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VOL', LXVII -LOUIS 0. MAETI, Publisher.
$1.6011 AD7AI01-IO. 7
Council Lets Contract for High
Class Construction.
Bids for the construction of the
Fifth street pavement were read
at the regular meeting of the coun
cil Tuesday night. After some dis
cussion as to whether the street
should be paved with concrete or
asphalt, the latter was adopred and
the bid of the Federal Aspnait rav
ing Co., of Hamiltoh, O., was ac
cepted. Work on the steet will
commence in a few weeks.
A five - passenger Studebaker
automobile was found abandoned
on Second street early Sunday
morning and upon investigating,
Nightwatchman John Amon found
it loaded to the gunwhales with
Tuxedo smoking tobacco.
It was learned the machine was
stolen in Toledo some time Satur
day and the tobacco was taken
from the ruins of a cigar store
that burned at Elyria Saturday
No clue to the "dealers" has
been found.
P. Klucpfol, Pastor.
Sunday, April 6th.
Sunday school at 9 :00.
Divine service at 10 :00.
Luther League at 7 :30.
Lenten service "Wednesday,
April 9th, at 10:00.
Ladies' Auxiliary, Thursday,
April 10th, at 2:00. "
Bible school, Saturday at 9 :00.
Everybody welcome at all services.
The following clipping from the
Maumee Advance-Era explains,he
situation thoroughly, but since
then "The Plot has Thickened"
and "The Villian is Still Pursuing
Adopt Peace Terms.
M. U. Jarrett, manager of the local
telephone exchange, came into a col
lision with another machine as he was
'uiLjrauuig riiuujF evening. A&ia tttL
struck amidships another one going
east on Broadway. Both drivers got
out looked over the damage, discussed
the relative blame for the accident, and
shook hands and mounted their re
spective cars and rode on, each agree
ing to stand the expense of his own
repairs, and eachshouldering his share
of the blame. Itwas a regular Damon
Pythias, Alphonse - Gaston climax.
Both cars were more or less jammed
and wrinkled.
T3ut the story doesn't end here.
W. H. Hannah of Tontogany, the
owner of the other car, has
changed his tactics and doesn't
want to remain a Damon-Pythias,
Alphonse-Gaston, (maybe because
he found that Jarrett 's car was a
"Ford") and is trying 'now to
iaim damages.
Better give him the Ford!
W. H. Spybey, Pastor.
These are momentous days for
the world, the nations and for the
church. How shall the church, so
be set on fire with zeal that it will
arise and take the world to its
heart and win it to God? Prayer
is the secret of releasing the pow
er of God. Pray that the world
may hear of Christ, that the
church masr be saved from sin, that
God may reign over the nations of
the whole earth.
Next Sunday 's sermon subjects :
"Individuality." At night "The
Capture of Palestine," in pictures.
3:00 p. m., pastor's membership
class. 6 :30 p. m. Epworth League.
Thursday evening, prayer meet
ing followed by third quarterly
conference, led by Dr. E. E. Mc
Cammon. A welcome is extended to all of
these meetings.
It is better to weir out than rust out. Cumberland
Did you ever find out whether you are real honest ,or not by
going to a mirror and looking yourself squarely in the eye for several
Nice shade trees and well kept lawns always beautify a town so
let us all take notice and wake up.
' Did you know that Perrysburg might become up-to-date by
owning a chemical fire engine? Let us talk to Mr. George Munger
about it.
Let us not be like a colt by acting "fits and starts", but remain
steady and work all the time like the Ford.
Do you approve of the banner on Main St? We do.
1845 Yanks to be in Line for Granf Parade
. Friday. Perrysburg Boys Will
Take Part.
J. Richard Carter.
J. Richard Carter was born
Haskins, O., May 15, 1888,
i j j - i ., 0 in-flrk 1 t .i
uiuu iuuruii j.o, xv v, on uou.ro. me
transport Princess Mauika, two
' days before landing at Newport
News, Va. He was aged 30 yrs., 10
mos. and 3 days. He graduated
from Perrysburg schools in 1909,
' and from Michigan university, at
Ann Arbor, Mich., in 1913. In 1914
( he accepted a position as electrical
engineer t jnswoai, jranama. un
his return to the states he held po
sition at Yale, Okla., Denver, Col.,
Clarkdale, Ariz., and Kingsport,
ByR. E. R. In April, 1918, he entered the
rvhn. v.nDirot hnii oonenn nlfwod in service from Kingsport, Tenn., go-
Povch.n.o loaf Tv;dnv wifh t.hfl ing to Camp Gordon, Ga., then to
Monday, March 31, the teachers high school five pitted against the Fort Myer, Va. In July he sailed
of the grades and high school en- Ford Plate Glass quintet and the , for France Wth Co. F. 37th Engi
ioved visiting the various schools town team versus the strong . neSK5,.1 . . -.,..,
mij rvu Tnf jo o rm Rn,irm? m v. fivo Tim cririn While at Denver he united with
111 1U1CUU. i" ""J1"" -- I tiv..i.j ... . .w ..- o"-"
High School
Orvill Herman, four years ago
quit his school studies and at
tempted to enlist in the navy, but
upon bciup rejected, did not give
up hope. He enlisted in Coast Ar
tillery, and was stationed on the
Panama canal for about two years.
lie has seen service in nearly all
branches of the army and was dis
charged recently from the ordi
nance department, at Camp Boure-
gard, Alexandria, La.
He arrived home on Friday but
not alone, having taken unto him
self, jilife's companion, in the per
son of Miss Sophia Clark, of Baton
Rouge, La., whom he married No
vember 12, 1918. They will make
their home in Perrysburg, and have
the bet wishes of a host of friends.
Rev. W. II. Phcley, Minister.
Note All our services are at the
usual hours. Of course it's fast
time now. Some forgot to turn
their clocks ahead last Sunday.
In the church every service begins
and ends well when all are on time.
Sunday School at 9 :30. Lesson,
"God Our Heavenly Father."
Matt. 6 :24-34. This begins a new
series of lessons for six months on
"Some Great Teaching of the
Bible." No studies could be more
pleasing and profitable than the
lessons included an this course.
They comprehend a choice "variety
of truths from the great book that
everyone should know.
Morning worship and sermon at
10:30. Evening service at 7 :30.
Christian Endeavor meeting at
6:30. Topic, "Our Relations to
God Praying." Mark. 11:19-26.
This should be a most helpful hour.
Your presence will help to make
it so.
Prayer and praise service Thurs
day evening at 7 :30. Subject for
consideration is "The Metaphor of
the Lamb." This is the second in
the series from John 's gospel.
Choir practice Saturday evening
now other teachers do. On Tues
dav afternoon at teachers' meeting scheduled, the sophomores and
they discussed their visit.1 seniors against the freshmen and
The Maumee Valley Pioneer and juniors.
Historical Association will hold .a The boys' game with the Ross
meeting in the high school audi- ford five was a good fast contest
torium Saturday, April 5, at 2 throughout. P. H. S. played up to
p. m. Dr. Canfield and Mr. Seider their old form in the first half and
will speak. managed to roll up 30 points to
The Local Declaratory Contest Rossford's 9. In the second half
will be held Fridav, April 11, in P. H. S. lost the combination of
the auditorium. their basket shooting secret and
The Phi Sigma-Athenian Liter- finished up the half wtih 14 points
ary contest will take place April to Rossford's 16. Total score, P.
25. The Phi Sigmas held their last H. S. 44, Rossford 25.
program last Friday afternoon. ., ,This was Ihe last game of the.
Eighth Grade season and the last game that Rob-
The eighth grade basketball . Johnson and Hart-U will
teams are anticipating two stren- t . ,' , . and
uous games wnn nossioru ueii ... . . ? , .,. .
Fridav nieht in the Rossford "ll1
j.1 a. nr ij ti; -l t i n
nlaved their inter-class trames as ' l.ne h La s P'scopai cnurcn, oi
" " - - tnt -nlnifv
Ultlb JlUt;Ui
Three troop trains hearing the 1,
139 men of the 135th field artillery
230 of them Toledoans were
scheduled to leave Camp Stuart,
Virginia, Tuesday morning, at
10:15, Eastern time, according to
information received from the war
department by the citizens' recep
tion committee at Toledo.
The soldiers are expected to ar
rive in Cleveland Thursday morn
ing, for a parade there. They will
leave Cleveland Thursday after
noon, and should get to Toledo eithe
noon, and should get to Toledo
either late Thursday night or .early
Friday morning.
The 112th field signal corps is to
leave Camp Merritt, and the 112th
sanitary train Camp Mills, Long Is
land, Wednesday afternoon, and
are due in Toledo Friday morning
in time to join with the 135th field
artillery for a big parade.
Seven officers and 284 men of the
signal corps and 410 men and 18 of
cers of the sanitary train will come
to Toledo, making a total of 1,845
to be in line.
j 4tw uutruu: uivui, j.cuvufiuu
He is survived by his father, S. committee have arranged for use
F. Carter, two sisters, Miss Grace
Carter and Mrs. Fred Cordy, of
Haskins. Two brothers, Ray Car
ter, of Perrysburg, and Earnest "W.
Carter of Co. F., 146th Inf., who ar
rived in Toledo Tuesday morning,
and many other relatives and
Funeral services were held at
the residence of Ray Carter, on Sec
ond street, and at the Methodist
church, Monday afternoon, March
of the old La Salle & Koch build
ing, corner Superior and Jefferson
streets, as a reception hall for all
the Wood county boys in line, and
have notified the local committee to
have all relatives bring a filled bas
ket of good eats. Hot coffee will be
on hand for all the boys in khaki.
It is not known whether the boys
will be permitted to come up to
Perysburg or not, but let us all
hang out the nag and be prepared
be missed by the team
. -1. x- i.t.- when it renorts for nractice next
gym." They win appreciate Wib r . . p q
miivw a uu uuvaut .w a, . j.o
support of all who can attend.
Fifth Grade
and Rosford-was as follows:
T TT H fanfni., WliurinTi 17.
If the weather permits the fifth Rob'ert; Johnson, 12 andBal
grade will enjoy a ''hike to Fort lantyne 5 Total 44 Romford
Office Hours 8 to 11 a. m.; 1 to
p. m. Office upstairs corner
Second and Main Streets.
Phone Main 14.
Doctor of Chiropractic
4th Street, Perrysburg, O.
4 Hours:
6:00 fo 9:00 Tuesday, Thursday and
' Saturday Evenings or
by Appointment.
. (Continued on page 8.)
Returning again to Perrysburg
to resume his place of business, S.
L. Shepherd and wife, who once
conducted a confectionery and ice
cream parlor , in the Trombla
building, have purchased the same
from its late owner, Mrs. H. Hon
ner. Mr. Sepherd, too old to bear
arms for his country, did the next
in accordance with his ability, in
securing a position with the gov
ernment at the Marlin-Rockwell
Arms Manufacturing Co. at New
Haven, Conn., and has been em
ployed there for the. past eight
months. War ending, his "bit"
finished, ho, with his wife, have
returned to Perrysburg and will
be pleased to meet their many
Meigs Thursday after school
Second Grade
The following received 100 in
spelling last week : Gordon Chap
pell, Clamor Geoke, Anna Doyle,
Ruby Tippon, Roger Sarver,
James Alexander, Laverne Kopp,
Ruth Roberts, Martha Fahrer,
Bert Robinson, Ivol Smith, Mabel
McCrerry, Earl Huff and Char
lotte Agee.
First Grade
The first grade started spelling
lessons last week. The pupils are
very much interested and success- Lr
.i - ana &.
The following received 106 last
week: Lyndall Yoder, David
Agee, Earl Davenport, Minnalee
Finch, Kathrj'n Haefner, Laurel
Lyons, Maxine LaFarre and Lola
I Carson, 17; Felt, 6; Hineman, 2i
Total, 25.
The inter-class games with the
sophomores and seniors against
the freshmen and juniors was just
as expected, a victory for the soph
omores and seniors. The teams
were not as evenly matched as
could be but although the winners
iiad most of the regular players the
freshmen and juniors managed to
hold them to a reasonable score.
Total score was, sophs and seniors,
19 ; freshmen and juniors, 8.
Score at the end of half was 9
31, Rev. Banks, of Maumee, officiat-for tnem should they be permitted.
ing, assisted by Rev. Geo. McKay,
of Toledo.
A number of discharged soldiers
formed a military escort, and the
War Mothers, in a body paid their
respects to another of America's
sons, . sacrificed that our nation
might be free.
The remains were placed in the
mausoleum at Ft. Meigs cemetery.
Joseph Holmes, 48, of Maumee,
died, a victim of tuberculosis, Sun
day morning, March 30, 1919.
Deceased leaves a wife, mother
aiid a host of friends. Funeral
services were held Tuesday after
noon at the residence of John La
Bute in Perrysburg, Rev. Strayer
officiating. Burial at Swan Creek
to spend a few moments' in old
Perrysburg before returning to
camp to await discharge.
C. P. Champney, chairman of our
local reception committee, has pre
pared some ribbon badges for all
who wish to represent Perrysburg
along the line of march, and same
are now on sale at Champney, s
Pharmacy at 10c each.
According to latest reports, all
relatives and (soldiers in uniform)
are requested to assemble at the
old LaSalle & Koch building at 9
o'clock Friday morning.
i For Bilious Troubles.
To promote a healthy action of the
liver and correct the disorders caused
by biliousness Chamberlain's Tablets
are excellent. Try them and see how
quickly they give you a relish for your
food and banish that dull and stupid
818 Spitzer Building,
Hmm PImm UU.
Dealer in
Watches Clocki, Jewelry, Spectacles.
flft, Monroe St. Toledo, O.
Near JMcmgan street.
Special care will be taken with the
repair of all kinds of Wtche,
Clocki od Jwlrjr, v
In last week's issue of the Jour
nal there appeared in the Red
Cross notes a statement that all
women who had worked faithfully
at least 20 hours were entitled to
a medal. This was an error and
should havoread 200 hours, There
fore those who wish to make ap
plications for medals should hand
in their names together with the
number of hours worked, to either
Mrs. M. B. Cook or Mrs. E. Fitz
gerald before April 15th, the final
date when all names must be in at
headquarters in Toledo.
Chrm. Araer. Rer Cross Auxiliary.
Whooping Cough.
. Give Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
to keep the cough loose and expectora
tion eiy. It ii xcellinfc
Patriotic Citizens you an invited
to attend the services and planting
of memorial trees to the three boys
from Perryrburg who have passed
away, Millard E. Davenport, Fred
erick L:Y eager, and Merlin Hufford
Sunday afternoon at 4 p. m. a
speaker has been secured for the
occasion and a programme has been
arranged. The boys of "The World
War" are especially asked to attend
in uniform and meet at the Civic
Rooms at 2:30 where an officer will
attend them.. The programme will
be in charge oi Mayor Uanheld.
Alice'M. Hollenbeck.
Amelia Pheley
-" Anna Milligan
The next meeting of the Civic
Association will be held next Thurs
day evening (April 10th) at 8
o'clock Important matters to be
discussed. All members should ar
range to attend.
Have you joined the Civio Assoc
iation yet. It not. why not. U. r.
Champney is chairman of the mem'
hip oommUtat Do it nbw.
Scoring was, sophs and seniors,
Waggoner, 9 ; Lownsbury, 8 ; Huf
ford, 2. Total, 19. Freshies and
juniors, Doyle, 6; Feneburg, 2.
Total, 8.
The town team vs. the strong
Broadway M. E. quintet was the
best game that the town team has
played this season. The Broad
way five is one of the strongest
teams of Toledo and has defeated
Perrysburg in all previous games.
The first half was slow and time
dragged very slowljr and when the
whistle was blown Perrysburg had
4 points to Broadway's 11.
The second half saw new life in
the local five and by fast playing
Perrysburg managed to cop the
second half with a large margin.
Total score, Perrysburg, 26;
Broadway M. E. 's, 15. Scoring as
lollows :
Perrysburg: Nietzr-16 : Smith, 8 :
E. Thomas, 2. Total, 26. Broad
way M. E.'s, Mumis, 1: Trautwem,
7; Worst, 4; Schneider, 2. Total 15.
The game was not as clean a
game as tho people are used to see
ing, for on several occasions the
players would indulge in a fist
light over practically nothing at
Next year the town team will
have some new candidates for
places on their illustrious five.
Thoy are, Roberts, Johnson and
Hartzoll, three eac-P. H. S. players.
These men, all graduate this term
and have all expressed their de
sire to join the town team.
Save and Succeed
A desire to get ahead is the first step
toward attainment.
What we wish strongly enough to
work for, we usually attain, in war, in
business, or in social life.
You want to be successful; prove and
strengthen your wish by opening a savings
bank account at The Citizens Banking Co.
Your money will draw 4 interest;
it will always 'be safe, ready and waiting
for you.
She (SiiizetisSankingCIIompan
CAPITAL ZTOCtt 430,000,00
ii r ' sawM g i
; " 13FT'! " "W W
v &:i
Wriuiuiua U M
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d 4V t A
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