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VOL. LXT7-ED. L. BLUE, Publisher.
$1.00 IS ADVAHOE-UO. 40
Concerning Nothing Very Serious
But Worthy of Thought.
November Meeting Indicates As
Services for Next Sunday in
Several Porrysburg Churches.
Riso and Fall of a Band of
Embryo Highwaymen. ,
Items Concerning Various Depart
Two Electrio Cars Collide at
sociation is Very Much Alive.
ments of the Public Schools
Switch Near Milbury.
Ruth Law au American girl,
won tho title of the world's
premier aviatrix on Sunday, when
aho attempted a non-stop flight
from Chicago to New York. Sho
was compelled to descend at Hor
nell, N. Y., to obtain gasoline,
heating Carlstrom's record by 138
miles. She finished the flight on
Monday, landing at Governor's
island safely.
Tho so-called "Old Guard" that
has been managing Republican
presidential campaigns heretofore
will probably consider it advisa
ble to retire in favor of a "new
guard" by the time another presi
dential campaign is on.
President "Wilson may have
"kept us out of the war," but Gov
ernor Willis didn't succeed in
keeping the Republican pai'ty of
Ohio out of the Democratic whirl
" pool on November 7.
As Christmas approaches tho
vacant chairs in tho Sunday
School class will gradually crow
less. It's time for little Willie to
gradually become a perfect dear.
Eggs are so high in price now
that a hard boiled egg as a watch
charm places tho wearer in the
Rockefeller class.
Democratic papers are now
Dooming Congressman Overmyer
and Lieutenant - Governor - elect
Bloom as possible candidates for
governor of Ohio. They are both
mighty good campaigners and
capable men as well.
Two hundred school children of
tho little town of Crofton, Nob.,
marched through the streets on
election day, and hero is one of
tho yells they gave :
"We can't vote, neither can ma.
If Nebraska goes wet, blamo it
on pa."
Making it possible for farm men
and boys to attend the Collego of
Agriculture at the Ohio State
University Columbus, an eight
weeks' course in agriculture will
bo conducted at that institution
from January 2 to February 23.
Tho course is open to men and
boys of any age who have had
farm experience. Last year men
of 65 years sat beside boys of 17
listening to the lectures so that
they might operate their farm
more efficiently.
Changing Seasons Brine Colds.
"Stuffed-up head," clogged-up nose,
tight chest, sore throat, are sure signs
of cold, and Dr. King's New Discovery
is sure relief. A dose of this combina
tion of antiseptic balsams soothes the
irritated membrane, clears the head,
loosens the phlegm, you breathe easier
and realize your cold is broken up.
Treat a cold persistently; half-way
measures leave a lingering cough.
Take Dr. King's New Discovery until
your cold is gone. For 47 years the
favorite remedy for young and old.
At your Druggist, 50c.
Notary Public
At Citizens Banking Co.
Both Phones Main Twenty-seven
UNDERTAKER cperrvsburg,;!
Dealer In
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Spectacles.
006 Monroe St. Toledo, Ohio.
Near Michigan Street.
Special care will bo taken with tho
repair of all kinds of Watches, Clocks
and Jewelry.
Office Hours: 8 to 11 a. m.; 1 to
Office upBtalrs corner Second
and Main StroeU.
President Pew presided and
Secretary Lownsbury was present,
together with a good attendance
of members.
The committee to report candi
dates for Board of Trustees re
ported the names of 18 members
from which list tho members will
select nine members by ballot at
the December election.
Tho question of purchasing the
present building was thoroughly
discussed and a committee was ap
pointed to prepare plans for the
project and report at tho next
It is very probable that the De
cember meeting will have social
features which will prove very
interesting to every member.
The Perrysburg team accom
panied by a car load of rooters in
vaded Fremont on Siuiday, and
when the final whistle blew tho
score was 0 to 0. The Fremont
team weighed fully 20 pounds to
the man heavier than Perrysburg,
but the local team made up for
tho opponent's beef by their
speed. The Fremont crowd which
numbered over GOO marveled at
tho speed and aggressiveness of
tho Perrysburg "kids." Mon
day's papers carried the score not
in the amateur list but in the pro
column along with the Cleveland
Indians, Massillon Tigers, Toledo
Maroons, Canton and others. The
game was a thrill from start to
finish. Neither team was able to
make substantial gains during the
first two periods. In tho third
period Fremont seemed to have
the better of the argument. In the
fourth quarter Perrysburg forced
the Frcmonters to assume the de
fensive and made several good
gains. The Perrysburg team can
not afford to book teams of Fre
mont class, due to lack of attend
ance here at home. Tho tie game
will probably bo played off on
Thanksgiving day at Fremont.
Perrysburg is getting good
offers from teams abroad. And
the locals will again play away
from home next Sunday,
Tho Perrysburg Classers will
battle with tho Segurs of Toledo
on tho Jacal's lot next Sunday.
Como out and see future Perrys
burg in action.
Red HO Carter, James, res.
Red 213 Dcgner, Harold, res.
Blue 110 Hillabrand, Robert, res.
White 107-2r Hopkins, Gilbert, res.
Blue 113 Merricle, Louis, res.
Red 31 Reynolds, O. E., res.
Blue 188 Sarver, Grant, res.
Blue 134 Tippin, James, farm.
Main 242 Witzler, Mrs. Marg't, res,
A Clogged System Must Be Cleared.
You will find Dr. King's ,Ncw Life
Pills a gentle yet effective laxative for
removing impurities from tho system.
Accumulated waste poisons the blood;
dizziness, biliousness and pimply,
muddy complexion are the distressing
effects. A dose of Dr. King's New
Life Pills tonight will assure you a
free, full bowel movement in the morn
ing. At your Druggist 25c.
Henfling Bldg. 310 Conant St
Reasonable Prices and Best Work
Office hours 8 to 12 a. m. and
1 to 5 p. m. Bell Phone.
818 Spltzer Building
P. Klucpfel, Pastor.
Sunday, November 2Gth :
Sunday School at 9 :30.
German service at 10 :00.
Bible school every Saturday at
9 :00.
The Ladies' Aid meets at the
home of Fred Brinker, Tjmrsclay
afternoon, November 23.
In tho first week of December a
play will be given under the
auspices of the Luther League en
titled, "The Old District School,"
at the Town Hall. Admission 15
and 25 cents. The music for the
occasion will bo furnished by the
Klucpfel Orchestra. For particu
lars see hand bills.
Services for Sunday, November
2G, 191G :
Sunday School at 9 o'clock.
Lesson subject, "A Living Sacri
fice. ' Rom. 12:1-8. Don't forget
this is Rally Day. We want every
member to be present and bring a
Prof. Neitz will give an"
address which wo are sure all will
want to hear
There will also be I
recitations and
This will be a bright and happy I
..,i " 11J i
PUwlUL JUUail. I
service for all
There will be no prayer service
following Sunday School. The
time will bo used for the Rally
Day service.
2 :30. The Message Bearers will
meet. Lesson subject, "Trip
Around the World With Jack and
Janet," in charge of Mrs. George
Leatherei". All children welcome.
6:30. Christian Endeavor. Les
son topic, "The Grace of Grati
tude." Psalm 107:1-43. This is
a Thanksgiving meeting. Rev. C.
W. Weltmer, leader.
7:30. Preaching service.
On Wednesday evening we meet
with the W. C. T. U. in the Metho
dist church parlors.
On Thursday evening there will
be no prayer service. Wo will
join in a union service in the
Methodist church to hear Dr.
Carolyn E. G'eisel of Battleereek,
Mich. Subject, "Alcohol and the
Man Himself."
Rev. Daniel Carter, D. D., Pastor.
Services Sunday, November 2G,
Sunday School, 9 -.00 a. m.
Public Worship, 10:30 a. m.
Public worship, 7:00 p. m.
Sermon subjects, "Tho Mistakes
of Conscience." "Enemies of the
Cross of Christ."
Epworth League topic : ' ' Culti
vating the Thanksgiving Habit."
On Thursday evening Mrs.
Geisel, a national' lecturer of the
W. C. T. U., and coming fresh
from the state of Michigan Prohi
bition campaign, in which she had
a prominent part, will address a
union tcinperanco meeting at the
M. E. church on the subject, "A
Dry America." Tho Presbyterian
and Evangelical churches, with
their Young People's Societies,
and Sunday School, will have part
in the program. Everybody in
vited. Hour 7 :30 p. m.
Choir meeting Friday evening,
7 :30 p. m.
Services for Sunday, November
2G, 1916:
Sunday School at 9:30 a. m.
Lesson subject, "A Livinr Sacri
fice." Rom. 12. A vital lesson
for all. Tho Men's Bible Class
will find much of interest. W. II.
Rooso, superintendent.
Morning worship and sermon
at 10:30. Dr. W. n. Pheley will
preach. 'In tho evening at 7 ;30 an
illustrated service will ho given.
Tho electric 'lantern will show
some GO pictures that all will ap
preciate. There will be no collec
tion. All are heartily invited to
como and enjoy tho service.
Junior C. ,E. meeting at 2 :30 p.
m. This is an hour that no Junior
can afford to miss. All welcome.
Continued on Eighth Pace.
Everybody's friend Dr. Thomas'
Electric Oil, the great household rem
edy for toothache, earache,, sore throat,
cuts, bruises, scalds, Sold at all drug
stores. 25c and 50c,
In tho late sixties there was a
family by the name of Carman re
siding in the large framo house,
which is still standing, on the
southeast corner of Second and
Cherry streets. They had a little
son about six or seven years of
age, named Thomas, who lias af
flicted' with an impediment of
speecli and could not talk plainly.
This boy was one of the best
hearted and best natured young
chaps in tho entire neighborhood,
lie was also handicapped by hav
ing a very poor memory, and was
woefully lacking in what is gen
erally termed in hoys as "nerve."
In the yard adjoining the Carman
residence were a number of large
fine apple trees, hut they were
back quite a distance from the
front fence. One particular tree
was very prolific, and in the sum
mer time was generally loaded
down with an abundance of ap
ples of the russet variety or
'rusty coats" was what
crowd of boys called them,
were not allowed to enter
, """ r Vlu
&"", lV, f ., l u"y ol, U1U "lip,1,r,L?
tJ1,lu iBW b'lulu ., l '
vu ri'tiuiL muni liuiu me li'iico
Til. i. , A . 1 i. ' i.
i ; i ?? "T i
looked so nice and temntintr. And
let mo state right here that almost
any kind of an apple is a good
apple in the eyes of a crowd of
growing boys with healthy appe
tites. So it was up to us to devise
some method of obtaining a sup
ply of this forbidden fruit, and
wo went at it in a rather bold and
sj'stematic manner. One of our
crowd had in his possession one of
tne large oici-iashioncu copper
pennies called "coppers, and
with this big copper wo tempted
"Little Tommy." After showing
him tho big copper and telling him
wonderful stories of how he could
get a whole bucket full of candy
with it at the "new drug store,"
(Insclio & Champney, then located
where tho postoffico now is) we
had no difficulty in inducing him
to bring us all tho "rusty coats"
he could carry, and we had him
make two, and sometimes three
trips. And wo also had a bold
plan to get that big copper away
from him and make it do service
more than once. While several of
tho boys would regalo him with
stories of how nice it would be for
him when he got that "bucketful
of candy," two of tho crowd
would quietly slip down Second
street and hide behind the big elm
tree that for many years stood
almost directly in front of the lit
tle framo residence adjoining the
M. E. church, and which was used
as a parsonage by the Rev. Am
brose Ilollington and Rev. T. N.
Barkdull when they wero pastors
of the church. Then when little
Tommy came tripping gaily along
witli the big copper clutched tight
ly in his hand, thinking of the
wonderful treat in store for him
when he readied the "new drug
store," tho two amateur highway
men would suddenly pounce upon
him, and while one would put his
hand gently but firmly over his
mouth to prevent him from mak
ing any outcry (tor when little
Tommy was frightened he certain
ly could scream so as to be heard
all over the neighborhood) the
other would deftly wrest the cop
per from his hand. Then Loth
would jump he fenco into Mahr's
yard, and run down through the
yard to tho alley, and quietly join
the rest ot tho gang ' m a nice
little cosy corner in the second
story of tho barn in tho rear of
tho residence of John G. Knoll,
which wo had prepared without
the knowledge or permission of
tho owner, of course. Then, while
wo feasted on the "rusty coats,"
Tommy Would return to his home,
sobbing as though with a broken
heart. But ho was such a good
natured little chap that it did not
(Continued on Eighth Page.)
Her Son Subject to Croup.
"My son Edwin is subject to croup,"
writes Mrs. E. O. Irwin, New Kensing
ton, Pa. "I put in many sleepless
hours at night before I learned of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. Moth
ers need not fear this diseaso if they
keep a bottlo of Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy in tho house and use it as di
rected. It always gavo my boy relief."
Obtainablo ovorywhero,
The following pupils of the
first grade wero neither absent nor
tardy tho last four weeks: Helen
Fay Brown, Kathrine Decker,
Lucy Tiffer, Minabelle Finch,
Kathrine Haefner, Thelma Rader,
Grace Spring, Clarence Daven
port, John Davison, Geo. Dart,
Attlee Garfer, Lavern Kopp,
Edward LaFarro Emerson Muir,
Harold Neiderhouse, Geo. Snyder,
Willard Sliue, Raymond Steinline
and Clinton Simmons.
Fourth Grade.
Angeline Lownsbery, Margaret
Canfield, Helen Moser, Velma
Kopp and Robert Witzler are do
ing excellent work in long divi
Sixth Grade.
The pupils of the sixth grade
have be.cn having some very neat
papers in both writing and arith
metic the past week.
High School.
The high school is closed tem
porarily on account of the heating
The P. II. S. Soccer ball team
played Scott, Friday, at Toledo,
and tho score was tlireo to noth
ing in favor of Scott.
The regular monthly meeting of
the Board of Education was held
Friday night. The reports of the
state high schobl and building in
spectors was read. Board auth
orized buying of equipment to
comply with law.
Fifth Grade.
The children who excelled in
both writing and spelling the past
week aro the following: Naomi
Moser, Iinogene Kazmaier, Mary
Josephene Letherer, Viola Finch,
Lillian Finch and Rudolph Glaser.
Lillian Finch won the honors in
a spelling review.
Tho Woman's Missionary So
ciety ofthe M. E. church held a
thanks offering meetincr at the
home of Mrs. John Yeager on
Wednesday afternoon. About
thirty wero present and several
new members were added to the
I society.
A much appreciated number on
the program was a selectiort from
Handel's Messiah, sung by Mrs.
J. A. Nietz.
Dainty refreshments and a
social hour completed a most en
joyable afternoon.
Do You Have Sour Stomach?
If you are troubled with sour stom
ach you should eat slowly and masti
cate your food thoroughly, then take
one of Chamberlain's Tablets imme
diately after supper. Obtainable
Does Money
YOUR money will pile up
of cash, you tako it at
largo sum of money
temptation to spend.
'burns a holo in his pocket?",
pocket if j'ou bank it. Don't
with us touay.
31 5 B
Make OUR bank YOUR bank.
Wo pay 4 per cent interest on Certificates of Deposit.
Qftjj? (Stfteetui landing (Eumpattjj
Passengers wero severely
shaken, but only one man serious
ly hurt in a Lake Shore electric
car crash in Monday morning's
A west-bound local car struck
tho rear of a Detroit limiled car,
also west-bound, standing on a
switch near Milbury.
Jerome Baldwin. 50. of Fre
mont, motorman on tho local, was
badly injured in his left arm, right
ivnuu uuu nguL snouiaer.
Some of the passengers were re
ported slightly injured.
The accident occurred at 10:30
and was said to havo been duo to
fog, which obscured tho trnnlr n.
proaching Stop 335, near Milbury
road. The crash came without
For Second Term as Judge of Ap
pelate Court is Large.
The official figures on the vote
for court of appeals in this dis
trict follow :
Richards. Brough. Majority
Erio 4152 1778 2374
Fulton 2901 1198 1703
Huron 4574 1178 3396
Ottawa 2493 1161 1332
Sandusky. 6191 933 5258
Williams 3399 1243 2156
Wood 5661 2391 3270
29371 9882 19489
Lucas 11535 26522
Brough 's majority 14987
Total vote of Judge Richards
in the district 40906
Total vote of Judge Brough
in the district-. 36404
Judge Richards' majority in
the district 4502
(The above figures aro official
except as to Jjucas county, in
which there may ho somo slight
changes. sentinel.
How Catarrh is Contracted.
Mothers are sometimes so thought
less as to neglect the colds which their
children contract. The inflammation
of the mucus membrane, at first acute,
becomes chronic and tho child has
chronic catarrh, a disease that is sel
dom cured and that may prove a life's
burden. Many persons who have this
loathsome disease will remember hav
ing had frequent colds at the time it
was contracted. A little forethought,
a bottle of Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy judiciously used, and all this trou
ble might have been avoided. Obtain
able everywhere.
eBurn a Hole In
rapidly if, when you geta surplus '
once to tho bank. If you cjirry a
on your ..person thcro always ia a
How often is it said that "money
It will not burn a hole in your
procrastinate. Open an account
. ifiih
U' A.

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