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A' cooking clnss for boys lias been
established In one of tho Springfield,
Massachusetts, high schools. Special
attention is paid to camp cooking.
The June White Sale at Milner'
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His Scruples.
"I'm trying to ralso do price of a
ticket to Topoka," said tho measly
mendicant. "Can't you help mo a
little, and "
"No!" replied old Fcstus Pester. "I
have no grudgo against tho people of
Topeka, and thcreforo cannot consist
ently assist in sending them a man
with a neck so soiled that it looks
llko a section of corduroy road, and
whoso breath la like unto tho reek
inga of a dogary."
l'oarly teeth aro not tho fashion
every where. Firms of artificial teeth
manufacturers who have an export
trade have to keep in stock molars of
ovcry suado of color from whito to
black. There is a steady demand for
black teeth in Slam, Java, Batavia
and Durma, where the natives . chew
tho betel-nut, which blackens tho
toeth. For Persia the teeth must bo
absolutely milk-white. Recently an
order was received from Bhavnagar,
in India for some bright red and blue
artificial teeth. Smokers' teeth are
regularly supplied to dentists in
shades to match those which have
been discolored by nicotine.
Many a man's morality doesn't get
busy until he discovers that ho is bo
ing shadowed by a detective.
One kind of a dark secret is the
method employed by a bleached
blonde in keeping her hair light.
Franklin K. Lane Jr.. son of the Secretary of the Interior, has
answered the nation's call to arras by preparing himself for service
as an army aviator. He is a student of the United States Army
'Aviation School at Newport News, Va., where he has been engaged
in intensive training for the last few months, and will receive his
diploma with the next class to be graduated. In the above picture
lie is shown wearing the new regulation air pilot's uniform that has
just been adopted by the War Department.
H otxseKoId Hint -
Washington, 1). C. Tho use of
flours which contain more or lens bran
is sometimes advisable both for tho
sake of tho variety which they give
to the diet and because of the min
eral substance and growth-regulating
substances these Hours contain. Fann
ers' Bulletin SOT of the United States
Department. of Agriculture, Bii'.ul and
Bread Making,, includes, in addition
to white broad replpas. a number for
home-made bread from whole wheat
or graham flour, fiom home-ground
flour, from rye, rolled oats, etc. These
are as follows. :
Whole Wheat or Graham Bread.
Vz cups lukewarm milk, .'I table
spoons brown sugar, lli teaspoons
salt, .'! cups whole-wheat or graham
flour, Yi yeast cake.
It is easier to criticise tho small
mistakes of others than it is not to
make a few largs ones yourself.
When a man docs a fool thing that
gets him into trouble he is sure to
say that "accidents will happen."
i.Scald the milk, together with the
fugnr and salt. When lukewarm, add
the yeast, mixing it llrst with a little
of the milk. Add the flour, beat well,
and let it double Its volume. Beat It
thoroughly, put into a pan and let it
rise. In a pan of standard size it
should come nearly to the top.
The above recipe may be used in
preparing btead from homc-giouud
mi'.il. Theie are many homes, par
ticularly iii the country, where the
housewife can obtain unground wheat
at moderate cost. If ground in the
ordinary coffee mill, such wheat
makes a coarse bread, not very light
in texture, but,, of such good flavor
thrtt It may well be used occasionally
to give vaiiety to the diet. It is use
ful, too, in places wheie good bran
can not be obtained easily and where
coarse breads are desired as a means
.f in event ing constipation. In mak
ing such broad with a view to econ
omy the housekeeper should compute
what it will cost her per loaf, includ
ing labor and fuel, as eompaied with
other breads and makes. Skim mill;
instead of whole milk can be used;
home-made yeast, whether liquid lr
dry cakes, Is n possibility; and some
might like tho bread with less sugir
oi unsweetened. Another recipe
wflilch has been worked out follows:
Home-Ground Wheat Bread
Yt, cups water or Bkliu milk, VA tta
spoon salt, 1 tablespoon sugar, 3 cups
home-ground wheat flour, Yz cake dry
yeast, or 1 gill liquid yearst.
Set a sponge at night, using half of
the flour. In the morning add the
lest of the flour, beat well, put into a
greased pan, allow to rise until it
doubles It bulk, and bake.
Corn Meal and Wheat Bread.
Vz cups milk, water, or a mixture
of tho two, Yz cake compressed yeast,
or 1J4 cups milk, water or a mixture
of the two ;J cup jit'iuld yeast, Vz
teaspoons naif, 1 tablespoon sugar,
butter (If need), 1 tablespoon, 1 cup
corn meal, li cups wheat flour.
Women who think they aro too
large to wear separata blouses and
Bkirta, please take notice. ' This 'to
coming costume shows , what has
been done to give the. large .flBurtv
,the slender effects achioVed bytho
.Bveltline system of designing, .. j
A man would bo given a patrol
joy ride if he wore a suit made from
striped awning; but a woman can get
away with it.
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Miss Marion Bankhead.
The engagement of Miss Marion
Bankhead, granddaughter of Sena
tor and Mrs. Bankhead of Alabama,
to Captain Carl McMahon of tl na
tional guard of Alaba'ma, has just
been announced. Miss Bankhead is
one of the popular members of the.
younger set in the national capital.
The Industrial accidents of Nyw
York State are more than 600 a day.
The building of St. Paul's Cathe
dral, London, required thirty - six
In front of a largo London building
theie was recently found a plgeo-'-.
nest made of hairpins.
Japan has a shipbuilding yard st(ll
In operation which was established
nineteen hundied yeais ago.
The manufactuio of oil from birch
bark is becoming an important in
dustry of the Southern States.
Tho man who tries to busy his way
into Heaven may discover later that
he gave up money to an unauthorized
We know a lot of men who always
grumble about haid times, yet they
would consider it an insult if they
were offered a job.
, It is the rankest kind of folly for
a man to expect tho world to grow
better until ho begins to notice Im
provement in himself.
' Imitation m'v be the slncerest flat
tery, but tho proprietor of a patent
medicine Js,nevor flattered when the
druggist offers something "Just at
The car t-hops of ono of the leading
railroad companies of this country
turn out a boxcar every six minutes.
rassenscr locomotives in Europe
cam on an uvarago of 51.0G per mile
run, thoso for merchandise, $1.48 per
is a Great BARGAIN Event!
Most white sales are sort of "pink tea" affairs a lot of fuss and frills and
fashion, but no FUN!
The Milner sale has all that any other has in the way of frills and fashions
and in addition it is a great frolic r
FUN from the time the sale opens next Monday morning, June 4, till the Sat
urday night it closes, June 1 6.
Below is just an item or two from each department in the sale each has
DOZENS of them
Think 1 How it will profit you to come to Toledo to the sale! "
Women's White Button High Shoes, 98c
Cuban heels round toes with tips sizes .1 to 8. Or
gills' whlte'canvas rubber sole and heel I'unips low hcoN
sizes 2J to 7. Or women's natural color cloth ntrap
pumps. Choice at 08c a pair.
Women's $2.50 and $3 Pumps, $1.98
White poplin turned pumps covered half Louis heels.
Plain pumps or Colonial, new three-bar and staple two
stiap effects, with leather Cuban beds.
Girls $2.50 and $2.98 Dresses, $1.98
Fine wJiite lawns or organdies fully pleated skirts
fine lace or embroidered insertion trimmings crushed
ribbon girdles sizes 0 to 14 years.
New White Golfine Skirts, $2.98
Two beautiful models trimmed w;it3i large novelty
pockets and large pearl buttons of the best grade wldo
wale golline.
$2 and $3 Milan Hemp Sailors, $1
Large pine white sailors droop or mushiooni styles
i'ery one is a wonderful value at a dollar.
$2 American Lady Corsets, $1.35 -
Low bust free hip medium skirt made of tine cou
til silk embioldeiy trimmed just a new model sizes
V.) to HO.
Men's 15c Collars, 7c (6 for 36c)
(ienuine Lion Brand a big assortment to choose from
all sizes fiom 14 to 17 'z and !i sizes the ery best
0 "3
fO mC- -Iftr
6B7 W &Kt
Women's 35c White Hcsiery, 25c
Ileal lisle very fine gauze double soles
high sj)jcd bccls deep garter lops sizes bYz
to 10.
Unbleached Muslin, 10 3-4c
Heavy weight made from good stock ex
ee'lent for sheets and pillow cases "li inches
79c Gowns at 59c
Of lnngclnth and crepe button front and slip- !
over stylos cmbioldery and lace lnscitiom '
lace medallion inset and lace beading (ribbon
run) with edge to match sizes 10 and 17.
White Jap Silks, 95c a yard
.'!(! inches wide 'heavy weight excellent qual
ity gical for dresses and blouses.
Women's $2 Waists, $1.59
White voiles and organdies dozens of styles
trimmed In thread or valenclens lace deep
iptaiv or louml collars sizes up to fi!i.
White Goods, 8c a yard .
J7 inches wide line checks and stripes suit
able for children's wear, Vuists and di esses.
45c Meat Platters, 25c
Of pei feet white poicelain large size fancy
EanisasggHCTBiCTg i
Observation proves that the man
who always has a coikscrew never
has much money.
You Will When You Have Seen These Values
. You've probably heard many times that the H. M. & R. carries more shoes than imy
other retail Store in the state of Ohio. ;
We don't do this just to boast about it; we do it so that any one in Toledo can
come here and find exactly what they want.
Tiy It and see. We can give you any style, any size, width, weight, material or anj thing else
vnn M-n'nf Iii ffrrwwl shoes nnd the nricuH are low. very low; ' "'"
' we buv in enoimous quantities that means we contiaet way ahead that ttieam you aie now
able to buy'shors heie at the prices you've been accustomed to paying. We have piotccted you.
r 4m i
I r
T 1
All black glaze kid lace boot plain toe
welted or turned s(de leather , Afl
curved heel, the pair ipJ.VV
A new low heel dull ramp pump smull
i hit bow medium loun toe-"" 'Ct'ftft
wclt'rd Vole, the pair pTr.UU
Plain vamp patent spat pumps, imitation
wing tip turned solo, covered iTA (Ci
wooden heel, the pair pt.JU
.s-inie style in dull calf, same price.
When men meet an obstacle in
their path they hunt lor the Bhade of
it and lie down in it.
If you would bo content, regard the
condition of the great majority of
your fellow creatu.es.
This would bo a better world if,
when wo' haven't anything to say, wo
didn't insist o saying U.
Bciontista.Bay worms have norvea.
Juut think' of the tragedy of a QBhing
worm'fl norvouB collapse.
All white glaze hid lace
boot, 0 inches high, plain
slender vamp, light welted
sole, leather covered bee).
Especially priced dJ'T QA
at, the pair Jl.iJw
'Same style in dark gray
kid, same price.
Wc handle the well known
(iroers Seamless Comfort Shoes
for nurses and elderly ladies.
A number of otiier style- I
ful models In high and low j
heel in'im'ps and oxfords, the
pair s
$3.50 T0 $8.00
Complete Stock
of Shoe
Expert Attention
Given Alnil Orders
Charges Prepaid

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