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Perrysburg journal. (Perrysburg, Wood Co., O. [Ohio]) 186?-1965, February 22, 1917, Image 7

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iw iS fiii Pi a H -IlHiVi' : 4 III I M" hill
Four of a hind wouldn't you stark your pile on these? You may choose the black hat embroidered in
soutache and on tho wind, or tho. black lace picture hat bound in satin with straw crown :.nd off-shoot in the
way of a foatho fantasy, or attain the gray crepe embroidered in preen beads, or still again the brown straw
liii fiu'oil in satin bristling with hrowu'nuills all Hluobird hats from Smolin.
HI W v.T A FJ.
maft m wwcaaa
H cms eh old Hint
Ttwrnaftwrranfyv-r-" -
IClltlllM' Mllll' OnillL'Os Willi smooth
U U i 1 1 nn best. Weigh the oranges
jintl allow three-fourths their weight
r ii sugar. Homow pool In quarters.
over peel with boiling water anil
ook until tender. Drain, cool ami
remove t lit inner white part with a
'spoon Cut this t lit n yellow rind lu
jo thin stilps wltli scissors. Divide
foiling! into sections, remove tlie
white skin and seeds, place in pre
serving kettle and when at the boil
ing point commence adding the
sugar gradually. Cook slowly for
one hour. Add the bits of rind and
cole one hour longer. Pour into
Tomnto Cream Soup Put tonio-
toes through sieve, put on stove to
Ibeat. Now take a siuieepan, spare
iwhafc butter you can. brown a little
Hour in it, add milk until you have a
creamy broth, then add pinch of soda
to the tomatoes so as not to curdle
sugar, ami just a small pinch of all-
'.splce. I'ut both ingredients logeliter;
serve with crackers. Kxcellent and
Nut Bread One ami one-half pints
of Hour, one-half teaspoon salt, one
tablespoon lard, one teaspoon sugar,
me cup liiUtwarm water, one eoni
i.c s(,i j ist cake. thice-iunrtors cup
linpif il in! .iic.iis. Place yt ast and
siig.ir in the liikewai'iii water and set
aside uiiM! yeast comes in top. Hub
laid Into Hour, add salt, nut meats ami
yi'iisi ; knead, using mori' Hour If nec
essary, until dough is soft and elastic.
Place lu warm place until It has iKen.
.Mold into oui' loitf.. l'lai'e in gi eased
pan and let it rise again until light.
Hake in moderate oven from Jo to 0
minutes. For a change the dough
may be made into lolls ami baked in
a ipiick oven.
Prune Pudding Remove the stones
from a largo cup of stewed prunes
and chop the fruit Beat the whites
of three 'eggs, add one-half cup of
sugar and the chopped prunes, turn
into a buttered pudding dish and
bake 25 minutes in a moderate oven.
Serve with cream.
The rule is to put them on to
simmer before the skins break. Sug
ar should be added to the water in
which the prunes are soaked, not
after they are cooked. Simmer
prunes in a covered kettle; never let
them boil hard.
Supported by the highest priced
counsel in Kentucky, Mrs. Uosa
Hecht, sixty-live, and her daughter,
Miss Ida Hecht, thirty-six, jointly in
dicted for the murder of Hernial'
Hecht, head of the family, early on
the morning of October 'S3, are now
on trial in Louisville. The women in
sist they are innocent of the charge
and the evidence against them is cir
cumstantial. Hecht was killed in bis
home. The women wore present at
?' j s3s
c , x
"'.' i A
ii iBg I
i I
Dear Frien
Hosa Hecht and her daughter
the time, but they say the crime was
committed by a burglar. A mail car
rier living next door declares he was
awakened on that night, by shots,
followed by the voice of Mrs. Hecht
saying, "Don't make so much noise."
Spring Fashion ' Notes
late skirts of the better kind.
Many of the dresses now being
made up show the straight linos which
have such general "acceptance with
adults, these styles being well ndapt-
eil fur tile lit tin fnll.-.s. Sump nf those ,..,,. ..i.i.. f ,i... .. .,,.!.,
utralgbt Hilhouette dresses have the
belt or Hash, placed at the low waist
line. In others the walstllue Is high,
and in a few It is normal.
From all present indications sashes
tuc to be an tmpmtant factor in the
Bliss Anne Morgan (top) and Miss
Maude Wetmore,
New York, Feb. 21.--(Spcchil.)
A mobili'.atiou of women in home,
olllce. farm ami factory to prepaie
them for war duty is to lie effected
tluough a new emergency committee
headed by .Miss Mamie Wctmoie mid
Miss Anne Morgan.
"We hope 1o organize tin women
of the country to take I he places of
thi' men who will be called to mili
tary seiNico." snhl .Mis. Schuyler Van
HennselaiT, one of the organization
"Women aie icady to do their part
always, but they often fail to be ef
fective because of the lack of organ
ization. Wo are probably the only
country that has ever gone to war
with its women as well as Us men
mobilized for national service."
This little message cannot give you even the most
feeble ray of light upon a subject so vast and far-reaching
as my LOCKHART MILL-END SALE, and its connection
with your home.
Starting Monday, February 26, my LOCKHART
MILL-END SALE will be in full force for two weeks at
In this great country, for me to reach the largest
number of people, I must, like lightning, strike only the
highest points, viz: the largest cities and the best stores.
But, my prices and my merhpdlse mke H mfre than
worth your while to come to my sale no matter how far away
you may live.
You should plan now to come to my sale on Monday,
February 26, and stay all day.
cmamyt-'wun'.ww inTmnTr -
illuo groups, ncconllng to their pci
sonal piofoiences. The gioiips ale
listed as as follows;
Soi-al anil weifase work, home ad
mini-nation, agriculture, health, med
ical and musing n ir'.iainciitary sig
naling, motor drivilng ami general
service. As soon as tho weather per
mits there will be national encamp
ments of women where standardized
The women will bo divided into work along these lines will be done.
Among the most Interesting of the
new small ibatn anvtup ho-cnUed Itujah'
turbaus, which arr made of straw
with silk swirled uround'lhe top in
titio Knst Indian fashion,
Often the Oriental effect of these
hats Is greatly heightened by the use
of Jeweled or beaded cabochons placed
In tho center front.
Tho walstH for spring ure unusually
snappy In style and show a wider
langu of colors Umn formerly. This
Jk especially true of blouses to be worn
with spqit suits or with stylish Hcpa-
Headed girdles and cords In tlat
band effects will again be used for
Indicating the waistline in the
straight-line drosses.
Columbus -iiovernor Cox icccntly
toeelved a telegram fiom Mrs. .1. X.
Fleming ami Mis. A. S. Maun, presi
dent and M'oietary icspectlvely of the
('lcvolnnd Federation of Women's
Clubs, announcing that the T-'.OOO
members of Unit federation offer the
fediual government their loyal sup
port and service "for any local al
legiance or preparedness work In
which women may be, needed." The
oiucials said, "Call on us, we arc
l.lO.M, .,! - .W'.rt?? - L-5
j& " LITTLE MARY" tZ?1
This girl is the most popular youti',' lady in the world. She is truly the
"darling of tho screen," and this photo shows her as she will appear in her
next Artcraft picture, "A Poor Llttlo Bleb Girl." To nil who con guess
I tho last name of this,, well Unown screen star we will give an automobile
"providing every guca Is accompanied by a ceriffied-eheck for SfWQ.
Fruits de mer (sea fruit), this Is tho
comprehensive name by which the nu
merous little sliclUish of tho Mediter
ranean aie known, the term, affection
ate if jou will, which tho French
speaUing of these contributions of the
boa which are at their best in Mar
si illcs and all along the IUviera, over
lie bolder Into sunny Italy.
Marseilles Is tho gi cat 'fish maikct
ot southern Fiance and Leghorn of
i orthcrn Italy, while Naples of course
is tho canter for southern Italy. Along
the quays of all three cities an epicure
nr his ranbles will find much of intcr
(M and many a now sensation for his
Ilouillabalsse, even hefoie it was
made famous in litoiature by Thacku-i-iy,
was considered the piece do resis
tance of southern France and nmtclott
iq poisson a close second. But for my
pait the most luscious morsels ot the
fuiits of the bluo Meditenauean are
fie little shellfish which aio soUl from
the booths along tho quajs or in tho
open air kitchens wliero amid odors
ot garlic and oil, a whiff of tho salt
air fiom the sea and of great masses
of wet seaweed upon which uho shell
fsh aie temptingly nrranged make tho
nostrils dilate even as the sight of the
scduclva wares tickle tho palate and
foice one to stop and Investigate.
Afghan Idea of Justice
Somo grim stories ure told of Af
plum justice. A moolah (priest) show
ed his dlsapnioval ot the ameer's prDJ
yectlvoJoutney Ho -India by m-eaKuing
that ha would never return. The piltst
was summoned to tho royal presonco
ar.d asked whether ho had made such
i remark. Knowing that theio hud
boon several witnesses presont at tho
t'nio ho answered lu the affirmative,
t'e was commanded to lepeat nls ro
mark. As ho did so tho ameer cried,
"Do not say another word!" IIo ln
itructed a tailor who had been sent
for, to sew up tho lips ot the moolah,
t?ying: "His mouth shall be opened
should 1 return safely; but should I
fall to roturn, open his inoutn and pin
dolol him a true prophet throughout
Snake Killing Birds
A number of biids throughout the
world are known to he enemies of rep
tiles, and seveial arietios miiko a reg
ular search for snakes and other deep
ing tilings.
In South Afiica is to be found tho
champion snake killer of the bird
laniiiy. It is Known as the secretary
The name sec ins an odd one hut the
L'iid received its name fiom i crest or
tuft of plumugu li.dng from the back
01 its head, which leminds one ot a
tccietary or bookkeeper with a bunch
ct quills stuck behind his ear.
The bird has ashen gray plumage,
and its tail feathers arc often two let
in length. The male biid stands us
much as four feet in height, hut a
g-cat poitlnn of tills is neck and legu.
ts wings arc long when luit-lioiche.d,
and it is strongly built and Is adapted
lor tho peculiar work of Jestiuying
li.iKo i opt ilea.
As a rule it attacks smaller snakes
tr picference to tho veiy poworliil
ones, and In doing so uses oory pi
(iiulion against contact with the pois
onous fangs or -tiong cods. It dues not
nltack its pioy hiiddenl, hut after
walking around tho spot oc. upied by
:eptilo suddenlj spieads Its wings and
g'ves the roptile a sudden but sharp
blow on tho head with its wry hard
and sharp talons. This is done bo
i,u!ckly that the leptile has no cbanco
ti l exist.
Queer Laws
There are In force In Switzerland
ceitain laws which, in tho hands ot
the uusc-upulpits, may work great
havoc with personal rights nnd liber
tics. This Is a point coucern'ng wnicji
Mieie can be no dispute. Fer instance,
'u most cantons mon and women may,
be punished not only for what they
have actually done in the past but at
ro for what may possibly result In tha
future from what they have Hone, tia
poso a man Is spending week by week
all ho earns. Then the local authori
ties, acting In conjunction wtt tho po
lice, may send him to a penal work
house, on tho pretext that his conduct
la such that he may later becoroo des
titute nnd therefore be u burden to tin
eommunlt, .

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