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Republican Parly Recognizes
Needs of Laboring Men,
Courageously Faces the Grave
Problems Connected With the
Schools and Municipalities.
Birth of a Nation an Insult to
Colored CitizensGovernor
Cox Attempts to Ignore All
These Questions. , u.
Columbus, O. (Special.) Special
attention to Btato problems was giv
en by Hon Frank B. Willis In open
ing tho campaign. Among other Ques
tions discussed were those of labor,
schools, municipalities and tho "Birth
of a Nation." On these topics Mr.
Willis said:
Republicans of Ohio are cour
ageously meeting the problems of
war and are preparing to aid in the
solution of the intricate questions that
imust come after tho war. Tho Re
publican party came into being at a
,tlmo when great problems were to
ibo solved, it lived and served the
country, first because it believed in
certain definite principles and second
because it had the courage to espouse
and defend those principles. Through
Its legislation it has met the grave sit
uations that have arisen in our na
tion's history from the Civil War down ,
until the time it went out of power. It
never won by evasion and it neve
lost through courage. Its policies
have been such as to afford the larg
est opportunity to labor, and this
year It speaks out in favor of the
propositions' that concern working
men even more strongly than ever.
Pledge to Labor.
Here is its pledge to labor
"Wo recognize that the labor
of our country is one of its
greatest assets, and that we must
have proper laws to conserve and
protect this important part of our
"We stand for tho elimination
of unnecessary perils of lite and
limb In Industry and elsewhere;
for an eight hour work law; for
industrial safeguards that will
protect the health and strength
of women and children; for such
protection to those engaged in in
dustry who are enfeebled by ago
as will maintain them in such
comforts of life as their former
relation to the industry will Just
ify. "We re-affirm our former dec
laration for the maximum allow
ance to beneficiaries under the
workmen's compensation law, and
propose an amendment thereof
compelling employers subject to
the provisions of this law to com
ply with said law either by paying
a premium into the state insur
ance fund or securing tho right
to pay compensation direct. W
favor representation of labor
interests upon all boards hav
ing to do with the enforcement .
of laws enacted in behalf of la
bor. And we recommond that
either the federal or state com
pulsory compensation laws be so
extended as to bring within
their provisions the protection of
employees of corporations of
other states whose business in
part is transacted in this state
while their employees are work
ing for such' corporations."
In state and nation through Re
publican legislation and Republican
udministration, the condition of laboi
Jias continually advanced. The Re
publican party has always been the
friend of the man who tolls and is so
5 low. It speaks out unequivocally in
avor of legislation which will be ol
tasting benefit to working men and
holr families. As the Republican
J i arty stood by the ex-soldiers of the
Civil War and the Spanish American
War, so it will stand by our splendid
man who are battling in war torn
J3urope and are addingnow laurels to
the history of America valor. The
Republican party never failed In
(gratitude to the defenders of the
country and It 'never will, and It de
plores the fact that adequate pro
vision has not been made In the laws
fcf the state to enable our soldiers
now engaged In foreign service to
ysxarclae their right of suffrage.
The Republican party courageously
faces the situation confronting the
Vnunlclpalltles of the state. The cost
,cf operating city government has
Scteadlly Increased and revenues have
piot Increased proportionately. The
republican platform of 1916 said:
"The Republican party is un
alterably opposed to Impairing
the protection afforded to tho
1 people by the ono per cent tax
limitation law. However, recog
nizing 'the pressing financial
nee'ds of municipalities, we favor
- authorizing the electors of oach
municipality to docldo for thorn
. solves whether they, will assume
a greater rate of taxation for the
I purpose of caring (or tfet lateral
and sinking fund exargvs for ex
isting municipal indebtedness,
auoh authority being in keoplng
with the party's position aa to
Jocal Homo Rule."
In a messago to the General As
sembly I sold:
"I recommend that tho protec
tion affordod the taxpayers ot the
state by the one per cent tax
limitation law be retained. While
thoro has been much agitation in
favor of broaklng down this limi
tation altogether, in my judgment
a ropoal of this law would bo In
imical to the best interests of tho
people of tho Btate, and in tho
long run, would be detrimental to
the very municipalities which
fool that their progress would bo
onhanccd through tho repeal of
the law. However, some method
must bo provided "whereby in
terest and sinking fund charges
for existing municipal Indebted
ness can be cared for."
Mr. Willis called attontion to hlo
messages to tho legislature, reciting
tho conditions in many Ohio cities,
and to tho reports of State Auditor
Donahey on this question. Then he
The Democratic state administra
tion has studiously ignored the situ
ation above set forth, and by hiding
jits head in the sand has sought to
make the people believe that there is
no difficulty in municipal finance. The
Republicans or Ohio affirm their con
viction that tho beneficent results of
the Smith Ono Per Cent Law shall in
no way be diminished by legislative
action, yet tisy recognize the ex
istence of the situation which de
mands relief and it therefore cour
ageously facos this question, which
tho present stato administration has
evaded and failed to solve.
Schools Face Disaster
The schools of the state are face
to face with financial disaster. This
condition has been brought to the at
tention of the present state adminis
tration repeatedly, yet no effort has
been made to solve the problem,
other than by unsought advice to the
school people that they should sit
still and not 'rock the boat'. That Is
the trouble with the educational
principles of the present Democratic
state administration. It wants the
schools to sit still and they have
been sitting so still that many of
them are perishing for lack of sup
port. Many schools are now without
teachers and consequently a large
number of Ohio pupils will rot be
able to obtain the benefit of the com
mon schools. The Republican party
In Its platform pledges such legisla
tion as will furnish sufficient funds
to maintain the schools of the state
and to afford ' relief to the schools
that are now In financial distress.
Ohio Proud of Colored Citizens
Ohio Republicans are proud of the
record by our colored citizens both in
peace and in war. Colored soldiers
are now fighting the battle of liberty
on European soil. It is a strange and
yet fitting coincidence that this race
emanclpatedand brought into Its own
under the leadership of Abraham Lin
coln, and the Republican party should
now be the one called upon to play a
prominent part in the battle for free
dom not only for colored men but for
white men the world over. A race
that is great enough to contribute so
much to history in time of peace and
to shed its blood for tho nation's
honor in time of war is too great a
race to be Insulted iand belittled in
such a profliteering motion picture
as the 'Birth of a Nation.' This un
historical and malignant film was ex
eluded from Ohio during Republican
administration but was immediately
admitted aB soon as Democrats came
Into power. This objectionable in
sulting film having "been barred from
tho state during the whole time of the
last Republican state administration,
has been shown generally over Ohio
throughout the present Democratic
state administration to the humilia
tion of our colored citizens but now
another election is approaching and
accordingly it is announced in the
daily press that this film Is with
drawn and that the 'Birth of a Na
tion' is not to be shown in Ohio dur
ing the war. It is further stated in
the press that "this action was taken
at tho request of Governor Cox as a
means of preventing race antagonism
between white and colored people at
a time when united efforts of both are
noeded to win the war." If this film
promotes race antagonism between
tho white and colored people in timo
of war, it certainly would have the
same effect In time of peace. The
reason now assigned for barring tho
film from tho state has been in ex
istence all the time. The only rea
son why action is now had by the
present Democratic stato administra
tion is because it hopes thereby to
secure a portion of the voto of
colored citizens, but colored citizens
will not bo fooled by any ouch death
bed conversion to principles of fair
ness and justice.
Recognizing the contribution that
our 'colored citizens have made to
Amorican history, the Republicans of
Ohio say in their platform:
"The Republican party re-de-clares
Its purpose to secure the
equal right of the colored voters
of the South to cast their ballots
at tho elections, and also to enjoy
the fullest rights of American cit-
Izonshlp commensurate with
their yalor and assistance in the
winning fof tho war for American
"We deplore all lynchlnw and
race discriminations of every
character as uttdriJijei and ua-
An appeal to give to Out
Soldier Boys, by the Seven
Organizations working
directly with the United
States Army under direc
tion of the Government
r 1 , -
4W Wf
BlW M a K'SstJI
; xjS Call
These are the Very Words He is sending back home to You
about the Work of these Great Organizations
v f ' Read each word carefully
. 1
1 f. "
'To the folks back H
from the
camp, cantonment and from tbc
battfc-scaired fields of France, we want to tell you of the magnificent work
-of the United Organizations.' We know that there isn't father, mother,
swter, sweetheart or friend in America that wouldn't Bke, each day, to stand
beside their soldier boy, take his hand in theirs and tell him of their-interest,
prkk and love for him for the part he plays in the battle that is to briag
safety, security and happiness, to the home you love so well. It .would be
wonderful for you to do this."
" But these great organizations are taking your pkee The thousand thmgi
you send, they give; always with us everywhere, they provide and cheer. They
seem to think of everything we could not get along without them. Owe aU
you can, help all you can. Magazines, papers, books, music, movie shows,
entertainments and talks, atheletic goods, smokes, canned fruits, chocolate
bars, Testaments and what is not least, a smile end a vxtrd of cheer. It
helps and helps a lot it will quicken the day that victory will be oursk
heipe to tell us how much you care, and that is everytbinc.5
1 ?
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ok i
Y. M. C. A.
a . rr'. C. A.
Knights of Columbus
Aavericasi Gamp
Community Service
America Library
Jewith Welfare
Solvation Army
The United
War Work Campaign
November 1 1 to 18
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Ten Millhn Six Hundred and Fifa Tkamd. - l ttttn D
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b mV rlart
A Texnr advertised: "I will sell
you two good mules for the price of
two good mules." Tho Memphis Com
mercial Appeal thlnka he was silly, Wt
ho wasn't. Ho wa offering a squnro
deal. How many people get more thnn
ono dozen eggs for tho prlco of two
dozen eggs?
The alleged hwid of a family can
mako himself a rather satisfactory fa-
thecjf lio will always give his children
their own way. Fathers are sure to
l)avo trouble when they undertake to
reprove their Bnlppy little darlings who
have contracted a caso of teen wisdom.
Mother thinks she is making a good
point when she asks if you think It
would hurt vou to stav nt home onol
afternoon. Of course it wouldn't hurt
you, but what Is tho use wasting all
that time? '
It is evident that the mountain and
lake resorts in the Interior of tho coun
try aro likely, to enjoy the' patronago
this year of many, who usually go to
Toledo, Dec. 6 th to 14
th .
W9 aeaBhoro,
P-dTTTW 'If- fl
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