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Tin raummuiia jouknae
1 One feature you'll like is the oven thermometer. Thi3
means perfect baking and greatest fuel economy.
Then there is the key-plate lifter, that makes broiling
and toasting so easy, while good cooks delight in the Crystal
Malleable Glass Doors that can be fitted to any Globe Range.
The Globe makes other ranges seem clumsy and out ofdati.
But you really ought to see one. You'll at least come
in and look, won't you?
The Globo Stove) & Range Company, of Koltomo, Ind., alio
manufacture Globe Bate Burner!, Globe Soft Coal Heater
,and Globe, Warm Air Furnace.
v & ' AJ I- A .
litional Local
rl. A. Stutehcl oi' Luckey,
1 E. J. Spilker hikI wife
J. J. Ilcilmnn attoiulccl the
of Jos. Gross at Norwalk,
,ss Jessie Barton of Toledo
Xmas day guest at the It. P.
l home.
Ir. and Mrs. T. It. Shimmin
tained at a family dinner
stmas day.
Mr. and Mrs. Volney Wagoner
Valbridge spent Cliristmas with
atives here.
Harsh physics react, weaken the
iwels, will lead to chronic constipa
lon. Doan's Regulets operate easily.
i5c a box at all stores. 4
Mrs. Elizaheth Seibert took
Xmas dinner -with Mr. and Mrs. D.
iC. Whitehead.
Mr. Wm. Budd Jr. is spend
ing his vacation on the farm near
Coldwater, Mich.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Leubben
and family visited Mrs. G. Leub
ben of Toledo, Sunday.
Misses Florence- and Mable
"Winger of Pettisville, was Mrs. J.
Shoemaker's guest Saturday.
On Friday Mrs. II. II. Sargent
will entertain at luncheon Mrs. E.
D. Peck and Miss Kathryn Whit
ney of Toledo.
Miss Margaret Walsh had as
her dinner guests Christmas day,
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Grant and chil
dren, Mr. Geo. and Miss Pearl
Grant and Mr. Jno. Walsh of To
ledo. Dr. and Mrs. II. It. Koether
entertained at Xmas dinner, Mr.
and Mrs. Geo. Rocther and family
Adolph Itocther of this place and
their sou Herbert avIio is home
from Ann Arbor for the holidays.
Mr. Andrew Kazmaier of Mi
lan, Mich.; Mr. and Mrs. Ilarry
Kazmaier of Maumee, and Mr.
and Mrs. Lester Carter spent Sun
day and Monday with their par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. John Kazmaier.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kaz
maier with ther guests, Mrs. Clar
ence Graham and daughters, the
Misses Ocie and Violet Graham of
Button, Mich., were Xmas dinner
guests of Mr. and Mi's. Fred Kopp
and family.
Mr. Chas. Tyler of Toledo
spent Xmas with his sister, Mrs.
Mary T. Ileilmun.
F. Byrne and wife enter
tained as Xmas dinner guests
Frank Shinew and wife of Portage,
E. J. Spilker and wife and Chester
Byrne, wife and daughter Frances,
and John Byrnes. A fine turkey
dinner was served by the hostess,
it being the 51st anniversary of
Mr. and Mrs. Byrne.
Mrs. Collier Says Could Not Keep
House Without Black-Draught.
Hardin, Mo. Mrs. J. W. Collier, of
this tovm, who knows from experience
of the merit of Black-Draught Liver
Medicine, has following to say for
publication: "I want to let everybody
know that I have used Thedford's
Black-Draught for many 'years, and it
is just what is claimed for it. I am
never without Black-Draught, and
really I couldn't keep house without it.
Whenever I feel bad, I take a small
dose, and feel better right away.
I advise everybody who suffers
from liver or stomach trouble to use
Black-Draught Liver Medicine."
For three-quarters of a century
(75 years), Thedford's Black-Draught
has been regulating irregularities of
the liver, stomach and bowels, and has
long been recognized as the standard
remedy. It is a fixture in thousands
of homes as the main stay of the fam
ily medicine chest.
If you have not tried it, get a pack
age from your nearest dealer, today.
He sells it in 25c and $1.00 packages,
making it cost you only one cent a
dose. ' NCB3
Mr and Mi's. Fred Eckel en
tertained at a family Xmas dinner :
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Eckel Sr.,
Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Kohl, Mr.
and Mi's. John Moscr and sons
Merlin and Harvey, Mr. and Mrs.
Ed, Witzler and daughter Laverne,
Mr. and Mrs. B. 0 'Roily and
daughter Irene, Mr. and Mrs. Law
rence Eckel and daughter Lucille,
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Kohl and
sons Howard and Edwin, Mr. and
Mrs Alfred Haas and daughter Ce
cila and son Ambrose, Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Rectenwal and sons
Edgar and Howard and daughter
Luretta and Mildred, Mr. and Mrs.
Urban Ludwig of Maumee and Mr.
and Mi's. Ralph Kuhn of Bowling
Green, Ohio.
than Pills
V0U WILL NEVER wish to take another dose
J, pills after having once used Chamberlain's Tab
lets. They are easier and more pleasant to take,
more gentle and mild in their action and more reli
able. They leave the bowels in a natural condition,
while the use of pills is often followed by severe
constipation, requiring a constant increase in the
dose. Every bottle guaranteed by your druggist.
v jdf Begin the Mew Year Right! H
L?.a htzM
It's all in getting the right start. You simply cannot start right
unless you include in your "resolutions" a year's subscription for
the paper that prints today's news today and gets that news to
vou on tunc.
Have The Plain Dealer Delivered
Every Week. Day for a Year
Keep posted on what's doing. These arc history making times! There is so many important things
hnppcnmc every minute ou cannot afford to be without knowledge of them. The Plain Dealer, with
its own cable service from Europe with it own wires 'from New York, Chicago and other cities
with its unsurpassed methods of gathering news that will interest you is the paper you should re
ceive at ynnr home every mornina.
Save Mosiey by Taking Advantage
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Plain Dealer the total combination being hut a few cents more than The Plain Dealer alone ordi
narily costs.
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'.jmixs 1 1 1 mr i
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XOTE This offer includes a full year's sulwription to Every Week. U'
bought alone, the regular prie of Krry Work for a year's pulx'cription is
$1.00. It is n lio weekly, conta'nir-g interesting Mario-, worth while articles
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special interest. Itemeiilier, you reoeive B2 copies of Kcry Y'cek.
In order to benefit by these special
rates you must act at once, for all
club offers will soon be withdrawn.
First Newspaper of Cleveland, Sixth City
mail subscriptions accepted from localities izhcre ive maintain delivery Agents
c." lif ll-'f ihij. j.p u ' -l JMI'VtH fC51 - J, , ' " M " " m ii " mZt",, ' ' 'r . i - - ' ?""? i -xr. wt ,' I
iS Vrl tL f A ew Bjjm
Local Representative?
During the Holiday Season, our local
representatives are in an especially favor
able position to enjoy the powerful and
enduring good will that has grown up
around the "Geiger -Jones" name during
the past 1 2 years.
From our smallest customer who buys
one share at a time to our largest, who
hasinvestedmorc than $250,000 through us,
our 10, Out) clients know that the men who
represent us locally are theirtrusted friends
and neighbors. For that reason, the Holi
day Season is one of mutual congratulation
and warm expressions of esteem.
This is a good season to get acquainted
with the kind of men and the kind of enter
prises thathave grouped themselves around
The Geiger-Jones Company. If you write
to our local representative or to us direct,
we will send you, with our compliments,
our "Portfolio of Investment Securities"
an intensely interesting book that you will
be glad to own.
The Geiger-Jones Go.
Investment Securities
F. V. Ilciia, Kcprcscntallvc, So.Ur.; Cicc:!, CLIO.
Continued from First Page.
ation, Miss Dorothy Craig; Musiu
ami Flowers, Miss Mildred "Witzler.
Continued from First Page.
Auditor. Shortly before the close
of his second' term, lie was chosen
cashier of the First National bank
of this city. He had held tins posi
tion for more than ten years and
his executive Jalent resulted in
buifding up tli'e bank's business
very greatly. He was interested
in many other enterprises.
The funeral was held on Sunday
Ho is survived by his widow and
three children and to them the
sincere ympathy of the entire corn
sincere sympathy of the entire
community is extended.
Nervous Women.
When the nervousness s caused by
constipation, as is often the case, you
will cot nuick relief bv takincr Cham
berlain's Tablets. These tablets also
improve the digestion, Obtainable
Historic Pharaoh's Hobby,
It glvcH ii curloubly human and mod
ern (uiullty to the I'haruoh that op
pressed the children of Isrucl to dis
cover, ns an American archeoloRlcnl
expedition has done, that lie was n
"collector." In his pulaco was a room
used as a museum, In which he had
gathered weapons and ornaments, soma
of which belong to the stono age.
Youth's Companion.
Zoar Lutheran Church.
P. Kluepfel, pastor. Sunday,
December 31st. Sunday school at
9; German service at 10; English
service at 7. There will be Eng
lish service on New Year's day at
10. Immediately after services a
congregational meeting will be
held in which officers will be
elected for the ensuing year and
other business transacted.
On Thursday the Ladies' Aid
meets at the Lutheran parsonage,
December 28th.
Everybody welcome at the services.
Sloan's Liniment is first thoucrht of
mothers for bumps, bruises and sprains
that are continually happening to chil
dren. It quickly penetrates and
soothes without rubbing.Cleaner and
more effective than mussy plasters or
ointments. For rheumatic aches, neu
ralgia pain and that grippy soreness
after colds, Sloan's Liniment gives
prompt relief. Have a bottle handy
for bruises, strains, sprains and all
external pain. For tho thousands
whose work calls them outdoors, tho
pains and aches following oxposuro
are relieved by Sloon'B Liniment. A
Services for Sunday, December
31: Sunday school, 9 a. m.; les
son subject, "Christ's Coming
and Coming to Christ," Rev. 22:6
14. She annual Sunday school elec
tion will take place immediately
after Sunday school.
Young People's Alliance, 6:30.
Topic: "Lessons to Learn from
tho Past," Eph. 5:15-21. Mrs.
Ellenberger, leader.
Preaching services, 7:30.
On Tuesday evening the men
and women's Personal "Workers'
League meet at he church.
On Thursday evening, mid
week prayer and praise service;
also a Sunday school business
meeing. Teachers and officers arc
requested to be present.
Danger Signal.
If the fire bell should ring would you
run and stop it, or go and help put out
tho fire? It is much the same way
with a cough. A cough is a danger
signal as much as a fire bell. You
should no more try to suppress it than
to stop a fire bell when it is ringing,
but should cure the disease that causes
the coughing. This can nearly always
bo done by taking Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. Many have used it
with the most beneficial results. It is
especially valuablo for tho persistent
cough that so often follows a bad cold
or an attack of tho grip. Mrs. Thomas
Beeching, Andrews, Ind,, writes: "Dur
ing tho winter my husband takes cold
easily and coughs and coughs. Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy is the best
' medicine for breaking up these attacks
and you cannot get him to take any
other." Qbtoinablo everywhere,
.At! dttfrnv narl
htlllnn ,lll..
ft Ii nfc to oit Deadly to
rU but hirmloii to
human beinn. Ram limply
fry up. No ojor tibattrer.
uuiDie booklet In eicb can.
How to DeKror Rata."
25c, SOc and 1.00.
In Seed. Hardware, Oru
and General Store.
ini mi:i; vai.i.kv hy.n. .t i.ikiit co.
In i:ilcct February :i, ltI5
I.v T'do I.v.T'do I'biire P'burtj Ma'mee
West North
C 00 24 5 42 7 04
D 15
C 4S 7 12 0 21 G OS 7 &2
"30 i 00 7 12 H 40
i 24 S 4S t! Gl y 2S
3 12 9 3G S 00 7 3'J 10 1G
10 00 10 24 i 4S i 27 11 04
10 4S 11 12 9 20 a 15 11 52
11 3fi 12 00 10 24 10 03 12 40
12 24 12 43 11 12 10 51 1 2S
1 12 1 36 12 00 11 39 2 16
2 00 2 24 12 48 12 27 3 04
2 4S 3 12 1 36 1 15 3 52
3 36 2 24 2 03
"4 24 4 00 3 12 2 51 4 40
5 12 4 00 3 39
C 00 4 4b 4 29 4 27 5 2S
" " R m 4 4S 5 15 5 50
7 36 C 36 6 03 6 16
ii -4 6 36 U 51
9 12 6 24 7 39 7 04
10 00 7 12 6 21 S 27 7 52
10 4h S 00 9 15 8 40
11 36 b 48 7 12 10 03 9 28
9 36 8 00 10 61 10 16
10 24 S 48 U 04
11 12 9 36 11 62
12 00 10 24 12 40
11' 12
() Cars marked thus do not run on
immj1"' n m m w .
worth o! food tnd propcrtj ererr year,
WM and mfrr nA tnn . l.. ' i'l
Kill jo.,
mr caw
-i, .VA&a&!J5!&
t-i3HL i-VM"iS'-"iPK
TRADE-MARKS li.nl couyrliclitlubtsllifl on
rmi. Hutu! muni!!. .iu'iii! ir luiuius aiiu un
diFcriptkm, rr FREE St ARCil mid rtjiurt on
Hen.lcentrtnmp for NEW BOOKLET.
full of luiUnt lulurmullou. It lll UlIij you to
READ PACES llnnd It before applying
f or a jtaionu W 1 no to-d&y.
L303 Sovcnlh St., Washlnoton, D. C.
7JTi Vfl " '" "r"
lotobo uroaded. It leadj to nerioua
allrncnti, I'uvcr. Indication. Vllei.
Dlok Iluatlaobe, Poiioncil Bylm and
a looro ol other troubles follow.
Don't let Constipation last.
Keep your Kidneyg, Liver and Barrels
uealthyand aotivc. Hid your ayatem
of fermented, Haasy fooda.
Nothiiit) better than
Br. King's
All Drutttfisti 25 cent ''
' nmmmmmmmKmi j,
j , r-

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