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Rev. Ernest Bourncr Allen, D. D.
Pastor of the Washington St.
Congregational Church and
the Marlon Lawrnnce Sunday
School, Toledo, Ohio.
CLUVKLAXn, O. An explosion of
gas in a tunnel being constructed out
Into Lake Kile to connect with the
big new nitration plant, killed 22 men
and seriously Injured many others.
The dead include men who were trap
ped In the tunnel when gas exploded
and members of two rescue parties
who attempted to save the men llrst
Lesson for August 6th
Lesson Title: "Tho Greatest Thing
In tho World."
Lesson Text: I Cor. 13. Memoriae
vsa. 4-7.
r -"" - ". . '.V
Golden Text: "Now nbideth faith,
i hope, chnrity, these three; but tho
greatest of these is charity." I Cor.
13: 13.
! I. The Greatest Thing in the "World.
When I went to school wo were ex
pected to tell the seven great wonders
I of the worldV I remember I used to
wonder if I would ever see any of
them. Recently a thousand scientists
and other distinguished men have been
asked to name the seven greatest
wonders of the modern world. Thej
have chosen great discoveries like the
telephone, wireless telegraphy, etc.
We are living in an age when the old
wonders have passed nway and newer
ones have taken their place.
Yet the historians of yesterday..and
the scientists of today forgot to name
the greatest wonder of the world! Do
you know what it is? It is the mir
acle of a transformed life, the way
jn which God changes a bad man into
a good one! Not enough attention
is given to that miracle today 1 The
I way in which God does it is thru love.
His own love for man, in the first
place, challenges and changes the man.
, Then the same spirit of love in the
1 man revolutionizes all human relation
i Bhips and makes them pure and fruit
ful. It is this big program of love,,
for the man himself to develop, which
Henry Drummond called "the great
est thing in the world." Paul was
its author, under the influence of the
spirit of God. The Record gives it
to us in I Corinthians 13. Take a
look at it today!
II. The Program of Love.
It's a big program. If you think
it's a job fit only for molly-coddles,
Invalid women, and minorchildren.just
try to carry it out for a while yourself.
You'll discover that it's a man's job
and it will take all of the man to
carry out, plus the help of God him
Eclf! Christian LOVE has a special word
in the Greek. There were other words
for the love of beauty, and for the
love of friends, and for general friend
ship toward all mankind. But Chris
tian love was bigger, deeper! It needs
a new interpretation today. It is not
a weak thing, or like the good feeling
we may have toward others. It calls
for a better and more unselfish living
than mere sentimentality can give.
Look at the program and see if you
measure up to it.
Love suffercth long. v
Love is kind.
Love envieth not.
Love vanutcth not itself.
Love is not puffed up.
, Love behaveth not unseemly
Love seeketh not its own.
Love is not easily provoked.
' Love does not brood over wrongs.
Love knows not injustice.
, Love sides with truth.
, Love knows how to be silent.
, Love is full of trust, full of hope,
full of patient endurance.
Is love your program of life? Are
you trying to practice it every day?
Have you faith in such a program?
Has it any place in the actions of
one nation toward another? When
diplomacy fails, could love win if she
had a chance? When submarines and
huge cannon fail, could love help,
if given a chance? Could love secure
limitation of armament? Is Chris
tianity's program possible? Would
you like to see it put through? Are
you trying to push it? Are you en
rolled as a follower of the match
less man who, taught the world the
meaning of love, and brotherhood, and
neighborliness ?
tho amount of $13,000 have been of
fered for the arrest and conviction
of the parties who caused the bomb
explosion which killed six persons and
Injured fourty-two during San Fran
cisco's preparedness parnde recently.
Authorities believe that the explosion
1 spart of a nation-wide movement
against government and federal co
operation Is expected in mnulug down
the auarchlsts.
Tho pictures show troops of tho
National Guard of tho State of
Wwhlngton preparing to take tho
oath for the federal service at tho
National Uuard camp at American
Lake, "Washington, and Captain
Livingston, a popular officer among
tho troop.-. The company was
oig.i'ilved at Central!.!, Washington
Uuh'.tho army horses are br.n rt i' t
CcjI-'ate ownership Is dc
iie ' acr picture.
" " - --. - 3BT:J?Wit4)WfaiK. i'-SJWWwr" 1 g4Mit5iWvr,4?'rJ.BIBffi,,i(WIL ' i
--"wsz'o issffsi's-wr mxs?T-.miimm-jmsem&mmibV
Provides System for Lending Money on Farm Lands at Rea
sonable Interest for Relatively Long Periods-Amortization
Plan for Easy Repayment Prescribed,
Washington, D. C. Special. The
Federal Farm Loan Act, popularly
called the 'Rural Credits Law," was
signed by the President and became a
law on July 17, 191C.
The primary purpose of this 'Act
is to promote agricultural prosperity
by enabling farmers to borrow money
on farm-mortgage security at a rea
sonable rate of interest and for rel
atively long periods of time. To at
tain this object, two farm-mortgage
systems are provided: (1) A system
operating through regional land
banks; .
Outline of Farm Loan Aet
.The Aot provides for the creation of twelve Federal Land Banks and
permits the establishment of any number of joint-stock land banks for the
purpose of making loans at a reasonable rate of interest, for long periods
of time, on farm lands.
A Federal Farm Board has complete control over these banks.
A Federal Land Banks
Twelve Federal Land Banks are provided, one in each of 12 districts
into which the country will be divided. These banks are empowered to
lend on first mortgages on farm lands in amounts of $100 to $10,000 for
approved purposes. The loans are to be made through farm loan associations
and agents. . No loan may be made for more than 50 per cent of the value
of the land mortgaged and 20 per cent of the value of the permanent insured
improvements upon it.
National Farm Loan Associations local organizations composed ex
clusive of borrowers are authorized. These associations must bo stock
holders in the land banks in proportion to the amount their members wish to
borrow. Eventually all stock in the Federal land banks will be owned
exclusively by these associations.
A reasonable interest rate is established. The act prohibits the Federal
Land Banks from charging more than 6 per cent on any mortgage, or re
quiring fees not approved by the Farm Loan Board.
The borrowers will share in the net profits of the bank because they
are stockholders. It is contemplated that ultimately the borrowers will be
the only stockholders.
Long term loans are provided by authorizing mortgages for periods
of from 5 up to 40 years.
Small annual or semi-annual payments on the principal are made a
required feature of all mortgages.
B Joint-Stock Land Banks.
Joint-stock land banks are authorized. They are corporations for carry
ing on the business of lending on farm mortgage security and issuing fnrm
loan bonds. They are tobe under the supervision of the Farm Loan Board,
but the Government will not invest in them. ' Subject to geographical lim
itations and subject to the 50 per cent and 20 per cent limitation, these
banks can lend to individual any amount they wish, and for any pur
pose. They can riot charge an interest rato exceeding six per cent
and such rate must not exceed by more than 1 per cent the interest
they have paid on their last issue of bonds. Their mortgages, however,
must provide for amortization payments. These banks are prohibited
from charging, under any pretext, fees or commissions other than those
authorized by tho Act.
R&S3ftSaL ' ilr 1 .v- tiW&ar f Hi a35W!I?J55SSBE!BKHZS'ft?Mt& ..?
e tk'!,.c'3KSRCC65'n. m8$mmmMmkmm-s
To attract money to the farm loan
field, the Act provides a method
muueuy inuro .iu ,.,,, t
loan can Una sate investments in tnei.v , , , ,, T , i
,. .., .in ii
iorm oi aeuontures or uonus, oi smaii
and large denominations, issued by
the banks and based on the security of
mortgages on farm lands.
These two systems are to be under
the general supervision of a Federal
Farm Loan Board in the Treasury De
partment, composed of the Secretary
of the Treasury, as chairman ex of
ficio, and four members appointed by
the President. This Board has
authority to appoint appraisers, exam
iners, and registrars, who will be pub
lic officials.
Conditions Under Which Loans May be
Obtained From Federal Land Banks.
The Act specifically defines the pur-1
noses for which loans may be obtained
These are:
.,.., . , , ., , '
"(a) To provide for the purchase of
, j , . ,A ,
land for agricultural uses.
"(b) To provide for the purchase of
equipment, fertilizers and live stock
necessary for the proper and reason-
,able operation of the mortgaged farm;
the tem .equjpment. to be defined by
U JL- ITUUl.ll 4' ill III -1UUJ1 UUiU U.
("c) To provide buildings and for
the improvement of farm lands; the
term 'improvement' to be defined by
the Federal Farm Loan Board.
"(d) to liquidate indebtedness of the
ing at the time of the organization of
the fiist national farm loan association
established in or for the county in
which the land mortgaged is situated,
or indebtedness subsequently incur-
red for one of the purposes mentioned
in this section."
Loans may be made only on first
mortgages on farm land.
Only those who own and cultivate
farm land or about to own and culti-
vate such land are entitled to borrow.
No one can borrow save for the
purposes stated in the Act and those
who after borrowing do not use the
money for the purposes specified in
the mortgage are liable to have their
loans reduced or recalled. The secretary-treasurer
of each association is
required to report any diversion of
borrowed money from the puposes
stated in the mortgages.
James Whltcomb Riley died at his
homo in Indianapolis, Indiana, on
Saturday, July 24th.
The Ilooslcr dialect was crystal
lized by Poet Riley Into delightful
verse that gave him a foremost place
among the verse makers. He started
his real writing on the Indianapolis
Journal In 1873.
"The Old .Swlmmln' Hole" "Old
Fashioned Roses," "Out to Old
Mary," "When the Frost Is On the
Punkln," "That Old Sweetheart
of Mine," and "Nome Folks" were
among Poet Riley's best efforts.
These poems gave him, more than
anything else he wrote, a place in the
hearts of America's children.
That the entire, nation mourns
Riley's death was evidenced by a
flood of messages of condolence from
all over the United States. TelegrnmB
of a smaller nature came from nearly
every foreign country.
During the summer months no drink
ean equal the healthful, invigorating
Nectars" compounded of fruit juices,
which possess valuable fruit sugars
and natural flavors, nutrient salts, and
organic acids. Chief among the acids
are citric, malic and tartaric. These
arouse the appetite and aid digestion
by stimulating a flow of saliva, and
indirectly of gastric juice; reaching
the intestines, the acidity of the chyme
is increased, secretions of the liver and
pancreas are encouraged, muscular
activity of the intestinal wall i quick
ened, and as a means of stimulating
the skin and kidneys, they are inval-'
uable. Their influence upon the blood
is marked, the phosphates in the red
. blood cells are increased, and the
.formation of the white blood cells,
I the policemen of the body, are pro
Selcct crisP red r"arb, into
Pieces without peeling. Let sjmmer in
I . waer Wlt" the cinnamon until the
rhubarb is tender; strain through
. , ., .. ', . . ...
cheese-cloth. Boil the juice with sugar
i . . ,Tru ,, ,, . . .
five minutes. When cold add strained
lemon an(1 orange juice and syrup
f,om jar of prescrVed ginger. Dilute
wjm, crushed ice
Material and Amount.
Rhubarb 2 lbs.., water, 2 cups, cin
namon , stick, lemon juice 2, orange
juice 3, ginger syrup 4 tbsp. sugar 1
Wash and dry the lemons, then rub
to extract the oil. Squeeze out juice
aril to raspberry juice and sugar and
strain. Add water and chill,
, Material and Amount
Unsweetened raspberry juice 24
cups , whole lemons 2, sugar 2-3 cup,
water 2 cups.
Lemon Syrup.
Boil water nnd Kti!nr tifpfVinr
twelve m5nutes. nfM lpmnn ,.,: nn(i
cooK The syrup win keep several
days in refrigerator, when needed
add ice-water or Apollinaris.
j Material and Amount
Lemon juice 1-3 cup, sugar 1 cup,
ice-water 2 cups.
vT rsvvf I .fir, jfe.i1 13m Pi j ji"f " ".".-t -wt rf- nnij--gy t'iTI
You Arc Invited to Attend
Tri-State Tractor Demonstration
Toledo. Ohio, Aug. 8th, 10 A. M. to 4 JP. M.
Holbrook Farm, Cor. Front St and Dearborn Ave., E. Toledo
Ten of the leading makes of tractors will be seen In operation at
one time. The program will coislst of exhibitions of plowing dicing
and harrowing. It will be the largest demonstration ever held In the
Knst. lleht opportunity you'll ever have of seeing and comparing
modern steel horses at work. Don't miss It. Come and bring your
How to Get There
Take Ironvllle ear to Dearborn Ave. If by nuto, cross
Cherry street Bridge nnd go east one block to Front St., thence
north one-half mile on Front St. to Dearborn Ave.
Clip out and save this ad for reference.
For further Information write or phono
publicity Committee, 228 Cherry St., Toledo, O.
Bell Phone Main 262 Ohio State Phone, Alain 262
Automatic Indicator on Typewriter
Performs Useful Tasks
Promoters liao been In Hannibal,
Mo., lcccntly, looking for a plant In
which to lnnnulacturo a new and pat
ented automatic attachment for tho
t. powrltor that shows when woids
lave been misspelled.
The Indicator not only Is an aid to
tho typewiitcr and copyist in watch
ii.g their work, but It loally indicates
at the end of tho word that a letter
lias been omitted or too many letters
have been used. It is claimed that by
lis use a copyist can turn out 25 per
cent more Avoik. The Indicator can ho
i.ttachcd to any kind of a typewriter
nnd is Quito simple.
ovisehold Hint,
Four cups sugar, 8 cups water, 2
quarts mineral water, 1 shreaded pine
apple, 1 cup fruit juice, 1 box straw
berries hulled and cut in pieces, 3
bananas cut in slices, juice G oranges
juice of 3 lemons. Boil sugar and
water 5 minutes. Add fruit, juice, '
mineial water and water to make
punch of proper strength. One cup
maraschine cherries may be added.
Apple Water Cut 2 large apples
into slices and pour a quart of boiling
water over them, or on roasted apples.
Strain after "2 or 3 hours and sweeten
Water Gruel Rub smooth a large
spoonful of oatmeal with 2 of water
and pour it into a pint of water on the
fire. Stir it well and boil quickly. In
a quarter of an hour strain it off and
salt to taste.
Sago Gruel Two tablespoons of
sago and put in small saucepan,
moisten with n little cold water, set
over a slow fire and stir till clear.
Add nutmeg, sugar and a little butter.
Egg Gruel Beat up an egg to a
froth, add wineglass of sherry, flavor
with a lump of sugar, a strip of lemon
peel, little nutmeg. Have ready some
..... .. ....ni .... i.4. C4-:M :
j ctc tQast
Oatmeal Gruel Pour a pint of boil
ing water in a saucepan, into this stir
2 tablespoons of oatmeal till smooth,
boil 15 minutes, season with salt and
strain. Milk may be used instead of
water, or a little brandy added.
Here is a pleasant and nourishing
drink which is frequently made for
invalids: One quart boiling water, 1
pint milk, 2 tablespoons flour mixed!
smooth with a little cold water stirred
in while boiling. Boil five minutes.
Take from the fire, add 1 small tea
spoon of soda, 1 of salt and 2 of sugar.
Use a double boiler.
I v

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