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VOL. LXVI-J5D. L. BLUB, Publisher.
91.60 DT ADTAIOT-M. 40
How and What to do for the
Maimed Soldior.
Interesting Items from the Sov-
Services for Nest funday ia
Several Penysbnrg Oharel&f.
Letters From Perryshurg Soldior
Boya Now in Franco;
Wax's End Does Not End. Red
CroBS Activities.
Quota for War Work Fund Has
Not Been Raised.
oral Grades.
Isv v
Dear Mr. Blue : I am much in
terested in your article, "Wound
ed Soldiers Must Be Taught Voca
tion for Post War Work", appear
ing iii your Nov. 7th issue and
give it my unqualified endorse
ment. The article, however, refers en
tirely to wounded soldibrs with no
reference to those of our boys re
turning in good health, but minus
employment, with the expectancy
of returning to their old positions
which in; nearly every instance
they may find filled.
Let me first discuss your article
"Wounded Soldiers" etc. .
Co-incident with reading your
article, I received from Washing
ton a pamphlet "The Vocational
Summary" . containing many
articles on the rehabilitation of
disabled soldiers and sailors, giv
ing the government plan for their
re-education and it may be inter
esting to your readers to quote
from several of these articles and
follow with reference to those
boys sound in wind and limb, but
jobless. The Federal Board for
Vocational Education charged by
the government with the duty of
re-educating the maimed men has
in each hospital a "Vocational Ad
viser", a man of broad general
educational information regarding
trades, businesses, professions, etc.
When it appears that a man has
been injured so badly that he will not
. be able to return to his former occupa
tion, the vocational adviser goes over
the situation with him regarding his
wishes and what is best for him in the
way of free retraining the government
will provide. This is entirely optional
with the injured man. He may take it
or leave it, but everjr argument is
made to get him to consent to be made
fit to earn a living in addition to his
Government pension.
Should he elect to take a course of
re-education on account of his dis
ability, durintr the course he is sup
ported by an advance from the War
Kisk insurance Hureau. His allot
ments or allowances are continued dur
ing his' period of training precisely as
if he were in the service,. He is sent to
a scnooj, college or tecnnoiogicai in
stitution, with the exceptional advan
tages in taking the particular course
he has chosen. There is no set time
to complete his course. The only
discipline he is subject to is that fail
ure to attend classes while in training
without reasonable excuse is to be
dealt on the same basis as it woull be
in civil life, where failure to work
would result in deduction from his pay
as the Federal Board tnkes the po
sition that under the re-educating act
the man is being paid for taking train
ing. If it appears that he is not prof
iting, or is not interested, or that he
cannot take the source successfully,
and is not interested in taking any
other course, he will be discharged
promptly from the class. Thereupon
he falls back upon his compensation
under the war risk insurance act for
his injury, and has this-vpension alone
,to support him.
For the man who completes his
course the government will undertake
to find an employer, or if he prefers to
(Continued on page 8.)
Itching piles provoke profanity, but
profanity won't remove them. Doan's
Ointment is recommended for itching,
bleeding or protruding piles. 60c at
any drug store.
818 Spitzer BuUdla ,
Home PhotM 1428.
Doctor of Chiropractic.
Has opened office in Perrysburg,
OhiOf 4th Street. Hours 9 :00 a. m.
to 1 :00 p. m. and Tuesday, Thurs
day and paturday evenings.
Office Hours 8 to 11 a.m.; 1 to & px.
Office upstairs corner Second
and Main Streets,
Dealer Lv
Watches, Clock, Jewelry, Spectacles.
90S Monroe St. v Tolede, QUm.
Near Michigan Street
Special care will be tak vith tk
retplj of jdl kiwis M JTaMms, OIsaJb)
High School.
The United "War Work Cam
paign for which the school was to
secure 37 victory hoys and girls
each, closed today. The boys have
gone "over the top" with 40
The high school sold a gross of
pencils lastweek for the purpose
of securing a large flag, which now
hangs over the door of the assem
bly room.
On Friday the Athenian Liter
ary Society gives its second pro
gram of the year. 'We cordially
invite you 'to be present.
On November 15 the P. H. S.
football team defeated Prairie
Depot on the latter 's field. Sev
eral of the studentsSvent along to
witness the glorious victory. P.
II. S. played the best game of the
year and showed Prairie Depot a
good fast game. Fmkler of Prairie
Depot made the first touchdown
-and failed" to kick goal. Haefner
made our first touchdown and
kicked goal before the first quar
ter was up. Another touchdown
followed in the third quarter by
Haefner and kicked goal, making
the score 14 to 6 in favor of P. H.
S. A happy crowd' returned' to
the B.urg that night.
P. H. S. has organized for
basketball the coming year. Wil
ma Waggoner, captain, and Dor
othy Craig, student manager, were
elected for the girls' team. Of
tho boys' team, Walter Thorton
was elected captain, and Harvey
Haefner, student manager. Mr.
Nietz is faculty manager for both
teams for the coming year.
Eighth Grade.
The eighth grade has adopted a
class name, tho "Victory Class."
The boys aro to organize their
basketball team this week. On
Friday last the grude gave their
second literary program of the
Seventh Grade;
Every pupil in the seventh
grade has pledged somcthjng to
ward the War Work Campaign.
The grade gave a total of $35.
Sixth Grade.
Those making a grade test of
100 in any of the branches are:
Lillian Finch, Helen Moser, Iva
Tippin, Beatrice Mericle, Herbert
Mericle, Mary Jane " Hewitt,
Eunice Davis, Veliha Kopp, Ger
trude Braun, Gertrude King,
Elizabeth Spencer and Angeline
Lownsbury. We are sorry to lose
one of our pupils, Wyneme Krout,
who moves to Napoleon this week.
Celia Donaldson, x Margaret Can
field, Edna Dartt, William Ridg
way were ' absent last week be
cause of sickness. Marion Ricard
of .Jerry City entered the sixth
grade last week.
This grade is to make a visit to
the Maumee Paper Mill sometime
in the near future.
Fifth Grade.
The fifth grade has organized
three clubs, Victory, Service and
Liberty, for the purposeof raising
war fund money. The Service
club is now ahead.
Fourth Grade.
In our spelldown last Friday
the girls won. Dorothy Mandell,
Gladys Finch and Mildred Krout
remained standing. Our Victory
boys are: Max Elting, Robert
Troyer and Russel Finch. The
Victory girls aro Dorothy Man
dell, Alice Chapman and Phyllis
Rosengarten. Besides, these we
have one club. In the Thrift
Stamp campaign tho pupils of our
grade have sold 242.50 of stamps,
from September 16, the beginning
of sohool,
Third Grade.
In a spelldown held last week
tho girls (won. Tho children have
been making mats and have also
fixed up their sand table.
Greatly Benefited by Chamberlain's
"I am thankful for tho good I have
received by using Chamberlain's Tab
lets. About two years ago, when '.
began taking them, I was suffering a
great deal from distress after eating,
and from headache and a tired, languid
feeling duo to indigestion and a torpid
liver. Chamberlain's Tablets correct
ed these disorders in a short time, and
since taking two bottles of them wy
health has been good," writes-Mrs, M.
P, Hrwoodi Auburn, Y,
Rev. Wm. H. Pheley, Minister.
Services, for Sunday, November
Sabbath school at 9:30 a. m.
Lesson, "Jacob Wins Esau." Gen.
33:1-11. The Men's Bible Class
will bo taught by Elder F. E.
Woodin during the absence of- Dr.
Pheley. ,
Morning worship and sermon at
10:30. The Rev. Daniel Carter
will preach in the absence of the
pastor. There will be no evening
service except the Christian En
deavor meeting.
C. E. Society meeting at 6:30.
Topic, "Count Your Mercies."
1 Chron. 29 :10-14. Leader, Richard
Reither. ' M
Praise and prayer meeting
Thursday evening at 7 :30. Mr. W.
f H. Roose will lead.
Union Thanksgiving service will
be held in the M. E. church Thurs
day evening, November 28th. The
Rev. W. H. Spybey will preach the
sermon. Never was there a time
for greater thanksgiving. We urge
everyone to be present.
W. H. Spybey, Pastor.
Next Sunday iii this section is
Go-To-Church Sunday. Let us
honor the God of Victory by pres
ence in His House.
The pastor's morning subject,
"Visions and Dreams of World
Conquest. ' ' At night, ' ' Impossible
Things Made Possible Through
The Sunday morning Bible
school invites you. The Bible is
tho superlative hook. Why not
know more of it? Come with us. -
Epworth League at 6 :30 Sabbath
Prayer meeting on Thursday
Choir practice on. Saturday
The ministers have assigned the
Thanksgiving Day service to tliis
church on the evening of November
28, Thanksgiving Day, a union
meeting of course. "Count your
many blessings, " and be present.
The first Sunday in December
will be used for baptisms and re
ception of v members. Does this
interest you or your children?
Speak to the pastor about it at
Rev. Charles Wesley Weltmer,
"Services for Nov. 24, 1918.
Sundav School onens at 9. Sub
ject. "Jacob Wins Esau.". Gen.'
33:1-11. Golden Text: "A soft
answer turnethaway wrath."
Prov. 15-1.
The men's league Tuesday
evening at 7 :30. The leader for
the evening. Willis Taylor. These
are well attended and a 'place
where men talk heart to heart and
receives strength to make the
burdens of life lighter. After the
men's meeting there will he a busi;
ness meeting of the Sunday
School. 'The W. M. S. meets at the
Parsonage Wednesday evening.
Prayer meeting Thursday even
ing. The large attendance and. in
terest taken is evidence that the
people have a, .mind to work in
both Church and Sunday School
for these are days of rejoicing and
thanksgiving. We have many
things to be ,tlmnkful for these
days Kaiser Wilhelm II has ab
dicated his throne and fled to Hol
land. His S,yn, has set while it is
yet day. TJiq broodiest and most
brutal war has closed. John Bar
leycorn has been badly licked in
Ohio, Washington, Wyoming,
Florida and Nevada.
For this we render thanks to
Almighty God and hope to see in
the very near future nation wide
prohibition. Oh, how grateful we
are for the triumph over an enemy
of all righteousness.
Right, Truth, and Justice have
finally and gloriously triumphed.
Sunday at 2 p. m. a memorial ser
vice in honor of Milard Davenport
who gave his life for his country
at tho front in France. Y. P. A,
at 6:30. Subject;: "Count Your
Mercies." 1 Chrom 29:10-14. Mrs.
Weltmer, Leader.
Preaching at 7 :30. We welcome
Following is taken from a letter
from Langdon Walbridge to ins
wife in Perrysburg:
The Front, Oct. 18. 1918.
The last few days have been
lucky for me in the, mail line, about
20 letters in a week, but of course
before that had not heard from
anyone for a month.
I am now a night switch-board
operator and have been taken off
the line work for the present. Am
working the telephone switch-board
at night and sleep during the day.
Have moved from my last
quarters at the old fort and am
now in a shell swept village, noth
ing left but cellars and these are
made into dugouts, and wp are
pretty comfortable as we have
bunks to sleep in and also have
My work on the telephone detail
is very interesting and was espe
cially so as a lineman, as it took mo
,out at any time and sometimes
right to the trenches. When Fritz
starts shelling you don't know at
what time you'll be called out to
repair your line, and under all
kinds of conditions. As that is over
now and I am an inside man, am
,glad in a way, as it was dirty
weather and mud galore.
The other day we had to go out
and lay a line in the face of a bar
rage and it was hot work for a
while, but we got it layed and all
back-safe and sound. I saw some
awful sights in the way of wounded
that day and it will last me for a
long time.
In regard to gas masks, have had
use for one a number of times since
arriving here, but not for long
stretches. Got mixed up with some
sneezing gas the other day, not
strong enough for masks, but
enough to make me sneeze my head
Off all morning and ruin my one
and only handkercluef. The Ger
,mans throw this gas before a mus
tard gas attach so that you will re
move your masks to sneeze and
ithen it is "good night."
In lookmg back at St. Malo de
Philly I realize we were have noth
ing more than a summer vacation,
and yvi all have wished many times
we were back in the warm sun
shine. I dont know how much
longer we remain here at tho front
but I guess until the war is over,
and that looks pretty-soon.
It is funny to read the views the
officers have of France, but wait
until I can tell you how a buck
private sees France when I get
home. It's not all peaches and
cream bya d sight and we don't
seo the wonderful side either. It
certainly is not soft at the front
from what .1 see around me here as
it's work like h and sleep when
you can everyone is doing it.
Wish you could have seen Ed Mc
Nishol the other day, he didn't look
the spick and span he used to, but
pretty muddy and tired. Guess
these 24-hour hikes and moves had
something to do with it. I hope we
are here now for the end and no
more moving.
The other day saw a batch of
prisoners just fresh from the scrap
gathered around a mess kitchen
eating the sour bread, happy as
larks because they were captured
ana tne war was over tor tnem. i
can imagine what a hell thoy have
had and now it's all rosy again.
Back at Coetquiden there was a
case that shows how we treat pris
oners. A German corporal prison
er escaped and nothing was heard
from him for a long time. Finally
ho showed up with his brother, who
ho got to desert from the German
army and both cumo back together.
He said it was bo much better
where he was and tho war was lost
that he wanted his brother to begin
living again.
Regards to being home for Xmas,
that's the talk here and I'm begin
ning to believe it, too from all out
(Continued on pago-8.)
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
Do not imagine that because other
cough medicines failed to give you re
lief that it will bo tho same with
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. Bear
in mind that from a small beginning
this 'remedy has gained a world wide
reputation and immense sale. A med
icine must have exceptional merit to
win; esteem wherever it becomes,
The following officers were elec
ted for the ensuing year :
Chairman Mrs. Wm. Wal
bridge. Sec 'y Mrs. M. B. Cook.
Treas. Gertrude Chapman.
Membership Committee Addie
Room Committee Mrs. W. O.
Executive Committee Mrs.
Bennett Carter, Mrs. Vander
brook, Mrs. James Whitmore,
Mrs. Ed. Fitzerald and Mrs. R. R.
The work rooms will be open
for work Tuesday and Friday of
each week. There is plenty of
work for all making refugee gar
ments. The following ladies have
charge of the rooms on the days
The first Tuesday of each
month : Mrs. Fred Hillabrand.
Second Tuesday Mrs. Robert
Third Tuesday Mrs. Oblinger.
Fourth Tuesday Mrs. Edmund
First Friday Mrs. Wm. Adam
son. Second Friday Mrs. Trudeau.
Third Friday Mrs. A. G. Wil
liams. Fourth Friday Mrs. Del Sim
mons. A fund known as "The Recon
struction Fund" has been set
aside by the Red Cross auxiliary,
to be used to aid helpless, crippled
and afflicted; soldiers of Perrys
burg and Perrysburg township,
after the war. This is a most
worthy cause and should be
helped by everyone in the com
The quota of boxes for homeless
boys has been met. Sixty-two
boxes were filled in Perrysburg
and many more could have been
The labels from our boys over
seas are coming in slowly. It is
hoped all will be in by November
30. The time for receiving labels
has been extended from Novem
,ber 20 to November 30. The civic
rooms are open daily to receive
labels from 10 a. m. to 5 p. m., ex7
cept Thanksgiving Day.
Friends who have taken out Red
Cross boxes to fill for the soldiers
should return them as soon as pos
sible in order that thoy may be on
the way to ensure reaching the
boys by Christmas. Don't delay.
Do it now if possible.
Instructions have been received
from headquarters as follows :
The making of surgical dress
(Continued on Eighth Page.)
Saving is no longer only a personal or
family matter it is a service to tho
The war has shown everyone that,
there is only so much wheat, meat or
wool in the world and that by wasting
these things someone ia obliged to go
without them.
It is the same with all material re
sources. Every dollar deposited in this
bank goes to build up bnsiness and
prosperity for all.
(She (iltetx&$mkxt$www
iwt.uj irwago
V m ,
Last Monday evening at the timo
of closing the United War Work
Fund Campaign the committee, in
charge ' announced that Eerryaburg
township was' in tho neighborhood
of S3000.00 Bhort of its quota o
$7000.00. This report is very dis
appointing' and does not measure
up to the township's usual record
on war work and if the quota is
not reached it will not reflect much
credit upon this community which
has had, all during the war, an en
viable reputation for loyalty and
We are of opinion that there are
a large number of people in the
town and township who do not
want to see the township's good re
cord and name spoiled at this time
when we are all happy over the're
turn of victorious Peace to our be
loved country. And who will vol
untarily make another donation to
this very worthy fund? For that
reason the County committee have
consented to let the local committee
withhold their final report until
Monday evening Nov. 25th. Every
one interested in seeing our town
ship maintain its good name and
record can make additional contri
butions to their respective solictors
There will be another meeting of
the solictors Friday evening, Nov.
22nd and we sincerely hope the re
port at that time will be more sat
isfactory. Perrysburg township (taxable val
uation is nearly $7,000,000 and
there is absolutely no reoson why
we- should not at leapt raise the
amount of our quota. At this writ
ing 14 townships in Wood County
have exceeded their quota. Bowl
ing Green has gone way over and
we appeal to every loyal and patrio
tic citizen of the community to
"step up" and by additional con
tributions place Perrysburg town
ship on the honor list where she
should be.
Your boys in the. service would
resent it if you did not do your
share. Lot us aU'como clean. It is
up to you Mr. Patriotic Citizen.
Lets put her "over the top."
Dally -Thought
A man's'flrst care should be to avoid
the reproaches of his own heart Ad
dlson. 1 C3TABU3HCD IN 1079
V: ?M$J&t&J:.. i.Ll
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