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Rev. Ernest Bonrner Allen, D. D.
Pastor of the Washington Street
Congregational Church and the
Marion Lawrence Sunday School,
Toledo, Ohio.
1-8, 17-20,
LcaHon Title: ""Jesus Christ, tho
First and the Last."
Lesson Text: Rev. 1
Memorize vss. 4-G.
Golden Text: "Fear not; I am the
first and the last, and the Living one;
and I was dead, and behold, I am alive
forevermorc." Rev. 1: 17-18.
I. "Fear Not."
Fear is one of the most difficult and
dangerous things to overcome. It af
fects our health, particularly our di
gestion. It affects our character, par
ticularly our initiative and action. It
affects our hopes, particularly in sor
row and in disaster.
To everybody who has any tempta
tion to fear there comes the admoni
tion of the Gospel message, reiterated
by John, the beloved disciple: "Fear
not; I am the first and the last, and
the Living one; and I was dead, and
beheld I am alive forevermore." If
you think of the prime causes of
fear, you will see how Jesus meets
every one of them. He never ignores
any fear which comes to human life.
He does not get rid of it by denying
its existence. He has no false phil
osophy to bring to the children of men.
Every man has some pet fear. It
lives with him in spite of his reason j
and of his faith, sometimes it is as
inglorious as the fear of the little child
who was found crying in the middle
of the night. His mother said to him:
"What is the matter, Charles?" '
He replied: "Iwas afraid when I
grew up that I wouldn't have money,
enough to pay my taxes!"
What right has a christian to fear? .
.wo narm trom uoa can come io mm u saying to him
on ocean or on snore:
tm'? wm r - d
MMlir- nil 'w1 "- - .3T ' ' v
fr , III iji.ill .'mni ',Ju.'..'im.,....jM.Li umi in im,Wfrw1
SANTA ROSA The tempestuous
career of Jack London Is over.
The famous writer nnil soldier of
fortune died Nov. 22 nt his ranch near
Snntu Rosa, Cal., of uraemia, aged 40.
Ills best known books are: Tho
Call of the Wild, 100.T; The Sea Wolf,
1004; White Fang, 1007; Before
Adam, 1007; Martin Eden, 1000;
Burning Daylight, 1010; When God
Lauchs, 1010: The Cruise of tho
Snark, 1011; Tho Abysmal Brute,
101J1; John Barleycorn, ll!t. '
A Federal grand jury at Chicago
hns been ordered by Judge Carpenter
to Investigate the "high cost of liv
ing." It is charged that speculators
have "cornered" food products and
forced up prices to an unrensono'ili'
In order to introduce our catalogue
we will Include 3 copies good sheet
music (our selection), for only one
dime. State whether you want easy
or difficult music. PAUL A. MILLER,
Mgr., Dayton, Ohio.
8c Yard
Mall Orders Returned Same. Day as Received
920 Jefferson Ave.
An engagement of international interest has just been made
known through the announcement of Mr. Chiswell D. Langhorne,
of Mirador, Greenwood, Va., that his granddaughter, Miss Nancy
Keen Perkins, is to become the wife of Mr. Henry Field, son of tho
late Marshall Field, Jr., of Chicago, 111., and one of the heirs of
the great Field fortune. The engagement of Miss Perkins to Mr.
Field follows a romance of summer life at Bar Harbor, Me., where
his brother, Mr. Marshall Field, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dana
Gibson have country places.
II. " The Churches of Asia."
God is not dead, I fully to your brother. Keep at your
Abraham! God is not dead!" Let us
lay hold of this great truth. God has
The book of Revelation is a message not forsaken or forgotten his world or
thru the apostle John "to the seven ihis people. He has not lost control of
churches that are in Asia." The seven lhe forces of Peace and righteousness.
churches mentioned are located at AS owning sang:
Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thya
tira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodi
cea. This is the section in which
many thousands of the Armenians
have been living, together with many
thousands of Turks. The Armenian
nation was one of the first to accept
Christianity. It is now sealing its
testimony to christian things by the
blood of countless martyrs, including
men and women and even little child
ren! He who studies world conditions
at the present time cannot fail to be
impressed with what is going on in
this old Bible territory.
Suppose John were to write a let
ter to seven churches in your section
today. What message do you think
that he would give them? Look over
the messages to the seven churches of
Asia, as given in the first three chap
ters of Revelation, and see how they
fit churches today. There is a time
liness and a modernness about the
Bible which is almost startling..
Human nature is practically the
same today that it was in John's
time. We need the same admonitions
that were necessary for people then.
The question is whether we have the
grit to apply them to ourselves and
to our own church.
III. "The Living One."
When John saw the mighty messen
ger who spoke to him, the Record says
that he "fell at his feet as one dead."
Then there came to John a great dec
laration as this messenger said, "Fear
Not; I am the Living one."
I like the declaration of the mes
senger; "I am the Living one." God
is not dead! Luther was comforted in
his time of danger and despair, when
his wife asked him point-blank: "Is
God dead?" And Sojourner Truth,
the old slave woman, helped Lincoln
"God's in his heaven,
All's right wjth the world!"
Therefore take up your daily work
with courage and hope. Speak hop-
appointed task; it is worth doing and
worth doing well. Believe, in spite
of battle and bloodshed, poverty and
pretense, woe and wickedness, be
lieve that God still lives and is work
ing out his plans. You are the serv
ant of "the Living one." Because he
lives, you shall live also! Because he
lives, his kingdom is coming. It will
conquer! Let us rejoice in the as
surance and fact of a living God!
- fe7
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S w 1 f'Kg;
S w'
? AL jtf--llw
ill V' N vS-
p I I JSv 3o.
t- iiJS--i ft "Vv 'X
i(if)itfif hi tout uun Nii
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The Price You've Always Paid
In Spite ol
Rising Leather Markets
HAT'S how this big store has protected It's large
trade. Months ago we placed the huge orders
before leather prices hnd soared so high, and we can
sell them to you for less on that account. There Is no
indication that the prices will be lower, but every rea
son to think they'll go higher, so
Be ForewarnedBuy Several Pairs Now
Ladles' all Blnzc kill,
Combination Bunion Lace,
si vrry comfortablp easv
SStJe... $5.00
131.10k Glnz( Kid Vamp,
white wanhalilo kill top.
Dial ii toe, Cuban CC flfl
Louis heel ?U.UW
Dark H n v a n a brown,
white kltl top, plain too.
neo, I:,ilH- $5.00
All ilark brown, nlnln
heee'I.r:0.u.l.a. S5.00
Mail orders filled promptly, PREPAID.
W. W. Hoskins.'Prcs. Toledo, Ohio
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Mch top laoo, plain vamp.
llBht welt sole, C Art
Leather Louis Heel.vv
Black Glaze Kid Varap,
dull kid top, lace or button.
str.ilRht cuban dE Aft.
heel, plain toe ipu.UU
All Ivory Kid, lace, plain
toes. Leather CC Aft
Louis Heel JpO.UU
Dull Calf Vuinp, black
cloth top, plain toe, welt
sole, leather cc nn
vv, vv
SflIT HamsgKold HisTir - -J
The following vegetarian menu for
Thanksgiving will be of interest to
housewives in these high-cost-of-living
Cream of Chestnut Soup
Celery Radishes Ripe Olives
Vegetable Turkey Cranberry Jelly
Caramel Sweet Potatoes
Mashed Hubbard Squash
Fruit Salad Nut Bread
Pumpkin Pie Oranges Apples
Vegetable Turkey Recipe Chop
three cups nut meats quite fine and
add three cups dry bread crumbs wet
with milk, a tablespoon of butter
melted in a little milk, one teaspoon
sage, two teaspoons salt, then stir in
six well-beaten eggs. Bake in well
buttered tin twenty minutes. Serve
hot with brown gravy.
Brown Gravy: Two cups boiling
water, add six tablespoons peanut
meal, season to taste, thicken to prop
er consistency with browned flour.
Vegetable Turkey Two cups lentil,
bean or peas puree, two eggs, one
half cup toasted bread crumbs, pne-half-cup
browned flour, two teaspoons
celery salt, two teaspoons sage, one
cup strained tomato, two cups nut
meal or finely chopped nuts, one
fourth cup cream, juice of medium
sized onion, one teaspoon salt.
Cook the legumes (either lentils,
peas or beans) until quite tender and
dry. Make into puree by putting
through colander. Beat the egg
slightly and add the other ingredi
ents in the order given. Then bake
in n. hot. oven twenty or thirty min
utes, or until nicely browned. If de
sired this mixture may be shaped
with a paring knife or spatula to re
present a fowl. Serve with cream
s.iucc or brown sauce.
Oyster Soup
Roast Duck Stuffed with Apples
Sweet Potato Croquettes
Cauliflower Fruit Salad
Nesselrode Pudding Coffee
Escaloped Oysters
Roast Chicken
Mashed Potatoes Succotash
Cranberry Jelly
Pumpkin Pie Coffee
More Coats, Better Coats and a
Bigger Variety of
Women's Coats
Will Be on Sale This Week
$t J.50
$ n.so
Regular Selling Prices.
$18.50 and $20
Regular Selling Prices.
$22.50 and $25
Regular Selling Prices.
$29.50 to $.35
ft .- jjm- JJw wha, "TTT.' WWflSyL. yW-wwtnW.if 1 1 lifCF - i
rfWfer" ,(M fl?Tftfli. ?.&"" V ' . ., ,
- " Wl"
...wwJMf&ftV. vyv .wrv.V'
Here's nn advance peek at fashion's decree for the forthcoming bath
ing season at tho popular California and Florida winter resorts. Some
startling creations in headgear are on the list. Bare legs will not be per
mitted. " '
Escaloped Sweet Potatoes Parboil
then pe6l; slice 'crosswise and pack
in layers in pudding dish, seasoning
each layer with butter, salt, pepper
and u little sugar; cover thickly with
cracker crumbs wet with cream; stick
bits of butter in this coating, dust
with salt and pepper; bake, covered,
half an hour, then brown .
Honeycomb Cream One pint milk,
two eggs, four tablespoons sugar,
four ounces gelatin. Beat yolks of
eggs with sugar, add milk; pour this
into granite sauce pan and stir over
fire until it thickens, but do not let
it boil; then add gelatine, stirring un
til thoroughly mixed. Let stand
thirty minutes, then add whites of
eggs beaten to a stiff froth; put into
mold and let stand in cool place till
Prune Cake One cup sugar, two
eggs (one will do) one tablespoon
shortening, one cup buttermilk or
sweet milk (buttermilk preferred,)
two cups flour, one-half teaspoon
soda (if sour milk is used) dissolved
in milk; also teaspoon baking powder.
Use any flavoring desired. Last
thing, put in one cup chopped prunes
and one-half cup nut meats cut fine
and dredged with one-half cup flour.
Frosting: One coffee cup confection
ery sugar, white of ono of the eggs
used for the cake (you need not beat
it,) two teaspoons orange juice, tea
spoon, butter.
JisA A&f&T KP is W&-
This is the time of year we get down to hard tack with the manufacturers to
whom we give our regular business, and actually force them to give us the same
high standard merchandise at considerably less prices than at the beginning cf the
That is the reason for this sale.
Not a job lot, but fresh, clean coals an ever came out of afactory.
Beaut;iful coats for women and youn t v.-omen in full length, uncommonly wide
flaring models, many full lined all specially priced.
In dark, rich greens and browns, also in navy blue, burgundy and black.
1 6 to 44. "'
Third Floor.
Wo want you to make free u.se of our beautiful, comfortable rest room on the Third Floor,
while a visitor to Toledo. Use our phoues, writing desks and make this a meeting place for your
self and friends, A comfortable and convenient hpot In which to rest at any time.
The Thompson-Hudson Co
Corner Adams and Summit Sts. TOLEDO, O.
, ..&.
"f "ftp wjsjftjgA -jrtffff 'A .--.-4-

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