Veal (a method for using
a cheap cut of meat) Cook with a
shank of veal until very tender, 'so
that the meat can be easily picked to
pieces. Let the water cook down un
til about 1 cup of the liquid lemailis.
Pick the veal apart, season with salt,
pepper and sage. Pour the liquid
ftoin the vessel In which the meat
was cooked over this. Mix thotough
ly and pack closely In a pan of piop
er shape to make nice slices when the
meat is cold. When set. cut in thin
slices and serve. Hard-boiled eggs
may be added.
Three hord-conked eggs. 1-2 tea
.poon of salt, pepper. 4 slices of toast.
For Graduation and Children s Day
Shoes In Black and White
1 tablespoon of butter, 1 tablespoon
of flour, I cup of milk. Make a white
sauce with milk, butter and Hour.
1 cup of milk. Make a white sauce
with milk, butter and flour. Sepaiate
yolks, from whites of eggs Chop
white and add to the white sauce
Arrange toast on a hot platter and
pour over It. Force yolks thiough 11
potato 1 leer over the toast and sauce.
One cup graham flour, 1 cup white
flour, 1 egg, 1 teaspoon baking pow
der (Rumfoid), 1 teaspoon salt, - ta
blespoons melted eiisco.
Beat egg well, add 1 cup milk, sift
In flour, baking powder and salt; add
melted butter and bake In gem pans
about 20 minutes in hot oven.
One can chopped pineapple (15e
size). 1 cup sugar, juice 1 lemon. Cook
all about 1." minutes. Then add 2
teaspoons gelatin (dissolved In wat
er) and set aside to congeal. Whip 1
pint cream stiff nnd when gelatin K
about set. beat in cream and let con-
A high rade shoe of beautiful design, perfect
in fil, finest selected material throughout.
Comes in patent leather with while reiguskin
cloth lop (easy to clean), also in soft black kid
with white reignhkin top; midget eyelets, tango
laces; some have tips, others are plain toes.
Children's sizes S'2 to 11 (spring
heels), are $3.50
Misses' Sizes 11 Vz to 2 (low heels) $4.00
Ladies' size3, 2z to 7 to 7 (low heels) $5.00
Third Floor
Pdi'nnl Tof rVinvfyna Tnirl fn n.
"lv" .;..., W"N
au man uruera
Artificial Watermelon Ono Thing
Submitted to tho Health Board.
Thore Is nn analytical dopartmont
connected with tho division of labor
atories of tho Board of Health and
any porson who does not think that
It Is a busy department Is mis
taken, saya , tho Now York Sun.
As many na 10,000 demands for
analyses aro mado upon It each year
and tho diligence of those In chargo
Is shown by tho fact that at tho end
of tho year thero aro novor moro
than twenty-flvo or thirty casoa
awaiting a report.
Some of tho demands are peculiar.
Ono applicant demanded and ob
tained an analysis of a pleco of soap;
andthor, of a "pan said to contain
Thoro wore two analyses of ginger,
ono of honoy, one of hair restorer,
ono of orango marmalade, two of
olive oil, ono of p'.o, seven of opium,
and ono only ono of whiskey.
Only threo specimens of candy
wero sent In for analysis during the
period covered by tho last report,
only two of butter and only two ot
bread, but there v. as ono analysis of
oC artificial watermelon, two of
ground mustard two of theater en
tr'acto cloven, ono ot "tea In
pitcher," and one of a piece ot clay.
Thero does not appear to havo
been any analjsls ot wood alcohol,
but there wore four of lco cream.
Thcie v, as one official analysis of
"boot and."
Tho chief work of this department
of the division of laboratories Is the
aiuljsia of milk and water.
French Army Drum.
Ono of tho principal reasons for
tho final abandonment of tho drum
In the French army is tho new short
term bcjyIco. It takes a yenr and a
half to mako a drummor, bo that no
sooner would tho French drummer
have become proficient than he
would begin to get ready to return
to civil Ufa.
Climate of Rome.
Gales aro vory rare In Roma and
never blow with extrorae violence.
Tho most striking peculiarity of the
Roman climate is tho nbsenco of
high winds. Tho air Is pure and
clear owing to the almost complete
absence of smoko, even In the win
tor months.
Diced tomatoes, cucumbers, onion
(chopped) and a little chopped green
pepper. Put together with mayon
naise diesslug and serve on lettuce
The Toledo Velie Co.
Distributors of the
Famous Velie Car $1065
Bargains in Used Cars I
218 Huron St. Toledo, O.
Real Estate
Offers A 100 Percent
Investment On
The New
Ford Highway
This wonderful boulevard
will be 12 miles In length, 150
feet wide and connect the two
mammoth Foul Factories. Thiuk
of the unlimltid investment
possibilities this offers to you,
on easy terms. Wilte for a
descriptive booklet explaining In
detail this wonderful opportun
Phone Main 4".'!1
OOC-007 Smith BIdg.. Detroit
aljwsjs. jx? wrgaMv
Ti.kdo, Ohio

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