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l nr(tiiiiirinaiataati
Ufa mpM g0Uttt
B. U DliDH
Entered at the Perrysburs Postofflce
as aecond-olaas matter.
One dollar and fifty cents In advance.
Cards of Thanks, Obituary Pootry and
Resolutions ot Respect ore publlshod at
the rate of B cents per line only. Thero
will be no deviation from this rule.
TUB JOURNAL Is dated Thursday,
but the paper goes to press every
Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. In
order that It may reach Its renders In
various localities by Thursday morning.
'.oca and Lone Distance I'll one No. SI.
iV TfjBiSjygpi-U
To the President of the United
As an Amcrican.faithf ul to Amer
ican Ideals of justice, liberty and
humanity, and confident that the
Govcrmment has exerted its most
earnest efforts to keep us at peace
with the world, I hereby declare
my absolute and unconditional
loyalty to the Government of the
United States and pledge my sup
port to you in protecting American
rights against unlawful violence
upon land and sea, in guarding the
Nation against hostile attacks, and
in upholding international right.
S L Sheperd K L Blue
E Fitzgerald II II S.ueent
w H llholiifrank II C Leydorf
M T Graves 0 F flollunbeck
G B L-ownsbury C C Leydorf
It It Hartshorn
Rob't C Pew
J B Kiobel
O P Simon
0 P Champney
Charles Britten
B Barry
1 S Bowers
A G Williams
George Munger
Harold Munger
J II Wilson
D C Whitehead
M U Jarrctt
M B McFillen
TF Millicau
Louis Marti
ltob.t Mawer
M H Bowers
W J Veitch
F C Munger
Eugene G Amon
John M Amon
Paul F Schrader C It Hartshorn
M H Benner
A J Wilson
HA Wilson
Geo J Munger
Add your name to this list
E L Hartshorn
V P WilsoD
John Hayes
An American physician who has re
cently returned from Antwerp, where
he was In charge of a district for the
American relief, says that the average
health in that city, particularly in re
gard to children, Is particularly high.
Ho attributes this to the scarcity of
food, which prevents fond parents
from overfeeding their young ones,
overfeeding being one of the principal
causes of infantile aflllctlons. The
health of the better class citizen, he
adds, is also excellent, probably be
cause the lutter has been, In most
cases, forced to abandon his automo
bile and to "foot it" in his dally work,
thus obtaining exercise he would or
dinarily avoid.
Everybody had supposed that clover
was feed, not food that is to say that
It was nourishment for cattle and
horses, but not for human beings. Was
everybody mistaken? Vienna papers
aro telling their readers that the doc
tors have found common clover is a
delicious and nourishing vegetnble,
and easily cooked. Prepared liko
Bplnach with flour and butter and salt
it resembles tender French beans. In
other words, there is a chance for hun
gry people to get Into clover by get
ting clover Into them.
A great fuss is making over the fact
that tho professor of experimental veg
etable growing In the State College of
Pennsylvania grafted a tomato vino
on a potato vine, and succeeded in
raising 11 matured tomatoes above
ground and as many flue potatoes be
low. But such two-story crops have
been produced many times before, and
while interesting they are no longer
Additional Local
FOR SALE Horse. Inquire
W. E. BUR DO, Bates road. Go
Mr. Lawrence Eckel h a s
moved his family to Toledo.
Mrs. "W. P. Adamson was visit
ing friends in Toledo,, Friday.
Mrs. Mary Doyle, of Toledo,
spent Tuesday with Mrs. It. A
A baby boy arrived at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schaller on
March 29th.
Mr. Win, Salsbery of Swanton
spent Sunday with his daughter
Mrs. L. L. Chapman.
Mrs. C. E. Eager of Toledo,
was the guest of her sister Mrs.
L. L. Chapman, Monday.
Miss Gladys Christman of
Watcrville was the week-end guest
of Miss Margaret Caldwell.
The New Century club will
hold its next meeting Thursday,
April 12th, at the home of Mrs. S.
E. Hartshorn.
The Misses Anna and Louise
Leydorf spent Monday in Toledo,
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. H.
Thaiss and family.
Chicken Supper at Methodist
church, Wednesday evening, April
11. Supper served from 5:00 to
7:00. Adults 35c, children 25c.
Mrs. C. Tippey and daughter
Lucile left Wednesday morning for
Colorado Springs when tney will
spend over Easter with Mr. Tippey.
Itch! Itch! Itch! Scratch! Scratch!
Scratch! The more you scratch, tho
wore you itch. Try Doan's Ointment.
For eczema, any skin itching. COc
a box.
The ladies of Perrysburg are
requested to meet at the rooms of
the Civic Association, Tuesday,
April 10, 1 :30 p. m. to sew for the
Red Cross.
Concerning Nothing Very Sorious
But Worthy of Thought.
Moro armored tractors or tanks are'
being shipped from this side to tho
British on the front to help in tho grim
harvest blood and death aro reaping
on tho battlefield. Their invention in '
tho interests of peaceful pursuits nov-,
er Included in its object this Bangui-j
nary use, yet it has turned out tho
most effective war weapon devised.
Italy baa refused to extradito a man
suspected in this country of murder.
But wo should have no quarrel with
that It would bo quite a satisfactory
arrangement if Italy would agrco to
keep all her murderers, potential and
actual, at home.
Honest citizens who hare tried vain
ly to cash a perfectly good check in
their homo neighborhoods wonder how
It Is that a professional crook can got
010,000 00 a forged mortgage
Mrs. Gertrude Brandhuber, Mrs.
Daisy Powers, Mrs. Edith Maddy
and Miss Cora Pierce were hostess
es, Tuesday noon, at a beautifully
appointed luncheon at the home of
Mrs. Brandhuber on Front street.
The guests were all girlhood friends
of the hostesses and as it had been
some time since they had had an
opportunity of being together, the
luncheon was planned to renew
friendships of girlhood days.
Yellow daffodils graced the cent
er of the table and nut baskets in
the form of yellow rosebuds were
at each place. Dainty place cards
with appropriate sentiments mark
ed places for Mrs. Alta Witzlpr
Veitch, Mrs. Lulu Wedertz Hoehler,
Miss Myra Hanson, Mrs. Nettie
Zingg Hegamaster, Mrs. Millie
Hirth Towers, Mrs. Myrtle Wil
son Hayes, all of Toledo; Mrs. May
Cranker Hufford of Dayton, Mrs.
Jessie Wallace Sly of Bowling Green
Mrs. Emma Curtis Leatherman of
Sylvania, Mrs. Edith Frusher Pope,
Mrs. Clara Chappuies Williams,
Mrs. Edith Chapman Champney,
Mrs. Inez Chapman Lownsbury,
Mrs. Bett Crabby Bowers, Mrs.
Edith Hollenbeck Maddy and the
Those to whom invitations were
sent but who were unable to attend
were Mrs. Ada Lawrence Brown of
Bloomington, 111., Mrs. Winnie
Frusher Rettick of Newington,
Conn., Mrs. Lou Averill Paine of
Atlanta, Ga.,and Mrs. Kitty Hayes
Meagley of S. D. Letters were
read from those unable to come
and the sentiment expressed in
I them indicated that the writers
were present in spirit if not m
Valentine Theatre.
The original "Katzenjamraer
Kids" are coming to the Valentine
Theatre, Toledo for a week com
mencing April 1st.
This newest cartoon musical
comedv is a distinctive departure
from any cartoon play ever staged.
It is a big song, dance, fun and
girl show, magnificently staged and
costumed with tho latest creations
of feminine fashions.
One of tho scenes is laid in tho
Hawaiian islands and is said to bo
one of the most picturesquely beau
tiful stage pictures over seen, being
a riot of beautiful colors harmoni
ously blended together.
Every little potato growing in a
hill, will look to the housewife like
a million-dollar bill.
Everybody is going to make gar
den this year. Even the window
boxes will probably be filled with
lettuce and onions. Of course they
will not look so pretty, but they
will help the appearance of the ta
bic and cut down old II. C. of L.
It is reported that tho Pres
idential bee is now buzzing around
the head of Gov. Cox. Oh, well, if
elected, Jimmy would be some
President, alright.
All honor to Gov. Cox, who be
lieves that in the case of prepared
ness it is well to follow the advice
of David Ilaruni and "do it fust."
Uncle Sam has at last resurrect
ed the good old motto
Tread on Me
Hand Pruning Shears 30c to $1.00 each.
Pruners 18 in. handle
18 in. " draw cut
" 8 and 10 ft handle
Pruning Saws
75c each
S2.50 "
1. 00 "
75c "
. $2
J. Davis Hardware Company.
REX: 1 gal. 25c, 5 gal. lots 20c per gal.
Dally Thought.
Drops of dew refresh the faded flow
ers, so do kind words cheer tho ach
ing heart.
Clear Away the Waste.
Bowel regularity is the secret of
good health, bright eyes, clear com-
ploxious, and Dr. King's New Life Pills
are a mild and gentle laxative that
Don't 'regulates the bowels and relieves the
congested intestines by removing tho
Affov lnnlrnifr -it niiMin nf accumulated wastes without griping.
Attei looking at pictuies ot : Takc a pm before retirinK nnd that
French women in overalls working heavy head, that dull spring fever feel
in tho miinitinii f-iotni-iij tlin '" disappears. Got Dr. King's new
111 the munition lactones, te Life PHisnt your druggist, 2Bc.
women of the rest of the world .
pounced upon this article of the I The following, business places
man's wardrobe and with the seiz- $11 clof at V- m"
Ci, , .. .,, . ... .Wednesday (8:00 p. in.) and Sat
urc of the ballot they also seize the ul.nv ns usl,ai:
trousers. Thus, there is mighty Kazmaicr's grocery, Hoffman's
little left that mere man can call grocery, Leydorf 's meat market,
his verv own. (Whitehead's grocery, AVilliams'
hardware, Davis' hardware, Kaz
liininr's meat market. Brown's
personally j, a r (j w a r C) Jczznrd "s grocery,
Ambassador Gerard entrusted p-oeery, Brown's grocery, Anion'
.$23,000 in gold to his valet, but the
care with which he
guarded and transported a small Shoemaker's shoe store, Roberts'
leather bag leads to the suspicion grocery.
that he smuggled out from Ger
many a peck of potatoes.
For Your Child's Cough.
Here's a pleasant cough syrup that
When the Russian people told every child likes to take, Dr. Bell's
the Czar he was "fired" it was the
greatest victory of the war.
A bOl.llllJK'b MIJU or IT
We'ie not ashamed of the unlfoim;
Anil It you are a li-iend,
You'll fc.iy no word atjainst It
fso wold that would offend;
It hus. covered honored bodies,
And by heioes hus been worn,
Since the days o,f the lepubllc
When tho Stuis and Strlpeb weie
Uniforms have many patterns,
some are "Knaici, borne are oiue
lJinc-Tar-Uoney. It your chilil has a
deep hacking cough that worries you,
give him Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-IIoney,
the soothing pine balsams relieve the
cough, loosens the phlegm and heals
the irritated tissues. Get a bottlo to
day at your druggist and start treat
ment at once. 25c.
Are of many patterns too.
We have just been informed
that the First National Nurseries
of Rochester, N. Y., are anxious
to secure either ladies or gentle-
nd tho men who chooso to wear them men to represent them in this sec-
jtion, in the sale of their complot"
line ot ornamental trees, shrubs,
roses, vines, bulbs, fruit trees, ber
ry bushes, etc. They inform us
that without previous experience
it is possible to make good wages
every week. Any one out of em
ployment or desiring to take up
work of this kind will do well to
write them for terms and in doing
so enclose this ifoticc. 7f
Some are sons of wealthy parents,
Some are college graduates;
Some have many manly virtues.
Some tire simply reprobates.
We have many skilled mechanics,
Men of brains and letters, who
Loyally have served the country
That they are a credit to,
No, indeed, they're not all angels.
Black guards? Yes, we're some of
When they came Into tho service
They all wore civilian clothes.
Men of all kinds, when they are drink
ing, Misbehave, act rough and swear;
Drunken soldiers or civilians
Are disgusting anywhere.
Grant us then, your kind forobearance
We all appreciate It more
Than a lot of noisy cheering,
When we're leaving for the war,
We have sat with you in public
And have smelled your whisky breath,
We heard remarks. Insane and silly,
Nearly boring us to death;
Tho' we offer no objections
When in public we are met,
Many people would exclude us
From that most exclusive? set.
When you meet us so in public.
On tho street oranywheie,
Wo don't merit sneering glances
Or a patronizing stare;
For wo have an honered calling.
As our garments plainly show:
You may be a thief or parson
How on earth are we to know?
We don't care for your profession
Occupation or what you are.
When you're gazing at a soldier,
And he is gazing back at you,
Who Is there to Judge between you
Ah you stand there man-to-man?
Onlv one Tho Great Almighty;
Name another If you can:
Drop your proud and haughty bearing
And your egotistic pride;
Get acquainted with the soldier
And the heart and soul Inside.
Test nnd try to analyze him.
Criticize him through and through,
And perhaps you then will find him
Just as good a man as you.
In Canal Zonp.
Dress Up!
, "Fine feathers make fine birds"
"Fine clothes make fine men"
Order your Spring Suit
Did it give you a "tcn-dollar-out" frown that wouldn't TO
wash off when you found out after buying that bill of building TO
material from "the other fellow out of town" you could have TO
got much better stock from us at the same or lower prices. TO
Seems to us when we say we can give you far better L
service tlian others and can give you the best building matnr-
v. ial for the money in these parts, its plainly up to you to see
T? whpf.nnr m nan ri . K..fnn U....:
($j Remember there's always one firm in every line that
(j stands out above all the rest. Handling better goods keep-
fa ing their promises having their customers' best interests at
jfo heart, are the things that put them there.
$l Now, are you going to see us NEXT TIME?
ft I'crrysburg, O. E. L. CLAY, Manager ,!
TO iki
TO . S
$ ThePerrysburgGrain&SeedCo.
will supply you with
( Scratch Feed, Chick Feed, Cracked Corn,
Corn Meal, Kaffir Corn, Buckwheat, Oil Meal,
Safe Medicine for Children.
"Is it safe?" is the first question to
be considered when buying cough med
icine for children. Chamberlain's ,
Cough Remedy has long been a favor- I
ite with mothers of young children as
1 it contains no opium or other narcotic,
I and may be given to a child as confi
i dently as to an adult. It is pleasant to (
I take, too, which is of great importance
when a medicine must be given to
young children. This remedy is most
effectual in relieving coughs, colds and
croup. Obtainable everywhere.
We can make you a fine pair of
trowsers, exactly to your measure,
form the best materials obtainable,
lots of samples to choose from.
S4.50 to SG.50.
Genuine Rain coats made to fit.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Prices
-more reasonable than anywhere
you may go.
Cleaning, repairing and pressing
done lightly and prices reasonable.
Any and all kinds of goods dyed
Milton Mladenus
Custom Tailor and Dry Cleaner.
Shop phone Main 25G.
Res. phone Red 78.
20G. Main Street
PEiutYsnuiia, Omo.
Can be had
216 Conant St., Maumee, O.
Funeral designs of all kinds.
Wedding work, etc., given careful attention.
'Store open until 8 :30 p. m. Home Phone
Saturday night 10:30 p. m. Residence Main 115
Sunday a. m. 8 to 12 noon. Store Main 33
Alfalfa Meal, Chick Charcoal, Oyster Shells,
Grit in 3 sizes, Bran, Middlings, Beef Scrap.
We will also supply Dairy and Horse Feed
Cotton Seed Meal and Calf Meal,
fk Chop Feed, Ear Corn and Oats,
Phone your Order to Main 48
' tf
. U
aM r jT
The same heat-treated Vanadium steel.
The same sturtliiiess and reliability.
Now made further Htcrrtivt with stream
line hood, crown feniki-s, black finish and
costs only two cents a mile to run.
More than One flillion, Eight Hundred
Thousand in use.
Enter your order to-day with us, authorized Ford
agent and don't be disappointed later on. n
Touring Car . S300.
Roadster " 345.
Coupelet 505.
Town Car : 595.
Sedan '. a 645.
Chasses i 325.
( F.O.B. Detroit. )
WM. SCHLECT, Perryburg, O.
T '"'"'W."!!"
.A J& -l!f
r. . f. . , I ;.. A -tV . ,
!-.-. I.i

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